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tv   New Day  CNN  November 3, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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what a game, what a series. >> a moment that many thought might never happen. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alison camerota. >> 108-year shneid broken and world series champions. ending baseball's longest championship drought and what an epic game seven. had extra inning and rain delay and a home run that seemed to end it, but then cubs came out on top. >> so, cubs fans going wild through the night. the celebration of the century in wrigglivilleyville is still on. let's begin with andy sholes who was at the game in cleveland. andy? >> alisyn, what a game. arguably the greatest world series game in baseball history.
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the emotions that both of these fan bases went through throughout the night. i mean, enough to last a lifetime. the indians down two in the bottom of the eighth inning when rajai davis sent this crowd at progressive field into a frenzy hitting a two-run home run that bounced right off the camera in left field. check out lebron james is going nuts in the stands as the indians tied it up. the game would go to extra innings and after a short rain delay, cubs left fielder ben zobrist coming through in the clutch with the rbi double in the tenth inning. he's your world series mvp. bill murray weeps as the cubs win an absolute thriller 8-7 to end their 108-year world series drought. >> 108 years! win for a team like you, boys! >> 108 years doesn't mean anything any more.
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it's the start of something new. a new chapter for the chicago cubs. for the entire city. >> what do you say about this team the way you come back from 3-1 to win this? >> we never quit. we never quit. it's not over until it's over. >> this is what you dream for as a kid and i'm 24 years old and i'm the luckiest guy on the planet, man. >> that clubhouse party 108 years in the making. never seen so many champagne bottles in my life, alisyn. i was dodging left and right and unsuccessful. my eyes still hurt from the burn of the champagne. >> that is an occupational hazard, andy. looks like you survived it somehow. >> it was fun. it was fun. >> looks great. thanks so much for all of that. >> the celebration may never end on chicago's north side. cubs fans up all night partying like it's 1908. most thought they would never see this day.
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brynn is outside with more. how is it looking at this hour? >> i'm sure everyone lost track of time here in the north side of chicago. there are still people out celebrating screaming, honking their horns and i got to say, this is what i love about sports is even if you're not a cubs fan, so much excitement for these fans because they went through so much to get to this point. i was speaking to one gentleman earlier today. a fan who was in the streets here into early morning hours and he said, you know what, the reason this is so great is because it's a generational thing. he would watch baseball with his grandfather, his father and his father actually passed away a year and a half ago and didn't see this win. but he said because they won, he was brought to tears today. and it's just an incredible story that we hear repeated in several different versions of it throughout the early morning hours as fans continue to celebrate. here outside of wrigley field, ground zero. fans coming here just to get a nice picture of that sign. of course, it says now world series champions.
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and the fans lighting up on social media. two big fans, of course, we need to mention chicago natives president barack obama, he took to twitter and he, of course, is a white sox fan. but he says he has to celebrate, as well. happy for the cubs. even inviting the cubs to come to the white house before he vacates office. and, also, hillary clinton, also a chicago native, freaking out when this win actually happened in the late night hours. and also taking to twitter saying they did it 108 years later and the drought is finally over. with that #flythew. a lot of excitement here. it's just going to continue into the early morning hours, chris. we're hearing, of course, a parade that's going to happen. we don't know exactly when, but that's the next step in celebrations, chris. >> brynn, thank you very much. the race for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump hitting the battlegrounds hard in this final stretch of the
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campaign. a series of cnn polls shows a tightening race especially in the swing states just five days away from election day. let's check in with cnn's joe johns live in d.c. with more. joe. >> chris, it can't come too soon for some people. right now it's all about getting out the vote for both of these candidates, especially in those all-important battleground states. the challenge is to try to rev up voter excitement. but for donald trump, it is also about message discipline avoid saying something regrettable. while for hillary clinton it is all about motivating minorities and younger voters to show up. donald trump reminding himself to stay on message. >> we've got to be nice and cool. nice and cool. stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> reporter: making his big push in battleground florida as new cnn polls show the race tightening in several swing states. >> i've been watching hillary the last few days.
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she's totally unhinged. >> reporter: hillary clinton striking a grave tone, targeting minority voters in nevada by using trump's own words against him. >> someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans. >> reporter: clinton also aggressively setting her sights on the red state of arizona where trump holds a five-point lead. >> if donald trump were to win this election, we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous. or maybe, heaven forbid, start a real war instead of just a twitter war. >> reporter: both candidates ramping up attacks. clinton calling trump, dark and devsive. >> we know that the presidency doesn't change who you are. >> reporter: trump hits her on trustworthness and obama care. >> real change begins immediately with repealing and replacing obama care.
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you think hillary's going to restore honesty in the government? i don't know. i don't think so, folks. >> reporter: and hammering away at the recent fbi scrutiny over clinton's private e-mail server. >> they just found $6650,000 e-mails. i have a feeling those e-mails -- there's going to be some beauties in there. >> reporter: in an interview with "people" magazine calling the fbi review noise and distraction while remaining confident in the final stretch. >> everything he has said and done both in his career and in this campaign is a pretty good preview of what's to come. >> reporter: today the battleground state focus continues and where these candidates are going tells you what their priorities are. donald trump starting out in the state of florida going on to north carolina today. hillary clinton making two more stops in the tar heel state, as well. >> joe, thank you for all of that.
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let's bring in now republican congressman from north carolina mark meadows. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alisyn. >> before we get to north carolina and what's going on in the polls. let me ask you what was going on in your apartment yesterday. we understand there was a private meeting of you and your freedom caucus members and you were all sort of, i guess, brainstorming on what you want after november 8th. what can you tell us about that? >> obviously, it was a private meeting. so, i don't want to comment too much on that, alisyn. i can tell you that the real focus of that particular meeting is we were together was really looking about trying to be prepared for a trump administration as we go forward. how can we make sure that the things that are important to the american people, that we're prepared to carry out. one of the things that we talked about was really term limits for members of congress. you know, this whole drain the
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swamp idea that donald trump has talked about changing washington, d.c. we actually had discussions about that. we're trying to be prepared for a new administration so we can hit the ground running. >> was there talk about whether or not you would support speaker paul ryan? >> you know, there really wasn't any focus on leadership elections. we tried to keep our focus primarily on how we can best legislate during the lame duck session and be prepared for a new congress. it was almost a four-hour meeting. i'm a big planner and, so, we had some of our board members there trying to get ready for our entire caucus when it comes back here in just a couple of weeks. >> but is it true that the freedom caucus is looking for more of a voice and looking for more leadership roles? >> well, i mean, it is true that we are, obviously, looking to try to make sure that we can best represent our constituents.
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i've got the best job in the world representing the people of western north carolina and being able to be at the table to make sure that their voice is heard, whether it's mine or anybody else's is certainly a critical aspect. but, again, that was not the main focus. it was trying to focus on some of those legislative matters that we believe are important to the american people. >> you talked about what you would do if donald trump wins on tuesday, what will you do if hillary clinton wins on tuesday? >> i still think term limits will be a great thing if hillary were to be the selection of the american people. i don't think that's going to happen. i can tell you, i'm here in north carolina, alisyn, i'll be with donald trump later today and i can just tell you that most americans are tired of politics as usual. they want a different direction. and, so, as we start to look at that, it's critical. but we did look at the obama care issue and trying to make sure that we can keep premiums down. how do we make sure that people with pre-existing conditions are
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covered. yet at the same time, make sure that their insurance is affordable. so, that was a focus. so, whatever administration we have to work with, we're prepared to get down and work hard on behalf of the american people. >> let's look at what's going on in your state of north carolina. at the moment, the polls suggest that it is going for hillary clinton. let me show you the quinnipiac poll that has clinton at 47% and trump at 44% and then the cnn poll of polls where we crunch the most recent five polls together for an average and that still shows clinton at 46% and trump at 42%. do you think that hillary clinton is going to win your state? >> well, i don't. i can tell you, i've been, this is about ten hours from one side of the state to the other and i've been at the far reaches of both ends of the state. i can tell you what i'm seeing on the ground and hearing on the ground is a real frustration with the whole e-mail scandal. with what's happening with the clinton foundation and that has
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really reverberated in the last week or so. people just, the trustworthy issue, whether you're an undecided voter, they're really focusing in on that, alisyn. as we start to see that, i see the momentum changing in north carolina and i believe it will be a close election. everybody has to get out. but i believe donald trump wins it by a point or two here in north carolina. >> congressman, let's talk about voter suppression very quickly in your state because president obama was talking about it yesterday in north carolina and he echoed the sentiments of a judge who found that, in fact, african-americans were being targeted. the term they use would surgical procession to try to keep them away from the polls and suppress their vote. be it purging the voter registration roles or moving polling places to less convenient places. what is your response to that? >> well, i could just tell you that the president talked about yesterday about not operating on
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innuendoes. that's an innuendo. i'm here in western north carolina on a college campus. we have polling places on college campuses which have never happened before. so when you really look at that, if you look at the voter turnout, it is and it's cited voter turnout across the way. even more hyperbole than it is fact on the ground. >> that's a court ruling. a judge found that there was voter suppression at play targeting african-americans. >> no. alisyn, if you look at the court ruling what they were saying is that what they actually made a court ruling and we went ahead with the plans in compliance with that court ruling. so, that would suggest that there is no voter suppression. he was making the ruling to say that he wanted to make sure that they didn't do that. so, as you look at the facts of the case, there is no voter suppression and everybody wants to complain about what is fair
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and what's not fair. let me tell you what happens. we need registered voters to get out and vote and that's a privilege that we have. so, everybody needs to take that on and i believe that you'll see a record turn out. we're already seeing that here in north carolina. >> congressman mark meadows, thanks so much for coming on "new day" today. >> thank you. how bizarre. two weeks ago you could have flipped what meadows was just saying with any democrat in the country and that's what was being said because it was trump saying everything was rigged and the democrats saying this is mostly hyperbole and now the rolls have switched. let's get the other side of this with congressman jim hine. the polls are tightening and in an accelerated fashion especially since the comey bomb came out. do you believe it reinforced or created an opportunity for donald trump that could be the decisive edge? >> no, i don't think it's decisive. look, chris, you know better
4:15 am
than anyone that this whole election has been week in and week out and polls swinging back and forth whether it was the friday disclosure of sexual harassment or jim comey's statement. what we're seeing generally is that people are firmed up in their opinions. of course, whatever the number is. 25 million americans have already voted. i think it's far from decisive and there will be noise in the polls for the next five days. you look at the key states and i mean my colleague mark meadows is saying north carolina is not where the polls say it is. hillary clinton is still in a strong position. >> trust. that's what it has come down to. the democrats complaining how can donald trump be most trustworthy than hillary clinton. how the e-mail was handled and if this election comes down to one of these two people are less uncomfortable with in the white house, what is the argument for hillary clinton with everything
4:16 am
that is out there? >> i'm not sure it comes down to one particular item. americans are smart, common sensical people. when the curtain closes behind them in the polling places they think about the nuclear trigger and the fact that one american controls the american nuclear strike and one person is making nominations to the supreme court. i think we get caught up in the moment by moment of the election and at the end of the day people revert to common sense. on the one hand, you have a guy who comes out of no where who says what he does and donald trump out there with a set of values that doesn't reverberate with anyone around the country and hillary clinton who, you raise the e-mails and she's acknowledged and apologized that that was a bad idea, but a woman who was a senator, who was secretary of state, who was first lady and clearly prepared for the job. and, you know, those americans who think maybe she played it a little fast and loose on the e-mails. you think there are a lot of americans out there that think anybody running for president has been a boy scout or girl scout all along the way. i think as we approach the decision point people revert to
4:17 am
common sense and that will help secretary clinton. >> fast and loose versus a culture and history of arguable corruption. that's the case that the gop is making. they've been helped tremendously by wikileaks. and the authenticity of the e-mails has not been brought into question. and in this latest offering, they have podesta seemingly having e-mail exchange with a doj staffer. giving him a heads up about an upcoming e-mail action through the doj. do we have the e-mail to put up there so people can see it? put it up there, okay. hjc oversight hearing today where the head of our civil division will testify and likely get questions on state department e-mails or go in this that indicates it will be a while before the state department posts the e-mails. does this show improper conflict between clinton people and the doj? >> you know, it's not clear that
4:18 am
it does. and, you know, every week we get a new allegation that there is some sort of quid pro quo and i sat in this seat any number of times and at the end of the day it terms out there is no harm. step back away from this. we have been talking about e-mails for a year and a half. nobody has said, nobody has said here is an example where this irresponsible behavior and secretary clinton acknowledged it was irresponsible and led to a decrease in our national security. nobody said the russians took this and the chinese took this and actually led to any particular harm. and, you know, look back 20, 30 years here. benghazi, eight congressional investigations. absolutely nothing. vince foster, rose law firm, the kenneth starr fishing expedition. this has gone on for 30 years. there has been an accumulation of people or stuff out there.
4:19 am
but we have to remember that nobody and jim comey in july said we looked at this and it wasn't even close. there is no criminal case here. that doesn't stop mark meadows or anybody else from getting up there which says she should be jailed. based on zero evidence. >> here we are, this is the last breath on both sides of this election. tell our audience why hillary clinton should be president of the united states and why is clinton the right choice? >> for her entire life since she left school she has been dedicated. even before she met bill clinton and before she got into politics, she has been dedicated to the thing that america cares most about today. which is the welfare of families of children and their ability to get educated. and you cannot argue with that. whether did she always succeed in those efforts? no. she has been single mindedly
4:20 am
dedicated which is my family going to have a chance. are my wages going to go up next year? am i going to be able to send my kid to that vocational school or university. that's what hillary clinton's life has been about. the rest of this stuff is just noise and when she's in the oval office, hopefully working with a congress that is amenable to, for once, i have been there for eight years, passing programs that will help the american middle class. we will see this country move forward. >> jim himes, thank you for making the case for hillary clinton, as always. >> good to see you, chris. coming up on "new day" both sides. always both sides. have kellyanne conway joining us live to make the case. alisyn? donald trump and his surrogates aiming at impeaching hillary clinton if she's elected. does that talk excite voters or exhaust them? we discuss that, next. and, only 50 calories a serving...
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president obama deep in the game on a campaign blitz for hillary clinton in this home stretch. and taking fbi director james
4:25 am
comey to task over the agency's new review of e-mails from clinton's long-time aide. the president has been very cautious and hesitant about seeming to meddle in this, but he says the fbi is supposed to work on facts, not "innuendo." michelle kosinski live in miami with more. the president reluctant to weigh in on this situation, but he did. why? >> this is interesting. what the president clearly wants to do is just campaign and campaign hard like we've never seen him before. practically begging people to vote. saying things yesterday like the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. when he does seem to address hillary clinton's e-mails, he says things like she makes mistakes. i make mistakes. we all make mistakes. but yesterday was the first time we heard him directly address the newest developments. and he only did that because he was asked about it directly in an interview. so, what he chose to do was
4:26 am
maybe in the vaguest way possible seem to criticize the timing of the fbi director's release of this information to congress. and this is despite the fact that earlier this week the white house defended james comey. his character. his record. his intentiointentions. but listen to how the president worded this. >> there is a norm that, you know, when there are investigations. we don't operate on innuendo and incomplete information and we don't operate on leaks. >> and when the white house was asked what exactly was the president saying there? the white house said he was emphasizing the importance of long-standing norms and practices within investigations like this. but, norms and practices. that's that same kind of language that former attorney general eric holder wrote when he wrote a scathing op-ed about
4:27 am
comey's release of this information. the same reason that the current attorney general and those in her office opposed the release of this information. so, it's pretty clear what the president was saying there. the white house just wasn't to say that is what he was saying there. alisyn? >> thank you, michelle. great reporting. so, donald trump and his supporters are suggesting that if hillary clinton wins the election, congress could impeach her. listen to this. >> assuming she wins and the investigation goes forward and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point in time under the constitution, the house of representatives would engage in an impeachment trial. it would go to the senate. impeachment proceedings and removal would take place. >> joining us now to discuss this vice chair of the new york state democratic party christine quinn and cnn political commentator and editor for
4:28 am scottie nell hughes. what was that solid that mike mccall just tossed our way. if the investigation continues and if there is something found and if there is an indictment and if congress agreed and maybe she could be impeached. i thought the congress didn't like engaging in hypotheticals? >> it's coming from ranking house and senate republicans that even representative jason chaffetz who has not necessarily been a cheerleader for donald trump, even before day one happens, they have two years of material that has come up since her last investigation ended. >> says them. i mean, he is a trump adviser. we should mention, congressman mike mccall and, basically, i mean, haven't we learned that voters don't like government overreach. voters don't like futile investigations that spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money. i know we've done that, but it has never amounted to much in this case. >> but even more, voters don't
4:29 am
like fraud. voters don't like corruption. right now looking at the accusations that are coming possibly out of the fbi. >> possibly. but there are no real accusations. >> but right now it looks like the clinton campaign is playing whack-a-mole every time they get one thing settled another one pops up. the clinton campaign is on offense right now. that is not anything they want to be. >> you know you talked about there, you talked about politics and a political campaign. and campaigns are always on the defensive or the offensive moving back and forth. that's completely different than that congress member and trump supporter saying things that are just factually incorrect. >> is the fbi -- is right now the fbi looking into hillary clinton? or parts of hillary clinton that are relevant to her? >> there is no indictment pending. a. b, we have no idea what they are looking into on friday because they didn't know what they were looking at. the story changed dramatically
4:30 am
where they're not even looking at the secretary's e-mail. >> looking into a laptop. >> after numerous investigations on everything related to the secretary over and over and, again, what happened on friday -- >> they haven't been investigated. that's the problem right now. we don't know what is on weiner's laptop. enough to cause the political upheaval and now the fbi saying sources ined is and looking even higher into the clinton foundation and the pay for play. >> stop, stop, stop. this is the trump campaign. >> no. this is america. >> no, it's not. you are misrepresenting the facts. if we want to talk about what the fbi is looking into on some level, let's talk about trump advisors like paul manafort and -- >> hold on. this is an important point. >> he was in that role with that relationship -- >> i want to button this up for one second because the fbi is looking into both campaigns. we can go down these rabbit holes but until there is a
4:31 am
finding, everybody should hold their fire. >> investigations into business and government corruption and possible security risks that hillary clinton has put our country into. >> let's say two things. >> lying to congress and in front of the committee. >> first of all, having ties on a business perspective during a presidential race with russia, when your candidate is the biggest cheerleader for a dictator we have seen and in recent history -- >> in your opinion. >> the only one with the ties to russia. not donald trump. >> hold on -- >> talk about what the congress member said. which is very important. they would move to impeach the president-elect or the president. this tracks with donald trump's really unprecedented and statements that he might not and probably wouldn't abide by the election. let's remember president lincoln during the civil war said there must be an election and had all of his cabinet secretaries sign
4:32 am
a pledge and they would follow it. that's what america does. not threaten president-elects for impeachment. >> let's follow abe lincoln's lead and let's be haonest and ty to turn this to the positive. we have all gotten, i think, both sides, so good at criticizing the other person and saying what is wrong with the other guy and you should elect my guy -- >> or gal. >> let's try to make the case today for your guy. without mentioning hillary clinton, give me a few sentences why he should be president. >> the system is broken. if you're a millennial and you're about to graduate high school or stories and hearing stories about lehigh, pennsylvania, 450 people are going to lose their jobs. that is very disheartening. especially when you look at the trade policies in our country. you know something is not right and our system is broken. if you are a young person like myself and worried how you're going to pay this latest premium cost of 116% to 120%.
4:33 am
you know the system is broken. >> he's going to fix that. >> if you realize we lost respect and we lost respect for one another and law enforcement and veterans, you realize the rest of the world has lost respect -- >> secretary clinton has dedicated her entire life to public service. in particular, to helping women and girls move out of poverty into a better life. it has been widely agreed that she is the most qualified on a domestic and foreign affairs level of anyone running for president. she stood up on the world stage and said things that had never been said before. that women's rights are human rights. that gay rights are human rights. she's someone who has committed her life to making this country better and she's the only person in this race who has a clear tax plan to help middle class people and a clear plan to bring jobs -- >> she's making her closing argument. >> she has the experience and the plan and will be the president who can carry on
4:34 am
obama's legacy. >> ladies, i got something out of those two closing statements. i appreciate the segment. let's get over to, oh, first, i have to tell you that election day is only five days away. be sure to join cnn for special all-day coverage next tuesday. we'll have every race and result covered for you. >> i never wanted anything to end more, including even the most invasive medical exams. we're going to dive into the latest polls and look at where the paths to 270 stand, next.
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seems to be a flurry of new polls that come out every day. many of them show the race tightening in several battleground states. so, what do hillary clinton and donald trump need to do to clinch that magic number of 270? david chalian is live at the
4:39 am
electera ele electoral map and we love when you play that video game. >> we have been talking about a lot how donald trump needs to find some democratic territory. that's why we see ivanka trump in michigan and new hampshire today or melania trump in pennsylvania. new polling news coming out of those blue states. some good news for donald trump, potential opportunity. take a look here, brand-new colorado poll. dead heat 39% to 39%. brand-new new hampshire poll 40% to 39%. better news for hillary clinton in wisconsin. she's holding a six-point lead there. and in pennsylvania, she's got a four-point lead in our new poll there. 48% to 44%. so, some of that blue wall holding, but some opportunity. now, remember, here's where we are. if we were to give every battleground state to donald trump, he still wouldn't be there. he
4:40 am
he'd be at 265. i showed you a new hampshire poll, that is one place for him to go. that gets him to 269. and that colorado poll is a possibility. nine electoral votes here. as his path begins to widen a little bit, north carolina may be a big, big road block. 46% edge to 42%. sorry, four-point edge. 46 to 42 clinton over trump. if she can block donald trump in north carolina, the state where both donald trump and hillary clinton will be today, that could effectively block him from 270 electoral votes. >> all right, david, let's put some more meat on the bones. stay with us. we have two new national polls just out. we have a new abc/"washington post" poll and it does what you see on your screen. clinton plus two and a cbs/"new york times,".
4:41 am
47 for -- and let's bring in senior editor for "the lantic" ron brownstein. >> you look inside the numbers -- >> we talked about it before, this race will produce the biggest gap ever between the way noncollege and college whites vote. what we talk about the class inversion. when you and i were growing up. when your dad was in politics, the democrats were the parto of the white working class and the republicans were the class of people. that world has been eroding and reversing over the last 40 years and it will reach a new peak. in both of these polls, hillary clinton is 20 points better. running 20 points better among whites with a college education than whites without a college education. you will see this play out powerfully in a place like north carolina where donald trump is probably going to rack up a much bigger margin than mitt romney.
4:42 am
he has the risk of losing the suburbs of charlotte and raleigh where hillary clinton seem to be by a larger margin. i think in the end why colorado stay and the democratic coalition are socially educated whites and the minority voters. the states that fit that profile are in the bullseye for her. ohio and iowa that democrats have relied in the past are going to be very tough for them against donald trump's blue collar appeal. >> in every cycle there is one state we all keep our eyes on in terms of the bellwether. is that north carolina this time? >> i do think north carolina could be the linchpin of the entire election simply because of what ron just described to you demgraphically. of course, the clinton campaign went early to put a lot into north carolina because barack obama won it in 2008 and then lost it 2012. i think pretty close and we'll see a battle all the way to the end. but, remember, any one of those sort of toss-up states. if hillary clinton wins, she can
4:43 am
effectively block donald trump and north carolina because of the demographics there may be her best target to do so. >> what are you seeing ron in the numbers of gop is moving towards, you say, the middle class. towards the noncollege educated, we all hate the descriptive of. how does that cut with donald trump who, also, just inherently turns off a lot of educated people. >> he accelerates, donald trump acc accelerates all the trends that are defining american politics. this class inversion where democrats are running better among, the best gap they had seven points better for president obama in 2008. both of these polls today hillary clinton is 20 points better and that is both because donald trump is pushing away many college whites and also dominating among blue collar whites. look at urban and nonurban. in 2012 won 100 counties in america and lost the other 3,000
4:44 am
by 7 million votes. clinton will win the bigger places by more and lose the smaller places by more. and the third big one is the realignment of the electoral college where democrats have done better in the rust belt than the son beun belt. that will change in this election. really contesting the rust belt states and places like colorado and virginia and maybe north carolina and florida that have been true battlegrounds and perhaps moving more towards the democrats this year because they embody their coalition. >> very quickly before we get to colorado and we want to show that poll and go back to the map. is there an issue that flipped that inversion? >> the movement from class to culture. it's lessmore on your attitudes and a whole series of issues. and now moved towards these questions of national identity on things like immigration. >> so, david, colorado, you know, you always want to look at a group of polls, not just one.
4:45 am
but colorado and nevada have just shown numbers that are disruptive to what we had seen in the pattern. colorado, clinton is supposed to be up. she isn't. nevada was supposed to be a potential for swing with the latino vote there, doesn't seem to be in the most recent polling. ron is suspicious, how about you? >> i will tell you that colorado is the each state that each campaign sees most differently. they just have different targts and different data they're looking at and they completely, each side believes that they have got the sort of math and colorado. i tend to think that the clinton folks, because of the coalition that ron is talking about, that should be a state that is more in their camp. this poll certainly gives a little concern going on. they want to see more polls. >> great to talk to you. the gop in four states claiming that there is voter intimidation going on. could that be -- make it right
4:46 am
for violence? we'll ask an expert who tracks militia and hate groups, next.
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which state is going to matter most in the election? you're going to get a lot of different answers. but arguebly you could say ohio. by history and also by demographics. no president has ever been elected that hasn't -- no republican has ever won the white house without carrying ohio. no republican. so, the state has voted with the winning side in 28 of the last 30 elections dating back to 1896. only five days to go, and what do the polls show in ohio? donald trump leading hillary clinton by five points. what does that mean? for perspective, cnn's mark savage speaking to voters who were far more willing to talk before the indians lost. he's joining us live from cleveland. they've had a good year. they had the convention there. they had lebron and their carves but last night had to hurt. >> it did. in a lot of ways i watched that game thinking that final game is a metaphor for this whole
4:51 am
election. hard-fought and seemed to go on forever. here in ohio as in many states the key is going to be for both candidates the turnout. getting out the vote. essentially on election day, it's going to be derld by who shows up at the polls and who stays home. if republican billionaire donald trump wins ohio it could be thanks to working-class democrats. >> we are going to build the wall 100% and mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> his tough talk on illegal immigration, isis, and political correctness, resonates in the suburbs. >> we believe very strongly that trump's going to be -- going to win lake county. >> reporter: but trump's latest buckeye success has been winning over a group of once solidly democrat voters. in part by hammering clinton on the subject of foreign trade. >> america is running a nearly $800 billion annual trade deficit.
4:52 am
in other words our great negotiators, we're losing in a trade deficit. >> reporter: in 1990, ohio had over 1 million manufacturing jobs. today, according to the bure reof labor statistics, that number is down to 680,000. callers vent their frustration on local talk radio. >> we're sending a message to washington that we're that going to continue with this crap. >> reporter: a recent cnn/orc ohio poll found trump solidly beating clinton on issues of the economy and foreign trade. among older voters and white men the numbers are almost crushing. but the clinton campaign is firing back. >> she has a plan right now to create 10 million jobs. >> reporter: sending supporters like the head of the afl-cio into union halls and factory towns, spreading the word, trump is no union man. >> this guy is the most anti-union, anti-worker candidate that the republican party has put up since before world war ii.
4:53 am
>> reporter: but unions here aren't as powerful as they once were. all of which makes the turnout of another democratic dynamo even more crucial. african-american voters. especially in cleveland and cuyahoga county. >> i'm concerned. >> reporter: clinton has to win the county big. some say by a margin of 200,000 votes to offset downstate republicans. but early voting numbers have some democrats worried. >> we're not that far off of 2012. and i just believe that by election day we'll be right where we need to be. >> reporter: african-american voters i talked to all support clinton. >> and this election i'm going to go with someone that i feel is competent, and someone who has a background. >> reporter: and all say they have, or will vote for her. >> i've heard that numbers are down, as well. but i think we've got a strong team here in cleveland, in particular, that will work in the next week to get people out to vote.
4:54 am
>> reporter: clinton campaign organizers stress the need to get out the african-american vote especially here in the northern counties of ohio. and to that end they're going to do another one of these souls to the polls. this has been traditionally african-american churches where after service the church buses are loaded up and people go to the nearest voting location. if you're not a member of any faith, then they have another way, you got rapper jay-z coming to town. he's going to have a concert that is expected to be, i believe friday, and you can bet that there will be a message as well to get out and vote. alisyn? >> okay, martin thanks so much for all of that. let's talk about a more troubling and sinister scenario. that being one of violence on election day and intimidation. democrats are suing donald trump and the republican party in four different states alleging a quote campaign of vigilante voter intimidation. and there have been threats. so let's discuss it with cnn
4:55 am
digital correspondent and senior fellow of the southern poverty law center. thank you both for being here. i know you've been tracking this story. you've been investigating it for a week. what have you found? >> so far what we're seeing are isolated incidents across the country. we've heard reports of people yelling in their bull horns to clinton voters, supposedly supporters in florida. >> what do they yell? >> essentially telling them not to vote and being a little bit intimidating and offensive in what they're yelling. we're seeing hearing reports of people photographing black voters, license plates in north carolina for example. we've seen -- >> and what does that mean? if they were photographing -- >> so there's this idea that a lot of these sort of vigilante poll watchers are going to, quote/unquote collect information, right? and on their own, just and what they're going to do with this information, where they're going to store this information remains to be seen. but this is part of a larger technique of voter intimidation. >> right. >> these are techniques that have been used for decades. we're not seeing this level of
quote quote
4:56 am
sort of racism in a campaign. i don't think since the voting rights act was implemented in the 1960s. so what we're seeing now is the burning of the black church in mississippi with the graffiti that was scribbled, these are techniques meant to cause fear and intimidation of voters. >> and of course one of the trump offices was also set on fire and graffiti on that. so you're seeing voter suppression and intimidation techniques or tactics or incidents? mark, are you seeing actual violence or threats of violence? >> no, i can't say that we're seeing actual threats of violence. what we are seeing are radical groups like a radical anti-government group saying it's going to send its people with cameras, video cameras, and still cameras to record, you know, evildoing in essentially black inner city precincts. there's also a neo-nazi organization called the daily stormer that claims to have sent
4:57 am
thousands of people out into the field to do the same thing. in that case, there's nothing to it. it's a tiny organization. they won't get anybody out. but i think there will be people from the radical right, militias and so on out there at least in some locations and it seems to me the possibility for confrontation is very real. >> mark, dig into that a little bit. what makes you think these are really going to happen, some of the stories you've just outlined you say you can dismiss -- dismiss as just sort of, you know, an online threat? what makes you think that something really is going to happen on election day? >> well i'm not sure that something is going to happen. i just think the possibility is very real possibility is there and what makes me think that is that donald trump has spent weeks and weeks and weeks telling his followers, in many cases, very angry followers, that they are about to be robbed. that they are about to have the election stolen from them. so i think given just the whole tenor of the campaign, the
4:58 am
vitriol, the anger, the accusations of fraud, of election rigging and so on, that is very likely to result in some very angry people meeting each other at the polls. >> do you think any threats are credible? >> i think what we're seeing again is intimidation. if we do this it's going to scare people and keep people home. what i am seeing is civil rights groups on the offensive. they have called this potentially the most chaotic election we've seen for people of color in decades. so you also have the department of justice. you have civil rights groups including the naacp and the national lawyer's committee all of these groups potentially getting lawyers to watch at the polls, they've got apps, they've got hotlines, people available the day of and leading up to the election to make sure that there are any questions or incidences are reported immediately. >> the big question is do you think that the voter intimidation will work? >> i don't think it will. i don't think it will. i think you've had people of color fighting for decades in this country to have the right to vote. i think these are old and
4:59 am
outdated techniques that a lot of these sort of white supremacist groups are realizing we've got a national platform let's bring this out. these are not i don't think you're going to be able to intimidate latino voters, muslim voters, african-american voertz from exercising their right to vote. >> mark are you as optimistic? >> yeah i tend to dwrooe. i think the appearance of white supremacists or people who look like that in black neighborhoods may have precisey the opposite effect of what is intended. it may so longer local people that even if they weren't considering not voting they may, in fact, go to the polls in response. >> mark, tanzina, thanks so much for reporting with us. we're following a lot of news. we'll speak to trump's campaign manager in a moment so let's get right to it. >> i've been watching hillary the last few days. she's totally unhinged. >> if donald trump were to win this election, we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth. >> we don't operate innuendo and
5:00 am
incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. >> a lot of people out there that want us to really get this done. >> let's make sure that we win on tuesday and we -- >> the cubs have won the world series! the curse is broken. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn cameroa. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." it is thursday, november 3rd, 8:00 in the east. up first, the curse is broken. chicago cubs winning the world series for the first time in more than a century. 108 years to be exact. their game seven victory over the cleveland indians was one for the ages. >> and the lure of it, 108 stitches on a baseball. 108 years since the cubs won. was that a sign? they certainly feel that all along chicago's north side. because they've been partying al


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