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tv   New Day  CNN  November 7, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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cnn's phil mattingly. >> good morning, chris. it was the second unexpected letter from fbi director james comey. they did not expect conclusions in the second review of the e-mails found on disgraced congress member anthony weiner's laptop until after election day. james comey telling lawmakers his investigative teamwo worked day and night and realized there was no new information to reopen the investigation. however, this conclusion, while it seemed like great news for the clinton campaign, exactly what the clinton campaign does not want to talk about in the closing hours. with mere hours left on the campaign clock. >> this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity. >> reporter: hillary clinton hitting the ground in ohio and new hampshire. making no mention of the fbi
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director's conclusion she should not be charged in the latest e-mail probe. instead focusing on uniting the nation. >> i'm asking for support not just of democrats, but also republicans and independents in this election. >> reporter: clinton aides tell cnn wondering if the danger has already been done. >> we are happy he found as he would and confirmed the conclusions that he reached in july and we're glad this matter is resolved. >> reporter: clinton trying to rally voters. deploying yet another big name to get out the vote. cleveland cavaliers star lebron james. >> president hillary clinton. >> reporter: and in new hampshire, kazir khan. >> thankfully, mr. trump, this isn't your america. >> reporter: clinton also
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pinning an op-ed in "usa today." listing her top priorities in the first 100 days. saying to voters we have to decide who we are. chris, if you want to know how the clinton campaign wants to close the race, look at where hillary clinton is going to be. michigan, a state that is tighter than democrats expected. she is there today and president obama is going to ann arbor. and then in philadelphia with president obama and michelle obama and then jon bon jovi. if she wins all of those states, the race is in the bag. this is an important moment. >> i don't know if it is more like a campaign or a rock concert. bon jovi for me and springsteen
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for me. donald trump saying the fbi decision to clear hillary clinton is proof the system is rigged. he is making a host of wild claims and calling on americans to quote deliver justice to hillary clinton at the ballot box. cnn's sunlen serfaty has more on that. >> good morning, chris. trump is sticking to the message he thinks hillary clinton is guilty. that is in defiance of the fbi director. trump is trying to cast doubt on the fbi as part of the message on the campaign trail. telling voters it is up to them to bring justice. donald trump trying to undermine the fbi's announcement that they cleared hillary clinton again. >> you can't review 650,000
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e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. >> reporter: officials tell cnn they worked around the clock and the e-mails were personal or mostly duplicate. trump's reaction is a complete 180 for what he expressed for the fbi director. >> there is little doubt that james comey and the great special agents within the fbi will be able to collect more than enough evidence to garner indictments against hillary clinton. >> reporter: now facing the final day of campaigning, sprinting to the finish. trump traveling across six states on sunday alone keeping up his attack on clinton and continuing with the push in virginia. >> hillary right now is fast
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asleep. >> reporter: donald trump with his closing arguments in "usa today." offering a 100 day action plan to clean up corruption and bring change to washington. and trump has another marathon day campaigning in florida and north carolina today. then he is on to pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. his last rally today in michigan, this is a late in the game ad buy focus by the trump campaign. this is a state that hasn't gone republican since 1988. the trump campaign. the clinton campaign is playing defense in michigan and sensing opportunity to flip this state. >> thank you, sunlen serfaty. let's discuss this with ron brownstein and david gregory and we have errol lewis and jackie
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kucinich. david, let's start with you. the comey effect. it changes every week. what today has the comey effect of the last nine days been? >> the legacy of this can be debated for a long time. no question this letter stopped clinton's momentum in a huge way. up until that time, this was a debate in the election about his fitness. donald trump's fitness for office. it switched and became more about her and her bad judgment and e-mail server. that stopped the momentum. she came out of that and it is trending her way. the damage has been done in the focus on this and another sign of why it was so unfortunate that comey allowed himself to be inserted into the political process. >> the fact they were able to review this so quickly using the software they had, makes the
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initial decision to go forward before you review the e-mails more defensible. >> no source i have entertained the idea if this is hard to cultivate. to david's point. the letters from comey showed clinton at her most vulnerable. the response to this is showing trump at his most vulnerable. these claims are baseless. the idea he would say you can't do this. he can't know what he's talking about. because we can't find anybody. finding intent and changes of things, that takes human capital. >> the decision to go forward before doing it seems more, as i said, indefensible. as david said, the bell cannot be unrung. tens of millions of people voted during this time. it changed the dynamic of the race. at the point it happened, donald
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trump was trailing. the lead was getting bigger. republicans risked a death spiral. that is as the polls get bigger, more partisans get discouraged. this stopped all of that from happening. it is a fundamentally different race. you know, mr. comey is facing, i think, enormous questions regardless which candidate wins. >> and down ballot. you had a lot of senate candidates who got the wind in their sails as trump was spiraling. then comey came out and you could talk about hillary clinton. you saw the senate candidates worried. now have a little bit more spring in their step. as you said, every day is election day. people who voted and who are on the fence, that damage is done. >> the overwhelming majority of people will not vote until tomorrow. they are getting to see you have -- >> it could be as much as 40%. >> that have voted before election day. >> go ahead.
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>> you have 85 million people going to the polls tomorrow. if you are at 130 million? >> yeah. a little less than that. >> i want to hear it come out of your mouth. >> i think it will be over 40 million early voters. >> you have the big group of people. are we good with that? >> a lot of people. >> they get to see clinton and trump in the final snapshot. how she deals with this. it is clever not to say anything and let the campaign go on. trump has been at his most wild when he deals with this thing. everything's rigged. you have to meet justice at the polls. that is the weird thing. >> they tried to cover all of this with the sort of cloud suggesting because is there a question out there that law enforcement is looking at, she is guilty and she should be
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jailed. all of the wild extrapolations from the fact there is an investigation. the facts that there is an investigation is a problem. remember watergate broke before the election. 18 months later, richard nixon resigned. people are gearing up. they created this thing. we were all at the convention chanting lock her up. never a reason given why that should happen. even now, the suggestions that a horrible crime has taken place. >> this really is a question about the rule of law. the good thing is if you don't like hillary clinton and you think she exercised bad judgment and unethical and bad thing, you can vote against her. as to whether she committed a crime. they reached a conclusion. you had mike pence. a former congress member and
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governor running for the vice president stating she committed a crime. no, she didn't. this is a treatment of trump and pence who said we will jail our opponent. we may not accept the election result. this is from a group who says they love america. whether you are a republican or democrat, you should be concerned about an fbi director impacting the election either way. >> ron, i want to challenge what chris said. she not mention it on the trail yesterday. she was vindicated. >> i thought it was clever. >> it was clever. there is another way to go. hey, guys, great news. once again, i have been vindicat vindicated. if you have any reservation. >> they are ambivalent of talking about e-mails at all. when the lead goes from 3 to 4 to 7 or 8, it goes to the voters
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who don't like her. what the comey letter did was it flipped the focus from the things they don't like about trump to the things they don't like about her. it put them front and center. does she have an opportunity to shift it back? that is what they are trying to do since the comey letter. get people to focus on are you ready to make donald trump president? there is never a majority of americans say they are. >> for people who say she got screwed in all this, it makes them more enthusiastic. she will let the media and surrogates carry the conversation. >> we will get into that. luckily we have four hours. coming up, robby mook and jason miller will join us live in the 7:00 hour. breaking news overnight. former attorney general janet reno has died. her sister says she has battling
2:13 am
parkinson's disease for years. she was one of the most recognizable figures in the clinton administration. she shared criticism for handling the raid on the branch davidian compound. and the elian gonzalez saga. reno was 78 years old. all right. up next, the race to 270. who reaches that magic number tomorrow night and which states are most crucial? we break all that down next.
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the big focus heading into tomorrow is the battle for 270 electoral votes. donald trump still has to win all of the battleground states and then some. david gregory is at the magic wall to walk us through the scenarios. you have arrived. >> i will not take more than 10 or 15 minutes. watch closely. the big thing to talk about here is one of the two roads. if we look at the numbers, we understand hillary clinton is in a better position. she is at 268. she is close to 270. if you are clinton and -- we'll just -- don't worry. if you are clinton, you have a way to close this down that is rather easy. you can take nevada, you're done. you expect high turnout among latinos around the country based on early voting numbers.
2:19 am
that gets her there. she could deal with florida and north carolina and new hampshire. that puts her farther over the top with a bigger victory. the difference is we have a more difficult path for donald trump for the final campaign stops. you have to give him all of the battleground states. he has to flip nevada and he has to win florida and north carolina. and new hampshire, he is at 269. he would have to go where he is going in a state like michigan. it seems difficult for him or he has to come over here and win pennsylvania to get over 270. an easier path for hillary clinton at this point. also relying on higher non-white turnout. whereas trump has to turn the table. that is a day away and that is daunting. >> david, nicely done.
2:20 am
>> you handled the gremlins of the wall very well. >> there are serious analysts who said nevada is already hillary clinton. >> even with the poll last week? >> the actual people who have come out. in nevada, 70% roughly is early. the latino turnout is off the chart. if hillary clinton wins the election, the defining image is the line outside the mexican grocery store. the last night of early voting. the line that stretched and never ended. 1,000 people in line. >> the one that donald trump said was evidence of a rigged system where we know you can keep the polls open if it is a long line. >> the other biggest thing that democrats have been nervous about polling and the other thing is what happened in florida. the hispanic, over 900,000 hispanics voted and over one-third of them did not vote
2:21 am
in 2012. >> so people can see the early voting for the latino population that ron is talking about. >> look, you have a place like north carolina and georgia which we don't focus on. latinos are a thumb on the scale. it is growing quickly in the southeast. in florida, the numbers i see are bigger than that. over 900,000 hispanics voting. in the analysis, over one-third of them did not vote in 2012. that is an incredible number. white turnout in 2012, a quarter of them did not vote in 2012. he will have to really max out on white voters. african-americans in florida did finally vote in large numbers. >> high increase of latino voters in north carolina. >> if donald trump doesn't take bad news well and for example, in nevada, when you had the reports about the turn out in clark county, he said the system
2:22 am
is rigged and said democrats were putting their thumbs on the scale. the other open question is how he continues to deal with the news with the fbi investigation is over and done with. the new york times had a great story over the weekend that basically said that story line of clinton potentially in legal trouble was the only thing tethering him. that message is gone. where does he go now? >> there is no question. all of you have it right this was bad for clinton. this whole thing is bad for clinton. the biggest negative. the last moment, you have a snapshot of them and who they are under this great stress. trump is not helping himself. errol louis, donald trump is in florida in the morning. raleigh, north carolina in the
2:23 am
afternoon. pennsylvania. then new hampshire. ten finishing in grand rapids, michigan. he is going with the theory of the case i need a landslide. >> there's partly that because we have that with the magic wall. he has to flip normally democrat states. these are states that don't have early voting. whatever they get, they have to do it at the end. to a certain extent, it is not a hail mary pass. loading them up at the end and over the weekend, stops in minneapolis where there has been little polling. the last republican they voted for was nixon. that was a sign of desperation. >> if you go some place, go some place with a higher number of white college voters. >> something big is happening.
2:24 am
we are accelerating fundamental change in the electoral college and balance of power. the popular vote five of six times. they have done better in the rustbelt than the sunbelt. ohio, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania and iowa is higher than the average share of the vote than any of the sun or swing states. you are seeing a reversal accelerated. donald trump according to the poll yesterday is winning non-college white voters. that is allowing him to batter at the doors in ohio and iowa and michigan. not so much wisconsin, but those three. on the other hand, the large latino turnout with large college whites is making clinton move. and arizona is in there as well. you are seeing a decade being
2:25 am
condensed into one election cyc cycle. >> david, you can tell us what this reveals. she is going to pennsylvania and michigan and philly where springsteen and bon jovi. >> and the question is whether you are a bon jovi person or a springsteen person. >> he is very handsome. i will admit. >> there are a couple of fundamental things. there is no early voting in pennsylvania. they want to drive enthusiasm to get their base out. non white voters in pennsylvania. and in michigan as well. the fact they did not pay attention to michigan until now, you take for granted that the 50% of the voters are college white voters. part of the shift that ron is
2:26 am
talking about is interesting. that is she has benefitted from something unusual. that is white voters with college degrees are trending toward hillary clinton. she may win them by ten points when even obama who came close lost them. whether that is a part of the democratic coalition is an open question. if marco rubio were in the race, i'm not so sure. >> this is an insular part of the white america. >> go ahead. >> we can talk about ohio again. it looked like he was pulling ahead in ohio and "the columbus dispatch" showed it a dead heat. they are tied right now. there is room. >> it was dead even on election day in 2012. turnout made it big for obama. >> absolutely.
2:27 am
>> we have no idea what will happen tomorrow. panel, thank you very much. >> errol, bon jovi or springsteen? >> bon jovi. >> i was a rap and hip-hop guy. >> all right. please stay with cnn all day with emcee gregory and the gang. it will be complete come for election day. no one will cover the race all day like we will. the battle for mosul is intensifying. heavy fighting with isis and iraqi forces. a new battle may be on the horizon in syria. ready to retake raqqah from isis. we have the latest for you next. what?
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as iraqi troops battle to push out isis in mosul, u.s. forces are launching a bid to release the city of raqqah from terrorists. announced just days after iraqi forces entered the city of mosul. the operation includes multiple arab and kurdish troops. it will be carried out in coordination with international back up. a south carolina man accused of chaining a kidnapped woman in a shed for two months now charged in a quadruple murder cold case. todd kohlhepp confessed to the 2003 massacre at the motorcycle
2:33 am
shop after his arrest last week for the kidnapping of kala brown. authorities searched kohlhepp's property and found three other bodies. including the remains of brown's boyfriend. a 5.0 earthquake rocking oklahoma last night. the epicenter was located near cushing. there is damage to buildings. no serious damage. we have breaking news in philadelphia. the strike shutting down the transit system is over. a tentative deal has been struck with septa and local union. many worried this strike could have affected voting in pennsylvania if it kept voters from the polls. hillary clinton cleared again by the fbi. director james comey doing something else that's unprecedented. this time comey right on the eve of the election saying the
2:34 am
e-mails have been through and there's nothing there. the question for him, did comey cross the line? we will ask a former fbi senior intelligence official next. if your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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all right. you have a real war going on in iraq and in syria. we're going to talk about the implications for the two major offenses and you have the political war here on the eve of the election. fbi director james comey going again in a breach of protocol to congress and saying clinton will not face criminal charges after the newly discovered e-mails. they were mostly duplicates and personal. not relevant to the investigation. what does it mean? what does the war effort mean? we start with former counterterrorism official and
2:39 am
former cia official phil mudd. phil, let's talk about this move into mosul. we're seeing it as the second biggest city in getting it. now as that's going on, raqqah. why so close together? >> i think what the military is trying to do and what the strategy is here is to prevent isis from surging back into syria because they felt comfortable in iraq. to keep pressure on both ensures syria doesn't turn out to be a back door for mosul. the isis fighters cannot go back across the border. >> quickly, why am i safe? >> bottom line for terrorist groups, if you don't have safe haven, it is difficult to execute operations in places like new york and washington. >> all right. thank you for that. we'll have to see how it goes and obviously that will be fundamental to assessing success back here at home. that takes us to the fbi.
2:40 am
i believe your words were it is a solid call for comey to come out and send this letter to congress. you would do the same thing. he's been a rock and a hard place. how do you feel about what he has done now and its net effect of the race? >> chris, you have videotape on that. >> i do. you may have even been wearing my tie. >> a couple of things here. my judgment at that point is they had something substantial to review. it was worth it for the fbi to say we'll look at this. now in retrospect, there is nothing to review. that is not the key decision. the decision goes back to two events last summer. number one, the fbi and fbi director's decision to come out publicly in the case. the fbi typically doesn't do that. when comey did that, he forced himself now months later to say when i told you it was closed publicly, i have to say it is
2:41 am
reopened publicly. the second thing we are not talking about is loretta lynch's decision to meet bill clinton on the tarmac. that led to a difficult decision of how to proceed when the attorney general backed away from the case. >> no question. that compromised the situation. comey was put in a situation of wearing two hats as prosecutor and main criminal investigator. he did that part. now we have the second iteration. it comes to the fallout of this. people get a final look at how clinton and trump deal with the situation. for trump's part. he said it is rigged. comey is obviously in the bag for clinton. you cannot go through that many e-mails that fast. >> yes, you can. first of all, they are determining how many are duplicates. that is an electronic process. you don't need a human being. you need an army of people 24/7 saying are they personal or classified? i think one of the problems in
2:42 am
this case is the fbi felt pressure to do that 24/7. not a good way to run an investigation. it was the attorney general and fbi director who were put in the position in the first place. >> what do you think happens with james comey after this? is this a survivable situation? if you are hillary clinton, you throw your arms around him and say we had differences, but move forward? >> that is a difficult one. the fbi director position is not a political position. that is an appointment to make sure he does not get politicized. he was sworn in three years ago. she cannot fire him. she has to throw her arms around him or ice him out so much that he says i'm done with this. in my judgment, the best solution is he has a terrific reputation, still in washington, the best situation is he doesn't put out the word that the new president-elect if it is hillary clinton, has squeezed him out.
2:43 am
not a good message. >> phil mudd, thank you. and some of the best laughs of the campaign has come from "saturday night live" with alec baldwin and kate mckinnon. it is what they did this weekend which has everybody talking. that's next. tists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures and worked for 12 long years. there were thousands of patient volunteers and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪ [vo] all customers who have changes been impacted right. will be fully refunded. we're taking action and renewing our commitment to you.
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as the election winds down, voters are still searching for information, but some information has not been true. it has been false. how has all of that affected this race? let's bring in the media experts. we have brian stelter and analyst bill carter. we talked a lot about how the election has been a fact-free zone. and let's at the bottom line as comey put out yesterday, there are no indictments against
2:48 am
hillary clinton, no crime. basically is what that says. >> with respect to the e-mails. >> no pending charges. >> investigation is complete. >> the investigation is complete. has the damage been done? there's been so much misinformation? >> certainly more coverage of the original comey letter than this letter. that is partly because we're a few hours away from the polls opening in new hampshire on the east coast. there is less coverage of the follow-up letter. in that respect, the damage is done. >> and the fact that millions of people voted already based on the information that came out nine days ago. >> people are free to believe whatever they want. they can choose their own sets of facts. tomorrow, there is one set of data and that is the actual vote. what i hope is the country and citizens can agree to believe that set of data tomorrow. >> it is real. >> donald trump's talk of a rigged election. he is starting to ramp that talk up again.
2:49 am
that is concerning. >> it will be interesting. if an election that has been completely unpredictable, it may wind up in a common scenario which is a faux of clinton overreaches. that is what we are seeing with trump. i don't think rudy giuliani had any information from the current member of the fbi there would be indictments. trump ran with it. he didn't very factual basis. he allows people to feed off fake items online and fuel those things. now he is saying once again a man who we just praised as being a standard of integrity as james comey is in the bag for clinton. is this overreaching and being wild the day before the election? >> it is another example of that. it has gone on throughout the
2:50 am
campaign. it gets trumped by the next thing he does. there won't be a next day. >> the last time -- and he is raving like a lunatic about something he cannot prove. >> that's true. >> and i think jason miller will tell you that trump's on message. trump's not tweeting and he is not changing the subject. he is not beating up the media. >> you can't say she is indicted and in the corner of the fbi director. >> the final days and there are falsehoods from the campaign. there's no attempt to stick to the facts even at end of the campaign. the fact checkers would say we experienced this for 16 months. it has always been this way. 15 pochino ratings. >> and this is why friends please remember if you see a whopper of a wikileaks in the
2:51 am
next two days, it is probably a fake. well, who knows? who knows at this point? >> it is an interesting point. the potential for people creating fake news and fake e-mails and plant them out at the worst possible time. the last two days of the election. >> you have to say one thing about this for hillary. if that does happen, it is dismissible. even if it is true, you can get away with it. >> the wikileaks is not known for being inaccurate. people take the e-mails and doctor it. >> if it is on, it tends to be true? >> it has. >> i don't think the public will make that distinction in the last day. especially if the campaign says you can't believe that. there is enough baked in. >> the readers are on guard. if you see something on facebook that is too good to be true, it probably isn't true.
2:52 am
we need to slow news and slow roll the news. >> let's talk about "saturday night live." >> yes. >> this weekend they pivoted from parody to poignant in one of their opening skits. that was that alec baldwin and kate mckinnon decided to grasp hands and make an attempt at healing the country. so watch this. >> this whole election has been so mean. >> i just feel gross all the time. don't you feel gross all the time about this? >> you know what i think can help us is get out of here. >> what? where will we go? >> you'll see. ♪ >> wishful thinking. >> i know.
2:53 am
i was good evening a little choked up watching it. it was working. >> that is a low bar. camerota has a very easy feel. >> i am craving this. >> i'm propose it. donald trump will be on sixth avenue. clinton at 34th. they can meet in the middle at times square tomorrow night. >> yeah. >> and we'll all be on mars the next day. >> yeah. >> that is what people are craving. that was a nice -- >> it said the writers of the show have exhausted the jokes. they cannot do anymore. it is all gross. we can't say anymore. they wanted to back off. >> it is saying something important. we have to see leadership from trump and clinton and both sides and the paul ryans of the world if trump doesn't get up to speak, mike pence has to speak. if she does lose, she has to help this country accept a
2:54 am
president trump. leadership will be key. >> and as writers of "snl" that proved everybody played a role to get us to where we are right now, we have to play a role to get somewhere better. up next, the fbi decision to clear hillary clinton again less than 48 hours before election day is a big deal. now can't unring the bell, right? how can this wind up being not so damaging? not an easy question. theories ahead.
2:55 am
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it's a rigged system and she's protected. >> hillary clinton cleared by the fbi once again. >> we are glad this is resolved. >> it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. >> there's a lot of anger in this election, but anger is not a plan. >> just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days
2:59 am
of a trump administration. >> it all comes down to you, my friends. our progress is on the line. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is monday, november 7th. hillary clinton getting a late break in the final hours of the campaign. the fbi director coming out sending another letter to congress. this time he says we looked at all the newly discovered e-mails. there is nothing there. there will be no indictment of hillary clinton based on the e-mail scandal. the cloud of suspicion is still over her head. >> and donald trump is still saying the system is rigged and asking the american people to quote deliver justice at the polls. both candidates are at battleground states in the final day of campaigning. one more day. let's start
3:00 am
good morning. >> worked around the clock to review the large number of e-mails and key to this effort was software that was refined from its previous use for the initial server. one official said without this technology this would have taken a lot longer. it turns out most of the e-mails were personal or duplicate e-mails that had already been reviewed by the fbi. so, the probe is considered over for now when it comes to hillary clinton with the fbi sticking to its initial recommendation of no charges. though with not all the deleted e-mails recovered and not all the devices in the fbi's possession, it's always possible, of course, something else could turn up that would require more review. as for the others that were part of the probe, including huma abedin. the fbi is looking to conclude how the e-mails


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