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tv   New Day  CNN  November 8, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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until the wee hours of the morning. >> and votes have been cast in three small towns in new hampshire. the polls in 12 other states will open for millions of voters in the next hour. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with cnn's phil mattingly. he is in raleigh, north carolina. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. hillary clinton planned on not doing a lot on election day. at 1:00 a.m. in the building behind me, she was still going. trying to close the deal on what could be an historic day for the clinton family. hillary clinton back home in new york. after crossing the country on her final day of campaigning. hoping to make history tonight. >> our core values are being tested in this election, but my faith in our future has never been stronger. >> reporter: appealing to voters
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at a midnight rally in raleigh, north carolina. flanked by jon bon jovi and lady gaga. tens of thousands gathered outside philadelphia's independence hall for her largest rally of the campaign. president obama and first lady rallying voters for clinton. >> are you fired up? are you ready to go? >> reporter: and pleading with them to protect their legacy. >> i'm also emotional because in many ways speaking here tonight is perhaps the last and most important thing i can do for my country as first lady. >> i am betting that tomorrow you will reject fear and you'll choose hope. >> reporter: obama passing off the torch and pulling out the step stool for clinton to speak.
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clinton zeroing in on her closing argument. >> every issue you care about is on that ballot. >> reporter: trying to move past this divisive campaign. >> we have to bridge the divides in our country. i regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became. >> reporter: a deliberate move aides tell cnn what happens tonight if she should win. governing. >> tonight, this election will win, but i want you to understand our work together will be just beginning. >> reporter: and chris, if you talked to campaign veterans, they will tell you today can be the hardest day of the entire campaign. look at hillary clinton's schedule and tim kaine's schedule. they plan on voting this morning and then that's it.
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behind the scenes, they will work on speeches. hillary clinton will write two speeches tonight. a victory speech and concession speech. there is a lot of idle time. the candidates alone with their thoughts. chris. >> that is always tough. the two speech preparation drill. which do you use? most candidates don't want to look at the concession speech. donald trump ending his campaign blitz the same way he started it a year and a half ago. blasting his opponent. the washington establishment, the media. trump warning the american working class will strike back. sunlen serfaty joins us live at trump tower with more. this is the message that has gotten to people's emotion and anger and driven trump to where he is today. >> reporter: that is right, chris. we did see vintage donald trump on the final day on the campaign trail. he just landed a short time ago back here in new york city after a flurry of campaign events all
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day yesterday. lasting well into the morning and past 1:00 a.m. this morning. that was the final pitch as he made the final pitch to voters, he talked about the journey. 511 days after he first started the campaign right here in new york city. >> it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> reporter: trump pulling off one final campaign frenzy. >> today is our independence day. today, the american working class is going to strike back. >> reporter: sprinting to the finish with the rousing speech in grand rapids, michigan. blitzing through five states in the last 24 hours. >> i thought new hampshire would be my last speech and i heard that crooked hillary clinton was coming to michigan. i said let's follow it up. >> reporter: knocking clinton's celebrity supporters.
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>> we don't need jay-z or beyonce. we don't need jon bon jovi. we don't need lady gaga. >> reporter: and trying to project confidence. >> today we will win the great state of michigan and we are going to win back the white house. >> reporter: the republican candidate even reflective in the final campaign rally. >> it's almost hard to believe. we started a year and a half ago. we started with 17 very talented people. now we have one flawed candidate left to beat. >> reporter: earlier, trump talking up a friend. quarterback tom brady. >> he called today and he said donald, i support you. >> reporter: but brady hasn't endorsed trump and yesterday, he denied casting his ballot.
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>> i haven't voted yet. >> reporter: and donald trump will be voting at some point later this morning in new york. he will be watching some returns at trump tower. he will then move to his watch party. his watch party is 1.5 miles away from clinton's watch party. an interesting dynamic here in new york. two candidates so close. >> maybe they will both run out in the street like alec baldwin and kate mckinnon. thank you, sunlen serfaty. voters in three new hampshire towns are the first to cast ballots on election day. we have cnn's rachel crane live in dixville notch, new hampshire with more. hi, rachel. >> reporter: alisyn, the polls here in new hampshire are opening in just under an hour now. here in dixville notch, they are
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closed. that's because the town participates in the tradition of midnight voting. they have been doing it since 1960. dixville notch takes advantage of the weird law that new hampshire has that says if a town has less than 100 people, the polls can close early. that's easy when you have just eight residents that are registered to vote. now here in dixville notch, clinton won four of the eight votes. trump taking two and johnson with one. one resident wrote in mitt romney's name. dixville notch is not the only town that participating in midnight voting in new hampshire. there is hart's location where clinton won 17 votes. trump taking 14. johnson with three. one person wrote in bernie sanders name. i'm sorry. two wrote in bernie sanders name. one wrote in kasich's name. also mills field where trump took 16 and hillary with 4 and
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one person wrote in bernie sanders. you see it is trump that is beating clinton in the midnight votes. he has 32 and clinton has 25. >> rachel, interesting. it is always interesting to look at the votes. they are not always a bellwether. >> dixville notch got it right three of the last four. you know, it is interesting. even this is complicated. it started at midnight with three towns. imagine the rest of the day. >> let's bring in our panel. we have analyst ron brownstein and author of "how's your faith" david gregory and we have matt lewis and jackie kucinich. >> it takes an entire segment. >> david, what did you think of the final pitches? >> i think it indicates what they're thinking about and what
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the big priorities are. hillary clinton in philadelphia with a real end game. that's a lot of pageantry. a lot of stars. you had michelle and barack obama. all of the star power. really an example of where she wants to close. turn out a strong minority vote in a state like pennsylvania. turn out college educated white vote and the counties of philadelph philadelphia. and ending in north carolina to tap into the historic turn out and surge among latino voters which could be divisive where trump is in michigan showing he has signs of real concern. it may be tough for him to tip the balance of working class white voters in the midwest which could be in his favor. it shows you where they are nervous and focus in that last time of argument.
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>> what do both campaigns need to happen today? this is where they are. they are not working it. right now, you moved totally to the get out and vote mechanism. everybody is in a cramp. they wish they could do something else. they can't move anymore. what are they sitting and hoping for? >> every four years, we say the composition is important. the share of the vote is which is white voters and non college white voters and the gaps of the groups are voting and it is so large that the real issue in the election and what is left this morning is does the electorate look like what the pollsters expect or does it tilt? is it diverse? they don't expect a decrease in diversity. they are not expecting that and is it significantly more blue
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collar than they expect? eager one, the diversity direction would benefit clinton. blue collar benefits trump. >> matt, we have information about latinos and early voting. let's look at that and see if it tells us anything because it is up. tremendously since the last election. you see in florida up 89%. from the last time they measured in florida in 2008. georgia up 144%. do you think this is what today hinges on? >> yeah. i think what ron just said. it's about the cliche of turnout. pollsters make assumptions of who will show up. if they get assumptions wrong, excuse everything else. if there are more hispanics or less than we assume, that cobb the race. if there's a hidden white vote. a hidden white working class joe
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six pack vote, it becomes a crazy night. i'm not predicting that. it is within the realm of possibility. if donald trump loses florida and loses because of the hispanic vote, it is completely brought on by himself. that is the amazing thing. he would have set this up. i think he is driving turnout. donald trump voting in opposition of donald trump is why hispanics are turning out. >> florida, jackie, went from 2000. they could not get the count right. now at latest numbers of early voting, they had 50% participation before the polls even opened this morning. so they will have, maybe, maybe, the most participation of any state we ever seen in modern history. a big turn around. >> absolutely. you heard the rnc tout the early voting.
2:13 am
the other thing with latino vote that we're seeing in terms of pollsters, there are not a lot of polls that have bilingual questions. that's another reason why you are seeing this surge that they weren't expecting. so that's something that we're watching. one of the things i thought was interesting what hillary clinton said during her speech last night in philadelphia. she said if you are in line at 8:00, stay in line. they have to let you vote. you know, part of that was, i think, because of nevada. where you saw a long line of people waiting to vote. they kept the polls open at 10:00. you had donald trump say that is irregular. that is legal. >> in early voting in florida, the numbers are that you have 36% of latinos voting for the first time in early voting. think about how far we have come. in 2000 when i covered then governor bush. his line was family values don't
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end at rio grande river. then a candidate saying we are building a wall and we will send illegal immigrants home. here, the non white vote will be south of 20%. south of 15% for trump. this is a huge deal. >> it could reorder the republican party. >> it has already been reordered. >> the party messages has been different in different parts of the party. the republican autopsy we talked about after the last election. they needed to expand the base. that has been thrown out the window. >> here is the gamble. ronald reagan won white votes by 32%. in the final poll, trump was winning by the same 32%. that got him to 40% of the vote. there is a pathway through the midwest where these voters are concentrated and democrats are
2:15 am
worried about defending iowa and ohio and michigan and pennsylvania. the picture is changing. a party winning 15% of the growing group of the population while depending on the shrinking group, that is a recipe for success. >> panel, stick around. >> the good news is we laid out what matters. the bad news is, it is only 15 minutes in the show. what we are trying to do is dig down on the issues. you know the campaigns are doing their deal. this morning, you will have the whole vote parade. we will have vice presidential nominee tim kaine to talk about how important this day is for him on the democrat side. on the republican side, we have a trump family member. his kids are the best surrogates. don jr. is with us this morning. >> now it is time for the voters to have their say. which states will decide this historic election? we have the battlegrounds to watch next on "new day."
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donald trump and hillary clinton barnstorming several key states in the final hours of their campaigns. which states does each candidate need to win to get to that magic number of 270 electoral votes? david gregory is at the magic wall to break down the numbers. what do you have, david? >> this is all about the voting and looking at the wall. let's look at where the candidates end and why they end it there. we will start with hillary clinton. the big rallies last night where? in center city, philadelphia. that's about turning out the minority vote. relying important all of her fire power in the democratic party to do that. it is also about the collar counties of philadelphia where the college educated white vote is located. she is in north carolina. we have been talking about the latino vote. highest percentage increase in
2:21 am
the latino vote is in north carolina. that becomes important. if you are trump, he ends last night interestingly in michigan. that's really about insurance. if he runs the table of some of these swing states that he has to win, not just holding the romney states of '12, but flipping the states from '12 that obama won, he may need assurance of michigan if she stops in florida or north carolina. >> let's bring in our panel again. >> actually a big take on the electoral college and how this fits in. 40 states have voted the same way in every election since 2000. even when franklin roosevelt won four straight times, it was not at 80% of the available states. a lot of continuity. the question is how much can they change the map. i think we will see a new map. >> give us an answer. you give us a trump path that
2:22 am
could be different. >> the trump path which is different is winning all of the romney states which is holding north carolina and adding florida, ohio, iowa -- >> slow down. >> gregory is nowhere. >> and michigan. and probably new hampshire and nevada is the next one. you see how it is hard. >> just one. >> right. >> that includes two states that are hard. the problem for trump, every road and pathway ends with having to flip one state which is reliable in hillary clinton's corner. >> is he just one state away? >> the ones they are treating as swing states. if he can win pennsylvania after florida and ohio and iowa. >> i think the electoral map, forget about the natural polls. it was always really hard to
2:23 am
imagine hillary losing. she had so many built-in advantages. i have a narrow race with hillary winning. i assume that there is a hidden working class white vote that trump will surprise people. i have him winning florida and i have him winning north carolina. the problem is i don't see how he wins pennsylvania or michigan. that last step where he has to go into her turf. i think she has more money. she has more organization. >> jackie, if clinton wins florida and north carolina. >> go to bed early. >> it's over no matter what? >> there would have to be states that we're not talking about. >> plus, what is clinton thinking about this morning? she is thinking about trying to claim a mandate. if she has an opportunity to win these states, she gets up into 318.
2:24 am
if she gets new hampshire, she will be in the 320s. she will say this a strong rejection of donald trump. >> and to this point, the operation matters. they have contacted the voters and stalking them to get to the polls. calling them. if they don't pick up. those fundamentals matter on a day like today. >> and if donald trump had run sort of the populous nationalist campaign that is getting a lot of support, if he also had a campaign apparatus, you know, this would be different. >> the pattern worth watching is this election could accelerate what we expect to unfold in the next decade into one election cycle. you look at the last six elections since 1992, the five battle grounds. ohio, iowa, michigan and pennsylvania. democrats have won them 27 of 30
2:25 am
times. the sun belt. democrats have won them 13 out of 30 times. it is possible as a group that trump will be better in those rustbelt battlegrounds. he is blowing the doors off. not only will you have clinton relying on florida, virginia and colorado, but iowa and ohio. if donald trump goes minus nine romney to minus two in michigan, that tells you something. >> this will be the determination we will see reflected down ballot. let's talk about some of the close races that we're expecting on the senate side. what do we need to keep an eye on today, gregory, that is reflective. florida, illinois and indiana. >> illinois is one that looks like it is on the verge of tipping going to the democrats. indiana was one where evan bayh
2:26 am
came back into the race. he looks in more trouble now. new hampshire is particularly interesting. kelly ayotte has been ahead. >> she is the great example of the struggle of how to define yourself. >> she endorsed trump and she pulled back and unendorsed him after the "access hollywood" tape. >> i think the comey news is one of the under appreciated stories. >> which piece of news? the nine days ago news? >> the nine days ago. i still have hillary inking out a victory here. narrowly winning. i think republicans will hold the senate with 51 votes. it goes back to the nine days ago to the comey story. >> that is why you hear nancy pelosi that comey cost her the house. everyone stopped talking about the house flipping after the
2:27 am
first comey news because of that down ballot. >> it is a check and balance. republicans can argue we are a check and balance. >> a good way to talk about the senate that clinton is likely to win and trump is likely to win. illinois, wisconsin, pennsylvania and new hampshire. the states where she is strongest. those are the top targets. republicans are defending indiana and missouri that he is likely to win. that makes it hard. north carolina and nevada out there which are close states. winner of the presidential race will win the senate race. >> panel, thank you so much. >> i am watching your hair swell with knowledge as you come in. all these numbers. >> it has a chia pet quality. >> good hair day. >> stay with cnn all day and night. we have every race covered. you can join us on "new day" tomorrow. guess what? we are starting at 3:00 a.m. >> what? >> we are. for complete election results. >> you told me that was a joke. >> no, it's for real. >> voters in three small towns
2:28 am
in new hampshire. this is a big part of the culture. they cast ballots at midnight. the rest of the state heads to the polls in 30 minutes. the race has been tightening in the critical battleground state. we will take you there live for the latest developments. >> you want a chance to be featured on cnn's election day coverage? tag your instagrams and selfies with #myvote. we will show them throughout the day on cnn. ♪
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tight race in the final flurry in the battleground state. we have chris frates where polls open in a half hour. chris. >> reporter: alisyn. i'm back in new hampshire. nine months ago this election started with the first primary votes. they are back in the political spotlight. new hampshire is a small state. four electoral votes. it is mighty. if al gore won this state 16 years ago, he would have become president even with bush winning florida. it is with that history that the clinton campaign doubling here in the granite state. the poll of polls shows clinton up by three points. they got out the vote a big way. 12,000 volunteers. one point, 1 million door
2:34 am
knocks. 2 million phone calls. on the republican side, donald trump has been here eight times since the convention. he is trying to make sure he can take this battleround state. they have done 1.8 million door knocks and 1.7 million phone calls. there is more independence in new hampshire than registered democrats or registered republicans. in 2012, of those who cast a ballot, they were independent. they broke for barack obama. this go around, donald trump trying to win this battleground state. chris. >> young chris frates, i have a tip for you. in my experience, there is often nice pastry brought to the polling places in new hampshire. especially with the first wave of voters. keep your eyes peeled. chris, thank you very much. concerns about securing the franchise making sure that everybody gets to exercise their
2:35 am
right. the department of justice is on it. deploying more than 500 monitors in 28 states. they are looking for any voting rights violations. specifically discrimination on the basis of race or spoken language. >> so latino voters turning out in record numbers in key battleground states. we will take a closer look at what donald trump predicted a few years ago about how to win. it is fascinating to hear it now and it is next on "new day." see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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♪ whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, lovin' every minute of it... ♪ as the boys from loverboy so eloquently noted... i'm lovin' every minute of it. go national. go like a pro. so early voting results show record turn out for latinos in early voting states. donald trump predicted latinos would be key in a race. he had a suggestion of how to win them over. let's talk this over with hillary clinton supporter maria
2:40 am
cardona and donald trump supporter scottie nell hughes. good morning. >> buenos dias. >> hola. at a moment like this, it is interesting to be retrospective. it has come to light some of the things that donald trump said after mitt romney's loss. what trump said will have to happen with republicans if they want to win next time around. let's read this interview. the democrats did not have a policy for dealing with the illegal immigrants. they were not mean spirited about it. they didn't know the policy, but what they were is they were kind. he went on to say the gop has to develop a policy to take care of the incredible problem we have with respect to immigration with respect to people wanting to be wonderful, productive citizens of this country. scottie, what's happened since 2012?
2:41 am
if that is what he believed in 2012 cost romney the election, why did donald trump begin his campaign with the mexicans are sending their worst people? >> i think those are war of words. when he gave that speech initially, he talked to kate steinle's parents. >> he shifted. something from 2012, his perspective shifted. >> that still stands true. i think he believes in all americans. including hispanic-americans. he wants a great chance at education and jobs. let's grow responsely together. that was rocky the way he phrased it. i think he is trying to reach out to all americans. could he have done a better job? absolutely.
2:42 am
everybody should care about providing for their families. whatever your team is, mr. trump talked about. >> maria, what do you think they would be key to winning this time around? >> what is interesting it seems mr. trump as well as the republican party lived in an alternate reality from what happened in 2012. let's not forget that the whole republican party wrote a whole report. the autopsy in 2012 that said what mr. donaldtrump said there and more specifically said they had to take immigration off the table. >> that's what jeb bush and marco rubio and everybody would stand for. they not win. >> marco rubio was part of the gang of eight. that was used against him by people like donald trump. >> in other words, it sounds like the country was not ready for this. donald trump decided that the country was not ready based on
2:43 am
what he saw happening with marco rubio for this sort of conciliatory feeling. >> and marco rubio would be our nominee today if it were not the gang of eight. that gang of eight bill took him out. that is not what conservatives wanted. it is fantastic that we have a great surge in hispanic voters. >> are they going to -- if donald trump does not win today, will it be because he alienated hispanic voters? >> i think donald trump will win today. >> if he doesn't. >> i think a lot of hispanic voters and these moms going to the voting booth, are your kids in overstuffed classrooms? do we have jobs in your communities? what is hillary clinton going to do for your community besides a pathway to citizenship? >> what does that have to do with the vote? >> right now, the hispanic community just like the rest of america needs jobs and school systems better.
2:44 am
they need choice. >> the message falls flat coming from the republican party and especially donald trump. first of all, hispanics are doing better than financially than they were when we were losing 850,000 jobs a month. they have a more hopeful future for their children. number one. number two, when you talk to them by calling mexican immigrants rapists and criminals and getting rid of birth right citizenship. moving forward, donald trump has zero path to the white house. if you don't appeal to at least 40% of the hispanic vote, it is done. >> we cannot do anything with a bankrupt country. america first. >> maria and scottie, thank you. hillary clinton. donald trump. pulling out all the stops on the last day of campaigning and unleashing a final ad blitz.
2:45 am
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this is it. this is the day. after a long trail of celebrities and attack ads and massive rallies. decision day is here for donald trump and hillary clinton. both candidates releasing final campaign ads. here's a taste. >> i love this country and i'm convinced our best days are still ahead of us if we reach
2:50 am
for them together. i want to be a president for all americans, not just those who support me in this election. for everyone. >> the political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. >> let's bring in our media expert. brian stelter and analyst bill carter. brian, the host of reliable sources. brian, the end where they began. hillary clinton arguing an extension of the promise of obama's tenure and our better days ahead. donald trump, things have never been worse. >> and breaking with the past. almost a burn the house down message from donald trump which has been on message the whole time. you know, trump at the end of
2:51 am
the campaign what clinton has done at the whole time. using his own words. trump cut the ad. he is running it. he believes it is a positive message. it is a bleak message of how terrible the political establishment is. clinton running an ad last night. mostly negative using trump's words. >> you can call it a bleak message, but it is tapping into the anger. >> it is. >> it is also sending a message saying america is the laughing stock of the world. i have never heard a candidate do that before. talk about going down with people and giving them a negative image. she is literally in white and presenting the upbeat message. his dark music. >> and he said only i can fix it. every trump supporter knows that line. >> it remains to be seen which is more effective. tapping into the anger or attempting to harness the optimistic view. >> it is interesting the ad did
2:52 am
get reaction from some jewish people that it was a little over the line in this subtext. even the anti-defamation league came out. it presented george soros and talking about global elites and wall street. that message has an under current. i did not see it myself. >> your head isn't there. if your head is there, it leads you to jew-sa. >> whoever thought in this day and age we have that kind of thing in a campaign where someone is yelling jew-sa. that is appalling. that is a fact that somebody is worried about that. >> let's get to what is happening with trump and his movement if he wins or loses tonight. the speech that the campaign ad was cut on. the conspiratorial ad of the campaign. steve bannon goes back to
2:53 am
breitba breitbart. he wants to have a nationalist movement. he believes he will tap into the energy. it is interesting for the final ad of the campaign, they use the bannon language about the global power trustructure. >> it is interesting. america has the harsh issues. with good reason, you can attack trump, and some paid the price. will america once again turn away from the harshness and turn toward a version of sweet strength? do they see hillary clinton as that alternative? >> that is the big question. the positive message always worked in the past. this is a different election. >> different time. >> so many ways. >> on a lighter note, let's talk about the star power that turned out on hillary clinton. hillary clinton brought out the big guns. bon jovi, bruce springsteen,
2:54 am
lady gaga at her rally. her surrogates. jay-z and beyonce and lebron. donald trump said that tom brady had called. i called him. >> and kraft, the owner of the patriots. >> no, coach belichick. sent the letter. >> it does require more fact checking. it looks like tom brady is not registered to vote. i think of all of the stars, as entry points into clinton. if you look at the social media feeds. look at lady gaga's feed. she is promoting clinton all day today and yesterday. these are entry points in the clinton campaign. you may not be so passionate about clinton, but lady gaga is encouraging you. you may go and vote. that's why there is more enthusiasm tonight than we may expect. we heard all about -- >> she reaches millennials
2:55 am
effectively. >> i don't know if they have done an ad as targeted with trump's words. having him say he doesn't believe in global warming. >> we heard so much about voter disapproval and dissatisfaction. i think that changes tonight. i think when people see trump and clinton on the podiums, they will feel better about the race. maybe i'm too optimistic. i think the historic nature of the race. >> let's look at live pictures. we have vice presidential nominee tim kaine doing what he needs to do. exercising his right to vote in richmond, virginia. that's his home. he's the first one we have seen vote. he ain't the last. stay with us. ♪ if youmoderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,
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none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we
3:00 am
had done more. >> today is our independence day. we are going to win back the white house. >> are you fired up? ready to go? >> this presidential campaign has been going on for a long time, but now it's in your hands. >> with your vote, you can say that this country has always been great. >> do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class, or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? >> 2016, when everything was on the line, you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is tuesday, november 8th, 6:00 in the east. i can't believe i'm about to say this, but it's election day in america finally. the finish line is now in


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