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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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hi, everyone. you are live in the cnn newsroom. it is 8:00 p.m. in new york. 5:00 p.m. in los angeles and cities from coast to coast dealing with a fourth straight night of anti-trump protests. for hours, protesters have been
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marching through new york city chanting that trump is not their president. here's los angeles just a short time a lot. thousands in the street there as well. singing, some of them, for unity. ♪ come together right now ♪ over me >> we are here in new york, it is a cold saturday night, it has been hours on end, and the protesters there still on the streets en masse. what are they asking for? >> reporter: well, yeah, poppy, at this point it certainly has trickled down from the video you showed viewers just a couple of hours ago, there are still a few dozen protesters still remaining strong right outside, less than half a block from the trump tower from trump is. their message is really against the campaign that he ran, they
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want to stop the hate, they want to vent about how this election turned out. you can see that traffic is now moving from fifth avenue. this is the first time that we have actually seen cars go by in eight hours, because again, that video you showed your viewers, that is what the majority of the day looked like here in new york city, protesters, thousands of them shut down fifth avenue here in new york, where they marched about two miles to trump towers, spreading that message. here's what some said the reason of why they came out today. >> this is enormous, definitely, it's big. and i don't know what we can actually do to change things, but we just have to keep coming out and making sure that his hatred and his fear and the anger that he's stirring up or using to get elected doesn't manifest itself in our country. >> what do you think the collective message is.
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>> i these we are getting together to support each other as a community, because this is a huge los. this is election has set us back and has definitely shown the world that we are not as advanced as we claim we are. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of passion coming from these protesters. we have to mention, though, the nypd, how well that they did handle this massive amount of people in this demonstration, they walked los angeles site them, the entire two-mile route, they still are here tonight. at times, poppy, that large enormous group, broke out into individual groups, nypd walking alongside them making sure they weren't in traffic and really just trying to keep them safe. and we should also say the protesters listened. it was very peaceful tonight. we checked in with nypd, there
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were minuimal arrests, so a ver peaceful protests, very, very massive in new york city tonight. >> joining me is robert jones, the ceo and founder of the public religion institute and the author of "the etched of white christian america." and a professor at moore house college. thank you guys for being here. trump tweeted about the protesters a few times this week. he first called them unfair, he said they were, quote, professional protesters incited by the media. then a few hours later, he tweeted that he loved seeing the passion and that he wants to be a president for all. how do you think he should address these protesters?
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if these continue night after night, what does he do? >> he needs to continue to convey that he wants to be a president for all of them. and i think he started doing that when he gave his victory speech on tuesday night staying he wants to work for all the people. i think it would be in order for the organizers of these protests to meet with some of the senior advisors on the trump team to find common ground and see what they can do to move forward. because some of their concerns, they're talking about building a wall, building bridges not walls. donald trump's been pretty clear that he wants to build a wall. and there are concerns about gay rights, he's been pretty clear that he wants to appoint conservative supreme court justices, and you're not my president, he's also been clear that he wants to be the president for everyone. so i think it's a matter of coming together and finding common ground. as hillary clinton said, have an
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open mind and give him a chance to lead. >> mark, do you see any signs of unity, as you see the names being floated right now for trump's inner staff and his inner circle and his cabinet. >> a person's cabinet, a person's chief of staff are the first signals of how they plan to govern and what their modeling vision is of leadership. so if you tell me you're going to put rudy giuliani in as secretary general, or maybe even attorney general, you're talking about the broken windows policing that really plagued new york during the '80s and '90s, which means that you're doubling down on having a law and order and really draconian justice policy. when you tell me that you're going to have newt gingrich as secretary of state, because now you're talking about the war
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hawk policy. i'm scared of every single staff member that's been leaked to the press or that's been floated to the press. nothing's been inspiring about what he's revealed so far. >> we saw protests after barack obama was elected. but nothing like this, what is different about this fundamentally? >> fundamentally, we're at a real transition point in the country and it wasn't just the transition from barack obama to donald trump. we're at a very democrgem graph and -- so we had our first african-american president, we have also gone from being a majority white christian country, something very fundamental to many americans' identity of who the country is, to being a country where only 43% of the country is white and christian. we're projected to be a minority
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country by 2044, it was originally 2050, now 2044. i think this cultural anxiety about the sort of rapid shifts in this country, sort of defined this election. it was a change election, but it was about cultural change with reactions to that, and with really one party leaning into it and celebrating those cultural changes and donald trump's party, and donald trump in particular signaling that he didn't. but donald trump could jump out right now and have some real signals, for example, reince prebus and o'bannon. one of the biggest differences here, is that we didn't have the kind of policies that instilled near in vulnerable populations that we have had with donald trump, with the promise to deport 11 million people.
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divide up family, kids waking up, scared their parents are going to be deported. banning muslims, requiring muslims to be deported. just the way he's moved on obama care, and said maybe there's some places here to back off. if he made these same signals on these cultural issues, it would make a huge difference. >> and maybe he will. alice, to you, after mitt romney lost the 2012 election, donald trump said we can't let this happen, we should march on washington and stop this travesty, our nation is totally divided. now he's saying that these protests are unfair. >> he followed that up that he appreciated their right to protest. this was a difficult election. the dynamics of this election compared to 2012 are much different. and i think what we're seeing here is so far, the protesters
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that have come out have been peaceful, they have been very explicit in what their concerns and demands are, and right now it's a good thing, i think we should celebrate their access to their fee speech that they're accessing in such a peaceful manner. and right now i think it would be good to find common ground. like he said, he plans to be a president for all of america. and hillary clinton say have an open mind and give him a chance. i do think he's going to work very hard in that direction. >> alice and mark, you will be back with me, robert jones, thank you for being on the program, i appreciate it. ahead this hour, donald trump's election has provoked a passionate response. and casual cruelty in american schools.
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>> he walked into his first class in the morning and was greeted with, are you ready to go back to mexico? >> we'll look at the troubling emotions unleashed after election day. what it will mean for some americans, and also donald trump in his very first interview, revealing plans for his twitter account. and kellyanne conway being credited with trump's stunning victory. and revealing the most important post in the trump administration. we'll learn who will be running the show in the white house. we're live in the cnn newsroom. on your devices, data-free. switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years. offers starting at $50/month. ♪ where do you think you're going-going, girl? ♪ ♪
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restrained, if i use it at all. it's a modern form of communication, there should be nothing you should be ashamed of. it's where it's at. i do believe this, i really believe that the fact that i have such power in terms of numbers with facebook, twitter, instagram, et cetera, i think it helped me win all of these races where they're spending much more money that i spent and i won. i think that social media has more power than the money they spent and i think maybe to a certain extent i proved that. >> fascinating, waiting to hear more of that of course tomorrow night. but we're also hear tonight that trump could announce at any moment who his white house chief of staff will be. what are you hear? who's he going to pick? >> that is the big question. it does seem that donald trump is closing in on making this final decision, his first
5:16 pm
opening pick of his upcoming donald trump administration. we spoke to kellyanne conway, she said it would be imminent. but at the same time she said we likely won't see donald trump for the next few days and certainly our sources are telling us that monday will be the earliest. but at some point next week we will hear who he will choose. we hear it's down to two top contenders, reince prebus, and it seems that he's the favorite pick. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell who are all pushing for him behind the scenes, he's a known commodity here in washington, he has relationships with people on the hill, and widely seen as a safe bet. >> when you also look at what a big role trump's children played in the campaign, you have to
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think sort of what role if any would they have in the white house. interestingly, by law, they cannot serve in any cabinet positions, but they could be advisors. >> that law that you're referencing, that's a federal that dates back to 1967 that says that no federal official from the president on down cannot hire someone in a federal capacity may hire or promote a relative. so the big question is to hear what kind of a role they will have. they may still have an informal capacity role like they had in the donald trump campaign. and pointing to jared cushner, donald trump's son-in-law, this could apply to him, but they could skirt the rule if they don't pay him. if they appoint this person, a relative, they can not get paid. so potentially that might be a little opening there. but i think what we will see is what we saw in the campaign is that they will have an informal
5:18 pm
role, obviously donald trump trusts his children very closely, and obviously they were advisors during the campaign. >> and that picture of jared cushner walking on the lawn with president obama's chief of staff made me think what kind of role he will have formal or informal in the white house. donald trump's election greeted with jubilation by millions of americans who supported him. also greeted by protests from those who don't. and also moments of intimidation and hate by some. >> at the same school a student handed out deportation notices, said it was a joke. >> it's not a joke, it's not funny, you're making fun of my family, you're making fun of my friends. and it hurts. >> when we come back, a closer look at some of the troubling harassment unleashed since the
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fears of heightened. >> reporter: poppy, ever since
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the election, there's been talk of a rising level of fear among some people out there. but now perhaps there's cause for anxiety on both sides. far from quenching the bitterness of the long campaign, the final vote has inflamed passions with anti-trump protesters flooding the streets in more than two dozen cities, cursing the president-elect, burning his effigy. at a middle school in michigan, a cafeteria chant of "build the wall." at a minnesota high school, graffiti, go back to africa, whites only, trump. and whites only, black lives don't matter n various sites around the southeast, police report nazi themes graffiti.
5:24 pm
and the door to a muslim prayer room scrawled with the president-elect's name. there's no way to know the -- or if this represents a substantial increase. but in california, more examples. a muslim woman says her head scarf was yanked by an attacker. authorities don't know if it was politically motivated. >> if it wasn't a hate crime, it's a weird coincidence that it happened right after donald trump became president-elect. >> reporter: at a west coast high school, a mom says this is how her daughter's day started. >> she walked into class, her first class in the morning and was greeted with are you ready to go back to mexico. >> reporter: at the same school, a student handed out deportation notices, said it was a joke. >> it's not a joke, you're
5:25 pm
making fun of my family, you're making fun of my friends and it hurts. >> reporter: still the protests against trump and his supporters while largely peaceful, have been undeniably bigger and have brought their own ugliness. cases of vandalism, arson, arrest and pain. >> we have a couple of officers injured, some went to the hospital. >> reporter: through all the hard words, one clear message is coming through, although the battle ground votes have been counted, the battle rages on. it may be a while before there is a true measure of the fallout of this election, or a good indication of when it's going to call calm down. poppy? >> tom foreman, thank you for the reporting. coming up, there are 16 men and women officially on donald trump's transition team helping him get through the major, major duty of assuming power as
5:26 pm
president. and who does he surround himself with? well four of the members of this trump team is his family, there are differing opinions on who should be his right hand man or woman, who will he tap? that's next on the cnn news room. philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites. the holidays are made with philly.
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president-elect donald trump's transition team has just over two months to pull together an array of white house staff positions, cabinet secretaries and political appointees. as a true political outsider, many are wondering what a trump administration would look like. meanwhile democrats trying to figure out how they lost and who will lead their party forward. mark, let me begin with you, ivanka trump, and her husband derek cushner, donald trump jr. and four members of the donald
5:30 pm
trump transition team. clearly he's comfortable with his family, he trusts them implicitly. but four family members, is that a lot? >> it's a bit much. the truth is they would be informal advisors either way, and in many respects, from what my sources tell me, they were the people who help pull donald trump back down to earth and he's the people he listens to. but what you don't want is for them to be among the actual primary team. he could have sent a message to america, that he wanted a team of rivals, that he wanted a team that would challenge him not just psychologically and i'd logically, i think donald trump is going to be looking for an echo chamber, not a team of rivals. >> alice, mark is maharkening bk
5:31 pm
to lincoln, is he potentially going to do that? or are we going to see newt gingrich, rudy giuliani, chris christie, which is the opposite of the drain the swamp message? >> i think his first step in putting mike pence at the head of the transition team is a phenomenal step, mike pence has a phenomenal record and he did a great job of bringing members of congress on board that were very, very hesitant to support donald trump throughout the primary process. and he's a great unifier. and the next big step that will be telling will be his chief of staff. steve bannon, reince prebus, kellyanne conway, and there's some push back from the outside from some of them. some feel that bannon is too far
5:32 pm
from the right wing, and the alt right, and there's fear with mike prebus, and speaker ryan, is more of a palace coup with the head of the government. and they fear that. so there's a little push back, but understanding that we could have a chief of staff announced in the next couple days. >> any chance you were the communications director with senator ted cruz, any chance he helps out in any way? >> well, certainly ted is enjoying what he's doing now as senator in texas. but at the end of the day, any time you're asked by the president-elect to do something, you're going to want to serve your country. so if the right opportunity came along. >> that is always the answer when someone is considering something, it is i'm very happy doing what i'm doing right now. so we'll watch and see. mark, i want to get your take, though, on this on clinton, because she spoke earlier with
5:33 pm
donors on a telephone call and she essentially blamed the letter from james comey to the congress for the loss. she said it was something they could not overcome. do you like hear that or do you think they need to look more internally? >> they need to look -- look, letters from the fbi saying you might be under investigation don't help. we could debate back and forth whether comey's announcement helped, just as we could argue if it hurt trump officially in july. but the key here is that the american people sort of had their minds made up when those letters came out, when those announcements were made. the american people didn't trust hillary clinton, some of it is down right sexism, some of it is partisanship, and some of it is fair. but at the end of the day, the democrats didn't put forth the right candidate. donald trump is a populist candidate. that's why bernie sanders was so popular. the democrats put forth an
5:34 pm
establishment candidate in a populist election. >> to bernie would have beaten trump? do you think bernie sander ee e would have beaten donald trump? >> it did not come down to james comey, it did not come down to the last four months. >> guys, thank you very much. coming up, donald trump based his presidential campaign onacumen. i would like you to watch over the deals that are being made by china. believe me, you could get a lie like karl on. great guy, great negotiator. >> we had carl ooiicahn on this
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back the blue collar jobs that helped build the middle class. billionaire investor carl icahn is one of trump's biggest supporters on wall street. i spoke with him on friday about what the president-elect can do for those americans. let's see what trurp said when he was talking about hedge fund managers, he said they wouldn't be happy with his tax plan because they would be forced to pay the same tax as everyone else. listen to what he said on msnbc back in august. >> we're going to simplify the tax code, take away some of the deductions and hedge fund guys have to pay up. i'm going to lower taxes, but these hedge fund buys are making lower taxes, i can tell you i have friends who laugh about how much they pay. and it's not fair to the middle income people and the middle class, we're destroying that, that's what built this country, we are destroying the middle class in this country, i will have a plan, the hedge fund guys
5:40 pm
won't be happy, but pretty much everybody else is going to love it. >> do you agree with that move? >> i agree 100%, i have even spoke to him about things like that. today there is no reason in the world, i have site to some of my friends, friends i have in the hamptons over the years, it's crazy how we carry interest. it's just ridiculous that hedge fund -- that you have a hedge fund and you pay the long-term rate. so trump is 100% right. these are the problems that we have under the obama administration. what's ironic, you would think, if you want to talk about political, why do you get the carried interest? >> i don't think you can blame the carried interest loop on the obama administration. there's been some deadlock in congress, they haven't gotten comprehensive tax reform done since 1980. >> you don't have to have comprehensive tax reform to change the carried interest.
5:41 pm
carried interest is a small thi thing, but you don't need tax return to -- i blame gridlock, i blame the inability to act. i did work on trying to get -- it was ridiculous not to get repatriation of the $2.6 trillion. reform for the government to tax say, take that 2.6 trillion back. and people agreed with me. >> donald trump keeps saying, he said it throughout the campaign, we need carl icahn, we need carl icahn, we need deals like his. what is it about you that america needs when it comes to making the best deals for the american people? >> look, i don't know. and he did say that a couple of times. but i these it's the fact that over the years, i think simply, literally simply, you just look for the obvious. like repatriation, look for the
5:42 pm
obvious, get businesses to spend and at the risk of being a moderate, over the years, i have gotten an annualized return of about 28% on my money, which is pretty good. maybe that is impressive to some extent and the reason is i hope they will take some of my advice. and i say that because i would like some of my advice to be taken, which is simply to go in and get rid of a lot of the regulatory agency positions. epa has done some crazy things and some good things, you must stand up to them and get rid of that stuff and i hope they'll listen to me on that. >> i want to talk about the minimum wage. carl icahn, you know well, so many people across this country continue to struggle, even when the unemployment rate goes down, there are too many people not getting by, even working 40 hours a week.
5:43 pm
donald trump has said, quote, the minimum wage has to go up. he's also said it needs to be left to the states. he won so now let's be specific. what do you think the minimum wage should be state by state. i mean new york compared to iowa. what's a living wage? >> i look at the big picture, the minimum wage should go up. i am not the person to go in to every state and tell them the details. you know, i got ten companies i run. i'm not going to go into that. it should go up. but you know what's going to make it go up? i tell you what's going to make it go up, to get businesses to spend, to build bricks and mortar again, that's what's going to bring jobs back again. >> something that donald trump said about bringing back specifically manufacturing jobs, he said this a month ago. >> i want to see the day when apple will make their iphones in this country instead of making them in china and vietnam and
5:44 pm
all over the place, okay? and believe me, if i'm president, that's going to happen. and i use apple as an example, but the fact is they make their products all over, most of them are in china. they're going to start making them here. >> carl icahn, you made a lot of money on your investment in apple before you sold out earlier this year. what do you make of what he says? do you honestly think apple is going to make their iphones here? >> i doubt it. and i don't presume to go in and say that apple should make their iphones in the united states unless it makes sense for apple to do it. so we as a country must make it make sense for apple to go it. >> how do we do that? >> and i think that's what's donald has said. insenti insentivize companies, you can't take one example, but you can
5:45 pm
say, we can insent vise business, actually on appreciation, and this is what i think donald is doing in his tax plan. >> and on trade deals, should we scrap nafta all together? would that be good for the american people? >> i don't agree with donald completely on the trade deals that he's talking about. and i'm not sure that -- i'm not going to get into what donald is saying, on the trade deals, you have to tread a little bit more carefully. but what i will say that a lot of what he says is right on the trade deals, i think the last eight years we gave away trade deals. in other words we are the biggest customer of china in textiles, if i were doing a deal with china, i would simply say to them, it just makes sense in a negotiation, you would say, you know, china, i'm one of your
5:46 pm
biggest consumers of your goods, now i want you to do something for me. >> coming up next after this break, much more with carl icahn. picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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5:50 pm
investor about donald trump's temperament and with so much promise to so many, i wanted to know who can expect to win and lose in a trump economy. let's talk about temperament. temperament is something that came up a lot in this campaign and election. and the american people voted. their voice was heard and they voted for donald trump. and they chose him. and his temperament. and the things that donald trump -- some of the things he said while he was campaigning, some of the demeaning things of women, for example, or minorities, are you comfortable with a president trump using the same language? >> well, all i can really say is that i've known donald for a number of years. i have never seen a real problem with his temperament personally. i've known him and not seen that. i also will say if you go back over different periods of our
5:51 pm
history where there have been elections, you've seen a lot of things said. i certainly can find a number of things hillary clinton said that if you really want to replay them you might want to criticize. but that's not the issue. the issue is this country must take a different approach. the country must go in and be a friend to business. for eight years, we have been anything but that. and now, this is our hope. that you have to do it. if you don't do it, we will definitely lose and lose fast. >> carl -- you are -- you are a businessman, a businessman means money. when's going to make money under president trump? who will lose money? >> that's a great question. and i've never really thought about it. but i will say this. that i really think there are a number of businesses that will benefit. smart businesses.
5:52 pm
guys willing to invest. guys that are willing to take the chance and will invest with better breaks from the government so if the government incentivize a smart businessman, smart ceos, are going to take advantage of higher -- lower -- higher depreciation rates and they're going to invest in the capitalists of our country and labor, meaning there are a lot of skilled laborers out there that can't get jobs. i think that will happen. and if that happens, we do have factories here. some areas we can't use them. we have a lot of factories and we could do what donald's saying. you don't have to. >> here's the thing. those men and women around the country who run, you know, small to medium-sized businesses, who import goods from asia, for example, or mexico and construct them here and then sell them to the marketplace. if they're slapped, 35% tariff slapped on the things they wont make it. right?
5:53 pm
who loses? >> well, if you're importing a lot of goods, possibly. if you're importing a lot of goods from china and some of these goods really if you compare them to the american goods are not a sort of inferior. i'm not saying all the goods are inferior but some of them are inferior. yeah. i think there's going to be pressure on some of those companies. you take the distributors of automobiles, such companies as auto zone, o'reilly, those companies, auto zone, you know, they import all of their -- a number of brakes, for instance, from china. i don't think the quality of those brakes are as high as the ones that we use. so i have an agenda in saying it and a small example of what you are saying. >> who loses money in a trump? who loses money in a trump economy? >> who what? >> who loses money in a trump economy?
5:54 pm
>> well, i just gave you an example of what i think some of these distributors that do buy a lot of goods that some of the goods are fine. some of them literally are not as fine and they're not as good and if you put a tariff on those, yeah, they'll be some losses. i gave you examples in the automotive distribution business importing goods that aren't i don't believe as well made and they lose money and i think that should happen. i mean, i think they're getting a free ride for a long time in many companies. and so, therefore, there's going to be a change. for the better. you will see manufacturing done in this country. i think that is what you want. isn't it? you got a middle class that really is not literally employ a good salaries. and therefore, what you have to do is make it as rather
5:55 pm
incentivize companies to build the companies and factories and that can be done by the government instead of the government putting more and more and more and more regulations and of course you make it in china. >> carl icahn, i appreciate you joining me, very, very much. it's important to your insight. thank you. up next, a poignant moment in paris tonight. the site of the vicious terror attack a year ago. but tonight, a celebration of light with sting. stay with us. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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welcome back live to the cnn newsroom. before we go tonight, tomorrow marks one year since the terror attacks in paris claimed more than 130 lives. the bataclan theater where 89 people attending a concert murdered when isis-linked terrorists burst in and gunned them down. fast forward one year to tonight at the bataclan, sting performing and remembering the lives lost before performing to a house packed with survivors and families of the victims. sting's first song of the night, the ballad "fragile." we're going to listen in as we leave you. ♪
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♪ >> anthony: the south is not a monolith. there are pockets of weirdness, awesomeness, and then there's charleston. where for some time now important things have been happening with food. a lot of them having to do with this guy. [ laughter ] ♪ i took a walk through this beautiful world ♪ ♪ felt the cool rain


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