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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 16, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that the reports of infighting of 84 blofr and tells cnn that some lobbyists were fired. and there was no purge under way. that this happens during a transition. donald trump himself tweeted overnight saying very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. he added, i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. one transition official who was let go is former congressman and cnn commentator mike rogers. he was dropped after months advising the transition on international computer issues. cnn's joe johns now has the latest. >> mike rogers, a former house intelligence committee chairman is now out. he was seen as reassuring figure to many republicans, especially on issues of national security, and was thought on the short list for cia director. he's gone, of course. he was hired by chris christie, who, as well, was demoted. so, the question is why? what's going on with the
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transition. the story, they certainly want to put out this is all about a blending of the campaign staff that traveled around the country with donald trump and the transition staff that was put in place to figure out what was going to happen in the event he won. but there is also a question as to whether all of this is part of a purge in the continuing fight, the back fighting between the establishment figures, who work with donald trump, and the nontraditional figures. the insiders and the outsiders. of course, they say, no, it is not a purge. >> all right. mike rogers says there is some confusion about the chain of command at trump tower in new york where vice president-elect mike pence is now chairman of that transition team. rogers was former chairman of the house intelligence team. rogers told cnn's anderson cooper that it was, quote,
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absolutely the campaign's prerogative to let him go. >> they wanted to go in a different direction. it was easy for me to hand it off to mike pence and his capable hands coming in. i think that was kind of a combination. i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command coming out of new york. hopefully, they'll get it settled soon. i think they're going to need to do it, because as the clock ticks, all of these decisions need to be more important. they have to be sooner and more forward thinking. i think they're going to get there. i'm an optimist about that. new signs that the president-elect doesn't have regard for the press and tracking his movements. an aide told reporters that trump was done for the night that he wasn't going out but that turned out to be false.the president-elect showed up at a new york city steakhouse two hours later, without notifying a team of reporters. this team reporters exists only
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to track the president-elect's movements. and the transition team is supposed to keep the press pool alerted as to when and where the president-elect is going. it is standing procedure for the president-elect to travel with a pool of reporters, just as the president does. the trump spokesperson says she was not aware of the restaurant plans. it is her job to be aware of all the restaurant plans, and any movements, frankly. and the trump transition team there is now an effort to set up this pool. again, this is not a partisan issue. we've had issues before with transitions in candidates and also, frankly, presidents. but the press pool exists to track the movements. president-elect and the president, in case something happens, to that person. in case something happens in the country, need to reach that person immediately. this is a matter of public interest. to have access, so the public can have access. we dent want to order like drinks with the trump family. we just want to know what building they're in. >> we'll see if they get that protocol set up here.
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or if this is a new kind of maybe -- i don't know, signal to the press and role of the press. >> it's a signal so far. they haven't gotten it right. donald trump's son-in-law jared kushner with security clearance possibly. expected to play a key role. sources tell cnn clearance for kushner is likely but hasn't happened yet. rudy giuliani seen by many, including himself as a leading possibility for secretary of state. but with the speeches he gave over the last 15 years critics say these pose significant conflicts of interest. giuliani did work for governments across the world including latin america and middle east. senator rand paul -- senator rand paul republican that sits on the foreign relations committee would have a key role he calls the ties to foreign governments worrisome. guess who stopped by trump tower in manhattan on tuesday
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for a private meeting with the president-elect? ted cruz. trump and the texas senator were fierce rivals during their primary battle. it's not clear who initiated this visit. a spokesman said that the senator looks forward to assisting the administration. that has fueled speculation that cruz may have a role in trump's white house. >> maybe the supreme court. >> think about the young republicans, the marco rubio and ted cruzes of the world, now maybe not able to run for president or four or eight years. interesting. i want to talk about transition and all things going on with cnn's josh rogin a columnist for "the washington post." good morning. with the idea that there is transition turmoil. i covered the gore/bush election only became the president-elect after a 36 days of recount. they had a shorter time to get
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to the white house because there was 36 days receive count. what's the big deal over the turmoil? >> i guess you're right. there's been more turmoil. two reasons, trump, didn't think he was going to win they had a skelton outline of who was going to do what. then when he did win, all of that was thrown in the garbage. they started from scratch, right? and then now there's a third problem that they're sort of clashing with everyone they're reaching out with. that is disincentive for people in washington to sign up. sure, he's going to be president. and it's going to be a hugely influential administration, but these people also have to think about their long-term prospects. when i talked to republicans with trump or some who weren't with trump they all say the same thing, if this is going to be a disaster, a mess, i don't want
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to be a part of it. these are people's lives. it's not really were you for trump, it's the perception. it's chaos. a lot of people are not going to want to sign up. >> the question is who is going to have trump's ear. he's got this equal situation where he's got steve bannon and reince priebus who set up as equals. mike rogers talked to cnn about the chief of staff and what it's supposed to look like inside the oval office, listen. >> i'm an old school guy, anderson. i think your chief of staff has to be the one, or whatever title you want to give them needs to be the one making decisions. they need to be held accountable for those decisions, but you need someone that can clearly make those decisions. if you make those decisions by a committee, i don't care how small it is, it just adds to the difficulty. >> mike rogers has been on the inside of that bubble for several months and now finds himself on the outside. >> now, we're getting down to
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the ideological part. trump world. you've got these mainstream republicans many of who were with trump a long time. and then the loyalists, all the people of the world, like frank gaffney, according to "the new york times" advising on national security. they both can't win. one of these sides has to lose. what trump has decided to do is let them fight it out. he's got this inner working inside the trump tower to tell people broad things. and then it's kind of like the "the hunger games." and that is a recipe for confusion. that's what we've seen. the moderates like mike rogers getting pushed out. it seems like they're losing the battle. in the end, you've got thousands of jobs. you're not going to be able to cut out a swath of republicans. you need people to do these jobs. >> can i ask about rudy giuliani
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who is seen by many, including himself, as the leading conte contender to be secretary of state. a whole bunch of articles that raise questions about whether he has conflicts of interest because of his business deals ironically with paid speeches. i'd been over the idea that there are confirmation problems for anyone that trump wants. trump goes in with an enormous amount of power, a republican with a republican congress. i was thinking if he wants someone he's going to get someone. the state of articles this morning makes me think he's wrong. >> i wrote one of those articles how giuliani got tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars from an iraqi cult group. that happened. the other problematic ones he did consulting for the venezuelan governments oil and gas company. the government of qatar which
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has been linked to mis ed ted t. he still needs sking s 60 vote. they need cabinet officials in place. the question really is does the trump transition team care about sort of an ugly sort of confirmation process where people, you know, conflicts are sort of aired. and then they get it anyway? because that's what's likely to happen, you're right, john. they'll probably get who they want. are they sensitive to the blowback and push back, which directly contradicts their plan that they're going to drain the swamp. rudy giuliani is also a man who is really, you know, feared by the diplomatic community because has no diplomatic experience. john bolton is not exactly a popular guy. but he knows the building, right? he's seen as a professional with experience in doing this job. whereas, rudy giuliani, you
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know, what diplomatic experience does he have? really none. >> josh rogin, stick around. we'll talk to you again. president-elect donald trump will start with shaping america's trade policy on day one that's according to this memo drafted by his transition team. a memo obtained by cnn. this document lays out five main trade goals. these are supposed to be accomplished within the first 200 days in office. renegotiate nafta or withdraw. stop tpp. ban unfair imports, end unfair trade practices, pursue bilateral trade deals. that's basically a rejection of status quo of the last 30 years. bipartisan status quo. another big focus of the memo, remain and return manufacturing jobs. the trump administration can achieve that by lowering it, lifting restrictions on domestic energy. the memo itself says things
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could change. these points are for discussion purposes. lots of reports on nafta and what it would take to kill it. a great story of a letter of ibm sent to the incoming white house let's talk about creating new collar jobs. not talking about changing our trade situation, but new collar jobs. there are 6 million job openings in america. companies complain they can't match the people out of work with the jobs that they need. >> i hadn't heard that before. not blue collar, not white collar, but new collar. >> and ibm has been pushing on that. actually, in high schools, trying to educate in high schools. all right. house democrats they were supposed to hold leadership elections this week, but now the vote has been delayed. what does that mean for house minority leader nancy pelosi. could this national figure be in trouble?
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♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ all right. trouble and intrigue brewing on capitol hill for house democrats. they have delayed their leadership election until after thanksgiving. a lot of people see this as a sign that longtime leader nancy pelosi could be in trouble. she won the election this week. that will not happen. no formal challenger has emerged so far but one democratic house member says they want time to recalibrate to decide how to move forward. paul ryan will continue to serve as house speaker after unanimous vote by republicans. the speaker says the nation is in the dawn of a new republican government. he will face a formal vote in the house when the 115th congress convenes in january. hillary clinton will make her first public appearance as
2:18 am
he conceded the election last wednesday. she will be awarded tonight at the children's defense fund. hillary clinton is expected to give remarks at the end of this event. about 18 minutes past the hour. president obama trying to calm global anxiety about the white house. he's out in greece. speaking out about the rhetoric that put his successor over the top. a live report from athens is next.
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president obama touring the acropolis this morning, part of his visit to greece. but the elephant in the acropolis as it were is the election of donald trump here it's in united states. the president telling the global committee he is concerned about a troubling strain of rhetoric worldwide that helped launch
2:23 am
donald tru trudonald trump into the white house. i want to go to cnn's michelle kosinski. what's the elephant say? >> that elephant follows him everywhere, right? he was given tough questions on the trip and he was expecting it. the past year, he's been traveling around the world, the white house said a lot of his time has been taken up by foreign leaders asking about the election, worried about it. he felt like part of his job was to reassure them that a donald trump presidency would not happen. now, obviously, that it has happened, his job is much different. he has been trying to offer some optimism and reassurance out there. but yesterday, it was much more critical. just based on the kinds of questions he was asked about delving into what led to this. that's where he got critical about the rhetoric, the sentiment that was used by republicans, agens he said.
2:24 am
tapped into that anger and frustration and then leaded into a direction that he didn't agree with. in fact, his tone was almost warning and dark yesterday, saying if you take that kind of sentiment and let it divide america on certain lines, it's dangerous. john. >> all right, michelle kosinski with the president in greece heads to germany for key meetings there as well. it's fascinating. thank you, michelle. time thing for the five things you need to know for your "early start." the trump transition team denying reports of infighting. former house intelligence chair mike rogers who was just let go as a national security advise tore the trump team said there is some confusion about the chain of command. >> president-elect trump ditched his press pool last night after an aide said he wasn't going out anymore. he was spotted at a new york city restaurant a short time later with his team. hillary clinton will make her first post-election
2:25 am
appearance. she is honored by the defense fund. and new reports about abu al baghdadi, they have information that al baghdadi is somewhere, within a 50-mile area near iraq's border with syria. three workers were hurt in a blaze in attornetorrance, calif. the trump transition team denying reports of turmoil. sources telling cnn trump's son-in-law right in the middle of some controversy. stick around. are you ready?? you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless.
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♪ president-elect trump, he denies any trouble with his transition team, but a one-time insider tells cnn about confusion in the chain of command. the son-in-law at the center of it all, jared kushner said to be rubbing some team members the wrong way. president-elect breaks protocol. he heads out without reporters. the reporters were there just to cover him. welcome back to "early start," everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. nice to see you, 30 minutes past the hour. brand new this hour, the trump transition team pushing back hard against these reports, it is sharply divided.
2:31 am
and donald trump's son-in-law jared kushner is right in the middle of infighting. sourcing telling cnn is there is a battle between establishment republicans and nontraditional conservatives but a high-ranking trump insider says the reports of infighting are overblown and some lobbyists were fired but there's no purge underway. trump himself last night tweeted very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. he added i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are. one official who was asked, congressman and cnn comment tart, mike rogers, he was let over after months of advising the transition on national security. cnn's joe johns has the latest on that. >> mike rogers, the former house intelligence committee chairman is now out. he was seen as a reassuring figure to many republicans, especially on issues of national security and was thought on the short list for cia director. he's gone. of course, he was hired by chris
2:32 am
christie who, as well, was demoted. and the question is why? what's going on with the transition? the story they certainly want to put out this is all about a blending of the campaign staff that traveled around the country with donald trump. and the transition staff that was put in place to figure out what was going to happen in the event he won. but there is also a question as to whether all of this is part of a purge. in the continuing fight, the back fighting between the establishment figures who work with donald trump and the nontraditional figures. the insiders, and the outsiders. of course, they say, no, it is not a purge. >> all right. mike rogers said that there is some confusion about the chain of command, though, in trump tower where vice president-elect mike pence is now the chairman of the transition team. rogers, we heard about rogers and his presence on the
2:33 am
transition was seen as reassuring to some establishment republicans. but rogers said it was, quote, absolutely the campaign's prerogative to let him go. >> they said they wanted to go in a different direction. it was easy for me to hand it off to mike pence and his capable hands coming in. so, i think that was kind of a combination. i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command coming ought e ing out . hopefully, they'll get that settled soon. signing they're going to need to do it because as this clock ticks, all of these decisions become more important and you have to make them sooner with a little more forward thinking to make sure you get there in the future. i think they're going to get there. i'm an optimist about that. the president-elect violating protocol when told by an aide that he was in for the night. he showed up at a restaurant.
2:34 am
without notifying a pool of reporters. a trump spokesperson says she was not aware of restaurant plans, she said efforts were under way to set up the pool. the second time there's an event that pool reporters found that donald trump was not there, out in public and there were no reporters there. >> you talk about a learning curve, it seems like it may be a willful disregard for the free press and the pool there to travel and has access to the candidate -- i said candidate -- the president-elect. that's what's important. there is new word this morning being at least able to get some members of president-elect donald trump's family security clearance. there is word that jared kushner could end up with that clearance. an adviser to his father-in-law. clearance is likely but has not happened yet. critics have taken to rudy
2:35 am
giuliani claiming extensive worldwide legal work for front-runner for secretary of state, particularly serious conflicts of interest. his former law firm, and another company, giuliani security, they've done work for government across latin america and middle east. rand paul calls the ties to foreign governments worrisome. let's talk trump transition with cnn's josh rogin and column for "the washington post." good morning. let's talk about why the rudy giuliani is a problem in his mind. >> well, i think it is worrisome, some of the ties to foreign governments, because that was a big complaint with many of us with hillary clinton and her ties and money she received from foreign governments. whether or not you have divided loyalty obviously is very important. >> but not insurmountable if there were to be -- >> that's right, all of these
2:36 am
guys after leaving government make money. the question is where do they draw line. rudy giuliani doesn't seem to have drawn any line at all. he consulted for the government of venezuela. qatar, and for shady iranian dissident group. those are just three we know about. now, the trump transition team may decide they don't care, that his qualifications of his loyalty warrant and being pushed for this job, despite the conflicts. it's just how much do they want to create friction with the incoming to confirm them in the midst of all of these things they have to do. a safer choice would be ambassador john bolton who, again, has enemies on capitol hill, but not as many direct conflicts getting through. >> rapids paul and rudy giuliani had harsh criticism for john bolton as well.
2:37 am
>> more of a policy than personal. >> let's talk about the transition right now. because the reports have been that there is turmoil in the trump world. mike rogers was axed from the transition team. maybe because he had ties to chris christie. is there real turmoil that will keep this transition from getting its job done? or are those just growing pains, josh? >> well, i'm sure in the end, they'll come up with a team, the question is what tone do they set, what message to they send, as they go through this process, which has been tumultuous, more than usual. although it's always somewhat tumultuous. what we see with a purging like mike rogers. one is rewarding the louyalists. they want to show people if you were not in the inner circle
2:38 am
from the very beginning then you're not getting a top job. the other thing is they're push initialling people who are somewhat bipartisan. mike rogers when he was chairman he put out this report of the benghazi attack which according to many in the trump world wasn't sufficiently critical of hillary clinton. it was seen as too conciliatory for the democrats. that is one of the things that the transition team used to get rid of him. this is a message to all the security officials who might want to be in the trump administration, not only do you have to be loyal, you have to be partisan. >> josh, quickly, on this idea, we've had rich people run for president before. they said they are put their business interests in a mind trust. >> right. >> what is going on here -- if you have donald trump's kids taking care of his business. it wouldn't be blind. the business is right there. you can see what foreign leaders come and stay at his hotel to
2:39 am
curry favor. where do you see that story line going here? >> right, we have more potential for conflicts of interest than any potential president bjust because of mere scope and scale. sand then when you add that trump may be requesting clearances do for his adult children who are supposed to be running the business without any knowledge of what's going on in the government, it raises real concerns and a real risk that the business interest and the national security interests could become conflated. what's most interesting the trump transition team doesn't seem to be sensitive to those terms. whether it's a blind trust or we promise not to talk to each other. or at least we're not going to give national security clearances to people running trump businesses. they don't seem to be sympathetic to any of that. that's sending a lot of bad signals with peel concerned
2:40 am
about transparency and division between the trump organization and trump administration. >> we'll see if the republican congress chooses to weigh in on this matter. josh rogin. thank you. economics, lower taxes infrastructure spending, increased spending overall. a lot of debt and low risk. two months away from taking office. the financial markets are already prepping for a trump economy. while the stock market is enjoying the bounce, the bond market, 4.2%. that's an average, that's according to -- >> i think that's four numerals. >> it's one numeral with a decimal point. that's the highest average since early january. look at the jumps from the summer, john. 3.34%. why did it jump?
2:41 am
bond yields reacting to the trump policy. the fed is expected to raise interest rates in december. but a lot of people, like overnight, boom. 4% on those mortgage rates. if you're going to refy, do it. if you were waiting to lock in, you missed. lebron james calling out phil jackson. did the knicks boss make a remark that upset the cleveland cavaliers superstar? hines ward with the "bleacher report" up next. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again?
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listerine® total care strengthens teeth, after brushing, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. there no controversy, no quarterback controversy in dallas, at least not for now. >> hines ward has more in the "bleacher report." hey there. >> good morning, guys. yes, tony romo says that the cowboys now belong to rookie dak prescott.
2:46 am
now, romo broke a bone in his back when dak took over as starting quarterback. since then, the cowboys have gone 8-1. now, romo is healthy and ready to play. but in a prepared statement, he said that dak is the man in dallas right now. >> he's earned the right to be our quarterback. as hard as that is for me to say, he's earned that right. he's got our team to an 8-1 record and that's hard to do. and lebron james is not happy with legendary coach phil jackson. in an interview with espn, jackson refers to lebron's group of friends that he hangs with as lebron's posse. now, lebron didn't like is that type of labelling to his friends that he hangs out with, but he says he doesn't respect phil jackson anymore. >> if you read the definition of what the word "posse" it's not
2:47 am
what i built over my career. it's not what i stand for. and i believe it's not what my family stands. i believe the only reason he used that word for is he sees an african-american not making a difference. >> ohio state, they moved from fifth to second. meanwhile, michigan, they stay at number three, after they lost to unranked iowa. clemson, they dropped from second to fourth. while undefeated alabama still remains on top. the number one ranked duke, they take on number seven kansas at madison square garden. jayhawks, mason drains the jumper to take the lead. the little man coming up big for kansas. duke inbounds the ball. he's up a half-court shot. no good. kansas pulls off the upset 77 to 75. guys, their is their eighth win over a number one team in
2:48 am
school history. >> if i'm number one, i'm never playing kansas. >> thanks. let's check in with number one, chris cuomo right now. >> i was going to say j.b., you never have to worry about being in that position. >> oh, all right. >> all right, come on. in the spirit of comity, let's talk about what's going on inside the transition team. i use that word, you got to be careful about this kind of reporting. transitions are messy. politics is very often messy. and the trump transition is no different. but we have new reporting about what this dynamic is that will help you parse the headlines of chaos in-house. and we're also going to take on some of the first moves by the president-elect. his ditching of the press pool. why should you care about that?
2:49 am
that's an interesting question. we're going to give you a couple different takes on it about why it might not just be media whining. we're also going to talk to donald trump's newly appointed congressional liaison. that's an interesting position. it's not always used. the man's name is chris collins. he's a new york congressman from upstate western new york. he's going to come on and say what that job means and what the priorities are for the president-elect once he gets into office. and we're also going to talk about the democrats. you can say they're in transition. they don't know where they're going. they don't know where that second place is. congresswoman's nancy pelosi's role as minority leader in the house that may be in danger. who is taking her on and why. we're going to talk about a democratic congressman who thinks there may truly be a new day coming from the democrats. >> i would only say the press pool issue whether it may or may
2:50 am
not be media whining. this is an issue of transparency and access. the president-elect like the president works for the american people, and the american people need to know where this person is. within a block radius, just tell us if you're going out to dinner. >> trump's people have a different take. and we'll lay it out on the show and people like john, christine, can judge. >> john, the judge and jury. thank you so much. nice to see you, friend. >> always. the dow approaching a major milestone thanks in part to a recent trump rally. we're going to see you what an incredible chart. i'm going to show you a really cool chart when i come back. and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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all right. president obama in greece right now, getting ready for a very important trip to germany. while in greece, he had a chance to visit the acropolis. and in this visit, and in all of the visits he's going to have in the coming days, he is facing a
2:55 am
number of questions about president-elect donald trump. cnn's international correspondent nic robertson is live in athens right now. nic. >> yeah, good morning, john. well, next up on president obama's agenda sais a speech. we have very few details about. expected to focus on democracy to talk about athens and acropolis, being the cradle of democracy, and what we understand as america's style of democracy, democracy of uniting people, building bridges, not walls. but one that seeks to bring the people together, rather than divide them. i think we can expect terms of that in this message. and of course, a message to the europeans as well to work together to be united. that's what we're going to hear very likely when he heads to germany where he'll meet with leaders of britain, spain, and
2:56 am
angela merkel. unity of europe, important to the united states. >> nic robertson in greece. and caution signs flashing after that string of record stock markets in europe and asia are mixed. the dow close to crossing 19,000 for the first time in history. 30 years ago, the dow was at 1900. since then, since 2009, has roared back, gaining 12,000 points. or 180%. investors expect lower taxes and big cuts ahead. ibm wants to help donald trump create new jobs but she isn't in favor of getting tough on mexico and trade deals. instead, she's urging donald trump to work together to scale up the approach of vocational training creating a national
2:57 am
corps of skilled workers trained to take the new collar i.t. jobs that are in demands here in the america. president obama, by the way, spent a record $285 million on a transition program in the last years. an overlap in philosophy there. donald trump says he's handing over business to his children. new controversy. an e-mail sent by ivanka trump's clothing and jewelry company. it says foul alert, is ivanka wearing her favorite bracelet. the price tag on that bracelet is $10,000. some call this createsive marketing, others say this is a raw conflicts of interest. the trump hotel that opened rielgts do right down the street from the white house. will he and others stay there? if so, he'd essentially be the tenants and land.
2:58 am
board. it's really hard to put things of your name in a blind trust, right? really interesting if you still concede your business very close to his children. >> well, a blind process but what say natural blind trust? we don't know what they're going to do just yet. that's something that they need to work out in the coming weeks. >> that's true, government banks giving loans. that's "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. president-elect donald trump says all is well within the transition but some sources say otherwise. "new day" picks up right now. there is some confusion going on about a change of command. >> our struggle at trump tower. >> want to have a diplomat in charge of diplomacy. >> it will be an honor to serve the country again. >> is jared kushner behind the transition trouble? >> president is going to be judged on the results of this administration. >> donald trump needs to banish
2:59 am
the bannons of this world. in the trump administration. >> talk is cheap. >> and the alt-right is real. it's truly terrifying. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your "new day." november 16th, 6:00 in the east. alisyn is off. poppy harlow is back with me. always a pleasure. up first, all right. not a single new hire by donald trump but the pink slips are filing up. at least four members of the president-elect's transition team have already been shown the door. question, is this transition team in trouble? is trump's son-in-law jared kushner rubbing some allies the wrong way? we have new insight into the real deal and what this transition means for how trump may govern. >> meanwhile, the president-elect went to dinner at a pretty nice restaurant. guess who didn't go? the press. this is the second time since the election he has broken precedent with the press.
3:00 am
we have it all covered this morning. the trump transition, starting >> good morning. this continues to be a rocky transition for president-elect trump. former congressman and cnn contributor mike rogers who was a leading national security voice on the transition team, but he was lined to former transition leader, chris christie. amid all this, top transition officials are pushing back hard insisting they're not in disarray. president-elect donald trump's transition team continues to turn over now purging key members of their staff. >> sometimes in politics there are people who are in and people who are out. >> reporter: multiple sources saying trump's son-in-law jared kushner is trying to oust all chris christie associates from the team. >> the people who have been asked


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