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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hillary, lying ted, little marco. and you know, it is sort of a genius way of branding. instead of branding himself he was branding his rivals. >> unprecedented inside the trump campaign. that's tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. then inside the clinton campaign on friday night at 9:00. that does it for us. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> here is the breaking news right now. hillary clinton making her first public speech since losing the election to trump. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. clinton speaking at an event in washington just a short time ago saying this to her supporters. >> our campaign was never about one person or even wu one election. it was about the country we love and about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive, and big hearted. >> and tonight we are waiting the first announcement of who will be in trump's cabinet.
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the president-elect and his top aides pushing back on reports of disarray in trump tower. >> we feel really good about transition. i actually would just say it's false to say it's not going well. everything up there is going smooth. the president-elect as well is proud of how the transition is going. >> breaking news on the transition. what can you tell us. >> two items of news came out of the briefing that shawn spicer held with reporters. one item is that there is going to be a lobbying ban. we heard part of the purge of the krissie transition evident is that there were a lot of lobbyists involved. trying to clear that out. shawn spicer said anyone being vetted for a high-profile position in the administration is going to have to sign a form rejecting, removing themselves from being a registered lobbyist
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if they are going to work in the trump administration. >> said must provide a termination of will beying form if they are registered lobbyists. in addition they will be banned for five years once theically the government. >> no small thing. that's somebody's obviously livelihood and you are saying you can't come into this administration, leave, and go back to k street and make a ton of money there. is going to be a cool be off period of five years. this isn't tearcally dissimilar from what barack obama did when he came into office when he came in on transparency. he made anti-lobbying rules for people working in his administration. >> is this going to go over well in washington? is this going to have any effect in washington? >> it certainly is going to have an effect. it limits the pool of people since there are many lobbyises who are qualified to serve in high-profile administration positions. it limits the pool of people.
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i think trump will get a lot of credit with it, specifically for his supporters. i think that drain the swamp message was one of the key things at the end of the campaign for him. you saw paul ryan today on capitol hill reject the notion of trying to bring earmarks back. he said we just won an election on drain the swamp we are not now going to bring earmarks back. i think you see trump and ryan singing from the same song book. this is clearly a message they want to do is not at all infect this moment of republican unity with money and influence and the like. >> you had other breaking news? >> the other news is coming to meet with donald trump tomorrow. we learned among some of the folks henry kissinger but nikki haley, the south carolina govern suhr on this list. you know earlier today her name was floated as a potential secretary of state. if indeed he is seriously considering nikki haley as secretary of state and donald trump is going to meet with her tomorrow i imagine all eyes will be on the elevator for when she
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emerges from that meeting. >> i would venture to say that would be one of the best positions -- best apilots he makes. she is stand up, and these beloved in the republican party. and i doubt that he will get much flak, if any at all for appointing nikki haley. >> i would go one more detail with nikki haley. she was a trump opponent. she supported marco rubio. if he really is going to take her and put her in his cabinet, never mind at the very high-profile position of secretary of state it would be a huge statement that he is will be to accept some of his most ardent in his party during this entire campaign. i think it would send a really important message to washington that he is willing to engage in team of rivals, if you will. >> and she is outspoken. she fought hard on the confete rat flag bringing it down. i had the first interview with her after that. she is a stand up lady. she is a strong politician and she stands up for what she
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believes in. >> and has been a star in the republican party for the last several years. >> why then if we have nikki haley, florida governor rick scott,ed a mir rogers, henry kissinger, why? >> i don't think henry kissinger is going to get a job in the administration. >> but give us a run down here. >> listen, there is not a job for each one. jeff hencherling has been mentioned as a potential treasury secretary. though i find it hard to believe he is a leading contenter for that job. rick scott is an earlier supp t supporter of drumplt he is not suggesting he is meeting for a job. >> is he as effective in the republican party and as governor? >> he helped deliver florida for donald trump, right. >> that says a lot. okay. let's move on. i need to get this in. hillary clinton gave her first speech since losing the election since giving her speech telling her supporters she was sorry.
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it was at the children's defense fund tonight. let's take a listen. >> i ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. we need you. america needs you. your energy, your ambition, your talent. that's how we get through this. that's how we help to make our contributions to bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice. i know this isn't easy. i know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions laid bare by this election run deep. but please listen to me when i say this, america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country. fight for our values. and never ever give up. >> it was an inspirational message for her support and by the way the children's defense is where she first started in public service.
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it was at dinner tonight. she also said that was the first place where she and her husband had dinner when he became president. inspirational in a tough time for her and her supporters. >> she said this is not really where she wants to be. as much as she respects marion edelman her former boss at the children's defense fund she said she wanted to be holed up reading a book and not dealing with reality. she told her don'ter autos, supporters over the last week or so that she expects this to be hard for a very long time. she doesn't mean for her supporters. she means for her. she is going through a painful moment after losing the hotly contested election. she accepted this engage men before the election results were known. and this organization is important to her. you hear her there. and this has been something she has been pleading with her sporters to do, not give up the
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fight. that's sort of been the story of her life. >> you mentioned the whole draining the swamp theme that's happening with the trump transition team. and you said that was part of his election promise to do that. there seems at least reportedly, some turmoil, maybe a lot of turmoil with the transition team, jared kushner the source of, the center of it orchestrating the removal of chris christie and others connected with him. what's the story there? >> i think we tend to think there is more turmoil than perhaps there is. there clearly was a moment of pardon the use of the word, transition within the transition. i think what happened here, don, talking to folks in the trump orbit about this, chris christie was setting up an operation that nobody in trump's inner circle were pay attention to in the campaign. they were focused on the campaign. he didn't want to look at transition plans i'm sold. all of a sudden they have a
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shocking victory that surprised them. they absorb that. then it's thursday and all of a sudden they look and see establishment types that didn't support the message they just won on or what their supporter profile was all about. i think they just started focusing their attention and thought maybe we should do it differently. so the campaign inner circle jared kushner being chief among them started to put a different transition in place. and there is no doubt there is bad blood and bad history between jared and chris christie. he jailed his father. i think that's all part of this. but i do think it was they figured out what they had set up wasn't fit the message they had won on. now i want to bring in jan brewer, the former republican governor of pennsylvania who has been mentioned as being considered for trump's cabinet.
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thank you for joining us. >> it is a pleasure to be back with you. >> your name comes up as possible secretary of the interior, one of the few women to be mentioned for a cabinet position. how do you feel about that? >> you know of course i'm honored to have my name on the list. i am -- you know, i don't know a whole lot about what it is doing. >> would you consider it? have you heard anything about it? >> i think you all have more information than what i have. >> okay. let's move on. tell us what your priorities would be in that role in a trump administration. >> well, you for example as far as a role, you know, i am not going to talk about it at this point in time. it is something that i think will be announced, whatever mr. trump decides that he wants to do. i think he will do that announcement on his own. right now, they are busy going through the transition. you know, he has over 4,000-plus
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appointments to make, a lot of jobs to fill. people that will work hard for him to make sure that he's a success and get our country turned around. and it's just exciting to see it all play out. >> i know that is. and you are saying all the right things. but what i want to know is if something is offered to you, would you accept it? >> well, i would have to determine if it was the right fit for me. and certainly if i wanted to uproot my family and move the washington, d.c. you know i have a been an elected official for almost 30 years. and that's a long time. but i want to see that mr. trump is successful. you know, if that opportunity comes we will discuss it and he will announce it. >> securing the border was a key promise to supporters. you have been on the front lines of the immigration issue for many years. we have talked about it a lot on this show. >> right. >> are you expecting the president-elect to actually
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build a wall? >> i -- you know what i expect and what i've always said, you know, we need our borders secured. that encompass a lot of different things. i'm not an architect nor a contractor. it's difficult to say you know where they can build a wall. i know we have rough terrain. i noel move forward and he will secure the border. that can be done with a wall, it can be done with more fencing. it can be done with technology. more boots on the ground, and to allow our law enforcement, i.c.e. and the border patrol and the local first to uphold the rule of law. >> so the building the wall, the physical wall, was in your estimation just sort of a meta for for securing the border, correct? >> you know, i never took it at the total of what the word wall really meant. i think it was a visionary metaphor, call it what you will. walls can be waterfalls, to secure the border, i think
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that's important. i think that's what the public really truly wants. >> what about mass deportations, governor? >> well, you know, first of all, inthat mr. trump has made it very clear that he believes that the criminals and the people that have been incarcerated that when they are released they need to be deported. i think that's where he is going to start. and then i know that the policy -- the transition policy members are working diligently to come up with that policy that will satisfy the people in the united states in regards to how and when the issue of the 11, 12, 15 million however many there are, what they will do with them. >> more specifically -- >> a solution has to be found. i will tell you this. i believe mr. trump will bring everybody to the table. if they are willing to come forward and to sit at the table and help resolve the problem collectively together i think we can find a solution. >> again, for mass deportations,
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do you think that will be a priority if he gets into office? >> a mass deportation? i mean, today, tomorrow, this year, next year? i think it's going to take a while if that in fact is the direction which he is going to go. but we know he is not going to start with that he is going start with the criminals and the people that have been incarcerat incarcerated. people that are committing crimes. >> governor, i appreciate your time, as always. thank you so much. >> thank you. straight ahead tonight i'm going to talk to legendary journalist dan rather who writes in an article make no mistakes science was on the ballot this fall. we will see what you means. up necks, democrats on capitol hill in disa ray. i'm going to talk to an ohio congressman who may challenge nancy pelosi as leader of house democrats. is depression more than sadness?
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demtsd on capitol hill trying to find their footing in this post election era, senate democrats choosing chuck schumer of new york to be their next leader. but who will lead the minority leader in the house. tim ryan comes in now. good evening congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you haven't ruled out a challenge to nancy pelosi. i know you think highly of her. you have said complimentary things. but if you were to seek the position what do you bring to the table that maybe democrats
11:19 pm
missed in the last election. >> a connection to blue collar people, the people that we talk to and say that we want to retrain, and get them to run a computer when they really want to run a backhoe or, you know, sling some concrete blocks, run earthmoving machines, build thing, work in manufacturing. we have got to get jobs to those people. and i understand that coming from a place like youngstown, ohio, of what working class people need. it's important for us if we are going to take the house of representatives back, that we have a leader that can go into any congressional district in the country. we'll have to win republican districts. we will have to go into red states and we need a leader that can do that. >> it's also important, though, i'm sure congressman you will be agree, to be honest to some of those people that some of these jobs might never come back and they may need to be retrained to do other jobs, maybe tech jobs, because that's where the future
11:20 pm
lies. >> i think there is bose both but i think with the right policies we can drive investment back into these regions of the country whether it's coal country or old steel towns like youngstown that are trying to have a rebirth. and we need federal policies and we need the democrats in power to be able to make that happen because we've seen the republican supply-side economics approach hasn't worked for communities like ours. but you have got to talk about jobs. we have got to talk about manufacturing. we have got to have a strategy with how much defense money we spend and how we can drive some of that manufacturing, the tier one, tier two, tier three suppliers of our defense industrial base and really target it to these areas that need the manufacturing jobs. yeah, there may be some intraing but where is the job? i think we've talked to much about training for jobs that don't exist, or don't exist in that community. >> the job needs to exist to be retrained for it. you won by nearly 70% in a state
11:21 pm
that donald trump won and your district contains counties that donald trump won. how do democrats goat those voters back? is it just by talking about jobs, as you said? >> i think it's not just -- it's showing some fight and showing up and being there for them. i think for too long we took the working class folks for grantsed. when you first learn about politics growing up in the area of the country i grew up, democrats are for the working class people, republicans are not. that's why you have some many democrats but over time i think we have taken this group of people for granted. and we've got to focus on what they need and advocate for them. it's a range of issues. but it has to get down to jobs, the economy, growing opportunity. i mean if you see what has happened in some of these communities, we need to invest, and take down the old homes and build you are ban gardens or invest into our downtown or business incubators, the kind of
11:22 pm
things that can spring up new economic growth. but also when it comes to just creating the jobs, i think there is a huge opportunity in renewable energy. if we as a nation said we are committed to renewable energy, wind mills and solar panels that stuff needs manufactured. there is 8,000 component parts in a wind mill. >> now you are answering the question that i asked before. because i think some of the voters may be under the impression that those jobs are going to come back in the way that they were before. and that's never going to happen. they may come back in a different way. >> yeah. >> he so you are speaking to the question that you answered before. but i want to ask you this because we have limited time together, there are many trump voters upset being called racist or bigoted because they voted for him. how do you see it? >> there were so many people that voted on economic anxiety, voted on income inequality, voted on those kind of issues
11:23 pm
that of course there were some david dukes in the trump coalition. i don't think the fact that he's elevated mr. bannon to a white house high level position does himself any favors because this guy is a supporter of white supremacist rhetoric. and through the web page and all the rest we know that. so there are some. and he has elevated some, which disgusts me. but there are, within the context of trump supporters, a lot of really good people, a lot of really smart people who just want an opportunity to get ahead. and we need to go in as democrats and say, you really belong with us. let me tell you why. and i think after trump gets in and the republicans are controlling the house and senate. when they cut taxes for the rich, when they take people off their health care and, when they privatize medicare, voters are going to say wait a minute. the key for us is for us to have a leader that can go into the
11:24 pm
congressional districts and talk to those people and say see we are here for you, we are fighting against these things and here's our agenda getting into the manufacturing and the investments we talked about making earlier. that's why you need to be with the democratic party. up next, dan rather on trump's tense relationship with the media. and why he says science was on the ballot in this election.
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visit together, we're building a better california. donald trump is his top aides insisting their transition team is operating smoothly. i want to talk about this now with dan rather, the host of access tv's "the big interview". it's been a week since voters elected donald trump as the next president. what do you make of his transition, the transition to trump's america? >> not much. that is i don't make much of the story that he doesn't have government experience so no one expects him or i didn't expect him to get quick out of the gate. and i think the story of possible transition problems is probably overplayed. the one place where it isn't is
11:29 pm
the indication that mr. bannon is going to be number his number one guy in the white house. >> what do you think of that? start with the premise that most transitions are messy. >> some are. some aren't. it's early. i don't put much stock in it yet. >> what about steve bannon? >> et cetera a lightning rod, to use the cliche. you know how strong i believe you are what your record is. the record shows before he got attached to donald trump he was associated with an operation that dealt in the propaganda age, the post truth political era, and had certainly racist overtones and a lot of people would say outright bigotry. it appealed to the worst instinct in society. look we all know what we need here, cooler heads, warmer hearts, and arms that are outstretched wider. that's not bannon's record. now one can say he may change once he gets to the white house.
11:30 pm
but your question is was it a smart appointment. >> right. >> i would say on the evidence thus far and given his record, no. because instead of so much of the coverage talking about what donald trump's policies may or may not be, their focusing on bannon and some really tough questions are being asked about him, as you saw at several people, even on your program have lanled him an outright racist. and i don't know him. if i have ever met the man i'm not aware of it. again when you look at his record it's not the kind of record that you new president wanting to be an independent president and start a whole new day for the country would automatically choose. look, i tray to say things straight. i think he represents trouble, probably very big trouble, for donald trump at a time when what donald trump needs is to get his transition team jump started and get this presidency jump started for the first 100 days. appreciate that truth. when you speak that truth
11:31 pm
sometimes people think it's opposition -- it's words of wisdom. >> thzs this one of the problems journalists are having dealing with the post truth era. you can dress it up and get in the middle and move with the herd and just say i'm not going to speak truth. but without preaching about it. what journalists seek to do is be honest brokers of information, get as close to the truth as is humanly possible, and tell it without fear or favor. if you say i'm not going to pay attention, never mind mr. bannon's record, that's not good journalism. and it's not in the engood for the country. >> right. and just because the administration, or the transition team comes out with talking points that, you know, are not necessarily so and we don't repeat them it doesn't mean we are against donald trump. it just means we are doing our job. to your point he probably wouldn't having to go on twitter and reiterate -- you can put the tweet up -- that his transition
11:32 pm
is going smoothly and then lashing out at the "new york times" for the or thing. otherwise he would not have to do that. what'sor take on this? >> i think it is a mistake by donald trump to try to intimidate the press. that's what he is trying to do with the "new york times." he is trying to intimidate the "new york times." and having said, i'm not sure it is a really big story what is happening with this transition. he has every right to use social media. but the vibrations you are getting out of president-elect trump and those around him is hostility toward the press. i think what i said on the program last name i was here, the history of great presidents, theodore roosevelt, franklin roosevelt, ron reagan, jack kennedy, go down the list, they have been -- they get along with the press. they challenge the press. they don't give the press everything they want. but the record of presidents who begin with hostility toward the press, the richard nixon years come to mind, indicates it lessens the chances for a
11:33 pm
successful presidency. what i don't see is that donald trump has been around long enough and been around press people long enough. he knows how to get along with the press. >> i want to ask you this, because this is -- a very wise person said to me and i want you to think about this in your reporting. someone who i respect. i'll give you a line and it's impossible to lead when you are so consumed with getting even. american interests in every way and every day become second place to that kind of thinking and energy. >> i don't know who said that, but a very wise man. i would say he has what buddha would call the third eye. some wisdom. there is great wisdom in that. with donald trump, i mean, he won. he came from way back and won. he of all people should say listen i'm not interested in revenge. i'm interested in being a great president. >> this is something he said at a rally. listen. >> i have to put up with some of the most dishonest people in the
11:34 pm
world, the media. they are very dishonest. for instance those cameras, they will never show these crowds. the media is entitled, condescending. >> we talk about media. and by the way, some of the media is terrific. most of it, 70%,.5% is absolute dishonest, absolute scum, remember that word. scum. totally dishonest people. the biggest rigger of the system is the media. the media is rigged. it's rigged. it's crooked as hell. >> we're running against a rigged press. we're running against dishonest people. these thieves and crooks, the media -- >> is this what it is a going to be like covering you if you are president? >> yeah, it is. >> what is it going to be like for the press to cover a trump white house. >> something brand you in. not in my lifetime have we had anything close to this.
11:35 pm
with the press, i wish we could put on their for the record is don't let him scare you. what he is trying to do with talk like that is have the press say, you know, this guy he talks pretty tough and i'm worried about what the corporate upper tier, the board room may think and what my news director may think. that's what this is designed to do, intimidate the press. this is gut check time for the press, real gud gut check time. and either the press will do its job and say, listen, we are playing no favorites, pulling no punches. our job is to investigate and dig into what is your relationship with putin, what is all this tuck about the russians? i'll tell you, i'm confident that enough of the press is going to do that that we are going to be okay. >> what he doesn't realize is that a lot of us got into it because that kind of stuff doesn't scare us. it just inspires us to do
11:36 pm
better. and to -- and to check him. and as my friend megyn kelly said journalists need to steel their spines. i think we will. >> amen to. that i think you will see american journalists do. that they will treat donald trump fairly but they are not going to cave to him. >> no. we are the fourth estate. we are the checks and balances of this country. >> i think donald trump understands that, you need checks and balances. we want him to be a strong president. >> i've got to run. thank you. >> always a pleasure, thank you. >> we'll be right back. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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many are wondering if donald trump will rape in his use of twitter now that he is president-elect. but that hasn't been the case so far. i want to discuss this with cnn's senior media correspond end and the rest of my panel. good evening to all of you gentlemen and lady. brian, two president-elect
11:41 pm
tweets in the past 24 hours. i am not trying to get top level security clearance for my children. this is a typically false news story. another one says the failing "new york times" story is so totally wrong on transition it is going so smoothly. also, i have spoken to many foreign leaders. so for 17 months, almost every day donald trump has called the media the most dishonest people. he has been president-elect for a week, doesn't seem to be changing that much, does it. >> no, megyn kelly point out earlier this evening on and an's show, 70-year-olds generally don't change. this is a 70-year-old man who loves twitter speaking his mine, he reads the print paper, gets outraged and grabs his phone. there is no reason to believe it will change much. i would point out his words will have so much more weight in a few weeks. it's incumbent on his aides and family members to remind him he can move markets, affect governments with his words now
11:42 pm
in a way he couldn't before. >> do you want to respond? >> i think i want to say this has been incredibly effective for him. so why should he stop? i mean -- i mean, the man won. as he seems to be saying to everyone at every opportunity. but the point is true. this works. and it works in a powerful way. it speaks to people who i suppose have thought that no one has spoken to them in quite a long time. >> douglas brinkley, the question is whether it's behavior that's worthy of the oval office. i think that's what people are thinking. because on the campaign trail they said does he have the temer men, if a tweet can disturb him, why should he have the nuclear codes? >> i don't think he needs to give up twitter. that seems to be his tool of choice to communicate. and it allows him to kind of
11:43 pm
leapfrog over the media. however i've been disturbed by him blowing off bowl reporters to go off to a dinner in new york and leave them in the dust. i hope that's a one off. people are protesting in front of his buildings and things are helter skelter aren't trump tower but i'm hoping that that is not the norm. because reporters need to have access to the president taumts, know where he is. pool reporters need to be in real time when things happen. i hope donald trump doesn't try the stiff them. >> when eisenhower had a heart attack, the press didn't know with about it. 9/11, president obama was reading to children at a school when that terrible thing happened. the trump folks crit advertised hillary clinton during 9/11 when she had her doubt with
11:44 pm
pneumonia. and also, it is a incumbent upon the media. and i guess the administration. the american public deserves to know where the president is at all times for those very reasons, because if something happens to the president and we are not there, then the american people won't know for sure what happen. >> well, you know, don, that's exactly right. and i have a feeling trump's going to figure that out. dan rather said a lot of very bright things. but the idea that rather was saying that great presidents learn how to befriend the press in certain ways, tr, fdr, reagan and kennedy. president who don't befriend them end up fluttering and failing. >> what woukd ott in the primaries. widespread access. he would call in, have rallies, have live events, he was the
11:45 pm
most accessible man. i think he should do that. be accessible. show the american people he is accessible, listening and answering questions. >> to be fair, hope thick said we fully expect to operate a traditional pool and look forward to implementing our plans in the near future. we appreciate your patience as we navigate the transition. >> she is telling. they should show it. >> go ahead scottie. >> here's the point we are missing. he is not president yet. i find it interesting that you want the american people to be angry at a man who hasn't been sworn into office for wanting to go and have dinner with his family. he did alert secret service. he is not president. after he becomes president and sworn into the oval office, then fine. he is open up to all your criticism. right now president obama is till in office, i also -- >> scottie, before that, do you think that the people sitting here want the american people to
11:46 pm
be angry at him? i don't think anyone is saying that. >> if you listen to the last 24 hours coverage of steakgate. it seems the reporters were upset they were not able to get i guess reserving as at the same restaurant to find out if mr. trump still likes his steaks well done. >> scotty, that's not what it was about. what if when there was the assassination attempt on ronald reagan's life part of what helped was to have the footage from the press there. you saw what happened the president. >> that's the key. he was the president. right now test president-elect. >> that is certainly a valid point, that he is not the president. it's also a valid point that he has only been the president-elect for week. >> right. >> it is a third valid point that all the press has talked about is this for the last 24 hours. again, and i would say this is a red flag warning, stop -- we have to stop talking about
11:47 pm
ourselves. it's not about us. >> yeah. >> and unless we learn that, we're going to continue to go down the -- find ourselves in the position that we found ourselves last tuesday. >> michael, let me -- >> i think i talked about other things in the last 24. >> i talked about a lot of things. >> nevertheless they have talked an enormous -- >> he made a mistake. his administration made a mistake. they should have brought the press with them. i don't think they should have made the press with him. >> he doesn't have an administration yet. he has a press secretary. >> i think it's ridiculous. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i have listened to this again and again that they should have done this. why? i don't know why they should have done it. what is the advantage. >> i have to get to a break. we'll continue on the other side. we'll be right back. e open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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back now with my panel. we are talking about the president-elect's relationship with the media. michael wolf, to you first. here's what you write in the hold reporter. you said like the kennedy and reagan white houses, trump's promises to be character driven rather than policy driven. governing will be a form oflier the.
11:52 pm
it's effectiveness measured by audience response. in this, the media becomes his partner, willingly or not. with that premise, do you think that the media should do anything differently? >> well, i think the media -- yes. let me say yes because they have done so much wrong to date. so it probably would auger for the future that the media be more open, more receptive, more -- less hostile, less resistant, which is not at all to say that they should be lap dogs in any way. but i think the story, the political story in this country has changed. i think they have missed it to date. and i think it's very important now for all of us to figure out what this new story is. >> do you believe that? >> i think that's happening. i think that reporting is happening. but viewers, listeners, readers will also be well served by an
11:53 pm
adversarial press. >> i don't see that happening i still the same old story. >> what do you mean? >> the same old -- you know, it's us against him. >> see, i see a lot of soul-searching happening, a lot of people coming to reckon with the mistakes that were made. hear that around, but i see -- i see the -- you know, the "new york times" ran a story today about the disarray in the transition. >> and no fact has been challenged in the story. >> let me challenge a fact. >> it has -- >> i was in the middle of the transition yesterday and i saw no disarray. quite the opposite. i saw everyone hands on, everything going strong. i thought, and i didn't see any "new york times" -- >> he should have more reporters in. >> i certainly didn't see any "new york times" reporters there. and it was literally, i thought, that story is wrong.
11:54 pm
there is no disarray here. >> okay go ahead scotty. >> that's the thing it's not backed up by facts. when you lock at the obama administration his first appointment didn't come until three weeks after his election. bill clinton, four appointments came in the sixth week. mr. trump is actually ahead of schedule. and i hate to be the one that breaks up the romance that has been created between the press and the president. that's never really existed. november 2013 the white house correspond entz association sent the press secretary a letter basically accusing him of having soviet style control over photographs. press conferences, reagan five per year, george w. bush 35. there is no set tradition. >> you are saying that the press is treating donald trump the same. >> every single administration brings in their own way of
11:55 pm
handling. fdr did more than 1,000 press conferences. on his first one he laid out a litany of rules and lists to the reporters saying if you want to be in my press conference, this is how you are going to act. president eisenhower said i will lay out my weekly cross for and you wait for you to drive the nails into. there has never been a bromance between the two. >> charles. >> you talk about ron reagan. i edited his diaries and i interviewed all the reporters that used to be in the pool following reagan everywhere. they all told me -- they didn't like his policies. they said ronald reagan humanized them. hey boys there is donuts over there. a great place to get mexican food. when donald trump calls journalists scum like he did on that clip he is dehumanizing them. they have families. they have lives. they are human beings. and i would recommend that
11:56 pm
donald trump try to humanize them and get to know them. doesn't mean it's not going to be adversarial. the idea of the media as a beast, breaking it down as individuals covering ipg him i think it would serve him well. >> douglas is that his political strategy? maybe like you i'm not buying into the idea that the media is bad and out to get donald trump. i didn't cover donald trump any different than any other presidential candidate. >> he is a darling of the media on one hand, a celebrity what wines and dines on the media but on the campaign trail he demonized them. richard nixon had spiro agnew go after the press tried to rip down walter cronkite and it failed nixon. we have bigger things to do than a new president trying to demonize the press. i think he needs to humanize it and operate above the fray. >> that's the last word. still ahead, breaking news,
11:57 pm
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