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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 20, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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they existed and i'm so glad we took the time to remember them whomever they were. whomever they were. ♪ -- captions by vitac -- . more meetings, more candidates. seeing the u.s. president-elect possibly fill top posts. we'll have the latest on donald trump's transition from fifth avenue in manhattan to pennsylvania avenue in washington. a scene of tragedy in northern india. a deadly train derailment has rescue cues rescuing those saving those still trapped. days of heavy air strikes left a city without a fully functioning hospital. a dire situation there. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta.
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welcome to our viewers here in the u.s. i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. thank you for being with us. the enormous task of staffing the new trump administration is going full speed this weekend at trump's resort in bedminster, new jersey. the president-elect held marathon meetings saturday as he and vice president-elect pence interviewed numerous potential candidates for important cabinet posts. >> no new announcements came saturday. trump says he is very happy with how the process is going so far. he also indicated he may reveal more decisions sunday. here's just a bit of what the president president-elect told reporters. >> really tremendous talent. we're seeing tremendous talent. people that, as i say, we will make america great again. these are really great people. these are really, really
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talented people. yes. we're doing it again tomorrow. >> we think he's a great guy. i mean, he's some great man. [ inaudible question ]. >> we'll hear things tomorrow, i think. >> two of those meetings on saturday were especially significant. each took up more than half an hour as phil mattingly explains, they could foreshadow two crucial cabinet picks i. >> there was one clear meeting that people wanted to know about. that was the meeting with mitt romney. it wasn't so long ago that con man and choke artists comments were flying back and forth. not anymore. for an hour and 20 minutes mitt romney sat down with president-elect trump and mike pence. they discussed foreign policy and raising the question is there a potential position in a
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trump administration for mitt romney? we haven't gotten any comment on that. this is how mitt romney described their conversation. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. we discussed those areas. exchanged our views on those topics. very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. appreciated the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> it's important to note the trump officials to say that mitt romney is in the running for something. people have been talking about a secretary of state slot. again, we don't have any final answers on that. there was another interesting meeting that happened on saturday here as donald trump continues to work toward filling out his cabinet. that was with retired general james mat tis.
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that went for more than an hour, longer than any other meeting but the romney meeting. a potential pick for defense secretary. he would need a waiver from congress to get that position because he retired in 2013. it's likely as republicans control capitol hill. that would be in the offing. donald trump saying himself that he is, quote, the real deal. they had a great meeting. keep an eye on mitt romney and general james mattis as well hundreds ever anti-trump protesters packed the streets blocks away from the white house. the protesters came together outside the building at the international trade center. inside, the white nationalist group, the national policy institute was holding a celebratory meeting on donald trump's election. a scuffle broke out when two of
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the white nationalists came outside with a video camera and approached the protesters. the scene there. the man with the camera took a gash to the forehead. two protesters were handcuffed by police. far from washington, d.c., police and the fbi are searching for a kidnapped woman in washington state. she's still missing even though the ransom was paid and a suspect nabbed. 69-year-old sandra harris was taken from her home in washington friday. the ransom was negotiated. saturday the exchange was made. a woman was apprehended as we mentioned, traced to a rental car but she was alone. officials believe harris' family was specifically targeted and are still trying to find her. turning to northern india and april scene as indeed very tragic. at least 95 people were killed
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in a train derailment early sunday morning. an official told cnn, news 18, as many as -- a railway ministry spokesperson says the number of casualties may still rise. cnn new delhi bureau chief raf i i -- the death is presently 95 but could rise higher. explain how some of these cars are indeed packed with people and that is just a big concern right now. >> reporter: that's right, george. the train crash took place about halfway on the journey. tfts an overnight journey. about 3:00 a.m. is when it derailed. there are lists of people on the train. this is part of the problem with
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the rescue p efforts. the first class and the second class compartments. there are general compartments often times packed with people without reservations, people not paying as well. one of the things that authorities are struggling with is how many people are actually under some of these carriages. you can see the images on your screen. flipped over carriages. there are people underneath them. authorities saying that they're using glass cutters, the national response force is there. the engine railway is trying everything it can to rescue people. very much developing breaking story here, george. >> we're seeing these images from india. to get a sense of where that is, x plain to our viewers around the world where this train was leaving from, where it was headed to and then also, how
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easy or how difficult is it for these rescue crews to actually get in there. >> reporter: sure, george. this train is the putna indoor train. that means it was going from the city of en dore in central india and going towards the east of the country, the city of putna, this crash was about halfway through near the city of confor in the northeastern-ish part of india. the site of the crash is a more rural area. so rescue operations or the attendants there have come from cities that have national disaster response teams, but they're likely also going to
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need teams from new delhi, teams with bigger sort of equipment to sort of cut through those carriages and try and rescue more people. this is a rural part of india. train crashes in india are not entirely unusual, george. this happens five or six times a year, derailments. but i have to say this now with 95 people dead and rising, it's perhaps the most, the deadliest such train derailment in india in the last seven years for sure because there was only one other train crash about seven years ago that killed more people. so this is a real tragedy for the people of india today. >> just keep me in context. india, with some of the largest transportation infrastructure in the world, so a lot of people use this rail system and there's a great deal of concern as you rightly point out. about how many people could have
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been on these trains where the passenger lists, there is no list. raf live for us in new delhi. now being investigated as a suspect in a corruption scandal gripping the country. her close friend and two former aides were all indicted sunday on charges, including abuse of power, fraud and coercion. but president park herself cannot be charged while she's in office under the south korean constitution. now from seoul with more on this, she's being investigated. but the outcome may or may not send her somewhere or have her lose her job. what does that mean that she can be investigated but not charged? >> well, natalie, while she's still president she has immunity, so she's unable to be officially charged. but, of course, she only has just over a year left in office.
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there are many calls for her to step down. position leaders this sunday saying if she doesn't step down, they would start impeachment process. what we've heard this sunday, which is significant, is the fact that prosecutors have now changed exactly how they will investigate the president. she was going to be questioned as a witness this week. they've now said that they will question her as a suspect. we've just had a response as well from the blue house saying they reject what the prosecutors have done. they say it's a regrettable announcement. the accusations against park gun -- they say this is jeopardized her getting ail fair trial, not an official trial, of course, but the fair due legal process. we've had hundreds of thousands of people over the past four weeks or so coming on to the streets of seoul calling for her resignation. this is only likely to inflame
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the angers on the street. >> paula hancock for us in seoul, thank you. the president of the united states and other pacific rim leaders have another day of talks ahead of them in peru at the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit. president barack obama met with the chinese president on saturday and talked to an audience of young people about democracy, about trade and the new president-elect donald trump. cnn's athena jones has details from lima. >> this last foreign trip by president obama has been focused on reassuring world leaders that the u.s. will remain engaged in the world and uphold long-standing alliances like, for instance, the nato alliance. that's something he stressed on both sides of the atlantic. president obama telling latin american leaders he doesn't expect the relationship between the u.s. and latin america to change drastically under a trump presidency. but also acknowledging there could be some tensions in
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certain areas. areas like trade. we've seen president-elect trump exhibit skepticism with trade deals. part of his message today was to tell the world, leaders and the citizens of the world to give a president trump a chance. take a listen. >> i think it will be important for everybody around the world to not make immediate judgments, but give this new president-elect a chance to put their team together, to examine the issues, to determine what their policies will be because, as i've always said, how you campaign isn't always the same as how you govern. >> the president offering reassuring words to world leaders and to the citizens of the world about a trump presidency. but i should add, he also both
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in europe and here in peru offered a few warnings. in berlin, he warned about what he called a crude nationalism, an us versus them way of thinking and he echoed those thames in peru saying people around the world and countries of the world should resist the urge to define themselves by race or tribe, skin color or birthplace. this us versus them could be detrimental to governing. instead, people should be proud of their identity and see what they have in common with people who don't look like them so they can work together to solve problems. that appeared to be a reference to some of the concerns you hear from trump critics about the tone and tenor of his campaign and people who are concerned with how he may govern. so some difficult conversations for the president to have on this last foreign trip and confronting world leaders, talking about an election that did not turn out the way the white house expected it would. back to you. >> athena jones with the
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president there in peru. chinese president told the philippines and vietnam in separate meetings that disputes over the south china sea should be handled bilaterally. she reported made comments to -- this under scores beijing's opposition to involve other countries in the dispute over other islands in the south china sea. a quarter million people trapped in aleppo and they don't have a single hospital operating at full capacity. we'll have that for you coming up here. plus, a look at donald trump's cabinet. the staff picks so far and what they tell us about what a trump administration may mean. stay with us. that's a good t, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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operating hospital in that city in the east part of aleppo at full capacity. >> doctors without borders demand syria stop bombing medical centers in the city. we have more from istanbul turkey and we want you to know that some of this video is disturbing. >> when the syrian regime sent out that mass text message last sunday warning residents to get out or die, they promised brutal attacks on terrorist targets. apparently their definition includes the city's medical facilities. just when they thought it couldn't get any worse, one of east aleppo's major hospitals takes a direct hit. moments after the blast, a thick cloud of white dust making bloody patients look like plaster mannequins and they were the ones who survived. no one go upstairs, he says. go down.
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there aren't any patients left. upstairs an apocalyptic scene. the intensive care unit devastated. it was full of patients. many just transferred from other hospitals hit hours earlier. choking dust makes it nearly impossible to breathe. patients who can walk escaped to the relative safety of the lower floors. activists say many people are afraid to even go to the hospitals. basements are becoming makeshift triage centers. although the syrian regimes bunkers are reinforced concrete bomb shelters mean nowhere is safe. even in war-torn east aleppo, many say they've never experienced bombing like this. hundreds of air strikes and thousands of artillery rounds fired on saturday alone. at one destroyed building, rescuers drill and dig frantically trying to save a
1:22 am
little girl trapped underneath what used to be her home. they find her silent, clutching her blanket in shock. seconds after pulling her out, they must run for cover. the planes and the bombs are coming back. three other medical centers in east aleppo are attacked on sunday. the children's hospital, we're told all the children were safely evacuated and nobody was hurt. will ripley, cnn, istanbul. thanks, will. let's bring in our reporter from iman, jordan. thanks for being with us. we have been talking for days about schools that have been targeted. medical facilities that have been targeted and again, we're seeing a hospital targeted. people in that hospital, patients marked for death. >> george, it's an absolutely devastating situation in eastern
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aleppo. those past five days people have been living in hell pretty much when you talk to people there. they describe what they have been going through. this is a conflicts where there have been no red lines. whereas you mentioned, schools, markets, people in their own homes while sleeping are being targeted and killed. of course, hospitals and we've heard from medical organizations, from aid groups, we've heard from doctors without borders, msf, saying that four hospitals in eastern aleppo have been hit in the past five days, some of them including that only specialized pediatric hospital catering to eastern aleppo was hit several times actually during this recent wave of bombardment that we have seen that started again on tuesday. and george, this is not an isolated incident. for months now, we have been reporting on medical facilities that have been targeted.
1:24 am
according to msf, in eastern aleppo in july, there have been 30 separate bombing attacks on medical facilities and the house sec far that's already on its knees, it's unclear how much longer it will be able to function. >> these images are compelling. they really drive the story home. but there are certain images that are even more powerful. i think back to the little boy that washed ashore on the mediterranean that showed real any full detail the pain of people trying to escape conflict in the european migration. i also think back to the little boy sitting on that orange chair to show what happens to these children, the ones who survive. there's another piece of video that's heartbreaking. i want to show our viewers again. it is disturbing, let's sit with it for a moment.
1:25 am
let's look at this. a child. what do you see? the question is, when these images come across and people see it, our viewers in the united states are looking at this, viewers are seeing this little girl, this little girl who survived, the rescuers tried to get her away before more bombing continues. do these images make a difference with people? >> well, george, you know, we are asked this question so many times to people in eastern aleppo and activists there who tell you that when the world was stunned at those images, whether it was -- if it was other images that have an impact on people all over the world, everyone would tell that you there are thousands of children like them
1:26 am
who have suffered throughout this conflict. yes, these stories have been highlighted. but they're repeated on a daily basis in so many parts of syria. especially aleppo as we see right now. the feeling is that this is what people tell you is that the world has really grown numb to this cycle of grief, this never ending, it seems, cycle of grief and death and destruction in syria. >> cnn's reporter live for us in amman, jordan. thank you for the report. still ahead, donald trump spent much of his saturday with two men leading to speculation they soon may be offered important roles in the new administration. yes, that's mitt romney. plus, alec baldwin, he's back on "saturday night live" portraying a rather nervous future commander in chief of the united states. we are live in atlanta broadcasting across the united states and around the world. this is "cnn newsroom."
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welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom" from atlanta. >> i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell. in india, a train derailment has killed at least 107 people. rescuers scramble to pull people out of the wreckage. this happened early sunday morning. an official said earlier, the number of casualties, as i mentioned is still being calculated. park gun hey is in a massive
1:31 am
corruption scandal. her close friend and two former aides have been indicted. the president cannot be charged while she's still president under the south korean constitution. president obama is asking the countries not to assume the worst when it comes to a a donald trump presidency. he expects some tension over trade, he does not expect major policy changes. brazilian military police say four police officers died during a helicopter crash in rio de janeiro on saturday. a spokesperson told brazilian media it appears the pilot had to make a forced landing. chopper went down near the city of god. the crash still under investigation. back to donald trump. no new cabinet nominations were announced by trump saturday. but we're seeing people come and go. the u.s. president-elect held multiple get-togethers with
1:32 am
potential candidates. >> at high interest were trump's long meetings with the retired marine corps -- and with mitt romney. mitt romney called donald trump a phony and a fraud. trump is leaning towards matti circumstances towards one role and toward mitt romney. >> he tweeted that the cast of the broadway musical hamilton harassed mike pence when he came to see their show friday night. he called the message to pence rude and demanded an apology. but the cast says they were just using their platform to start a conversation. and that is not harassment. here's what they said to pence during friday's curtain call. >> vice president-elect pence, we welcome you and truly thank you for joining us here at hamilton, the musical. we are the diverse america who
1:33 am
are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our children, our parents or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. >> the cast as you heard urged audience members not to boo pence. the vice president-elect had been greeted by some boos and cheers when he arrived at the theater. >> the trump transition team had been in high gear interviewing numerous candidates for very important roles during the new trump administration. victor blackwell looks at the positions already announced and what they may tell us about what a trump presidency would mean. >> when it comes to washington, d.c., it is time to drain the damn swamp. >> it was a rally crowd favorite in the last days of the campaign. president-elect donald trump's promise to get rid of washington insiders. as he staffs his white house and
1:34 am
top cabinet positions, many are the political establishment and so far they're also all white men and some of the choices are receiving major resistance. >> this is someone who ran a campaign on hatred and bigotry, who has since he has been elected chosen some of the most dangerous people possible to staff his white house with. >> the most recent pick, alabama senator jeff sessions. if confirmed, sessions will serve as attorney general. in 1986, the then u.s. attorney's nomination to a federal judgeship was defeated over claims he made racially charged remarks about blacks and referred to a white lawyer as a race trader. >> i am not a racist or insensitive to blacks. i have supported civil rights activity in my state. i have done my job with integrity, equality and fairness for all. >> the former prosecutor has opposed immigration reform as
1:35 am
well as bipartisan proposals to cut mandatory minimum prison sentences. sessions has been accused of calling civil rights groups un-american and communist inspired -- he once said he was fine with the kkk until he found out they smoked pot. sessions later dismissed that remark as a joke. kansas representative mike pompeii yoe has been tapped to be the next cia director. elected to congress, he was a tea party favorite and one of the lead republicans investigating the 2012 benghazi attack. he was a sharp critic of hillary clinton's leadership as secretary of state. he has been accused of being anti-muslim. during his run for congress in 2010, he personally apologized after hifs campaign tweeted a link to a blog referring to his indian american rival as a turban topper and oon -- pompeii
1:36 am
yoe called the posting a mistake. for his top adviser on national security, president-elect trump turned to michael flynn. he's an outspeak en critic of president obama and forced out of the top intelligence job in 2014 for his combative style. flynn tweeted a series of statements calling fear of muslims rational. in august, he compared islam to cancer. >> islam is a political ideology, it definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion. i don't see a lot of people jesus christ with hatchets or machetes or rifles shooting up clubs or hatcheting, literally axing families on a train. it's like cancer. it's like a malignant cancer in this case and has me tas at the-sized. >> then steve bannon, he spent seven years in the u.s. navy,
1:37 am
was an investment banker for goldman sachs and was once a hollywood investor. recently, he made it his mission to take down the republican party establishment. >> what we need to do is [ bleep ] slap the republican party and if we have to we'll take it over. >> bannon is the former chairman of breitbart news. the site has a history of inflammatory headlines like meltdown continues. wave of fake hate crimes sweeps social media and anti-democracy cry babies march by thousands nationwide. another reads, bill crystal, republican spoiler, renegade jew. then this, birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. finally, the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus who will be the chief of staff for the president-elect. while a mainstream pick that many find encouraging, many fear priebus will make it more difficult, not less for president trump to achieve the change that people voted for. rick tore blackwell, cnn,
1:38 am
atlanta. clearly from that story, concern about who donald trump is surrounding himself with. let's get international perspective on the trump p transition. at the university of birmingham in england. hi, scott. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> good morning from here. so we have this group of men that people are a little concerned about. at the same time, we have president-elect who met with mitt romney. what's going on? >> i think there's two things here. the first is that the trump transition team is trying to sort of draw -- pull back a bit from being seen as hard line appointments as your correspondent noted with their provocative comments about women, about race, about religion and about immigration. you know, meeting not only with
1:39 am
romney but with general mattis. trying to show some sense of balance. the second thing is, remember the wider context here. this is a transition which has not gone smoothly. the head of the transition team, chris christie, fired. divisions between members and trump's son-in-law, jerry kushner and in the midst of this, trump being effectively pushed to settle for $25 million over the lawsuit with trump university. problem right now is, this is looking much like trump's initial statement. when he accepted in his victory statement that this was going to bind the wounds that divide america. it's ringing very hollow, at least with the initial appointments. that's meant a lot of concern in the u.s. and abroad. >> we heard that also in that -- earlier report that president obama is trying to reassure people tending the conference there in peru that don't assume
1:40 am
the worst when it comes to a trump presidency. how is this being viewed in the uk which voted for brexit saying that motivation perhaps, no more status quo and think about us here back in this country? >> i think whatever the views on brexit and uk relationship with europe trump's victory has aroused a lot more concern and uncertainty. there's a difference between the uk possibly pulling out of the eu and what many here see as an unpredictable and let me be honest, potentially unstable president surrounding himself with a group of advisers who really are sort of issuing a challenge to an entire religion, islam, that have made statements that may challenge, for example, a woman's right to choose or other gender rights and that really are sort of stoking the idea of a divided america. remember, here in the uk and
1:41 am
around the world, the idea of an america asserting freedom and democracy is still very, very powerful and trump has really put a question mark over that. >> of course, there are some major, major issues internationally. you follow iran, syria and middle east region. what will you be watching for as signals or how he handles international affairs. who he surrounds himself with. mitt romney might be a signal as secretary of state. >> i'll be honest with you. two things. first, a little bit of coherence. trump is a candidate and as president-elect has not really been coherent on the world. apart from expressing friendship with vladimir putin of russia, he doesn't know the difference between syria and iraq. he's not up to date on what's happening in europe. he's made statements about the future of nato. beyond coherence, you look for stability. that's what romney would bring.
1:42 am
he's seen as the presidential candidate, as a more moderating voice. even with romney as secretaries of state, please note he does not have foreign policy experience. and that the one appointment who does have foreign policy experience, general flynn was pushed out of military in 2014 in part because of his extreme views about having a war with islam. so there's a long way to go for trump to be able, i think, to set out a policy vision, a foreign policy vision and to sort of do it in a way that builds alliances rather than portraying america going it alone. >> scott lucas, reasons for some concerns for sure. everyone is watching closely. thanks so much for your commence. appreciate your input. >> thank you. still ahead on "cnn newsroom," between mexico and the united states. make a beer without borders. donald trump as "cnn newsroom" continues.
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the year long event began with his ceremonial opening of the holy door of st. peter's basilica 12 months ago. now the rite is reversed. pope francis closed the holy door at the beginning of sunday's mass at the vatican. he's celebrating the mass with 17 new cardinals inducted saturdays. it includes three from africa, two from asia and one from the middle east. we heard donald trump say he wants to build a wall between mexico and the united states. the president-elect wants to renegotiate the nafta trade agreement. >> but a brewery in mexico comes down to beer sometimes doesn't it? and another in the u.s. has a different idea. they have collaborated on a beer called beer without borders.
1:47 am
our a fiffiliate in arizona hase story. >> they were disgusted from the talk about building a wall between mexico and the u.s. >> we were like it's so stupid. we think that there's so many possibilities and so many potential opportunities for collaboration wp our friends and colleagues in mexico. >> what makes this beer unique? >> they're not things you will find very often. >> the country has bought ingredients from both countries and put together a recipe from both breweries. what would happen if the national free trade agreement went away? >> they're brewing with
1:48 am
ingredients from the u.s. without tariffs and without limitations on the amounts they can buy, if that were to go away, the grain companies here in the u.s. would lose a lot of business. >> making the price of a beer increase. they hope this helps -- they hope the beer companies from two countries can create a product and increase an economy. >> i think it will plant a seed in people's minds to make them understand that there's a ton of people from sonora coming up here, spending their money and hopefully make them spend their money if they cater a little bit to the people that there's opportunities to be had and vice versa. >> he plans to distribute the beer throughout arizona restaurants and in the spring he will be selling the beer in tucson. priscilla casper, kgun 9. >> more clinking of glasses. >> beer brings people together. newsroom back after the break.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." record low levels of isiah cross the north and south poles are causing scientists concern.
1:53 am
also for meteorologists. >> derek is on top of this. >> natalie, george, it's no secret everyone knows that the arctic sea ice has been diminishing year after year after year. what's really surprising to scientist social security that the antarctic and the south pole is starting to see this diminished ice as well. globally, this is becoming a phenomenon. at least coming off the backs of two of the hottest years in which this appears to be the third hottest year in a row. so this is the first time scientists have been keeping track of the sea kofrds ice in the antarctic. it's phenomenal to see what they're starting to notice. by the way, we're start to go go into the winter months. october, november, we would normally see the perennial ice. the ice that sticks around the poles for the entire year start to build up. that's just not the case unfortunately this year. in alaska, the arctic, that region has reached its polar night.
1:54 am
meaning that the sun no longer rises or sets there. it's continuously dark for the next three months. it appears there that temperatures are extremely warm and the ice continues to be below average. what you're looking at here is a graph showing the arctic sea ice extent. the red line is where we are right now. the green line was actually the lowest extent there. we're actually lower than the lowest year. more of the same in the antarctic. why is this significant? because the ice drives so much of the world's climate, small changes have large effects across the world. i want to show you this. because temperatures across the arctic and the north pole have been 20 degrees celsius or 35 degrees fahrenheit above average. you don't have to look too far across parts of siberia and russia where temperatures have plummeted. so cold they're closing schools in siberia because we're talking about 35 degrees below where
1:55 am
they should be this time of year. it's actually we're waiting for this cold arctic air mass to settle in across other parts of the world. you're watching from the united kingdom. you have a wintry forecast as well. it's very chilly for that region, windy as well in london. that's going to keep winter in the minds of people. >> that is concerning, though. >> it is. to see it across the world like that. >> it's happening. >> it is. >> derek, thank you. >> thanks, george. still ahead on newsroom, for the first time since the u.s. election, alec baldwin is back at "saturday night live." guess who he's playing? donald trump. >> kate mckinnon appeared as kellyanne conway. here it is. >> the chairman of the joint chief of staffs. you remember general dunlap. >> thanks for coming general. >> my pleasure, sir. >> thought we could take a moment to discuss strategy before your upcoming term we've been stuck fighting isis for six years now. when we found out that you had a
1:56 am
secret plan, it really energized us. >> that's right. a plan. very secret. well, whatever it is, we're really looking forward to hearing it come january. it's only seven weeks away, let's take some lives together. >> tremendous. love it, thank you. google. what is isis? >> hopefully, the real kellyanne conway will keep her president-elect from watching snl. we'll see. thanks for joining us this hour. i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell am we'll have more news from around the world after the break. this is cnn, the world's news leader. productive conversation.
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that's what the trump candidate said after he met with a severe critic. mitt romney. also ahead, tragedy on the rails of trains that jumped its track in india killing dozens of people and many are still trapped. we'll have a live report from new delhi. >> plus, investigating the president. south korean prosecutors say their head of state is the -- they indict two former aides and a close confidant. thanks for joining us. we're live in atlanta. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm n


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