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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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again. >> the u.s. president barrack obama returning from his last trip overseas as president while his successor looks to fill the next administration. there are also new concerns about the future job for the trump children we examine the fine line between business and nepetism. >> why france's conservative party seems to have had enough of the former president. live from cnn world headquaters in atlanta welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. cnn newsroom starts right now.
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the current president of the united states barrack obama is due back in the country within the hour returning from his trip to peru. it is his last trip abroad as president but during his visit there and in germany and in greece allies focused on what to expect from his successor, donald trump. one major point is concern over global trade. >> president obama in his last press conference on the last leg of his last international trip as president once again made the case for trade deals. deals like the transpacific partnership trade deal won his successor president elect donald trump opposes. president obama said deals like ttp are important and benefit the u. s. they allow america to help write the rules of the road when it comes to trade and he said absent u.s. engagement in such deals it allows other countries, countries like china to step in
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and fill the void and right rules of the road that do not benefit american companies. the president also spoke more broadly about the need for continued u. s. engagement on the world stage calling the u. s. an indispensable nation when it comes to dealing with global issues. of course the president was also asked about domestic politics. he was asked specifically about the potential conflicts of interest that president elect donald trump could face because of his business dealings and while he declined to respond directly to that question he did talk about how he approached the issue when he was elected president. >> we made a decision to liquidate assets that might raise questions about how it would influence policy. i basically had our accountant put all of our money in treasury bills. the yields by the way have not been massive over the course of
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the last 8 years, just because it's simplified my life. i didn't have to worry about the complexities of whether a at the situation i made might even inadvertently benefit me. >> the president also said it was important to him to follow not just the letter of the law but the spirit of the law in order to avoid any potential et hir hics issue. he wrapped up this, his last press conference on his last major international trip as president. back to you. >> thank you. during his time in peru president obama also said that he is with holding judgment on the incoming president elect for now despite the many troubling things that donald trump has said during the campaign. mr. obama said that out of respect for the office, donald
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trump deserves a chance to pick his advisors and to put forward an agenda without, quote, somebody popping off in every instance. >> the president elect now has to put together a team and put forward specifics about how he intends to govern and he hasn't had a full opportunity to do that wret and so people should take a wait and see approach in how much his policy proposals once in the white house, once he is sworn in, matches up with some of the rhetoric of his campai campaign. my simple point is that you can't assume that the language of campaigning matches up with the specifics of governing legislation regulations and foreign policy. >> in the meantime the president
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elect has another likely cabinet pick to announce soon. a source close to the transition process says that billionaire investor ross is being considered for the role of commerce secretary. one person that visited trump's resort on sunday is considered one of the most powerful people in hollywood. but unlike others that visited he is not looking for a role in a new trump administration. a source familiar with the meeting said that emanuel had some concerns and wanted to discuss them privately with donald trump. the source did not say what those concerns were. he is a prominent democratic fund-raiser and the brother of the chicago major rom emanuel. more now on the two other high profile meetings that donald trump took on sunday. >> it was a weekend of marathon meetings.
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meeting after meeting. cabinet potential official after cabinet potential official but it was all about trying to get a sense of who will fill out the top positions in the trump administration. the president elect greeting every single one of his visitors but on sunday there was a key focus on two individuals. chris christie and rudy guilliani. one of the most early endorsements of the campaign has been removed as the head of his transition team and his top allies have gone as well leaving people to question whether chris christie will have a job in the trump administration. all signs are pointing to no. not so much to rudy guliani. very close confidant throughout the campaign. he has been angling for a secretary of state job. we asked him if that's what he's looking at the mayor for. take a listen.
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>> and other things. >> a little bit of hedging there. maybe other positions he may be look at and this is all coming in the wake of saturday's meeting with mitt romney. 2012 presidential nominee that we were told is under consideration for the state job. i'm told donald trump is very intrigued by the idea, the perception of what it would mean to have mitt romney in his administration, particularly in the wake of their 14, 15, 16 month battle back and forth so it will be interesting to see how that all plays out. one key thing to keep an eye on as this week goes on. starting today there will be a focus on economic jobs. the economic transition landing teams landing at all the agencies throughout the day. domestic policy as wellful we're all keeping a close eye on who the next big cabinet pointments will be. clear announcements will be made soon. >> when donald trump takes office in january, he is supposed to have disenfwajed completely from an enormous and
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tangled network of business interests that span the globe. trump's adult children will take over those responsibilities but there's lingering concerns that the trump empire is so vast that trump may not be able to avoid some financial conflicts of interests. cnn asked the chief of staff about that question. >> donald trump has been very clear from the very beginning that his family is very important to him and while it's unique it's compliant with the law and we will come ply with all of those laws and we will have our white house council review all of these things and we will have every i dotted and every t crossed and i assure there wouldn't be any wrong doing or any sort of influence over any decision making. the truth of the matter is and i
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can tell you over the four or five days i have been in a bigger role, donald trump makes decisions in this operation. while there's meetings that take place donald trump makes these decisions and nothing should be further from the truth so i can assure you and everyone out there that all of these things will be followed and will be done properly. >> speaking to jake tapper. this situation could get mu are rkier if donald trump decides to bring any of his children into his administration. >> our government will be honest, ethical and responsibility. >> when donald trump is in the white house he plans to hand off his business holdings to his children but there's growing signs of potential conflicts of interest. his daughter joined him in his meeting with with japan's prime minister. >> what it looks like is he may be forming less of a team of rivals and more of a team of relatives. that's a problem. >> trump's empire is effected by
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policies set by the government but with his children playing key roles in his transition team choosing the top policy makers is problematic. >> there's conflicts at every turn. trump has said there will be a wall between his kids and his business interests and his public ambitions. there's no wall right now. >> the trump transition team said it will make sure that all rules and regulations are followed and trump's business organization says this is how it plans to handle the ethical dilemma. >> it's a blind trust. >> but experts say your own children is not a blind trust. >> it's not credible to say it's a blind trust because in an actual blind trust he would divest himself of the interests he holds. he would sell off the properties and put it in a trust run by an independent third party.
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>> is that a blind trust? i don't know. >> one of his top supporters offers this assurance. >> there will have to be a law between them with regard to government matters. >> also complicated the case of trump's son-in-law playing a trusted role in the transition team. he runs a newspaper and billion dollar real estate company. could he give a top post to his own son-in-law. >> it may be politically perilous to choose someone close to him and the number one qualification being that they're related to donald trump. >> why doesn't trump turn his entire business over to a third party trustee. >> he trusts no one more than he trusts ivanka, donald jr. and eric. but the problem is that he doesn't trust very many people. >> one example of potential con flicks of interests is here just a few blocks from the white house. trump hotels is the tenant and once he becomes president trump is going to be the land lord
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because the property is rented from the federal government. trump is going to be in a position to hire and fire the head of the general services administration, the gsa which oversees the property and trump could be in a position to negotiate the rent here with himself. neither the trump organization or trump transition team would comment on that. they told cnn it would work to address any conflicts of interest with this building. cnn, washington. >> thank you. now to a rash of shootings that took place against police officers in several cities across the united states. in san antonio texas an officer was fatally shot while making a traffic stop sunday morning and then in florida, a sil situation, another officer injured the same night. now to st. louis, missouri, an officer was ambushed and shot twice in the head around the same time and then a fourth
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officer was shot sunday evening. it's still unclear if there's a connection at this timeful hundreds of protestors are engaged in a standoff with police against the controversial pipeline. officials say an estimated 400 people are trying to get on to a closed bridge and they have set multiple fires near the area. protestors say police are spraying the crowd with water cannons and sub freezing temperatures. the opposing project, those opposing that project i should say. the oil pipeline would contaminate drinking water and destroy sacred tribal land in north dakota. >> still ahead, heavy air strikes hit eastern aleppo. this is the 6th day in a row of air strikes and now a closer look at the devastating toll this is taking on the people still there. plus the former french president will not be the country's next president. a stunning upset that knocked
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. in syria activists say that barrel bomb laced with gas killed a family of six people in eastern aleppo. that family found dead together and the death toll continues to rise. six straight days of bombing and more than 300 people killed since tuesday and the government launched it's new wave of air strikes. cnn is following this situation live this hour. thank you for being with us. this is the 6th day of bombing. rescuers are calling this the worst they have seen since the civil war began more than five years ago. >> absolutely devastating george and as you know over the past week we have been speaking to residents, activists and rescue workers and they all say this is the worst they have seen the situation in eastern aleppo. we have seen violence on both sides of the front line there.
11:19 pm
also targeting the reswreem held part of western aleppo. before we show you our report about the situation warning to our audience here that some of the images they will see in this report are disturbing. in denial his teenager son is gone. tries to wake him up. refusing to hand him over to be placed in a body bag. he finally agrees but clings on to his boy's breathless body. i swear he's breathing he says. the anguish one father, one family out of hundreds that buried their loved ones in what seems to be a never ending cycle of grief, death and destruction in eastern aleppo. the regime unleashing a new wave
11:20 pm
of bombardment this week. >> this is a preliminary operation that includes a push on to eastern aleppo. they describe this as being part of a zero hour operation going after so-called terrorist groups across the country. >> backed by the military muscle of russell a sir wryrian regimen the offensive in this as well. schools on both sides of the front line have been hit. hospitals targeted. a desperately needed health sector in eastern aleppo teetering on the edge of complete collapse. the month long siege taking it's toll on a quarter of a million residents. groups warning of mass starvation as everything they have is worn out.
11:21 pm
>> we are in luck of everything and in food and water and big starvation. >> civilians trapped in this living nightmare. terrified and desperate. >> and george the united nations says it has a you man tarn plan for aleppo but having the plan is not the difficult part. it's trying to convince the different parties in this conflict to agree to this plan. we heard the un say the rebels agreed in principle of their plan from this syrian regime and we have seen these plans in the past fail and they continue to pay the ultimate price. >> let's talk just a bit. when given the opportunity to
11:22 pm
flea many. many are concerned seeing what has happened. this plan to starve them out, gas them out, to hit hospitals and to hit schools. many are concerned about leaving. >> well that's the thing george. it is so difficult to understand the reasons why people have not left when there were these times of pauses in the past when the regime announced a so-called humanitarian quarters that people can use to leave. what we get is talking to some residents speaking to some of the activists on the town. they have nowhere else to go and they will not leave. on the other hand you talk to other people that are absolutely terrified of taking that chance to leave because they're worried about fighting from both sides as they try to leave and then
11:23 pm
also have this serious mistrust of the regime. they do not believe they'll be allowed safe passage to leave. the united nations is trying. they're pushing for some sort of humanitarian pause to allow at least the seriously wounded peel to be evacuated from eastern aleppo considering the situation right now with the health sector in eastern aleppo, george. >> the way you started the report this father grieving over his son. heartbreaking is an understatement. live for us following the story. thank you. moving on now to india. the death toll has risen from a train derailment. 142 people killed in the incident. this 23 carriage train derailed early sunday and investigators still trying to figure out what caused it. following the story live in hong kong this hour. >> it's good to have you. first of all, where do things stand at present?
11:24 pm
when it comes to identifying the dead and finding any new survivors? >> i think authorities have given up any hope of finding any new survivors, george. we managed to check in with them a few hours ago and just two or three hours ago they were hoping to find one more person alive. they said they spotted a hand and they were waiting for a crane to come to help them reach this person. they did manage to reach that person and as they had feared the person was not alive. they did manage to pull the body out. rescue operations have been completed. it has been cleared and the numbers as you just pointed out are really grim. 142 people are confirmed dead in this awful train crash. out of those 142 people that lost their lives authorities tell us that 110 bodies have
11:25 pm
been identified. but this death toll could rise even further because we do know that 49 people have been injured seriously and they are being treated for their injuries in hospital right now. so the numbers do look grim. the big question of course is what happened? what caused this train to crash and to lead to so many deaths? well he said that based on a preliminary investigation it looks like it may have been caused by a fracture on the tracks. a formal investigation has been ordered. it will take some time for those results to come in. but as of now it could have been caused by a fracture on the tracks, george. >> the investigation certainly still underway to determine precisely what caused this. when it comes to transportation infrastructure in india it is a big cob certain. highways i think that a couple of months back to that overpass that collapsed.
11:26 pm
now this situation that we're seeing with this train derailment, what more can you tell us about why they're so common in india? >> there's two main reasons. sure signs of india's train network and the other one is simply because it is so old. it is in desperate need of modernization and in fact we spoke to him earlier today and he said it outlived it's current form and needs a generational change and in india in the railway system and line them up together. and 1.5 times and look at the number of people it carries every single day. it carries 23 million people every single day george and that is equal to the population of
11:27 pm
australia. can you imagine that? the entire population of australia. and there's very little money coming in. and could be used to modernization and the prime minister of india and that is something he is going to tackle next. >> it's like the one that we have seen here play out. following the story for us live at this hourful thank you for the reporting. still ahead here, the donald trump transition team appears closer to naming another candidate nomination. tell you who it is and exactly for which job. and when age is not a limit. a chinese man is launching a new career. rather late in life. broadcasting around the united states and around the world. this is cnn newsroom. there is no typical day.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it's good to have you with us. the death toll from a train derailment in india has climbed to 142 people. 14 cars of a 23 carriage train derailed early sunday. rescuers have been working to find survivors in the last overturned car. more than 150 passengers were reported injured. and the cause of the crash is under investigation. police officers were shot in several u. s. cities on sunday. one police officer in texas killed during a traffic stop. and officers in stflt loose, florida and missouri all injured. former french president has had to ababb don his attempt at a
11:32 pm
political come back on sunday. he came in third of the conservative parties nomination. only two others advance. now they will be on for a run off. another likely cabinet pick set to announce soon. the billionaire investor is being considered commerce secretary. ross supported trump during the campaign. every u.s. president since 1948 has had to figure out the conflict between israel and the palestinians. soon it will be donald trump's turn if he chooses to try. >> an enticing commercial for luxury homes from an israeli developer but they'll be built on what un and many govern ms condemn as bland, stolen from
11:33 pm
palestinians. israel disputes this. bright, adverts like this. part of the hostilities between two sides. the first began decades ago. an attack on a jewish community just before israel was established in 1948. and stretching to today a recent run of sometimes deadly stabbings by palestinians against israelis. the latest spasms of violence. this as israel moves forward with new settlements and territory the palestinians want for a future state. it's all part of the seemingly endless pulling and pushing of cruelty from both sides. and president elect trump hasn't put out a clear vision on bringing about peace. at one point vowing to remain neutral in any negotiations.
11:34 pm
at another using rhetoric that feeds hard line narratives in israel. >> we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people jerusalem. >> that wouldn't go over well with many in this part of the world. >> the theory has been this would cause turmoil in the arab world and undermine the prospects of peace. >> but it would almost certainly please israel's right wing leader that says he is happy. >> congratulations. you are a great friend of israel. >> i love israel and honor and respect the jewish faith and tradition. >> it's a mixture that some have been hoping for and others fearing. new challenges for netanyahu. and may not repeat itself to annex territory.
11:35 pm
to do things. >> but he has promised to work for piece. i like to do the deal that can't be made and do it for humanities sake. but other american presidents have tried and failed. >> that is two states living side by side in peace and security. >> i strongly support a two-state solution. >> the future of the peace process and the stability of the region are at stake. we cannot afford to fail. >> the peace prospect looks as endangered as ever. >> this could be a clarifying moment to say that a peace process will no longer be something we can pretend to cling too. >> the world waits to see if there will be a renewed push for peace. >> thank you. a british woman is facing jail time in dubai after telling police that she was gang raped. the u.k. based legal advice
11:36 pm
group says she has been charged with having extramarital sex. what more are we hearing from the united kingdom about this situation? >> well, george, it's a god question. it's very interesting because this has become a very sensitive case here in dubai. we did reach out to the british conciliate and they said quote, notice how this statement is, they say they are supporting a british woman in relation to the case and remain in contact with her family and, we have raised the case with the uae government and would like to see it progress as quickly as possible. we know they're helping this woman but we don't have more than that. we have spoken to a government official that told us this is a sensitive case and they won't say anything on the record and neither will the police in dubai. it's a very, very sensitive time now. specifically because dubai's brand or it's image in the rest
11:37 pm
of the world is that it's a very friendly place to werners and tourists. it's a place of amusement parks and skyscrapers and beaches. so this is the last thing they want publicized to the rest of the world. >> live for us in dubai. thank you for being with us, sir. we appreciate your reporting. south korea's corruption scandal is intensifying. the opposition party is collecting signatures for an impeachment motion against president park that's now a suspect in the investigation. three people were indicted on sunday. more on the public growing anger. >> elected on an anti-corruption ticket. her pledge to clean up south korean politics has gone wrong. hundreds of thousands are calling for her resignation. she has become yet another presidential face of what one of
11:38 pm
her predecessors called the korean disease. park now considered a suspect by prosecutors is accused of conspiring with a confidant that was not part of government but was part of a cult-like religion. she was indicted on fraud, abuse, power and coercion. accused of extorting millions of dollars from big corporations like samsung. she apologized. >> one problem is it does have it's roots in the very same reasons why it's such an economic miracle. that's the cooperation which is also collusion between the government and big business. >> not including park there's been six presidents since south korea became a democracy in 1987. every single one of them has been linked to corruption. either directly or through immediate family. two spent time behind bars. one committed suicide in the middle of an investigation into
11:39 pm
corruption. >> politics and business groups linked and create the whole corruption and also shake the entire country from fundamentalist so we're very ashamed and worried about it. >> park's father ruled south korea with an iron fist in the 60s and 70s. some saw him as an economic saviors. others saw him as a dictator that trampled on human rights. they now fear they have voted in the ghost of a father. >> this protestor tells me this sort of thing happened with her father 40 years ago but times have changed. the public will not put up with this nil. >> she apologized twice since this scandal broke and even offered to give up some of her power to parliament but so far it's not enough. these protestors are not interested. the only speech they want to hear is her resignation speech.
11:40 pm
cnn seoul. >> thank you. france's conservative party narrowed a crowded field to two candidates now for president but only one of them was supposed to make it this far. we'll have the details next. plus kanye west fans are pretty upset after the rapper abruptly ended his concert in california on saturday. you'll hear one of his notorious on stage rants. stay with us. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united. for millions of baby boomers there's a virus out there.
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. angela merkel is running for re-election once again. she announced her decision to
11:44 pm
seek a fourth term on sunday. she held the top office now for 11 years. she says the upcoming campaign will be the toughest campaign yet. among the challenges are divisions caused by her open door refugee. the former president's attempt has ended abruptly sunday. and won the day by pulling off a major upset for a late surge. he will face another prime minister in a run off next sunday for the conservative party nomination. joins us now to talk more about the situation in france. the fact that he is out. this is a big deal. it's a seismic shift in french politics. for over a decade he was the sun around which orbited the other
11:45 pm
political leaders or at least the conservative leaders in france and now he is out of the running. anybody that will listen to his concession speech last night could see he no longer had any fight in him and this is a fighter we're talking about. a political fighter. in the middle of his political come back. when he was president and he lost his re-election bid in 2012 it was apparent that he had more fight left. he wanted a come back. he dropped off the radar but everybody knew he was preparing his come back. he was in the midst of it right now. this should have been his crowning achievement but we realized he just misread the mood in france. he misread french voters. they have had enough of him and his political career is over. there's a caveat to that that he's still the chairman of the french conservative party but he might hand over those duties. >> it's a name that many people around the world know.
11:46 pm
giving a concession speech. this is a bit of a surprise. >> and the flip side of the coin. and it benefits all people. and somebody that is uncharismatic and people that know him in private say he is focus and intelligent competition and not somebody that draws large crowds. he is preordained to get to the top of french politics. he's had this campaign and really he wasn't moving the needle for months. over the last three weeks he has surged. they didn't want this preordained fight between the former president and one of the most brilliant political finds.
11:47 pm
>> what of his economic polic s policies. >> he is cut from a fairly traditional conservative cloth. his economic policies are extremely conservative and some of them describe him as close to what margaret thatcher would have done. he wants to cut half a million jobs in a sector and he wants to cut drastically by a hundred billion euros over the last five years of public spending. and that's all the people running in the field. he has set himself apart from the other candidates in that respect. >> explain first of all because our viewers around the world may not know that name. what are his policies. is that a surprise as well?
11:48 pm
>> somebody who for about 20 years now french people thought he would one day get to the top of the french political field. former conservative president famously dubbed him as the best among us. considered to be a brilliant political mind but something has always got in the way of his rise to the top. years ago he took the fall. a lot of people see it that way in a corruption scandal for his boss at the time. he was deemed unelectable. he was judged unelectable rule by the courts for over a year. they saw him as the fall guy. he came back and every conservative leader wanted him on their team because he is perceived a brilliant. he has been a cabinet member for years occupying various positions and he was the counter part in his campaign. where he is again he was the one with with poise. he was the one with t you know, more of a stateslike figure.
11:49 pm
so that was his political calling card. that and allowing himself which he has said he will do he is going to have to live or die by that now. he is 14% behind fillon. >> our new edition to the team here and we appreciate having you come in. it's good to have you. >> thank you. >> still ahead here on cnn newsroom when most people get to this particular age, they retire but this man started an entirely new career. next defying all the norms in china. stay with us. y way♪ ♪spread a little somethin to remember♪ philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites. the holidays are made with philly. our mission is to produce for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie
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. welcome back to cnn "newsroo "newsroom." for one man in china age is just not a factor. so he started working out, took up riding horses, motorcycle as well and he finally started a new career as a model at nearly aged 80. you're going to love this story. take a look.
11:54 pm
♪ [ speaking in foreign language ]
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all credit to him, man. way to go. so here you go, fans of kanye west. they were sorely disappointed this weekend after the rapper called short one show and cancels another. and spend most of his time on
11:56 pm
stage ranting about politics and the pop star, beyoncé. >> beyoncé, i was hurt. i heard that you said you wouldn't perform unless you won video of the year over me and over -- now don't try to dis beyoncé. we are all great. we play for politics too much and forget who we are. >> i guess he just had a lot on his mind. ticket master says it will give a full refund for those that bought tickets and did not get to hear what they wanted to hear. that wraps us up. stay with us.
11:57 pm
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his final trip abroad on the books. the president of the united states wraps up his last overseas trip holding that office and weighs in


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