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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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good evening again. we're just about 24 hours from the precise moment when you falla sleep on the sofa. thankfully, there's plenty happening tonight including new names for donald trump's cabinet, sharp new criticism for one big league front-runner, mitt romney, and a great look at how families divided by the election will cope tomorrow. let's begin with cnn's jim acosta. >> reporter: as donald trump settles in for the thanksgiving weekend, the president-elect is making room at the table for picks. for starters, his ambassador for u.n. nikki haley. the south carolina governor and daughter of immigrants is a proven deal maker. she will be a great leader representing us on the world stage. explace her decision to step
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down as governor haley said when the president believes you have a major contribution to make to our nation and the nation's standing, that is a calling important to heed. >> when a bully hits you, you hit that bully right back. >> reporter: haley had a different calling in the primary when she was backing marco rubio she attacked trump as a race baiting bully. >> i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk, that's not part of our party, that's not who we want as president. we will not allow that in our country. >> reporter: trump punched right back. >> she's very weak on illegal immigration. you can't have that. >> reporter: in addition to haley, trump tamped betsy devos for education secretary and appears to be closing in on announcing ben carson for housing and urban development. the de vos pick is irritating
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people. de vos says she opposes common core something trump repeatedly vowed to end. >> we're going to provide, you're going to like this, school choice and put an end to common core which is a disaster. we'll bring our -- >> reporter: secretary of state, mitt romney. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be the next president. >> reporter: the potential move is enraging some of his core supporters. >> there's only one way i think mitt romney could be considered for a post like that, that is that he goes to a microphone in a very public place and repudiates everything he said in the famous salt lake city speech. >> i can think of 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible with the
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trump vision of foreign policy. >> reporter: before the president-elect left for florida he recorded a thanksgiving day message. cnn's jason carroll is in palm beach, florida, tonight. he joins us from outside of mar-a-lago. what more can you tell us about the video? >> reporter: well, a couple of things, when you think about the campaign, as you know, a number of donald trump's critics thought he ran a divisive campaign. some saying it was a racist campaign. trump always denied that. having said that he's put out this thanksgiving message calling for unity saying it's time for the country to heal and come together. he knows that this is something that's going to take time. at one point also quoting abraham lincoln saying, one voice and one heart. >> we've just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly unfortunately, but we have before us the chance now to make
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history together, to bring real change to washington, real safety to our cities and real prosperity to our communities including our inner cities. so important to me and so important to our country. but to succeed, we must enlist the effort of our entire nation. >> reporter: so, again, the message is one tonight of unity and coming together. trump critics already saying though, look, it's more about words. it's more about what this president-elect plans to do in terms of putting forth policies. that is what they're looking for. >> jason, you are in florida at mar-a-lago or near mar-a-lago where the president-elect will spend thanksgiving with his family. >> reporter: yes. >> do we know about his plans to celebrate? >> reporter: we know what he won't be doing. he won't be giving a press conference with the media. that's not going to be happening. look, this is something, the holiday that the trump family's been looking forward to. it's going to be a down day for what we're hearing for the president-elect and his family.
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i know a number of people are still looking for more names, more announcements in terms of who's going to be making up his cabinet. we would not expect that to happen tomorrow. maybe friday, but certainly tomorrow is going to be a down day for trump and his family. >> all right. jason carroll for us in mar-a-lago. hope you get some down time. happy thanksgiving to you, jason. >> reporter: you bet. you, too. >> that eyebrow raise means, no, i'm not getting any down time. back with the panel. jeffrey, i want to start with you here. nikki haley, governor of south carolina, widely respected, seen as a rising star within the republican party but not seen as someone with vast foreign policy experience, and she is going to the united nations. does that matter? >> i don't really think it does. i'm not saying this because of nikki haley. after all, there are lots of republicans and other americans who feel we elected a four-year united states senator with no serious foreign policy experience as president of the
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united states than senator obama whose main experience had been as a state legislator in illinois. i just think that, you know, one of the things we've gotten away from in this country, john, is the whole premise of the united states of america was that average citizens could govern the country, we weren't monarchs, wouldn't have royal at this. you could come from the private life, private sector and govern the country. i think we've gotten away from that. we have a political process and we need to get back to the original intent of the country. i say let's give her a try. if the president wants her, let's go with it. >> the counter argument, jeffrey, and carlos let's bring you in here, you appoint people where they have expertise. you appoint people who have foreign policy experience in a foreign policy job. i'm not saying jeffrey is right or wrong but ben carson, his experience is in medicine, in surgery, not in urban development per se. so there is another side to what jeffrey's saying. >> sure.
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although, of course, you see a president who had never been a politician before beat 16 other politicians. call it a greater openness so in some ways you're not surprised. i think the ben carson one though does surprise me a little bit. nikki haley going from governor to u.n. ambassador aund understands that's driven by the united states. ben carson is a little weird. we would readily expect this neurosurgeon to be talking about hhs or something like that. the one thing i'll say about the romney thing that no one else is talking about that i find interesting, remember the worst thing that can happen for a president who wants to be two term president is to be primary. george h.w. bush saw that, jimmy carter saw that. could you be sidelining a potential opponent by bringing them in. certainly that's what the obama
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program thought dhoe do that. it wouldn't be crazy. putting in hillary clinton it wouldn't be out of place. they also were thinking rather have her closer than an opponent out there. >> jeffrey, go ahead. >> one other thing here, the way washington works is that a lot of times cabinet members who are stars in one fashion or another are selected for the top spot. in the second spot, in the less visible spot is selected somebody who's a real career professional, who has very good experience. i worked with jack kemp who was definitely a star. he cared passionately about urban policy. underneath jack kemp, however, were serious pros and in urban policy. that's pretty confident is that the star who gets the cabinet
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level job, a.mbassador ship underneath them. they are the -- they help decide the policy, but you've got growth there that can help you. >> jack kemp had done a lot of thinking, writing and work. >> absolutely. >> before he took the job. i want to bring you in because in the area of expertise there's an article that says that donald trump has only taken two of the national security briefings that he is entitled to now as the president-elect. mike pence is doing it every day, donald trump is not. he's working hard, getting these briefings. >> yeah. and i think it also plays into the stories that we've heard about donald trump talking to foreign leaders on nonsecure lines as well, which i think is -- you know, he has -- i think he didn't reach out if i remember reading, it's like the state department had heard from the transition team about how to -- what's the protocol in
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making that happen. so i think it plays into all of us. it is concerning, right, because he is going to be our president and he needs to start realizing there are certain protocols and certain ways to go about being a president which is taking national security. >> that's his choice. >> i understand that. >> would he be better served getting enough information now versus in my office. >> it's my understanding president-elect trump talks to mike pence. he was saying when he was setting up administration, mike pence would be an integral part. i can understand, donald trump is a delegator. he'll be a ceo who makes the decisions. he's very different about what we needed and delegated it, put people in place and i think he's talking to mike pens. i don't have any concern that
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president-elect isn't reading the briefings. >> you sound like pens. he has an enormous amount of power and sway, alex. mike pompei. it really does seem like he's going to have an enormous role. >> the part of that is mike pence has great relationships in and out of washington and he has a great movie, behind the scenes in the primary process bringing a lot of disgruntled republicans holding their nose with his working with people. he was able to bring a lot of members of congress together to support donald trump. i think with him being head of the transition, he's bringing people up for consideration that wouldn't normally want to sit down and have a conversation with donald trump, let alone be
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part of his administration. but mike pence i think is a great pick, a for vp, his ability to bring people together. we're able to see the best of the best. >> what did mike pence think of mitt romney? >> if one of the biggest reasons of intrigue is what's going to happen with the secretary of state, everyone is very, very keir yous about what's going on here. i talked to many who say he is considering it. the trump people say he is considering it. >> yeah. i mean, it wouldn't surprise me at all, mitt romney, i'd like you to be my secretary of state. it would surprise me that mitt romney hesitated that. mitt romney has been grooming himself for a long time. i think while he disagrees with donald trump, i think he still also does all of the steel. i think that he would public
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performance. >> if he still thinks that -- >> i think a what you're seeing with mike pence, this is where it happens. he had problems in the 2008 primary. >> can i interrupt you? >> yes, sir. >> is donald trump a conservative? >> no. i'm trying to connect the dots. take a look at who we just put in. nikki haley conservative. now you've better have that base when you jump into the big fight. ronald regan had it and donald trump knows he's going to need it. >> the only other part of the shakespearean drama that no one is talking about yet is if someone is going to reach out and bring in mitt romney, never trump, establishment. would you go the same for saying
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president george bush or h.w. >> bring back billy bush. >> oh, gosh. >> we're going to leave that one where it is, jeffrey lord. thank you. >> another bridge people? >> stick around. much more to talk about tonight including donald trump's positions on some very big issues versus donald trump's positions on some very big issues then and now. next. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. (sighs sadly) try this. only aleve can stop pain for 12 hours. plus, aleve is recommended by more doctors than any other brand for minor arthritis pain. aleve. live whole. not part. ♪
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last r last night on the program douglas brinkley cited donald trump's talent for contradicting himself. i am large, the song goes. i contain multitude. whitman grew up in brooklyn, trump in queens. whitman wrote large, trump says huge. cnn's bryn gingras reports. >> reporter: scheduling, canceling, and then rescheduling a meeting with the "new york times" isn't the only thing president-elect donald trump has changed his mind about since being elected. in his first sitdown interview with the newspaper since winning the election his flip-flops have added up. like prosecuting hillary clinton. >> she deleted the e-mails. she has to go to jail. >> lock her up. lock her up. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look
6:20 pm
into your situation. >> reporter: he's since softened telling "the times," quote, i don't want to hurt the clintons, i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly. about obamacare, trump first said. >> it's got to go. obamacare has to be repealed and replaced. >> reporter: he's changed his stance on that, too. some parts could stay. coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions and children staying on their parents' plan until they're 26 as he said in this "60 minutes" interview. >> adds cost but it's very much something we're going to try and keep. >> reporter: as the president-elect fills his administration, general james mattis appears to be a front-runner for secretary of defense despite the two having differences on the use of water boarding. this is what trump told "the times" about water boarding. >> i said, what do you think about water boarding? >> he said -- i was surprised. he said, i've never found it to be useful. he said, i've always found, give
6:21 pm
me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and i do better with that than i do torture. >> reporter: so is trump backing away from what he continuously told supporters about using torture on terror suspects? >> i love it. i love it. and i said, the only thing is we should make it much tougher than water boarding, and if you don't think it works, folks, you're wrong. >> reporter: when it comes to climate change, the president-elect once tweeted global warming is an expensive hoax now telling "the times" he believes there's some connectivity between humans and climate change stressing, quote, clean air is vitally important. the list goes on and on, the president-elect changing his mind about president obama. at one point he called him ignorant and now he likes him. the notorious wall may become a fence and "the new york times" called disgusting is now a world
6:22 pm
jewel. all of this cries out for someone who knows what makes donald trump tick or flip as the case may be. fortunately trump biographer michael dantonio, author of "the truth about trump" joins us tonight. michael, donald trump has seemed to reverse himself on many of the things he campaigned on. i suppose most notably and famously right now this idea that he wanted to lock hillary clinton up. is this something this malleability, this changing on a dime is something that's characteristic of donald trump? >> you know, it really is characteristic of him. he's more flexible, i think an ideologue would be. his frame of reference is what's going to work, especially what's going to work for him. i imagine he's looking forward and thinking, do i want to get bogged down in keeping some of these promises like to lock her up that are really not possible, you know, to pursue or do i want
6:23 pm
to move forward and get the country going on my agenda? you know, he's always been good about changing direction and people forget his position. >> are there core convictions that you can point to? >> well, i think if we look to his campaign where he was saying america first, and i think that if we're looking for something outside of his own success that would drive him, i do think there's a traditional america that he'd like to restore, one that may even just be in our fantasies of what the 1950s and early '60s were like, but if there's a core conviction, it's that. and i also think, and this may take some viewers by surprise, that he doesn't really like to see people suffer. so when he said that people weren't going to be dying on the streets for lack of health care, he really meant it. and even this comment about hillary and bill clinton saying
6:24 pm
they've been through a lot and he doesn't want to cause anymore pain. i think that's sincere. this is pretty consistent with the donald, i know. >> again, this is someone you've covered and written about for a long, long time, not necessarily in flattering terms. to hear that from you is notable. one of the interesting things we've seen is his continued closeness to his family. ivanka trump in the meeting with the japanese minister. jarrod kushner wants some role. donald jr. his son attended a meeting with someone involved in the syrian opposition in paris. his family has been involved at all levels of the campaign, knowing him like you do, do you think he could do the presidency without his family playing a role? >> well, i think he could do it. i think he'd be uncomfortable trying, and this is, you know, where i could put a knock on
6:25 pm
him. they tend to be rather tone deaf when it comes to the appearance of conflict. he likes to go by the letter of the law so if it's legal for him to do something, he's going to do it and feel justified and profitable. the problem is, everything a president says and does, everything a member of his family says and does will be parts and interpreted by the world. he may attempt to keep his family in the process, but i think it's going to work against him when it comes to foreign powers and even perceptions here at home. >> michael dantonio, you know him so well. thank you for your insight. >> just ahead there will be half of them tomorrow. they say they dread the thought of talking politics over turkey
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sit down with family, eat too much and play nice for a few hours, even in the best of times, even in the most loving families that can be a tall order. and after one of the most divisive elections in history it might seem impossible. a new cnn/orc poll 53% of americans say they dread talking politics over thanksgiving day dinner. 43% are eager to go there. that seems high. the anxiety is starting early onset indigestion and boycott. ellen degeneres had an idea. cnn's wolf blitzer shows how it works. >> of course you should build the wall. they're coming across by millions. >> nowhere near. >> really? >> should be. >> won the popular vote. >> nobody else would get away with it. >> this is government. if we could just please get back to the original question. could someone please pass the salt? >> wolf is not available for
6:31 pm
every family so most of you will be on your own tomorrow. kelly wallace reports on how one family plans to handle it. >> reporter: will politics be discussed on thanksgiving? >> the elephant in the room. >> the elephant. the big elephant in the room. >> that's a slippery slope. >> reporter: a slippery slope, indeed, because so many families across the country thanksgiving means supporters of donald trump, like michael and alex from new roichelle, new york, and hillary clinton supporters like robert and carolyn from new york city will break bread together for the first time since the election, and for many the battle wounds haven't healed. >> how are you not going to talk about politics on thanksgiving? >> i feel like it's going to come up. >> right now with you. >> reporter: i don't know if you all have seen this skit, "saturday night live" skit from november of last year talking about a family feuding over thanksgiving and then they played adele's song "hello."
6:32 pm
the minute they hear the song they start mouthing the words. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: i think you should play it over and over and over again. >> never really liked the song. >> reporter: well, you might start liking it. >> football, i think we're set. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: no, no, no. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this family, the holderness family and they did this video bringing trump and clinton supporters together at thanksgiving. they said, there's other stuff you can talk about ♪ how do you avoid this? i have a list of thanksgiving topics ♪ >> football. >> reporter: football? >> brangelina is much more fascinating. >> reporter: carolyn clemens said she hosts thanksgiving every year. she couldn't imagine not inviting her brother or nephew
6:33 pm
because they don't see eye to eye. >> i think skipping thanksgiving. >> together as a family we are one family, republicans, democrats, et cetera. >> reporter: they may not all be pleased with the election results, but they're going to make the best of it, especially for thanksgiving. >> give you lemons, you make lemonade. >> yeah. yeah. >> we're going to be having some lemonade and we're going to be loaded up with some vodka because that's something we agree on. >> lemonade and vodka. >> make thanksgiving great again. >> there you go. >> that is the obvious way to handle a situation. right now we're going to list our panel. we are thankful for them every day. guys, it's been two weeks since the election, right? have any of you gone more than 20 minutes without talking about the election in those two weeks? >> everyone says, let's not talk politics. that's naturally. of course it's going to happen
6:34 pm
as thanksgiving dinner. no talk about red, blue, republican/democrat. make them talk about red and white line, plenty of wine and talk politics. >> fist a cuffs, the cowboys are doing well. that may distract people. >> that's report. >> my family is in from long island and upstate new york and they're watching. we're going to be talking turkey. >> that's right. don't ask jeffrey anything because the answer is i don't like it anyway. >> no limit on what my view was on any of this. >> no, exactly. you've been very quiet on what your views why. you have a different perspective obviously. you were for hillary clinton in this election and now you probably want to avoid the
6:35 pm
conversation because you don't have the painful memories. >> my advice is don't talk about it because the turkey may not be the only thing carved up tomorrow night. i would stay away from it. it's a hard one. it's a hard one because politics is very personal. >> my suggestion in this, phil, won't make you any happier. you should invite someone from the medium. >> dinner's at 3:00. >> one thing that i will say is in that cnn poll, that 43% that are difficult talking about it. 43% of the country, those are the people that want to talk about it. go to their neighbors who weren't supporting donald trump, go over and say, hey -- >> they're talking about what great fortune they have. this is the president pardoning his final two thanksgiving turkeys today.
6:36 pm
i want to play you some of the worst i mails. >> this is my final turkey pardon. what i haven't told him yet is we are going to do this every year from now on. no way i'm cutting this habit, cold turkey. >> yes, we crammed. >> this is the last time i did this so we're not leaving any room. i want to take a moment to recognize them. they met their fate with courage and sacrifice and proved they weren't chicken. it's not that bad now, come on. >> i think two of the greatest things about the united states or won the peaceful center. i think it's hilarious that the president consistently does this and to relish the moment. >> he enjoys it.
6:37 pm
it's clear. >> father and two young kids. >> i see one thing that's going to make me very unpopular. i think it's unfor you two nayo unfortunate. >> they didn't want to be there. you're not going to light them up? >> i think it would have been nice. i think it would have been nice one last time. >> sticking around d.c., at least he's got that. >> i did think it's nice he has his nephews there. that was not what i saw. i'm on the way out. with this being good, a good run, their names will be out. >> tater and tot. can you tell us who the first president to have a turkey?
6:38 pm
>> i believe it was abraham lincoln. >> i'm not going to make any of them, they'll make a lot of jokes. >> i will tell you this, the best joke on twitter was someone who told me tater is going to be pardoned but tot has it. >> rocnald regan. >> he just said it. >> let me ask you one serious question. we were talking about a president and his popularity. 54%, maybe higher? >> i will get into last fall now. he continues to talk about it. it just doesn't translate or didn't translate. so he leaves as a popular president but he also leaves the democratic party in shambles. >> yeah, that's exactly right. in 2008 he won an historic election. he anticipates he can do that.
6:39 pm
we're not decimated in 2010. 2014 they were decimated again. yes, he is leading very popular. there are a lot of reasons for that. it didn't help hillary clinton as much and it's a big question mark. the democratic party is hoping to sit down to thanksgiving day's dinner, now they have nothing. barack obama, he never found a way to translate personal likability. >> this is why they will all be watching football. guys, thank you all for being with us. have a happy and peaceful thanksgiving. i need it. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> life at trump tower and layers on the community. those people are probably not giving thanks.
6:40 pm
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donald j. trump will not take the oath of office for 58 days, but for anyone who lives in trump tower, life has already changed bigly. november 8th marked the start of a new normal in the luxury high
6:44 pm
rise. jean casarez reports. >> reporter: trump tower has become a high profile area and now with armed guards 24/7, there can be no doubt. this is the home of the country's president-elect trump, first lady melania and son barron. also a music superstar, michael jackson. about 15 years ago a couple leasing the tower's penthouse got a personal call from trump himself. >> donald called the wife and said, do you mind if i show to a dear friend of blimine? >> no, not a problem. michael jackson arrives. he said, he was the nicest man around. >> reporter: according to the website trump tower has over 60 floors and 263 apartments.
6:45 pm
john pierre aristo has represented high profile clients at trump tower for over 15 years. he took us inside the building 42 stories up to see what your average multi-million dollar apartment looks like. heading inside, gold andburg begun did i walls, marble floors, apartment floors without letters or numbers so you need to know where you're going. he said security at the building now is so intense some of his perspective buyers are turned off. >> they feel that behind a military camp. there are all kinds of forces from s.w.a.t. teams, police. it's not very pleasant to get to the building. >> reporter: people who live in trump tower actually have to go through this security right here and then even more security beyond to get to the residential entrance. that increased security began on election night and it's not set to end for a long, long time.
6:46 pm
residents are taking it one day at a time. >> the most surprising is how easy it's been. the security is clearly substanti substantial, but they just are all really good at their jobs. >> reporter: a logistical nightmare or not, trump tower may be et setting an example for what's to come. >> president-elect trump, we run the building like we do the rest. >> reporter: jean casarez, cnn, new york. the holiday season in travel in full swing. 50 million americans are taking to the roads and the sky. this is what los angeles looks like tonight. well, it's never easy going there, this is particularly cool. let's check back in with rene marsh at reagan international airport. what's behind the record number of travelers we are seeing this year? >> reporter: it really is when we talk about volume. there are 1 million more people traveling this thanksgiving compared to last year.
6:47 pm
and, you know, the reason why we're seeing a crush of holiday travelers. really two reasons, gas prices, they are the second cheapest that they've been in nearly a decade and also flights, air fare, tickets are relatively cheap. the combination of the two is the reason why we're seeing such high volume as far as the roads and an aside as far as people traveling beyond 50 miles beyond their homes this holiday. john? >> pictures seeing outside of los angeles, the lights backed up for miles and miles. deadly. rene, what's the tsa doing to try to alleviate the long wait times that have plagued travelers over the holiday weeke weekend? >> reporter: you remember earlier this year we had long security lines. tsa seems very confident we will not see that scenario play out again despite the volume of
6:48 pm
travelers. they say they've added nearly 1400 tsa officers. they've turned officers who were part time into full time. they also are increasing their use of canines. so when you're on a line that is using one of those canines, do keep in mind you can keep on those shoes, you can keep on the jackets, you can leave the liquids in the bag. these are all layers tsa is implementing to make sure things are moving in an expedited manner. tsa also has a command center so they are monitoring the wait times at these security checkpoints throughout the nation and they're re-allocating resources when it's necessary. they're shifting resources when necessary. again though, if you ask me, the big test is going to be on sunday because even though we saw a lot of people traveling today, sunday we are going to see even more john. >> beware. rene marsh, thanks so much. coming up, a story that will
6:49 pm
be felt so deeply and sadly this holiday season. a sixth student, 8-year-old boy, has now died from injuries in a school bush crash in chattanooga, tennessee. we'll have the latest on the investigation next.
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this is the worst kind of
6:53 pm
update and the worst kind of story to report. an eight-year-old boy died from his injuries tonight, two days after that horrifying school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. that brings the death toll to six young lives. the bus driver has been charged with vehicular homicide and reckless driving. nick valencia reports. >> reporter: good evening and thanks for coming. federal investigators say 24-year-old johnthony walker was not on the designated route home when he flipped a school bus killing six children, the youngest a kindergartener. police have released only a few details about walker but at a press conference they answered some of the many questions still outstanding. >> we received toxicology reports back today from the tennessee bureau of investigation that shows no trace of alcohol or drugs in the driver's system. the driver's driving history did include a minor wreck in september of this year investigated by our agency. it's also part of the
6:54 pm
investigation. >> reporter: the bus, which walker had been licensed to drive since april, was full. on board, 37 children. the victims include zyaira mateen, on board with her two sisters, that i survived. d'myunn brown. eight-year-old kiante wilson died wednesday. his brother says he was a tough little boy in a better place. nine-year-old zoie nash would have celebrated a birthday next month. her little brother was on board. he is expected to survive. in an obituary for nine-year-old cordayja jones says she passed away unexpectedly. a sixth child who died has not yet been identified. physical evidence and eyewitness testify have led police to believe walker was driving too fast, well above the 30 mile per
6:55 pm
hour speed limit. >> my responsibility is to look for answers. >> reporter: in a youtube video released today by the company that employed walker, the executive in charge made an emotional plea to the public "the company is one of the largest school bus providers in the country. >> what i can do is promise that we're determined to find out what happened and that we will offer any support we can to the families that are affected. >> reporter: the investigation goes on in chattanooga. victims family have turned to local community leader bishop kevin adams for support but at a time like this he, too, says he's hurting. he was in the hospital as parents got the news their children had died. >> as the doctors were coming in and, you know, just announced that -- to a family that your child is deceased. i saw mothers literally passing out. people all in the floor. the scream, i can still hear
6:56 pm
them. >> reporter: the chattanooga police department issued warrants to get their hands on the audio and video reporters on the bus, unfortunately, the ntsb says they may have been heavily damaged during the accident. they said something pretty interesting today. they're looking into whether or not sleep deprivation could have played a role. walker is said to have gotten an extra job recently and was working extra hours during the holiday. they'll look into that. here outside of chattanooga children's hospital, five of those precious little kids remain hospitalized. there's no update on their condition. tomorrow is thanksgiving, of course, john, and it will be an extremely sad one for a number of people here in the city. john? >> nick valencia, thanks so much. we'll be right back.
6:57 pm
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