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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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unpresidented which has a lot of surprises that has been your baby, thomas, thank you so much, thomas lake, for sharing these things with us and, of course, you can check out that book as well. that is it for me. thank you for being on. i'll be back at 5:00 eastern. join us then on "situation room." the news continues right now. >> brianna, thank you so much, my friend. i'm brooke baldwin, you are watching cnn on this friday afternoon. here's what we have for you. moments ago we learned of two more people who will be helping donald trump when he is sworn in as our nation's 45th president here in just about over nearly two months. his national security advisor, retired general michael flynn tweeted "so proud and honored to ha ha have kt mcfar land as part of our national security team. she will become deputy national
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security advisor and that same statement reveals a long time belt way insider, lawyer, don mcgann is going to be assistant to the president and white house couns counsel. a couple names in the last couple minutes, tell us about mcgann and mcfarland. >> both appointments are not that big of a surprise. these names have been poeted as a staff member for some time. let's talk about k.t. mcfarland first. she has a lot of experience in republican administration, both in foreign policy and national security. she served in the ford administration. and underneath -- sorry, she served underneath defense secretary caspar wieinberger bu in the nixon and ford administration she served as undersecretary of state henry kissinger. she has some political experience as well. at one time she attempted to run
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in the republican primary to challenge hillary clinton back in 2006 don mcgann is a former fec commissioner, someone that has served on the trump campaign for some time as an election lawyer who helped trump navigate election law, something he doesn't have experience in and he's expected to help trump deal with those issues when he comes to washington. now, these are the final two appointments that we're expecting here this weekend. trump and his family will held back to new york on sunday but when he gets back to new york, he is expected to be very busy. they will welcome eight different people to trump tower and he and vice president-elect mike pence will meet with that group. among them will be david clarke who is the sheriff of milwaukee county. he's being rumored as a potential secretary of homeland security. he could be a potentially controversial pick, he is
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african-american and he is a democrat but he is a trump supporter, he spoke at the republican national convention and he's been very critical of the black lives matter movement so that's the latest from here in west palm beach, brooke, back to you. >> ryan, thank you so much. ma let me bring in kirsten powers from "usa today" and lanhee chen who was public policy director for mitt romney. kirsten, let me begin with you here with the news of k.t. mcfarland. as ryan pointed out, an aide to three separate republican white houses. also had been a fox news analyst. i want to go to you as a former foxer. what do you know about her and do you also think, as has been reported, that trump is going to go through the fox roster for picks? >> well, i'm sure -- he
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certainly likes to watch a lot of fox though i think he watches a lot of cnn as well based on how often he talks about us so i'm sure he got to know her there. she's worked in multiple republican administrations. she was a speech write tore caspar weinberger. i think she was head of public affairs in the department in the reagan administration so she's been around for a while and she's very much part of the mainstream republican establishment so that's what makes it interesting is that he is choosing people, it seems that don't necessarily share his world view. i put her very much more in the -- more of a mitt romney type of world view in terms of foreign policy. she's certainly not -- i've never heard her criticize the iraq war the way that, for example, donald trump has. >> so that's one name we have, lanhee, the other name, don mcgann to serve as assistant to the president and white house counsel. which could be particularly interesting with this president-elect because he will serve as essentially what will be the legal line between trump
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the businessman and trump the president? >> right, don mcgann comes to the position with great experience. he's a great pick. obviously helped mr. trump tremendously during the campaign, has experience as a business lawyer, is having been at a large private law firm in washington, d.c. and he's a known commodity amongst many republicans in washington and around the country so i think it's a great pick. both picks are very positive and will be regarded very well by many republicans as well as folks around the country. >> lanhee, hanging on the first bit of your answer when i was just getting some information here so let me throw a few names at you. a few new names. this is what we're getting from a trump transition source that in addition to the rudy giuliani potential pick and governor romney, your former boss, we now have three names, we'd heard
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about general david petraeus as one dark horse candidate since there's such friction between the rudy/romney idea now we have the names general john kelly and we heard this before but senator bob corker. kirsten, do you think these three names could change the equation here? >> well, yeah, it's sort of fascinating to watch this. it seemed that, you know, by all reports that we have rudy giuliani making it very clear this was a job he wanted and i can think of few people other than perhaps newt gingrich who are out there putting themselves on the line for donald trump during the election so it's interesting that he is being forced to make a case for himself and seems to be falling out of favor if these reports are true. if it seems that because of the pushback was happening because of romney which we've seen kellyanne conway tweeting about now they're feeling like they have to look at other people. >> that's one of the most fascinating pieces of this.
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i am all for transparency but with the kellyanne conway tweets where she was talking about betrayal and loyalists and vocalizing her criticism of a potential mitt romney pick you have mike huckabee taking to tv and saying, hey, only if governor romney is willing to -- i'm paraphrasing -- apologize for his comments about trump should we even really consider him. now that we're getting the leaks about these other names, lanhee, is this a bit bizarre? >> well, i think there's going to be a lot of noise. this is an important job, brook. secretary of state is an important job, america's chief diplomat so it's natural we would hear conversation. i think that at the end of the day only one opinion matters and that's donald trump, the president-elect's opinion, and so everyone has their opinion, who they like, who they don't like, maybe they have personal grudges, who knows what it is. but so far at least the president-elect has made some good decisions and i think he's done well to consider lots of
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different folks for secretary of state, including governor romney, some of the names you mentioned are folks with distinguished military careers and great experience with foreign policy. this process will continue and go forward. it's easy to get stuck in other do dialogue but the only opinion that matters is donald trump's. >> it's interesting kirsten, with the friction out there between those who believe -- it's almost like trump tower versus washington, d.c., those who want mitt romney versus those who want rudy giuliani. but how do you think that will go over considering david petraeus's conviction, a misdemeanor, given his history. >> given trump's history with -- >> petraeus's history. >> i don't think donald trump cares about things like that ch. >> what about the wrist of the folks that matter? i guess ultimately it's trump who decides.
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>> ultimately donald trump will decide who he's comfortable with but we've seen him being unorthodox. he's handled things in a very different way. the fact you have a campaign manager out there tweeting basically disagreeing with the candidate, i've never seen anything like that in my life. it's -- >> so public. >> imagine david axelrod tweeting out disagreeing, letting it be known he doesn't like somebody that barack obama is talking to. so this is a very unorthodox process and obviously he's -- he must be comfortable with it because he -- this is what's going on and he doesn't seem to -- you know, kellyanne conway doesn't seem to have fallen out of favor for doing this. >> but given general petraeus's -- he has a phenomenal resume but lanhee, when you consider the republicans and how their heads were exploding over hillary clinton and her use of the private e-mail server and you look at general petraeus's past, it will be interesting to see how republicans react to him. >> i think the reaction, though, brooke, will be it's a difference of scope and of the
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extent of the information that was conveyed. i think general petraeus passed the information as someone who had a security clearance but not litigating that side, look, petraeus has had a brilliant resume. he's had a great career serving this country in a variety of senior military roles, he clearly understands the world so most republicans are going to be supportive if the president-elect ends up going in that direction but at this point really there will be a lot of speculation. that's what this process is all about and we'll see where he ends up. but the names tossed out there are good names. >> lanhee and kirsten, thank you very much. we want to get on to some news involving the heartbreaking school bus accident in chattanooga, tennessee. six children have died. the driver has since been charged but we're now learning he had apparently worked a second job at amazon on the overnight shift before this
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drive. it was his last shift, we're told it was overnight last saturday. so with that news, danny cevallos has been seated next to me, our legal analyst. i'm learning this as everyone else is. so he was up all night working at amazon and then hot behind the wheel, driving 36 kids the next day. two days later. >> very interesting. it's sort of an area of the law that's undeveloped. we have rules about, say, police officer s who moonlight or take jobs but that's more about abuse of the office. there's not a regulation in private industry as to whether someone has one job, two jobs, three jobs. there isn't a way to check how much sleep somebody had the night before if you as a private company don't have control or access or information about where they were the 12 hours preceding their shift. so it's an interesting legal area of liability. >> so i'm crystal clear.
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if we're talking saturday night overnight shift, he would have gotten off work sunday morning, he would have had sunday and then he drove those kids monday. >> and the amazing thing about driving while excessively tired, it's the type of thing we can't measure dui, drugs, alcohol, other influencing substances. when you're just tired, you're tired and all -- all of us should get enough sleep before we drive but there really isn't a very good way for police to measure that when they make a car stop and they can look at you and tell that, oh, maybe this person shouldn't be on the road but we don't have chemical tests that say this person is too sleepy to drive. so it's an area that is unregulated largely because there's no real way for private companies to regulate this. >> i understand, but you would like to think that if he was working a second job that he would have communicated that to the school system or this private school bus company but that's all yet to be determined. danny thank you so much for that. coming up next.
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2016 claims another legend. america's mom florence henderson has died. hear what her "brady bunch" co-stars are saying and where she was days before her death. plus, weeks ago a mom goes missing, she's out on a jog, now she shows up alive on the side of the road in restraints. details ahead. and the secret service reportedly wants to alter trump tower now that donald trump has been elected. find out what they're asking trump to do. this is interesting. stay with me. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. oh, that's lovely...
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now with real beef as the number one ingredient. that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. she was a small town gal from indiana, became broadway star, talk show host, dancing wth stars and we knew her and loved her as florence henderson, forever known as tv's lovable mom from the '70s sit come has passed away. ♪ here's a story of a lovely lady ♪ who was up three very lovely girls ♪ all of them had hair of gold like their mother
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♪ ♪ i wannabe loved by you just you and nobody else but you ♪ i want to be lav edloved by y nobody else alone ♪ >> her talent manager says henderson died from heart failure overnight. she was 82 years young. some of the "brady bunch" family tweeting condolences today. maureen maccormack posting "you are in my heart forever." henderson's talent manager says the family is in a state of shock. apparently florence henderson had not been ill. with me, someone who got to share a desk with her and time with her, journalist jodi applegate. she and florence henderson co-hosted "later today" on nbc. so nice of you to come through and so sorry for the loss of your friend. she was everybody's mom but you got to share oxygen and space with her. what was she like? >> and a dressing room. >> and a dressing room. >> she was maternal. that might sound hoke oy but i
11:19 am
lost my mother when i was very young and when you're a tv setting, people are gypsies, they move all over and you just work, work, work. but she had the ability to make everyone feel like no matter whether the ages even made sense, like she would have been -- she was about the right age to be my mother but she gave us advice on what to wear and eat and eat protein in the morning because we were doing a morning show and don't eat these muffins, i bring in rolled turkey. >> she was like that. when the cameras were on and off she was authentic and consistent. what about -- you know, just in reading so much about her today how she grew up in this small town in indiana, she had a tough upbringing, there was a loin in an article i wrote about how she would have to sing at the age of eight just for groceries, goes on to become like the star on the stage. would she sing? did she talk about her love of music? >> yes, she did. and i grew up in an era when i watched her on "the brady bunch." maybe it was in syndication by the time i watched it but i
11:20 am
didn't realize she had been a star for years before that on broadway when she was a teenager and then she was on the "today" show when they had a "today" girl in the '50s who would do the light stories. so she had several show business lifetimes if you want to view it that way and i remember once we were out in pasadena at this big event where they -- where they roll out new tv shows, they invite critics so they had this big to-do. afterwards she and i and this other woman we worked with said "let's go to the spa." so we got a little champagne and we were in our towels and we're sitting around at the spa and it's off the record and she is telling us stories about marilyn monroe and frank sinatra because she knew those people. >> get out of here. >> she was almost like a time traveller in the sense that they were contemporaries of hers but then at a different point in her career i was kind of sort of -- i mean obviously not on her level of fame and everything but i was proud to call myself a contemporary of hers. >> you were co-hosts. >> and she appreciated
11:21 am
everything that came her way because she had to sing for her supper and she worked hard right until -- she was still doing carpet commercials, singing gigs, she would sign every autograph, she would stay for hours, sign every 8 x 10 glossy, answer every fan letter because to her it was a real -- to be a celebrity, it's not like the modern form of celebrity, it's like every single fan deserved personal attention. >> she gave them everything she had in that moment. i want to play a little more of the two of you over on nbc. no ♪ later today will lead the day to get your daytime going ♪ >> we'll talk about the things that affect people's lives and have fun. ♪ florence can walk the walk >> i think it's the greatest thing and i'm so excited about it. >> it's cool she had all these roles but i had a clip of her that we played earlier this morning where she -- i'm curioused if you experienced
11:22 am
this. people would think of her as carol brady and when they were walking down the street they'd want a hug. >> when we shot that promo we were in times square because they wanted billboards but she was and is recognizable because that show aired everywhere constantly so people literally would get out of running vehicles to dodge traffic to run up to her and say "mother brady, mother brady" because they had come from the corners of the world but they all recognized her face and she was -- her fame was such an approachable kind of fame and she had a big hug for every single one of them. we were there until, like, the sun went down trying to get that shot. >> i love that. thank you for coming by and sharing. appreciate it. so nice to meet you. always been such a fan. up next, the stunning mystery. a mother who's been missing for three weeks suddenly shows up, she's okay, she's on the side of this road in restraints. find out who investigators are looking for. also ahead, the place where
11:23 am
president-elect trump and his family are spending the week. a landmark fancy estate in palm beach, florida. but did you know what the builders add in mind when they dreamt up mar-a-lago? we'll take you inside. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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a missing j ining jogger wh vanished three weeks ago is back with her family. investigators 34-year-old sherry peppini was found along a highway thanksgiving morning. she was bound with restraints and managed to flag down a passing driver. let's go to paul vercammen to
11:28 am
try to fill in the blanks. what happened to her? >> reporter: very unusual story. let's start with ecstatic and overjoyed from reading, california. right now investigators are trying to piece this together as you pointed out. found on a rural road with some sort of restraints. law enforcement officers saying they don't have a motive at this point. they're not sure who these suspects might. let's go ahead and take a listen. >> we learned that she was released by her captor on a rural road near i-5. she was bound with restraints but was able to summon from a passing -- help from a passing motorist. we're looking for a dark-colored suv with two hispanic females armed with a handgun.
11:29 am
>> reporter: papini said to have suffered non-life threatening injuries. she was jogging about three weeks ago, her husband became concerned when she didn't pick up her toddlers, he used the app "find my iphone." he found the phone, her earbuds and hair tangled in that. since then they have not heard a thing from her, they found her thanksgiving day, 120 miles to the south of redding where she lives. >> thank goodness she's okay. paul vercammen, thank you. let's stay on this. let me bring in law enforcement analyst art roderick who is a former director of the u.s. marshal service. art, nice to see you. if you're hearing about the earbuds, the phone, she's by the side of the road awith restraints. where do investigators begin? >> it's a very bizarre set of circumstances. when i first looked at this case the first thing that came to mind was the denice huskins in
11:30 am
march of 2015 where police thought it was a hoax and she was kidnapped. she was in the captor's custody for three weeks so i'm sure she's got a lot of information she's giving to law enforcement. it's two females that abducted her apparently from the information we have at this particular point in time then she was held for three weeks. it's very bizarre circumstances all the way around. >> i guess what i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around is why law enforcement are being vague. maybe it's entirely intentional because they're close to finding who these two women are but we know she's been talking so why don't we know more about how she was maybe allegedly kidnapped? >> i think at this point in time law enforcement has the whole story. they're keeping information back.
11:31 am
when you listen to the press conference, it's not what came out of the press conference but what was not said. and there's a ton of information i'm sure law enforcement has and they could be close to apprehending these two individuals. when you're held captive for three weeks, the information that you can garner is going to be a lot of information that ms. papini had that she's turned over to law enforcement and they're acting on that particular information she provided by. >> we know it was her husband who reported her missing and he was later cleared because he had to undergo a lie detector test. he said he never told their two children their mom was missing. what's your reaction to all of that? >> it's good they were able to clear him right away so they could shift their investigative assets to other avenues of how this could have happened but it sounds like they didn't have a whole heck of a lot of information. she went for a jog, she went
11:32 am
missing and then there's no contact or leads that came in as to who grabbed her and where she was being held. so strange from a to z on this particular case so it will be interesting to hear once these people are apprehended the whole story behind not only her capture but where she was being held for three weeks. >> you're right. police know the whole story. it will be a matter of time before the rest of us are let in. art roderick, as always. >> thank you, brooke. more on breaking news today. donald trump hiring two new people to join him at the white house. including a fox news analyst. more on who they are and their roles. also, we are getting word that mitt romney has some additional kpe fissi aal compet secretary of state post, including general david petraeus.
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right now the president-elect is at mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida. it's secluded from the public, nestled in an enclave of multimillion dollar homes. donald trump may own it but he shares it with as many as 500 club members who are ponying up about a hundred grand to join. incredibly, even before trump, this estate held ties to american presidential history so cnn's ed lavandera has been digging into the history of this mega estate in florida. what did you find? >> reporter: it has a fascinating history even before donald trump owned it. this estate sits on the barrier island in palm beach and if you had a chance to drive past it, it's stunning the number of multimillion dollar homes and the incredible architecture surrounding it. when you first drive past
11:38 am
mar-a-lago, the first time i drove past it, i drove past it and didn't even realize i had done so, i had to double back to get a look at it. from the road you can drive by, very understated. for those of you who have the ability to get inside unlike myself and the vast majority of the rest of us, it's ornate, like a throwback to another time from the way it's been described to me. it was built by a woman named marjorie meriwether post, like the cereal post. this was the richest woman in the united states and for many decades it was one of the places to be seen she died in the early 1970s and gifted the property to the u.s. government. she hoped it would be an enclave and place for presidents and diplomats to escape. the u.s. government and presidents didn't want to go
11:39 am
there, didn't do that and it was too much upkeep so the u.s. government tried to figure out a way to sell it and that's when donald trump came in in 1985. so we spoke to several people in palm beach who talked about how this woman, ms. post, dreamed of this place being a presidential retreat, it never became that and now more than 40 years later it's becoming just that. >> fascinating some of the history and i'm just shocked that you haven't been able to make your way behind those walls. when you drive around that part of palm beach, you can't even see half the homes because of the megawalls, you're in the car peering over the hedges and the walls. i can't wait to see more of your reporting on the history of mar-a-lago later on on the lead in "the situation room." ed lavandera, thank you. while security is certainly in full force, the winter white house, an unprecedented plan is being put into place in trump's home in midtown manhattan. the u.s. secret service working in tandem with the nypd has set up 24-hour coverage.
11:40 am
t "new york post" reports the secret service is trying to rent two entire floors on this mega building on 5th avenue to use as a secret service outpost. so that means the government would be paying trump rent to protect him. let me bring in an exthor who knows what it will take to protect a president. jonathan, nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> before we get into the pennies, nickels and dollars involved in the renting, how does it work, who is on these floors, where in the trump tower would they be? >> this goes back to the pr protected methodology of the united states secret service. regardless of where the president-elect or president-elect are going to be, we have to cover them 360 degrees in all directions. so if you look at trump tower, we're going to need to occupy space above where the protectee is and below. so locking down a certain area
11:41 am
of that building so with that being said, building out a command center is lodge quality and best practice, it allows us to coordinate our comprehensive security program with the nypd and other law enforcement agencies to provide protection for the president-elect. >> command center. what does that really mean? >> very similar to the cnn newsroom here. a lot of monitors, a lot of people. but it's a centralized location, a fusion center of information. it's where we can take in information about traffic, where we can coordinate our security protocols, understand and liaise with staff to understand what is the president-elect's schedule. what is the future first lady's schedule? what are the kids doing? it's one centralized location to bring together information and develop either when whether it's on a per diem basis or laerm our security strategy. >> before you start thinking why should may tax dollars in the form of paying trump to have floors rented for the secret service, this is not new.
11:42 am
it may be new in the sense of a sky creper on fifth avenue but it's happened with president's past. >> it's unique we're talking about it. we didn't see it with the obamas because they stayed within washington, they took smaller trips here and there, they didn't have a centralized location they went back to except for periodic trips to chicago but in presidents past, president bush, crawford, texas, we had a large command center set up on the ranch and the ranch next to it the military had assets that were established. we have this command center up in chappaqua, new york, for the clintons. wherever we have one of our permanent protectees, there will always be a command center to provide that comprehensive security structure. >> and i know the game changes and becomes larger in 56 days when the man puts his hand on the bible. john, thank you very much. it's black friday, many of
11:43 am
you are trying to get a jump on your holiday shopping. let me show you pictures. this was the scene in new york's herald square at the flagship macy's store, it opened last night and people have continued shopping overnight into this afternoon. it's all about discounts and sales, right? but a folk broke out in a mall -- oh, boy. modesto, california. caught here on surveillance video. was it over a sock, a shoe, some perfume? i don't know. so unnecessary, but so black friday. alison kosik has been at a target store for us today in jersey city, new jersey. alison, tell me the scene is calmer there. >> hey, brooke, black friday going strong today but it began thursday, i'm talking 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. people were going after these tvs. last night when target opened at 6:00 it said it sold 3,200 tvs per minute in that first hour of opening. it's amazing when you think
11:44 am
about how people are willing to get out there, work off their thanksgiving and get holiday shopping out of the way. here's one of my favorites, the old robotic vacuum. you want to vacuum the floor but watch it work for you while you sit on the couch? my personal favorite. here's another. almost an almost life-size version of a storm trooper. i can't live without one of these. did you know pajamas are a thing? family pajamas. target yesterday almost doubled in sales the amount of family pajamas that sold compared to last year. this is my favorite, "mama bear." brooke, back to you. >> all right, i like it, allison, thank you. next, more on the breaking news, donald trump selecting a fox news analyst and someone who worked in three separate republican white houses to join him, are there more stars from the network on his list? also ahead, a judge has just ruled whether the man behind the mass shooting inside that charleston, south carolina, church is competent to stand trial. the decision and what it means
11:45 am
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a federal judge has just found the shooter from the charleston church kcompetent to stand trial. that means jury selection will resume monday in his hate crime trial. it had been halted so he could undergo a competency evaluation. this young man is facing 33 federal charges related to the june, 2015, shooting deaths of nine people inside that historic mother emanuel ame church. all of the victims were african-american including the church's political active pastor, the reverend clemente pinckney. they were murdered in the middle of bible study as their eyes were closed in prayer in a case that just disgusted and shocked the nation. investigators say this man sat among the pastor and parishioners before pulling out his gun. legal analyst and criminal defense attorney danfy cevallos is back with me. what's fascinating is the judge was sealing the document so he
11:50 am
won't reveal the decisions whether or not why he said he's competent. why is that? >> that's not surprising. in a case like this there may be sensitive information in the finding. remember, it will contain a bunch of medical information and as a matter of course i'll seek to seal documents in federal court that contain sensitive medical information about a client or something like that. so that's not unusual. there is an order that the judge recites the applicable law and what we need to know is this. a defendant is only incompetent if one of the two things occur, either he is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him or unable to assist his attorney in his defense. again, i'm a jaded criminal defense attorney so my perceptions but is judges tend to find defendants competent because it's a relatively low bar. it shouldn't be confused with insanity.
11:51 am
insanity is about the state of mind at the time of the crime was committed. competency is about a present ability to undergo trial. that's what the judge is evaluating. >> the competency evaluation was completed before the jury selection. is that typical as well? >> very typical. the issue of competency has to be decided before you proceed to trial. as soon as a jury is sworn in, double jeopardy attached so this is resolved at pre-trial deciding whether or not a defendant is presently unable because of a mental disease or defect to understand the proceedings or help his attorney. that has to be decided in advance of the trial. if you go go through a trial and this defendant was determined to be incompetent, that will create real problems on appeal. >> a reminder this is also obviously pertaining to the federal case. he's facing charges in state court as well. >> that's right. >> danny, thank you very much. just ahead, we'll speak live with barry williams, the man who
11:52 am
played greg brady as we learn and celebrate the life of florence henderson as she passed away overnight at the age of 82 years young. also ahead, it's being called a miracle on 93rd street. you will see this daring rescue from a burning building and the dangerous technique these firefighters rarely use. >> the roof was on fire. there was fire coming out of the shaft, there was fire all around us. ve seen such a change in einstein since he started the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. (vo) try new beneful originals with beef. now with real beef as the number one ingredient. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. it's being called the miracle on 93rd street, new york city firefighters putting their lives on the line to save an elderly man trapped in a burning apartment building and they pull this off using a rescue take nia-malika on -- technique only deployed in dire
11:57 am
situations. brynn gingras with five of new york's bravest who went beyond the call of duty. >> every out of the building. >> this is the type of job you see once in a 20-year career. >> reporter: as a manhattan apartment building ig fighted in flames, more than 200 members of the fdny raced toward it. these five men among them. >> the roof was on fire, there was fire coming out of the shaft. there was fire all around us. >> reporter: firefighters never met before but that day an 81-year-old man trapped in his home brought them together. >> frank called me and told me that we had a guy at the window. >> my thought possibly was the fire escape to get to him but as you saw in the photos there was no fire escape in this old law tenement. >> grabbed the rope, dumped the rope on the roof, that's when andy and steve came up and joe and we went to work. >> reporter: a rope rescue is a dangerous technique which hasn't been attempted by this department in five years because
11:58 am
it's considered a last resort by firemen standards but one they knew they had to do. within seconds, jim lee was being lowered down, scaling the burning building. >> go to your right, jimmy, go to your right. >> he was burning, you could with hear him yelling. i remember seeing him look up at me with that hood up and i said "let's go." >> reporter: with the hope holding them beginning to burn -- >> lower it down nice and easy, lower them down. >> reporter: the team of firefighters successfully lowered the two men to safety. >> this guy is burned. down, down. >> reporter: seconds before the rope snapped. >> looking back up and see the fire out the windows, the rope was on fire, the reality set in that, wow, we really just -- we saved a guy's life. legitima legitimately group of guys working together in seamless fashion and saved this guy's life. what a feeling. >> reporter: that feeling came again -- >> you look familiar!
11:59 am
>> reporter: when the firefighters met the man they saved, jim duffy. >> i said thank god, it was a miracle. i called it a miracle on 93rd. >> a good catch phrase, i like it. >> i won't take it away from you. >> reporter: we deal with a lot of tragedy in this job and through the course of the career, more tragedy than you'd like to ever see and this is definitely a win for everybody. >> reporter: brynn gingras, cnn, new york. is. we continue on this holiday friday, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. we have breaking news for you. president-elect donald trump has made two new additions to his future white house staff. and we're hearing of even more possibilities for trump's top diplomat job over at state as secretary of state. so beyond the names that have been floated, rudy giuliani and mitt romney, a trump transition source tells cnn that these three men on your screen are also in consideration for the
12:00 pm
job at state. as for the new hires, trump's transition team announced fox news analyst k.t. mcfarland will be trump's national security adviser. she worked at three separate republican white houses and long time washington insider and election law expert don mcgann will serve as assistant to the president and white house couns counsel. so to ryan noble wes go covering all things trump. he's down at mar-a-lago in palm beach. tell me more about these new names. >> reporter: brooke, it seems as though there's been pushback on the two big names the trump team pushed out in rudy giuliani and mitt romney so it seems there's a bit more open competition for secretary of state, that the president-elect is looking around at other possible people to fill that very important role. you showed those three names already. general john kelly, not necessarily a household name but someone with a lot of experience, a marine, a