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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 28, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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rld be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. bidding castro farewell. cubans prepare to honor the life in a week of mourning and then they will say good-bye. >> a ground assault, the syrian government retakes key parts of aleppo. more than 500 civilians have been killed in less than two weeks. >> plus rocking the football world, england's football
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association investigates sex abuse allegations from former players. a live report for you just ahead. from cnn world head quarters in atlanta, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> and i'm rows marry church. thanks for joining us. this is cnn "newsroom." >> across cuba people are taking time to remember a former leader of that nation, a 21 gun salute will fire in havana early monday as well as next sunday the day of castro's funeral. >> cannons will be going off several times a day tuesday through saturday and castro's ashes will be paraded back along the route he and his rebels took to seize power nearly 60 years ago. but for all the splendor
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planned, people on the streets in cuba are reserved. >> more on the mood in havana. >> on the streets of. >> reporter: a muted and subdued response to the news that fidel castro has died. we have not seen an outpouring of grief or any kind of real emotion taking place on the streets. in many ways you get the sense that people are being very cautious, trying to figure out what they can and can't do, what they should or shouldn't do. that that is something that cubans here in havana are trying to figure out whereas the government says it is officially beginning the process of a nine day mourning period that will begin on monday with the ashes and the remains of fidel castro who was cremated saturday morning, not many hours after the official announcement was made that he had died at the age of 90. there will be a prokregs of people who come to the plaza of the revolution. this is the plaida where pope's
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have held mass and this is where tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of cubans are expected to appear and show -- pay their respects. after that the remains of castro will be caravanned across the island. on the far eastern edge of the island where that is where his remains will be intered on sunday. this is the beginning of a long week of memorialization of fidel castro and it has been interesting in the initial hours in the first day after fidel castro's death in state media, state run television played very little about this news. it is just now we're beginning to see a constant coverage on state run television and the memorials that have been played on the broadcast television for quite some time. all of that beginning to play out here in cuba. >> the canadian prime minister's condolences over castro's death
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have drawn harsh criticism. part of justin's statement read, fidel castro was a larger than life leader, swhoemped his people for almost half a century. mr. castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation. we join the people of cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader. but mr. trudeau stood by his choice of words. take a listen. >> fidel castro had a deep and lasting impact on the cuban people. it -- he certainly was a polarizing figure and there certainly were significant concerns around human rights. that's something that i'm open about and that i've highlighted but on the passing of his deng i expressed a statement that highlighted the deep connection
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between the people of canada and the people of cuba -- >> that is one stark difference between the relationship with the united states and cuba, canada did have a better relationship, but mr. trudeau holding firm on his response. >> we'll seeing a real mixed response across the globe. >> and we're hearing from cuban celebrities since he died. >> it's up to the people of cuba to honor the leaders ideals going forward. >> i'm really sad about the loss, very sad. but this is the reality of being born and dying. we would have liked to have him for longer but that's not what happened. it was his time and it's a tough loss. very, very tough. >> translator: the way to defend our revolution has been to achieve a lot of success by showing the world that we are capable of and that's what we're going to continue to do today and into the future despite the
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absence of the comandante. >> translator: i'm going to remember fidel very fondly, very lovingly. he's not here physically but i'll say it again, he's in the hearts of the cuban people and those of a lot of countries in latin america, europe, asia, africa and the whole world. fidel plb remembered for all of history. >> well havana may be quiet but little havana in miami, florida, is anything but. cuban exiles have been celebrating since his passing. >> many hope this will bring a freer future to their country. >> it's hard to believe from the response we've seen here and the response we've seen in cuba that both communities are responding to the death of the same person in extremely stark contrast. as i step out of the way we're standing here, this is the heart of the exile community in miami.
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the demonstrations are still going. the deejay was playing music the short while ago. the crowd noticeably smaller than it was saturday and friday night when the news of fidel passing away first broke. i should tell you, gonzalez, boit that was at the center of a customer did i battle between his family here in the united states and his father in cuba has come out and spoken favorably about fidel in reflecting upon his passing away, saying he was a father figure to him. of course, gonzalez being a central figure in what many saw as a saga and drama between united states and cuba. his voice is certainly an interesting one. here's is him again reflecting on the passing of fidel castro. >> translator: ace father who like my father i wanted to show him everything i achieved. that he would be proud of me. that's how it was with fidel. if i learned something and
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wanted to show him and there are still many things i want to show him. >> reporter: of course gonzalez was forcibly taken from his family's home here in miami and sent back to cuba. people here don't really care for him as many as they used to when he was a child. a lot of that has to do with they see him as a propaganda tool. who's not an objective voice when it comes to val uing castro's legacy. it's hypocritecal that his mother and cast his hopes and dreams into the ocean to try to escape would try to get him off the island only for him to fully embrace the exact system that his mother died trying to get him out of. despite that, the celebration here continues in miami. it will continue probably for the next few days, though, it will likely continue to diminish as we've seen today. boris sanchez, cnn. >> thank you.
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visitors to cuba will likely increase since the death of castro for people living in the united states commercial airplanes are already adding cuba to their routes. both united airlines and delta airlines will begin flights this week and others have been flying there since last summer but here's the catch, tourism to cuba by u.s. citizens it's still against the law. there are about a dozen exceptions that you can look into including academic research and visit aig close relative. the u.s. president-elect donald trump has threatened to reverse the lootsenning of travel restrictions to cuba was relaxed under the current president barack obama. >> a tide could be turning in syria's brutal civil war. regime troops broke through rebel lines over the weekend and pushed into two neighborhoods in eastern aleppo.
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that is a milestone for government forces who haven't held a significant part of eastern aleppo in more than four years. >> the offensive was backed by air strikes and art tillry. civilians had been fleeing, some taking shelters, others tell cnn they have nowhere left to go. >> and cnn's correspondent is tracking developments in syria from neighboring jordan. she joins us now live with the very latest. what has been the impact so far of syrian regime forces entering aleppo? >> reporter: it would seem regime forces and the ally militias under this heavy air cover have advanced much faster than many had anticipated, of course as you mentioned at least two districts have been recap toured by the syrian regime and these allied forces. there have been claims by the
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regime on their state media of more districts of northeastern section of the besieged eastern aleppo being recap toured by the regime. these are claims so far by state media that we are working to verify. it is very difficult to confirm the situation on the ground if fighting is ongoing in these areas or if they've recap toured them. it's also very difficult to assess the impact on the civilians, the more than quarter million people living in eastern aleppo. there have been reports, estimates anywhere from hundreds up to thousands of people who are reportedly fled their homes because of this new wave of fighting. some of the people as the fighting got closer to their homes moved into other rebel held districts but also some according to reports from state media but also from a monitoring group and other saying that these people have had to even flee to regime controlled western aleppo. something that was unthinkable
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for so many people just a few weeks ago. and when you talk to those who remain they're absolutely terrified of what might be coming next. >> and just a few weeks ago, you spoke with a mother and her young daughter who had been using twitter to send out tweets relaying to the world her harrowing experiences particularly this young girl in eastern aleppo. we see this image now of her. bring us up to date on the situation, this little girl and her family. >> reporter: this is 7-year-old abana. her mother over the past few weeks started tweeting, trying to get the world's attention to the plight of the people of eastern aleppo. she would do that through her daughter. giving us a glimpse of what life's like for them. over the past few days you could
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see that the situation was even getting worse than what it has been for them. some of the tweets showing bombs falling so close to their home and yesterday, we saw this very chilling message coming out from her pretty much saying good-bye in this message to the world. i messaged her a few hours laterer to check on her and her family, their home had been hit by an air strike, the family was okay, but absolutely devastated by what had happened. they were on the street waiting for this bomb barredment to stop. they did not know where they would go next. i asked if she had a message to the world and she said, that enough has been said. the world has watched and has been sigh lenlt. she had nothing else to say. >> it is simply horrifying. we see this family, this young girl really she is the face of so many other families like this dealing with this day-to-day.
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many thanks to you. >> in politics in france, francois fillon will lead the french conservative party in next year's presidential election. look at the former prime minister's unexpected rise to the top of his party ahead. also coming up donald trump apparently is not content to have won the u.s. election by electoral votes. now he's claiming he won the popular vote as well though without anything, any evidence to back that up. we're back in a moment. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep.
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welcome back, everyone. conservative voters in france have picked francois fillon to represent their party in next year's presidential election. the former prime minister was the front-runner after taking the lead in the first round of voting last week. he remained on top in sunday's runoff with about 66% of the vote. >> his opponent, juppe has been a pillar of the french conservative party for many decades. he has conceded defeat and now
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pledges to backfillen. just a month ago fillon was considered an unlikely bet for the presidency. he won voters with a very polished performance on television. >> cnn's me lisa bell has more on the man who has defied expectatio expectations. >> reporter: with those words the upset of the republican primary became clear and francois fillon was thrust into the lime light. until last sunday no one had expected him to get past the first round. with a beer he toasted the fact that he'd beaten all six other candidates including his former boss. for five years francois fillon served as the flam boyant nicolas sarkozi. the job a reward for backing sarkozi.
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francois fillon slipped from the lime light. he also getting a way from the capital to the grassroots with a three year campaign across the country that would ultimately see him defy the polls. >> translator: the only part of the polls that really matter was the trend and for weeks he was the only candidate who was constantly gaining support. >> reporter: after his victory in the first round he still had his work cut out and very much in the media spotlight. >> translator: what i refuse is the distribution of christmas presents, promises that make no sense that cannot be financed in country that let me remind you, is just about the most indebted country of the developed world. >> reporter: his right wing went down well with the right. ahead of the second round he met with those members of parliament who supported his call to scrap the 35 hour week, take on the unions and liberalize france's
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labor market. all things his opponent said could not be done. by the time the two men met -- >> translator: you cannot ask civil servants to work more and earn less. this is what makes us different from one another. >> translator: this is a major issue. he's a man of the system. with which he simply wants to tinger. i believe that this is just you second guessing other people's motivations. >> reporter: in the end francois fillon proved more popular. >> the very good part of the techniques was a capacity to francois fillon to different targets of the right wing. they want less tax, less state, less civil servants but also the traditional right wings, antigay marriage but also the most conservative part of the right wing they want to protect france from the outside.
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>> francois fillon he'll now be taking that platform to the broader electrait and the increasely popular far right. >> let's bring in cnn's jm bittermen live in paris this morning. so let's talk about fillon. this victory came as a surprise over juppe who was considered by many to be a safe pair of hands. fillon during the debate, i remember, he was the best pick he described himself as the person to institute significant change. do you get the sense that fillon will be the candidate that differs greatly from juppe? >> reporter: well, i think he will be. there's no question about it. he's got some very conservative positions on not only social issues but economic issues. he's promised to slash 500,000 bureaucratic jobs, government
12:23 am
jobs and 100 billion euros from the french budget and as he pointed out in that sound clip that she had in her package, france is one of the most indebted countries in the western hemisphere. he's also going to say in a lot of the same territory as the extreme right as marie lepen. it should be said too that because of these strong right wing positions, he may in some ways stimulate the regrouping of the left. this morning we heard the leader of the socialist party saying, hey, listen, it's time for this cost of warfare within the party to stop -- within the socialist party to stop. we got to get together, look at what the threat is from the right. so he could, in fact, serve to coalesce the left but he would also trouns the right and left i should say at this point is very unpopular according to the
12:24 am
public opinion poll that came out. in fact, president were to run would come in in fifth place in the first round of the elections next may. >> wow. you touched on this a bit jim but i wanted to push further and look at a possible comparison to get your take on it in the united states you'll remember the polls they favored hillary clinton, but failed to take into account a part of the electoral that hadn't participated before in elections. there was a similar surprise in the united kingdom with brexit. marie lepen would favor her if up against fillon. so could this be a similar situation? >> reporter: definitely could be especially when you look at the way the pollsters missed it here. fillon back in the beginning of november was polling in at about
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10% and, in fact, in a second round he got 60% of the vote, so they were way off on picking him out of the crowd. i just had one more thing with the trump comparison and that is the geo political impact. if there's anything where they're doing a victory dance outside of france it's in moscow because fillon is very close to russia and very close to putin and as a consequence now moscow has potentially allies certainly in mr. trump and potentially an ally in mr. fillon if he were to be elected president, george. >> wow. you see many nations shifting to the right and jim as you point out some of those shifts are favorable to russia. live in paris, thank you for the report. and back in the united states, president-elect donald trump's inner circle is split over his consideration of mitt romney for secretary of state.
12:26 am
romney has sharply criticized trump in the past calling him a phoney and a fraud, one of trump's top advisors says his supporters feel betrayed that romney might now end up with the top post in trump's cabinet. >> i know there are other candidates being considered apart from the ones that are just being covered more commonly in the media, but apart from that, governor romney in the last four years, has he been around the globe doing something on behalf of the united states of which we're unaware, i'm all for party unity but i'm not sure twoef pay for that with the secretary of state position. let me repeat what donald trump decides kellyanne conway and everybody else will respect. it's just the -- the backlash from the grassroots i'm hearing from people who say, hey, my parents died penniless but i gave 26 2 $16 to donald trump's campaign and i would feel betrayed. >> the political website reports
12:27 am
that vpt elect mike pence is pushing for the romney appointment but conway and others want the former mayor of new york rudy giuliani to be the access. on monday, trump resumes interviewing candidates for cabinet and staff positions in the trump white house but an effort to recount votes in several key states is likely to keep annoying him. >> it is and for the latest on this we turn to cnn's ryan nobles at trump's resort in florida. >> reporter: donald trump is wrapped up his holiday weekend here at the mar-a-lago resort in florida and although we didn't see or hear that much of the president-elect he did neighboring clear how he feels about the recount effort under way by green party candidate jill stein. trump's not happy with it. he tweeted 12 different times about this topic more than he's tweeted about any topic since been located potus. at one point he even suggests he
12:28 am
would have won the popular vote if votes casted i will yell were not involved. their campaign say they found no evidence that votes were cast inappropriately they want to rule in or out that possibility. trump has a very busy monday planned. eight different people will come to trump tower and many of them could be potential candidates for his cabinet or administration among them the milwaukee county sheriff derek clark. he could be the next secretary of homeland security and then kathleen white, she's the former texas commissioner on environmental quality, she is rumored to be considered as the next administrator of the epa. trump still has many important decisions to make including who will become his next secretary of state. ryan nobles cnn, florida. >> ryan, thank you. now to south korea the presidential san dal is threatening to par lies the government there and now the
12:29 am
president of the nation park geun-hye's attorney says she cannot cooperate with prosecutors request to question her face-to-face by tuesday due to her busy schedule. >> authorities are investigating park as a suspect in a wide reaching corruption probe. her friend has already been charged with abuse of power, fraud and coercion. we're going to take a very short break here. we'll be back.
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and welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rows marry church and i'm
12:33 am
george howell. >> cuba marking the life of long time leader fidel castro with week of tributes. 21 gun is a lieutenants will be held in meend sunday. on pennsylvania castro's -- of course the island following in reverse the route that he traveled to power in 1959. >> syria regime forces have pushed into two neighbors. it appears to be the start of a long threatened assault to seize the area from rebels. media reported government troops are in full reports of the neighborhoods. only parts are in regime hands. in france, francois fillon will lead the conservative party in the election next year. fillon may face the far right national front leader marie lepen in next year's vote.
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england's football association is launching an internal review of child abuse allegations from former players. an independent legal counsel will assist in this investigation. the chief executive of the association says that more than 20 football players have come forward with claims of being sexually abused while playing the sport as children. >> cnn's aarerin, first of all what does do they say? what does it consist of? what are they looking for? >> the fa put out a statement sort of detailing the focus of this investigation. that statement saying the fa will be looking at what the fa knew during the relevant time period. they'll be looking at individual football clubs what they knew during this time period as well as what should have been done. they'll also be conducting an
12:35 am
audit of current practice to make sure this sort of thing never happens again. they'll also be working closely alongside police several police forces here in the united kingdom had launched their own investigations as has several football clubs including crew this after over 20 football players came forward with allegations of sexual abuse as children and the f a's also setting up it's own hotline safe place for victims to call for further whistle blowing. so far, george, the number show that over 100 people have placed phone calls to that hotline. >> these players who have come forward, what more are we hearing from them? >> reporter: that's right. we're seeing right now is sort of a cascade effect. we've heard from one former youth league player, he is a one
12:36 am
of the players to waive his right. he expects more players to come forward. take a listen to what he had to say. >> it's overwhelming. this is getting bigger by the hour the amount of response i've had, support we've had and the recent players -- exprofessional players who have contacted me over the last 24 hours who are on the earth hopefulverge of co >> he came forward on friday. he's alleging abuse at the hands of the former scout benel was convicted and jailed three times. no arrests so far have been made in connection with the current wave of allegations. >> live for us in loond. thanks for the reporting.
12:37 am
and for more perspective on this we are joined by world soccer magazine. thank you so much for talking with us. so just how far reaching and extensive is this problem of child abuse in football beyond the more than 20 players? we heard there's some 100 calls placed and what are the likely ramifications going forward do you think? >> well, in terms of depth and breadth i think there are going to be many, many cases which will come to light now that the issue is out in the open finally and now that there is an inquiry of police investigations undergoing. you have to bear in mind also that this stretches back over several decades, so that could be quite volume of history that's built up there that no one's talked about so far. in terms of where this goes in the future, i think it must be acknowledged first that a great deal of work has been done over
12:38 am
the past few years in tightening up on i suppose child care security within all sports in britain, but obviously there will be a new look at whether what is being done nowadays in terms of keeping young people safe is adequate. >> as you point out this goes back several decades, more than likely this covers other nations, other continents, so talk to us about what's likely to happen in britain in terms of compensation? what will be the solutions for some of these people coming forward and just how extensive might this be on these other nations do you think? >> i don't know obviously the british inquires, they can't go into anything that happens on other continents. what you will find is incidents and incidents being reported now
12:39 am
probably not only in football but in other sports as well, you know, because obviously the issue of sexual abuse of miners is an issue that goes across all boundaries. not only in sports, in entertainment as well. so in terms of compensation i think you're talking about a sthaep comes after criminal cases and that's another major step that would have to be undergone first. >> all right. thank you so much for talking with us. this is a problem of course we will keep a very close eye on the outcome of this and see what happens. many thanks. still ahead here how a second place finish on a fast track finally earned rossberg a formula one title. >> also ahead we'll have the latest on the weather system that's bringing severe flooding to parts of europe. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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welcome back.
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german race car driver rosberg is crowned champion of the formula one. >> cnn amanda davis explains. >> reporter: rosberg thanked his team for making his childhood dream come true. it's a dream that has ended in disappointment with his rival lewis hamilton finishing ahead of him. lewis did all he could to steal rosberg's crown and trying to back up his teammate. but in the end the race summed up his season. he did what he had to do when he needed to do it. calm, reassured and dill jenlt. true to form asking permission
12:44 am
from his team before celebrating with donuts. just to make sure it was actually his world title it couldn't be taken away. lewis points to his ten race wins that's enough in any other season to claim his fourth driver championship. there's not many that would argue with the fact, lewis is capable of the sensation. he's fought back, he's worked hard and it's absolutely him rightly celebrating because form la one's 33rd world champion. after nearly two months of no rain for millions across the drought stricken actually get some beneficial rain. our meteorologist is here. rain on the way. >> about time. it is about time. the drought stricken nature of
12:45 am
this, we've seen and smelled the smoke and the haze and this is been expansive occurrence here where it's actually worse than what's occurring across california. it is impressive when you take a look at some of the maps here, the deep reds, all of northern georgia, parts of tennessee where we've had tremendous drought in place. in fact, in the city of atlanta there's been weather records that have been kept since the 1870s that's over 50,000 days, the longest stretch of no rainfall was 39 days in a row of no rainfall. currently in atlanta it was not rained for 41 consecutive days. it puts it in perspective. you take a look, another way to break this down, places such as phoenix, los angeles, las vegas well-known for being dry
12:46 am
generally but also in a drought right now. compare those to plan, chattanooga and birmingham the rainfall disparity is undeniable. so when you take a look at the forecast modeling you see this wall of water that is wonderful news for a lot of people that really dealt with a poor air quality as well and some of this does come with severe weather. we could get wild weather here across portions of louisiana and arkansas but for some it will be very beneficial when it comes to the rainfall. where they don't need any more rainfall is across europe. i want to show you some video coming out of italy over the last couple of days. many rivers across this region bursting their banks after several consecutive days of heavy rainfall. the weather pattern that was clocked in place. we had at least two fatalities. several people considered missing. many roads, bridges, schools and businesses shut down because of what has occurred in the last couple of days.
12:47 am
i want to show you the map's in motion here. here's what happens happened in the past couple of days. an area of high pressure is actually being clinging to the storm system. even though the orange crop there potentially half of the citrus crop might be loss because of the severe flooding. the areas in red show you where the flooding was, the green showing how it's improved now. some good news. good news. thank you. this week the cnn freedom project is focusing on the people creating demand for human trafficking. we begin with the story of one trafficking survivor in mexico who is now an activist. >> her journey to safety was long because many of her broosers were in positions of authorities. >> translator: that little face you see here that was my face at
12:48 am
the age of 12. >> she travels the world telling her story. >> translator: they would beat me with sticks. they would beat me with cables. they would beat me with chains. >> her name -- >> i'm a human trafficking survivor. they forced me into prostitution starting at age 12. >> by her own estimate she was raped more than 43,200 times by the time she turned 16. after being forced to work as a prostitute for four years, she was rescued during a police raid and taken to a shelter. over several years she says she went from being a victim to a trusted volunteer who would help and give advice to other victims. when we first met karla in earlier 2015 she was still recovering from her deep emotional wounds and harrowing memories of sexual abuse. >> translator: there were people who would laugh at me because i was crying.
12:49 am
i had to close my eyes so that i wouldn't see what they were doing to me. >> she says she wants to know the world human traffic is part of today's reality and every child is at risk. some of the men who abused her were in law enforcement. >>. >> translator: the uniformed police officers entered the room we were in. we had to do everything they asked of us. the whole thing lasted three or four hours. >> what was going through your mind at that point thinking that those who are supposed to protect you were abusing you? >> translator: i thought they were disgusting. they knew we were minors. we were nost even developed. we had sad faces. >> a former mexican congresswoman who now fights against human trafficking men in positions of power were among carla's worst abusers. >> she had clients that were judges, priests, pasters, police, so she knew that she could not run away to go to the
12:50 am
authorities. >> now carla is not only surviving but thriving speaking publicly against human trafficking in different countries. >> translator: i never imagined that the girl who used to stand up at a coroner wearing short skirts and high heels, the one people who consider a prostitute would feel so strong. nowadays many people are listening to me and it's not only here in mexico. >> last july she told her story to pope francis at the vatican during an international conference about modern day slavery. >> translator: it's one of the greatest experiences i've ever had. >> in the end her main goal is raising awareness and helping boys and girls so they don't fall prey to human traffickers like she did. incredible young woman there. and coming up tuesday what the city of oakland, california is doing to combat human trafficking. >> to be announcing the launch
12:51 am
of report >> the site aims to crack down on the demand by encouraging people to photograph the license plate numbers of people belonging to suspected sex buyers. >> more on this new initiative tuesday the next part of the new cnn freedom project series tracking. right after the break. from 5-hour energy.troducs protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts, no matter how you work out... whether you're going for reps... or laps... or distance. you gotta try it... period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein.
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welcome back to cnn cnn "newsroom" so here in the united states we're just coming off of thanksgiving. it is a time for foam give thanks, but people in one province they've been giving thanks for something he is, their monkeys. for the 28th year running residents north of bangkok put out a fruit buffet for their fris can i friends. they credit the monkeys for bringing in tourism dollars. >> look at that. so many monkeys, the event welcomes visitors all over the world some of whom are a little wary of the monkeys touchy feely
12:56 am
behavior. >> one bite me like yesterday so that was surprised but i guess it was just a bit fun the others were really kind fraendly. they were fun but i guess you need to be careful. >> yes, they do have a tendency to bite. it went ahead that thailand is still grieving the death of it's king. organizers are saying the event had been toned down as a sign of respect during a one year mourning period. >> i think i'd be a little nervous if i were around it. >> i had very long hair and a monkey was jumping from the hair. they can be a big worry. thanks for joining us. i'm rose marry church. >> early start is next for viewers here in the united states. cnn "newsroom" continues. >> have a great day.
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president-elect trump launching into an epic twitter rant slamming the recount in wisconsin while claiming he won the popular presidential election. a tale of two cities in the wake of fidel castro's death. the people of havana grieving and in little havana, they are dancing in the streets. and welcome to cyber monday. millions of americans hunting for the best deals online. where should you be searching? welcome to "early start." i'm miguel marquez in for john


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