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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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campus of ohio state university. we will continue to show you live pictures as we get them in. a lot not known, we need to say off the bat, of what is going on on the ground. the columbus fire department has just confirmed eight people have been transported to area hospitals. gunshots have been heard. the first message to students and faculty and employees came via a tweet and text earlier this morning, i think just about 10:00 a.m. this morning, saying this. buckeye alert, active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight. watts hall, 19th and college. a message a little bit later cautioned everyone to continue to shelter in place in the north campus area. a lot to go over. we are waiting for more information to come in as we are continuing to follow these live pictures. let's bring in our team of reporters and analysts. cnn law enforcement analyst will be joining us, deborah feyerick has been working her sources.
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senior law enforcement analyst will be joining us in just a second. we also have ohio state university student kevin vasquez joining us by phone. he's on ohio state's campus near the shooting scene. can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> thank you for jumping on the phone. how are you doing? what are you seeing? >> i'm doing well. i'm on edge a little bit. i'm told to move back from lane avenue because i guess there's two shooters and they have one of them pinned down inside of a bathroom. >> we don't have that information confirmed, kevin. we don't have the number of shooters or that anyone is pinned down. thank you very much for letting me know what you are hearing. we are working as we always say in the early moments, there can be a lot of conflicting information. i want to make sure we are clear with our viewers on that. you are near where this is happening. what are you seeing? are you inside, are you outside? where are you?
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>> i'm outside the student life office, lane avenue, and there's roughly i would say 40 cop cars, s.w.a.t. team just standing outside getting ready, looks to be like they're going inside this building but i could be wrong. >> what building are you looking at again? i'm sorry about the connection. >> it's very hectic here right now. there's like 40 cop cars. everyone is very frantic. all the s.w.a.t. teams are getting together and cops are still pulling up. >> kevin, how did you -- did you learn about this from the alert through twitter or through text? how did you learn about this this morning? >> yes. i was told about it through the alert. i woke up to it. then i had class so i was on my way, then this happened so i came over here and now there's probably about 40 of us just sitting here, talking. a bunch of them are workers from school who got evacuated from this building.
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>> you are standing nearby. are law enforcement allowing you to stand nearby? is it safe where you are? >> we are probably 70 yards away. they told us to push back even further about ten minutes ago. >> you are sure you are safe? it seems contained elsewhere? i want to make sure you are okay. >> yes. yes. we are all safe. there's cops nearby. they are making sure we are all safe. >> have you heard anything from the police officers, you say it seems frantic from what you are looking at right now. does it seem that it's been frantic the whole time you have been outside, or does it look like something's happening right now? >> no. it looks like nothing's happening right now. looks more or less like they are just like trying to make sure that' everybody is in the right places and to make sure they can do this safely and whatnot. i was talking to a couple people
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and we are all safe, all making sure they are not letting us move any further, though. >> the alert that went out that said this was an active shooter in watts hall, when you say you are about 70 yards away, are you 70 yards from watts hall? >> no. i would say i'm probably two blocks away from watts hall. i'm 70 yards away from where they say the shooter's at locked inside the bathroom. >> locked inside -- okay. got it. okay. we are working to confirm all of these details, of course. >> yeah, there's two shooters. one's inside. then they got the other one, i guess. >> do you ever have any classes in watts hall? do you know from research before i was running up it looks like a science and engineering building. do you have any classes in that hall? >> i personally don't have any classes in there. but you are correct, it is a science and engineering building. >> the alert that went out that
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says run, hide, fight, it says a lot of folks are sheltering in place. i'm sure you have been in touch with a lot of your friends, lot of fellow students. >> yes. >> you know what? hold on one second. hold on one second. want to listen to this live interview. >> -- ever think something like this is going to happen. it's mind-blowing. the most tragic thing you can imagine happening to a school, especially after, you know, like a big weekend like we just had and thanksgiving and everything. i don't know. this is just like crazy. >> reporter: you said all the students are really glued to their phones getting in touch with one another, trying to just make sure everyone's safe. >> yeah. everybody has been -- i have been back and forth with a lot of people, friends and family, making sure everybody is safe and getting multiple text from friends and my mom and stuff, people i work with. but yeah, i think everybody is probably doing that all around campus right now. >> reporter: thanks very much. i actually spoke with some other people who are locked in dorms right now and they are not getting a lot of information.
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there haven't been any more text alerts that have come through. they are a little nervous about what's going on right now. what we can say is that we believe the situation is contained. that's what we are being told. even though it is very active and things are still going on. lots of police cruisers and squads going up and down the streets. we are at 18th and college. the scene right up there at 19th -- >> you are listening to some local reporters on the ground speaking to some of the students on the ground as well. we still have with us kevin vasquez, who is also on the ground on ohio state university campus. let me bring you in to continue our conversation. i was asking you just before we went to that live interview, have you talked to students who are locked inside buildings, who are sheltering in place or locked down? >> yes, i have. a lot of my family has been trying to text me and get ahold of me. i have been talking to them. my friends who are in classes have been told to stay in class and they can't leave. everyone seems pretty like on
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edge right now. nothing's really going on on campus. >> that seems understandable. kevin, thank you so much for joining me. really appreciate it. please stay safe. good to hear you have been in touch with your family. if you are joining us, again, the breaking news happened just before we came on air. there was reports of an active shoot other the cer on the camp state university. the latest from the fire department are eight people have been transported to local hospitals. three patients transported to an area hospital according to a spokesperson from the hospital, are suffering non-life threatening injuries. some bit of good news there. but this is very much still ongoing as we speak. let's discuss as we watch these live pictures. let me bring in art roderick, cnn law enforcement analyst, former assistant director of the u.s. marshal service and deb feyerick. deb, what more are you picking up? from what we are hearing, it seems as always there are
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conflicting reports. hang on. do you see that shot on the right side of the screen? can we pull that back up really quickly? >> reporter: looks like somebody was being cuffed. yeah. it's unclear who that is. again, the bulk of the law enforcement seems to be isolated around this one building. it's a large building. we are told that eight are injured, one is in critical. this may be somebody who they are just clearing. if this were a suspect, one might imagine there would be a much heavier police presence around this individual. unclear whether they are walking him out or what. you can see members of the s.w.a.t. team there both from the sheriff's department but also from the local police department. they are there, near that building. there's a bearcat which is in position. that vehicle is used to bring people closer to the situation and in the event they take gunfire, they can essentially shield themselves behind that vehicle. right now, we are told there's
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the sheriffs on site, the police department, the ohio state public safety, atf, fbi, all of them are responding in somewhat of a coordinated way. but you see those people milling about. unclear whether they are waiting for directives from the person on scene who is controlling this operation or whether they are simply safeguarding that area right now. we are waiting for a lot more information to come in. we do know that at least one individual has been critically injured. we do not know who that individual is. we don't know the extent of the injuries. the other injuries, though, we are told that in fact, they are non-life threatening. so active situation going on right now, as everybody sort of moves into position as they try to find or identify whoever it is who may have done this. >> absolutely. deb will stick close and is working the phones as well. art, let me bring you in on this. you have been taking a look at this. we have been watching it for over an hour now. you saw that image there, it
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obviously struck me as being what looked like maybe someone of student age, being led out in handcuffs. you don't want to read too much into it, as deb very well cautioned. what do you see there? >> i think deb is probably right on. if that was a suspect you would have a lot more law enforcement around him. a lot of times what will happen is in certain situations, when they clear an area, they will go ahead and cuff somebody until they can actually clear that specific individual person. now, somebody had mentioned this particular incident is contained. it might be contained but it definitely is not resolved yet. you still have a lot of s.w.a.t. team members milling around outside of this building so whatever's going on seems to be centered in this specific building and you see more s.w.a.t. team members showing up and positioning themselves, and i don't know if -- there could be negotiation going on right now with a particular individual and s.w.a.t. team is setting up around the area, but there doesn't seem to be any immediacy
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from the pictures we are looking at. >> you don't see any kind of urgency -- so do we still call it an active shooter then? >> yes. the protocol is any time these types of incidents occur, the active shooter protocol kicks in and it will be hours before you actually get the all-clear. until you get the all-clear this is an active shooter scenario. there will be hundreds of law enforcement officers, state, local and federal, responding. whoever is stationed in that area will be at this particular location, assisting or whatever you can. it looks like it's unorganized but it's very organized. i guess you could call it organized chaos. but it is planned. they have trained for this. you see the run hide fight message that went out. that has just come about over the past year. because you actually have two different types of training that occurs. you have training that civilians get that a lot of these
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universities go through, then you have training that law enforcement gets as first responders. so the training that the public is getting now is this run hide fight scenario with fight being obviously the last thing you want to get involved with. that's why that message went out that way. we are starting to hear this in every single active shooter incident that's just been occurring over the past six or seven months. >> art, stick with me. let me add to the conversation as we watch all of this continue to unfold before us in columbus, ohio, an active shooter reported this morning, on the campus of ohio state university, eight people, at least eight people transported to local hospitals, one person critically injured, three people according to one -- three of those transported according to local hospital looking at non-life threatening injuries. the rest of them, we don't know the state that they are in at this moment. we will add to the conversation tom fuentes, cnn senior law enforcement analyst, former
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assistant director of the fbi. tom, i think art said something really important here. we are looking at these live pictures from the scene, we have heard a lot of people talking possibly of the situation appears contained by kind of maybe this stature of law enforcement outside but that by no means says it's resolved. >> no, that's correct. i think that when i mentioned earlier that when you see the yellow police do not cross this line tape go around buildings or around a certain area, they are establishing a police perimeter. meaning that they believe the incident from that point on is going to be contained within the confines of that yellow tape. that's why you have seen so many people outside that perimeter just being bystanders, standing around watching, being relaxed. that indicates that from that point on, the police do not believe they had a shooter at
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large on the campus or on the streets of columbus. so that's the important point there. but as art mentioned, it's a contained area but it's a crime scene. it doesn't mean the situation's over, because if you have one or more shooters inside that perimeter, they are still alive and still in a position to shoot people, then they still have to resolve that. that's the issue here that they may already have the shooter in custody but they are still going to have to do a complete search of all of the premises to determine that there's no other shooters, no other devices have been placed or any other threats before they can declare that the whole thing is over. >> absolutely. talk to me, as it appears right now, again, we are in the middle of this and waiting to get more confirmed information coming in, it does appear all of the activity is focused around this one building on osu's campus.
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talk to me about the difference between how you handle the situation if it's an active shooter inside a building which is what all information that's come out so far is pointing to, inside this watts hall, or outside a building. >> in terms of inside a building it's an extremely dangerous situation because you don't know whether you have additional shooters or the actual shooters hiding somewhere in a closet, in the furnace room, in the electrical area or the classroom closets. you have all of these areas that have to be searched. also, you have students and teachers who, when the shots began, may have taken cover so they may not be in a position to know what's going on outside of the hiding area they established. that becomes difficult as well. in terms of outside, if they thought they had someone on the loose, they would not be
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allowing students and police officers to just stand around outside that yellow tape. they would be worried that they have a continuing threat and they would continue not only issuing lockdown orders on that campus but the city of columbus as a whole. someone could walk two blocks and be off that campus and into the city, in other areas, causing a threat. i think there is a different approach and the police just don't know. however, there is an advantage here, in the victims did not sustain life-threatening wounds which would indicate that hopefully, some or all of those individuals are able to talk to the police and say how they were shot, who shot them, how many subjects there might be in there shooting people. they might be able to provide a great deal of information to police because they are not in critical condition. >> absolutely. all right. everyone stand by, please. we are continuing to follow the breaking news developing as we speak. an active shooter reported on the campus of ohio state
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university. the fire department in columbus saying at least eight people have been transported to local hospitals. one person in critical condition is what we know so far. a large, a large police presence on this very big university campus. we are continuing to follow all of this. we'll be right back.
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8:21 am for great deals. and start bidding today! we are continuing to follow breaking news coming out of columbus, ohio, where there's been a report of an active shooter on ohio state university campus. the alert going out earlier this morning. this was the alert that went out via text and twitter to everyone on campus. buckeye alert, active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight. watts hall, 19th and college. this coming from the ohio state university emergency management account. they got it via text and also they sent it out on twitter. shortly after that saying they needed to remain in place and to shelter in place, that it was still ongoing. since then we found out from the columbus fire department, eight people have been transported to local hospitals. one person, critically injured. that is the extent of what we
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know at this point. we see a huge law enforce. ment s.w.a.t. team presence. our law enforcement analysts have seen kind of the situation and see it appears contained but in no way at this moment resolved. we are continuing to follow this as we wait to learn more about what exactly is going on on ohio state university's campus. with me, i have on the phone wyatt, a 19-year-old sophomore at ohio state. he's on lockdown right now. can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> thank you so much for joining me. are you okay? where are you? >> yes. i'm okay. i'm still in my dorm room about a street away from the incident. >> you know what, stick with me. if you could, i need to go over to cnn correspondent deborah feyerick. what do we have? >> reporter: what we are learning is that one suspect has
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been killed. one suspect has been killed. that is according to local media reports. we are working to confirm that. a local hospital also saying there are four students who are injured along with -- they are part of the eight we had originally counted so we are looking -- law enforcement basically looking to see whether in fact there are additional people. it does appear everything is localized to that one building. apparently that parking garage that you are looking at right now, the s.w.a.t. team was in that building. we are told one suspect has been killed. we saw additional people being led out of the building, one of them as you noticed in handcuffs. however, there wasn't a significant presence around that individual so it's unclear whether that's person was involved in this or whether happened to be in that building and therefore removed either as a precaution or something else. we are also learning that along with this visible law enforcement presence on campus, that all students are being
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notified about all academic classes are being canceled for the remainder of the day. the campus technically is open, however, multiple buildings are now closed in that area where all this activity is going on. that's 19th avenue, 140 west and the mcquig building, the watts building as well. still very active but we can tell you that according to local media reports, at least one suspect has been killed. obviously that raises the question, are they looking for others. that appears to be the case. >> deb, we might not know this at all right now, but we know as you learned from the columbus fire department, that there had been eight people transported to hospitals. sorry if you already told me this, but do we know if that one suspect who is dead is included in that count? are there eight additional people that have been transported? >> reporter: it's a great question. usually when the original numbers come out, they do
8:25 am
include if the gunman has in fact killed himself, they will include preliminarily that number within the overall figure. so we have eight people, a number of those injuries not life-threatening. we don't know the extent of the other four that are at wexner medical facility right now. there was one person in critical. as tom and others have been saying, if this was some sort of active shooter, oftentimes they either take their lives or they sort of play this out and do death by cop. again, unclear whether that one person who is in critical is that potential suspect. >> this is coming from local media reports. we are working to confirm all of this. this is important news that according to local media, as you reported, one suspect has been killed. are local media reporting if this was -- if the shooter killed himself or herself, or if this was by law enforcement? >> reporter: that's really unclear. that's really unclear.
8:26 am
it's too soon to tell. obviously that is a huge question that everybody wants to know, because often times they take their own lives. we will see. we do know the s.w.a.t. team was clearing that building so if there was an encounter, hopefully we will know that soon. >> thank you so much. deb working her sources, bringing us as we get more breaking news. we do know as deb just reported from local media, they are reporting that one suspect is dead on ohio state university's campus. unclear if that means there are other suspects they are looking for. this is all coming out piece by piece. cnn is working to confirm these reports we are seeing in local media. let me bring in molly clark, another student from ohio state university. are you across the street from the parking garage where we have seen all of this activity? >> yes, that's correct. i'm at the business school in gurlock hall in lockdown. >> what are you seeing, what are you hearing? can you give me a sense of what
8:27 am
it's like right now? >> from where we are, it's pretty calm. all the streets are blocked off. you can't see a lot of commotion on this end of the building. but down the street, the entire parking garage is surrounded by s.w.a.t. team and there's a helicopter, there's actually quite a few helicopters that are circling around the campus. and so we have just been on lockdown for the past hour or so and waiting to hear more. >> you have received no other updates yet from the campus, from the text message alert system or from twitter, of course, right? other than to stay locked down? >> that's correct. yes. the one suspect has either killed himself or has been killed. we are not clear on what that is yet. but there is still possibly another suspect still out there.
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>> how are you doing? even when you say you are on lockdown across the street from where all of this is focused, how are you doing? >> it's slightly terrifying. you know, i'm in the mba first year class here. we have quite a few military men in our class who actually are all standing by the doors, keeping us safe. feeling pretty good about that. >> wow. that was amazing and reassuring. >> yes. >> what's the conversation amongst everyone in the classroom right now? did you guys hear anything? i know you are across the street from this parking garage. did you hear anything going on outside or was the first indication the alert system? >> yeah, the first indication was the alert system. the first incident happened, just down the street from us at watts hall. we did not hear of anything there. but we were told that the shooter was or the suspect was
8:29 am
making its way towards the fisher college of business which then ended up right at the lane avenue parking garage. so that's all we have heard for now. people are trying to stay calm and just sort of listen to what's going on at the moment. >> absolutely. we really are doing the same, trying to figure out exactly what is going on at the moment. thank you so much for getting on the phone. we really appreciate it. stay safe weech. we are watching for developments along with you. thank you. >> thank you. >> so from molly clark, i want to go back to wyatt, another student we have been talking with. are you back with me? >> yes. yes, i am. >> thank you for stick around. really appreciate it. so now as i was talking to molly clark, she was saying their first indication was that something was wrong was from the alert system. from what i hear, you heard
8:30 am
gunshots. you heard something happening before you even saw an alert. >> yes. i remember my roommate saying he heard something he thought was gunshots. then we heard the police come. then we believe we heard the gunshots before the alert came. we can't confirm that but we believe we heard it. >> as you have been looking outside your window, what can you see? can you see watts hall? can you see the parking garage? >> i can see watts hall from my dorm but i can't -- like there's a smaller dorm in front of it. i can see the cop cars surrounding watts hall but i can't see directly what's going on with the building. but i cannot see the parking garage from here. >> got you. have you noticed anything different, as obviously you have been locked down in place watching all of this all morning, when you initially thought you heard gunshots. have you noticed a change in kind of the posture or in the
8:31 am
presence of police outside your window from what you can see? have you noticed a difference in the over an hour now that this has all been happening? >> from what i can see, they seem pretty still. they seem to be just stuck around watts hall. there seem to be a lot of police and ambulances waiting outside of watts hall. that's just from what i can see, though. i can't see the entire area. >> okay. wyatt, thank you so much for sticking around to talk with me on the phone. i really appreciate it. we will get a quick break. more information coming in. the breaking news, a shooter on ohio state university campus. at least eight people injured. transported to hospitals, one critically and importantly, local media are reporting right now that one suspect has been killed. a lot more information still unknown. we continue to follow breaking developments. we'll be right back. oh no, that looks gross whoa, twhat is that? try it.
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continuing to follow breaking news out of ohio state university campus in columbus, ohio. reports of an active shooter on campus. a shelter in place order has been in place for over an hour now, since before, just before 10:00 a.m., but this just now coming out from the ohio state emergency management -- ohio state university emergency management twitter account. let me read it to you. shelter in place lifted. scene is now secure. all classes are canceled on columbus campus for the remainder of the day. another tweet also sent out that the area around 19th and college avenue is closed and there's also a link to a list of buildings that are also closed because of the ongoing situation here. so that is the very latest, it just came in that the shelter in
8:37 am
place has now been lifted for all of those on campus. let me go to deb feyerick for more information on what we know. what's the latest that you are hearing? >> reporter: well, what we are hearing is that federal law enforcement officials who has been briefed on this ongoing investigation now believes that one suspect, that there was only one suspect and that that one suspect is dead. federal law enforcement telling our producer that in fact, the one suspect does appear to be dead. the same official saying the threat now appears to be contained, though there is still an ongoing sweep. we are told as you just read, according to the osu police that the scene is now secure and the shelter in place has been lifted which means the majority of law enforcement activity with respect to looking for additional suspects, that seems to be over. the count right now, eight people being treated. initially one was listed as being in critical condition. we are now told that the
8:38 am
injuries themselves are non-life threatening but again, the key here according to our producer is that one suspect is dead and it appears that that one suspect was acting at least for now alone. clearly there will be a huge investigation to see in fact who he is or who she is and what may have happened to trigger this. kate? >> absolutely. so this is very important breaking news update for everyone. the one suspect they believe only one suspect involved, is killed. they do believe the suspect is dead and they do believe it's only one suspect involved. do they know, do you have any information yet, i know atf is on the ground, do they know, do they have a firearm in possession? do they have the weapon? >> reporter: no. they don't right now. they don't right now. so we are looking, in fact, to determine exactly what that is. there are some reports that potentially he may have had a
8:39 am
knife but again, all of this right now is under investigation. we are also not being told specifically what the nature of the wounds are, simply that they are non-life threatening which is actually very good. clearly if this had been a situation with some sort of high powered assault rifle or assault rifle, i should say, it would have been a very different outcome. again, all that under investigation. >> deb feyerick bringing us the breaking news. thank you so much. continuing to work her sources. thank you. also of course to her producer for bringing us that breaking news. let me go to tom fuentes, former assistant director of the fbi. he's on the phone with me. he's been following all of this. so we do have this information now, tom, the federal law enforcement official believing that there was one suspect involved in the attack. that suspect now is dead. what does that -- they also, though, stress this is early in the investigation, though, and the sweep continues. what does that tell you? >> it tells me that when we heard that the individual was transported to the hospital, many of them not having
8:40 am
life-threatening injuries, that means they would have been in a position hopefully to see what happened, to see who was either shooting or stabbing people, and provide a lot of information to the police as they were being transported to the hospital and at the hospital itself. police would have received a great deal of information and may have been told that the best anyone knew, it was only one person doing the attacking. we do have all the reports of many people hearing gunshots so whether we have gunshots as well as stabbing victims is yet to be announced. but the police would have a pretty good idea if the scene is contained and we mentioned earlier, a long time ago, as soon as they put that yellow do not cross this line tape around the perimeter, that indicated the police knew they got a contained scene even if not a resolved one, at least they probably did not have a shooter at large on the campus or in the city of columbus.
8:41 am
>> tom, stick with me one second. control room is telling me we have live witness interview. let's listen in. >> not a lot of information getting through to us. but definitely scary. >> reporter: just came off a big weekend for ohio state. what is this like now on monday morning to be going through this? >> definitely, definitely sobering. you know, you don't expect this type of stuff on a monday morning off a break. just kind of reminding everyone that stuff like this does happen and that people, just stay safe and look out for each other. >> reporter: i'm sure you never imagined it to happen here but what were emotions like of your friends? did you talk to any family when you were locked down? >> yeah. no, it was a lot of people trying to check in, making sure everyone was safe. thank god it seems like most of my friends are okay. hopefully everyone that was transported is okay as well. there's a lot of people trying to check in, make sure everyone is all right. >> reporter: where do you go from here? we heard that classes are canceled today. have you talked with any of your
8:42 am
friends? what you're going to do today? >> yeah. i'm just going to go home, try to still keep checking in with everybody. i'm sure there's going to be a call to the parents later. i don't really know what to do. >> reporter: well, thanks very much for speaking with us. doug is just one of hundreds of students getting let out of these buildings now after -- >> we were just listening in to an interview obviously with one of the students on campus as we are following the breaking news here. lot of moving parts. we just found out that from ohio state university the shelter in place has now been lifted. all classes are canceled for the day. importantly, coming from cnn sources, federal law enforcement source says they believe there was one suspect involved in this attack and that suspect is dead. we also just got in my e-mail an update coming from the hospitals who are treating these eight patients that we do know were
8:43 am
transported. local fire department saying were transported to area hospitals. initially those reports of one suffering from critical injuries but let me go through what we are now learning on these injuries. two patients were being treated at grant medical hospital, all those with non-life threatening injuries. two other patients were being treated at riverside hospital, again, with non-life threatening injuries. then there are four patients being treated at ohio state university's wexner medical center. according to the medical center, treating four victims, none with life-threatening injuries. so it does appear there is an update here or at least maybe at the moment, some conflicting information if there is -- if there is anyone in critical condition who was transported following this attack. we are hearing it looks like eight being treated with non-life threatening injuries. we did hear from the fire department earlier that one person was suffering from critical injuries. we are continuing to look at that. let me bring back in art
8:44 am
roderick, cnn law enforcement analyst. art, a lot has changed, a lot has happened in the hours we have been watching this. you now know the suspect, they believe, has been killed and there's only one attacker. the language is interesting. as deb feyerick was pointing out, there hasn't been a weapon that's yet been recovered. there have been some reports that maybe it was not a gun, maybe it was some kind of a knife. what are you hearing? what's your sense here? >> well, you know, obviously the situation seems to be winding down and now they are looking at crime scene issues and containing crime scene. the key here is motive. why, why did this individual do this. is this a domestic situation, with eight people possibly being wounded, i don't think that's the scenario. so we have to look at maybe somebody who is mentally unstable that just picked individuals out of a crowd and started either shooting or stabbing them. so motive is going to be the key at this particular point. i think when we hear that there's no weapon found yet or
8:45 am
they haven't confirmed that there's a weapon found but we have several or a couple of at least witnesses that have said that they did hear some shooting, and there was possibly an individual that's been critically injured, so i think we are still in the very early stages of finding out what the motive is which is obviously going to be the key, as to how they are going to wrap this whole situation up. >> yeah. there clearly are and we always have to -- there clearly are some conflicting reports on exactly what is going on. but some things are becoming more clear. we do know according to law enforcement source they believe there was one suspect involved in the attack and that suspect is dead. according to ohio state university, the shelter in place is now lifted. all classes are canceled. but law enforcement source stressing that they are still very early as you pointed out, it could take hours and hours to really clear this up, stress this is early in the investigation. the sweep continues. they are working through this investigation which is clearly now a very big crime scene.
8:46 am
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we're following more breaking news coming out of columbus, ohio, and ohio state university. an attacker on campus this morning. a shelter in place ordered by the campus. we have heard that eight people were transported to local hospitals suffering injuries. we do -- have been told by a law enforcement source that the attacker, they believe, is one attacker. they believe the attacker is dead, but we have much more information coming in right now. for that, over to deb feyerick.
8:51 am
what do you have? >> reporter: kate, learning now from producers that a federal law enforcement official saying it appears the suspect used a knife in this attack. that according to federal law enforcement sources. the official saying gunshots may have been those of a police officer who responded and who was able to take down the gunman. now, we also have a report from a 20-year-old ohio state university student that he saw a man pull a knife just outside the cofault lab. the suspect starting chasing people and kirdi iaccording to witness, the attacker had a crazy look in his eyes. after scattering, the officer fired, according to the witness at least three times taking down this suspect. those three shots resonated throughout that area of the campus, leading everyone to believe there was an active shooting situation.
8:52 am
in fact, it appears it may have been one individual way large knife who went on some sort of a rampage on the campus right outside that lab. again, the shelter in place has been lifted. the scene is secure, and so investigators are putting together exactly what happened. kate? >> yep. an investigation now a crime scene. now underway. deb feyerick, important update. thank you very much. and our thanks to the poroducer who brought us a lot of that breaking news as well. continuing to keep our eye on columbus, but also news in the presidential transition at this hour. donald trump meeting with at least eight people as he continues to work to fill his cabinet post. phil mattingly, outside trump tower with an update. a lot going on, phil. meetings, facing a recount and possibly internal squabbling from trump tower that became very public over the weekend.
8:53 am
where do you want to begin? >> reporter: the last part first. the most interesting. connect it to potential selections, potential cabinet picks going on here. the reality is this -- kellyanne conway, president-elect's campaign manager throughout the course of the best parts of his campaign including the part where he won has become very public in criticism of the possibility of 2012 nominee mitt romney being selected at secretary of state. reasons pretty clear. extraordinarily critical of donald trump and the trump campaign throughout the primary process and general election process and there is a sense there should be a loyalty test of some sort. particularly for somebody so vociferous in criticism throughout the campaign. here's the thing, kate. this is important to note. we're not used to seeing this. these types of issues, transition process, cabinet selections, all happens behind the scenes. working phones, texting, e-mail people constantly to get any insight what might be happening internally. seeing it publicly now.
8:54 am
making a good point talking about this. i'm telling the president-elect the same thing behind the scenes i'm saying publicly but need to get across the point this criticism, this opposition to a potential romney selection is so public and coming from so many different areas of trump supporters that she needs to talk about it publicly. what's happening behind the scenes, at least as far as i'm told, our colleague dana bash, told frustration wirth the president-elect the most senior team, because he's still making a decision. how the process is going? a new name hadded today. david petraeus making an appearance at trump tower this afternoon. tomorrow, mitt romney, and senator bob corker. all considered in running for the secretary of state position as is rudy giuliani, close adviser to the trump campaign, who was once considered a front-runner, openly lobbying for the position. all of that being said, kate, no decision has been made. trump advisers say, look, going
8:55 am
through this entire process as he always said he would. just a little odd and strange at least to see this dynamic playing out in public. kate? >> strange to say the very least. phil, great to see you. thank you so much. phil mattingly. and now senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny and dana bash, cnn correspondent. jeff, get to what's going on, the strange thing that's going on with kellyanne conway with you, dana, in a second. jeff, the other thing donald trump is facing now is a possible recount in wisconsin. possibly facing recounts in two other states as well. they met in wisconsin today to talk about what was going on with that recount. what do we know about this? >> reporter: indeed they did, kate. within the hour the wisconsin commissioner of elections held a meeting. the recount will go forward starting thursday if jill stein, the green party candidate, agrees to pay for this. she has until tomorrow close of business, around 4:00 to pay for
8:56 am
the recount that will go forward, but this commissioner of elections in wisconsin, the board, has said this would not be a hand recount. that is something jill stein requested. it is up to each county election official if they would like to hand 72 counties. some may recount by hand and some recalculate. the stein camp sue today pap proceeding forward. pointing out, no suggestion by either side this would change the outcome of the election in wisconsin or other places. donald trump won by some 22,000 votes in wisconsin, but if she pays the bill, tomorrow a recount could start at early as thursday. >> especially with that in mind, dana, your take on this. it's not going to change the outcome. no one is suggesting that. why, then, does this bother donald trump so much? i mean, he over the weekend tweeted more about this issue,
8:57 am
this recount and then taking it a step saying he would have actually won the popular vote had it not been for millions of illegal votes cast. >> right. >> tweeted more about this than anything. any one issue since he won the election? >> reporter: no question. first of all, just on that one particular tweet saying that the illegal votes were cast, there's no evidence that is true. we should say that, point blank. despite the fact he tweeted that. it's just -- something that he is supposing, maybe he read it somewhere, maybe he got a tweet about it. we're not sure, but the answer to your bigger question, which is the most important one is, why is this bothering him so much? you know, it's unclear. i think i would say, just as somebody who's cover him now for a year and a half, that there's nothing more important than the fact that he wins, and won, and did win with the electoral college, in a big way, and the fact that he did not do so with the popular vote and the fact
8:58 am
that, you know, democrats are reminding him of that, and the american people of that, it's something that probably stings. not to mention the fact that he really did get a lot of guff after the last debate when he refused to say he would accept the results. no matter what. and you know, he does have a point there, in that, same as -- he expects the same to be true, not that he not -- now that he is the winner and democrats are looking at irregularitiesy in wisconsin or anywhere else. >> another source of discomfort, if we can, for donald trump or trump tower today. kellyanne conway, speaking out yesterday, speaking to you on "state of the union" about, made no secret. does not like mitt romney. does not think mitt romney should be the pick for donald trumpal secretary of state. that is fine and well, and normally conversations and
8:59 am
advice and opinions kept quiet, but as phil mattingly talked about, unbelievably strange and unusual it's playing out in public like this, as she said to you. >> unbelievably unusual. she made it very career in public, as you said, excruciatingly so does not think romney was loyal, a couple speeches during the campaign, both used to blast donald trump as unfit for the presidency, and so now she feels that it is her responsibility to not just say so to the president-elect in private but to do so as she did with me yesterday in public. now, i was told by a source who has spoken to donald trump frequently that the president-elect was irritated, that was the word this source used, with the fact kellyanne conway took that, her feelings about mitt romney, criticism of mitt romney public. however, i just in the past hour spoke to kellyanne conway who said that that is not true. that she has spoken to trump
9:00 am
several times yesterday and today and was not irritated and understands her concern about romney comes from a place of loyalty to him. >> i think this is not the end of that story. to say the very least. thank you very, very much, for sticking around. thank you for joining me at this hour. a lot of breaking news we've been watching and all that breaking news continues now with brianna keilar right now. hello and welcome to "cnn newsroo newsroom". thanks for joining me. i'm brianna keilar. breaking news we're following, an attack at highway state university. one suspect, that the suspect is dead and predominantly a knife attack, where a car was also used at the beginning of the attack. the columbus fire department says at least eight people injured, a shelter in place just lifted there at the university and the scene, we're told, is now secu


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