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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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and i'm going to have a big mac tonight in his honor. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. donald trump adds to his billionaire's club aka cabinet. i'm don lemon. wilbur ross for cabinet secretary and deputy commerce secretary. sensing a pattern here? meanwhile, mitt romney a mere millionaire, still on pins and needles awaiting word if he's going to be secretary of state, if he's going to get that nod. the president-elect never shy about his own so-called billionaire status says he'll remove himself from his business completely to avoid conflicts of interest. but how will that work?
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he promises to explain in this first long-awaited news conference as president-elect that's set for december 15. let's get right to cnn's politics executive editor mark preston, david gergen, ari fleischer and kevin madden. good evening to you. kevin, you first. donald trump and mitt romney had this dinner and there were still four finalists far from a lock for mitt romney. you know him well. why does he want this job so badly to be part of the trump administration, given all of the bad blood and attacks coming from trump's inner circle? >> well, again, i think his interest is driven by a sense of duty. i think that he believes that he has insights to offer on a lot of the foreign policy and national security challenges that this administration will
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face and that he can offer some experience and wisdom in that regard and he's pledged, like many others interested in his cabinet, to help this president-elect enact his agenda and that would be, again, a guiding force for him as well as a potential secretary of state. diverse opinions is not new but what's new is it's being aired publicly. running campaigns and being criticized as a governor and candidate, i don't think it affects him at all and it's a reflection of the many diverse opinions that president-elect trump has in his inner circle. >> it's not new but this is not typical. >> this is not typical at all. like i said a million times, it was not a conventional campaign. it's not a conventional transition. i don't expect it to be a conventional white house. >> newt gingrich has said scathing things about mitt romney and tonight he said this. listen.
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>> there's a scene in "pretty women" where richard gere goes up to the salesman on rodeo drive and says, we need a little sucking up here. okay. you have never seen a serious adult seen a serious adult who's wealthy, independent and i'm confident that he thinks now donald trump is one of his closest friends, that they have so much many things in common and they are wise, brilliant people and i'm sure last night at an elegant three-star restaurant in new york, that mitt was fully at home, happy to share his vision of populism and his superb cooking but it was done in a populist, happy manner. >> he was drinking a lot of hatery right there. my goodness. newt, why don't you say how you really feel. my question is this. if romney doesn't get this job now, who is it romney or trump
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for being -- >> well, for mitt romney. but look, what newt was doing was reliving the primary. there is a valid point. newt makes it with some interesting and good exuberance but there are some good questions about why mitt romney would want to be serving his country, everybody gets that. but when you criticize somebody to the lengths and direct manner in which mitt romney criticized donald trump, it's a legitimate question to say, if you don't like him that much, why would you want to work for him? and i think that's something donald trump is feeling his way through and why it's appropriate to talk, air it, see if it works out. i'm surprised that mitt romney is going through this and because it's a public process, it's going to be a much more difficult process. >> you think he should back out? >> well, no. at this stage, he's in and i think that if he knows it's not
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going to go to him, then maybe the thing you do is say, well, i'm withdrawn. it's too late now. he's halfway down the diving board. >> newt gingrich -- that's a good way of putting it. newt gingrich is one of trump's senior advisers who's been trashing mitt romney very publicly. are they lobbying or is he getting a message to the boss or are they all getting a message to the boss? what's going on here? he didn't hold back. >> he certainly didn't hold
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back. one thing we know about donald trump and he's been very hard to understand is donald trump watches cable television, that donald trump pays attention to the media. and if you're trying to get donald trump's attention, where best to do that than on the stage with newt gingrich. the fact of the matter is, as you've said, there's a lot of hatery from newt gingrich. you have to wonder if their sour grapes there as well because he was somebody mentioned early on for a number of cabinet posts and says he doesn't want to be in the administration and it was only a month ago that they were talking about newt gingrich
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being the chief of staff for donald trump. and guess what, he's not. so i just think while he does raise a good point, it's a little too pointed for me. >> david, you agree that this is sour grapes? i saw you shaking your head in agreement. >> yeah, i do think it's sour grapes and i agree with ari up to a point which is why would romney accept this now and knowing that there are going to be vipers ready to strike if a mistake is made he'll be the first scapegoat. >> you think he should withdraw. >> maybe they can meet a mutual agreement. i was sitting next to someone last night and he reported that romney and trump seemed to be in very good, high spirits. they talked movingly to each other and also laughed a lot. they seemed to get along well together. even so, knowing that there are those people there, you just have to wonder why he would want to do it. >> that is the question. why would he want to do it? >> service is deep in him going back to his mormon roots. this would be a twilight tour. many people want to leave a legacy and i can understand why he wants to leave a mark and i think donald trump would very much like to turn over the foreign policy agenda to someone who's really strong and reliable so he can focus on the domestic. often, foreign policy takes two-thirds of a president's time and this is a man who clearly wants to be a domestic president. i'll tell you, don, i've seen at least two incidents in recent years when white house staff has turned against the secretary of state, going back to nixon and going up to colin powell when he
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served under george w. the white house staff made their life miserable, miserable for the secretary of state. >> go ahead. >> real quick, i just want to say on newt gingrich, there was a lot of -- look, 2012 primary was a very tough primary and after that primary was over and mitt romney was the nominee, newt gingrich couldn't have been more helpful to governor romney, said very good things. i talked to him pretty regularly during that campaign and he was pretty helpful. i know govern romney was very thankful for the work he did on his behalf. >> so what happened? >> this is what happens. often time there is are disagreements and there are airing of grievances at a time like this but during that 2012 campaign, mitt romney was helpful to newt gingrich. >> i want to talk about foreign policy. we know donald trump has taken
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phone calls without the normal preparation from state department officials. there have not been any readout of the calls but the government of pakistan did. he said, you have a very good reputation. you are a terrific guy. you're doing amazing work which is visible in every way. i'm looking forward to seeing you soon. pakistanis are one of the most intelligent people. i'm ready and willing to play any role and it will be an honor and i'll personally do it. feel free to call me any time even before 20th of january or january 20th. that is the before i assume my office. pakistani conflict is one of the most unsettling on the globe and on and on and on when it comes to pakistan. is the best way to handle a major diplomatic relationship? >> well, president-elect trump went way out of his way to praise the pakistani leader and i think that's completely contrary to what trump himself has said but it's also important to remember that within pakistan, there are huge
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investigations of corruption on the part of the regime and their relationship with the united states are tense. so i was surprised, first of all, by the general sort of nicety of the thing but also how vacuos that phone call was. >> we just got the readout from the trump campaign on the phone call. if you want to digest it, i'll read a little bit of it and then you can weigh in. president-elect trump spoke with sharif and the readouts are below. i'll let you did i jest that, mark preston, and then we'll discuss it. but kevin, is there a danger in speaking to them in suchn off-the-cuff way? >> i think so. the white house and a president, they have to be in sync of the protocols involved and the policies that have been
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articulated in the past and that need to be promoted in the future. and so a lot of those -- there has to be a strong adherence to those protocols and an understanding of some of those dynamics before you can duck those calls. that's something that i think as they move from being a transition to an actual working on the west wing, they are going to have to get familiar with. >> go ahead. stand by, ari. i want to get mark in on this. >> we were talking about this earlier today. >> readout from the trump campaign change anything from what you're seeing? >> no, not at all. it basically backs up what the pakistani government has sent
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out today. david said earlier today, and i think he's right, there's a level of nicety that you have during these diplomatic calls. donald trump seemed to go way overboard in his niceties, especially between india and pakistan. donald trump is also making nice with russia which has been, you know, one of our biggest -- i don't want to call him an enemy but certainly a country that we had a deal with at a level that the u.s. would prefer not to deal with in many ways. so the bottom line, you know, at this point i think is that
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donald trump is trying to be friends with everybody. he does need to get the state department briefings. and quite frankly, in the end, donald trump really does, as david said, i'm going back to david here quite a bit here, he wants somebody to take over the portfolio, this foreign policy portfolio, so he doesn't get himself in this situation. >> ari, he promised a visit in that and you can put the full screen up as to what donald trump said. but he says he would love to have a visit. feel free to call me any time. whoever the next secretary of state is, i'm wondering if there's going to be -- if it's
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going to be a big deal with the trump -- how is that going to work out in diplomatic circles here? >> look, and i really have a different take on this and i have sat there with the president as he's had calls with foreign leaders and on two levels i have a different take. number one, this is his first conversation with the president of pakistan. i don't think there's anything inappropriate with him having a very light-touch conversation, not a substantive diplomat conversation but i'm glad to know you and we're going to work well together. there's nothing wrong with that as a first tone of conversation. >> i think they just said -- it is entirely inappropriate to release what a president or president-elect says in the course of a phone call. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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back now with mark preston, david gergen, kevin madden and ari fleischer. ari said it broke protocol for them to print or put that transcript out. could it be, david, that they don't know what the protocol is or donald trump is not a protocol kind of guy? >> trump people didn't put it out. the pakistanis put it out. >> i understand that. but go ahead, david. >> but ari is absolutely right about the pakistanis, real reach of protocol to put it out. the fact is also that donald trump is not used to this. i think that normally a president would not -- he'd be nice, as ari said, but he would not gush over a trump. our relationship with pakistan is one of the most sensitive and difficult relations in the world, an extremely important relationship.
11:19 pm
normally you'd have not only an ari fleischer sitting there with you as president-elect and carefully think through any call like that so you make your three points over and out and don't promise anything and don't leave them in a position where they put out something so gushing that it hurts your relationship with india. >> go ahead, mark. >> david is absolutely right. this goes back to something we said right before the break. donald trump is not holding these briefings with the state department. he's not getting the two or three points he needs to emphasize with these leaders. what we have been getting is a list of people that donald trump has spoken with, at least we had gotten that last week. >> are they trying to put him on the record because they don't know what he's saying? >> put him in a box. quite frankly, nobody knows what the protocol is with donald trump. nobody knows.
11:20 pm
let alone here in the u.s., imagine if you're a foreign leader and you're trying to figure out how to deal with him or contact him. remember when he was first elected just a few weeks ago, people didn't know how to get in touch with him. we had to have a professional golfer made a connection for him. the fact of the matter is, they are up and running and they are getting it going but they haven't had the right protocols in place. >> i want to move on. mark, give us a rundown before we discuss who they are. >> treasury secretary, if we can put it on the screen, steve mnuchin, a very close friend of donald trump, a former partner at goldman sachs, was the finance manager of donald trump's presidential campaign. he led indymac and a movie producer producing "american sniper and "the lego movie." wilbur ross is a billionaire investor, chairman of wl ross. his company owned a mine
11:21 pm
explosion where 12 miners died in west virginia. he's also a democrat and, of course, todd ricketts, his family owns the chicago cubs. and what's interesting about todd rickett is donald trump said really nasty things about them when he found out they were spending money against their candidacy. now he loves the ricketts. >> these three men are worth billions of dollars, some have long ties to wall street, as mark just said. does this undermine confidence in his promise to drain the swamp? >> these are conventional picks if you consider that they have the experience in their requisite industries. steve mnuchin and his experience working on wall street, wilbur ross and his experience not only in domestic industry but also with international business, those are the type -- that's the type of experience that you
11:22 pm
need. i think what's interesting about both of those two, if you're trying to judge donald trump against the promise to drain the swamp is both of them are really creatures of washington, d.c., and they have built their experience and resumes outside of washington, d.c., and they are bringing potentially a fresh new perspective. the other part of this is that they are expected to enact donald trump's agenda. yes, they have resumes with ties to wall street, which i think many democrats will attack, but ultimately they are going to be charged with fulfilling an agenda that donald trump said was going to help a lot of working americans and put a lot of these policies that we're going to be -- help connect the trump administration's economic policy with working americans.
11:23 pm
>> all right. those types of wall street. that's the issue. trump was mercilessly criticizing wall street on the campaign trail for making money off the little guy and having unfair advantages. does this make him look hypocritical now? >> i think only time will tell right now. i think the answer is going to be no because it's less a matter of where they are from and more of a question of where they are going and where they are going is to implement donald trump's policies. if his policies help bring back manufacturing jobs, create higher wages for the american people, make people feel america is on the right track again, nobody is going to care that somebody once worked on wall street. they are going to say my job on main street is a lot better now, thank you, donald trump. they won't even know the name of the secretary of congress or secretary of treasury. >> david? >> how can anybody be against somebody who helped the chicag
11:24 pm
cubs win the world series. money per se does not make a person bad for the cabinet. dwight eisenhower had a cabinet called nine millionaires and a plumber. it was one of the most successful administrations in the history, over eight years. dwight eisenhower had an approval rating from the american public of an average of 64%. >> most people will agree with you. hillary clinton's ties to wall street, she's tied to wall street, she's not interested in you and now this. that's it. thank you, guys. >> thank you. when we come right back, donald trump's carrier deal saving a thousand jobs from going to mexico. can he do the same for other companies?
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generosity is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. president-elect and vice president-elect swing by indiana to formally announce their deal with carrier keeping a thousand jobs stateside. martin savidge is in indianapolis this evening. so this is great news for the carrier workers. what's the mood there in indianapolis?
11:29 pm
>> reporter: it is great news. and it comes just before the holidays and, of course, ten months ago everybody thought they were out of a job. but it's kind of a mixed reaction. i was expecting really a lot of high-fives and cartwheels and people celebrating and they are not. and the reason is this. first of all, they don't know anything about what are the details in this deal? they know that there a thousand jobs but of course 1400 people work at the plant currently, which means 400 people or so are going to be out of a job and until they know the details, everybody is fearful, it's my job that wasn't saved. on top of that, they have questions like will there be
11:30 pm
wage cuts or how long is carrier going to stay? will they have to go through this process a couple of years from now? and then there's the question of another company here in town and they have about 300 employees and just last month that company said they are moving down to mexico. and, of course, they are happy for their carrier brothers and sisters but they are like, well, who's looking out for our jobs now and why can't we get that same kind of deal? so, yes, grateful and they can't wait to say they are grateful to donald trump. but there's still those mixed apprehension. >> i'm sure people will be saying, "what about me?" do we know anything about the details of this deal? did the trump team use the carrot or the stick to get carrier on board? >> it is stunning how little we know. i talked to the head of the union. he represents the 1400 jobs. they have heard nothing. you would expect in traditional negotiations that unions would know. they haven't heard a word. carrier has said nothing to the employees. so we don't really know. the speculation is that the state has offered some big incentives. but remember, the state was involved back in march when
11:31 pm
carrier initially said they were leaving and the state offered incentives then. so what changed in the interim? of course, president-elect trump. and that's why they say maybe the stick was involved somewhat. and here the reference is to united technologies, the parent company of carrier. they do a lot of defense work. the theory on part of the employees here is maybe donald trump implied that if they moved to mexico, carrier, that is, then united technologies may no longer get those big defense contracts. and that would be a pretty big stake. but that's just speculation. maybe we'll hear the details tomorrow when trump and vice president-elect mike pence is here, who is the governor of indiana. >> thank you, i appreciate that, martin savidge. joining me now is a new york post columnist who was here last night and quickly left us. she's in pittsburgh. we missed you here on the set. donald trump got great headlines and "the new york times" called it a powerful tactical strike. this deal is a win for donald trump? >> absolutely.
11:32 pm
optically, it's a great deal and for the workers that are going to be able to keep their jobs and to keep the ancillary impact, the economic impact. when this was first announced, the state said they were going to lose $100 million in economic impact by the loss of those thousand jobs. that was back in february and the whole trade problem and bad trade deals and the average worker at carrier makes about 24 to $26 an hour and the jobs were going to mexico and they were going to be $23 less than what a carrier worker makes in america. >> it's interesting, because martin savidge mentioned this, salena.
11:33 pm
after this deal, can there be backlash? every worker who lose as job overseas wonder why donald trump didn't ride to their rescue? >> there's probably going to be part of that, sort of a natural reaction. i think what trump wants to do and he said a lot in his campaign rhetoric is to ease up regulations for businesses so that, you know, they could have better deals within the continental u.s. now, that might be part of what this plan is with carrier. we don't know. we probably won't know -- hopefully we'll know tomorrow. but if that's part of the deal, that's good news for other companies and other workers. >> okay. william cohen, look at this statement.
11:34 pm
it's from carrier today. and carrier says, we have negotiated an agreement with the incoming administration that we believe benefits our workers, the state of indiana and our company. the incentives offered by the state were an important consideration. this is where i think it has mike pence written on this more because the question is what are they talking about? could this have happened if mike pence were not the governor of indiana and if the plant was in ohio or some other place? >> well, again, the devil is in the details on this one. and martin is probably absolutely right, that there is the 400 people who were not going to be saved out of the 1400. there are other companies in indiana alone that are all wondering why don't they get this. there are going to be companies around the country that are wondering why they are not getting this. some people that i was speaking with earlier tonight thought this was already a done deal six months ago and then kind of stage-managed it and waited to see if donald trump won the election and then announced it
11:35 pm
today not unlike -- it's not similar but it's similar in terms of timing, the way the hostages in iran were brought back after ronald reagan won the election. >> yeah. >> so, i mean, who knows what donald trump -- if donald trump big-footed united technologies and said you do this or you're not going to get defense contracts, that's not a very good precedent. we don't want our president big footing companies around the country getting them to do what he wants them to do. >> but for the thousand people, i'm sure they are very happy. >> i'm sure they are. >> but not a lot of people are jumping up and down. it's interesting that this is happening. here's the carrier announcement. salena, this is for you. >> the early indications are that this is good news and obviously we welcome that good news. i know the president-elect has indicated that he deserves credit for that announcement if he's successful doing that 804 more times, while president obama was in office. >> so salena, is that accurate, despite the rhetoric on the campaign trail?
11:36 pm
>> i've been to these communities across the country. yes, the economy is doing well but it is not doing well in those -- especially in those rustbelt areas of indiana, ohio, wisconsin, michigan. yes, this -- the obama administration's economy is creating new jobs. what is not creating jobs that have the same sort of salary and/or benefits that they were used to. so sometimes people have to have two jobs to be able to meet what they used to have. >> the obama administration is citing 804 manufacturing jobs. >> well, out there people don't feel that resurgence in the economy. maybe these jobs, these
11:37 pm
manufacturing jobs are in smaller, technologically based and the wages are not as high and they are not located in the same areas. they are located near larger cities where technology is king. >> the real problem here is evolution of jobs and automation. because many of these jobs are not coming back because of automation, not necessarily that people are taking jobs and going somewhere else. it's that the jobs don't exist anymore and i don't think -- i don't know if any of the candidates, either or both, were not honest enough with those workers to tell them the truth about that. >> i think that's an excellent point. >> yeah. >> and obviously one of the big
11:38 pm
messages of this election was that there are people out there who are hurting and their message was not being received in washington. >> yeah. >> and they put a lot of faith in donald trump. and today he had a victory at carrier. the question is, can he do it 805 times more? can he do it for jobs that aren't ever coming back because, you know, now we're a facebook economy or google economy which can have a huge market value with -- >> that was the case with the coal jobs. if you were building an iphone plant, yes, there would be ton of jobs. but as far as the coal industry, you know -- >> well, you know, i've been talking to people at m.i.t., scientists at m.i.t. and there is new technologies coming out related to coal where they paint coal on shingles and asphalt and use that conductivity power of coal to actually conduct electricity. and that might be a whole new
11:39 pm
opportunity for the coal industry. >> that's a new industry, right? >> a whole new industry. but nobody is really talking about that at the presidential level. >> stand by. we'll be right back. we'll continue our conversation.
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donald trump says he'll announce his plan to leave his business behind in a news conference on december 15th but will he do what every other president has done for the last four decades and put his finances behind a firewall? back with me now, william cohen and saleno zito. here's what donald trump said. i'll be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15 to discuss the fact that i'll be leaving my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again. while i am not mandated to do this under the law, i feel it is visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. and he says visually important. >> visually important is the key here. absolutely. i mean, he's been cabookie theatering this for three weeks and even before the campaign he said he would turn it into a
11:44 pm
blind trust for his children. of course, it won't be a blind trust if it's run by his children and now he's three weeks into this saying i'm going to turn it over and walk away. you don't walk away from a business unless you sell it and turn it into cash and then take that cash and give it to an independent trustee, not to your children, give it to an independent trustee, put it into a so-called blind trust. that is -- >> will that ever happen? >> no. that is not going to happen in donald trump's case. by the way, he's right. in his tweet, i'm not mandated to do it so he's not going to do it. one thing about donald, he knows what the law is and what the tax laws are and he will do whatever the law says. >> is that the right thing to do because he's not mandated to do it? >> no, he's setting himself up for a problem with the emoluments clause in the constitution.
11:45 pm
he can sell it for cash but that's not easy to do. so that's not going to happen any time soon but he could do it and clearly doesn't want to. >> salena, what does this mean when he says visually not having a conflict of interest and how do we know if this is just a facade? >> in terms of donald trump, everything is about visual and optics and we have 14 days until this announcement happens. so there's going to be this great buildup. i think he believes that it's important optically to do the right thing but what he does is anyone's guess except for his. he's the only one who know what is is going to happen. i don't know how important that is to his voters or to the american people what he does with his money. but he certainly sets up a problem if he does something that down the line is going to cause some sort of conflict and it's going to start to erode people's trust in him because he promised to be that guy who had their back and he can't have their back if he has all of these sorts of dangling problems
11:46 pm
out there. >> salena, william, thank you. >> he's setting himself up for potential conflict by knowing what what's in his portfolio if he -- >> i said that earlier. better to just get rid of the problem ahead of time. >> but he's not going to do that. >> thank you, william, salena. when we come back, donald trump's carrier deal, is that the first of many? enjoy your phone! you too.
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11:51 pm
mr. phillips, trump still with carrier to keep about 1,000 jobs here instead of mexico. what are your callers saying about that? >> they love it. this is one of his issues he ran on. keeping jobs in the united states. it's something we do in california all the time. we have subsidies and tax breaks for the movie industry to keep them in california, because a lot of them were moving to canada or new mexico or louisiana. >> atlanta. >> and we're a company town. >> that's right. you guys steal us in georgia all the time. and look, if they leave, if hollywood goes, that's our economy. so we understand that to protect our economy, to protect the way of life that we have here in california, we need to keep them here, and in the midwest, that's manufacturing. if those jobs go away, those towns become ghost towns. so donald trump has put all his chips on the middle west. if he could move the lakers back to minneapolis, he would.
11:52 pm
he's got to keep these jobs there. >> is he going to have to do this repeat performance at every factory and every town in america? if you listen to martin savidge and his reporting, there are other people losing their jobs saying what about us. >> and there's a factory right next door to the carrier plant who has threatened to move to mexico. i guess they're looking for another deal. i'm a liberal who actually believes that corporate taxes can be lowered as long as that money is reinvested into jobs. and i think we ought to be giving companies repatriation kind of a tax holiday to bring all that money back to the u.s. i believe in that. but what we have here with this lack of detail is just so frustratingly troubling. look, united technologies is a huge defense contractor. donald trump is not president yet. so what is it that he promised
11:53 pm
united technologies and what -- is it a defense contract? is it some pentagon favor? we have no idea. i think he owes it to the american to give more details and tell us what it was that kept them there beyond just the bully pulpit of the presidency. by the way, it's a good thing to use. >> i think he says he's going to do that on thursday. i want to ask you this, hillary, and i'll bring you back in john. charles blow tweeted trump does a still secret deal to save 1,000 carrier jobs. media fawns. obama saved 1 million plus jobs with auto bailout, ambivalence. hash tag, bar set too low. >> president obama was reelected after the auto bailout. i don't think he's entirely correct. i think president obama did get a lot of credit for saving a significant portion of auto industry, and it is also true,
11:54 pm
though, that president obama's created over 1 million new factory jobs even in an environment and an economy where technology is threatening these jobs as much as anything else. so donald trump is inheriting a fairly good economy. yes, as salena said earlier, there are portions of this country that are still hurting, but that -- a president can't create -- those jobs are plot going to come back to this country. we have to move with innovation and training and technology. i think president obama is doing donald trump a big favor with he's inheriting, unlike the one president obama inherited from jorge bush. >> you want to respond? >> you can't win them all, but you can celebrate some. the fact that 1,000 people aren't being put in the unemployment line and seeing their jobs go to mexico. and frequently with our tax
11:55 pm
policies we insent vise companies to do that. to have a government that nudges the corporations to keep the jobs here is i think something we should all welcome. >> i want to go quickly, hillary, donald trump tweeted legal documents are being crafted to hand over his company to. how does it make his problems disappe disappear? >> it doesn't. i think even republicans on capitol hill were starting to question donald trump's conflict of interests. when people from his own party are getting pressured to do investigations in the congress and to look into this and consider legal action, he had to try and stop this bleeding. i don't think he did it by just sot of hinting at something two weeks hence, but the devil is going to be in the details. he has a love of issues with this going forward, and the republicans, i think, are going
11:56 pm
to have to hold him as accountable as they've held others. >> thank you. when we come back, america's next top diplomat, will mitt romney become the secretary of state? and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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donald trump taking a victory lap. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. the president-elect kicking off what his campaign is calling the usa thank you tour with a rally in cincinnati tomorrow night. no details yet on plans for any other events but trump says he's heading to indianapolis tomorrow to officially announce a deal with carrier to keep roughly 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. a big win for him. what will it mean for other companies in the same boat? plus election day was more than three weeks ago, but an ugly battle is raging in one key state where the republican governor is refusing to concede even though he trails by thousands of votes. we'll discuss all of that. let's get to mark preston and ryan lizza and kevin maddon. trump has named his economic team. >> let's start off with the treasury secretary


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