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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 3, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hesitate for a moment to demand that our new president condemn these comments. not sidestep them, not simply distance himself from them. condemn them. pointedly and roundly. as presidents of both parties, every president of both parties have done throughout the decades. we will hold president-elect trump accountable to the finest instincts of what america has always stood for. ed bottom line is president-elect ran has a change agent. he ran against the establishments of both parties. he promised to change the way america operates to oppose elites, drain the swamp, pay attention to working families but, my friends, since the election he seems to have forgotten that. looking at the cabinet, which is
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stacked with billionaires, corporate executives, titans of wall street, it seems that manufacture his campaign themes are quickly being abandoned. he said he was going to unrig the system. so far it's still looking rigged. too many of his cabinet picks support the same hard right doctrine positions that many in the republican party have held for years. policy that is the american people have repeatedly rejected. if president-elect trump lets the hard right members of his party and cabinet run the show, if he attempts to adopt their time-worn policies that benefit the elites, the special interests, corporate america, not the working man and woman, his presidency will not succeed.
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maybe not in the first 90 days, but certainly in the first two years. unfortunately, that seems to be the path he is following throughout the transition. mr. president-elect, if there's one part have my speech that i hope you listen p to and take to heart, it's this one. and i mean it with the best of intentions. if you abandon change and simply embrace the shop warn hard right pro corporate pro-elite policies opposed to the many campaign themes that helped you win working class votes and get you elected, your presidency will not succeed. we democrats will hold you accountable to the working people of america. not to the conservative ideologues in washington who seem to have great number in your cabinet. we will hold your feet to the fire every time you abandon your
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pledge and work instead as an ally of the hard right. so, mr. president, the issues facing this country are many. we have a lot of work to do creating jobs, raising incomes, making college and health care affordable, rebuilding our infrastructure, making trade laws work for the american worker, keeping americans safe from threats of violence and terrorism, taking care of our vets. now, each one takes serious thought and action. these issues are too important for mere words. our challenges too entrenched for mere tweeting. making plerk great again requires more than 140 characters. with all due respect america kwnt afford a twitter presidency.
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we have rool challenges, and we have real needs to get things done, and many americans are afraid, mr. president-elect, that instead of rolling up your sleeves and forging serious policies, for you twitter suffices. there's nothing wrong with using twitter to speak to the american people. it's a good use of modern media. but these issues are complex and demand careful consideration and action for instance, a tweet bragging about the 800 jobs that were saved at the carrier plant doesn't solve the underlying problem. while it's good the 800 jobs were saved, even at carrier 1,300 jobs are still leaving. hundreds more jobs are leaving it from the nearby rexnord plant down the road. they're going overseas. most importantly, thousands of jobs, more each month, leave our
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shore from every part of america. tweeting about 800 jobs you saved is not a remanufacturing policy. that's not an economic policy. we're going to hold the president-elect accountable for a real policy to stop jobs from leaving this country. not just one-half of one plant, not just one tweet, even if republicans in congress oppose it. similarly tweeting very smart to vladimir putin for ignoring american sanctions is no foreign policy. america doesn't conduct foreign policy by tweet. least of all by flattering putin after our intelligence agencies have confirmed that russia interfered in our election. conducting foreign policy by tweet by spurning vital intelligence briefings that lay out the real emerging threats
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around the world, that should alarm democrats and republicans ali alike. it is utterly amazing that our republican colleagues who have spent years lambasting president obama for not being tough enough on putin are now with a few rare exceptions utterly silent. on this and so many others issues the president-elect must be held accountable. . on january toth we won't be on reality tv. we'll be in reality. we democrats will make sure government works for every american in reality. not just on tv and on twitter. so to those who wonder what the democratic minority will do in the 115th congress, the answer is simple. we'll fight for our principles,
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we'll fight for our values, and we shall fulfill our solemn constitutional duty to hold the other branches of congress -- of government accountable. to the extent that the president-elect and the republican majority pursue policy that is help america and are consistent with our values, we stand ready and willing to work with them. but if they propose policies that will hurt americans deny health care, hurt their benefits, unleash irresponsible risk taking at the expense of skpurmz, their efforts will crash and break apart like waves upon the rock of the senate minority. that is our challenge, that is our charge, and we rise to meet
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it. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. >> really going after the president-elect of the united states, donald trump. minut munsing no words, saying the president-elect will be held accountable on a whole host of issues. we want to welcome our viewers. i'm wolf blitzer rorgtd from washington. i want to bring in our panel of political experts, the washington poest nakamura is wih us. our kmeef political correspondent dana bash and gloria borger. i was listening very closely -- let me start with gloria. i was listening very closely to chuck schumer. if the president-elect was watching and listening, that honeymoon, if there ever was a honeymoon, is clearly over because he went directly at the
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president-elect on a whole host of issues. >> on twitter, this is not reality television. this is reality. look, i think chuck schumer is going to be a fighter. i think he also understands that he has a fine line to walk. for example, on infrastructure plans. if there is a big infwra structure proposal, the democrats are going to say, great. we're going to fund that. we want to work with the president on that. the republicans not so much. i think he laid down the law that the democratic party is going to remain the democratic party. when this he can work with trump they will, when they can't, they won't. >> he came close to ridiculing the president-elect on several sensitive critically important issues, including russia. >> including and especially russia. this is one of those examples of where you have a democratic leader, the democratic leader now, chuck schumer, working hand in glove with the most veteran highest ranking republicans on
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national security on the a very important issue like russia, and where they disagree with the republican president. this is one of many ways that things are gredably scrambled right now here in washington. >> were you surprised how forcef forceful, how tough, how blunt schumer was in this opening statement? >> i wasn't that spriesed. >> i think we have to put this in context. chuck schumer, for the fifth was speaking as the leading democratic. he is telling his faert i'm going to wave the flag. i'm going to be the leader of the opposition. i am going to fight this fight for you. i don't think we should take anything from there that cluck schumer will get down and deal with donald trump and find ways to do it, but he was telling his own party i've got this, i will carry the flag.
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>> he was speaking, david, to his base more than he was addressing the republican majority in the senate? >> it's interesting. to me he had two messages. one was that, you know, donald trump ran as this change aegt, and we're going to hold him accountable. he goes into a far right policies that the american public didn't really support during this election cycle broadly. >> i think he is trying to establish some markers. >> he said, dana, this is not reality tv. clearly a dig at donald trump who used to work in reality tv. this is reality. you had a chance to sit down with chuck schumer for a rather candid interview. give us the highlights. >> you're right. they do know each other. they're both new yorkers. donald trump was a frequent and early giver to chuck schumer's
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campaigns because it wasn't that long ago that donald trump gave to democrats because he was one. >> he is really trying to be somebody that will stand up to donald trump and fight for democratic principles and saying he is not going to do that just to say no to everything like, for example, mitch mcconnell did to barack obama. he talked about that. let's listen. >> the only way wear going to work with him if he moves in our direction and abandons his republican colleagues. that's not going to happen very often, and i'm even less optimistic that any of that could happen seeing his cabinet choices. 95% much the time will be holding his feet to the fire and holding him accountable, but we're democrats. we're not going to just oppose things to oppose them. >> i've known you for a long
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time. you love a deal. not unlike the president-elect. i find it hard to believe that you don't want to make deals. >> the republicans in the senate and the house have been run by a hard right group a tea party group. >> thousand they have a deal maker in the white house. just like you. >> we're going to look at the specifics of what he proposes, and on the overwhelming bunch of them, particularly given who he has chosen as his cabinet people, we're going have to oppose them because we just disagree in principle. of course, i would like to make a deal. if we could get together on immigration and have a path to citizenship, just as i was happy to work with john mccain and lindsey graham, i'll be happy to work with donald trump. he hasn't even talked -- come close to talking about that so we're going to end up opposing him. >> how much pressure are you feeling from the progressives? i mean, i'll just give you one kpafrm. democracy for america leading progressive group said democratic leaders from chuck schumer down need to stop playing footsie with trump and pretending we can find common ground. >> we're playing no footsie brsh
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my views are exactly the same as elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. both of them have said the same exact thing. if we can work with him and be true to our principles, we're not going to reject it, but overall we're sticking to our principles. we're not compromising for its own sake. is our principles will be our guiding light. >> he also said in a phone call with the president-elect, he said to him, you know, you ran going after both democrats and republicans, but judging by your cabinet picks, you are going to govern as a hard right republican. i said what was his response? he said nothing. >> urts going to be an exciting few months and weeks and years. everybody stand by. i want to get to the republican leadership right now. doing an about-face on plans to gut an independent house ethics panel. the proposal on the new day of
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the congress was widely criticized, including by the president-elect himself, donald trump. our senior political reporter manu raju is joining us from capitol hill. bring us up to speed. the initial vote to strip the panel of its power and now the complete reversal by the republican leadership to scrap that initiative. tell our viewers what happened. >> yeah, that's right. wolf, this sort of came out of left field. >> it was going to be adopted by the house republican conference. out of nowhere this rules of amendment was proposed behind closed doors by congressman bob goodland who proposed to change how ethics investigations are done on the house side. there's concern that this independent commission, this
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body is over zealous in some ways and is designed to get headlines. that's what critics say. they need to do more to reign it in and bring it under control for members of congress. we'll have oversight of that committee. >> now, this morning after a night of criticism from outside watchdog groups from democrats and even donald trump tweeting that why are we even focussing on this issue on day one of the new congress? the republican leadership got its members together behind closed doors and said this has to go. we are told that kevin mccarthy told his colleagues that this was not going to pass this afternoon unless they agreed to drop this provision, and some folks referenced the fact that donald trump has also opposed this. they agree to strip it out after
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scathing criticism because of the optics here, wolf, in ab effort to try to get on the same page after a day of disunity and division over an issue that the republican leadership wasn't expecting yesterday. >> let me read that tweet that donald trump put out this morning because it was pretty surprising. with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog as unfair as it may be? their number one act and priority. focus on tax reform, health care, and so many other things of far greater importance, _#dts, drain the swamp. how much of an impact -- clearly that had an impact on the republican leadership in the house. how significant was it, manu? >> very significant. i was talking to a lot of members who expressed that concern before donald trump even tweeted that. even paul ryan, the house speaker last night, making that case to his colleagues. at 10:30, 11:00 the house
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majority kevin mccarthy said they're still going to move forward with the rules package, and that was really before that donald trump tweet really got a lot of attention, so as soon as they started to get a lot of attention, members started to realize that we can't be on the wrong page, an opposite page, as the incoming president of our own party, and that's one reason why they agreed to do this behind closed doors. knowing how bad it would look optically and nancy pelosi, wolf, the house democratic leader, also teeing off releasing a statement today sharply criticizing the republicans for backtracking on this. >> we're going to get back to you. i want to discuss this republican reversal on the
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ethics vote. i'm joined by noah. the executive director for citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. thanks very much for joining us. are you ready to give the president-elect of the united states a lot of the credit for reversing this decision? >> i think the credit really goes to public outrage that people looked at what house republicans have done, that apparently they read the mood of the american people and thought what people wanted was loosening of ethics in washington and they just got it totally wrong and there was instant outrage. i think that the president-elect saw that. he responded to it. he seemed to suggest that maybe what they were doing was right, but it shouldn't have been the first thing out of the gate. that was enough of a signal to house republicans that they were going to lose with the public that they changed their minds. are you ready to say to the
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president-elect, though, even though you didn't think the statement was strong enough, thank you mr. president-elect. >> i think that he came out on the right side of this one. i think he is someone who has been under a lot of fire for ethics issues on his own. even before he is taking office. this was kind of an easy one for him to come in and see as we did and as so many others did how wrong this was. yes, it's a good thing that he came out on the right side of this issue. there's a lot more that needs to be done on ethics issues from him on down where, sfwhoo it wasn't that easy, though, for him to do this. his incoming white house counsellor kellyanne conway was on tv earlier this morning defending the decision by congressman bob goodlat, the chairman of the judiciary committee to gut this entire panel, and he, in effect, pulled the rug out from under her.
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>> he is somebody who has been willing to break with his own advisors in the past. on think that we've seen him feeling pressure on ethics issues over the past number of weeks, and he saw the response to this move by house republicans, and probably assumed that this one was not worth holding the line on, and he was right about that. >> noah of the executive director of citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. you must be happy right now that we're back to where we started. not changing the rules on this first day of the 115th congress. thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's get with our panel. you have to give donald trump a lot of credit for this, because i suspect if he wouldn't have
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tweeted on that this morning, this probably wouldn't have happened because even paul ryan who opposed it, gavin mccarthy who opposed it, they were putting on statements defending the decision going forward. then all of a sudden they had to reverse themselves. >> they were for it before they were against it, right? they were against it privately, and then at the decided to go along i with their troops afterwards. this is a story where you have to scratch your head and say what were they thinking? doing this behind closed doors without any warning before the congress comes back into significance on, of all things, gutting your own ethics panel rules, it's crazy. it's crazy. donald trump we have learned through this campaign understands how things play. he basically looked at this and said are you guys kidding me? i ran on drain the swamp, and here you are gugt your own ethics pabl. this is ridiculous. i think this is a sign of things
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to come. i think donald trump will not be shy about telling congress from the outside when he disagrees with them, and this is going to be a lot of headaches i think for paul ryan and the leader shirp going forward because donald trump may become the speaker of the house as well as the president. >> headaches in some cases but in this case maybe he is a little bit late because paul ryan and kevin mccarte kbri and others had put out statements trying to defend it. he saved the day at the end, and it's like -- it's sort of -- i just keep thinking i would love to crawl into paul ryan's head right now because he spent so many weeks, months just hoping that donald trump is not the republican nominee. then he becomes that and also the president, and he has to try to figure out a way to deal with him, and now on day one of the new congress he realizes that using that medium, twitter, that donald trump used to attack paul ryan, by the way, in the past, he can actually help paul ryan
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do something that he had trouble, john boehner his predecessor had trouble doing, which is to help get the very unruly republican rank-and-file foeked and shame them into living. >> it would have been nice. i would not be surprised because there's constant communication between kevin mccarthy and paul ryan and donald trump, if this is something they knew he was going to do. i was told this was all djt, meaning donald trump, but i wouldn't be surprised. >> look at the speed with which things happened. it was mind-blowing. kellyanne conway, who is speaking for the president-elect, and is supposed to come out on television and have a full understanding on his thoughts on this. she embraced this change. she was not at all with ryan and mccarthy. she was defending it and embracing it. then paul ryan puts out a statement that clearly indicates he thinks it's going to pass because he starts doing fancy footwork about even though i'm opposed to this, this is how
10:25 am
it's going to be. and then the president-elect tweets, and like that, unanimous consent done. just an -- it shows you also donald trump keeps his own counsel clearly, and this was so against brand. it was so off brand for him to have him do is this that even donald trump, the person that has broken up the establishment, actually sides with the establishment here, and as you said, it's not so much of a headache for them when donald trump is on -- >> you also wonder a little bit about communication. i mean, they haven't taken office yet. granted, they mike pence, a form are congress member, reince priebus, and they just named staff to act as legislative director on the hill. you think there could have been discussion before this. the republican leadership was surprised yesterday. this is going to reinforce that you get results, frankly, with twitter. >> you put out a written statement and issue a press release or issue it on twitter
10:26 am
with 140 characters. >> i want to show our viewers some live pictures right now wrash the vice president of the united states, joe biden, with the ceremonial swearing in of the members of the 115th congress. we're watching that. he is there doing a swearing in with richard burr of north carolina. not necessarily richard. it was richard worth. we'll move on. it's lisa murkowski of alaska who is being sworn in by the vice president. this is ceremonial. they've already done it officially. let's listen in. >> do you solemnly swear to support the -- against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear truth, faith, and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation
10:27 am
or purpose of evasion and you will well and faithfully discharge of duties of the office so help you god. >> i do. >> i don't have a doubt about it. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car
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>> welcome back to an historic day here in the nation's capital. take a look at the live pictures coming in from capitol hill. on the left part of your screen, you see some photo ops. that's the vice president joe biden. he is getting ready to swear in chuck schumer who is just re-elected to the united states senate. the 115th congress. they're going to be -- he is going to be doing a ceremonial swearing in. all of the new senators, those who were elect and re-elected, they were officially sworn in on the senate floor. these are with their families and they're having an opportunity to get some photos
10:31 am
with the outgoing vice president of the united states. you see the new democratic leader chuck shum is about to go through the little swearing -- what they call the mock swearing in ceremony with the vice president. you can see the u.s. house, the 115th session of the u.s. house, that's convening. dick durham and the outgoing democratic minority whip, he is the number two -- he was the top democrat after harry reid. he obviously is remaining in the united states senate, but chuck schumer will become the democratic leader. you see the photo ops going on. we're watching all of this closely. an historic day here in washington d.c. meanwhile, there are other developments happening. civil rights leaders are staging a sit-in over one of president-elect donald trump's key nominees. the naacp is protesting the nomination of senator jeff sessions for attorney general of the united states. in fact, they're staging a sit-in at the senator's office in mobile, alabama, right now.
10:32 am
joining us by phone is the naacp president cornell william brooks and the alabama naacp president bernard simelton. cornell, let me start with you. tell us the reason for this protest. why are you doing this? >> we are here in the office of senator jeff sessions sitting and occupying his office because we are asking the senator to withdraw his name for consideration as attorney general or for the president-elect donald trump to withdraw the nomination. the reason being is that in the midst of rampant voter suppression, this nominee has failed to acknowledge the reality of voter suppression while pretending to believe in the myth of voter fraud. we need at the helm of the department of justice somebody who acknowledges the reality of
10:33 am
voter suppression, someone who is going to stand at the side of people who need the defense of the attorney general, and a justice department that works for everyone. i'm standing here with the president of the alabama state congress of the naacp, members of the branch who are sitting in literally in the office of a son of -- jeff sessions was born in the birthplace of the voting rights act, and he, of all people, of all people, does not acknowledge the reality of voter subpoena press, did not demonstrate commitments to the voting rights act, and in the wake of the weakening of the voting rights act he has said it was a good thing. now, the naacp in the course of ten months has had ten victories against voter suppression. we do not need an attorney general who is going to be a member of the do nothing
10:34 am
committee. can you imagine him going to ferguson in the manner of eric holder? can you imagine him dispatching federal officials across the country to insure the integrity of our elections? we're saying either arrest us or withdrew your name? one of the two. >> cornell, do you really think it's realistic that he will withdraw his name or the president-elect will withdraw his name? here's the question. why not let him go through the confirmation process before the senate judiciary committee and answer all of these tough questions directly? >> well, here's what -- when you ask me is it realistic, this is what i recall. or what the history books tell us. it wasn't realistic for a group of civil rights marches to attempt across three times in
10:35 am
1965. that wasn't particularly realistic. we're not intending to defy the odds. when you said whether or not it's a good thing for him to have a hearing, sure it's a good thing for democracy for him to answer all the questions. we, in fact, know the answers to the questions right now. we know that he has a horrible record of racially offend language backed up by bad records of the united states senate, backed up by an oblivious lack of awareness when it comes to voter suppression. i'm standing here with a state congress president who is living in a state where it's a petition important we have a half million votes in peril because of a wrong-headed voter ideologue.
10:36 am
note this, this is the same state where they tell the people they need voter id's. then they shut down the dmv's in the black kmupts. then they say we're going to provide you with a mobile id unit which becomes immobile on super tuesday. these folks in the naacp have had to live with this, and what does senator sessions say? not a mumbling word. he has been mute on it. on the other hand, he -- the myth of voter fraud. we cannot sit this one out. democracy is a do it yourself project. we are in this. we stood with young people. we stood with older folks this morning. all of whom were calling for senator sessions to withdraw his narm -- >> the president elect of the united states.
10:37 am
cornell, our time is limited, but i take it you and your naacp colleagues are prepared to be arrested in the coming minutes or even hours if you sit there much longer, is that right? >> that is absolutely right. that's absolutely right. >> let me ask him. are you prepared to be arrested? >> this is bernard simelson. the answer is, yes, we are prepared to be arrested until senator sessions meets our demand or the arrest. whichever he chooses. >> have the police warned you yet, mr. simelton about what you are doing? have you been given a warning? >> no, we have not. we're just sitting in senator
10:38 am
sessions' office with his staff, and we are doing what -- we are conducting business as usual, making phone calls, and continuing the naacp, and for one has come to us to say anything about arresting us, but we are not leaving. >> you'll stay there as long as you can. here's the question, mr mr. siemelton. how many people are with you right now? >> we have two, four, six, seven -- about 15, 20 people. we're in a separate room, but there's still some out in the outer room. we have 15, 20 people with us right now, and we have still other people who are downstairs that are still downstairs waiting to see what happens. >> bernard simelton. cornell william brooks, the national naacp president and ceo and chairman. we'll stay in close touch with both of you and see what happens. thanks so both of you for
10:39 am
joining us. >> thank you for calling. >> thank you. >> coming up, we're getting new video that has surfaced. raising concerns over the president-elect's business ties. we have details. that's coming in. we'll also it to watch the ceremonial swearing in ceremonies. there's michael biden -- michael been et with joe biden, i should say. michael bennett of colorado. the senator from colorado with joe biden and his family being sworn in ceremoniously. all the re-elected senators, the newly elected senators, they were officially sworn in on the senate floor in the hour that went by. we'll be right back.
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>> vice president joe biden is still the president of the united states senate. there you see him swearing in marco rubio re-elected senator from the state of florida. these are the ceremonial photo ops that are going on. the senators show up with their families, have a little exchange with the vice president, take some pictures, and we're going it continue to watch. there you see the senator from florida. let's listen in quickly. >> take some pictures. it's good to see you guys. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> can i have a picture with just the kids? >> absolutely. >> come on. get right in the middle. come on. the vice president with senator rubio's four children getting a nice little photo. this is a moment that the senators obviously always cherish.
10:44 am
the swearing in ceremonies on this day. there's an official swearing in ceremony on the senate floor, and now these -- what they call these mock swearing in or ceremonial swearing in ceremonies that are going on as well. a lovely moment indeed. the democratic vice president swearing in a republican senator, at least a little bit of bipartisanship going on in washington right now. meanwhile, the president-elect donald trump is facing some serious criticism after audio surfaced from a year's eve speech to paid guests at his hotel in palm beach, florida. in it trump mentioned by name some prominent attendees, including a wealthy business partner from dubai. >> the whole family from the most beautiful people from dubai are here poent tonight. >> christine aleshi is joining us. the comments come amid growing concerns about trump's involvement in his businesses.
10:45 am
even as the inauguration nears. update our viewers. >> that's right, wolf. this tape is significant. as much as trump wants to down play it, it shows that he still is thinking about his business and he is talking to his business partners at the same time that he is trying to -- he is supposed to be distancing himself from the business and trump is referencing in that tape hussein sashwani. they've known each other for ten years. they have developed two golf courses. one trump branded golf courses, i should say. one is set to open next month. the other sometime in 2018. and, according to financial disclosures sajwani's company has paid trump between $1 million and $5 million last year. so clearly a strong relationship there. here is the important point, wolf. even if trump steps back from his businesses, he can't forget who his business partners are. there are going to be social situations where he is going to
10:46 am
run into them and see them and interact with them. trump is going to know how those decisions may help or hurt his business partners. it's a very complex issue that's definitely going to have to be worked through. >> also christina is expected to announce how he will sever ties or at least scale back ties with his multi-billion dollar trump organization while handing over the business to his adult children shield the president-elect from further criticism. >> the trump kids play very senior roles within the organization. in fact, you go to the website, wolf, of the trump organization, and you'll see the kids ivanka, don, eric, are the only executives with biopages. they're labels as the next generation. in fact, trump has said that his two oldest sons are going to
10:47 am
take over and run the business, and for eighth ethics experts they say, okay, does this present an opportunity for foreign leaders or other people to curry favor with the president by doing more deals with the trump organization. in fact, sajwani didn't rule out more deals, and he is hopeful they can get more deals done because of their relationship with the trump children. it's unclear that the way that trump is going to structure his conflicts and resolving them is really going to shield him and his children from further criticism at this point. >> thaechks very much. this just coming in to cnn, the fox news anchor. megan kelly is about to start a new chapter in her career. she's ligue fox news for a new job at nbc news. our yeet correspondent is joining us now. brian, tell our viewers what you have learned. >> megan kelly, one of the biggest stars of the 2016
10:48 am
election, known for her battle with donald trump. really trump's war against megan kelly. is he is leaving fox, heading to nbc news in one of the most interesting and, well, highest priced television deals of the decade. >> she faced a very big decision this year, wolf. she was talking about this with her family over the holidays. now she's coming back on the third day of the new year, and announcing she's leaving fox news later this year. heading over to nbc. the reason this is so interesting is her contract was due in july. this is comparable to katie couric going over to cbs ask leaving the "today" show. then couric had a daytime talk show, and that's one of the things kel will i will be doing now at nbc.
10:49 am
now, she also held talks with cnn and abc, and, of course, fox news. the murdocks tried very hard to keep kelly, wolf, as you know -- people rarely leave fox news. fox news stars very rarely leave the channel, but megan kelly decided her future is with nbc, and she'll be joining the network later this year. >> very interesting. thanks very much. brian selter reporting for us on that media news. we're standing by. the speaker of the house paul ryan. he is getting to -- getting ready to address the house of representatives. the 115th session is just convened. will he respond to the tough sta statement that senator schumer put on the senate floor. much more when we come back. same nose. same toughness. and since he's had moderate alzheimer's disease, the same never quit attitude. that's why i asked his doctor about once-a-day namzaric. (avo) namzaric is approved for moderate to severe
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10:53 am
the house of representatives has acted. they have officially re-elected paul ryan as speaker of the house 115th house. no surprise there. let's bring back our panel. david, cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. >> paul ryan will be the speaker. he has a tough act even though the republicans are the majority in the house and the senate and will take over the white house on january 20th, there will be a lot of issues out there that will require finess and skill. >> with his own troops and with donald trump with whom he's not had a historically close relationship.
10:54 am
this is great for paul ryan. he's had a lot of trouble with some of his troops. particularly on the hell no caucus as i call them and now that he's gotten the seal of approval for donald trump, it seems to me at least for now that he's bringing the troops along in this initial vote. but paul ryan is going to be a very interesting person for all of us to watch here, because on issues like russia for example where he has differed from donald trump, we're going to have to see how he navigates this. he's so happy because he can finally get a conservative agenda through the house of representatives, something he's really been working on. on the other hand he has a president that he doesn't get along with or agree with very often. >> although it has improved.
10:55 am
>> it couldn't get much worse. >> and as we all know during the general campaign as well. but now trump says nice things about him. >> they talk every day, but certainly to your point, there are going to be issues that come up, big ones like how to deal with russia and small ones like things he tweets about. but right now paul ryan is the happiest person in washington d.c., he is a self-described policy nerd and has been toiling away since he was young, for years, trying to successfully crafting not just alternatives to obamacare but trying to find ways to deal with entitlements medicare and social security in particular. they're actually very specific programs some of which donald trump has said he doesn't necessarily like, but donald trump is open to it.
10:56 am
so paul ryan and his fellow republican leaders feel as long as they can keep the legislative train on track, they are in charge of pushing through the republican agenda and they're going to have a pretty big bully pull ppit to help. >> paul ryan is not hiding how he's planning on dealing with donald trump. he clearly said unless you go against me and then i'll say something. as soon as paul ryan is fighting donald trump on something, donald trump is going to go to town on paul ryan. so it's going to be totally transactional. >> you wonder what are the priorities going to be outside of the box and if donald trump cracks down on illegal immigrants, and rolling back
10:57 am
president obama's agenda, he was big on the trade deal that president put forward so he actually are things held like to see get done, but if he decide to pick a fight over those, they could derail those. >> mitch mcconnell the republican leader in the senate, this is an opportunity, gloria, that that they will sign legislation to pass into law so much that has happened over the years. >> i remember when mitch mcconnell would not mention donald trump's name. >> during the campaign? [ laughter ] >> right. so these are uneasy relationships both in the house and senate but forced into this marriage in their own self-interest, because there are
10:58 am
things they want to get done. it was a marriage arranged by the american public -- [ laughter ] >> and they're going to have to deal with it, but having said that, as dana says, there are things that paul ryan has been really wanting to do. they're going to want to repeal and replace obamacare, it's going to be difficult, but they're going to be on board with that. they're going to be on board with donald trump on supreme court nominations. that's going to be very, very important to them. >> that still will require a 60, not the cabinet which requires 51, but the supreme court will require 60 votes. >> you have john mccain and lindsey graham screaming bloody murder about rex tillerson the nominee for secretary of state. we'll see how that progress. these are going to be issue, by issue, by issue and sometimes
10:59 am
the republicans will be with donald trump and sometimes they won't. the leaders are going to be interesting to watch. >> dana, there will be some moderate democrats, conservative democrats that were up for re-election in two years. >> there are ten senate democrats up in states where donald trump won. that's kind of remarkable when you think about it. that is why when you were talking earlier about chuck schumer the new democratic leader between challenging donald trump and holding him accountable and acquiescing and having some compromise. it's not just about donald trump it's about his own self-preservation, chuck shumer, because if he loses let's just say half of those ten then they are in a really, really bad place, because right now the democrats sure are in the
11:00 am
minority in the senate, when you're just a few seat vote margin, they have a lot of power, they kacan't make the agenda but can make trouble. >> i want everyone to stand by right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. the new congress convenes and republicans are in charge. take a look at this, live pictures from the house of representatives where the speaker paul ryan will be addressing lawmakers. there you see him right now walking in to the house of representatives on the floor. he's followed by nancy pelosi. he will actually introduce paul ryan, the speaker of the house. paul ryan will address members of the house of representatives and address the nation as well. he just tweeted by the way, paul ryan,