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tv   New Day  CNN  January 4, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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evidence that intel agencies need more time build a case. rememberer there is no proof at this point that the president-elect has ever been briefed about these hacks directly by the heads of the intelligence agencies. the question is, what is motivating his resistance? we're now live at trump tower, the white house annex in new york. >> good morning to you chris. it's important for any incoming president or president for that matter to have a solid working relationship with the intelligence community and to say that donald trump has gotten off on the wrong foot might be an understatement. >> president elect donald trump striking a tone once again against u.s. intelligence. in a new tweet trump writes intelligence briefing on russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to
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build a case. very strange but u.s. intelligence officials say there's no delay. the meeting was always set to take place later this week adding president obama has yet to receive the full briefing on russian hacking. trump vowed to release inside information he said he has about the hacks by today. the democratic congressman responding to trump's claim tweeting this week real donald trump promises new info about russian hacking only he knows what really happened at roswell. the director of national intelligence was not scheduled to be in new york city where trump is until later in the week. >> once the final report on the current situation in russia is made final.
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>> until now trump's team has not scheduled a meeting with the heads of the top intelligence agencies. president obama met with the intelligence leader shortly after being elected in 2008. for months trump continued to cast doubts over the conclusion reached by 17 u.s. intelligence agencies that russia was behind the election cyberattacks. >> it could be somebody else. >> it could be russia but also china and lots of other people. it could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. maybe there is no hacking. >> a conclusion the cia director says is ironclad. >> i would suggest to individuals that have not yet seen the report or been briefed on it that they wait and see what it is the intelligence community is putting forward before they make those judgments. >> well russia says it's not
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behind the hacking and wikileek's founder also says russia is not behind the hacking. >> thank you. you have given us a lot to discuss. >> it is up to us to analyze these tweet leads as i call them now. the intelligence briefing was delayed until friday. >> perhaps more time needed to build a case. he's questioning the timing. he's questioning their intelligence. what's going on here? >> he's trying to undermine them
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before they even come in the door. why he is doing that is curious because they're pushing back saying it's always scheduled for later this week and they don't have everything they need and he's trying to create the image of them furiously pasting things together and trying to prove their case and that's not the case from everything we have been told. >> he said that mr. trump had not yet been briefed by the intelligence community that surprised me at least and he said it was going to happen later this week. let me play that for you for a moment. >> he's not been briefed by the heads of the intelligence community yet and you're asking me what his response should be. >> he's not been breefd about whether or not they believe russia is behind the hacking. >> no, they're coming in later this week to do that. >> he always said it was later
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this week why now are they questioning the timing? >> he's playing to his audience and constituent sy and playing his role as the disrupter coming into washington saying anyone that wants to play out information that questions his legitimacy is not to be taken seriously. i think it's important that the intelligence community is going to put out a declassified report. presumably president obama will speak more about this but donald trump is heading in a direction where he wants to create a new start. it allows him to do that. i don't see donald trump coming around. the danger on this is to play
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around with this and not realize putin could target a administration and if something doesn't go well and i don't think that donald trump at this point is the president elect appreciates how difficult that situation could ultimately be. he'll have to rely upon the government and the intelligence community. these are his eyes and ears and the rest of the world they're not to be marginalized or dismissed like this. >> what is the chance that the president elect is not wrong? the only thing with a window of opportunity is president obama hasn't received the final briefing yet either. my reporting and what i pick up from the other cnn correspondents on this is nobody has any source that says we're not really sure whether it's russia or maybe it's russia and china.
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nobody is getting anything like that but could it be that donald trump knows something that the rest of us don't? >> it could be. we have certainly heard him say things like this before. even before he was in politics officially. sometimes they come through and sometimes they do not but i think that david makes such an important point about the idea that he wants to be the guy who says you know what, i don't trust any institution even the big, bad intelligence community. i'm going to stick with that because it helps me to get a lot of running room with vladimir putin. he made a decision early on and he likes the way they dealt with
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vladimir putin by tiptoeing around him and trying to marginalize him is the better way to put it and squeeze him is not the way to do it and the way to do it is make him feel like mother russia is going to come back again and that's respected by the world. having said that i talked to people that are familiar with the intelligence community and part of the intelligence community that say just be careful mr. president elect because you don't know who you're messing with. these are people that know how to get you back and will not leave any fingerprints. >> what does that mean exactly? i mean if he crosses the sbel community, what will that relationship look like on january 20th. >> it depends. >> it really depends. he crossed the intelligence community. that's happened already. that's what these tweets are about. even putting intelligence in quotes. people working day in and day
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out to prevent terror attacks are slots that we never know about are looking at this saying are you kidding me? really? there is certainly time to mend this we'll see what happens when he actually gets the briefing. it's a bit dangerous. >> that's the part i don't get. let's play it through. he gets his broefing. they say what they have been saying to everybody else. here's how we think it's russia. these guys work for russia. here's the fingerprints, here's everything. now that i had the briefing i believe everything? how does this turn out okay for president elect's credibility with his own base? >> that's a really good question and one thing we know about donald trump, he's the only one that knows what he is going to do and right now it's hard to think he is going to change course. he does have a tendency to want to come out saying i was right the entire time. they didn't present me with
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enough evidence. i could see that as a lot more likely to further empower himself. to make himself the arbiter of all things right and wrong. you consolidate the power inside of the presidency and the intelligence community and anything else for that matter. >> he made it clear he wants to move on. i think at the most trump goes quite on this if he has a moment of sobriety and sees the message or evidence here that would make him think that there's something here. i don't think he wants to come out and say he was wrong about this whole thing. i do think his diplomacy with putin and i think he's going to be quitely tough and they'll send quite messages. donald trump thinks he may have messed around with obama but he's not going to mess around with me. i'm going to give him the respect and we're going to tell him stop it, knock it off, you're not going to do this with us. that's how these initial steps
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would take place. >> i assumed once the shawn hannity interview came to light that's what he was talking about. that he said we didn't get this from a state actor and we didn't get this from russia and sean hannity that speaks to mr. trump regularly shared that with him so that's what he was basing it on but i'm trying to interpret this. >> julian assange, he has people around him now that know intelligence. flynn is no joke when it comes to intelligence and julian assange is being run down by those guys. he's in the embassy for a reason by the way. the intelligence community worked on doing that and they will tell you because of who was sending him e-mails what information he was getting in
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that and how it connected to the hacking investigation and he has to be getting and who is he going to look at after this is all over and held out into media circles. i don't think that sean hannity would have interviewed julian assange when he was talking about the iraq war. >> it's upside down. you're right. panel stick around. we have more upside down world to talk about. president obama and vice president elect mike pence heading to capitol hill today as both sides prepare for a major fight on the future of obamacare. this as house republicans reverse course on gutting the congressional office we talked about yesterday. he is live with more on what happened phil. >> a rather inauspicious start.
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there's one thing you know for sure that will unify house republicans, senate republicans, all republicans, it's the looming battle of obamacare and it's a fight that started now and it will be headlined by two high stakes visits today. >> today president obama and vice president elect mike pence heading to capitol hill. it's an effort to prepare their parties for the looming battle over obamacare. the high profile visits coming as a group of conservative lawmakers are set to unveil the first concrete plan to replace obama's signature achievement. this coming just a day after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell started a proposal to start the process of repealing the law. wasting zero time. his proposal coming within hours of the swearing in of the new congress. >> congratulations. >> the new session getting off to a rocky start. house republicans forced to back down from a proposal to gut an
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independent ethics committee. putting a scolding to the president elect himself on twitter. tweeting all that congress has to work on do they have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog their number one priority. focus on tax and health care and so many other things of far more importance. challenging the new congress lead by republicans to make things happen that trump was made in office. >> the people have given us unified government. it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it's because they want results. how could we live with ourselves if we let them down? >> what's interesting there's no hedging there from the speaker of the house. there's no hedging from the president elect even in terms of the bold promises and bold
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agenda they plan on accomplishing over the course of the next year or two but there's also a reality here that people need to pay attention to. obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced and tax reform and infrastructure. senate republicans lost two seats in the election. house republicans lost six seats in the 2016 elections. their majorities are slimmed down. that's limited wiggle room to move things forward. nothing can stimey progress of the administration like the u.s. senate. >> and same party assumes agreement between executive and legislative. we don't know if that's going to be the case. two big things to talk about. one is the battle over obamacare. you have the president going there and the vice president elect going to get their teams ready to figure out what happens after the easy part which is the repeal. that's just a vote away. and did we see some real
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populism at work today? did the people come forward and stop the ethics reform vote? next. ♪
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donald trump and the senate quickly moving to repeal obamacare. big move politically but not from the policy perspective. you have the current president, obama going to capitol hill and the current vice president elect mike pence going to the hill to deal with that battle. let's bring back our panel. repeal is about votes and replace is something very different. what is the state of play? >> you have a couple of things going on. the democrats know they can turn a political heat on a new administration in a simple way which is if you give a benefit to people you don't so easily take it away. that's the bottom line but there's enough about obamacare that's not working for small businesses and doctors and others, insurance companies, premiums going up. not enough young people signing up for the insurance through the mandate but also a lot of things going well. i talked to health care professionals around the country
3:21 am
that have gone through the transition and finding success stories as well. this is what i think president obama is going to be doing. trying to stiffen the spines of democrats that say this is a message that you can bring forward and i'll help you on the out side in terms of how to keep campaigning for this but i also think there can be agreements to strengthen the law. i don't see this ending in a big moment here. democrats are trying to find a way to not be on board of whatever they look like. >> in fact that's what vice president joe biden has been making that point. he talked to jake tapper a couple of weeks ago. listen to this. >> i love these guys. >> go ahead and repeal it. repeal it now.
3:22 am
see what happens. the idea that all of a sudden they can go back and start charging women more than men. pre-existing conditions don't matter. >> almost made jake smile. >> that was a go ahead and make my day. that's what he was basically saying but is it accurate to say that the republicans don't have a plan? every time one of the republicans come on our plan they have a whole lot of plans. it just hasn't congealed into one major plan but they have a lot of ideas. >> they do. but the challenge is the delay between the repeal and getting those ideas, you know, getting them together and then getting them into law and even republicans who have been working on this for a very long time admit there will be a delay which is why you see that but
3:23 am
you see mike pence going up because he is also going to be talking to republicans about the best way to do this because they're hearing some of them about just what joe biden was saying. it's not perfect but i don't want to lose my health care. i don't want this benefit to be taken away. that's why you have this dual rallies on capitol hill or briefings with these high profile figures because as much as republicans want to do this there's angst on how you make it happen. >> we need to be clear that having a lot of ideas is different than having a plan and
3:24 am
they have to be cautious. you're going to keep that people can stay on and three or four different things, now you're giving the democrats ammunition. and the part they did change comes down to the subsidy. you have to figure out how to make it work. it's complex and comprehensive and takes time. >> how you pay for it is the big question. republicans that's the other thing. they'll have to consolidate around one idea and they're not united. hours until people lose their health care and nobody in place. >> but that's paid for by the individual mandate so until they
3:25 am
get that figured out because they're going to want it paid for there will be a lot of discussions to be had. >> let's talk about this stunning about face that we saw yesterday with the republicans on capitol hill who at first voted to basically cut the office of congressional ethics and in the space of a few hours turn that around and donald trump let me read his tweet during the course of this with all that congress has to work on do they have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog their number one priority and focus on things of other greater importance. is that what turned it around? >> trump has an ability to leverage his following and use it against the political establishment. we saw that in the election in dramatic fashion and here he used it against those conservatives. not all of whom were renegades by the way. some were more establishment folks that wanted to take this
3:26 am
on over the house speaker. the reason boehner isn't speaker anymore is because he couldn't control his caucus when it came to doing the grand bargain with president obama about the deficit and entitlement programs. here the president was able to say don't do it. he backed up ryan that didn't want to do it. >> he already fold at that point and that tweet didn't say it was a terrible thing to do. it talked about the timing. he even said as unfair as it is. and use the #dts, drain the swamp. it's just as much as the thousands of calls that they got from their constituents from real people saying this is too far and they were sensitive to it. >> panel thank you very much. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer confronting the president elect donald trump face to face. his warning. your cabinet picks are going to make you fail as president. did he mean it? what was the response?
3:27 am
dana bash's interview with schumer ahead.
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>> despite admitting he has not had briefings with the heads of the intel agency. he just tweeted his intel meeting was curiouses youly del. >> it was a rough first day for the new congress after house
3:31 am
republicans changed course on gutting the independent congressional ethics panel. former nominee hillary clinton and former president bill clinton will attend donald trump's inauguration. former president george w. bush and former president laura bush will also be approximate in attendance. >> charles manson moved from a california prison to an off site hospital. the l.a. times reports he is seriously ill. state and federal officials are not commenting about his condition citing privacy laws. >> can you imagine having a baby at 50? janet jackson just did. the pop star gave birth on tuesday to a baby boy named essa. she had a stress free delivery. mother and child doing well. >> that's wonderful. she is said to have wanted a child for a long time. >> 50. >> it happens. >> for more on the things to know go to for the latest. >> one-on-one with chuck
3:32 am
schumer. telling cnn that donald trump is trying to shower him with flattery. what did the president elect say exactly? the senator speaks out, next on new day. quite what you wanted. that's why verizon has the best deals of the year on the best network. like a free smartphone when you add a line or switch. no trade-in required. choose from the samsung galaxy j3, the lg k8 or stylo, or the the motoz play. all free. and as if you needed another reason, switch to verizon now and get up to $650 to cover your costs. there's still time to get exactly what you want at verizon. tech: don't let a cracked windshtrust safelite.plans. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"...
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make it clear that the democrat -- cnn chief political correspondent sat down with schumer and joins us with more. what did you learn? >> chuck schumer was very much hoping that he could be a democratic leader in charge of the senate working with the democratic president. he told me that that certainly would have been more fun but that this job perhaps is more
3:36 am
important. >> chuck schumer arriving for his first day as senate democratic leader. his new large suite still with unpacked boxing. >> you guys have some decorating to do here. >> yes, a lot. it's not my forte. >> he was hoping to be the new democratic majority leader working with hillary clinton in the white house. instead he's leading the trump opposition. he described a recent conversation with trump. >> i said mr. president elect, you went after the democratic and republican establishments you want to be embracing your time warn, shopworn hard right. >> you said that to him? >> i did. >> what did he say? >> nothing. >> but i said to him if you do that, your presidency will not come close to being a success. >> for schumer success will be even more complicated.
3:37 am
a fine line between when to work with trump and when not to. >> it abandoned his republican colleagues. 90, 95% of the time will be holding him accountable but we're not democrats. we're not going to just oppose them. >> schumer climbed the democratic ranks as a partisan and fund-raiser. and become a successful legislator. >> this is a major break through. and senate immigration reform. >> you love a deal. not unlike the president elect. >> the republicans and senate in the house have been run by a hard right group. an almost tea party group and they are so far away. >> now they have a deal maker in the white house just like you. >> we're going to look at the
3:38 am
specifics of what it opposed. of course i'd like to make a deal. >> that makes progressives nervous. >> democratic leaders from chuck schumer down need to stop playing footsie with trump. >> we're playing no footsie. my views are the same as elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. >> since when. >> both of them said the same exact thing. if we can work with him and be true to our principles we're not going to reject it but overall we're sticking to our principles. >> the two new yorkers have a history. schumer says he doesn't know donald trump well but he someone of the early political donors. schumer confirmed the president elect told him he likes him better than gop leaders. >> he said something close to it. >> were you surprised to hear a republican president democratic leader be like he likes you more than the republicans. >> when you get in my position people want to flatter you and you have to take it with a grain
3:39 am
of salt. >> he is hardly the only concern. he is in charge of his defeating democratic party. >> a sharp edged economic message that talks about helping the middle class and people that want to get to the middle class. we didn't have that in this election. >> just the task for the man that put himself on the map in the 1980s by being media savvy. >> the famous line the most dangerous place in washington is between a camera and chuck schumer. >> said by bob doyle after he was mad i passed the brady law which i'm proud i did. >> now when we try to talk to you in the hallway you pretend you're on the cell phone. so that hasn't changed a lot. >> in the early days the press was a very good way to bring out problems that need to be fixed. now i have other leaders of power so i'm hardly inaccessible and you can say a lot of bad things about chuck schumer.
3:40 am
same goes for authenticity. >> no. >> try to find out. >> that sounds fun. >> leader or not, refined he will never be. >> just put a fire escape down there and it will be like brooklyn. >> that's right. >> i'm sorry. i'm just right here. how awesome a trick is that? i didn't know that. that is one of the greats. >> i've actually been in an elevator and i'm trying to listen. is there a person on that phone or are you just really ignoring me. it's off to the races already today for chuck schumer with obamacare there's going to be the president obama up there to talk about it. vp elect mike pence so what is his plan. >> well, you know, when senator schumer talked about sharpening the message he obviously is talking about the economic message to get democrats back on board and they're going to need to sharpen their message big time to focus on putting a wedge
3:41 am
between republicans and their constituents on the notion of appealing obamacare. that's the first leadership test because president obama is only going to be there for a week or so and then he'll have to lead the charge to do that and the battle for the nominees. >> oh my gosh. it's going to be a busy season there behind you. thank you very much. as president elect donald trump prepares to take office house speaker paul ryan will take part in a cnn town hall. it will be next thursday january 12th at 9:00 p.m. only on cnn. >> up next the new trump administration comes in with great unknowns in the air. promises have been made but proposals as yet nowhere in sight. next, the big issues that could make or break trump. see me. see me. don't stare at me.
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>> they arrested 20 isis linked suspect in connection with the night club attack on new years that killed 39 people and injured dozens. police believed these people lived with the attacker that still remains at large.
3:46 am
the man in the video on your screen right now, his name and nationality not yet released. >> we have more breaking news for you. there is a huge deadly jailbreak unfolding at this hour in the southern philippines. 15el inmates escaping after more than 100 armed attackers stormed the prison in an overnight raid killing one guard and injuring another. a jail official says 14 of the inmates are back in custody. six were killed. two others have surrendered but the rest are still on the loose. >> not a good day to pick up hitchhikers. a funny photo for you. you see the kid in the middle with the red sweater holding the bible. he decides to dab during the photo with the house speaker. ryan not having it. he's heard on camera saying to the kid what have you got to sneeze? and when he keeps doing it he pulls his hand down and takes the picture.
3:47 am
the move made popular by cam newton. speaker ryan unfamiliar with the move. in the end they all got a nice picture there. >> do you think this teenagers move is better or worse than yours. check it out. there is chris cuomo. why were you dabing that day. >> it's good but it's hard to replace the qualities i have when i do it. >> why were you doing that? >> i was blinded by your beauty once again. >> masterful. >> and the protective lenses have not yet been installed. >> his eyes are clearly visible. >> that's right. we'll get you protective eye wear. >> still working on it. your beauty cannot be reflected. >> i fall for it every time. so what does donald trump know about russian hacking that proves that russia was not involved? and how will he handle conflicts with his business interests? there are a lot of great unknowns in a trump white house and we look at all of those, next. ♪ ♪
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>> he's going to enter his administration with looming questions. what are you going to do with your conflicts of interest that you promised to resolve. what is this secret information that you have about the russian hacks. let's bring in the cnn political analyst. editor and chief of the daily beast. she the senior congressional correspondent at the washington examiner. a nice podcast you should check
3:52 am
out. he has a new book i'm holding in front of my pace. it is called washington's fairwell. an intelligent read. so let's start off with obamacare, okay? repeal and replace. the first part easy. he has the votes. he says he will sign on for this. it will be revealed but then what. how big of a problem. >> that is a huge deal because the devil is in the details always but donald trump's comments were replace it with something terrific. in the past he has supported single payer. already the markers he has set out are keeping ailments that are popular. no particular preconditions. kids under 26. yesterday his advisor saying they would make sure that everyone currently covered would be covered by a new plan. that raises the big question, how are you going to pay for it? fiscal conservatives can care about that kind of thing so the devil is in the details. >> you are of the school of doesn't matter yet when it comes to the unknowns because he's not
3:53 am
in office but once he is they will become relevant and how important is it that they get a plan together that's not a bunch of ideas of how to make it better. >> they have to come up with a plan that doesn't leave people worse off than they were before. the people that got the sour end of that deal were people that already had insurance. maybe they didn't like how much they were paying. they were upset that their costs were going up every year but they liked their doctor and coverage they were getting under their plan and we're talking about this repeal and replace. they're reforming overhauling the health care system time and again. if donald trump doesn't sign on to a plan that leaves people feeling they're better off than he was before. and they're going to be angry at
3:54 am
republicans and donald trump and there's a midterm election coming up and at some point after he is president and this is what i was getting at, chris, he's going to have to pick something because nothing becomes law without his signature and at that point we'll know how successful this effort is. >> ownership with authorship. i got you. this secret information that he says he has about the russian hacks. we now know he does not have a direct briefing from any of these agencies. he hasn't met with him yet which this has been a long time to not meet with him and he is highly suspicious without proof. how big a deal is it if there is no there, there on the president elect's secret information. >> look, this has been really troubling because obviously the threat of russian hacking trying to influence the election hangs over the results and he has shown himself not to be particularly concerned showing a great deal of skepticism while
3:55 am
praising putin. that is a difficult conversation once you deal with reality beyond 140 characters and are inheriting the oval office. when he gets that briefing on friday and it does appear the results will be ready friday he'll have to reconcile himself with what the facts say and he's going to have to start connecting with them and that is a terrible place to be for the country. >> how does trump come out ahead on this one? >> i don't know that he comes out ahead but once he becomes president he's going to own it just like he's going to own whatever happens with the affordable care act. it's easy for him right now in this position to question the work of the intelligence agencies and to question the information because he's not responsible if anything goes wrong. so what do we know about russia and their hacking ability and what they try to do for the
3:56 am
u.s.? we know that they have unique sophisticated capabilities to penetrate u.s. systems. not everybody has that ability. you can talk to top republicans on the hill involved in this and they will tell you that for the past 8 years at least russia has been very active in trying to penetrate u.s. systems so once trump is president the next time the office of personnel management gets breeched the next time the department of defense gets breached whether it's the russians the chinese, iranians or north koreans donald trump will be responsible and he won't be able to say i have a secret plan or information because it's going to happen on his watch and that will change the relationship with the intelligence community but also with the voter as it relates to how he talks about intelligence. >> putting a lot of influence on the future in terms of his ownersh
3:57 am
ownership. >> let's not forget the facts here. a government is trying to influence the u.s. election in donald trump's behalf and notably praise worthy at that foreign power and critical and skept car length of our agencies. that's a surreal thing. >> the american people see who has taken a pass on that at least the ones that voted for him. when the audit is done he'll show it. we don't know if there is an audit. he said he was going to have a press conference and now his people close to him say when the lawyers are comfortable, it ain't that long of a conversation. they're not going to find the solution. what happens if he doesn't come out and say here's how i'm curing the conflicts. >> the minute there's a scandal or the voters decide he's not doing a good job as president they'll look at his conflicts of interest and decide he cares more about making money and enriching his family than he does about their own life and it's going to be a major problem but for now, i understand how
3:58 am
people feel about this but for now they built this into the price of admission with donald trump it's who he sand people are going to give him the chance to perform first. >> the problem is treating it all like the greatest show on earth. they're real and precedented and global and the president can try to kick the can and he said there's no such thing as conflicts for the president. >> we'll keep doing more on this as the unknowns coming up. >> for our u.s. viewers here, stick around. new day continues. >> the information is there and it's rock solid. >> trump taking a swipe at the intelligence community. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a hard thing to prove. >> our source is not the russian government.
3:59 am
>> i would suggest to individuals that have not yet seen it wait and see what it is that the intelligence community is putting forward. >> i think we have a chance of keeping a lot of obamacare. >> president obama and mike pence heading to capitol hill for the looming battle over obamacare. >> won't repeal and replace on exactly the same day. i don't think that's possible. >> there's no question there will be different health insurance coverage in this country under president trump. >> this is new day. >> good morning. welcome to your new day up first president elect donald trump intensifying his war of words over russia. his intelligence briefing over so-called russian hacking was delayed and now he's suggesting the intelligence community needs more time to build their case. why is he antagonizing the very agencies he'll rely on. we're 16 days from his
4:00 am
inauguration. we have it all covered for you. jason is live at trump tower in new york. >> it's clear that the president elect is not convinced that russia is behind the hacking. not convinced that the intelligence community knows what it is talking about and once again trump took to twit tore let everyone know just how he feels. >> donald trump striking a tone again against u.s. intelligence. he writes intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case. very training. but officials say there's no delay. they say the meeting was always set to take place late they are week adding president obama has yet to receive the full briefing on russian hacking. trump vowed to release inside information he has about the


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