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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 21, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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a day of protest from coast-to-coast and around the world. how will president trump respond? this is "cnn tonight with don lemon," day two of the trump administration and marchers flooded streets in washington and beyond, even spreading across the red states of trump country. no response yet from the administration but press secretary sean spicer did have crowd size on his mind today, specifically for the inauguration. white house fighting back that the crowd at inauguration was smaller than when barack obama took office in 2009. >> this was the largest audience
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to ever witness an inauguration period both in person and around the globe. >> this is really been a day for the history books. hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets of washington and beyond marching against a new administration one day after the inauguration. here's more. >> reporter: tonight americans of all faiths and walks of life converging on the nation's capital protesting the agenda of the 45th president donald trump. >> it's been a heart-rending time to be both a woman and an immigrant in this country. our dignity, our character, our rights all under attack. >> i am unafraid to be nasty because i am nasty like susan, elizabeth, eleanor, amelia, rosa, gloria, condoleezza,
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sonia, mahle all la, michelle, hillary. >> reporter: a powerful eclectic group. >> we're here representing the majority of the americans. majority didn't want this man in the white house. >> we're not anti-trump but promepr proamerica, inclusion and grace. >> keep letting them know we're not going anywhere. >> this is a wake-up call. >> reporter: who needs to wake up? >> anybody who cares about democracy, about sanity in the presidency. >> reporter: do you have a message for president trump now? >> it's time to leave. >> reporter: and the movement spanned well beyond just washington as hundreds of thousands of dissenting americans gathered in all 50 states from chicago, los
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angeles, st. louis, denver, boston. >> hello women of massachusetts. >> celebrities, politicians and everyday americans uniting in rebuke of president trump's past statements. standing up to say they will fight for the country they know and love. >> president trump, i did not vote for you. >> my husband and i fought for 35 years for marriage and i lost him right before christmas and i'm here for both of us. >> reporter: jessica's mother fell ill and ended life while the health care system left her in ruins. >> i hope she'll be proud and i miss her terribly. sad she had to go the way she went. wasn't a righteous way to go.
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>> reporter: people occupying the house behind me making no mention of the massive protests but to underscore how staggering the crowds were, trying to move from live truck to the camera location, at that point people arm-to-arm, couldn't move. announcers begging people not to go any further. got a sense couldn't breathe. people squeezing in almost as if crushed or stampeded. didn't happen. subsided a bit. crowds eased but underscores the staggering number of people who participated even unexpected by the organizers don. >> thank you suzanne. i want to bring in derek waller, reporter in cleveland and camilla reporter in austin, texas. so glad you could both join us.
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derek, it's fascinating that the protests are happening in 50 states, including red states that voted for donald trump in the election. tell us about the huge turnout in cleveland? >> reporter: earlier this week heard from organizers of the protest expecting about 3,000 people and this morning had at least 15,000 people. that's according to cleveland police, there were no arrested or problems again according to the police and very peaceful but yes, thousands more people than expecting a few days ago. >> you have been talking to these protesters out there. what is the message they want to get out today? >> reporter: there's a variety of things they're concerned about, but i thought the overarching thing you heard from everybody really is health care. they're worried about health care reform being repealed and what that will mean going back to way it was and didn't cover
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preexisting conditions and men and women charged different rates. coverage for contraception and maternity care, a real concern from everyone, concerned about what health care is going to look like and right now republicans haven't offered up what they're going to replace it with. >> seems to be the mantra i hear from the sound bites. camilla you're in austin, seems like more people showed up than planned for as well. austin known as more progressive than the rest of texas but protests in dallas and houston as well. what was it like out there? >> reporter: that's right. definitely at lot more people than expected. i think organizers. >> reporter: planning for about 30,000 and about 50,000 people showed up. a lot of people from the austin area but saw some people from dallas and houston who came in
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busses here to participate. throughout the streets we talked to police and ems and they were surprised with the number of people who showed up to the texas capital this afternoon. >> similar to what i asked derek, what were the protesters telling you? their key vision. >> reporter: so i think the message here is same one that's being said around the country. women's rights, human rights, the rights of immigrants, of minorities, everyone who has felt left out or discriminated by the words said by that you president donald trump. but i think what i found interesting is that i asked people what is next, how do you feel about what is coming next? lot of the people in texas felt inspired, united and through the march and protests they will now be inspired to do something more for the next four years and act and get involved in local and
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state politics and eventually make a change nationally. >> thank you very much. i know it's been a long day for both of you. thank you. appreciate it. joining me leslie simic, attended the march in washington yesterday and she's a trump supporter, as if you can't tell. got the flag on. full of personality. glad you're here. attended the inauguration, fantastic. and enjoyed that but picture at woman's march. why did you march on the first day that your president was in office? >> because i want to represent donald trump because he's an amazing person and people want to march in a march to be united then should be for our president of the united states. donald trump. >> good for you. what was it like being out there? other trump supporters as well? >> there was. it was amazing. everyone came together, go the
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to speak for what they believed in. it was peaceful. beautiful. >> was it -- there were people, men and women from all ages and races. what was it like? >> amazing. that's what its all about. we're one nation under god. we're a melting pot. everyone's lives matter. everyone has a right to say what they want. >> you have a black lives matter thing and hot chicks for trump. >> and palestinian throw. >> this is america. had imam on earlier and i said america is about all kinds and that's why he delivered the message today to donald trump because he feels the same way. >> that was beautiful mass. >> should he reach out to these people. if you could speak to the president you voted for? >> you don't have to say anything. he's going to. that's what people don't
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realize. everybody makes mistakes in life and nobody's perfect. if somebody has a way of showing the world that he's not the person he's perceived to be, it's by running for president of the united states. he's going to prove to everybody he's the wonderful person i believe him to be, i'm his number one fan in upstate new york and he's going to make america great again. >> how do you think he's going to? >> he's going to unite. lot of things happening, we're all struggling and people afraid they're going to lose their enentertainments ae entitlements and it's not going to be that way. we have to fine tune the government and drain the swamp. we need the money to care for other people. homeless. it's hard to buy health
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insurance with a low sl salary. there's a lot of fraud and abuse in the government and you have to figure out -- >> back to the march. happy to show you. i'm sure some because that happens. >> but i love everybody. >> you know who michael flynn s pick for the national security adviser. what his son tweeted. what victory, women already have equal rights and yes equal pay in this country, what more do you want? free many peddies? what's your response? i know you speak your mind. >> i want to say that women do have a lot of rights in this country. if you go to other countries they really struggle. and women watch too much reality tv. because there's a lot of things going on in the world more important than mani/pedis and salary inequality can be fixed.
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if you do work and your evaluation rates your work then job performance is exceptional, you should get a raise. should be based on that. >> i think you're right about that. today we spent a lot of time, which we weren't going to -- just wasn't on the radar, talking about crowd sizes. crowd size, had enough to get him elected president of the united states. enough people who went out to vote for him. spent the first day talking about how big and arguing and press secretary giving wrong numbers about how many people were there and so on. do you think that's what he should be focusing on? >> absolutely not. mr. trump, he's a very sensitive person and he's like me, a marshmallow, his silly tweets are ways of defending his heart.
8:13 pm
he has a big heart. >> but you're not president. >> going to be someday. >> told me going to run one day. do you think -- i had a conversation as they were talking about the crowd sizes, and he was at cia today- >> i was at both. and i think with the inauguration, everything was more spread out so it didn't. >> you mean at inauguration and rallies, not at cia. >> no but at inauguration and rally. i think because more spread out and everybody going through different gates, it could have been perceived there wasn't more people there but really what does it really matter? there was people there to support him at his inauguration, and there was a march today for women's rights, and both are both important issues. >> you are awesome. so glad you said that. what would you say to him, telling my story, in restaurant with trump supporters talking
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about, asked them what they thought about him and tweeting. every single one said i wish he would just not. >> he's cute. i don't mind the tweets. small minds talk about people, big minds talk about ideas. if just want to tweet to vent, it's okay. >> i appreciate you coming you don't know. be safe out there. >> thank you for having me. where is the camera? bye. coming back, president trump visits cia to mend fences and bashes the media, is that the right message to send? and to the city. and drifted off into the twilight. and when we woke, we found that the whole world had reinvented itself. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7-day fares from $799.
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we're back. president donald trump and his press secretary lashing out at the news media about the relationship to the intelligence community and over reports about the size of the crowds at inauguration. bring in senior correspondent jim acosta. jeffrey lord. sarina zito. and brian stelter and mr. jim sciutto. here is donald trump at cia headquarters earlier today. >> the reason you're my first stop is that as you know, i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. right? and they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. and i just want to let you know,
8:19 pm
reason you're number one stop is it's exactly the opposite. exactly. and they understand that too. >> jim what's your reaction? what are you hearing from sources in the intel community? >> couple of things, first of all important part, going to intelligence agencies standing in front of what for them is arlington. memorial wall, 117 stars there for cia agents who have given their lives in the call of duty, many of them we'll never know their names. some we do no. first person to die in the war in afghanistan after 9/11 is one, the two in the benghazi raid there as well. hallowed spot but president going there in midst of running dispute with the intelligence agencies. he said we created it, factually
8:20 pm
incorrect. many tweets and comments from him criticizing and undermining confidence in the intelligence agencies and there's that. but makes no mention of where he's standing. would have taken a line to say i understand the sacrifice like you would do like when laying wreath at arlington, to be expected. over the course of the day phone has been dinging. texts and e-mails from folks inside or who used to be inside intelligence community. saying listen that was despicable in the words of the former cia director and heard harsher words. to them it's insult to the sacrifice and work they do. >> said he went there in the first place because of this war he had with the media going on. but that's not exactly -- maybe that's why he says he went there but the war with the media, it was his war. >> right. no question. there's a public record in his
8:21 pm
own twitter feed. this is a sensitive time with the intelligence communities because you have the assessment that the russians interfered with the election. as that has happened, uncomfortable for him to hear. he takes it as somehow makes his victory illegitimate, which is not something the intelligence community has judged or attempted to. perhaps because of that attack credibility and motivations of the intelligence agencies to say it's politically driven, compare to nazi germany, this thing. this is sensitive time and investigations ongoing of the russian interference and of people inside his campaign of communications are the russians in the campaign. sensitive time and this is the message received when he went there. >> i was sitting with a trump supporter and watching and saw
8:22 pm
the vice president there and thought that was -- reading the closed captioning and said a great message from the vice president and president got up and people just started groaning. reading this thing. they have make america great hats on. spent nine minutes discussing things other than tlengs >> i think this is vastly overblown. >> just answer the question directly and pivot. was it -- >> audience heard and laughed. cheered it. >> part of that was staffing he brought and and cia people chose to come in today. >> cia people who cheered and applauded. >> go on.
8:23 pm
>> my point is he made it his business to come over there as first stop. could have gone anywhere in the government. made that first spot because he wanted to underline to them he's on their side. >> or intimidate them. >> now, you know -- intimidate? they work for him. in terms of -- >> they're leaking against him. we both know that. >> so he's got grounds for his complaint. this is a standard washington thing going on for years when bureaucrats in department a, b or c don't like -- ketchup is a vegetable -- they leak stuff to jam the president. >> thank goodness they do. >> well. my god. >> otherwise wouldn't know about those things. >> you think it's great idea to leak classified information. >> not classified information but sometimes leaks are good. >> that's at issue here. >> do you like whistleblowers? >> don't dispute any of that,
8:24 pm
shouldn't be of classified information. it's classified for a reason. >> jim, what was the reason from the white house point of view to go there? >> i think a chance for donald trump to mend fences, i think that's why he went over and good instinct to follow. absolutely. he has to rely on them and they on him to keep the country and world safe. but after watching that display and hearing the crowd cheer, disappointing moment for our country. i think probably a lot of people who work at cia probably not applauding at that moment but agauft at what was taking place there. heard from the former cia director saying he didn't like it. >> and leak occurred under his watch right? >> lot of the cia operatives been around the world in countries where there is not a free press or press with freedoms and they're not
8:25 pm
prosperous or free and -- >> i'm for a free press. >> i thought that was disappointing. as for sean spicer at white house, also unfortunate regrettable moment for our country. here is the white house press secretary on the first full day of this administration going in to lam bast the news media. i thought listen there's plenty of time to -- >> i've had press secretaries yell over the phone but this was different. >> inaccurate numbers involving crowd size also tweeted. no one had numbers because the national park service which controls the national mall does not put any out. by the way this applies to any attempts to try to count the number of protesters today in the same fashion. we know a few things. let's go through the facts. we know from the platform to 4th
8:26 pm
molds about 250,000 people, and then to the media tent another 250,000, and then to the washington monument, another 250,000 people. all of this space was full when the president took the oath of office. we know that 420,000 people used d.c. metro public transit today compared to 317,000 in president obama's. this was largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period, both in person and around the globe. >> so sitting there as many people going why? why? you checked the number. and why. >> exactly. which should i take first? why is unbelievable because of all the things -- talking to jeffrey before this segment, what if the white house decided here's the picture for today, go out in the back and get pictures of donald trump playing with his
8:27 pm
children. that's picture we put out today. what if he did that instead? >> you're hired. >> i'm not here to help but to report. >> what if he tweeted out, i see all the people, i hear your voice, i'm your president too. >> i don't get it. >> even address the marchers. >> paid dividends in the campaign but now you have to run the country. how do you have time for that? i don't get it. >> numbers. >> first of all said never been white ground coverings on the ground before, we have photographs from 2013 where you can see the national park service unloading them to cover up the grass. there it is. if you look at back of that photograph, there's the inaugural setup at front of the capital, 2013, obviously not correct. and also said magnetometers placed around the mall kept quote hundreds of thousands of people getting to the mall.
8:28 pm
weren't that many people waiting to get through. secret service says weren't magnetometers around the mall and metro numbers were incomplete. "washington post" put them out and we confirmed. ridership for yesterday 570,000 for donald trump, back in 2013 which sean spicer was measuring against for what reason i don't know, said it was largest ever, was into the. 782,000, and at 1.1 million in 2009. i just don't understand why. you would think i would have it figured out covering him so long. why he gets up and decides go on these rants. >> facts do matter. after the break. y28cny ywty
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and we're back. added kayleigh to the panel. may end up talking about the women's rally as well. want to continue with the conversation about crowd sizes. as i -- i said it last night. we didn't talk about it. only reason we are is because the president brought it up at a ball last night. >> those numbers they matter for a few hours today. forgotten tomorrow. in the grand scheme don't matter that much. but honesty from the president and white house podium does matter. let's talk about when the numbers matter. u.s. troops killed in operation abroad. terrorist cells identified in the united statesment korean
8:33 pm
missiles armed with weapons, when those numbers have effect on national security, are you going to trust the words from the president and the podium? that madders in a democracy. >> barack obama left with approval rating and what was the big lie that seems never to be mentioned. if you want to keep your doctor you can -- >> what does that have to do -- >> it's a lie. >> we discussed it. >> called lie of the year, every american knows it was wrong. >> that's the kind of lie you were talking about and he's leaving with 60% approval rating. >> i was talking about lives in danger. >> war. >> president barack obama is relaxing in palm springs somewhere, this is the first full day of the -- i'm sure you
8:34 pm
voted for him, did you not? >> i think i did. >> do you want your president talking about crowd sizes on the first day? be honest. >> no -- >> be honest. >> if he thinks. >> do you want your president talking about -- >> sure if you want to distract. if you have a big event over here, all these people in the streets and want to talk about something else to keep the subject. >> but get the facts right if you do. >> something besides crowd size. >> bob dylan has a line that says all he believes are his eyes and his eyes are just telling lies. there's a problem with presidents only want to hear what they want to hear. what you're talking about killed lyndon johnson administration, mcnamara was afraid to give real facts to lbj from vietnam, nixon didn't want to hear the news and
8:35 pm
people started making up statistics and led to crisis in america where people didn't druft the white house. finally gerald ford wrote a memoir "time to heal" and keeping faith. has a sacred obligation to tell the truth. >> everyone says why is the media going on about it? because he lied to the american people. if he did in fact tell sean spicer to do that, he lied to the american people and presidents shouldn't do that. actually the president works for the people and he owes it to the people to be truthful. that's why it's a big deal. especially first day. i think by him doing that, undermining the media but he's actually making us stronger. >> well -- >> put in bigger context.
8:36 pm
>> at this point the media has approval rating what is it. >> do we have to go there? >> lower than trump's. >> so 25% it's easy i to target the media and call it an enemy. >> his approval rating not great either. >> but give us eight months and when you see republicans who work behind us in this capitol and if donald trump continues to lie about incidences and instances in plain view, public statements, pictures, then donald trump is in a lot of trouble. >> said it was sunny when it was cloudy yesterday. that kind of stuff. >> and to your point about lbj, when that happened, approval rate for the presidency and trust in government at all-time high. 71%. that's when it started to erode. same with trusting in government and i think that part of the
8:37 pm
lesson of this election is you want to rebuild this. so why would you pick this moment to be the hill you want to die on? that's the cardinal rule of running campaigns. >> isn't it a judgment snish. >> let it go. >> he chose to do this on his first day. >> but erick erickson at red state, no fan of donald trump had a fascinating column, he thinks media is hurting themselves because there's a double standard, obama kids attacked by reporter lost job but barron trump is somehow fair game. >> he's not at all. >> he's not nobody thinks. no no no no. >> many people attacking him. >> nobody thinks that. >> not cnn, talking about the media writ large. what donald trump did with the press conference is first republican president in recent history to push back about
8:38 pm
narrative. >> who are you talking about? >> donald trump and sean spicer. talking about the media narrative trying to throw a cloud. >> who specifically? >> "new york times," "washington post." go on and on. frame of the narrative is donald trump gave a dark speech. if you go line by line it's uplifting. >> kayleigh we like each other and i respect your opinion but -- >> it's dark to say give the people your government back? we all bleed the same color and it's red? zoomed in on one line, word carnage. >> a dozen words like that but some trump supporters watched today and even more furious about the media and fox news is making it worse. not reporting on the lies the way this network is. unless conservative media stand
8:39 pm
up to the misinformation, not sure that trump voters will change their view. >> and also provides for a lot of misinformed people. that's really sad. erick erickson today tweeted about this whole thing and said -- from him. today's fight is over erroneous tweet about mlk bust and number of attendees at inauguration, #putinsmiles. we'll be right back. every time i travel, it's the moments that are most rewarding. ♪ because if you let yourself embrace them, you'll never forget them. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts at
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today's massive marches were not limited to women. hundreds of thousands of families took to the streets too, among them the weaver-ca weaver-cardona family. joining me, said family. all here. you have a beautiful family. congratulations. usually surrounded by pundits and now here. >> new for me. >> this is a tougher crowd. why did you get together for this march today? >> clearly we understand the importance. give kudos to huz brian who got folks together from nonprofit he
8:44 pm
runs in d.c., thought it was important for children to be involved in this, christa came up from puerto rica and activist on the island and important to be part of this. my children were upset when hillary clinton lost. lived the campaign along with us and as young latinos seen the impact not just on themselves but with their friends. >> what do you talk about sebastian? about the wall anything like that? >> yeah. we disagree with trump about deporting immigrants and building a wall as it's not a good idea. as i do have friends and people i know of, immigrants from out of this country. and i'm worried because their parents, they might get deported. as immigrants, they're just
8:45 pm
citizens from other countries who really enjoy this country and love it and do hard work to work for this country. >> so 12 years old, i'm not sure would be that articulate about this subject. good for you. maya luna, you're nine. did you follow the sfleks. >> yeah. >> a little bit. what was it like being out there today with all those folks? >> it was good that so many people wanted to support people that were nervous and like scared about trump becoming president. and just it was a good experience. >> yeah. so christa, i want to ask you, why did you go today? >> i as well -- >> you're the niece? >> yes.
8:46 pm
as well as maya luna and sebastian, when trump won, i was one that cried, a little scared. in puerto rico, didn't know what would happen with us. but reaffirmation of everything he had done in the campaign, brought on the sense that was okay. reason i came here today was to see and be part of this complete movement of actually acknowledging everybody's existence and actually supporting each other and loving each other and protecting each other. i wanted to be part of that. >> before i get to brian, want to ask you, people are concerned about normalizing the rhetoric that we've heard on the campaign trail. is that an issue for you? >> definitely. ever since -- ever since i was little i studied women and gender studies in college and
8:47 pm
lot of the things he had been saying or not saying, lot of the things i feel like were indirect but at the same time it affected me in a way that i'm 26 and i cried when he actually won. it was 4:00 a.m. in puerto rico and i cried. >> you were comfortable with family out there. why did you bring them? >> yeah. i came from a background where my mom was really raised us to be active, to speak up for what we believed in. and actually always wanted to take away a little bit that not everybody out there today was speaking against the republic or donald trump. i had a great experience meeting two trump supporters in the march. 500,000 people out there, probably 500,000 different reasons why they were out there. idea of gender pay equality is not defined by republicans or
8:48 pm
democrats. there are a lot of trump supporters, particularly blue collar, may zbrooes disagree on 90% of why they're here but this is an issue i speak to and stand up with them. >> there were some arrests in d.c. related -- zero arrests, came out wrong. no arrests in washington. you have competition. >> right? better spoken than you, kidding. >> very proud of them. >> thank you, beautiful family. >> thanks for inviting us on. coming up, son of president trump's national security adviser blasts women the the march. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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we are talking about the crowd numbers and also the big march on washington today. you know, president trump security, national security adviser, lieutenant general flynn was to ousted for pushing
8:53 pm
this fake conspiracy theory. he tweeted this today. he said what victory? women already have equal rights and equal pay in this country. what more do you want? #wome #womensmarch. >> i'm hard pressed to put every republican or every anybody in the category of michael fly flynn jr. i think he is an example of asinine comments. i think what he said is disrespectful -- >> do you realize who his father is? >> and i get that. maybe i'm being hopeful. i don't want to believe he speaks for more than himself. >> didn't you get the message,
8:54 pm
don't embarrass me? >> yeah. >> one thing i will not do is embarrass my dad. the fact that he embarrassed his father -- >> that was obviously wrong but this tweet, i agree with him. he is making a point. a lot of millennial women do feel like we are making more than our male peers, getting degrees at higher rates than our male peers. to suggest to go out and march we are on equal plains -- >> i hear you. many times we don't have the same construct of those that came before us. >> of course. >> i think that all of these
8:55 pm
people who have given us rights so we can sit here today together and talk, i think they gave so much -- >> and i think the feminist movement does so much. >> i have got to get -- >> yeah. i agree with both. i think the mani/pedi thing is too much. actually the numbers bear out if you adjust for things like women leaving the work force to raise children on their own that we do have equal pay. you could say that's a big if. the other point, i think, is that a lot of working class white men who voted for donald trump don't feel all that privileged. frankly, women are beating them
8:56 pm
in work force in many cases. they are not what's called -- there's a thing called marriageable. a lot of these guys -- >> whose fault is that? >> you're exactly right. there were a lot of women who said i don't need a woman card. people did fight for my rights. i'm doing them -- >> i'm getting yelled at. we got to go. >> i'm sorry. >> thank you. >> i'll see you back here on monday night. good night. rvings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8.
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