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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  February 17, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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dream liner. then he will depart to west palm beach. this will be the third time he will be heading down to mar-a-lago as president, and on saturday what he is going to be doing is taking another victory lap, if you will, holding another one of those rallies. that's going to be in melbourne, florida. that's going to be 5:00 on saturday. i have spoken to a few folks here in this audience. thousands have packed this facility. they are boeing employees. some support the president. some do not. those who i spoke to who do support the president really like it, they tell me, when they see him taking on economics, whether it be ford or harley davidson or in this case boeing, encouraging these companies to make their products here in the united states. remember, it wasn't too long ago when this president was in somewhat at odds with boeing. the boeing team here after boeing announced it was going to cost $4 billion to build two new air force ones. the president balked that the price tag, tweeting out "cancel
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order." shortly thereafter he had some back door negotiations with boeing. boeing's ceo coming out later and saying they were going to give taxpayers a break on air force one. some of those folks who i talked to here, kate, say that's what they like to see. one of his supporters saying i like it when hetays in his lane. in terms of economics. he said yesterday at that press conference, not an example of that. one final point, in looking at this it we don't see an opportunity to be able to get our questions out to the president. obviously a number of us here in the media who the president likes so very much want to get an opportunity to get his take on robert harwood not accepting the position as security advisor. >> we will always see.
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right there on one side of your screen, air force one approaching, and will be soon landing in south carolina to head to where jason is to speak with employees there. meet it the top brass and continue his tour and make remarks as jason very perfectly laid out. as we watch as air force one makes its approach, let's go to brin jeangrass. i see you and hear a lot going on around you. i don't know if you are hear me. there are protesters gathering outside. i hear it's for both for and against the president. this is obviously a group that is not for the president. a lot of diverse signs in this crowd who have been protesting for about an hour now. they feel like they have
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whiplash. with this administration so many topics have come up that they are protesting either this or that. immigration or the affordable care act or, you know, his cabinet. another person told me, you know what, in south carolina we don't talk politics, but if there's anything good that's come so far with this administration it's that people are talking bsh they're starting conversations and realizing that people agree with certain things with another person of a different age, of a different race or they don't agree. there is at least conversation happening. i will say in side conversations there's a lot of talk about what you mentioned not too long ago, kate, and that is that press conference from the president yesterday. i will say collectively they called that interesting. here's more about what they had to say. >> everybody else is -- look
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what happened to him. >> i just thought it was funny that he was blaming the media for no one believing the things that come out of his mouth when it's more so that people can now do research on their own and are physically finding evidence that disagree with what he says. >> from a personal stand point, you know, we have to respect our president, and we simply have to give him time. he just got into office, and he is trying to figure his way around. we just have to give him time. >> there are supporters supporting trump's visit today, and they came out because they wanted to be the voice against all these people here. back to you, kate. >> we are looking at america in action. people voicing, protesting, and voicing their opinions right behind you all around you, and we're keeping an eye as the president approaches, and we'll be heading to the boeing plant shortly. brin, thank you so much. today's speech in south carolina comes after the president's whopper of a news conference
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yesterday. one of the many important momen moments. >> you want to include the cbc with your inner city agenda as well as -- >> am i going to include who? >> are you going to include the congressional black caucus? >> i would. do you want to set up the meeting? >> no, no -- >> are they friends of yours? set up the meeting. >> i know some of them, but -- >> let's go. set up i meeting. i would love to meet with the black caucus. i think it's great the congressional black caucus. i think it's great. >> after that the congressional black caucus actually tweeted this messao the president. we sent you a letter on january 19th, but you never wrote back. sad. hours later the cbc did say that the white house has reached out and reached out in an appropriate manner, and that's the way they put it, to request a meeting. joining me now is democratic congressman from new jersey, a member of the congressional black caucus, dr. pane jr. >> thank you for having me.
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>> you had a pretty strong reaction to that press conference moment. why? >> a member of the press asking a routine question about a part of the congress that has been around for -- the president not even sure he understood who ms. ryan was talking about and she had, you know, to clarify that it was the congressional black caucus when everyone referenced us as the cbc, and he wasn't sure, and to ask her to set up the meeting as if she is some conduit between the congressional black caucus and the president, the administration, was absurd.
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>> i think it's an ignorance of where -- who the players are in this town and having to deal with the kpg. he has been continuing to write executive orders, and it appears that's how he is going to function as president. at some point in time he will have to deal with the members of congress and the congressional black caucus is 40 members, 49 members strong in the democratic caucus. we are a large -- we are a quarter of the democratic caucus. we have an influence on policy in this nation, and for him to not even have an idea or clue of who that organization is where i come on the side. >> it looks like a meeting is now in the works in some way. what is the singular most --
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with president trump when he meets with the congress? >> well, it's interesting. they sent a letter on january 19th, a formal means, and, you know, no response at all. whereas, president obama within the first month of his presidency sat down with the cbc, and so, you know, as you show prior to us starting we have to tweet the president in order to get a response. you know, our letter talked about this program he has for the inner cities and african-americans in this country, and our letter talks about how we think that we might be able to help him in a progressive way do something that is positive in the african community since many of us
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reesent those areas. >> very much looking forward to hearing how that meeting goes, be when that meeting is, and what happens in the aftermath. congressman, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up for us, still ahead, thanks but no thanks. that is the message right now. the trump white house is searching once again for a permanent national security advisor after a former admiral turned down the job. who is on the short list now? no charges. in the wake of president trump's firing of his first national security advisor, michael flynn, cnn is learning that the fbi not expected to pursue charges over flynn's questionable calls with russia. what does that mean? president trump landing just moments ago in south carolina. he is set to speak after taking a tour of the boeing facility. we're going to bring you updates throughout the hour. stay with us for our live coverage. you knmegared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1...
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live pictures where the boeing plant. president trump will be taking a tour there at this plant in north charleston. the president is on the ground. we're sure he is making his way there right now. the president is talking jobs at this boeing plant. retired vice admiral bob har harward said thanks but no thanks. the fbi is not planning to pursue charges against michael flynn who was forced out of that job. who could fill the void? cnn justice correspondent pamela brown is joining me from washington with much more on this. pamela, what are you hearing right now about who is in the running to be national security advisor now?
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>> national security advisor is still very much in the running, and he said three other people are in the running as well. we've heard general petraus's name. you see the president trying to build espn as to who is building this in the wake perform john harward citing family and financial reasons. all of this is happening as we're learning more about michael flynn's interview with the fbi back in january. >> asking if he was certain that was his answer, and then he said he didn't remember. it is fbi does not believe he was intentionally misleading them and does not plan to press
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any charges. flynn was fired by president trump earlier this week after it was revealed that he did withhold information from vice president pence about discussing sanctions with russia's ambassador to the u.s., and then acting attorney general sally yates delayed notifying the white house until after flynn was interviewed and we're told, kate, that fbi director james comey did not object at that time. he wanted the interview to happen first before the white house was notified about the conversations. kate. >> an important clarification on that timeline as we need -- as we track these details. pamela, thank you very much for that update. really appreciate it. keeping an eye on the white house. if and when that announcement on the new national security pick will come. joining me now to discuss republican congressman thomas massey of keky. he serves on the house oversight committee. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me, kate. >> you heard from pamela brown and her great reporting. law enforcement sources say michael flynn changed his story during his fbi interview about calls with russia. they don't think he was intentionally misleading, but does that trouble you?
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>> you know, what troubles me is the culture of lying here in washington d.c. james clapper famously lied to congress under oath, and there were no repercussions. >> was he under oath when he spoke to them and -- >> but lying to the fbi is -- lying to the fbi just -- lying to the fbi is a felony, but the fbi says they're not likely to pursue charges. >> it's a felony if he were under oath and if it were indeed a lie. >> the fault he made was to be
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less than forth right with the president. i admire trump for actually addressing that instead of letting it drag on because, look, obama didn't get rid of the attorney general eric holder when he lied about authorizing the spying on a reporter, james rosen. i think this is good for the trump administration to show that he will address these things right off the bat. >> the thakt that the washington post has aess to classified information is something that we probably should investigate. >> on the original point. the only thing that changed between what happened and when donald trump decided that it reached an unsustainable point was these reports coming out in the washington post. he said that he would have told michael flynn to make these calls. he didn't think he did anything wrong, but still he fired him. >> well, you know, i'm troubled that they came out in the washington po washington post instead of being resolved in the white house. one of two things. one or two people or places
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leaked this information. either our law enforcement agencies, the fbi leaked it. this is supposed to go to a grand jury if they suspect a crime. in fact, if you wanted to prosecute michael flynn, they have probably spoiled the water because they collected this information illegally. >> we do know that there is routine surveillance of the -- we do not know if there was subsequently a warrant -- we don't know these things. do you? >> we don't know these things. >> do you? >> no, but we have to assume that what we do know is it was illegal for them, somebody at the fbi or the nsa, to leak this information. >> what separates the united states from the banana republic is our president is above the military. if you have the nsa undermining a presidency, that's very
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troubling. we're starting to being loo like a third world country there if the military is in charge and not the president. >> do you want to see as suggested by some of the president's allies in congress that the intelligence agencies should be purged if they don't like what the president says? >> no. it's not if they don't like it. they have to follow the law. they can't leak this information. if they were to leak other information, this could be detrimental to our national security. >> congressman, let me ask about the leaks. >> yes. >> this is where -- this is where the oversight committee is definitely gngo be focussing. yesterday -- >> right. >> the president said this about these leaks. listen to this real quick. >> well, the leaks are real. you're the one that wrote about them and reported them. the leaks are real. you know what they say. you saw it. and the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake because so much of the news is fake. >> a lot of people think that this seems a bit of a contradiction. can both -- can both of those things be true? >> they can absolutely be true. i mean, there could be a leak of
9:21 am
a transcript that's correct, and then they didn't report the transcript correctly. i haven't seen the transcript. by the way, i do disagree with a lot of people here in washington and maybe some supporters of trump who say that this is an effort of the obama administration to undermine the trump administration, the carry joe carry-overs. i'm worried it's something deeper than that. i worry it's an effort of those that want a provocation of russia and other countries to sort of push the president in a direction. i don't think it's trump versus obama. i think it's really the deep state versus the president, the dually elected president. that concerns me. i think -- >> you think it's a concerted effort to try to provoke russia? >> look, i think obama was just as much a victim of this as trump is now.
9:22 am
>> got pulled by the intelligence community into these positions. he even helped cover up saudi arabia's involvement in 9/11. >> k on. that's an important point that we'll definitely want to discuss more if you have evidence that is is a concerted effort to draw the president to a conflict with russia. i do want to have you back on. we're out of time now. >> thanks, kate. >> thomas massey. >> we'll follow-up with that. still ahead, it's been over three months since donald trump won the -- it's been over three weeks since donald trump won the presidential election, so why is he still talking about the election? why is it so important? we're going to have a former spokesperson for the clinton campaign come on and address this issue with the president. plus, we are waiting and watching for the president right now. he is set to speak following a tour of the boeing plant in south carolina. a lot of people there waiting to hear what he has to say. we're going to bring you much more on this visit straight ahead. there's no party like a lobster party, and this is the lobster party.
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until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. . >> looking at live pictures right now. we're standing by for president trump in his first trip to south carolina since winning the primary there. not there for politics, though. he is the for airplanes. friends, isn't that why we all go to south carolina? we're going to take you there
9:27 am
live when he gets to the boeing plant, he will take a tour, and we'll bring you his remarks live. we are also keeping an eye on capitol hill as the confirmation vote is set on to take place for another one of president trump's nominee ez. the senate will be voting on scott pruitt, trump's pick to head up the environmental protection agency. pruitt has faced some serious opposition from democrats and environmental groups. he does seem to have the backing of republicans in congress, and if he holds that, then he is fine, and he will sail through. we'll continue to monitor and we'll bring you the very latest as the voting gets underway. president trump unleashed a series of attacks, you will see, if you watch that marathon press conference, on hillary clinton during that first solo news conference as president. listen. >> does anybody really think that hillary clinton would be tougher on russia than donald trump? does anybody in this room really believe that? okay? hillary clinton did a reset. remember, with the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks here. take a look. he looked at her like what the
9:28 am
hell is she doing? john podesta said those things about me and he was working for me, i would have fired him so fa his head would spin. >> a spokeswoman for hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. thank you for joining us me. >> so donald trump, karen finney, he says the russian stories are an excuse for hillary clinton's election loss, that's what is motivating a lot of the outrage, a lot of the stories. what do you respond to that? >> look, as i reported i think he mentioned hillary clinton, something like 11 times -- donald trump, who is in charge and has on to show that he can confidently lead this country. i think it's a pretty obvious
9:29 am
tactic to try to use her, again, to deflect from not wanting to talk about what this issue with michael flynn and russia, not wanting to talk about the allegations now about various members of his inner circle, having had contact with russia throughout the course of the campaign, even as we knew that the russians, you know, were now engaged in hacking and trying to influence the outcome of the election. what i see is him trying to use hillary to deflect and i just don't think that that's going to work for very long because at a point people are going to say, okay, where are the jobs you promised us, where is my ability to send my kid to college? you said you were bringing back the jobs and my income was going to increase. where is that? >> from a communications, though, standpoint, from inside the white house, the view of that press conference was that it was great. this is why he won the election and that's -- this is donald trump being donald trump. >> sure. >> i know you don't agree with him, but as a strategy, do you think it was a smart move to put him out there? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, as a strategy it was
9:30 am
very obvious what they we doing. right? this was something that we saw a number of times, frankly, during the campaign. you put him out there or he goes off on, you know, a tannigent a it changes the subject. today we're not actually talking about the fact that over the weekend, i mean, he mentioned north korea. at mar-a-lago with prime minister abe sitting there he is talking about -- >> do you think he can change the subject? we're still talking about russia, which i assume he doesn't want folks to be talking about. >> we're not talking about -- we're also talking about this press conference. we're also -- we're not talking about the fact that he may have compromised classified information and having the conversation about what to do over north korea in the middle of a dining room with -- full of other diners. we're not talking about the request ez that have plagued him about his seeming inability to run an effective white house. i think quite frankly that's doing he is an event today. that's why he is going to do a campaign event over the weekend,
9:31 am
again, to try to fire up his base and throw out the red meat and, you know, again, change the subject from some of these serious topics. . >> let me -- >> let me ask you this. the house oversight committee wants to pressure sue charges. this is new. they want to pursue criminal charges against the clinton aide who set up her private e-mail server for -- and they want to pursue the criminal charges because he has refused to appear before the committee. do you think that he should testify now that hillary clinton is no longer in the public eye? just as with donald trump continuing to bring up hillary clinton, it's going to backfire because, you know, what chafitz is doing is really setting up the argument for democrats in 2018 or he is part of setting up
9:32 am
the argument for why you need a check on republican rule in washington. he has made it clear he is not going to go after any of these other questions that are being asked about the content in terms of the conversations with russia. toepts potentially go after the leakers. if he thinks going after pagliano after all this time instead of, you know, helping to move forward an agenda that actually, again, affects people's lives, that starts to sound a lot like the last time republicans got themselves in trouble with the culture of corruption when it was all about them taking care of each other and their cronies rather than getting things done for the american people. you have seen a number of republicans say, frankly, that they don't want to challenge trump because they've got their own legislative agenda they want to get through, and they know they need president trump on their side to get that done. >> if this is setting democrats up for 2017, you need to look
9:33 am
past that. you may be looking at 2020 already. great to see you. thank you. >> take care. >> thanks so much. >> the president searches for a new national security advisor. donald trump reveals today he is working with a short list of four candidates now. who wants to be the next national security advisor? does that have a good show ring to it? we'll have details next. and we are waiting for the president to arrive there in north charleston, south carolina, waiting for the president's remarks at a boeing plant there. he is there to help unveil a new very large plane, the there are, of course, politics that will never be far behind when the president goes anywhere. stay with us. enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles?
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president trump in south carolina today. he just arrived at the boeing plant. do you see him? just kidding. we don't see him yet. he is going to help with the unveiling of the new dreamliner jet. we'll take you there live as things get underway. after one resignation and one hard pass on the job, president trump is, though, still shopping for a national security advisor.
9:38 am
in a morning treweet president trump says four candidates, including the acting national skoourt advisor are "in his words, very much in play. one man who isn't is retired vice admiral bob harward. he declined the offer to succeed michael flynn. joining me now is senior white house correspondent jim accosta. where does this search go from here? >> that's a very good question, kate. actually, we were told by a white house official just a few moments ago that president trump may meet with some of the candidates for the permanent job as national security advisor over the weekend down in mar-a-lago. that is the latest update we have on that. for now what i'm told by white house officials that retired general keith kellogg is the acting national security advisor, and he may have that job for some time becaus according to one white house official i spoke wast ith l night, they really don't have a permanent candidate in sight.
9:39 am
there are contenders they talked about, but at this point there is nobody leading the pack or imminent in terms of being named at this point. >> one job still unfilled. one job that they do have filled at the white house is communications director, and this has been a long -- an ongoing conversation if it was needed to be filled or not. you broke the story. what do we know? >> yeah. it's going to be mike duckey. we were able to confirm this overnight through a couple of senior administration officials and then the white house confirmed it earlier this morning. he is somebody who has been known in republican circles for some time. he was part of something called crossroads media, which is a tv ad maker down in northern virginia, has done ads for american crossroads, which is the super pact that is run by karl rove. as well as for other candidates in conservative and republican causes. this is an interesting hire. we understand he is aligned with sean spicer and the white house chief of staff rooins priebus,
9:40 am
and so that sort of gives you a sense for people out there who are interested in the palace intrigue as to why maybe the power center is right now inside this west wing. if you talk to just about anybody here in washington, they will sayt is thaustoo mh for one person to handle. recall during the obama administrati, you know, jay carney, josh ernest, they were the press secretaries, while -- who was a very well known figure here in washington, was the communications director. you really do need two big players in both of those jobs, and one of the criticisms for sean spicer in these early weeks of the administration is that he was taking on too much by trying to do both jobs at once. >> so now sean spicer can just take a vacation ekz because it's easy sailing from here on out. >> not exactly. >> exactly. thank you. we're going to be talking to another former white house communications director about this issue in just a second. great to see you, jim. thank you. >> good to see you. >> so president trump is
9:41 am
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remember this 2016 flashback? >> they're going to build that plant. they're going to devalue the hell out of their currency, and all of a sudden you'll be reading a big front page story all over the place that boeing is going to leave, right, south carolina, they're going to make all their planes in china because that's what they do. that's what they do.
9:46 am
our leaders aren't smart enough to stop it, okay? >> that was one year ago today. then candidate trump in south carolina. he is back there today to tout the jobs that didn't go to china. we'll be seeing him any minute at the boeing plant in north charleston, south carolina, as they will be unveiling the new boeing 787. the newest version of the dreamliner. when i think dreamliner and dreamy, i think richard quest. he is joining me now. he is editor at large of cnn money. of course, an aviation enthusiast, and also the host of "quest means business. all right, forget thepoliti. tell me about this plane. what's new here? we're talking about the dreamliner 10. it's a larger aircraft. 330 seats in three class configuration.
9:47 am
don't let your eyes glaze over too quickly. there are three varants of the 787. there's the eight, the nine, and the ten. so far the most popular in terms of sales and orders has been the nine, but the ten could be moving into a sweet spot in aviation where airlines want to carry more passengers, but you don't want necessarily to need the vast distances of, say, for example, the triple seven l.r. this is why it's a significant plane for boeing. there are people extremely enthusiastic about it, and the other important thing, of course, is where it's being made in south carolina. the factory that's recently voted not to become unionized and the fact that boeing literally went to the mat to become started over its traditional factories at everett
9:48 am
and rebton ovnton over on the p northwest. >> so there's also been quite a history between this president and boeing already to this point regarding his air force ones multiples, two of them, and money. does this signal that all is well now. what are you hearing? >> oh, i think it's a very large signal. it's not exactly kiss and make up. the chief executive did a brilliant job of damage limitation over the air force one. immediately got on the phone. it immediately serves the presidential angle resentment, whatever, over that particular play. now he has these variety of other deals on the table as well. you've got obviously boeing is -- the thing to understand about boeing is that it's like no other company in the united states. its defense forecast, its space
9:49 am
business, which is why boeing and the presidencies have traditionally got on well so far. boeing stopped today in a down market. it's up about $1. i think what you're seeing is donald trump today saying to boeing, hey, play fair with me. i'll play fair with you. if we haven't exactly kissed and made up, at least we can show we are best friends for the moment. >> for the moment. that's the operative word there. richard quest, great to see you. thanks, richard. >> all right. we're keeping an eye on that stage and the great south carolina flag where the president will be appearing really any minute. any minute we e watching for that and the unveiling of that new plane that richard quest so enthusiastically describes for us always. stay with us. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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spotlight to north charleston,
9:54 am
south carolina, today. where just minutes from now he will be speaking at the boeing plant there that makes the.87 dreamliner, the latest one. let's turn our eye here to the panel. caitlin huey-burns is here national political reporter with real clear politics, ron rona faruhar and mark preston is cnn's senior political analyst. mark, what is today about for this white house? >> well, it's about jobs and donald trump talking about how he's keeping american jobs here in the united states. you know, boeing is a huge employer here, they have a very diversified portfolio as richard quest talked about, it's not just airplanes, it's weapon systems and they have a lot of contacts with the government. it was a bit of a rocky stuff, there was an effort by donald trump to try to keep costs down on the air force one and boeing has said they're going to rye to keep the costs down on it. so donald trump is going to talk about all of his efforts today to keep jobs here in the u.s.
9:55 am
>> and, ronna, as mark lays out he's going to talk about his efforts to keep jobs here, boeing keeping jobs here. one year ago donald trump was in south carolina warning boeing is going to send jobs to south carolina. so is this dreamliner a made of america success story? >> not really. this is one of the most complex global supply chains in aviation history. the dreamliner 787 had an incredibly complex supply chain, over 100 countries were involved in the various parts that made this plane. in the beginning the first iteration of the plane couldn't get off the ground it was too heavy because there were so many people talking to one another. so the idea that this is a totally made in america product is totally false. this is a great example of how if we had this import tariff come in on products, think about that, 100 different companies, parts coming in all the me, taxes on every one of thos >> which republicans are considering rig now. >> exactly. >> as they consider tax reform.
9:56 am
>> caitlyn, what strikes me about this moment is this nontraditional president is doing something traditionally presidential. going to taught jobs, the work that he has done, tour a plant, maybe wear a strange hat and put on strange goggles and shake hands and make remarks. does this help him? >> it comes after a week of really turmoil within the administration. as we know he's trying to turn the page, go back to south carolina for the boeing unveiling but also south carolina was a state that voted overwhelmingly for donald trump. he won the primary there. and he is going to be facing a crowd that is going to be very favorable to him. he is going to have a lot of fans in that crowd. and then of course we know tomorrow he's going back to florida to go to a rally. >> to kick off the 2020 election. >> as if we haven't had enough campaign. but the president finds himself needing to show some success on his part and being among his supporters for him shows that he is doing that. >> i'm going to turn the focus
9:57 am
quickly but sticking on economics. the president said yesterday that he inherited a mess. everyone else said that's what barack obama said when he became president. >> he actually did. >> how much of a mess in your estimation, how much of a mess is donald trump inheriting. >> a big zero of a mess. the unemployment rate right now is 3 percentage points lower, nearly half of what it was when barack obama took office. we are at the lowest rate of unemployment since the great financial crisis. >> but as the great steven moore reminded me this morning and i do -- i respect his opinion very much but look at where things are going. they're showing signs of trending up. >> recovery cycles take about eight years. we are actually at the end of what has been a pretty good period. now, it's possible that we could be going back into another recession in the next few years, but historically that's where we should be right now. >> as caitlyn pointed out tomorrow marks a very interesting new chapter for president trump, mark. maybe marking the unofficial
9:58 am
kickoff of the 2020 election. he has had campaign -- he has -- i love your face. he has this rally that he's holding at orlando's airport that is paid for by the campaign. i do remember right after the election during his first kind of thank you tour kellyanne conway saying he does this because these crowds are his oxygen. is that what tonl is about? >> the short term gain he will get from the adulation from all the supporters is really a long-term problem because after we what we saw in that news conference yesterday he's looking for people to back him up to support him to say what he did yesterday was right and we're going to see that tomorrow from these crowds, but let's talk about a year from now. mark it on the calendar and see where he is and if he's been successful because if he's not successful working with congress, getting legislation passed, following through on his promises when these crowds that he's seeing now are not going to be there. >> actually you make an interesting point. a year from now -- at what point, caitlyn, in your
9:59 am
estimation does like the expiration date hit on the i inherited a mess comment. how long can a president keep that up until you say the mess is yours. >> he's doing things but doing them through executive order. mark brings up a great point. he's going to need some buy in from members of congress. his favorability rating among republicans is sky high right now and so you're seeing republican on board with a lot of the things he wants to .when change that's when you will see some trouble, i think, but also we talk about his core base of support all the time. that base is not really going to go away but there are people that supported him somewhat reluctantly. it's not as if everybody that voted for him was as gung-ho has his core base of support. he wants to keep up this momentum but people will be looking to what he actually gets done in the form of legislation to help that as a measure. for now the measures that he has are the measures that he saw on the campaign trail. the crowds, positive feedback, certain kinds of polls. he is using that right now to
10:00 am
judge how he's doing. >> we will see what the president has to said, he will be heading to that boeing plant in south carolina shortly. great to see you guys. thank you so much. thank you all so much for joining me for a double dose of at this hour. brianna keilar will take you through the next hour. that's all. this is cnn breaking news. >> hi there i'm brianna keilar in for wolf blitzer today. we begin with breaking news this hour. we are now just moments away from president donald trump speaking live in south carolina and as soon as this event begins we are going to bring you his remarks live. president trump actually just arrived in north charleston about an hour ago and this is where he's meeting leaders and also workers at the boeing aircraft company and he will be watching the debut rollout of boeing's new wide body aircraft called the 787-10 dreamliner. we have jason carol in north charleston right now. jason,ost of south carolina of course went red in


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