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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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president trump is doing everything he can to control the narrative. one way he's trying to do that is by rewinding to what he's comfortable with and of course that would be the campaign trail. he held a major rally in florida tonight, the white house says it was an official campaign event. from the very beginning the president made it crystal clear why he was there. >> i'm here because i want to be among my friends and among the people. i also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news. >> all right. let's bring in my panel, joining me now, steven collinson, senior reporter, julianne, historian and professor at princeton university, alice stewart, cnn political commentator and republican strategist and "new york times" contributor, thank you to the four of you for coming on sticking around to be on the show here. steven, first to you, trump's
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first month has been perceived as chaotic, did tonight help? >> ting probably helped a little bit in changing the subject. that's what that rally was about, that's what the free willing press conference was about as well. donald trump trying to get the story away from all of these stories that he mentioned himself as press conference of the white house in chaos and disarray. and to try and move it on a little. i think if you think about it, taking care of his supporters is going to be a very important requirement of the white house in this presidency. donald trump won the presidency with a fairly narrow base. he didn't really broaden his support through the election campaign as many of us thought he would have to win the presidency. so he can't afford any erosion whatsoever from his base support. and that'll be something that's very important going forward. so the question then becomes though, can you build a successful presidency on that kind of fairly narrow channelling to your supporters? you need to build support around legislation, we saw him do a little bit of that, try calling
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on democrats and joining in an infrastructure package, i think the jury is still on whether he can stain his political momentum for four years, just appealing to the people that sent him to the white house. >> right, because past president's when they've done these rallies early on, it's to achieve an objective, president obama it was a stimulus package. i want to ask you, alice, back in november trump tweeted this. he said looking at air force one at mia, why is he campaigning instead of creating jobs and fixing obamacare? get back to work for the american people. he's been in office for less than a month, should he create jobs instead of going to this campaign rally and promising what he's going to do? >> saturday night at 8:00, i don't know what people expect him to do in terms of creating jobs, slaving away over legislation in washington tonight. look, he has set plans into motion to create jobs. he has taken action to do all
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the campaign promises that he promised to do, which includes securing the border, repealing and replacing obama, creating an environment in a tax plan and reforming the tax code to allow businesses to create jobs, in florida, i worked for governor rick scott, jobs, jobs with jobs is critical. he talked about that this meerng on how his tax package will be able to help do just that. i think what we're going to see is as he has said, we will see more details of the replace and replace of obamacare in the next few weeks, he also did well this evening to roll the ball down the field with regard to the travel ban, we expect to see another executive order possibly introduced next week, i think that's good. but as he said, to reporters, prior to the event tonight, in his view, life in the campaign and making america great is a campaign. and in order to be successful on these agenda items that he has,
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he needs to get out there to the people. he needs to bypass the media. he needs to get an unfiltered message to the people in order for these to be accomplished. and that's exactly what he did, in terms of his goal and his mission, it was to bypass the media, speak directly to the people. and get that message out there and to certainly thank them for their support which is exactly what he was able to accomplish. >> and in fact he had one of them come up on stage, gene huber who we spoke to on the show after he went up to the podium. and he couldn't have been more enthusiastic about president trump. he said he supported him for two years, on that note, you have people like him and others who are at that rally today, so excited for president trump who say look, he's doing exactly what we put him in office to do. he met with ceos of major companies, he sienled the executive order for the border wall. he made these promises of bringing back jobs and strengthening our borders.
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isn't that what the voters want? >> no, there's a lot of hot air and talking points that appeal to his base and his base unfortunately is small, it's not the margins and as we know, president trump has the lowest favorability rateding of any incoming president in modern history. and i want to remind him, you have won the presidency, stop campaigning, doing alternative facts about the size of your crowds. size of your votes, get on with it, be presidential. there are only two reasons why he did this rally today and the conference from two days ago. number one, because his white house is dysfunctional disarray, massive leaks from republicans within the white house, people don't know what's happening. sean spicer says something, mike pence says something, donald trump say something. number two, eye on the ball. russia. finally we found out that michael flynn lied about his conversation with the russian ambassador, donald trump knew
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about it. he kept quiet, mike pence was allowed to lie, for a month, he kept quiet ian though the doj said he is compromised. michael flynn could be blackmailed. the only time donald trump said something which forced a resignation of michael flynn was after the enemy, press, washington post mentioned it this week. and right after that, huge news, our intelligence agencies finally confirmed that people close to donald trump have been talking to russian intelligence before the election. that is huge we saw a dossier, very respected, allegation, but slowly but surely, one or two as more are happening are turning out to be true. he's deflecting from the dysfunction from the fact that the muslim ban failed, the wall is not built because mexico said we're not going to pay for it, enemies out of australia like all people, and the fact he does not have a national security advisor right now a month in
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because michael flynn who lied about talking to russia was forced to resign. russia is the big picture here. and he's trying to deflect from that. >> just to be clear, you said mike pence was allowed to lie. it is true -- >> he lied. sorry. >> he lied, but he -- because what he was told by michael flynn that he didn't talk about sanctions and then it was after he went on the morning shows that the white house was alerted by doj about the sanctions discussion, i want to go to you, julian, trump defended his attacks against the press by saying other presidents did it as well. let's take a listen. >> thomas jefferson, andrew jackson, and abraham lincoln, many of our greatest presidents fought with the media and called them out, oftentimes on their lies. >> on their lies. so here's the quote from thomas jefferson. it says, were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or
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newspapers without a government, i should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. this is a founding father who of course as we know supported the first amendment, freedom of the press julian, what is your reaction? >> thomas jefferson believed deeply in the free press, the press, to the survival of this republic. he was frustrated as the press became more partisan, but he believed in the media as an institution. i think the comparison of president trump is different. what many feel they are watching is a president who was just questioning the legitimacy of the entire media. not simply as being too partisan, he's arguing they are just putting out fake news, and this is a different kind of attack than we saw with previous presidents. and it's not clear to many people how much he even values
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the press as an institution. even though, ironically, he has used that as the center piece of his campaign and right now of his presidency as we just saw. >> alice -- go ahead. >> i think critically, i think the point, the quote you just pulled from thomas jefferson is important. and it's important to kiemd the reason the media is referred to as the fourth estate often times is because it is important to have them to keep a check and balance and be a kwied to keeping feet to the fire, those in government, they are an important part of a free democracy without a doubt. donald trump feels as though they report information inaccurately, and he repeatedly reminds the american people to make sure and hold them accountable. that is what he feels strongly. i want to remind everyone, back when president obama was president, anita dunn who i think the world of and have a lot of respect for, she also would point out to fox news, she referred to them as a paying
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journalist opposed as news. the idea that we have presidents who don't see the news as credible is not anything new. clearly donald trump uses this as a way to connect with his people and drive a wedge between oftentimes the critical stories that are written about him and what is actually true, and i think that is something that he has done throughout the campaign, throughout the general election and the primary, and it's not going to change. i think people just need to get used to that. what we're seeing with him having these rallies is the way to connect directly to the people unfiltered, that is why we see his constant tweets. that's his way of getting directly to the people and bypassing the media. that is clearly something that is the way he feels and is absolutely not going to change. >> respectfully, we should not get used to lies. >> he has every right -- hold on. he has every right, alice, to say what he wants to say about the media.
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but, to compare it to what past administrations have said is just simply -- it's a false equivalence because now he's sigh saying the entire media as a whole is the enemy of the american people. and it's not only that, it's also the checks and balances of the judiciary with his travel ban. i mean, you directly went after judges who didn't uphold his travel ban, do you think this is bigger than he doesn't like the headlines, alice? do you think this is he doesn't want to be checked and balance. it's something he didn't have to deal with as a businessman and now he's in the white house. do you think it more has to do with him feeling threatened as some have argued? >> first, let me point out that i don't agree with the -- his comments about fox news. i don't agree that journalists report inaccurately. i think it's important and factual and accurate statement is made when it's corrected than the president or members with the news media. i think making sure accurate information is critical no matter who it comes from.
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>> donald trump, within someone pushes him, he pushes back. he did it throughout the campaign and he will continue to do, that's part of his nature and that's not going to change. and he's doing to the media now what he did with every candidate that nipped on his heels throughout the campaign. that's his nature and that's part who have he is. >> all right, steven carlson, julian, thank you very much for that very important discussion that we just had. and stick around, we have more to discuss. coming up on this saturday, protests over the president's immigration rates and his border wall. what the wall could look like. >> do not worry, we are going to build the wall. okay. don't worry. don't even think about it. with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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spence in munich, germany attending the global summit there. the vice president told members that despite comments made by president trump during the campaign, the u.s. commitment to the european partnership is strong. >> today on behalf of president trump, i bring you this assurance, the united states of america strongly supports nato and will be unwavering in our commitment to this transatlantic alliance. >> matthew chance is our senior international correspondent in moscow. those comments from vice president pence did not sit well with the russian foreign minister not surprisingly. especially when pence promised that the u.s. under president trump will quote hold russia accountable while searching for common ground. how is the stage set for relations between moscow and washington when it comes to the issue of nato? >> well, i think they're getting the russians are getting a lot of mixed messages on nato, on other issues as well.
5:17 pm
like crimea as well as on syria. remember, donald trump was the person that called nato obsolete, that was music to the ears of many in the kremlin, that's what they've been saying for some time. hey, look at recognizing crimea as being a legitimate part of russia, russia annexed the crimea peninsula from ukraine in 2014. and so the expectation when he became president here in russia was that the situation, the relationship was going to get much better, there were going to be lots of kind of pro-russian changes in american policy. but, you know, that started to -- we're not clear that that's not necessarily going to happen. we heard those remarks there from the vice president, james mattis has spoken about how united states and russia are not going to cooperate at the moment militarily. there's been criticism from the u.n. ambassador who was appointed by trump, nikki haley,
5:18 pm
about sanctions being in place until russia hands back crimea to ukraine. so this is not the kind of rhetoric that the kremlin was expecting in the first month of the trump presidency. there was expecting something much more advantageous to them. it's led to a disallusion. >> there is also concern in europe matthew that the trump administration security apparatus is not completely assembled and up to speed. of course, we know that michael flynn resigned after the president asked him to earlier this week, there's still that position open. do the russians share that concern? >> you know, i think they do. i think they look at what's going on in the united states and they look at the turmoil that the trump administration is currently in. and i think they're worried about that. i mean, they have a very structured a mrgs themselves, they're very big on protocol. they like to know who they're dealing with.
5:19 pm
and of course at the moment, because of the mixed messages, because of the turmoil in the trump administration, they don't know what kind of policy they're going to have to deal with from, you know, they're biggest rival, the united states. they, as i say, they thought this was going to be pretty benign administration when it comes to russia, but it could -- it's so unpredictable you could easily go the other way. and so i think there's deep concern in the kremlin. and in russian officials circles in general about what kind of attitude the trump administration is eventually going to have when it crystallizes it's policy towards russia. >> all right, matthew chance, live in moscow, thank you, matthew. and still it come on this saturday evening, an unusual moment at trump's rally tonight when the president brings a supporter on stage. i talked to him moments after. our conversation, up next, live in the cnn newsroom. ♪ looking for clear answers for your retirement plan? start here.
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a star is born, that's how president trump describes a very enthusiastic supporter you see right here who attended his rally earlier this evening in melbourne, florida, spontaneous moment, the president picked the man from the crowd and turned over the microphone. >> this guy -- so he's been all
5:24 pm
over television saying the best things -- and i see him standing, didn't you get here at like 4:00 in the morning. say a couple of words to this -- [ applause ] >> mr. president, thank you, sir. we, the people, our movement is the reason why our president of the united states is standing here in front of us tonight. when president trump during their election has promised all these things he's going to do for us, i knew he was going to do this for us. [ applause ] >> a star is born, a star is
5:25 pm
born. >> after the president left the stage, i got a chance to talk to that man, james hew ber, and he went forget that experience for quite some time. you shook the president's hands and you said words, what was that moment like for you? >> let me tell you something, it was a moment of my life, i will never, ever forget what just happened to me. i've been with mr. president trump for over two years fighting battles in and out, in and out of lies and terrible things always said about him, but we stuck together and it's just amazing feeling where i'm at right now. >> i have to ask you, there was a moment where he whispered something into your ear, what did he say? >> you know, oh, he said, he goes, you're great is what he told me. if i'm not mistaken, he said you are great. i was the first one, i got here
5:26 pm
at 4:00 in the morning, i got a lot of interviews from news people, so president trump must have seen me on tv. and i told the reporter that i loved president trump and president trump heard me say that, and he told me that on stage, he goes, you know, he said that he loves me. even i do with all my heart. and then comes out and works harder than anyone i've ever seen in my life. and that's why he's a winner. >> so it's clear he saw you on television, giving interviews and he is watching right now which he very well may, what would you want to say to him? >> what was that now? i did not hear that, i'm sorry. >> what would you want to say to him. clearly he saw you earlier, what
5:27 pm
would you want to say to him now? >> to president trump? president trump, i want to thank you so much. for giving me the opportunity to come on stage like that. mr. president, i've been with you for two years, every single second, every day, i'm with you, i got a six foot card board box of president trump in my house, and i salute that every single day, and i pray and tell him, mr. president, i pray for your safety today and i'm not lying, i do that every single day to the president, but his card board. >> let me ask you, you've been with him from the very beginning, what is it about his message that has resinated with you, gene? >> you know, it's just -- it's just the way he speaks, that truth, you know, it comes from the heart. that's the most important thing. it comes from his heart. and he speaks the truth. that's what we believe and our movement believes. i mean, just look -- look at
5:28 pm
what this started. look at what president trump says. there's never been a movement like this ever, ever. i've never -- and i've never been into politics in my life, up until president trump came down the elevator. and he taught me everything. he taught me everything. >> so he has been in office, president for nearly a month. what's your take on how he's done? >> he is doing fantastic. there's no words to describe what this man is doing. he promised to do this, he promised to do that. you have a lot of the voters out there -- and family members say to me -- they voted for president trump, i hope he does this. i hope he can do this. you know what i say, he will do this, that's why i love this man because he's smart, he gets it,
5:29 pm
and he's got to change the world. >> gene, you are clearly a big supporter of president trump and like you said, this is a moment today you will never forget being invited on stage by the president to say a few words, thank you so much for coming on talking to us, we appreciate it. >> and hey, can i just say one quick thing? >> quickly. >> ma'am, yeah, very quick, i appreciate the interview. let's just be a little nicer to our president, thank you so much. >> i was waiting for a comment like that from a trump supporter, considering he calls us fake news. thank you so much, gene. well the woman whose pseudothem is linked to row versus wade ruling was died. she assumed the name jane roe to protect her privacy when she sued a texas county where abortion was illegal, that was in 1970. and the case went to the supreme court and the 1973 decision roe versus wade legalized the united states.
5:30 pm
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may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. welcome back, president trump barely one month in office heads out on the campaign trail today. he just wrapped up a rally where he railed against what he calls the enemy of the american people. that would be the dishonest, quote, fake news media. it's a lot of attacks, senator john mccain warned against on the meet the press appearance today. >> do you believe the press is the enemy? do you believe any group of americans are the enemies of any group of americans? >> i was talking about the period as you know of the new world order. a fundamental part of that new
5:34 pm
world order was a free press. i hate the press. i hate you, especially, but the fact is, we need you. we need a free press. we must have it. it's vital. if you want to preserve -- i'm very serious now, if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. and without it, i'm afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. >> that's how dictators get started with tweets like that? >> no. if they get started by suppressing a free press. in other words, consolidation of power when you look at history. the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press. i'm not saying that president trump is trying to be a dictator. i'm just saying we need to learn the lessons of history. >> let's bring in my panel now,
5:35 pm
"new york times" contributor, historian, professor julian and alice stewart. and i want to begin with you, julian, a john mccain right, the first thing a dictator does is shut down the media? >> yes, the media is always a threat to people who have power. and throughout american history, we've depended on the media to tell us what's going on in politics to give us the best anls i that we can get, but also to hold people in power accountable. so a dictator doesn't like a free media because the free media is a threat. president trump has not shut down the media yet. that's not where this has gone, but he has declared war on the media, he's called the media the enemy, and in an odd way, he's made the media the center piece of much of his political rhetoric and focus for the last few weeks as opposed to public policy. >> so, alice, what do you make of the fact that he continuingly
5:36 pm
attacks the media? calling the media fake news, but at the same time, he's a huge consumerer of the media. i mean, he always is talking about the media. just today, he saw a supporter that he brought up on stage on television. he talks about cnn all the time and what do you make that he goes after the media, but he's consuming the media? >> first let me say i agree with senator mccain and the media is critical. the fourth estate is vital to keeping a check and balance on our government. the media views as it takes a message he wants to and goes directly to twitter. that's why we're probably going to see more and more of these campaign events where he can take his message directly to the people and that's how he feels he has been this way throughout the campaign, he doesn't like
5:37 pm
the way his message is being conveyed through the media, he attackings the media. that is simply the way that he operates. i think it's important for the media to hold his feet to the fire, if factually and accurate information is presented, it's important for it to be corrected. at the same time, if a new story is reported inaccurately, it's important for him to call them out on it. i think it's important to have a back and forth on this important topic on both sides. and i think it's important. the one thing i think people need to keep in mind about having this conversation, it's not going to change. he clearly believes, as well as steve bannon believes that the media is the opposition party. he feels they've been out to get him from the very beginning and that's simply what he believes, and that's the way he will continue to operate because not only is it something that he feels, but it also energizes his base and you saw that out there. i've been to many events and his people feel as though the media is the opposition party. and they present fake news and
5:38 pm
that's something that will continue to be apart of what he says and how he operates moving forward. >> i'm curious to get your perspective because you know, you're a member of the media, i'm a member of the media, and i sometimes wonder if, you know, if we focus so much on this because we're in that world or -- and how the average person, the average american, what they think. do they care about this? what's your view? >> i mean, i would hope that they would care, but right now to be honest, the gallop said in september that the lowest trust and favorability of the media in the reporting in the past 50 years. so even if we say the truth and not alternative facts which is the bread and butter of donald trump and kellyanne conway. 32% believe us. that doesn't mean we shouldn't do our job as the media. our job is to speak truth to power, our job is to report facts and the russia story is not fake news. it's a fact. and the fact that donald trump is so offended by quote/unquote
5:39 pm
fake news, the opposition, that's what steve bannon says and called us the enemy. this is sobering. i have many friends who grew up in middle eastern dictatorships and people who grew up on russia right now. they're saying the way donald trump is speaking about the media, calling us the enemy of the american people, the fact that he's shooting down all dissent, any critical story all the sudden is fake even thee the leaks he said were true about what's happening with michael flynn and the fact that he lied to the country about his conversation with the russia, and the fact that our own intelligence this week said that russian intelligence has been in contact with drumonald trump's team. >> and that's according to to the "new york times" team. we did not confirm the russian intelligence part. >> this is news. and the reason why he did this conference today and two days ago and he keeps doing this, any time there's any news that we report, just report, just facts,
5:40 pm
such as, hey, three million illegal i did not vote for you illegally, vote for hillary clinton, you lost the popular vote. he keeps lying about that. the size of his inauguration crowd, he lies about that, right. us simply doing our job is our ability as the press, in my opinion to regain some swagger and regain equity and credit with the american people. and there's enough people out there who are watching donald trump flailing desperately in like a massive insecurity to prove to himself that somehow everyone loves him. the fact that he has huge crowds, and when he doesn't, where there's a dysfunctional government right now where you don't have a national security advisor, our job is to connect the dots, ask the hard questions, hold the feet to the fire, i agree with alice, and make sure that we push back each time he says the fourth estate is the enemy of the people, just by doing our job. and we have to keep pushing back and speaking truth to power. >> i just as we wrap up, julian, for context and perspective,
5:41 pm
donald trump said today, look, i'm not the only nat had this adversarial relationship with the press, look at past presidents, abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson, give us context. is it the same? >> one president who had a very adversarial relationship with the press was richard nixon. this was a theme of much of his campaign, his vice president talked about the kinds of arguments they thought that the press made, and ultimately, the press became a big part of uncovering the watergate story. many presidents have had fights with the press, adversarial relations, but we're watching a president setting up much of his first month in office creating a villain out of the entire media institution. this is his new campaign opponent. hillary clinton is no longer in the picture. so he's made it to media. it'll depend how far it goes and
5:42 pm
how far the press goes in itself response. there are dangers we should take seriously. >> all right. jul yun, alice, thank you to the three of you for spending part of your saturday evening with us and sharing your perspectives. and coming up right here in the newsroom, trump's great wall, is it actually more of a fence though? exclusive new details on what it really could look like. ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. well to california where the
5:46 pm
northern part of the state is bracing for an onslaught of rain tonight while southern california assesses a damage from a storm that knocked out power, downed trees, and left at least three people dead. in studio city, there was so much rain, a giant sink hole opened overnight and started swallowing vehicles. >> we called them right now, they should be here any minute. >> from inside that sink hole, a woman trapped inside her car crying for help. luckily firefighters were able to pull her out as rising waters filled her vehicle. >> my car kept turning and turning upside down, and i -- i just was like i have to stay calm. i felt the water coming up. and i reached for the door. i opened the door and climbed out it's a miracle, thank you, god. >> look at this, so much rain falling from the top floor in los angeles, it turns into a virtually water fall. so many pictures like this in from southern california, roads
5:47 pm
turning into rivers, under a foot of water near max it's well. they are closing roads. several rv parks were evacuated along the sacramento river. and so far, the oroville dam is holding and officials are optimistic it can handle the incoming rain. in the face of destruction, this man, well, he found the silver lining. who needs the ocean when there's so much water you can just surf the streets of l.a.? that's one way to handle it. major battle may be brewing between president trump and the people responsible for planning and building the wall he wants on the board we are mexico. if those officials have it their way, the wall wouldn't be a wall at all, but a fence. cnn senior investigative correspondent drew griffin reports. >> reporter: it is 18 feet tall, made of steel with a cement base. call it what you want, but the government planners, security experts, and homeland security officials who will be in charge of building it call this a fence. this is the most recently built
5:48 pm
barrier between the united states and mexico near brownsville, texas. and cnn has been told by multiple sources within the agencies involved in building, paying for, and enforcing this barrier that this is what president trump's wall may look like. u.s. customs and border parol is planning to present the plan for border security to it's bosses possibly this week and cnn has learned new details. first, they say, the wall should not be a wall. it should be a fence. and that could become a sticky situation for a president who insists otherwise. >> on the fence. it's not a fence. it's a wall. you just misreported it. we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: sources tell cnn the biggest job in moving forward is convincing the president that the fence is more secure, and it will be up to homeland security secretary john kelly, sources say, who must find a way to allow the white house to spin the promise of a wall into a fence.
5:49 pm
secretary kelly seems to have already begun, in testimony to congress, repeatedly referring to it as a barrier. >> yes, there are many, many places we need a physical barrier, right now, backed up by men and women of border protection. >> reporter: why would president trump agree to a fence instead of a beautiful wall as he says? security and common sense. u.s. customs and border patrol officials on the ground and in charge of securing the border tell cnn a fence actually offers more security than a solid wall. one source telling cnn you never to want have a barrier that will obstruct your vision that prevents grow seeing the other side of the border. another saying, i am not calling it a wall because we are talking about a fence that we can look through. that's what we need. it's more secure for border agents and eliminates factors like drainage, and it's costs will be significantly lower.
5:50 pm
if the current plan is approved, it will look like this boll lard style fencing, steel slats secured six feet below ground and standing 18 feet above, the slats reinforced with rebar and go coast to coast. this is the current fence, from the pacific ocean to the gulf of mexico with large gaps in between for a total of 654 miles. the latest plans involve adding 177 new miles of fencing and replacing 272 miles of already built fence, according to one high level source with knowledge of the project. that means the total barrier would cover 831 total miles of a nearly 2,000 mile border. still not even half according to the sources.
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
. the iconic, make america great iagain baseball cap is a symbol of don don's rise to political power. the symbol has been used before but president trump made it uniquely his own. and here's what my colleagues put online about the history of the hat. >> i trust he's going to make
5:55 pm
america great, you know. >> what better way to support him had than a hat. >> they make people pay attention. >> this is the hottest thing out there. this hat, you can't get them. >> we're inside the terminal. a crush of reporters, a crush of cameras. he came around the corner and we went -- because we had had never seen him in a baseball cap and certainly not one that said "make america great again." i remember it vividly because it was like, oh, of course why wouldn't he put it on a hat? >> i'm the one that brought up the problem of illegal immigration. >> he's talking about border security. he's lost apprentice, millions of dollars and he's going out there and one he's having fun, two he's standing up for what he believes in and three, looks cool. >> i start to say send me the
5:56 pm
red hats, the white hats. i want to see on a daily, weekly, monthly base and see what he's doing. the hats are so disruptive that people who weren't involved in politics, that didn't have a political background wanted to show their support for something different and their way to do that was to buy hats. >> this the best country on earth and these hats represent that. >> tomorrow morning on "state of the union" talks to gorv john kasich and tonight, get your anthony bor deign fix with the "parts unknown marathon." i'll be back tomorrow at 5:00 eastern. thank you for spending a part of your evening with us. good night. >> love. you guys watch game of thrones, right?
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
it's amazing that there was a time when what you said could get you locked up in prisonen. >> i got a reputation for being a reverend. >> are there any subjects that there never appropriate for humor? >> people say a good comedian do