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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> you can say the same by denver and i-25. everybody has the woes. "early start" continues right now. >> new details emerging this morning on the president's new travel ban. what the white house is doing this time to survive any legal push back. and president trump moving ahead with the new pick for national security adviser. how is capitol hill responding to the hiring of an out spoken leader? and the white house weighing in after another series of threats to jewish centers nationwide. will the response satisfy those left unsettled by the president president's comments? welcome to "early start" on this tuesday. i'm ana cabrera. >> sai'm boris sanchez. it is tuesday, february 21st. we start with the finishing touches on the new version of the president's travel ban. we are learning how this travel
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ban is trastcrafted to try to se the legal challenges. we get the latest from laura jarrett live in washington. a couple of things in the potential draft of the new order we are learning about compared to the old one. >> good morning, boris. the question on everyone's mind is what exactly is going to be different about the ban this second time around? perhaps the biggest change we know of is who is drafting the order. this time sources say the white house counsel's office instead of the policy shop is taking a lead role in rewriting the order. we also heard from the head of homeland security over the weekend that the rollout of the ban will likely include a phase-in period, if you will, instead of the automatic switch off. the green card holders not affected. as officials are hoping to avoid the chaos that left many stranded in airports across the country last month. one critical issue that remains
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unsettled is how the new order will deal with other visitors like student visa holders. several lawsuits brought by the states argue the travel ban was hurting student enrollment and faculty recruitment. if visa holders are not protected, it will be interesting to see what happens in court. >> laura, thank you. we will keep an eye on the story and see what happens. whatever the pre-visions of the travel ban, president trump will have a new national security adviser. lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster was tapped. let's bring in ryan browne live in washington. ryan, what is the word on mcmaster. >> mcmaster is the first active duty officer to take the job since colin powell.
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he is a highly respected combat general. he holds a ph.d. from the university of north carolina. he wrote a book called "dereliction of duty." it was about the failure of the military to properly advise the president during the vietnam war. he was critical of the kennedy and johnson administrations for having too insular national security council. he was also a pioneer in counter insurgency strategy in the iraq war working with david petraeus and helping to launch the 2007 surge strategy. he is well known for views on russia. he said that russia was conducting a land grab in ukraine during testimony on capitol hill. he has been outspoken in his career. willing to buck convention. he criticized military doctrine
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in the past for being too rigid. he has bucked convention writing edtorial edtorials. it is interesting how he works in the white house with powerful players there. including steve bannon who is on the national security council. >> it is interesting to see. he is not considered as ideological or controversial as michael flynn. ryan browne, thank you. to help us break down all of this, let's bring in ellis henican. ellis, i'm sure you know what i'm about to ask you. >> i can guess. >> this new travel ban. one of the big questions will it survive where the other one didn't? you brought up an interesting point on social media. is this going to be effectivesa?
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>> we know some details. it will be challenged in court. as long as they are sticking with the seven nations, majority muslim nations, and questions will be asked about whether there is a rationale behind that and if it is a will religious t. the second question is whether it will work. will it make us safer? that is where the argument will turn around. >> the seven nations expect to be part of the order. there was an issue with the first order. there were no terrorist attacks on american soil from those countries. >> that part of it won't be any different. we don't have the draft yet. we need to be a little careful about it. the reports from the white house counsel's office is the seven
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nations are the focus of the ban. you are right. people will make the argument you are making. >> ellis, i want to play sound from secretary kelly. he was in munich over the weekend. he talked about this second attempt at the travel ban. listen. >> we will have this time opportunity to work and rollout plan, in particular, to make sure there's no one in the sense caught in the system of moving from overseas to our airports which happened on the first release. >> when he says i will have the opportunity this time to have input, essentially, what does that tell you about the rollout of the first executive order? >> it suggests that he and many others were not involved. including most importantly the people actually have to execute. the lawyers to draft it and the people on the ground at the airports who had no idea what to do. who did it apply? where should we send them?
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i think it is almost certainly that part will be smoother. they learned lessons. drafting it with the professionals and not just political people might make it more likely to succeed. >> more acceptable. >> it's not a crazy idea. >> acceptable to the critics. you know, mcmaster. the new national security adviser getting rave reviews from all sides of the aisle. experts and military and john mccain saying that this is a great decision and trump deserves credit. have you heard any push back? >> no. you can add my voice to the chor chorus. part is the comparison to general flynn who is widely panned and unsuited to that position. no doubt general mcmaster will be called on to make difficult decisions. not everyone will agree with all
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of them. he is a professional and bright and balanced and seemingly sane guy. >> what do you think of the dynamic of having someone in the white house who is an independent thinker and outspoken versus someone like craig deare who was reassigned a day ago. the white house saying if you don't agree with president trump, you don't belong in the white house. >> i think it is undoudoubtful. if you are steve bannon, you have strong opinions. maybe you don't want to hear all of the thoughts. that is the dynamic to watch. >> i want to ask about the jewish center bomb threats. we heard there were 11 in the last 24 hours. the president has been critic e criticized for not being more
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outspoken on anti-semitism. they did put out a statement following the recent round of bomb threats. let's read it for you real quick. there it is. hatred and hate motivated violence have no place in the country founded on the principles of freedom. the president made it clear these actions are unacceptable. still no mention of jews in the statement. >> it is a step in the right direction. the first two times, the president turned it into a discussion of voting totals. this is a step in the right direction. he has one powerful voice in his ear. his daughter, ivanka. she has been out front of this stuff. it's a personal issue for her. that's the kind of stuff that most white houses get easily. this is a stumble in the first month. >> the tweet from ivanka trump. america is a nation built on
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religious tolerance. ellis, we still have so many questions to ask. as can you tell by the array of papers. we will join you in the next half hour. we have to keep moving. thank you. the diplomatic community in mourning after a blow of hopes of reconciliation with the u.s. and russia. the russian ambassador to the u.n. suddenly passing away. what that means for moscow and the u.s. going forward. process through usis so eff, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life.
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shock and sadness this morning. this certainly came as a shock to many here. we heard condolences coming from all kinds of quarters. the russian president saying he greatly valued churkin's professionalism and talent. said to be upset. we have seen flowers laid. a book of condolences which the foreign minister sergei lavrov signed. he is expressing his condolence. he was a very good friend vitaly churkin. he was his predecessor to the u.n. i think it is telling as well. the reaction coming in not just from moscow, but churkin's colleagues at the u.n. many he clashed with on certainly foreign policy issues, but garnered their respect. i want to read a tweet from samantha power. devastated by the passing of vitaly churkin.
2:16 am
diplomatic maestro and caring man who did all he could to bridge u.s. and russia differences. you will remember it was in december they had a harsh exchange of words over syria. power asking vitaly churkin if he could experience no shame offer actions. he telling her she should not pretend to be mother teresa. you will see she was obviously very upset by his death. clearly had respect for him. as you say, this comes at a crucial time for u.s./russian policy. a month into the trump administration. vitaly churkin started to build a relationship with the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. anythini haley. i think there will be scrutiny over who russia picks to replace him. a very important job. >> thank you, clare sebastian. to australia now where investigators are trying to
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figure out what caused a deadly small plane crash in that country. officials say all five people on board were killed. they say the pilot was australian and four passengers were american. including a 70-year-old man from texas. you could see fire raging with black smoke in the air. the building it crashed into was a shopping center. the plane took off from the airport in melbourne. the stores were not open at that time. something i never thought we would be talking about a month into trump's presidency. the crime rate in sweden. suddenly coming under scrutiny after the president's false claim of a terror attack there. what is really happening on the ground? sweden? we will take you there live. todanlimited gets the network it deserves. verizon. (mic thuds) uh, sorry. it's unlimited without compromising reliability, on the largest, most advanced 4g lte network in america.
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swedes are reacting to trump's last night in sweden gaffe mixed with memes and anger and confusion. we know no terror incidents took place in the last week. what is the reality of sweden with refugees and crime? let's bring in senior international correspondent ivan watson who live in stockholm. ivan, what does this data tell you about the incoming refugees and migrants and a crime wave in the country. >> reporter: first of all, this is a country that has not been successfully attacked by islamic extremist jihadi terrorists in years and years. that is important to note. the swedish prime minister
2:23 am
responded to the comments saying he was surprised by them. take a listen to what else he had to say. >> yes, we have opportunities. we have challenges. we are working on them every day and i think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly and for any information we spread. >> reporter: this is a country of 10 million people that has been very generous in taking in a lot of immigrants. between 2012 and 2015, boris, more than 100,000 people granted asylu asylum. there is no direct correlation between immigrants, refugees and crime in this country. let's get some of the facts out here. for total crimes, here are the numbers between 2012 and 2015. crime rose 7%. between 2014 and 2015, a big part of the jump in crime was due to computer related fraud.
2:24 am
during the same period, sexual offenses in sweden, you see they hovered around the same area. in fact, dropped between 2014 and 2015. however, when you look at islamaphobic crime, attacks on muslim targets, that jumped considerably between 2012 and 2015. nearly doubled. immigration is a political issue here. it is contentious. it contributed to a growth in the polls for a right wing political party that has a tough anti-immigrant line. this again is not a country that suffered a significant terror attack in recent years. it certainly is not a country in crisis. >> ivan watson, thank you. uber is hiring. former u.s. attorney general eric holder to investigate allegations of sexism.
2:25 am
arianna huffington will be part of the investigation. uber's ceo says they will conduct a review into the issues in the workplace environment raised by susan fowler. fowler is a former engineer. in a blog post this sunday, she made allegations of sexism at the company. she says a supervisor propositioned her for sex. the human resources department ignored multiple complaints about the behavior. much lighter news. panda lovers are saying bye-bye to bao bao. she is leaving the only home she has known for china. bao bao was born 3 years ago at washington's national zoo under an agreement with the u.s. and beijing. bao bao must be returned before she turns 4. she is leaving behind her
2:26 am
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2:31 am
order. a new national security adviser in place. ahead, the reviews for the outspoken lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. authorities are stepping in after another series of bomb threats at jewish centers. what is the white house saying after the crippticism? welcome back to "early start." i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm ana cabrera. this show is flying by. it's 5:30 in the east. the trump white house is putting finishing touches on the president's travel ban. we are learning more how this is being crafted. let's get the latest from laura jarrett live in washington. >> reporter: good morning, ana. the question on everybody's mind is what exactly will be different about the ban this second time around. perhaps the biggest change at least we know of is who is
2:32 am
drafting the executive order. the white house counsel's office instead of the policy shop is taking a lead role in the drafting. we heard from the head of homeland security over the weekend that the rollout will likely include a phase-in period instead of automatic switch and green card holders will not be affected. instead of what left many stranded across the country last month. one critical issue is how the new order will deal with visitors like student visa holders. several lawsuits brought by states argued the travel ban was hurting student enrollment at public universities from foreigners abroad. if visa holders are not protected this time around, it will be interesting to watch what happens in court. >> laura, we hear the order
2:33 am
could come wednesday. definitely plan to roll it out this week. thank you. no matter what the provisions of the travel ban, president trump will have a new national security adviser to help him navigate this rollout. lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster has been tapped to fill the opening created when michael flynn was forced out. for the latest, let's bring in national security reporter ryan browne in washington. both outspoken, but stark differences. >> reporter: that is right, important boris. one thing to know about mcmaster, he is active duty military officer. he has had to operate within the chain of kmacommand. he is the first active duty to take the job since colin powell. mcmaster is widely respected within military circles.
2:34 am
he is a combat veteran and has a ph.d. from the university of north carolina. he has written famous books. he received rapid endorsements upon being named to the post from republicans like senator john mccain. also many democrats lined up praising mcmaster when he was picked. mcmaster wrote a book called "dereliction of duty." where he slammed leaders for failing to advise during the vietnam war. it will be interesting to see how he approaching running the counsel's staff given the people in there including steve bannon, a trusted trump adviser who say member of the national security
2:35 am
council. mcmaster does have a bit of a reputation of being outspoken. he has been willing to criticize military strategstrategy. he is willing to critique past military doctrines. something that wrankled feathers in the past. he is willing to speak his mind. he is going into a new role as the national security adviser. it is an interesting mix to see how he gets along with the other players in the white house. >> it will be fun to watch. someone out spoken. ryan. thank you. >> multiple generals part of the national security team. let's break it down, all the political headlines this morning, with ellis henican. political analyst and author of "trump's america." thank you for coming on. good to see you again. let's talk about this new executive order that could come any moment. of course, we heard from laura
2:36 am
jarrett. this time green called holders will not be effected. a phase-in period. general kelly will say it will be a tighter and more stream lined version of the executive order. what else will be changed? >> they clearly recognize there will be court challenges to this. some care is apparently taken now to try to withstand the challenges. questions of whether this is a muslim ban or whether the presented c predicates to allow the nations to be singled out where the ban is in place. they will do it in a way to answer those questions. maybe they will have an easier case this time. >> one may be limiting the language when it comes to religious minorities in those countries. >> good point. >> would that help shake the perception this is a muslim ban? >> it might.
2:37 am
it was an argument used against them. how come there is a special red-carpet path for people who aren't muslims? it was a hard argument to answer. the fact that they were going to bring this up to the united states supreme court, they seem to be backing off the old one. just go with the new one. >> is this an admission the first was flubbed? >> a little bit. if it was so great, why not defend that one? >> let's talk about mcmaster. the pick for the nsa. national security adviser. we heard from iroryan. he is an outspoken man. he is known for military savvy. he is known to buck the norm and perception of somebody in his position. how do you think that will jive with trump and the many power players he has in the administration? >> i think it is fabulous. i think it is interesting to
2:38 am
watch the classihes. this is not an administration welcoming a lot of voices. it will be interesting to see is mcmaster a strong enough character with enough credibility and background thank you background that you sketched out. watch steve bannon. open mind edness may not be his best trick. >> a lot of republicans oppose trump. john mccain comes to mind. >> and dems. it is welcome. maybe there is a message. open up the field a little bit, people will actually give you kudos. people do learn on the job. it's possible. >> when you talk about opening up the umbrella so to speak to more people, we saw the protests yesterday. the not my president rallies
2:39 am
that were happening from coast to koefcoast. we have video from the one in new york city. do you get the sense that people protesting are open to the president doing something that could earn their support or are they digging in their heels? >> ana, we are in a divided nation. it is hard to flip someone. it is hard to focus if that energy is going to maintain. if you have protests every week? will people keep coming? keep your eye on the health care issue. >> how effective is it? >> it is effective. it beat back the muslim ban. it slowed down the repeal and replace obamacare train. the wall, i think, is looked at in a slightly different light. you know what? if you feel something in this country, you get out and say it. >> we have to ask you about the threats to jewish centers. 11 of them just yesterday. after a series of them over the past few months.
2:40 am
we had these tombstones knocked over in a jewish cemetery in missouri. the white house has responded with a statement. we want to show you now. there it is. quote, hate and hate motivated violence has no place in could you remember our country. the word jewish is not seen. that is something we saw during holocaust remembrance day. why is this a recurring thing with the white house? >> you know, it is a little odd. when the president was asked about these attacks, he really didn't discuss them at all. he began focusing on the votes he got in the election. it is awkward. i don't want to impose more severe motives on. it it is a little awkward. >> you have the tweet from his
2:41 am
daughter who converted before she married jared kushner. we must protect our houses of worship and religious centers. #jcc. is she playing clean hief -up d? >> a little. he is saying how can i be anti-semitic? i have jewish grandchildren. ivanka is steering dad along in the right direction. >> we want to show you this response from representative jerry nadler. very nice, but this should come from your father. we have to ask. it seems like a lot of people playing clean up for the president. mike pence in europe. >> the cabinet. >> a lot of folks. the vice president in europe yesterday trying to assure our allies in europe that the president will be strong when it comes to russia.
2:42 am
general mattis in iraq yesterday saying we're not here to seize your oil. something trump said on the campaign trail. is this messaging or they have to go and try to fix things he said? >> i don't think it is so strategic. i think donald says stuff and the grown ups go out and clea l tough position. >> nato allies want to hear that message directly from the president. >> thank you, mr. vice president, but where's the boss? >> ellis, thank you. the boogie demarcus cousins is packing for new orleans with an emotional farewell to sacramento. we're hitting him with the hines ward in the bleacher report next.
2:43 am
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it was a scary moment in college basketball when west virginia's coach collapsed on the coaurt. >> hines ward screjoins us. we know bob huggins has a history of heart trouble. >> he is fine. coach went down clutching his chest. he had to be helped by the trainers. he felt lightheaded, but the coach stayed in the game and got the win over texas. later, huggins talked about what happened. >> the degoofribulator went off. it shocks your heart back into rhythm. i'm 99.9% of other guys in
2:48 am
america. i have afib. the kings sent demarcus cousins to new orleans in a trade. he is known for being emotional on the court. he showed it saying good-bye to the fans in sacramento. >> my love for this city has never changed. >> love you, buddy! >> love you, boogie. >> cousins is expected to make his debut in new orleans on thursday against the rockets. >> finally, wild moment for austin bogarts. he runs through the wall while trying to make a catch. he plows through the outfield fence. he could not come up with the ball. he will be okay. this led to the inside the park grand slam. southern illinois wins 8-4 over stets stetson. i have taken a lot of hits in my
2:49 am
day, i have never run through a wall. >> that is called giving it your all. >> redecorating in the outfield. hines ward, thank you. i appreciate the time. if you think your morning commute is rough. think again. one city is labeled the worst rush hour traffic in the world. we will take you there and show you the rankings next. when people ask me now i tell them this. bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal. with glycolic acid... visibly reduces wrinkles and reveals brighter skin.
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the sudden death of the russian barush russian ambassador is opening up grief and turmoil. where does the unexpected turn
2:54 am
of events lead to deemploymeipl the two duelling nations. let's go live to clare sebastian in moscow. what is being said? >> reporter: there is a lot of shock and sadness. he was a long serving diplomat. vladimir putin is said to be upset according to his spokesperson. he valued his professionalism and talent. we have seen people leaving flowers here in moscow. the foreign sminut minister ces lavrov leaving a message in the do condolen condolence book. i want to read you a tweet from samantha power.
2:55 am
devastated by the passing of vitaly churkin. deeply caring man who did all he could to bridge the u.s. and russia differences. they had a public clash in the u.n. over the actions in syria. he accused her of acting like mother teresa and saying the u.s. actions in syria deserved scrutiny. it is a crucial time for this to happen. vitaly churkin was starting to build the new relationship with the ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley. a lot of scrutiny over who takes his place. >> clare, thank you. investigators trying to determine what caused a small plane crash in australia. take a look. this happened at a shopping center. officials say all five people on board were killed. the pilot was australian. the passengers were american. the plane took off from melbourne. the stores were not open at the time. a tragic story from california. police chief angry and grieving after one of his officers gunned
2:56 am
down. allegedly by a suspected gang member be out on parole. officers responding to a traffic incident and the man in the stolen car opened fire. keith boyer was shot and killed. he was 27 years old. another officer was shot, though he is expected to survive. the police chief jeff piper was overcome with emotion while speaking to reporters. >> it is really hard for me to hold back my tears because all of us have been grieving since 10:00 this morning. and i didn't think i had any tears left. everybody needs to know what these officers are dealing with out there on a daily basis. you have no idea how it's changed in the last four years. people don't want to follow rules. people don't care about other people. this is tragic. this is a senseless tragedy.
2:57 am
>> the suspect was wounded and police say he is expected to survive. they believe he is linked to a deadly shooting in los angeles on sunday. let's get an early start on your money. the record run for the stock market set to continue. futures are pointing higher after all three averages closed at a record high last week. walmart shares are dropping ahead of the company's quarterly earnings report. investors are looking at this company and stock and grocery business and if it improved and how are online sales and how are they competing with amazon? walmart started a shipping war with amazon when it started free two-d two-day shipping. amazon lowered its minimum to shipping for $35 down from $49. the prime member is $99 a year. if you are dreading the
2:58 am
traffic on the way to work this morning, it could be worse. bangkok, thailand has the worst rush hou rush hour traffic in the world according to tom-tom. it is the second straight year with the ranking. bangkok are victims of their own success as surging populations translate to more traffic. mexico city and jakarta, neer indonesia in the top five. the only u.s. city in the top 15 is los angeles at 14. >> i think this is fake news. there are so many places you can drive in the united states where it feels like a parking lot. it is hard that l.a. is 14. >> deep breath. practice payen sense. i'm ana cabrera. >> i'm boris sanchez. "new day" starts now. >> general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security adviser. >> i look forward to advance and
2:59 am
protect the american people e. >> there will not be many that speak ill of mcmaster. >> this is an upgrade over general flynn. >> the trump administration is tweaking the president's executive order on immigration. >> there is a very fine line between keeping our communities safe and taking away basic protecti protection. >> i am the least anti-semitic person. >> has the administration done enough? >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. up first, president trump naming army general mcmaster as his new national security adviser. he assumes the role as several challenges continue to boil.
3:00 am
the first will be the executive order which is nearing completion, we're told. so how is the white house changing the travel ban to address federal appeals court concerns. also mounting questions about why the president hasn't directly condemned anti-semitism in america. it's day 33 in the trump presidency. >> good morning, chris. after a dramatic resignation of michael flynn and a quick talent search, the white house hoping to get off on the right foot with a meeting of the national security council and a new national security adviser who didn't have a choice in turning down the job. president donald trump unvaguing general mcmaster as his new national security adviser. >> he's


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