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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 24, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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speaks out and disagrees with other republicans and kasich was pointing to the fact that he has a history of doing this and has disagreed with republicans in the past and tries to be constructive but being constructive and complimentary are not always the same thing but also asked about his evolving relationship and the governor likened it to being on an airplane and that you route for the pilot because you want to land safe. >> we have some pictures live of president trump, who is this? the president of peru. >> reporter: yes, i believe the president of peru may have just arrived behind me. that's what he'll be doing for part of this afternoon. >> back to governor kasich,
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maeve, let me bring you in, in listening, sara explained it perfectly, again no love loss between these two, the fact is he cares very much about the great people of ohio and about their health care but just the notion to sara's point he's rooting for the pilot, rooting for the president in this case. >> right. so that was a good message for kasich coming out of this meeting, earlier this week in the ohio papers there was this back and forth of who really asked for the meeting, kasich or trump? and but john kasich thinking about another future potential run for presidency, obviously in his state he allowed medicaid expansion under obamacare and that became a huge controversial issue with him among republicans when he ran for president but he's now trying to get trump to take a look at his plans on
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obamacare and they obviously talked about other issues, but really interesting kind of the political dynamic here because some people think john kasich could well challenge trump in 2020. he put in a political organization his allies put a political organization together, got people kind of talking and a lot of people think he's just watching to see how this trump white house rolls out keeping his options open and today obviously going with a very congenial tone about his meeting with trump. >> thank you. sara murray at the white house. let's continue on and sort of let you know we're going to begin with breaking news. the cnn and "the new york times," los angeles times, politico, all blocked from attending today's white house gaggle with press secretary spicer, bright bart, washington times and one america news network were allowed in. sara murray is still with me at the white house, i also have cnn
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media correspondent brian stelter. but first sara you ayr sara you go, what happened? >> we were preparing for what they were saying was going to be an off-camera gaggle. it's a small group, an expanded pool tends to be one representative from each news outlet, in this case the white house was hand selecting the reporters they wanted to see in this gaggle and blocking the ones they did not want to see, so we saw a couple outlets more favorable towards the president like breitbart and other ones including cnn, "the new york times" and politico were not allowed in. cnn was the only major television network blocked from accessing this briefing. so far the white house has not
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responded why that would be the case, they just said this was pooled and it was up to them to expand the pool they just sort of are saying they made the decision to expand it and went from there. they have not addressed why they decided to hand select or block specific news outlets, brooke. >> brian to you noting again to sara's point those outlets allowed in you were saying you felt like the white house was stacking the deck. >> yes, bring in pro-trump outlets that have a clear point of view not to report all sides we're hearing from a lot of editors an news organizations about this already brooke, we'll put on cnn's statement saying this is an unacceptable development by the trump white house, apparently this is how they retaliate when you report facts that i don't like. we will keep reporting regardless. >> and executive editor of "the new york times," he saysing in
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like this has ever happened in the white house in our long history of covering multiple parties, free access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest. marty barons calling this appalling. i think the big picture why this matters, brooke, is because sean spicer and other trump aides work for the american people, they are representing the white house publicly and journalists are there to get answers for our audiences the american people so when you see this break down or tension in the relationship that's why it's concerning. we have heard trump and his aides attack the messenger, this comes a little close to trying to control the message, i don't think any of us should hyper
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ventila hyperventilate about it but it is troubling when you see the white house cherry pick a briefing, because it's behind closed doors we can't show you how it happened. but we can say highly abnormal. we haven't seen this from past republican or democratic presidents. >> arie, as always, great to see you. >> thank you, brooke. >> all right. you just heard the reporting, you heard brian stelter's thoughts, you stood at the podium hosted many a gaggle what are your thoughts? >> there's a crucial distinction to be made here. press secretarys need to meet with all press. i think this is unwise and counter productive for a press secretary to do because your relationship and obligation is to all the media, but beyond that face it, there's nothing unusual about presidents meeting with self-selected reporters or
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selected reporters and white house staff do it all the time too. regularly the staff would have meetings with conservative journalists, i'm sure obama administrations had meeting with liberal journalists, so you have to separate the two, this is not a violation of first amendment a hyper ventilation issue, it's maybe not been done by the white house press secretary, but has been done by the white house. >> but there was no briefing today. >> sure, any time the president makes a major speech they do not give a white house brief. as a role of the press secretary it is unwise and will prove to be counterproductive to pick and choose who to meet with, but stop making this as some reporters have done. it's a terrible violation of the first amendment because they
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have acquiesced already, the press regularly used to let barack obama hand pick columnists, so there's no principal a high ground principal saying white houses can't pick who they meet with. of course they can. i think it's a personnel issue more than anything else,s that's why press secretary have an obligation to everybody. >> i think the context of what's happened is important. you mentioned the president gave a huge speech at c-pac and in that speech he doubled down when he called the media the enemy of the people also saying the media doesn't represent the people. play the sound and then we'll talk. >> a few days ago i called the fake news the enemy of the people. and they are. they are the enemy of the people. because they have no sources. they just make them up when
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there are none. they're very dishonest people. in fact in covering my comments the dishonest media did not explain that i called the fake news the enemy of the people. the fake news. they dropped off the word fake. and all a sudden the story became the media is the enemy. they take the word fake out. and now i'm saying oh, no, this is no good, but that's the way they are. so i'm not against the media. i'm not against the press. i don't mind bad stories if i deserve them. and i tell you, i love good stories. >> so part of what he said and i'm quoting him the media doesn't represent the people it never will and we're going to do something about it. it's one thing -- >> yeah. >> it's one thing to complain, but do something about it. do something about it. >> but here is what the truth is
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with donald trump. the press is paying attention to what president says and not what he does, he can speak in a very offensive manner about the press corp. >> but he's the president of the united states. >> hold on, hold on, brooke, let me finish. he speaks in an offensive fashion, i get that we all do, but then meets with the press corp. more than anybody i can think of held a marathon news conference, has done sit down interviews with "the new york times," today show, 60 minutes you name it he is tremendously accessible. he came back on air force one and did his own on the record meeting with his reporters. >> is i hear you arie, but you would disagree with him in calling the media the enemy of the people, yes? >> oh, i already have, i already have, i tweeted that and said it publicly, i think it's too hot, it's wrong, they're not the enemy of the people.
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but the press has the tendency to think everybody is about themselves the first amendment is under threat but then ignore all he does, he is making journalism interesting and great again. it's a fascinating time to be a journalist because he's such a fascinating story and given the press so much access. >> hey, i love my job but also do think words matter. >> i agree. i agree. >> i know. let me move on to something that happened covering on this show and so many shows just over a year ago. we were talking about the national reviews editorial where all conservative minds came according to an agreed to come out candidate trump, a little other a year ago he was talking to radio host michael medmedved >> i think he will do long term damage, here is one of many i basic points is donald trump is
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a liberal's idea of what a conservative is, somebody with inhaer inherit inherited wealth who has always had it his way, who is blusery, loud, vulgar and bully, and that's the liberal view of a conservative, if you ask a conservative what's a great example of a conservative, no one would think donald trump. >> so that was january of 2016, how are you know your fiscally conservative established republicans who may not have all been sitting at c-pac today how are they feeling about president trump right now? gl donald trump is splitting is republican party, no question about it. i think he's much less of conservative ideolog and so there's a sense of republicans hope he can be successful in
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economic growth and increasing wages in the country but i think the party is split they want him to have a chance to be successful and that's why you see a group like c-pac welcome him today. we'll see what results he produces. >> arie, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> where we'll talk about these conversations between the white house and the fbi about this on going investigation, i'm brooke baldwin and this is cnn.
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welcome back, you're watching cnn president trump once again slamming the intelligence community but this time focussing on the fbi. he says in two tweets quote the fbi is totally unable to stop
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the national security leakers that have persmeated our government for a long time, classified information is being given to the media that could have a devastating affect on the u.s. find now. the fbi rejected a question to publicly refute media reports about the trump campaign ties to russia, evan perez is part of the team at cnn that broke the story wide open. evan give me the details on what you have learned. >> reporter: the white house has been on the defensive holding impromptu meeting in response to our exclusive reporting that the fbi had refused the white house request to knock down stories about trump associates contacts with russians during the 2016 campaign. two senior administration officials friday earlier today strongly argued that the white house acted appropriately in asking the fbi to publicly knock
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down those reports because the fbi deputy director andy mccabe with us the first to actually make contact about it asking he asked for a five-minute one-on-one last week with the white house chief of staff reince priebus to say that the coverage was inaccurate and they say at that point priebus asked what could be done the senior administration officials say after prebass spoke to mccabe and james comey that the fbi declined to speak publicly because quote the fbi could not get in the position of making statements over every story, but o is officials say comey gave priebus the okay to go out an say top intelligence officials told them that "the new york times" reporting on this was untrue. >> what about the fact that the white house and fbi were
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communicating knowing this investigation was on going, how unusual is that back and forth? >> reporter: that's the exact issue, right? the communication between the white house and the fbi is unusual because there's this decade old restriction on having such contacts specifically laid out in two department memos if mccabe said this to the white house he may also have over stepped because this is an on going investigation, not the mention this is an investigation that involves the president's associates and people in russia, a u.s. official we spoke to said mccabe didn't actually discuss aspects of the case but we don't know what mccabe told priebus but the request from the white house is a clear violation of the procedures that would limit these type of communications with the fbi on pending investigations. as we mentioned, this is an ongoing matter handled by the
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fbi's counterintelligence division, brooke. >> john dean and evan mack cullen, evan perez thank you. we have video from the white house, president trump and the president of peru. thank you very much, everybody. it's a grade honor to have the president with us from peru. peru has been a fantastic neighbor. we've had great relationships, better now than ever before and i have known him for quite a while through reading about the work that he's done and i believe he's here to get an award at princeton, an award for what? >> for being an alumnus who did okay i guess. >> -- >> my other daughter susie goes to princeton.
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she wants to study medicine. >> and i sense she's very proud of you. >> and allen went to columbia. >> good students. >> so, a very, very special man and it's an honor to have him in washington at the white house and we're going to talk some business. i understand -- they are going to be buying some of our military vehicles and we are approving it and use them well, use them well and if you would like to say something, mr. president, please. >> well, i'm happy to be in washington. i lived here for a while, i lived in new york, greatly respect the u.s., we have excellent relations. and latin america needs to grow more and we're going to talk about how to do that, maybe you have a few ideas. >> yes, i do.
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and we have a problem with venezuela, they're doing very poorly, so thank you all for being here. >> so this is in the wake of the ohio governor meeting with the president and now meeting with the president of peru. back to evan perez, wife john dean, served for the nixon administration, and evan mcmullin, who launched a third party bid against trump. evan let me begin with you, you're former cia, you know the rules, i think evan perez perfect lie lin perfectly lined it out. violating decades old restrictions when you first heard the story what did you think? i was shocked by how
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inappropriate those kind of communications are. we're only hearing it from if white house perspective, so i imagine there's a lot we don't know, but will say this kind of conversation highlights exactly why i believe we need more transparency into the investigation, whatever investigations are happening into russian influence of our election and the trump campaign's contact with russian officials during that time. the american people deserve greater transparency here. i think we need an independent investigation and these kinds of discussions between the fbi and the subject of their investigation are absolutely inappropriate regardless of what the rules say. >> and i should point out the reason we're hearing nothing from the fbi's side is because this is an on going investigation therefore they're not commenting. mr. dean to you, from what i've read you're taking this a step further and saying this is a coverup by the white house? >> indeed it is. i come from the water gate era
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of course where the white house leaned heavily on the fbi. the regulations that are now in place are direct result of water gate. when a white house leans on the fbi, they're in a coverup mode. there are three fbi investigations going on right now. one goes into what happened preelection, what was the influence or connection between the trump campaign and the russians, the other one is the interim between the election and the inauguration. we're trying to figure out exactly who flynn was talking to and who else was involved, was trump involved in really under cutting the bam administration sanctions? and the third investigation is looking at the dossier that was produced by the mi6 former intelligence agent mr. steel to see if there's validity to some things he outlined in that
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dossier, so there's a lot of fbi investigations but the white house is not cooperating in any of this. and when the chief of staff even talks about this with the number two man in the fbi, he's sending signals. >> let me give another example. because you know, you remember during the campaign and former president bill clinton was sitting on the plane on the tarmac and brought on then attorney general loretta lynch and some people could say that's apples and wheel barrels, but sometimes republicans had a field day with that calling it wrong wrong and then candidate trump. listen. >> oh, gee, there's the attorney general. oh, let me go say hello. plane is on the runway, let me go say hello to the attorney general. they met 39 minutes.
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remember he said we talked golf and we talked about our grandchildren. three minutes for the grandchildren, two minutes for the golf. then they sat there and twidled their thumbs. no, i believe they talked about her remaining in her position under a crooked hillary clinton administration. that's what i believe. >> so evan, flash forward to the issue at hand we're discussing. if this were a democrat in the white house, what do you think would happen? >> well, there's absolutely no question there would be more republican leadership up roar or there would be that up roroar period, but then this under scores one of the underlying problems here which is there's a conflict of interest in the investigation that we're told is happening in congress where you have republican led intelligence committees investigating what happened and potential as far as
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we know ties between the trump campaign and the russians. but the problem is that they have an inherent interest in not having their president implicated in involvement in a foreign adversary scheme to under mine our democracy, so across the board whether you're talking about the fbi, i have a lot of respect for the fbi i have a lot of friends there, or in congress, we have a lot of investigations happening that by design and in some part good reasons there's not a lot of transparency to the american people but this this issue is so grave and important i do believe we need an independent investigation that can offer more transparency to the american people and lastly i would like to under scoscore ho dangerous these kind of conversations between the fbi and the administration can be. through these conversations the administration can derive
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information about what the fbi knows and what it doesn't know and that can help the administration and trump's team protect itself, that's why these conversations just can never happen no matter how brief or incidental they may be. >> evan i know you've got to go, but sticking to these words dangerous, and president trump tweeted confirming it happened but what he's fixated on through the tweet is the leaks, finding the leakers, so my question to you, sir, is now what, what about any potential repercussions for either side? >> there's no question that the fbi leaks, bob woodward's famous source during water gate when he was one of the cub and lead reporters of that event, it turned out later we learned his principal source was named at the time deep throat. and deep throat was the number two man in the fbi. he was leaking.
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and leaks are also wrong. about 50% of what woodward got from mark felt, the number two man, was at accurate information, and the place to correct that sort of thing and what did happen -- what's happened in post water gate presidencies is when there's been fbi inquiries, what have you it's been done in the press room, very transparently and not trying to send a private message but rather be very public saying hey, there was a leak out of the fbi, it was wrong, here is the correct information, we want to be transparent about it. bill clinton when we met with attorney general loretta lynch made a big mistake, he's shrewd enough to know that, so that was not a good move on his part and did not help anything and i'm
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sure he regretted it later. >> she ended up having to recuse herself. remember that, we covered that as well. john dean, thank you. >> thank you. >> we have hillary clinton addressing democrats. hear what she's up to and has to say next.
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just in here at cnn hillary clinton with a message for
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democrats saying she will always be proud of the campaign she ran and thanking voters who support her, here she is. >> the challenges we faces a a party and a country are real so now more than ever we need to stay engaged in the field and online reaching out to new voters and everyone who wants a better, stronger, fairer america. we as democrats must move forward with courage, confidence and optimism and stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next. let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country. let's talk about that with maeve reston our cnn national reporter. we have seen her hiking, giving a couple speeches, maybe in a brief video but this the fist
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time seeing her, and hearing the word persist, makes me think of what mitch mcconnell said to elizabeth warren a couple of weeks ago. >> it's interesting she's dipping her toe back in because this is a time when the left is looking for leadership. so many of the protests has been organic, people around the country angry about the trump administration policies but when we saw her motorcade go back to chappaqua after that public appearance last year it was really, really interesting that we thought that the clinton era was departing and now she's back, so she's clearly trying to figure out what her role is here in helping to encourage the resistance but there's a lot of other people who are vying to be sort of the new voice of the party, to come up with a message that could really reach out to those folks in the middle of the country who really turned away
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from clinton. >> choosing the next leader for the dnc down in atlanta. >> what about governor kasich meeting with the p president today. it's sort of like being on an airplane, you want to root for the pilot. you don't want the pilot to screw up if you're on the airplane. look, i've been around too long, and i feel so strongly about my faith to be not that i suck seeseed in it all the time to be personal, i can have my opinions but now it's time to be constructive. >> he didn't show up to his own convention in his own state for the then nominee trump. what do you think? >> i used how he used the mics to really press his own agenda,
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he clearly is looking to be a player on the republican side coming up in maybe 2020 if the trump administration faces some challenges or potentially 2024, but he clearly is trying to say that you know our sara murray asked if he had buried the hatchet with president trump and he wouldn't quite answer that question but going for a more congenial tone trying to press his own agenda with the president and outline his own political future perhaps. >> he said if there are things he doesn't like the president is doing, he will tell him. maeve reston, thank you very much. still ahead caitlyn jenner speaking up saying the president is failing to protect lgtb rights. we'll talk to the former north carolina governor who agrees with the president and two activists supporting the transgender community.
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stay here.
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instructed them to allow the students to correspond with their gender identity. here is what caitlyn jenner had to say about it. >> i have a message for donald trump from run republican to another. this is a disaster and you can still fix it. you made a promise to protect the lgbt community. call me. >> a little while ago i had a chance to speak with governor mat mccrory, at the center of this national debate. former governor of north carolina, first allowed people
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the use the bathroom corresponding with their gender listed on their birth certificate not their gender identity. here is our conversation. >> governor now that you're watching this all play out from the white house and i know north carolina argued this would protect them, you know transstudents feel discriminated against at a young vulnerable age. what do you say to them? >> i think this is more of a privacy issue. and frankly we don't have a legal definition of transgender or gender identity or gender expression and have said from the very beginning when it was brought up by the political left that the supreme court is going to have to step in. it was not president obama's decision not president trump's decision through his order, he reversed the executive order as
12:42 pm
overreach, which it was it's going to be either the u.s. congress or supreme court that's going to further define the 1964 act is it based on the what the doctor says or what the individual says, i think it's the doctor because we ask the doctor is it a boy or a girl and it's the doctor who makes needs decision. >> i understand you're saying it should be a legal definition even though there are a lot of young people who say this is how i feel i may have been born a boy but feel like a girl. you say it shouldn't be up to them, should be up to the courts to decide who is a boy and who is a girl just so i'm hearing you correctly. >> there are a lot of other
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ramifications, we had male prisoners who said i feel like a girl therefore i want to be transfer tod transferred to the woman's ward. it's the doctors decision to determine whether you are a male or female. >> forgive me from interrupting but that's prisons, a far cry from public schools. >> well we have group showers, for one boy to decide i'm a girl and want to go to the girl's shower, they should have a say so long with their parents. what is the new definition of gender? what we always had it to be a male or female based on our biological settings when we're born or on how one feels or
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expresses one's self-which is a brand new debate and a group hrc just happened to make north carolina the epicenter, but now this debate is happening in the state of texas and houston the voters turned it down over two years by over 60% of the vote in houston texas so it's a very complex, very emotional issue on all sides an we need to have a clear intellectual discussion on this new privacy issue versus civil rights issue. >> understand. understand. and listen, i absolutely respect your opinion and why i'm talking to you, but also talked to transgender people. >> with i appreciate it. >> on this show and it's how they feel it's not the court to tell them. let me move on we were listening to the daily briefing and sean spicer was reinforcing the point about anti-pot laws and he was saying it's a federal government who should reinforce those
12:45 pm
anti-pot laws but juxtaposing that with the transgender issue being a states rights issue, critics are saying hang on a second that's hypocrite ccahypo >> there's no definition of a transgender and what stage they're in so that needs to be clarified but i think this is going to be a federal issue regarding the 1964 civil rights act. >> i understand but the question was more on federal versus state, if he's bringing up anti-pot laws should be enforced by the federal government and yet the gender issues by states, why is you have a gray area? >> well our decoration of independence and our constitution -- this is that gray area on where do states
12:46 pm
rights begin and the federal government rule? i frankly think we ought tough one civil rights act, and that's what the 1964 civil rights laws does, but i didn't think president obama had the right to change the civil rights act and all a sudden change the way we define boys and girls, i think that's through adapting or amending the 1964 civil rights act or done by the supreme court which i think where this case will end up most likely to the richmond case most likely to the bathrooms, but other issues locker rooms, changing rooms, and other issues based on gender identity. >> you lost your re-election months after this massive bathroom fight. the state of north carolina lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, all-star game pulled
12:47 pm
out bruce springsteen said i'm not coming to give my concert there. a couple months out governor mccrory do you have any regrets? >> i think there's some selective hypocrisy, the super bowl was just played in texas which has the exact same laws as north carolina and no one raised issues, the n kcaa basketball tourname tournament was played where the voters rejected the same. >> but the applications came up in north carolina last year, i'm just asking you personally, do you have any regrets? >> i don't have regrets for protecting the rights for men and women, and boys of girls in the most private of places frankly the restrooms, locker rooms and showers throughout our country and state -- >> what happened you -- >> and i respect what the other side is going through. >> do you think the president is doing the right thing? >> i think president trump is
12:48 pm
doing the right thing saying the president and the executive branch does not have the right itself to define the gender of the nation. i never knew of a problem until the liberals brought this issue -- >> do you know anyone who is transgender, governor? >> absolutely. i've met -- listen, i was mayor for 14 years before governor and this issue never came up. and by the way the word transgender arer for yo transgender for your audience i think you need to define it. there are many different aspects of it, and the word transgender does not show the real complexity of each individual case especially as it applies to the privacy of a shower or locker room. >> listen, i can't pretend what it feels like to not be in my
12:49 pm
own skin. >> i can't either. >> but as you know transgender people, i've had them on my show or been at events and i just know what they tell me which is not dictated by the law it's a end j gender identity issue, but when you talk to them it's not complicated at all. they feel one way and they want the government to respect that. >> cagain we have people who fel that way during the day and might feel a different way during tonight or vise versa. there are different applications how we determine jend argender identity, and was on charlotte laws, i empathize with people going through this issue, but i also empathize with the 99.7% of the population and parents of children who go you know what i don't want a boy built like a
12:50 pm
boy to go into my daughter's showers or vise versa and those are emotional issues that tug at the heart. >> forgive me for interrupting i asked you if you know any transgender people and you say yes, so from the people that you know when they tell you i want to use this bathroom because i feel this way, are they wrong? are their feelings wrong? >> again, i met with a transgender a professor of north carolina and he wishes they wouldn't have brought it up and they were doing just fine, but now the government officials are bringing it up and president obama did not have the authority to bring it into -- i don't think congress is going to have the courage to re-examine the
12:51 pm
word sex, which has always been interpreted between a man and female based upon what the doctor said when they were born. >> you are entitled to your opinion and there are folks who absolutely agree. >> we have to be careful to respect people's opinion but show respect for them but have an agreeable disagreement. that's what we have to have in our nation, more of it. >> governor pat mccrory great state of north carolina, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> respecting people's opinions i always want hear from both sides. taylor, their shop was featured an hbo documentary. here is a clip. >> so, let's talk about what
12:52 pm
we're thinking of for the suits. >> mine is for my wedding and i have a lot of pictures of suits that i like for it. i want a suit that kind of makes my body as masculine as it can look. the biggest struggle is i really don't want anyone to be able to pick me out from a line of guys and be like, there's like curves on this body that don't make sense. i think if you can make a suit for me that kind of takes that, like, doubt out of my head that like someone is thinking that, then i'll feel really good on my wedding day. >> called suited, dam and ray are with me. so nice to meet you all. thank you so much for coming by. >> thank you. >> you sat here and listened to my entire interview with governor mccrory. >> yes. >> i want to you respond to it, but a piece of it was he seemed to not fully understand the
12:53 pm
difference between sex and gender identity. the medical community recognizes gender identity. can you talk about that? >> yes. what's interesting to me is that the former governor and so many people emphasize privacy as the real issue here. and if we're so preoccupied with privacy, i would think that someone's information that they maybe have discussed with their doctor about their body that relates to their gender or their sex would be private, and we would continue to respect that as a private matter. someone's a gender identity and expression is who they are in the world, how they feel, and how they engage with people. so, i think on a regular basis people are probably interacting with trans folk and they don't even realize it because we are who we present as. we are who we say we are. and again, i think if privacy is the real issue here, we should continue to respect people's privacy and allow them to possess whatever bodies they
12:54 pm
possess, inhabit those bodies and express their genders the way they feel is sincere. >> the law recognizing that. >> sure. >> it goes to the supreme court, i was giving the opposite side. that's why we wanted to make sure we had you on as well. should the law dictate how somebody feels. >> of course not. you know, of course not. >> daniel? >> part of the thing -- i'm a straight male. i have a very different perspective on it in terms of, you know, what we do for a living and we put suits on people who come from all backgrounds. and everyone has struggled with their bodies. and if people actually meet people who are transgender, people say i have a friend who is transgender. we know hundreds of people who have really struggled with their bodies and this isn't a way to get into other people's or the other gender's bathroom as some kind of ruse to invade other people's privacy. this is something that's very serious. people don't feel like they
12:55 pm
belong in their bodies. >> that's what i was asking. i said, governor, do you know anyone who is transgender and he said yes. and i followed up and he referenced the professor who said he wished the liberals would just get out of this whole conversation. but back on this whole issue with regard to president trump and rolling back the obama era guidelines, if you're rolling back guidelines and you're saying, all right, it's up to the states to decide, what do you think of that? >> i think the idea that states should be deciding this is more political than a legal concept. i think that we have politicized so many things that should just be frankly black and white, human rights are at the center of this and i don't think that we should be letting states choose whether people can lead their full lives or not. if trans folks, gender nonconforming folk have trouble using the rest room in the state they live in or the state
12:56 pm
they're from, then they can't participate in public life. so, we can't have that be a reality in one state, you know, someone can't participate in public life -- >> it needs to be uniform is what you're saying. >> uniform. >> if we let the states run civil rights, we wouldn't have the civil rights we have today. this has to be -- this is a fundamental right. these are human beings. one of the big things about this country is that, you know, human rights is not a bipartisan issue, and i think that people need to realize that trans people are human and if we understand, you know, what -- what it means to be a trans person and what that struggle is about, if we really fundamentally under, this debate would be over and nobody would be talking about this. >> we've got one minute left. i saw suited on a plane flipping through, what's this, watch it. i had no idea that one who is transed to walk into your shop
12:57 pm
in brooklyn for the first time be fitted, taylormade, feel his gender identity and what that does for someone. can you talk about that experience before we go? >> sure. a big thing is that people want to feel like they have -- that they're heard. they spend their entire lives going into different stores, you know, and nothing fits them right. the very binary retail environment, they have no place there. and now suddenly they come to a place where someone says, let's talk about how you feel in your body. let's talk about how you feel about your chest or your struggle with your hips. is it a trigger for you? is that something that makes you feel strong? everyone wants to feel like they can walk into a room and feel like they belong, that they have armor on. and that's what we're trying to do, is make people feel like they're strong enough that they can be and they can exist in our society. >> okay. ray and daniel, thanks for swinging by.
12:58 pm
appreciate it very much. >> thank you. >> more now on breaking news, cnn and other news organizations denied entry into today's white house media briefing. this gaggle that was held with sean spicer, we're back in 60 seconds. we can't stay here! why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean! way ahead of you. charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger... ...and you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. ♪ machines don't have emotions. but the rare few can inspire them. ♪ the new lc. the new ls. the new lexus. experience amazing.
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>> so good. that's a clip from the oscar nominated best picture lion. if you're looking to for an under dog to win, dev patel. the main character in slum dog millionaire and now in an exclusive cnn digital createers, he talks about the critically acclaimed role of his in lion and what's next for him. >> every character, if you look at a lot of my work, there is a generic theme which is a sort of under dog from slum dog to marry gold, to even chappy. someone who has to rise to
1:00 pm
adversity to achieve something others deem impossible. i hope there is going to be more material out there so i can stretch myself and spread my wings further. >> for more information check out's oscar video project called createers. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" starts now. >> thanks, brooke. it was just this morning that donald trump said nobody loves the first amendment more than him. glad we cleared that up. "the lead" starts right now. president trump today sounding a little bit more like candidate trump, attacking hillary clinton as a ravenous crowd chants lock her up, lock her up, criticizing polls, bashing the media and now he's taking his battle with some news organizations a step further. and a cnn exclusive, a multiple official saying that white house chief of staff reince priebus pressured the fbi to publicly knock down news reports about trump associates communicating with russians known to u.s. intelligence. a request