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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  February 25, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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limbau . good morning, everyone. i'm victor blackwell. >> good morning. i'm cristi paul. thank you for much for keeping me going this morning. >> trying to tap you in.
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>> it's 10:00 on the east. seven ov 7:00 on the west coast. >> we're beginning with decision day. any moem the democratic national committee meeting will begin any moment. the candidates to be the party's next chair will make to the bid to hundreds in attendance there. >> later today they're going to cast their votes for a new leader. that leader is going to have a daunting agenda on the plate. can they he wheal the divide. >> just days on the job breaking with the president when it comes to the term islamic terrorism. telling the staff the phrase hurts america's war on terror. we're going to talk about that. >> the future of the democratic party may depend on who is elected chairman. the democratic national committee selecting one of these
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seven candidates you see on your screen as its new chief. tom perez appears to lead the pass but keith ellison, he is on his heels. ryan noble is there covering the race. he's on the line for us right now. so i know that ryan, you're there and the committee men prepared to vote. what are you hearing? >> reporter: i actually saw tom perez as i was walking into downtown atlanta where the vote is going to be held in just a few hours. he wasn't very chatty but he seems pretty confident. he's clearly the front runner going into this meeting where they're going to pick their new chair. they haven't had a competitive race for chairman of the democratic party in almost two decades, so this is something that democrats are not used to. even though perez certainly has the advantage, there is some thought that minnesota congressman keith ellison could mount a serious challenge. if it goes to a second or a third vote, that's when the mayor of south bend, indiana,
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has a shot at maybe being the second choice for many people and perhaps a consensus candidate if they can't decide between perez and ellison. many democrats don't believe it will come to that. they believe perez has a strong enough coalition to bring home the chairmanship. if he does, he has a big job in front of him. he's going to have to unite the many different factions of this party with the express goal of being the opposition voice to the donald trump administration. something that the democratic grass roots seem very motivated behind so it will be perez's job to corral that motivation as this party grows moving forward. >> thank you for the update, ryan. >> let's continue the conversation with simone sanders, cnn political commentator and former national press secretary for bernie sanders, scott bolden, former chairman of the washington, d.c. democratic party and theron
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johnson. good morning, everybody. simone, let me start with you. first you work for bernie sanders campaign. are you supporting keith ellison? >> well, i'm not voting dnc member. i truly believe because i know how the voting dnc members are, they don't like folks that don't have a vote out here endorsing: so i am not coming out for ellison or anyone of that nature. but what i have done is i talked to keith ellison. i have also sat down with tom perez and a couple other folks and talked about millennials, the plan for a pipeline program. i am encouraged. everybody needs a little work and we are going to have to hold folks accountable but i think the party is in good hands. >> it looks like tom perez has the vote advantage. what does that mean to that passionate base that the grass roots that supported bernie sanders who may now be supporting keith ellison who will be disappointed if perez is the head of the party.
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>> he's an interesting candidate because he was the most progressive liberal member of barack obama candidate. if that's the case that helps him a lot. the progressive democrats have got to figure out how to win something. they've got the energy. they're on the ground. they haven't won. they didn't win with sanders. they may not win with this. building that coalition will be important. whoever win system going to need them f. that's tom perez, fine. if that's keith ellison, fine. they've got to win. they've go got to argue for p progressive economic agenda on the ground. >> let's talk about what found on the hill yesterday. i see simone already shaking her head. i will leave the democrats if keith ellison is elected chairman. ellison has a long history of sort sorted association with antisenilism. he's now on an apology tour.
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and his past association with antisemi tichl -- ellison for his part there were 300 jewish community leaders who came out and endorsed him. he said he had no idea about some of the things were seen by some at antisemitic. >> i think congressman ellison came out and basically said listen, he was not aware of some these things that he had said. as wooe were talking before we came on the show, we've got to move forward. congressman ellison has done a good job and yes, he's probably said some things that may have made our brothers and sisters in the jewish community not feel good. we've got to come together as democrats and come together as americans to try to move past this. the biggest mistake we can make is to allow articles like that to continue to divide us at a time when the country is looking
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for the democrat party to put forward a jobs be message. we really want to focus on the working class might americans many of whom were voting for barack obama in 2008 and 2012. wooe g we've got to find a way to get them back to our party. >> right after the 2004 election, john kerry just lost. the democrats had lost more seats in the senate. more seats in the house. howard dean was just elected head of the party. here's what he said in his acceptance speech. >> we have to move forward. we cannot win if all we are is against the current president and his administration. republicans wandered around in the political wilderness for 40 years before they took back congress. but the reason that we lost control is because we forgot why we were entrusted with that control in the first place. >> so much of the rhetoric we
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hear from democrats is about president trump. how do you get back to what howard dean was saying there? >> i think we need to do exactly what governor dean said. i fully believe that -- we don't even have to look too much further back. we can look at the general election. people who did not come out and vote, young people said they did not like that all they heard is donald trump is bad and hillary clinton is just better than donald trump. democrats have to paint the picture and tell a story about who we are as democrats, why it's important for folks to vote for us and what we're going to do for the american people. i think it starts today. so whoever is elected chair, whether it it's keith ellison or whether it's mayor pete, because he could be the next chair of the democratic national committee, there's work to do in building that message. beating back the crazy things that donald trump says every day. democrats have to get back to telling the story of who we are. >> democrats can do that. i believe donald trump's republican support is paper
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thin. these are angry voters and they voted for him almost to stick a thumb in the eye of the elector rat or of the establishment, if you will. so the democrats have not only got to share that message and remind those voters, but they've got to do it by actions. they've got to show them at the grass roots level, the state and local and federal level who we are, why you should vote for us, and why we should not tolerate this nonsense that with trump who lost by 3 million votes. >> and one of the things that governor dean talked about in his speech is he implemented the 50 state strategy. they had staff members and resources. one of the things i heard was that a lot of the members but also a lost of the activists, we don't want the dnc coming in at the last minute trying to elect candidates. we want them there early and make sure we're focuses on all the states. >> the state parties need that. i'm a former state party chair
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in d.c. the dnc needs to bring resources and intentionality at the state races early and often. the more republicans elected at the state and local level than democrats nationwide if you will. that's got to change. it's not just the white house. remember this. the money is super important. i don't see a fund-raiser in any of these candidates. you've got to fund this stuff. we've got midterms coming up. we've got the presidency coming up. we have fights on the hill in regard to donald trump. the dnc defines and dictates how that message gets across. >> i know you're objenot a voti member but what's your expectation? >> look, i don't think we can make, you know, assumptions about what we've seen in the news. a lot of these dnc vote ares are like new hampshire voters. they don't like to make the decision until they get right up to the ballot box. i think this is going to go to two ballots. >> the only people you can rely
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on who say they support you are the people who say they don't support you. nothing elts se is reliable. >> four black people sit here talking politics. not breaking news or anything. >> and i'm over by myself. i don't p what to say to that. thanks, guys. great discussion. listen, we have to tell you about this new twist in the murder of north korean leader kim jong-un's brother. the nerve agent is designed to kill in just minutes and one of the suspects is talking. also the president's new pick for his national security adviser isn't in agreement it seems on rad dical islamic terrorism. why he says that term needs to be banned. we expect another round of rowdy gop town halls with some speccing going face-to-face with the voters.
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. 15 minutes past the hour. president trump's new national security adviser is offering a strikingly different take on some of the language of the administration uses in regards to the war on terror. joining us live from the white house. what are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: good morning. this is a very interesting disconnect to have between the president and his new national security advicer. let's play for you what the
7:16 am
president said at that speech, that conservative gathering near washington yesterday. go ahead and play that and we'll talk about what his new national security adviser is saying. >> let me say this as clearly as i can. we are going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. >> so you heard the president use the phrase radical islamic terrorist. this is a phrase we heard often from him on the campaign trail and we also heard it at the campaign rally in florida. here is what general hr mcmaster said to a gathering of national security staff. he gsd jihadi terrorists are -- isn't helpful for u.s. goals of working with allies to defeat terrorist groups. among those allies would be
7:17 am
other muslim majority countries. this is an argument we heard often from people other than president trump and his former national security adviser mike flynn. this is a very different tone, this argument that it's just not necessary or helpful to use that phrase. and i should tell you that this is not something that's new from lieutenant general mcmaster. he has been saying this for some time. in a speech in november he talked about jihadists using a per vested sbe perverted interpretation of religion. in may he also talked about groups like isis using what he called an irreligious i deology. it shouldn't come as a huge surprise to the white house that mcmaster might have a slight different -- very different view on this than the president. but it is interesting to see. this is not the first instance where you've heard a member of the administration speak in a language, speak in a way that's very different from what we're
7:18 am
hearing from the president. >> and at times the president has encouraged that. when he said i want them to speak their mind. we'll see where this goes. athena jones. >> still to come for the first time since kim jong-nam's death. plus the president renews his attacks on the media doubling down on claims that the media are the enemy of the american people. >> i'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources. they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name.
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new details in the investigation of that bizarre murder of kim jong-nam. malaysian police are analyzing the samples that obtained in an apartment raid connected to the investigation. >> also officials met with one of the suspects being held by police. during that meeting they say she was asked to do what she called an activity by people who said looked to be japanese or korean. this after police say the estranged half brother of north korean leader was killed by vx. this is an illegal and lethal nerve agent.
7:23 am
cnn clarissa ward has more. >> reporter: some of the last moments of kim jong-nam life. he approaches airport security to complain that someone grabbed his face and that he is feeling dizzy. he's escorted to the airport medical clinic. a malaysian newspaper shows a photograph of him slumped over in his chair apparently unconscious. he dies before reaching the hospital. in a twist that reads like the script of a hollywood thriller, ma malaysian authorities confirm he was killed by vx, a highly lethal nerve agent that can kill within minutes. >> if you get any of it on you, you're dead. there is nothing a doctor can do for you. you just die. you get microscopic dot on you and you die. >> south korea is pointing to the volatile north korean state and the leader himself is the
7:24 am
prime suspect. the dramatic assassination took place in broad daylight moments after kim entered the crowded check-in hall. malaysian police claim that two women who can just be made out here wiped kim's face with some kind of liquid. one of the women can be seen walking off wearing an ey eye-krachieye-krac eye-krachieye-krac eye-catching lol t-shirt. one of the women told police she believed she was participating in a prank for a tv show. a claim malaysian officials dismissed. >> these two ladies were trained to swab the deceased face. they were instructed to clean their hands. and they know it is toxic. >> the hunt it now on for these
7:25 am
four north korean suspects who left the country on the day of the attack. among them a senior official with the north korean embassy. in yet another bizarre twist, police said someone tried to break in to the mortuary where kim's body is being kept. >> we know who they are. no need for me to tell you. >> so why would north korea's erratic leader want his own half brother dead? of more concern is how the dangerous dictator got his hands on one of the most deadly chemical weapons in the world and what else he could do with it. >> it's a nerve agent that has terrified intelligence agencies in the west for a long time because it's so lethal. saddam hussein was accused of having it. in fact he didn't. they couldn't figure out how to weaponize it. what disturbs me is they have figured out how to weaponize it and deliver it. would he use it on south korea?
7:26 am
would he use it in the united states? there's simply no way for us to know. >> clarissa ward, cnn, london. >> well isis fighters are we understand setting stores on fire this morning as iraqi forces close in on the terror group's last major stronghold in that country. >> federal police announced overnight they've recaptured an agricultural area more mosul and are inching further and further into the city. this comes just days after they regained control of the city's airport. joining those iraqi forces in the battle for mosul are american soldiers stationed just one mile from the front lines. >> it's the closest we've ever seen u.s. troops to the ground fight against isis there in iraq. >> still ahead, first president trump slams the media. then the white house slams the door on reporters. >> cnn and other outlets blocked from a news briefing. could critical reporting on the trump campaign's contact with russian officials during the election be the main reason? >> plus new research shows that this spike in overdoses across
7:27 am
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both made eliquis the right treatment for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. . good morning. a potential political reset this morning for the democratic party. it could come at any moment now. dnc members are meeting to elect the next chair of the democratic party. take on president trump's administration. >> the big question to be answered today is can democrats bridge the divide and stand united against the white house and republicans? i spoke with jeff weaver, former campaign manager for bernie sanders. and president of the our revolution movement. he says there's a lot of anxiety, particularly among the gro grass roots. >> i think what people are
7:31 am
looking for is are inside players willing to change the ways they've been doing things so we begin to win elections. i think everybody was disappointed by what happened in 2016. we clearly cannot continue down that path. we have got to reach out. we've got to enlarge the base of this party. we've got to bring in all the young people. working class people. people of color who either sat out the last election or decided to go with another candidate. >> former labor secretary tom perez appears to lead the pack, but minnesota congressman keith ellison is on his heels. once we do get that official vote, we'll bring it to you live. >> the town hall backlash continues. more and more lawmakers are being greeted by angry constituents. there's a town hall for republican congressman leonard lance. for more on the strategy from both sides when it comes to these town halls, we want to go live to cnn correspondent sarah
7:32 am
gannon who's in new york. >> reporter: congress is in recess which generally means that your lawmakers are home in their districts. but after some angry bprotestor as we've seen in the last couple weeks, some lawmakers have decided that town halls are simply too risky. new york congressman peter king said on friday he won't hold town halls if they're just going evolve into screaming sessions. it's not just republicans who are backing off of these traditional more brash meetings with con twstituents. some who went for trump in 2016, up for reelection in 2018 are also shying away from town halls to avoid a possibly contentious situation. senator clare mccas cal in m--
7:33 am
she's on a planned visit and mansion held an invitation only event in north dakota. another held public events. just not the traditional town halls. same with montana senator who opted for an online town hall fehall v v via facebook live. one had days where he shadows different workers at their respective jobs. he's up for reelection in 2018. democratic strategists are telling me that this is an opportunity to avoid those more brash town halls which are simply just too risky right now. they see no upside in putting themselves in a position where an exchange with an angry pro
7:34 am
p -- protester could go viral. there's another reason why some democrats want to hold off on town halls right now. >> i think they are avoiding stepping on the anti-republican story. because it is the republican town halls that have become very controversial and it's video clips from those town halls that have made it on to the national news night after night. so if a democrat has a town hall and it turns messy, that steps on the story. that makes it a bipartisan story probably less interesting or less potent politically. >> reporter: they don't want to step on the story. a democratic strategist also told me there's at least one group out there that's raising money to put up primary candidates against sitting democrats in states who went for trump targeting senators who are more likely to side with trump on some of his policies. that's just another reason they're opting for these more controlled events and less town
7:35 am
halls. >> sarah, thank you so much. i want to show you some live pictures here of congressman gary palmer. he is in alabama and fielding some conversations about planned parenthood we understand. i just heard a few chuckles there, but you see the arms that are being raised. we will continue to watch this. see if he's facing some of what we've been seeing here in the last couple of weeks. president trump going after anonymous sources. wha watch what he said. >> i am against the fake news media. i'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources. they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name. let their name be put out there. >> cnn doesn't make up sources
7:36 am
we want to point out. we don't name sources in our reporting to protect our sources which in turn help tell you the facts. president trump himself, we do need to be transparent. it's no stranger to unnamed. sources. i want to show you a tweet from 2013 saying an extremely incredible source has called my office and told me that barack obama's birth certificate is a fraud. that of course turned out not to be true. let's bring in rebecca berg. also brian robinson. thank you both for being with us. brian, i want to start with you. you can't help but see what seems to be some h-- why is it okay for the president to use unnamed sources and for others not to. >> i doubt donald trump is the first to change his mind on such issues going from candidate to be in the oval office.
7:37 am
using unnamed sources is not controversial among political people. it's also controversial among journalists t.'s not allowed for the very reason president trump is insinuating. you can't trust the sources. you don't know what their agenda is. and that is the underlying issue. what are these people trying to accomplish with these leaks that are coming out of the executive agencies and what are the people who are reporting on it trying to achieve in the end too? i would imagine it's not to help donald trump. so him talking about this, i don't even think it's really all that controversial. >> okay. rebeck d rebecca, i want to lfb isten to some sound from phil mudd. he has something to say about this last night. listen to this. >> let me be clear. i've served as an anonymous source on the other side. if you don't like that, let me reflection the conversation just
7:38 am
happened. if i speak as phillip mudd when i was at the fbi or cia the chance that the american people will get the story is far diminished than if the press comes to me and says and we'll allow you to speak on what's called background. they can use the information. they can quote you as an anonymous source but they can't use the name. if you want the story, stick with anonymous sources. i was one of them. >> what's your reaction? >> phil is absolutely right there. we are talking about in this case high level sources within the administration, within the intelligence community who are giving us a straight candid look at what is happening inside this administration, inside the intelligence community, which if they said these things on the record, they would be at risk of losing their jobs. that's the facts of the matter. and it doesn't mean they are necessarily unreliable sources. some of theme might have an agenda. that's always for the reporter working on the story and their editors to try to assess and weigh and work into the story in
7:39 am
some fashion. but the fact of the matter is that these sources are reliable and some of the biggest stories that are coming out of this administration and that have come out of prior administrations i might add were sourced by a noun mounonymous s. look at water gate. deep throat was an anonymous source. for years we didn't know who that source was but the story was correct. so the biggest stories often times we need to rely on anonymous sources because these people cannot be made to put their job on the line to tell us the real story. >> the media, the whole thing, politics, media, all of it can be a tough business. we know that. i want to share a tweet with you from brett of fox. he said some at cnn and "new york times" stood with fox news when the the obama administration attacked us. a white house gaggle should be open to all credentialed orgs.
7:40 am
>> i have been the communications director for a governor of one of the largest states in the union. i know the frustration within an administration when certain news outlets time after time, day after day, are distorting the news coming out of what your boss is trying to accomplish. i know the frustration. >> again, brian, our sources are credible sources. we don't put fake news out there. >> no one is saying fake news. but what rebecca was getting at is some of these off the record sources are reliable. i'm sure a lot of what they're saying is true. but it's not necessarily the full story. we don't know what other information is out there that they are not sharing. they may be sharing information that is just the most damaging, the most slanted, the most likely to do damage to the administration that is in power. there may be other information out there. >> it's information that we get that we do not put out there until we can confirm, deny.
7:41 am
there's a lot. there are a lot of things that go down the pike. a lot of elements before we make sure that anything is out there. i understand what you're saying. ari had something to say about this as well. he said that the press secretary needs to meet with all press. i think this is unwise and counter productive because your relationship and your obligation is to all media. so here we have president trump saying what he is saying. what kind of a position, rebecca, does this put sean spicer in. >> in a difficult position no doubt. clearly in this case it seems like he would agree with what brian is saying, that some of these reporters weren't telling the full story, weren't make accurately representing what went on. but at the same time retaliation, i would argue is not the answer here. the answer is to try to work with these reporters. tell your side of the story. don't withdraw completely and cut them off from information. i think the job with any
7:42 am
communications professional, especially one working for the government, being paid by taxpayers, is to try to work with these reporters. try to help them tell the true story, tell the right story, and if they don't, doet get mad at them. don't cut them off. bring them into the process. i should note that with this story in particular "the new york times" and cnn, they reached out to the white house. cnn confirmed with the white house what they were reporting. and so if sean spicer wasn't happy with the story, he should have worked with them. he should have told them what was going on. >> rebecca berg, brian robinson, we appreciate it. i just want to read quickly cnn's response here. this is an unacceptable development by the trump white house. apparently this is how they retaliate when you report facts they don't like. we'll keep reporting regardless. that after we were shut out of that conference. thank you so much. we appreciate you being here. >> in and around the rust belt were key to donald trump's election win.
7:43 am
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7:47 am
despair that motivated many voters in the 2016 election. >> the most fun i never want to have again. >> army veteran ryan coop ser proud of his service in afghanistan. but he's had a tough time transitioning into life back home. >> you're trained to do one thing and then you come back and there's, you know, very little need for an infantry soldier back in the civilian world. >> ryan came home in 2011 and he struggled to forget the horrors of his service. and there was another struggle. >> there really wasn't much going on at all. people were either collecting unemployment. you know, taking a couple classes at community college or not doing anything at all. i kind of just fell into that with them. >> ryan could not find a suitable job here in pennsylvania. that year unemployment in this county peaked at 10.6%. ryan says to ease the emotional pain he began taking prescription pain killers.
7:48 am
>> a lot of the people that were not employed were doing heroin. >> soon ryan was too. >> didn't meet your expectations of what life would be? >> exactly. >> according to penn state university sociologist, people handled that disillusionment in different ways. >> some people turned to another kind of fix which may be voting for a candidate proposing radical change. >> last yee she crunched the numbers comparing trump to 2012 republican nominee mitt romney. he did better in 88% of the counties. also that he performed best in counties with the highest drug, alcohol, and suicide mortality rates. >> i'm not saying that trump supporters are a bunch of drug addicts or alcoholics, but that drug use in communities, alcohol abuse in communities, mental
7:49 am
health problems are really symptoms. coal mine of broader economic issues that have been building. >> she says the strong correlation is rooted in the job losses. >> these sorts of places are really primed to be vulnerable to prescription pain killers and heroin. they were were also primed to be vulnerable to messages of a quick fix or quick change from somebody like donald trump. >> this is all from obama's campaign. >> eileen and richard have lived there all their life. they're registered democrats and voted for barack obama twice. even volunteered for the 2008 campaign near the height of the great recession. >> people are desperate to work and a lot of people going back on welfare and counting on the government. so people were struggling at that time for any type of work. >> at the end of the president obama's term unemployment in that county had dropped to 5.9%.
7:50 am
that's not good enough. so in 2016 they voted for donald trump. >> just like barack obama, there was time for change. it was fitime for change again. >> their neighbors agree. obama won by almost five points. in 2016 donald trump won the count beating hillary clinton by 20 points. >> i believe you need that businessman. you've got to get the politically correct things out of here and get a businessman and get this country straight out. get the deficit down. and start getting jobs. >> ryan has been sober for 90 days now. he knows that his recovery will take time. when it comes to president trump and the return of those high paying jobs? >> this area is relying on him, so i hope that he doesn't steer them wrong. >> he and others hope that jobs rush in as quickly as the president promised. >> and speaking of change, right now in atlanta the dnc meeting to elect their new leaders.
7:51 am
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but what you really can't plan for is when the moment captures you. marriott now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts. daytona 500 kicks off the racing season tomorrow. if you're looking to get closer to the action? charlotte, north carolina north caroli carolina, visitor ks sucan suit and chase your nascar dream. >> welcome to charlotte. >> the nascar racing experience is our program where people can come out and take a ride or a drive in one of these stock
7:56 am
cars. here at charlotte motor speedway, you can reach speeds of over 160 miles an hour. a lot of people say that it's kind of their bucket list to come out here. when you take that ride, you really feel the banking and the speed out here at the racetrack. >> it's real important that you wait for your instructor. >> our customers are a little nervous as they're coming in. they're not sure of what to expect. after we put them through the class and we train them, we put them in the cars, they instructed through the radio. almost every driver and rider actually coming out of the cars has got a huge smile on their face. charlotte is a race-oriented area. a lot of the backgrounds of stock car racing comes from this area. >> i don't think need you need to be a nascar fan. we all drive a car. getting in a car like this really makes you feel alive. we hope you make some great memories yourself today. thank you for spending your time with us. >> much more ahead in the hour of "cnn newsroom" will respect right after a quick break.
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hello everyone. good morning. i'm fredericka whitfield. we begin this hour with the fight in the democratic party for a new leader. you're looking at live pictures right now at the democratic national committee meeting in atlanta, georgia at this


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