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tv   New Day  CNN  May 1, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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funding for planned parenthood is there. >> and the white house extending an invitation with abysmal human rights record. another member of the security team is on the way out. we have it covered for you. let's start with suzanne malveaux live on capitol hill. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. surprising news to wake up to on monday morning. lawmakers working over the weekend to make sure the government is funded beyond friday. well through september. this comes after tense talks with democrats and republicans for weeks now. both sides equally determined to avoid a government shutdown. rare bipartisan agreement on capitol hill over a $1 trillion spending bill. includes defense spending and $1.5 billion for border security. not a single dollar for the border wall. despite the president's insistence that a wall is
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necessary. >> we'll build a wall. go to sleep. go home and go to sleep. rest assured. that's the final thing we need. >> reporter: also left out of the bill, federal cuts to sanctuary cities and money for deportation forces. two of the other campaign promises. >> at the heart of my administration's efforts to restore the rule of law has been a nationwide crackdown on criminal gangs and that means taking the fight to the sanctuary cities that shield these dangerous criminals from removal. >> reporter: the spending bill includes victories for democrats. including no cuts to planned parenthood funding. a nominal cut to the epa budget. a $2 billion increase to the national institute of health. and $295 million to help puerto rico continue making payments to
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medicaid. a democratic demand the president spoken out against. the bill also includes millions to reimburse local law enforcement for extra security for the president and first family when they travel to florida and new york. other bipartisan victories include $407 million in wildfire relief for western states and extension to a program that provides health insurance for coal miners. a key constituency for president trump. >> the miners. finally taking care of our miners. we love our miners. >> reporter: votes on the funding bill expected in both chambers by the end of the week. at the same time, house republicans vowing to bring back health care plan to repeal and replace obamacare. chris. >> another interesting play, suzanne. president trump is pushing the health care vote despite existing significant differences among members of the party. this time they are trying to
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beat the next recess which will happen this week. they get more time off in d.c. the president under fire inviting the philippine strong man leader to the white house. cnn's joe johns is live at the white house with more. >> reporter: good morning, chris. it is groundhog day for the administration. the first 100 days are over, but a long list of agenda items that did not get through. at the top of the list, the goal of repealing and replacing obamacare. >> i think healthcare reform repeal and replace obamacare is just around the corner. >> reporter: the white house expressing confidence in the gop latest health care bill. president trump trying to spin the administration efforts saying they are not pushing for a vote. >> i said relax. don't worry about the phony 100 day things. get the vote. >> reporter: despite calling
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outlaw maou out lawmakers by name. >> i will be angry at congress member kelly and congress member marino and all of the congress members in the room if we didn't get that damn thing passed quickly. >> reporter: the president reporting falsely the bill covers those with pre-existing conditions. >> pre-existing conditions are in the bill. i mandate it. i said it has to be. we will have lower premiums. >> reporter: reality, the draft bill would allow states to opt out of the requirement under certain conditions. meanwhile, the trump administration is under fire for inviting the philippines leader to the white house. rodrigo duterte has led a crackdown on people. >> whether they are good folks or bad folks or people that we wish would do better in the
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country. doesn't matter. we have to be on the same page. >> reporter: the white house arguing the u.s. needs philippines to combat the north korean threat. as critics and human rights organizations respond with outrage. the president also raising eyebrows for again questioning if russia is responsible for hacking during the 2016 campaign. >> if you don't catch a hacker, okay, in the act, it is hard to say who did the hacking. with that being said, i'll go along with russia. could have been china. could have been a lot of groups. >> reporter: offering no evidence to discount the conclusion of the fbi director and 16 other intelligence agencies. president trump marking his 100th day in office over the weekend with a campaign rally with attacks on his favorite foe. >> i think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade. >> reporter: the focus here at
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the white house now turning to the president's next 100 days. the other agenda items that haven't been finished, tax cuts and tax reform. he is getting ready for the first overseas trip in a few weeks. the whole world right now watching to see how the president will handle everything from the crisis on the korean peninsula to the paris climate accord. >> joe, thank you very much. we have a lot to discuss. we have cnn political analyst david gregory and maggie haberman and zalena zito. let's jacque about this. here is what is in. $15 billion for defense. $1.5 billion for border security, but not the wall. 2.4 for disaster relief. $2 billion for nih.
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$800 million to fight opioid abu abuse. and $295 million for puerto rico medica medicaid. $57 million for presidential security needs. extend miners health insurance. this is fascinating. no funding cuts for planned parenthood. as you all know that is a big deal for both sides of the aisle. no money for a deportation force. no federal cuts to sanctuary cities. the president threatened that. no funding for the border wall construction. maggie, is this a win for democrats and if so, how did that happen? >> look, you are certainly seeing democrats talking about the deal. you have not heard republican commenting. that tells you about the frame in terms of how it happened. the trump administration has been stymied so far legislatively. they would like to get things through the house. they feel they cannot get to
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other legislative priorities. this is not just a priority, but funding the government. the threat of a shutdown is always very problematic and dangerous. for this white house, it was a fear it would raise the competency argument. they appear to have given in on key republican priorities. the main to me is not the wall. we already knew the president made clear he would not draw a line on that. he said it was fine to deal with getting funding for it later in the fall. we will see what happens. that was the approach. planned parenthood not seeing any slashes in funding is interesting. considering republicans, less trump, republicans more broadly campaigned on it in 2016. it is interesting with those at his ears. >> ivanka trump may have had an influence. >> and possibly others. he was very clear. he is the only person who said although critical of abortion
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taking place, he was clear from the debate stage in the republican primary that planned parenthood does good work other than that. it is not a total surprise, but still really notable given where the gop congress is. >> the opioid stuff, it is not just $800 million in the graphic. i think it is 100. >> why the discrepancy? >> all of the other reporting is 100. we have 800. >> we'll check our math. >> the point is this. he is careful to maintain commitments that go to the heart of people's lives. that's something when you talk about opioid and you talk about the ability to pay for your family's needs. david gregory, this was a sensitivity and key part of the connection that trump had to constituency. salena knows this well. david, is this a win-loss here? >> i think it is lower down on the list. a huge issue. what the federal government can
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do about opioid abuse, let's see, i think it can play a constructive role. maybe not as big of a role. what donald trump laid out is priorities. overturning obamacare. building a border wall. he is running into the problem which he may say it, but doesn't make it so. you know, if he is not telling the truth about what is in the health care bill, it is a problem on a couple of levels. he continues not to tell the truth. two, he doesn't necessarily know what is in the bill. three, he can't muscle it through congress. he is not cutting back on payments for the epa as he promised to do. i think he is running into the difficulty of what he can actually get accomplished even with republican government rule. they are still not passing a budget. let's not get excited about a stop-gap spending bill. the democrats couldn't do it. the republicans can't do it. he faces a real test of clearing out the underbrush.
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some of it is significant when it comes to health care before he gets to a tax cut bill which is a signature achievement. >> salena, let's play what david is referencing. the president giving the bill to cbs. are the pre-existing conditions going to be in the bill they try to pass this week. listen to him. >> pre-existing conditions are in the bill and i mandate it. i said it has to be. >> one of the fixes, pre-existing was optional for the states. >> sure. they are changing it. >> it is permanent? >> yes. >> what is the development? it is not left up to the states. everybody gets pre-existing. >> we ultimately want to get did it back down to the states. the state is going to be in a much better position to take care of it. it is smaller. >> i'm not hearing you say there is a guaranteed. >> we have a clause that
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guarantees. >> salena, you interviewed him. did you touch on this? >> no. we did not talk about the health care bill. i suspect in his mind's eye, he sees the bill. the bill says that. then the waiver attached to it so the state can make the decision on its own. you know, as the bill stands, you know, he believes that it is kept in the bill. >> is that -- we don't know. what we do know -- >> the macarthur amendment where they can waive the rules and set up high risk pools to offset that. give us the headline and your impressions when you interviewed him. >> well, i would say one of the things that stood out to me was how serious and somber he became when he talked about the seriousness of his job.
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like previous interviews which were released, he talked about this is different than the life i had before. you know, in my other life, when i made deals, if they came apart, i knew there was another way to make another deal. in this job, you know, people's lives are at stake. every time i make a decision. that complication and that burden is much more difficult than i anticipated. the weight on every decision i make. >> can i just say how alarming that is that he is still saying this? i have been thinking about this since we had the discussion on friday. you know it is one thing not to be a politician and not to have experience with the presidency. everybody is surprised at some level and humbled at some level with how difficult the job is. he seems like he has never picked up a book. it is funny. presidents write books and have diaries.
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since the founding of the republic, they relate to other people what it is like and how hard the job is. apparently president trump missed this entire literature and body of work. >> i think that is part of why people voted for him. if you go out and listen to what they say, they weren't looking for a polished politician. they weren't looking for a student of history. >> salena, think about that. you don't have to be a polished politician to have a sense of what happened before you. willful disregard for history and actual facts. give people more credit who voted for him than that. they didn't want to throw all of that out. >> it wasn't a top priority. we interviewed people. that wasn't a top priority. >> when does that ever come up in interviews? >> you have a distinction with culture and competence. salena was right. they wanted not someone that was a renegade, but rebel.
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they thought he was smart and they thought he could get things done and he knew what he was talking about. >> on the business front. >> i think that this president as we know is very good historically at playing a role. we have seen him do that in various places in his life. i don't think it is the same thing. i think people are looking for somebody raw and real. i don't think raw and real has to mean not familiar with precedent or what came before in the highest office in the land. >> in fact, there was a notion he knew even better. >> he said it over and over. >> he could see through the lines. now we see how it plays out. >> panel, stick around. we have more on president trump's decision to invite president duterte to the white house. does the white house need the controversial leader to help
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the white house says he is critical for dealing with north korea. let's bring back maggie haberman and david gregory and salena zito. he is key for reining in north korea? >> i don't know what he is referring to in the meetings with the chinese to make the philippines so. the philippines could be bold work against china's expense in the south china sea. that may be on the president's mind. there again is an impulseivity to this. we will see what the internal push back to this. duterte is an authoritarian bad guy on the world stage. as transaction al and pragmatic
3:21 am
the president is, he has to remember the overall. the more he courts strongmen around the world is not good for freedom loving countries around the world. we cannot cast aside allies and rely on strongmen. i'm in the sure the president really understands this. if he is looking from one deal to the next. >> maggie, what is it with his seeming affinity of vladimir putin or said compliment s or nice things of kim jong un. the president wants credit for what others could not get? >> i think it is yes to all of the above . what you said is a key part of it. they will not do what the obama white house did. you can debate if that is wise or not. that is their approach. some is strategic.
3:22 am
we saw this throughout the campaign. the president has a predelection. he doesn't use that for good or bad purposes. he praised and insisted he did not, saddam hussein, at one point. for saying he killed terrorists. he was considered a state sponsor of terrorism. i think you are seeing a continuation of a pattern. it is very hard to know whether or not he is reaching out to these leaders with the goal in mind of say come to the white house. or is that is something he riffs on the fly in a pre-arranged call. >> salena, traditionally you shun or call-out human rights leaders. that is not being done now. duterte is the most egregious. he tells crazy stories how he has killed. what is trump's read on this?
3:23 am
>> i think to maggie's point where she explained how president trump likes to show that he makes relationships with people that president obama wasn't able. he talked great linength of ayi of the human rights worker in egypt whom he helped free. he said president obama wasn't able to do this for three years. i got it done in ten minutes. you talk about the strength of president el sisi who faces criticism for his strongarm governing. when we discuss north korea in our interview he was frustrated by what was going on with north korea and the back and forth. he stressed that he is trying to use diplomacy. he thinks that is really
3:24 am
important part. i suspect that is why he is trying to make a relationship with the philippine president. he wants to build allies as a wall of strength against north korea. it is hard to determine what the greater complex thing he is trying to make happen. >> david, you know, there is a consensus among all of the u.s. intel agencies that russia meddled in the u.s. election and was behind the hacking during the election. president trump has been reluctant to come around on that. here are his latest thoughts about russia's involvement. >> if you don't catch a hacker, okay, in the act, it's very hard to say who did the hacking. with that being said, i'll go along with russia. could have been china. could have been a lot of groups. >> so just not sure. >> we have to find out what happened. i would love to find out.
3:25 am
i can tell you one thing. it had nothing to do with us and this and everyone knows it. >> david, your thoughts? >> you know, again, i would love it if president trump could just speak a little more seriously on major national security matters. things that are bigger than him and about the presidency in an effort to undermine an american election. he seems not to care about big issues about the presidency and america's fate in history. what he does now is just deflect in ways that make no sense where he is saying that i'll go along with russia. maybe it was somebody else. he has no idea. if he really wants to get behind these things, perhaps he can cooperate more with congress to find out what really happened. he still wants to give it the back of the hand. let's remember, this is still the president who falsely accused his predecessor of spying on him when we have a consensus in the intelligence agency that it was in fact russia.
3:26 am
it was the previous administration that could have done a lot more to both get to the bottom of it and retaliate against russia and didn't do so because it did not want to look like it was interfering. >> sebastian gorka, the shadowy figure thats comes o comes out a while and talk about how dumb we are on foreign diplomacy. what are we expected of this? >> i'm not sure he is gone. >> maybe he will take a different job in the administration. >> a lot of fog with this administration. especially with personnel issues. with sebastian gorka, he had become the thing this president dislikes the most. a distraction for him with negative headlines. questions about his previous comments. questions about whether or not links of far right extremist groups. he said little.
3:27 am
it is becoming needless. it is part of henry mcmaster who res placed michael flynn. rearranging things the way he likes. i think that is where in stems from. >> panel, thank you all very much. other news to get to. the pool party ends in a hail of gunfire in california. what sparked this deadly attack? we have that next on "new day." kevin, meet your father. kevin
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breaking news. one woman has died after a gunman opens fires at a pool party at san diego apartment complex. six others wounded. some critically. an eighth person broke his arm fleeing the chaos. police arrived and fatally shot the gunman as he appeared to relo reload. the police say the victims are all minorities. and four states battered by deadly storms and dozens more injured. it caused flooding and a twister in emory, texas. that storm system is headed north with millions in its path.
3:32 am
we have cnn's chad myers. >> it is heading to the northeast. 84 million people in the way of the system right now. 21 reports of tornadoes on the ground over the weekend. over 3/4 of a million lightning strikes hit the ground over the weekend. i was in indiana and saw half of those. a lot of lightning. a lot of rainfall. over 6 inches in spots. 24 rivers going record flood stage over the next few days. a lot of water into the mississippi. cape grand juirardo may crest. there is so much weather running down the rivers to the gulf of mexico. there is the map for today. new york city is involved in the area of severe weather. although i think as you move ahead, you notice it will be after dark tonight. most of the severe weather in the afternoon will be through the carolinas and pennsylvania and west virginia. chris. >> it keeps going back and forth. chad, thank you.
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coming up on "new day" take a listen. >> pretty smart cookie. >> he is talking about kim jong un. why does the president seemingly say positive things about authoritarian leaders like kim jong un and vladimir putin and duterte? what our experts think next. but first things first- timcall trugreen,ed. america's #1 professional lawn care company. millions of homeowners like you trust us to give them a lawn they can live on. start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95.
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made daily life a guessing game. will i have pain and bloating today? my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. president trump extending a controversial invitation to rodrigo duterte to come to the white house. he admitted to killing people as mayor. the white house defends this invitation. >> it doesn't mean that human rights don't matter. what its do does mean is the is facing us out of north korea are so serious, we need cooperation at some level with as many
3:38 am
partners in the area as we can get. >> let's bring in our guests. gordon chang. and cnn military analyst colonel cedric leighton. what do you think of the invitation? >> alisyn, this is one guy who shouldn't grace the halls of the white house. when you look at president duterte and his human rights record, you look at the kinds of things he said about president obama when he was president. it is one of the situations where you say this guy? no. he should not be here. it is a very, very concerning issue at this point. >> to remind people what you are referring to, we have incendiary things he said about president obama. in 2016, duterte says i'm not an american puppet.
3:39 am
i'm president of the sovereign country. i'm not answering to anyone except the filipino people. son of a [ bleep ]. i will swear to you. we are cleaning that up for you. here is another one. this is in december of 2016. he says i go around with a motorcycle, this is when he was mayor, with a big bike around and i would patrol the streets looking for trouble. i'm looking for an encounter so i could kill. if you overlook those things and his language, can he help with north korea? >> only a very little bit. he can help with the south china sea issues. those are critical for the united states. >> in other words, that is something. president trump could enlist his support, duterte, to help china stop expansion? the south china see? >> fephilippines occupies a
3:40 am
portion of the south china sea. president trump is trying to build a coalition. he is reaching out to bad guys from thailand and china. you know, when you look at the chinese government and some of the worst behavior on the exec . that is what makes the u.s. exceptional. our values. it is important for us to make sure we are not an ordinary power. we are different because of promotion of human rights. >> colonel, president trump likes to shake up the conventional wisdom. including alliances and duterte and the philippines moved away from the u.s. and chinas schina embrace. maybe he will mix up that alliance? >> i think he will. you know, it is interesting. there is certainly an argument
3:41 am
to be made, alisyn, keep your friends close and enemies closer or convert your enemies into friends. the other thing to note is the chinese are going to be making a port call. navy will be in the philippines for the first time since 2010. when that happens, it is very clear the united states does need to have a bridge to the philippines. as gordon said, they will not be a huge help directly in north korea. it is the south china sea aspect that could actually make a difference. so at that level, it makes strategic sense to do this. the problem is you really are excusing bad behavior at this point. >> gordon, also, kim jong un. president trump seems to be taking a sympathetic view of kim jong un. here is what he said this weekend about the north korean leader. >> he was a young man of 26 or 27 when he took over from his father when his father died.
3:42 am
he's dealing with obviously very tough people in particular the generals and others. at a very young age, he assumed power. a lot of people i'm sure tried to take that power away. whether his uncle or anybody else. he was able to do it. obviously he is a pretty smart cookie. we have a situation that we cannot let -- we cannot let what's been going on for a long period of years continue. >> what do you think, gordon? >> you know, i think what trump is trying to do is set the ground work for negotiations with pyongyang. this will not help. kim jong un works with incentives in that system. the only way diplomacy with north korea will work is when the north koreans realize they have no choice but to disarm. this is policy on the part of trump. he said nice things about kim jong un a week ago. this is not off the cuff comment. he should leave analysis to
3:43 am
analysts and the president of the united states should not say that. >> that's why we have you. gordon chang and colonel cedric leighton. thank you. chris. why are forces patrolling along the border of syria and turkey? we have a live report from the pentagon next. like, imagine having your vehicle serviced...or yo. from the comfort of your own home. introducing complimentary lincoln pickup and delivery servicing. because the most important luxury of all... is time. pickup and delivery servicing on the entire family of lincoln luxury vehicles including a complimentary lincoln loaner.
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there's a new complication in the war against isis. u.s. troops once again in harm's way patrolling the syrian border with turkey. not to fight isis, but keep two important allies from fighting each other. cnn's barbara starr at the pentagon. >> reporter: good morning, chris. syria dangerous for u.s. troops and getting more dangerous by the day. they are now patrolling in armored vehicles along the turkish-seyrian border. american flags flying. they want to be seen. why is this happening? a number of skirmishes on the border with the turkish military
3:48 am
and kurdish forces. many backed by the u.s. in the fight further south to retake raqqah and other areas to push isis out. so as the skirmishes continue, the u.s. moving in trying to keep peace in the region so the rebels the u.s. wants to fight rack kqqah can continue to do t and not diverted along the fight along the border. it is politically vital. the u.s. wants continued access to the turkish air bases. the turks are upset that the u.s. is in the reason. >> barbara, thank you for that. instead of getting roasted at the white house correspondents rival event attacking? guess who. >> let's rate the media's 100 days. they are a disgrace. >> every time donald trump goes golfing, the headline should
3:49 am
read. trump golfing. apocalypse delayed. take the "w." >> we have more of this for you. our media experts are here next. ♪ , ank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain, but backed me up big-time. tried prunes, laxatives, still constipated... had to talk to my doctor. she said, "how long you been holding this in?" (laughs) that was my movantik moment. my doctor told me that movantik is specifically designed for oic and can help you go more often. don't take movantik if you have a bowel blockage or a history of them. movantik may cause serious side effects, including symptoms of opioid withdrawal, severe stomach pain and/or diarrhea, and tears in the stomach or intestine. tell your doctor about any side effects and about medicines you take. movantik may interact with them causing side effects. why hold it in? have your movantik moment.
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president trump trading b w blows with the white house correspondent dinner keynote speakers this weekend in a duelling event. here's a taste. >> before we talk about my first
3:53 am
100 days which is very exciting and very productive, let's rate the media's 100 days. as you know, they are a disgrace. >> we got to address the elephant that's not in the room. the leader of our country is not here. i think he's in pennsylvania because he can't take a joke. >> joining us to discuss is brian stelter host of "reliable sources" and cnn analyst joe. is it time for the media to stop taking president trump saying the media is a disaster? ignore the insults and do our job? is it time to stop paying attention? 12k3w >> the one reason we should pay attention is he is injecting
3:54 am
ven venom. this year and next year when he is eroding trust. we should put it in perspective. he wants attention. he is watching cable news. >> he gave a flurry of interviews. >> i counted nine interviews to eight agencies. this was a catharsis. this is the way to vent how he felt. the media attacks do have harm. that is why they are important to note. >> i think so too. he is craves attention from the same media he is trying to denigrate. >> there is a chance the president is watching the show. he monitors the media. he criticizes it. all of that is within his right. with power comes accountability. there is something wrong with him attacking the free press and
3:55 am
him wanting to change the libel laws. we had the parties this weekend. that is all good. this is a big deal he wants to change the libel laws. listen to reince priebus lay it out. >> that would require as i understand it a constitutional amendment. is he really going to pursue that? >> i think it is something we looked at and how that gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story. i think newspapers and news agencies need to be more responsible with how they report the news. >> that's a very big difference. >> we all need to be responsible. >> every constitutional amendment or another case in the supreme court to challenge. the interesting part is this. when he talks about what the standard should be. he is outlining the actual ma c malice standard. when they do it and though know
3:56 am
it is wrong. >> that is the legal standard. he is talking about things he doesn't like. that is his attack point. i found the contrast. you had him doing the joke. one of the things he did was great. he stood up and said here is a guy who is a muslim. first generation. i can stand up here and make fun of the president of the united states because of the first amendment. the next morning, the chief of staff is saying maybe we should change that. >> here is the moment at the dinner. >> because this event is about celebrating itthe first amendme and free speech. free speech is the foundation of an open and liberal democracy. from college campuses to the white house. only in america can a first generation indian-american muslim kid get on the stage and make fun of the president. >> that's poignant.
3:57 am
>> in other councils tries y s countries you can do the same thing. think about blocking wikipedia. to have this president or his aides flirting with the idea of eroding rights. i think we should note, bill. they are talking. not taking action. >> he is talking about threatening it. it would be very hard to do it. >> the president was using his own first amendment rights over the weekend at that rally. doing a very effective job with his base. they are all talking. priebus was keeping the door open to action. it is very hard to open that door wide. >> in truth, who does benefit from the first amendment more than donald trump? let's be honest. he has almost no regard for what is fact. if the media operated the way he did, he would hit the malice
3:58 am
standard. the only difference to the uk laws to here is the defendant in the uk has to prove what is true. more than not, trump's words are held against him. >> what he said about obama spying on him was made up on the spot. you ccan say he is the presiden. when he was a candidate, he was saying this judge is unfair because he is mexican. she is guilty. those can be attacked if you undermine the first amendment. he could be vulnerable as a citizen. >> there are things that candidate trump said that would have thrown him in jail in europe. in the first 100 days, i did not hear a lot of insightmeninncite. i wonder in the next 100 days if trust or distrust is the story of the white house?
3:59 am
then president trump needs to be more honest. >> the defamatory laws are not federal. they are state tort laws. the bar is lhigh for him to mes. >> brian, bill, thank you. that to t thanks for the international viewers. "cnn newsroom" is next for you. and here in the u.s., what does this issatisfy on which side of the aisle? "new day" starts now. >> congress reaching a late night agreement to avert a government shutdown. >> they appear to have given in on a bunch of key republican priorities. >> democrats are obstructionists. >> he didn't need a single democratic vote to pass it in the house. >> i would be so angry. >> if we don't get thats pass p
4:00 am
quickly. >> the more he courts strong men around the world is not a good trend. >> when it comes to human rights, the issue is enough. the issue on the table is north korea. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and kwaalisyn camerota. >> good morning. this is "new day." we start with breaking news. shutdown averted. democrats and republicans agreeing on the spending plan to keep the government funded through september. the agreement contains no money for the border wall and does provide full funding for some programs he vowed to cut. >> the administration is hoping a new bill to repeal and replace obamacare will get a vote this week. remember, this is crunched. congress is going on another vacation or recess. all of this is going on as our president invited a world leader with a terrible record with human rights issues to the white house.


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