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tv   United Shades of America  CNN  May 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ . >> on this show, we're talking about muslims and arabs. that's how i can tell i'm in the bay area. that's not -- yeah. that's not the reaction that we would get in other parts of this country. we're talking about muslims and arabs. wham. got to be honest, i'm super nervous about this episode because it's important to me that it's right and puts the right message out there. i have a lot of friends muslims and arabs. i got to say it out loud because a lot of people don't realize
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this, not all muslims are arabs and not all arabs are muslims. yeah. d m not even trying to be con dedescending when i say that because i suffered from that when i was growing up. i had a friend palestinian she's like i'm a christian. i'm like you're an arab christian? what did you convert. >> she's like my family is all christian. your family is all christian? how did that happen? she's like because jesus is from the middle east. oh, yeah. good point. that's right. he was, wasn't he. yeah, yeah, yeah. my name is w. kamau bell. as a comedian i made a living in finding humor in parts of america i don't understand and now i'm challenging myself to dig deeper. i'm on a mission to reach out and experience all the cultures and beliefs that add color to this crazy country. this is the "united shades of america." whether america as a whole wants
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to talk about it or not, america has always had heroes who were muslims. muhammad ali, kareem abdul-jabbar, and malcolm x are examples of the best of us. they have been held up as quintessential americans. how quintessential? muhammad ali was an olympic hero twice. malcolm x is on a stamp. and kareem abdul sxwrash was in the movie "airplane." a true american hero. when i was a kid i kind of wished i was a muslim, specifically the nation of islam. they looked cool, talked cool, and they were at the front lines of the civil rights movement. you may remember in the '90s, a muslim man named luis farrakhan mah pcefully in washington,to d. there are only a couple of people i can think of who can pull that off.
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well, beyonce. maybe beyonce. >> i'm quoting here, an intentional act. >> but oh, how times have changed. >> a bangladeshi new york born taxi driver is recovering from knife wounds to his face, neck and hands all with the designation of hate crimes. >> a southern california woman brutally beaten will be flown home for burial in iraq. >> the latest statistics show hate crimes against muslims were up 67% in 2015. >> the queens imam gunned down. >> in the first ten days after the 2016 election, there were more than 300 bias related incidents that targeted immigrants or muslims. what does our fearless leader into in response? a big speech to bring us all together? no. >> the world is reacting to president trump's executive order banning those from seven muslim majority nations from entering the united states. >> big stuff. >> oh, yeah, it's big stuff. especially if you consider this. take it from my label mate fareed zakaria.
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>> the number of americans killed by citizens of the seven countries banned from 1975 to 2015, you guessed it, zero. >> president trump's order compromises american values at what couldn't be a worse time. as some muslims leave conflict riddled areas in the middle east and end up in america, many land not in major cities but in the more affordable suburbs. and nowhere has seen this happen more than the detroit metro area. there, immigrants can join a muslim community that has been established since the early company.days of the ford motor motown meet mo muslims town. small towns in and around detroit like dearborn and hamtramck are home toe over 300,000 americans with roots in the middle east.
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>> and in dearborn, one out of every three people is arab, many of whom are muslim, and for some people in america that simple stat makes a sleepy suburban community the scariest place in america? although when we got there, people were maybe a little more woke than normal. the election had happened just days before we arrived. i didn't know what to expect from the muslims there, especially because moments after trump's acceptance speech, i had received a text from a good friend of mine. czar norbash, a comedian, a muslim and also the co-host of the podcast "good muslim, bad muslim." tell me what was going through your mind when you decided to text me. it felt like a signal flare. >> i am so devastated. and when i texted you, i was worried. >> yeah, about what specifically? >> about my family.
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>> what's going through your mind? >> i see so much misinformation. >> really? >> like, there is this rhetoric of a standard of muslimness, and that's dangerous. and it's also not true. i feel like it needs to be said there are 1.7 billion muslims in the world and growing and 72 sects of islam. 72. >> i thought there was two. i thought there was sunni and shi'a and black muslim. >> 72. >> despite what the two bills would have you believe, islam is not just one thing. most muslims fall into the schools of sunni and shi'a, and a lot more i wish i could pronounce. not to mention the fact that sunni and shia split off into other branches of themselves and each have their own interpretations of the qur'an. it's pretty complicated. if only i could think of a
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comparable analogy for my christian, methodist, and lutheran friends. ah, forget it. >> the thing about the muslim community is, there's not actually a muslim community. like, in case the fact that there isn't peace in the middle east is any indication, not all of us like each other a whole lot. >> yeah. and you recently came out of the closet being a bi-sexual. >> yeah. >> her openness, honesty and bravery is why so many people relate to her in the podcast. to me and the rest of her friends, she's a progressivist social justice advocate what it is to be a good muslim. but to some strict orthodox believers an, those things plus the fact she's by sexual and married to an atheist makes her a bad muslim. >> maybe don't say so much about my muslimness. >> under the new era of america where we sort of -- >> people need to wake up. >> yeah. >> seriously, the end of the
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world. >> have some sugar. that will make you feel better. see? zara was clearly feeling all the feels. she wasn't alone. >> this crowd here is huge. half a mile long. americans of all backgrounds all over the country hit the streets to protest, even the small 2.2 mile long detroit suburb of ham tram ac. >> shut down the racist vision of america to stop trump's attack do i have a second? >> aye. >> i'm just your friendly neighborhood detroit muslim. as a muslim, like, this is so moving. you guys are so sincere in being here and supporting people in our community and other marginalized people in detroit and around the area. one thing i want to emphasize is try to make a muslim friend because you can't build empathy for people unless you get to know them.
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you can't get to know them unless you talk to them and spend time with them. thank you. >> there are a lot of people giving speeches and they were very fiery and giving the troops rally. you stepped up and said something very personal. >> a lot of the misunderstanding about islam have to do with who muslims are. one thing i want americans to know in general during the slave trade up to about 25 to 30% of the slaves came from areas where they were predominantly muslim populations. so islam has always been part of the american fabric. a lot of people think islam is from a foreign country or foreign region. it's not. it's very american. it is important to let those more violent voices in our society know that these people are protected. >> can i ask you a question? >> sure. >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm an entrepreneur and photographer. >> when are you running for mayor? feels like you're on your way. >> i have zero political aspirations. >> yeah, that's what a young
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always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. today i'm going to listen to my new muslim friend from the protest and try to make some more muslim friends. a recent study showed that six out of ten americans have seldom or never had a conversation with a muslim. luckily for me, americans who don't do stuff is my target audience. so, tell me, what do you do here in town?
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>> i am a director of karbala islamic center for iraqi refugees. i've been in the town here more than three years. i have left iraq because the oppression of saddam hussein, so this is why i really enjoy and appreciate the freedom and the election and democracy. >> we just had an election. what's your thinking about what's going on? >> actually, i voted republican this time. seriously. >> i was going to say, you voted republican? so that means trump? >> well, sometimes my hearing is not good. [ laughter ] >> the reason i voted republican this time, because we are suffering from terrorism. isis is not muslim. they are terrorists. so yes, give him a chance and -- >> i'm sorry to laugh. >> i feel like every time he says give him a chance, i say
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what about that. give him another chance. what about that? give him one more chance. >> one more. >> thank you very much. thank you. i wish i could say he was the only muslim i met that day who voted for trump. i really wish i could say that. i could use a drink. but out of respect to the people here, i'm going to try to relax the way they do and i'm joined by some young dudes in hamtramck mill what is this? >> it's something we've done thousands of years, to drink alcoholic beverages. so, this is considered our bar. >> oh, wow. >> so they come like this. >> i blow it and breathe? >> inhale. >> don't inhale. he's already laughing. >> we'll do it all together. ready? >> yeah. >> now let it out. congratulations. >> you don't hold it in. you can just let it out. >> it's like a baby hook ca. it tastes delicious. it's like a smoke smoothie. were you all born and raised here? >> no, i was born in yemen. then, you know, he was born -- he was born in yemen. we were all born in yemen.
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you get to hamtramck and you'll know what it means to be an american because you see the appreciation that the residents have. just being able to just live a life without fearing whatever is happening in the middle east. >> talk about where you are in your practice of your religion. are you all actively practicing your faith? >> yes, the five pillars of islam is praying five times a day, donating to the poor, don't handling or go to mecca. >> a pilgrimage. >> fasting and telling our other peers about the religion. those are the five pillars of islam. that's the call to prayer. >> is that the call to prayer? you have an alarm on your phone? >> i have an app. >> of course it is. >> muslim pro. it will tell you the call of prayer in the city you're in. >> it moves with you based on the time. >> we pray five times a day. >> i'm not getting you in trouble right now? >> you can do it with the next
10:17 pm
one as long as you don't skip it overall. the mosques have the call of prayer on the speakers. you hear that in hamtramck. other cities you won't. and there's a lot of people agnst it. ey're like, it's too noisy or i don't want it hear that blabbering. >> these are not muslims. >> yeah. our argument was we've never had an issue with the church bells going off. all we're asking is if you can respect our culture, you know what i mean? >> they have more in common with you than they think. >> exactly. we believe in jesus. we believe in moses, we believe in noah. the same stories it's just along the way the new testament came out and different things happened. >> all right, thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. i tried to go out cool. it didn't happen. i definitely encounter stereotypes based on my appearance. mainly i'm the drummer for the tonight show.
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but for many muslim women, the fact that they cover their heads with scarves or veils causes non-muslim republicans and democrats alike to freak the "f" out. this is a muslim woman from dearborn who can tell me what really is going on as someone who chooses to wear her ha jab. i'm going to ask some dumb questions, some on behalf of me and some on behalf of the world. what exactly is a burka? >> where only the eyes show. they have the rest of the face covered and this much showing. the burqa covers can everything. there's like little holes on the eyes. >> i see women who are wea . the eye makeup is like on fleek as people would say who know how to use that expression. >> that just goes to show that a lot of it is cultural. >> dumb question, larry. the hijab. let's talk about that. >> some interpretations of the qur'an say you have to be covered in a certain way. to the extent of the covering, it's vague as to how it has to be done. it doesn't say you have to cover around your face or around your
10:19 pm
hair. it says bosom. which is -- what the word is translated to. hijab not just a hair covering. hijab being the way you act with people. the way you decide to wear the hijab is cultural, as opposed to a religious interpretation. it's a choice at the end of the day. i feel like now is the time more than ever to go out there and make it normal for making people see someone wearing a hijab and accept it. >> would you describe yourself as a feminist? >> absolutely. the greatest symbol of feminism in this country is we allow women to do what they want to do, not what american women want them to do. >> i certainly agree with you and hear what you're saying. i know i have a lot of lefty friends who think you need to be liberated from the head scarf. also there is a narrative there is a double standard. muslim women have to cover up but there is nothing in the qur'an saying men have to cover up. >> a lot of men to do it to that step and do cover more. that's how it is. >> she is right. many devout muslim men do wear
10:20 pm
turban and grow heavy beards that koump their faces and nobody is talking about liberating them. my last question and i'll let you go. dearborn, michigan, is under sharia law. >> in other countries the religious text becomes law. american law protects from any foreign law incoming. >> you can't go like i'm using sharia law in this room. we should make this illegal. we have this thing called american law. we've already stipulated to. >> exactly. have faith in the american judicial system, that it will root out anything that is illegal and it will not do anything against the constitution or any american law. >> thank you. i feel like i have a ph.d. now. probably not. need a bachelor first. thank you for sitting down with me. >> no problem. ugh, no bars.
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comcast business. built for business. ♪ small town michigan shifting demographics are perhaps best represented in hamtramck. in the 1970s, it was a 90% polish community. but in 2015, it held a historic election. >> muslim americans are the top three voters and creating what
10:25 pm
is believed to be the first muslim majority city council in america. all three councilmembers say they will represent all of the residents of hamtramck with the goal of making the city better for all. you mean like all politicians? at a moment muslims anywhere could have celebrated a great achievement, they were once again treated with skeptical head lines. i'm meeting karen at her clothing store. i'm diversifying mannequins. guess which one i am. >> welcome to tekla vintage. you like old stuff? >> wow. see, my problem is, when i was a kid, old stuff was called hand me downs. i was like i want new clothes. i always had old clothes. >> it's a good way to revitalize hamtramck and bringing it into the 21st century. >> how did hamtramck become a city that is so heavily muslim? >> well, really, it's the same kind of process of chain migration that brought poles here and basically brought everyone here across the country. so and so comes, pretty soon the village is here. >> nobody has chased me out of
10:26 pm
town yet. maybe more of us should come. >> exactly. >> now the city council has -- >> a muslim majority. >> there are a lot of talking points people do nationally, when they talk about muslims, this whole deaf sharia law and things like that. >> it is so divorced from reality. there is no push toward sharia law, even if it were allowable. people ask us about that all the time. they roll their eyes. we're not afraid of our muslim neighbors. >> you're painting a rosy picture. all cities have tension. everybody is the same race, same religion. >> absolutely there are tensions. call to prayer becomes an issue occasionally, especially in the summer, people have their windows open. >> part of the price you pay for living in a place that has such good fa la fel [laughter] >> being a dad of two young gi i've heard the frozen theme so many times i've become used to letting things go. but someone who can't seem to let go of her issues with her muslim neighbors is am tram mick
10:27 pm
resident and community activist susan dunne. >> this area is yemen. they moved here, you wish they adapted a more traditional way of life or how they're living their life? >> when i'm forced to hear your call of prayer in my house on sunday when i'm reading a book i have a problem with that because my life isn't coming four blocks into your house. >> you have the call to prayer on your phone? can you play it for me so i can hear it? >> you want the one where it's pitch black at 6:00 something in the morning? >> sure, sure. >> well, now that the church bells are going. >> oh, the irony. the church bells are drowning out the call to prayer. here we go. ♪ >> deal with that for an hour. >> now there's a train, another loud sound. isn't some of that just the nature of the fact we all live in neighborhoods where there's lots of stuff going on?
10:28 pm
>> yeah, but when it's at a respectable volume, you don't hear any complaints. >> you're not anti the muslim faith? >> no. because i have a problem with you doesn't mean you're going to stand there and call me racist because you're whatever you are. i have a problem with you because i have a problem with you. not because you are whatever you are. as a background -- well, whatever. my ex-husband is from iran. >> okay. >> he came here in the early '70s to get away from the life he didn't want to live. not coming from a place of hate. coming from real. >> do you think -- i can tell you're fired up. i can tell. do you have blood pressure medicine you need toake? >> i have some if i need it. >> good, good. i want to be clear because what issues do you have with people who practice the muslim faith? >> i know the qur'an talks about having consideration, respect for your neighbors. that's an absolute. yet when i don't see it, i'll call you out on it. >> i hear you. susan is complicated. she's a passionate person and she really does care. >> work without a permit.
10:29 pm
>> yeah, susan has lots of opinions about lots of things. >> some lady who is on disability gets a bill from wayne county $4,000 because living in wayne county makes you pay 50% more on your auto insurance so she wants to talk to me in private. yeah, no, we'll do it here. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> i wish i could stay for me. >> you're going to stay and eat. >> i'm with these people. >> i have spinach pie. >> my crew raved about that spinach pie. i had to get out while i had a chance. i had to find out what other residents think. do you hang out here? >> normal americans, if you come to this part of the country to see it -- >> hamtramck is a magical place. >> like small town america from 20 years ago from before the economic collapse. were you born and raised a muslim? >> no, sir, i was born and raised a white collar middle class christian. >> wow, okay. how did this go with your family? i have so many questions.
10:30 pm
when did you convert to islam? >> november 15th of two years ago. >> oh, my goodness. what brought you to the faith? >> my husband. >> you've made some pretty big life changes in two years. >> big. >> what does that mean? >> faith to god. because of the concept that people put in your minds about the muslim people, that's why people have the complete wrong impression. myself as well in the beginning. >> of course. i would imagine if you tell a lot of your friends and family [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> like that. >> i don't know what he said. he said "f" an arab pussy. >> really? >> excuse me. i get that because i'm white. with a scarf. >> wow, we've been talking to people for a little bit now about how it's small town here and everything's nice and everybody accepts everybody. but that was not acceptance that
10:31 pm
just went past. >> no, you know what, though? this is america, we need to learn that we have people of all different shades and colors. >> i feel bad about that. >> don't feel bad. >> i wish we would have dropped our cameras and ran after them. we just stood here. >> that's all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> it's not unusual for an idiot to yell like that when they see tv cameras filming. but here's a special twist, a soupcon of racism, all because of a scarf? america's beverage companies have come together to
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today i'm on the hunt for two things. some delicious middle eastern food and more info on islam so i can stay #woke. this is the executive director for the council on american islamic relations here in michigan and he's helping me with both. wow, hits keep on coming. man. >> it's a lot. >> yeah. in a season and a half of the show, i feel like anthony bourdain. were you born into the muslim faith, or is it something you converted to later? >> i came to islam later. back in the day when i was in high school, it was cool to be muslim. like in the late '80s. public enemy. it was cool being muslim back then. it was hip-hop that was my gateway into islam for real.
10:36 pm
it was also around like the spike lee's movie malcolm x with denzel, it popularized muslim in the black community. >> we were rocking the malcolm x baseball cap. >> yeah. >> i think it was boot leg. sorry, spike lee. >> black culture icons of black america or muslims. there's more african-american muslims in america than arab muslims. a majority of arab-americans are christians. >> 63% of arab population is christian, with the largest demographic being catholic. i want to make sure everybody hears that. 63% of arabs in america are christian so stop assuming you can leave your coworker off your christmas card list. >> you saw they have the big cross. >> and they make sure they are repping that cross. >> they're going to rep that cross.
10:37 pm
>> they don'want to be confused, got crosses like rappers. >> minus the ice. >> what do you think are the biggest challenges right now? >> many people think of white supremacy as kkk, neo-nazis, far-right armed militia groups. but white supremacy is centering whiteness and devaluing that which is not white. historically, white men have been the biggest terrorists in the united states of america. but, see, those are looked at as anomalies. the assumption is they're all mentally sick. every excuse in the book is made. when it's muslims, we want to flip the script and reframe things. >> what makes you want to live here of all the places you can live in this country? >> this is home and this is very comfortable. dr. king once said that 12:00 on sunday is america's most segregated hour in america. well, the friday prayer time in this muslim community is the
10:38 pm
most integrated. we have a nice community here. >> well, thank you, brother, for talking to me. i appreciate it. and now, you've got a lot of food to eat. much of the food in the area is halal which is arabic for permissible. and even though common sense goes against it, i'm headed to see how the sausage gets made. okay, more like where the swarma meat gets made. damn. i'm hungry. >> these are some of the products we have. these are lamb products over here. this is ribs right here, right? >> yeah. >> so, what, is that -- >> that's the by-products we don't sell. >> be honest. come of this is hot dogs, right? >> no. [ laughter ] >> talk a little about why it's important to your faith the meat is prepared this way. >> in our scripture it tells us let the animal relax, respect the animal. >> any muslim can bless it before slaughter and go through the rituals and it can be halal.
10:39 pm
>> >> we're saying thank you for allowing us to have this animal to nourish us, and we very much respect that. >> i'm going to see an animal get slaughtered. >> well, i can show you, but the camera shouldn't be on for that. >> i totally get it. i'll see you guys in a few minutes. thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> i guess i can't put it off anymore. let's go see what's going on. >> when we slaughter an animal, we slaughter it with a knife, from jugular to jugular. pretty much turning the animal east. i say my prayer here. and that means in the name of god, god is great. and i slaughter the animal. >> i just was in the slaughter house. if i was oprah, that would not be one of the favorite things i would give out. there is a sense of modesty in
10:40 pm
there. there is a sense of respect in there. i've got to say, i got a little blood on me, but, you know, it's real. would i want to see that every time before i eat a hamburger? no. does that make me a hypocrite? yes. am i still going to eat hamburgers? absolutely, with bacon on them. that's not halal, though. [ laughter ] >> that segment had two things that are not going to be very popular, an animal getting killed and two black people white supremacy.ation about [ laughter ] how can i fight the vegans and racists at one time? [ laughter ] if hitler was on twitter, i'd be done for. and i just made a hitler reference. this is not going well at all. hey, i'm trying to trend. [ laughter ]
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10:45 pm
people. >> and our religion, to be straightforward and honest, it is forbidden. adam and eve, that's what our religion is based on. >> i don't support homosexuality. i support whatever god said in the koran and the bible. a man is a man and a woman is a woman. >> islam does not have a trademark on homophobia. all right? there are certainly people in the religion who are homophobic, but every religion has people in the religion. no religion owns it more than anybody else. it's like the song happy birthday. everybody can sing it if they want to. nobody gets to claim credit for it. >> so, then what's it like if you happen to be gay and muslim? well, there's no one better to talk to about that than somebody who is both those things, who is a devout muslim and lgbt
10:46 pm
advocate who is also openly gay, and he's only 22 years old. we're meeting at a library, aka, the original internet. kids, the library never goes down, but it does close at 6:00 p.m. i feel like we're in a solemn place. >> it's like really quiet. >> we had to go to the library so we could have this conversation. so, let's talk about what we're here to talk about. how was it to grow up in the muslim faith and also at the same time be gay? >> to me it was scary that i might be so religious and then at the same time be something that's damned by god. and i would say an arabic prayer, and i would say please, god, do not let me be gay. it was kind of suicidal in a sense. i got depressed. i started choking myself. i was this 17, 18-year-old kid in college. i can't decide do i want relion or do want to be gay. but how can i evenhoose religion over being gay if i've never experienced being gay. i did start to dabble, but i started going to the mosque
10:47 pm
less, to friday prayers less. the whole thought of i'm at a bonfire with my religious friends and they're talking about how homosexuals should all be exported to iran and be hanged. >> are you out in your community. >> yes, i am. the orlando shooting happened. >> breaking news, the worst mass shooting in american history. >> it was very shocking. you're taking my religion and killing people in my religion's name. and that's not what my god taught me as a devout muslim. i would never think of hurting anyone else for any reason. and then i posted a status on facebook as a guy arab-american muslim, i do not condone this at all. #not in my name. #gay, #pride. >> just cover all the bases. >> #muslim. >> make sure i'm absolutely clear what i'm saying here. pride emoticon.
10:48 pm
>> and the hatred started coming in. people whose children i taught to recite koran were telling me that i'm a disgusting human being. someone told my mom. and i went home and my mom is just yelling and screaming. i don't want a gay child to be in this house. you, you bastard. i went upstairs into my room, packed my luggage, got in my car and drove to a friend's. >> jesus, wow. >> but so many muslims, arab and non-arab, pakistanis, iranians messaged me, i am gay too, and you have given me hope. >> how do you reconcile your faith with whatever your religion says? >> there is a code in the koran, [ speaking in foreign language ] whoever does good -- >> you don't have to put your hands up. i know what that means. just kidding. please translate. >> whoever believes in god and
10:49 pm
does good, god will enter him in paradise. my faith is within me, and i don't think that god would purposely make me gay and tell me, you have to fight against it or you're going to burn. >> me either. i feel like the things you're saying are things people say who are gay and also in families that are very christian, not just an islam issue. >> it's not sharia law. it's federal law in iran to hang gays. i think if iran was the catholic republic of iran, there would be stonings and hangings. you know, let's not forget the crusades did happen. >> i don't want to forget that. i mean, i want to forget, but i don't want to forget. >> the koran does tell you we created you different people so that you can learn from each other. i think that you can be gay and muslim at the same time. >> thank you. >> thank you.
10:50 pm
>> i hope you and your mom figure it out. >> we actually did make up. >> oh, you did? >> yeah. we talk all the time. >> oh, yeah, this ends well a little bit. >> she does have her moments every now and then. >> that's parents. >> now we joke. i talk to her on the phone. tha years. if you find him, ask if he has a brother for me. >> wow. >> wow. >> thank
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
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. ♪ i've heard the call to prayer many times since i've been here, i keep sending it to voicemail. today here out at the union center, finally answer the call. >> this is our prayer room. this is where muslims come five times a day to connect to dog. i'll ask you to take off your shoes and part of the prayer is frustrations, they put their head on the floor. >> this is a mom. and a mom is like a pastor, or a priest, or the guide for some of the churches in the south. tell me why islam is weirder that christianity, again. >> they do have to face muslim a daily reminder that we're all one. the point of the prayers is to keep that connection going, to give you a sample, this what we will be reciting tonight.
10:55 pm
>> this is the translation. >> that's the translation. >> oh my god. i don't read arabic. >> that's fine. >> before formal prayer, there's a traditional cleanse. you can tell i was committed because i just don't wear my after froe for anybody. >> it comes and perform an act of worship, so this is like a cleansing part where you are preparing to send. so we'll start off, wash your hands three times and then wash ur fa, te a little wate swipe it over your hair, and they'll take off their socks and then wash their feet and ankles. >> this is for all you people that keep googling it. maybe it's just one person, a lot. somer of this is a blessing. by this we just glorify god and ask him to accept us, that's
10:56 pm
what we do. ♪ >> if you can stand right here. ♪ islamic prayer is beautiful, but it's also hard on the knees. next time i'll stretch before i pray. >> come on, that was it. >> that was it.
10:57 pm
>> that was much more simple and reflective than i expect it to be. i expect it's omen in here. >> it's for the -- all men in here. they find it more comfortable upstairs, they'll have their own private location. some days we do have them praying here in the main hall. >> everything you can discount the stereo types that people have, there's a lot of rhetoric out there from a man who was our leader, you know. >> it's part of our belief to always have hope. we'll continue to try. this is what the mosque is all about, about serving the community, this is who we are and this is what we stand for. >> very similar to like the church i grew up with my grandmother whether it's the hope for the baptist. it goes about three-and-a-half hours long. >> here it's not that long. ♪ >> if there's one place that is a living example of how
10:58 pm
successfully islam can coexist with other religions, it ear here. where the largest mosque sits among multiple places of worship, more like they sit around dead. 120,000 square foot complex shares about 20 people. this place is huge. >> beyond that church, it was an arabic lutheran church, believe it or not, a macedonian church here next door. >> this is the executive administrator of the islamic tourist of canada and beyond that. >> i've heard of auto rode, you go through the stretch of the highway where you buy calls. >> alter road. >> alter road. imagine that some religious car salesman standing in front. what do you think today.
10:59 pm
more christiany or is islam more your style. >> the american flag is right here. not every church has an american flag in front of it, why is it here? >> we're americans. why do you have to ask the dumb questions. at na moment it's felt pretty dumb tlan to have a dead made during the spice, or ordered somebody else to make it up for you. it's long past time we skipped the false prophets and talk to the people who study the prophet muhammad because lives are at stake. in fact, way more muslim knives are at stake than nonmuslim light. if you don't believe the evidence that's been tested, muslim weapons are peaceful productive people. if you don't believe they'll try to tell you about their circumstances of being profiled and harassed and hidden in the
11:00 pm
history. you have to ask yourself, are you being dumb. i'm becky anderson in jerusalem why u.s. president donald trump will be in just a few hours to try to kick start peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians. mr. trump arrives in tel aviv from saudi arabia where he urged muslim leaders to step up their fight against terror and extremist. >> also ahead this hour, north korea test firing another missile. this is another reaction we'll have reaction from the region. well to our viewers here to the united states and all around the world, i'm rosemary church. >> i'm george howell, thank you for being with


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