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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 21, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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to tell you about their circumstances of being profiled and harassed and hidden in the history. you have to ask yourself, are you being dumb. i'm becky anderson in jerusalem why u.s. president donald trump will be in just a few hours to try to kick start peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians. mr. trump arrives in tel aviv from saudi arabia where he urged muslim leaders to step up their fight against terror and extremist. >> also ahead this hour, north korea test firing another missile. this is another reaction we'll have reaction from the region. well to our viewers here to the united states and all around the world, i'm rosemary church.
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>> i'm george howell, thank you for being with us. this is "cnn newsroom." well, u.s. president is heading to israel after kicking off his first international trip in saudi arabia. he gave a major speech to muslim and arab leaders sunday called on them to dry out terrorist. a couple of days coming up in the israel and the west bank set to visit key sites including the church of the holy, the western war and the old city is also to take part in reef laying ceremony, at the world holocaust remembrance center where mr. trump has separate eating, with israeli prime minister, in fact it will be the president snapped captured this.
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the president is called a solution to this conflict between the israelis and palestinians the ultimate deal. he's also said he doesn't think this as difficult as people make out, is it? >> reporter: some of the issues are far easier where you can find they've been made out to be. you can find some of the issues, the right of return, jerusalem borders security that 's never been the major problem, it's been the lack of political will. can he make sure israeli prime minister and palestinian president both have the will necessary to make the necessary concessions to make peace. >> what leverage does the u.s. president have over both parties? >> quite a bit, arguably more
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than former president. he's off to great start, specifically the saudiis, he can use them to pressure the palestinians to make concessions. tla also give them $440 million a year that can be increased or decrease. the sec is using that, giving you more options, if trump were to recognize travelty can't take it, from 50 years ago in the sixth day war, that will be a major political win for prime minister and will give him some room to maneuver political to make concessions. he can do the same way, american spy convicted of working for israel. if trump releases from the terms of his probation and let's him come to israel, again, another win. also the option of moving the embassy, that's by far the most sensitive of trump's options.
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then there's simply the fact that trump can bring both democratic and republican pressure to bare to make concessions. so trump has quite a few options when it comes to the leverage you have over both leaders. for more, i'm joined now, seni senior come men tater for the and the lost tribes of israel. this conflict has defied the peace-making efforts of successes u.s. administrations. what likelihood that trump can cut the ultimate deal here. >> i think the likelihood is low. it's what we've seen so far is restore the american network of alliances in the middle east that's for disruptive. this has been restored before the arrival, but yesterday what we saw and today what you'll see
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very like to hear and jerusalem for the restoration between the smoothing powers of the middle east and with israel what you will accomplish. concerning the viewer asking about in order for them to change they'll need to change this, i -- i don't think we'll see either of these in the case of donald trump. >> he certainly reached out to both parties, how much of an extension of the arm's he made to the palestinian. so what approach do you expect the american administration to take on solving this conflict? >> it really won't be often, that's why it's going to be frustrating for this administration to learn. because there is no way for him to escape the chasism.
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it's not just geography, it's attitude towards secularism. it's a very hostile. as long as hamas is as it is and cannot pacify them, he cannot also be the one that volunteers to make concessions with israel while they're breathing down his neck. >> some will argue, of course, that there are elements in these israeli administration who are also absolutely determined they will not concede anything in this solution. >> that's very true. but they can be -- he does have the political of bypassing them. if the security will demand, suppose we would have faced today p or that wheel he is
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sending, then he'll be able to come or bring in that position and delete from the coalition, those components that are right for the demand from this. there's no duties dynamic in the configuration. >> what do you expect to be achieved. let's start with the most contentious of issues, will we see the announcement of a move of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv for example, to jerusalem. this is a highly contested city, of course, for both sides. >> i find it very difficult to foresee. although, i should caution the viewers that i also did not see france victory in its time like everyone else. i'm not such a good round up and this jerusalem, if you're asking for my forecast, i don't see america in the immediate future, there's no reason to believe that this president is any different. >> you know, pleasure having you on stage.
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thank you. >> thank you. mr. trump will arrive in israel after giving a major speech in saudi arabia, some he may be speaking to muslim leaders. he had a lot to say about terrorism and human rights. >> we're not here to lecture. we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be or how to worship. instead, we are here to offer partnership based on shared interest and values. a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extreme. drive them out. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land
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and drive them out of this earth. >> well, for more on mr. trump's speech, cnn's nick robinson is in rio. washington post this morning describing the speech as a salt soaked in platitudes for the saudii, i thought it was good. >> you know, i think that clip that you played, that kind of enkaps l encapsulates the full element of the speech that was reassuring we've got your back. it was the aspirational that this was got your calling. this needs to be on us. there was the demanding, as well, which is get them out of your land. you know, the sort of tone and the cadence was a softer tone and cadence. white house officials when briefing about the speech later said they felt he was stronger than they anticipated.
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it was absolutely 180 degrees different than president trump on the campaign trail with his rhetoric, of course, to his travel ban or his desired travel ban that effected 7 muslim majority kocountries. my perception was, he was pitching to the audience. it was a pitch to an audience. if they had not met president trump or cared about what goes on in the white house. they may have known walking away from that, here is a guy who gets us, so, you know, the washington post point that was, he was catering to his audience, absolutely he was. but it was ignoring some of the other audiences ignore and ensure that the human rights was out competing. >> are they competing with the
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helicopters in the background. both leaders accused iran in saw mon, -- salmon. >> he had something to say. effecting life and there is no better than coming to america, islam with peace and tolerance. these acts are the products of attempts. islam for a cover up for political purposes to bring hatred, ek treemism and religiousness as the red ned regime are the groups under the organization's such as as well as that and others.
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>> well, the u.s. presidency has similar words for them. have a listen. >> until the iranian regime is willing to be a partner for peace, all nations must work together to isolate, deny it. funding for terrorism, cannot do it. >> well, clearly, these warnings from both the u.s. and saudii to iran, nick, will be music to the ears of the israeli leadership. here we are seeing, are we not, the burdening, it seems of a regional alliance or relationship between the u.s., saudii and israel, that some might call very strange at the very first time. >> you know, there's certainly are areas that are common
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interest commonality. i think we were in the -- we're hearing the helicopter again. it's showing for a very short period. i think if it goes silent, that means he may have move. that's just it, as you say the background here in a busy -- there are other areas of commonality where you know the saudiis and israelis would like to see peace in the region. but it was very notable that it was a speech that we're just taking excerpts, president trump speaking. but you also have king abdullah of jordon speaking. you also had president of egypt speaking, both key stake holders and would be significant players if delivering peace between the israelis and travel experience. it certainly seems to be on the burn out, maybe not the back burner, or the back or the front, but the burn out of the
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agenda. absolutely commonalities, but huge differences as we talked about it. the fact that he's flying his plane from iraq. it's a first. that kind of shows you some -- my regional could exist actually do have common interest. if president trump could grasp it. he might able to move forward. that will nips him on the heels of aniest ward he has toward that kind of case. >> in europe, the trump and his delegation will be leaving there, we're told in about half hour's time. we'll see them as they come into us. nick, thank you. back at headquarters. for the time being, that's it for me, i doubt, they can build it up. it launched another missile that
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welcome back, a new threat to north korea, that country saying it is ready to deploy and mass produce a media range ballistic missile. >> according to kim jong un, the latest test was perfect. it flew about 500 kilometers before landing in the sea. that is a shorter range than north korea's last missile launch about a week ago. cnn is across the region, let's start with our paula hancocks. so two missile test within a week and now north korea telling the world it's ready to deploy and mass produce media range, how likely is it that he has progressed that far and how concerned should we be? >> well, rosemary, we heard just a week ago, experts saying we believe that that particular missile launch one of the most successful missile launches
11:20 pm
carried out. clearly there is progress being made, experts and officials in south korea and united states are admitting that there has been significant progress made, the defense ministry here in seoul the spokesperson just this monday morning saying u.s. and south korean intelligence showing that north korea has secured meaningful data improving the technology of the missile. they're accepting that north korea is making progress. one interesting part of the missile test that happened on sunday, is what we're seeing on the front page of the north korean newspaper this monday morning they have images, of course, as north korean leader delighted with scientists and his aides. but also images of earth, which were claims were taken from the missile itself as it was going into the atmosphere. now, this is crucial because the reentry process is one, that up
11:21 pm
until recently, experts did not believe north korea had the ability to do. this is crucial for longer range missile for intercontinental ballistic missile, they have to be able to reenter this missile war head into the atmosphere and as far as north korea is concerned, they're showing the world with these -- sharing the world with these imagines. >> let's talk about the reaction in seoul, we've seen that nation in transition, a new president there, who has made it clear he's open to more engagement with north korea, this latest test, how is it that testing with that new leadership there? >>. >> reporter: that's right. the second since the liberal president took power in this country, the official line of the south korean government from this latest missile launches its reckless and irresponsible.
11:22 pm
he's pledged he's proengagement, he's prodialogue with north korea. it makes it difficult, though, to see how he's going to counter that with these constant missile launches that we're seeing from north korea, even suggestions from dialogue are certainly not slowing him down in any shape or form. >> paula hancocks, joining us from seoul in south korea. we'll talk with you again next hour. now, let's get some perspective from two other key countries in this north korean nuclear crisis, china for one, david mckenzie live in beijing. will riply in tokyo with reaction from japan and unique insight of his own regarding north korea. we'll start with you regarding tokyo, first, what has been response from that nation to this latest provocation? >> condemnation, george, from the highest levels of the japanese government. we heard today and yesterday after the launch from both
11:23 pm
japanese prime minister, japan's chief cabinet secretary saying that japan will not tolerate this kind of thing. prime minister saying he'll bring this up with president trump at the g 7 meeting making north korea one of the main issues on the agenda there, which is what frankly, north korea wants. they did this hours before president trump's major foreign policy speech in saudi arabia. last week we saw them with that missile test just ahead of the major economic forum, one belt, one row. they know if they launch missiles ahead of major events, people will be talking about them, including the world leaders. >> we're given your extensive travel, help the viewers to understand the mindset there in north korea. just a moment ago we saw a image of kim jong un with a big smile,
11:24 pm
watching and overseeing the missile launch. is there any desire to engage with the rest of the world and is there an open to abandon nuclear weapons as they're defending them. >> question number one, there is a desire to engage with the world on north korea's own term. question number two, no willingness at all has been expressed to me on north korea willing to abandon their nuclear and official program. they told me repeatedly that their nuclear program and mission program is not something that is up for negotiation. this is a country ha that has told its people that they are living under the threat of hostile forces, the largest of which i decided, forces they believe want to topple their socialist system. and the government has really stayed in power and also justified to citizens the
11:25 pm
tremendous amount of money they spent on developing these weapons because of this narrative that they're under this imminent threat. these weapons they view as an insurance policy to protect their national sovereignty. >> live for us in tokyo this hour, will, thank you for this report. let's go to david mckenzie in beijing. how is china, likely, to respond to this news that it's poised to deploy and mass produce median range nuclear missile, how much pressure might it choose to apply over this? >> rosemary, it hasn't -- it's been about 24 hours since the news first came out of the latest missile test in north korea and china hasn't said anything. in fact, that is not entirely surprising because in the past when these have been tested, it kind of is china saying, well, the reaction needs to be appropriate for the action and in china's view, at least,
11:26 pm
medium range missile test, though would certainly anger the chinese, they're not likely not to rush out a statement very quickly. we're expecting to hear from them in the next hour or so at their regular briefing. this is not something that they regarded quite the same way as the south koreans here. so there really is that the chinese want to continue pressure but move any sort of increase of pressure on the north korean regime through the un security council. and i don't think this will merit in the chinese eyes of doing that. >> david, what more are we learning about this unique relationship between north korea and china. >> they still have the influence that we use to have as both of us are enjoying. >> certainly, most experts believe that the has waned over time. that's not because of the ties
11:27 pm
between the two countries economically. china is still, by far, the biggest trading of the ally north korea. on the diplomatic front, you haven't had any kind of meeting between kim jong un and chinese top leadership since kim came into power. and that speaks to the waning and perhaps straining relationship between the two countries. of course, china repeatedly said they don't want north korea with nuclear weapons and asked the north koreans to stop, but that's just being ignored in recent years, rosemary. >> thanks, mckenzie joining us live from beijing, where it's nearly 2:30 in reaction expect to get a china from us. president is on his way to israel right now from saudi arabia. he said he's getting a middle east peace deal that may not be as difficult that some may have
11:28 pm
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we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ welcome to our viewers all around the world. you're watching cnn news roochl. i'm rose mary church. >> i'm george howell. president trump will be in audi arabia. he'll be -- saw dee arab yachud. tuesday, he's scheduled to hold talks with palestinian
11:32 pm
president. >> north korea said it is ready to deploy a medium-range ballistic missile. they said the latest test of the missile was perfect. it flew about 500 kilometers sunday that's a shorter distance that launched about a week ago. that test was considered a success. another protester has died in the violent antigovernment demonstrations there. the attorney general says that brings the death toll to 48 people dead. demonstrators demanding that the president step down from the country and put them in an economic crisis. brazil arrested 34 people known as crack lab. they'll pond the raids early sunday morning. they arrested a dealer nonas fb who is believed to be a boss in downtown south holland.
11:33 pm
more now on u.s. president donald trump's visit here to israel. he arrives in tel aviv in just a few hours. mr. trump has been pushing for a peace deal between israel and the palestinians. listen to what he said about that when the israeli prime minister was in washington back in february. >> i'm looking at two state and one state and i like the one that both parties like. i'm very happy with the one that both parties like. i can live with either one, i thought for a while, the two state looks like it might be the easier of the two. honestly if israel and the palestinians are happy, i'm happy with the one they like the best. >> my colleague is here with us now. all right, is it clear at this
11:34 pm
stage, which option is most likely, if any, at this point. ? well, anything is more clear than the answer he gave there. that was seen as noncommittal or uninformed answer about the conflict. yet his position has since fall sboon line with previous administrations and decades of u.s. foreign policy, it's only a two-state solution, that would have been made clear to him by the arab states which would have said it's got to be a two-state solution and that looks like very much right now what is israeli is pursuing a peace deal and traditional two-state solution. >> in a minute from now, donald trump will be leaving saudi. he's been there for two days. during that trip, it was very clear that the u.s. administration under donald trump was aligning itself very
11:35 pm
much with not just saudi arabia, but with the gulf state. and an effort, one it seems, as he makes the journey to tel aviv and then into jerusalem and on to bethlehem, that he will be approaching this, what feels like, rather all of alliance between saudi arabia and the gull, the u.s. and israel, at this point. >> he's, essential day back between the arab states all standing against iran. it's very little doubt here that there's some sort of communication between israelis and saw dees, between israelis and perhaps some of the other arab states, as well. a lot of it is, specifically, because of iran's growing influence in the region and the need by the others to counter top. it is that strange situation and that rare situation in the middle east of the enemy of your
11:36 pm
enemy, is indeed your friend. it doesn't always work out in that way. if that perhaps, you see the immediate legacy of president obama's iran nuclear deal that it has created a de facto lines between israel and the gulf states, they won't move beyond that. it won't move out into the open until they make some sort of pr gresz on peace. you will have to see willingness by saudi arabia, can more just living in the now. but it's critical that first comes some sort of steps on peace from the israelis, at least from the perspective of saudi arabia and the other states. >> thank you. back in march, president trump hosted the pal stenian authority. -- palestinian. achieving the deal is not as difficult as he thought over the years.
11:37 pm
he added there needs to be two willing parties. he spoke again about his desire, between the peace and palestinia palestinians. >> for many centuries, the middle east has been home to christians, muslims, and jews living side by side. we must practice tolerance and respect for eif other once again and make this region a place, where every man and woman, no matter their faith or ethnicity can enjoy a life of dignity and hope. i will travel to jerusalem and bethlehem and then to the vatican, visiting many of the holiest places in the three abrahamic phase. if these three phase can join together in cooperation, then peace in this world is possible, including peace between israelis
11:38 pm
and palestinians. >> optimistic note. former -- he's hair with us now. certainly, has said all the right things so far is a solution to the conflict is concerned. just how difficult would this be. it will be success if u.s. administrations have tried and failed in this conflict. >> that's absolutely right going back decades. look, president trump wants what he calls an ultimate deal. he is laid it out publicly, i think, as the issue has been for president going back decades, the devil will be in the details. we expect president trump to be able to, perhaps, get both parties, prime minister nettand
11:39 pm
president into the room. i think both parties don't want to anger, they'll try to play ball, at least, initially. after they get into a room, that's where the sticky details will come in. >> i'm sure that president donald trump would loov to see that broadcast around the world. it's exactly what, to your point, what happens when they get in that. what are there positions at that point as you understand. >> it's no secret that both parties are quite apart as far as coming to what people understand to be a solution to the israeli palestinian conflict and everything that entails. i think, at least in the beginning, he'll have to show flexibility, what do you take -- i have a mutual con sensuals. that will construction, an
11:40 pm
excitement. but those things, if trump is able to get them, i think, will obvious be policy. >> is an embassy move to rej jerusalem to tel aviv off the table. >> both sides have differering opinions on the embassy move. officially, the u.s. administration it's not on the table at the moment. they haven't taken it off the table, so it might be a card to be played further down the road. i think they understand that reality is reality and there's some kind of peace process. doing something as contentious as that will not be helpful. >> it has to be said that the trip to saudi was cloaked in
11:41 pm
great ceremony. i mean, donald trump over the 48 hours he was there. what sort of treatment, what sort of welcome will he receive here? >> he'll receive a warm welcome. israel doesn't quite do palm and ceremony quite like the saw dee kingdom. but i think it -- saudi kingdom. i think the optics will be very good. i think everyone should listen to -- might be strange saying this without tf president. trump. i think the words tomorrow in a speech, israel, museum will be important perhaps put some meat on this wider idea of cutting an ultimate deal between the two parties. >> thanks for joining us. we'll get back to my colleagues at cnn headquarters, back to you guys. thank you. as president trump heads to
11:42 pm
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after week of stunning political revelations about the russian investigation. the house intelligence committee is asking for documents from a trump campaign communication adviser. president trump calls the investigation a witch hunt, but republican senator marco rubio says the public deserves answers. >> i wouldn't use the term "witch hunt" these issues are being raised in the press. people are going to the press, who appear to be in the know or pretend to be in the know, they
11:46 pm
leak information, the press reports on it. i'm one of the 15 people in the senate that serve on the senate intelligence committee. you're being very cautious about this, i am, here is why, the credibility of your investigation depends on every single one of us in that committee going in without any preconceived notions. i've told everybody i want to know the truth, the entire truth. i want us to put it in the report and want to share it with you and the whole country so people can reach their own conclusion. >> the fired fbi director james comey has agreed to testify at a public hearing in the coming weeks, congressional committees have a number of areas of concern. >> at this point i can't tell you that x, y, railroad z is the particular focus of our investigation. we're looking at the issue of collusion, and that's a key issue for us. we also want to make sure that we oversee the work of the justice department and make sure there's no impeding the
11:47 pm
investigation there. another part of our key responsibility. >> right now to the u.s., vice president mike pence, he got an icy reception at the university of notre dame's graduation ceremony. >> dozens of students stood up against his policies while walking out on his commencement speech. >> the students who stood up and walked out of their commencement ceremony said it best, they said this is their graduation day and they graduated from a catholic university. and on this campus, they learned about religious freedom for all, not just for christians, but also from their muslim brothers and sisters. they also say, that they learned about standing up for the marginalized, for the poor, for the lgbq community. they say these teachings are are straight from pope francis and they don't believe that vice president mike pence represents
11:48 pm
those teachings. >> either we are all notre dame and none of us are. if you're trying to silence and not listen to the preferences of one group and their families, then you're not listening to any of us and that was a speech -- i guess, that was what we wanted the to say today to the administration, more so than anyone else. the administration, you need to listen to our peers, families and concerns when you decide to invite to our investigation. >> so context is important here, because about 3,100 students received degrees and between 75 and 100 students stood up and walked out once vice president mike pence began to speak. >> thank you. we'll take a short break here. still to kochl wricome, wringli brothers circus is coming to an
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a police officer arrived at central park, he was responding to a robbery call, what he found was a three-year-old autistic boy who desperately needed help. >> i turn and look and i see a small child, about 100 yards away. >> did you see any adults nearby, what were you looking for. >> as i glanced at him, he looked like my own son. i went around the block, but i
11:54 pm
lost sight of him and that concerned him. >> following his gut, he gets out of his police cruiser. >> two or three seconds later, see elijah drowning right there in the pond. >> the officer breaks into a sprint. elijah is wallowing face down in the water. >> he was struggling and then i saw his face in the water and i could see that he was just gasping for air and -- >> without breaking a stride, officer jumps in to save elijah, who immediately let's out a cry. nearly 7 feet tall, he's standing waist deep in the water as he calls dispatch. >> i've got a kid that fell into the pond. >> before handing the boy to a good samaritan. meanwhile, elijah's father is frantically looking for his son. with his wife at work and four other children at church, he had given elijah some chocolate milk and put on his favorite tv show.
11:55 pm
he even checked to make sure the doors were locked. he said when i went to the bathroom, i came out, didn't see him in the bedroom. he looked the opposite direction and realized the back door was standing open. >> rely ja's parents didn't realize their youngest son didn't figure out how to undough the locks. father and son were reunited at the ambulance after officers heard him yelling for elijah. thankfully, elijah is okay. what do you think would have happened if the officer had not spotted elijah in the park? >> i fear that i would have lost a child that day. >> he would have drowned. i mean, i would have said, you know 30 seconds to a minute if i wasn't there he would have drowned. >> thanks to his training as a police officer and his sin sting stin -- instincts as a parent, that wasn't the case. >> incredible out come there.
11:56 pm
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i'm becky anderson in jerusalem where donald trump will be just a few hours to kick off peace talks between the israelis and palestinians. trump arrives in tel aviv from saudi arabia where he urged muslim leaders to step up their fight against terror and extremism. also ahead this hour, north korea test fired another missile. >> it's north korea's second missile test within a week. and we will have reaction from the region. we want to welcome our viewers here until the united states and all around the world, i'm george howell. >> and i'm rosemary church. thanks for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." well, u.s. president donald trump is due in israel monday after his visit to saudi arabia. now, it is


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