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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  May 23, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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confirming at least 22 dead. there were children among them according to the people who attended, it had just ended when chaos broke out. >> oh, my gosh. [ bleep] what's going on? >> reporter: a deadly explosion rocking manchester arena in england. the blast sending panicked concert goers including many young fans of pop singer, ariana grande running for the exits and jumping over barricades. >> it was just bodies scattered about everywhere. at least 20/30 people on the floor that you could see straight off were just, just dead.
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>> reporter: police investigating this as an act of terror by one single terrorist. . >> he detonated causing this atrocity. >> reporter: the attacker died at the scene after detonating in an area near the box office at 10:33 p.m. as the concert ended. >> there was a mass rush to get out because nobody knew what was hamening. >> reporter: parents screaming, frantically searching for their children. there was children trying trying to get in contact with the parents. it was parents on their homes upset because they wanted to have contact with the kids. >> reporter: the attack leaving many traumatized, especially the
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children. >> she's just terrified whoever did this would go to the house or her school. she's devastated for her, to at 10, witness something like that is horrific. >> one woman finding her missing 15-year-old daughter. >> the most horrible feeling ever and i don't know how people can do this to innocent children. >> reporter: the city left reeling from the tragedy. >> something that manchester in its own unique way. >> the focus now for authorities is to try to identify the suicide bomber but of course also to try work out whether there was a larger network works with him. because the fact that he was
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wearing or carrying bomb and able to build it indicates he may have had help there may be a large network of there. and chances are we will get more information while we were on the air. meanwhile, president trump says the u.s. stands in solidarity with the peep tholal of the united kingdom. during renark marks with the palestinian president. sariau murray is traveling with the president. what's the latest there? >> reporter: the attack of course came amid president trump's foreign trip today with palestinian authority president trump and that is where he took the tientd to express their controlances in the attack. take a listen. >> so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and
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enjoying their lives murdered by eval losers in life. i won't call them men sthmonste because they would like that term. they would think that's a great name. i will call them from now on losers. because that's what they are. they're losers. and we'll have more of them. but they're losers. just remember that. >> reporter: now the president says it must be obliterated. >> let's bring back clarissa ward and cnn national correspondent christiana.
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it's procably the deadliest bombing since 2012. there are a lot of forensics being done. what'ser the word? >> they're looking to see if there was skbb more than this man carae according to the police this ied. so that is definitely top of your agenda and that would be from many stand pointsthem the fwritish prime minister is going to speak publicly not too long from now. she's been hoesh a cope rumeeting where more than to relevant cabinet and all hothos inhad volved to try to talk about this. your secretary of homeland security has already given a recorded statement talking to the people, sending condolences but talking to the british
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people saying remain alert but do that inbe alarmed she said they've been stepped up and certainly in london kaultyings using the public transport noticed an uptick in the number of police be dg ploid today. this omits the president of the united states who made his comments along side the palestinian president and said it's interesting his trim where he's talking about trying to defeat this kind of terrorism happens on this horrible morning of so much death in britain. >> so there's a huge amount of focus on this situation now. >> clarissa, look, all of these terror attacks are sickening. they just make you feel so disgusting when you look at the video we're watching. these are tweens.
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these are young teen arjs from nighau's walled. 9 years old. what is the political purpose for targeting and killing children? >> i mean, frankly it's unkaungsinable. weaver rr been seeing a few eye witnesses at the concert moving around. al some of them about eight years old. what possible political region could you be. it's unfoth mbl because i think what will be of concern is that wiel we'receiver a proliferationing across europe, most have been of the kind of improvised loan wolf style whether it's taking a truck or a
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car ittlieing to inflict as muc mayhem where the attacker took his knife and car to kill as plenny people as poslk. but this invauvlgs an explosion, a bomb. and usually there is a higher level of expertise, more sfis indications or financing and the potential there is a large net brk. to try derememberen who this man was, who was supporting him and whether this is partly duj in cord fwhagz the terror group or one group like that, allison. lelt's bring in cnn investigative reporter. you have your obvious intent, to scare in the norm of lifestyle. we saw in france how they were
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targeting the soccer match 2005. there's another cortinated metro so you tintd really care. a what do you make of nuts and bolts of slapinal. . >> the fact was seemingly carried. this isn't someone shooting up a bunch of people in the amateurish manner. this is something who needed to ied. whether they're in afghanistan or germany trying to build one of these bombs, more often than not it blows up in your face. that's not to say this can't have been somebody wloo really studied manuals on the internet. there was no indication i had any formal training. but i would bow surprised if i
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was the loan wolf. this is somebody acting alone. >> we heard president trump's reaction while in jerusalem and he said i'm going to call these people losers because that's what they are? has iter has there been any repauns from his worst or tlis sn sgloe no. >> one of the issues is trying to put in the minds of those who may be watching these are just not folk heroes which so nenny of thoem try persituate noir followers they're doing the right thing and so much of this is an eye for an eye. frrbs h
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online and other outlets ooze response for what happens in syria, aels elsewhere. it went back to 77 and 2005. what they did was in evenge for what they're doing in the iraq war. the date of this attack which was yesterday is the anniversary of their leader. do you remember the fourth anniversary on the young military -- that was the first of the modern wave of post isis attacks here in britain. and some of these attacks happen to pape. so that's one tling wealink we' seen. >> any specific threat? >> i was just in london for a week two weeks ago and the
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chatter was it's only matter of time. recall after the terrorist aic tas isis called a video with a super gun smaut spot. the idea is it britain has made itself visible. they hadn't nannaged to pull off a spectacular. a vehicle several weeks ago but ffrpinately not nenny mane rbd are insmrd. 23 this was an ice attack and they do claim credited and it's proven by trergs this is the kind of thing where it's still a growing concern. we still have the cape lkt do skill scores of peopleal. >> we will obviously call upon you throughout the next hours a this all develops. >> we're going to take a break. we can now take you inside that
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2:18 am
royal infirmery. this was critical care only in the overnight hours. closed to normal. we spoke to one eye witness, a 17-year-old at the concert with a friend. the explosion took off. she described how she was watching ariana grande, saying how she had just left the stage when this massive explosion took place. he was administered to this hospital and we spoke to one woman whose sister and mother were injured. they were there to pick up their nieces injured by glass shrapnel. they were praised this morning by the police chief. they've been preparing for this. such is the nature of terror in europe but at the same time few could have expected this kind of
2:19 am
attack on kids. allison. >> thank you very much for the update from there. joining us is sam ward. he lives just feet away from the manchester arena. so you were home, you live just down the street. what did you hear? >> yes, there was a huge bang, it was really sharp. i wouldn't have described it immediately as an explosion. shortly after that, five minutes we started to see convoys of emergency vehicles rushing to the arena and that's when i went to social media to find out what's happening. the apartment block i live in directly faces the manchester central fire station. and i encountered 36 ambulances
2:20 am
all part of -- in a very neat line all waiting for the go ahead. they proceeded to attend the arena in convoy. as they left five or six more vehicles were going to replenish them. it was a very well orchestrated by the emergency services. >> and we're watching the cell phone video you took of the convoy of emergency vehicles responding in quick fashion. do youpeople? >> no. we seen streets turned into bed lm. people were cutting red lights. traffic everywhere. you can see the cars. everyone was trying to get out of the city center and the police did their utmost do t
2:21 am
direct the traffic and thankfully the roads were only meantel for around 15 minutes. it seemed we cleared the area extremely quickly. >> they tell us they hit targets they know. so what is this neighbor you know in manchester like? >> the city center is brilliant. it's always a high police presence. for a city center, the crime rate's relatively normal i'd imagine. we have the city center, police stations are based inside. so it's very peaceful, especially for night time. it was clear something was wrong here. >> but is terror a concern in your neighborhood? weesk a we've heard in the past there have been raids? >> yes. it's manchester senlter and it
2:22 am
would be on the top of everyone's mind in every city. we have the drills in place and the hot spots within the city center that we shouldn't go and where rilit's most likely to be. you never expect it to be on your doorstep. >> understood. thank you for sharing your cell phone video and what you saw with us. >> thank you. so british police are treating this as an acts of terrorism. why that venue? why now? there are unique clues and contexts. we have former secretary of state. hi. i don't have my debit card and these kids are having a bake sale for their soccer team so i need some cash. can i give you my mother's maiden name or my first concert or - [team member] oh, well, now you can just use your phone. [customer] my phone? [team member] yeah, just open the wells fargo mobile app and request a one-time access code.
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we are covering breaking news. 22 people confirmed dead. dozens more injured in this explosion follow ang ariana grande concert in england. they're treating the blast as a terrorist incident. they believe they acted alone and died at the scene. they say he was carrying an ied. there has been no claim of response lkt yet. so let's go to clarissa ward. she's live with the latest. what do we know at this hour, clarissa? >> hi, allison, you can prob aeb see the arena in the distance behind me and that's because this is as close as we can get. police have cordened off the entire area around the venue and the venue was actually sold out
2:28 am
because ariana grande, the pop star performing is so popular and particularly popular with a very young audience. we have seen a lot of children and parents wandering around. people just shell shocked at what they witnessed last night. so here's exactly what we know happened. it took place, the attack just as the concert was ending as ariana grande was leaving the stage. eye witnesses reporting hearing something like the sound of balloons popping or a loud blast. the explosion took place in the lobby area towards the entrance of the venue in the sort of place where people would go and buy merchandise, t-shirts at the end of the concert. a lot of people moving through the area as they were exiting the stadium and there were scenes of panic according to people we have spoken to. absolute blind terror. people running frantically not
2:29 am
knowing how to get out and while we have heard it is believed the explosion was the it work of a loan suicide bomber, authorities are very much focussed on trying to work out who this man was and who may have helped him to build these explosives and carry out this horrific attack. chris. >> it wasn't a knife, it wasn't a gun. it was an ied and that usually requires some type of training. joining us now to discuss this morning was breaking news is assistant secretary of state jaime reuben. thank you for joining us under these circs. the target seems fairly obvious. even the rough plan seems fairly obvious. they're saying that while not inside the manchester arena, this attacker positioned th themselves inside a inclosed place connecting to the big
2:30 am
subway. that seems like the right place for people to kill in this way. >> obviously i don't have any special knowledge, just from what we've heard so far. location, the way it was done. the fact it was an explosion of significance suggests this was a well planned idea, whether that's because it's a larger group or not, it's hard to say but it's very different than the kind of loan wolf attacks on a bridge with a car or with a gun or even a knife. so this is the kind of terrorism that has the ear marks of a classic global terrorist group trying to kill as many people as possible in as dramatic a way as possible and the fact it is young women is particularly designed to sew fear and chaos as much as possible. for the british they have an incredible resiliency over the years and i suspect they will heed the words of their home
2:31 am
secretary they're going to get on with their business and not let them svlgs be cowed. >> the weapon changes everything. as you're pointing out it's not a loan assault rifle, this took some kind of sophistication. the shrapnel pattern seem to be bolts and nuts. points investigators to certain fieps of explosives that would have been necessary. at what point does it suggest that this person had help versus learning how to do it themselves online? self radicalization? >> i guess as soon as they identify the person and figure out very quickly the kind of information they were learn ogen the internet, who they were talking to, whether there are calls to foreign countries, that sort of thing. i think it depends on who the person is and you'll quickly know whether they were someone capable of putting all this together. given the fact apparently it it was an anniversary of some kind,
2:32 am
the weapon involves and the location -- as you said a very well chosen location to get as many people as possible in a small space. so this was not the random act of a knife wielding loan wolf. >> the uk. why there? is it just a simple fact of its geography and its connection in the war on terror or is there a different dynamic there? >> there's two issues for the uk. one, obviously the al qaeda and isis have pointed towards the uk as a potential next target in recent months. so that's certainly one reason that the large global terrorist organization would say after france has suffered attack after attack that the uk is next. but there is an incredible number of muslim and british
2:33 am
citizens from the subcontinent pack stn, india and there are issues where it's been difficult for the islamic british citizens to become part of the greater society that some of the preev ysh attacks have been from disaffected young pakistanis but one doesn't want to jump too much to a conclusion other than to say that the british word named by the organization is the next big target. >> what do you feel is important for people to remember? >> i guess there are two big things. number one is that after 9/11, the western world decided to do all it could to prevent the kind of very complex, very effective what you might call a strategic attack where you're able to kill thousands and thousands of people on television in the days of 9/11.
2:34 am
the work of the western world, with the ehelp of their muslim partners has been able to prevent that sort of strategic attack but given the alienation, the growth in smaller terrorist organizations, we're never going to be able to stop determined individuals in a free society from causing some mayhem and that's a reality that we have oo live with that goes with our civil liberties and our freedoms. >> and that's why you're hearing from british authorities that they will be measured in terms of how they respond and punish who did this. it is worth pointing out this is the deadliest attack in the uk since those subway bombings in 2005. some 50 people lost their lives there. >> so of course we are continuing to cover the breaking news out of manchester. sources tell cnn president trump tried to convince
2:35 am
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breaking developments in the manchester arena bombing investigated as a terror attack. as we hear about the casualties and fatalities we will bring you that information. we also want to cover devem investments in washington. president trump didn't just ask jim comey to layoff michael flynn, he went to intelligence chiefs and asked them to publicly deny evidence of collusion between his campaign and russia. this as former national skur aly advisor michael flynn refusing
2:40 am
to turn over documents to the russian russia investigation. the president has fiercely denied any coordination between his campaign and russia. even going so far as to slam the investigation as a witch hunt. it also appears that privately he took his pitch to members of his own national security team in hopes they would help him push back against the fbi's investigation. >> president trump's first international trip over shadowed by ongoing kaunlt controversy b home. including stunning revelations that the president asked two top intelligence officials to publicly deny evidence of collusion between his campaign and russia. saying dan cotes and michael rogers were uncomfortable with
2:41 am
the president's request and refused to comply. president publicly disclosed the bureau's investigation in march. >> that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associate would the trump can pain and the russian government. >> reporter: the trump administration responding saying the white house does thought confirm or deny unsubstantiated claims based on illegal leaks of anonymous individuals. rogers documented the request avalable to the special counselal, mueller. according to sources he has already detailed the early request for the fbi to drop the investigation into his former national security advisor, michael flynn. >> i didn't think he was someone who would bring benefit to the
2:42 am
president or to the administration. and i made that very clear to candidate trump. i wouldn't let general flynn in the white house, let alone give him a job. >> flynn's attorneys saying their client will invoke the fifth amendment, refusing to release a list of contacts he had with russian officials. >> we with have decide whether to hold him in contempt or if that's his legal right. >> reporter: the past criticism when her it chief took the fifth now coming back to haunt his administration. >> if you're innocent, why you taking the fifth amendment? >> reporter: all this as flynn appears to have lied to investigators about who funded his foreign trips, including a 2015 trip to moscow. now comey has agreed to testify before the senate intelligence panel after memorial day but we've also
2:43 am
learned he wants to speak with special counsel mueller prior to any testimony. john byron will testify later today. >> laura, thank you very much for all of that reporting. we have cnn political analyst and author of how's your faith, david gregory and washington political examiner and cnn political analyst and washington post white reporter, abbey phillips. nice to have you here on this special early edition of "new day." this was more than just the president pressing jim comey to make this public admission that as the president sees it there is no collusion. so he pressed these two other intel chiefs. that's are not obstruction of justice but it's out of bounds according to them. >> and it sure looks like the president has something to hide.
2:44 am
why was he working so hard to get this fbi investigation shut down. i think part of this fwoe goes back the psychology of this president. he's obsessed that it makes him look illegitimate as president and he can't get past it that somehow his election was tainted in some way, rather than being focussed on the fact that the russians tried to interfere in way that as president he has to take responaunonsibility for to protect in the future and as president he's done nothing to keep the russians at bay. in fact we have statements indicating the opposite that he wants this pressure relieved so he can pursue a normal relationship. all of which looks incredibly odd to say the least. this kind of reporting indicates
2:45 am
interference inappropriate, if not illegal. we know the president is looking to hire outside counsel and is ramping up that effort. the flynn piece of this, the impact of which is not all together clear as we move forward but this piece of it is so crucial and i think it's so important to keep our eyes trained on what jim comey does at this point. are we going to have the skeptical of his testimony rebutting what the president has said publicly or is the special counsel going to suggest that they take a lower profile. >> you do see the different leaders kind of being told to stand down in light of the special counsel. that will be an interesting dynamic in and of itself. we don't know what this is and we do not know what it isn't. so the idea of saying whether it's obstruction or not, you
2:46 am
can't say. you don't know what the role are in any investigations. so it would be difficult to ascribe any type of criminality but it does speak to abuse of power and influence. how is it playing in the d.c. circle? >> one of the other interesting things in the report is that these individuals who were asked to come out and say there was no collusion refused to do it because they didn't want to say something that wasn't true and this white house seemed to not understand the boundaries that are suppose tod exist between the white house and ongoing investigations in this case an ongoing fbi investigation. that is a big red flag to me because it signals there are potentially other things they may have done in the interest of making the president feel better about an investigation that was really bothering him that we know annoys him on a deep level
2:47 am
and they may have tried to do more to get them to come out and say there was no collusion and in case of some of reporting that my colleagues did, white house officials pressured those officials to encourage comey to dlaup flynn investigation. so there are a lot of unanswered questions and right now this white house is trying to find outside counsel to deal with these ongoing issues for these attorneys who are going to come into this situation. they do not know, on some level what was said and done during this period when white house officials and the president himself was trying to figure out what kind of power they had over this investigation that has been such a thorn in his side. >> another unknown is of course michael flynn and exactly what he was doing and who he was talking to and what those conversations or correspondents entailed. he is signaling he's going to plead the fifth against self
2:48 am
incrimination and that's his right but as you heard president trump play one of hillary clinton's staffers attempted to do that in september, the president ridiculed it. what is it about michael flynn that the president has seemed so pro tective of or affectionate so now when people like chris christie are pauping op? >> i thing he's really been a cancer on this president and on this administration. almost all of the president's troubles that there not self inflicted in regards to the transition and the first few months and russia all eminate from michael flynn. his past dealings, what he didn't disclose, how that may have influenced policy. the best thij trump ever was fire michael flynn and it's interesting when you juxtapose
2:49 am
how he's treated michael flynn and james comey, although he wasn't a member of the armed forces was in public service and how he has trashed james comey for weeks to justify his firing. and none of it makes any sense when you look at the problems flynn has caused verses -- >> the biggest problems the president is facing in this context are abuse of power for what they call anonymous leaks. we wouldn't have known any of this stuff but why didn't comey tell anybody if it was so bad? they were just in front of the senate intel committee. this never came up. why? >> as a political matter the plaub lm is this is turning into a drip, drip, drip. we have had now two 1/2 weeks of
2:50 am
almost daily scoops and revelations and stories. everybody may be above bord legally and he may be reacting because he's thinks he's persecuted. he needs to get this thing under control from the perspective of how he controls himself or this is going to permanently spin out of control. >> but the question is are they throwing him overboard? who told president trump no? did anybody? and if they did, is it simply a matter president refusing to listen? if you're a lawyer who's going to go work for president trump do you have any confidence he's going to listen to you. because if you remember the attack back in the campaign, that time in the trump university case, trump was rchtrch
2:51 am
represented by an excellent lawyer who told him what then an answers were and trump didn't listen. whether yousk rr got heads of intelligence agencies saying i'm uncomfortable with, anybody who has told trump no or is trump not listening to anybody because he's so obsess would this question of legitimacy and is that going to be at the heart of this? >> thank you very much. but we have to tell you about this breaking news. s the there's been a terrori attack during an ariana grande concert. we'll tell you all the details we have when. le salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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we're learning more bouts those effected by the tedly blast that rocked an arena in
2:56 am
manchester, england. earlier this morning cnn international spoke with a mother who attended that concert with her daughter and joining us is coral, she is within of the people who wuz at the concert with her young daughter. i'll tell kwlou she was with her 10-year-old daughter. here is a snippet of what she told cnn. >> arianna who just literally finished her last song. we was getting ready to leave the arena and get our belongings together and next in amt we heard an almighty bang from the left-hand side of the arena. at that point everyone went crazy and was ron running and screaming and trying to get out. we managed to get through the doors and how we wasn't crushed to death is a miracle.
2:57 am
the people were pushing and pushing and pushing. >> the stewards were screaming at people to get out and we actually came out of this intlns just here. and i knew a lot of people that was in the arena. my friend's children were inside and i just needed to make sure everybody was okay and sglaerks did you see -- i can't imagine. first of all you hear the explosion. did you see anyone injured? >> we didn't because we came out that opposite entrance so thankfully we didn't have to go through that. it's bad enough my child had to go through such a horrific experience and to see that but i do know my friend's daughter did see what had happened and obviously she was in a horrific
2:58 am
state. >> and what is your daughter robin is 10. >> yeah. >> reporter: what has she been telling you over the last several hours? >> she's just been crying. she's just been crying. she's just saying why do these things happen to people? why do they keep doing this to people? she's so worried they're going to come to her school. i'm breaking down today because yesterday i had to be strong for her to just remain calm and make sure that we got home safe which thankfully we did. >> reporter: because police are saying they believe this is a terrorist attack. that means someone targeted children, right? because the age group that dhaesh demographic of ariana grande fans are girls your daughter's age. >> there were children in there as young as five. a girl literally in front of me that small. she had to stand on the seat
2:59 am
just to see the concert. and for people to see their idols and then have this then impact the rest of their lives is disgusting. these people are cowards. they're just sick cowards. >> of course we're continuing to follow the latest in manchester so we have breaking news coverage till now. >> this is cnn breaking news. welcome to your new day. it is tuesday, may 23rd and we children, dozens more injured in this terror attack at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. it exploded just after the pop singer finished performing at the manchester arena. this the deadliest attack on british soil since subway bombing in 2005. >> those were, of course,
3:00 am
coordinated attacks. that's the big question for investigators. who was this bomber? was there help? the device suggests some level of sophistication. this arena holds 21,000. many people still unaccounted for. the numbers you hear will likely change in terps of the victims. right now police are focusing on just one lone suicide bomber uniquely positioned in the enclosed area that connects concert hall to victoria station, the big metro station. so that was the right place to be if you're up to this type of evil. people around the world are reacting temperature attack, including president trump who was in israel this hour. we have it all covered. let's do first to cnn's clarissa ward in manchester. clarissa. >> reporter: hi, chris. this is as close as we can get to the arena


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