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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 23, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening. thank you for joining us. we are devoting a good deal of program to the manchester bombing. new developments to report of course. we expect more throughout the two hours. ordinarily, learning more about nearly anything, and bringing tight you first is within of the great privileges of the job. at times it scan be a joy. certainly not tonight. not with this story. there is instead only urgency in the search for ties that the man who blew himself up in manchester arena may have had to any larger terror cell. there is determination in the hearts of people in manchester, people through out the united king dm to resist being terrorized even by this, as the terror threat level is raised to critical on concerns of another attack. above all there is sadness and there is dread. because each new development
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could bring the name of another child, who now no longer is. who can only be talked about in the past tense. as some one who was. or worse, as some one who might have been. might have been anything at all. perhaps even the first one day to live in a world where what happened last night. never happened to an one's child. parent, best friend or again. 22 people were killed or more tale wounded at the ariana grande concert. we know the name of three. john atkinson a college student who loved to dance, competed with the local dance studio. he was from ratcliff outside manchester attending college. 26 years old. georginna callendar was 1, loved disney, animals, and started driving. saffie rose roussus was 8 years old. at concert with her mom and sister. both hurt in at take. her school principal said she was unassuming with creative
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claire. the thought that any one could go to a concert and not come home is heartbreaking. saffie rose roussos may have been flare, life, love ahead of her had eight years. now forever in the past. there are 19 more victims yet to be named. some parents do not yet have even the cold comfort of knowing about the fate of their own child. charlotte campbell has the not been able to find her 15-year-old daughter, olivia. she and olivia's step farther, paul hodgson spoke earlier today. ms. campbell describing the last time she heard from her daughter and why they're determined to not give up looking for her. it was her first day, she said they were amazing. waiting for ariana to come on. she was so happy.
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she thanked me. said she loved me. that was the last i heard from her. i got a phone call from her dad, about 20 past 11:00. he asked if olivia was home. i said no, why. he said, there has been an explosion at the arena. i'm heading to manchester now to try to find her. i got on the phone to the police. and then, paul, paul was in north hampton working. and, informed him. of what was happening. and -- i was told by the police there wasn't much they could do,
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because it was so fresh. i started phoning hospitals. i was constantly on the phone to her dad, paul, everybody. the police said get it out on social media so somebody can find her. somebody might see her. we did. a good friend got it on to twitter for us. it's gone mad from what she has done. 3:00, i think it was, they finally released a number. so which i rung, gave a brief description of olivia and she was unregistered as a missing person. >> number 13. >> number 13.
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>> and we searched every hospital. we have got to a point, we searched and searched, and the search can only do so much than that. tomorrow, we're going to be back out again tomorrow. i'm going to be back out. we're going to do it all over again. and we'll do it every single day until we find our little girl. whatever it takes, i'm going to find her. i'm going to bring her home. whatever. all we ask is if anybody -- we're sharing the pictures, there's several pictures out there now of her, that people carry on sharing, i know it might be getting boring for people. i know it might be getting to repetition. that one person who hasn't see it, and if one person sees it and we get her back. that's all we ask. we don't want much. to all the other parents who are
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in the same position as us, and sadly to the parents who lost the children or loved ones, our hearts go out to them as well. in this present moment, we just need our ollie back. >> olivia is just a bubbly child, if you're feeling down, she'll make you laugh. if she can't make you laugh, she's hook you until you're smiling again. she's always there for everybody, no matter how she's feeling, she'll put everybody else first. she's just adored by so many people. >> a young lad got the tickets for his birthday and asked ollie and ollie, she's a singer herself, and she loves music. yeah, it was -- >> it was like a dream come true
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to her. >> she wanted to see it. and as far as we were concerned, manchester on the metro, 20 minutes away, a young girl -- >> hundreds of people -- >> hundreds of people should be safe. and we went there under pretenses of her coming home. >> she knows if she's lost her phone, she knows my number by heart, she knows her father's number, she knows to jump in a taxi and come home. >> we have always said if anything ever happens that you can't come home, just jump in a taxi. >> she knows to find an adult, a police officer, anybody. >> and she's got the guts to walk up to somebody and go, i
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need to use your phone. >> yes. >> this is a stumbling block where we can't get a hold of her, and we don't know why, we need an answer to why she's not -- >> i love her so much. and i want her home, i need her home. she's my baby. and i miss her so much. if she is out there, just know i'll be there, i don't care where she is, i'll be there. >> can't say more than that. we would just like to stay thank you to every single person that shared, has commented, that sends their love. we do appreciate it. and we want our little girl back. >> and there are many families in manchester tonight, that are waiting just as they wait right now.
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as we reported at the top of the broadcast, british authorities have now raised the threat level to critical on concerns another attack could be imminent. our christiane amanpour has the latest on that, she joins us now from manchester. what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, it's just so heart breaking when we listen to that interview, and as you said, anderson, there are more parents in that terrible, terrible position, looking for their loved ones, searching the morgue, searching the hospitals. the authorities have made an arrest, they have made a couple of controlled explosions in other parts of the city. and they're trying to figure out if this person who they have identified as the killer, whether he acted completely alone or whether he had any kind of support, whatever kind of support and whether there are
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any other cells or any other potential attackers on the loose, as you know, the raising of the threat level to critical by the prime minister, means that another attack could be imminent. so they have done that and they have also, you know, deployed thousands of military, of the armed forces as well, who are going to support the police and to relieve some of the police from other sort of more routine duties to help in this investigation. so that's where we are at the moment, anderson. >> christiane, there were today there was an arrest of another 22-year-old that could be in connection to this, do we know in fact that that person is connected to this? and isis has claimed responsibility, is there another connection to back up its claim? >> reporter: only sort of bits and bobs and threads that we're sort of gleaning from what people have said and what they
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haven't said. isis claimed it later on during the day, calling the bomber a soldier of the caliphate, and how he placed explosives in the middle of this gathering. and police said earlier today that the perpetrator that was found dead was carrying an ied, today didn't say wearing, they said carrying, so we're waiting to see how the explosives were used and how they were placed and detonated. and in terms of the arrest, we don't know the full details at all. and we have heard lately from the scotland yard, who say they are freeing up for police to continue with the investigations, while they have military deployed, several thousand in various static areas, that are under the
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control of the police, but they are militarily deployed. so this is crucial to figure out if this is part of a bigger issue, or if it is one of these, quote, unquote, lone wolves. >> and given the amount of time that has pass, the last 24 hours, there are still people unaccounted for. there are still parents waiting for word. what are authorities and their families doing at this point? it seems like, for that family to be in this horrible, horrible limbo is just unthinkable. >> reporter: you know, when you listen to those parents, i mean, desperate, desperate parents, as parents, you can only imagine what they're going through and it's the most horrible thing that you can imagine. and that's why everybody has been so shocked, that this was so craven, even in the annals of
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the craven attacks over the years, to deliberately target children, the youngest, the most vulnerable and the most innocent. the police are still trying to help the families, they've got hot lines and tip lines, and places where you can put photos. and that family wanted to talk to cnn not only so they could describe their pain but to show pictures of olivia, to see if there was anyone who had seen her and might pass along a tip. that's the sort of desperation that people are under. so formal and informal gathering of information on the missing. and one thing we learned about the bomber, you mentioned many of the victims who were university age, we're told, and they tell cnn that this person is sort of a dropout of one of the universities afternoon here called solford university, that he didn't really attend hiss classes, that he was studying there, and people described him
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as a bit of a loner, the prime minister said that he was of libyan descent. so all these pieces of the puzzle are being put together until we all find out exactly what happened. >> stay tuned, more on the raid that police carried out today what, they were looking for, what they have found. and we'll talk to former cia director john brennan, who talked about what he saw with respect to ties between trump and russia. also breaking news, the president is expected to lawyer up with whom and why ahead.
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with fashion, you can dress people and help people. it's really cool to see your work come to life. a. >> another attack could be imminent, third time in britain's history the terror level has been at critical. authorities are scrambling to try to determine if there is a cell or larger network responsible for last night's bombing but that might be planning another one. our correspondent is in manchester and joins us with more on the raid that took place there today. what do we know about these raids? >> reporter: there are really two locations where police searched, where i'm standing right now is where the suspect lived, or at least his last address.
9:18 pm
police used a controlled explosion to get into the house, we understand they took documents and other materials, but police haven't told us what else they found inside. and the other property they searched was in a home nearby. and we have learned from family, friends and neighbors that that was the home of the suspect's brother. the 23-year-old suspect believed to be linked to the attack, was also arrested in that nearby neighborhood. it was quite dramatic, we understand from one eyewitness, police swooped in and really seemed to pluck him off the street as he was headed to the tram station. we have had a chance to talk to neighbors and friends about what's been happening, one friend who knew him since he was a little boy, described him as a lonely kid who grew increasingly devout.
9:19 pm
he did go back to libya, which is where the family were originally from, although the children were born here in britain. we are getting more details on the attackers, but no word on what kind of detonation or explosive device. >> joining us as well is phillip mudd. britain raising the threat level to critical, third time in its history. how do security forces get their arms around something like this, and to raise the level, how does it help them? >> it's a pretty stunning development to raise this all the way up to critical, meaning an attack is considered potentially imminent, anderson. i think it's related to the fact that investigations today have raised the possibility of a conspiracy being involved, but
9:20 pm
it's also because there's been an uptick in terrorist activity in recent months and weeks in the united kingdom with a number of terror plots being thwarted. and also there's this election coming up and we have seen attacks from terrorist groups before up coming elections. and it's also the -- last year isis called for a surge of attacks during ramadan. so they're ratcheting up their threat level now, but they were already on very high alert, so it's unclear to me how they're going to be able to do a lot more to protect the country, putting a lot of military on the streets, while that's mostly to reassure people, it's really the police and security services that have the tool kit to prevent terror plots, and that's really a military led. how they're going to -- >> the work of this bomber is
9:21 pm
more sophisticated than the work of a typical lone wolf. is that surprising? >> that surprises me, if you look at the contrast that we have seen since 9/11, you have a sophisticated centrally driven plot, multiple actors, what we saw in europe recently, then you see a lone wolf who picks up a knife and tries to cut somebody's head off in the street. in this case you have the middle ground, somebody who spent the time and sophistication to develop an explosive device and to be blunt, maximized casualties, but casualties of children, to me that is with that sophistication, that kind of hybrid operation, he not only coordinated with somebody, but spoke with somebody, that's why talking with a brother is so
9:22 pm
important. i would be surprised if he never whispered a word of his intentions. not that he had a co-conspirator, or if somebody else knew what he was going to do. i would expect to know in a day or two. >> clearly they knew what target they were going for, they had a sense of, i assume when this concert was going to be getting out. and a way to inflict mass casualties without being faced by security. they didn't have to try to bring the device in and have their bag searched. and they knew, they must have known that this was going to be young people. >> well, apparently, so, ariana grande is famous as you know in america, massively fay moss round t world, precisely to this age group. that is clearly the number of people who were there, the majority of people who were there, with their parents as well. mostly young girls and their parents, mostly their mothers and this is a very particular target. we have seen now this idea of
9:23 pm
attacking people in concerts, whether last night here, whether it was at the bataclan in paris and the discoteque in istanbul, and the language coming from isis supporters after this, was just vile, they were blaming people for being at this kind of, as they called, unclean event. i mean, really, grotesque. we're right here behind, you can see in the darkness, maybe make it out, the manchester arena behind, and still a vast cordon is in place, while they fry to preserve ed, keep looking, keep is place okay for police to go around and keep looking. but as phil said, this idea of a lone wolf or not, now there's a serious debate in the security -- even if somebody didn't do the attack with this man, perhaps he would talk to them, perhaps he would be inspired by them, perhaps he would have any kind of support,
9:24 pm
even though they didn't partake in the attack, so the lone wolf in this instance, the line is being blurred, the actual definition of what that might mean. >> you hear of soft targets being looked at all the time. obviously in, you know, there's security in order to get into this arena, but you can't secure every possible place. and obviously in going into an arena, there's going to be people coming out and when they come out, they're vulnerable there. i mean at a certain point, it's incredibly tough to secure all these places. >> two things, anderson, first i keep hearing this term soft target. i don't view this as a soft target. when i get in the washington metro, there is no security around that perimeter, in this case there was security at least checking a bag. that is hugely significant here, somebody with this emotional
9:25 pm
intensity, going in there knowing that he's going to lose his life within a matter of seconds or minutes, is going do detonate early as soon as he realizes he's under threat. so the security was very limited, so i don't look at this as soft. we have to look at perimeter security at football games, basketball games, it makes a difference. but security experts, terrorism experts are going to say every time they look at these, that target fits a pattern. there is no pattern, you want to go to schools, bus stations, train stations, at some point 15, 16 years in, after 9/11, you say i'm not sure we can secure everything because i don't see a clear pattern. >> word that president trump is about to hire outside counsel to assist him in the russia probe, this comes after two intelligence chiefs were asked questions related to the investigation on capitol hill, what dan coats and john brennan said and didn't say in just a what throughout the program,
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throughout the program, we're going to be bringing you latest on the investigation of the terrorist attack in manchester, england. cnn learned that president trump is expected to hire long time attorney, to represent him on matters related to the russian probe. that is not the only development in the story. the senate intelligence committee is issuing two new subpoenaing seeking documents from businesses owned by president trump's former security adviser michael flynn. senate richard burr, said a contempt charge is possible, his exact words, everything is on the table. at a house intelligence committee hearing, john brennan
9:30 pm
testified about the trump ties to russia and how they concerned him. jessica snyder has more on that. >> i was worried by a number of the contacts that the russians had with u.s. persons. >> reporter: the former cia director revealed he was concerned about the communication he saw between trump campaign and russian officials. at the height of the 2016 campaign. it was the most detailed account by a high ranking intelligence official in an open hearing. >> i don't know whether or not such collusion, and that's your term, collusion existed, i don't know, but i know there was a sufficient basis of information and intelligence that required further investigation by the bureau to determine whether or not u.s. persons were actively conspiring and colluding with russian officials. >> reporter: today he told congress he received information that the russians were working to communication with the trump campaign. he was so concerned he sent a
9:31 pm
warning. >> i told them if russia had such a campaign under way, it would be certain to backfire. i said all americans cherish their ability to elect their own leaders. >> reporter: brennan led the cia until the final stay of the obama administration. >> by the time i left office, i had questions in my mind whether or not the russians had been successful in getting u.s. persons involved in the campaign or not, to work in their behalf in a witting or unwitting fashion. >> individual whose go along a treasonous path, sometimes do not realize they're along that path until it gets onto too late. >> reporter: that has led to an investigation and whether trump has sought to obstruct that investigation.
9:32 pm
president trump asked two of the government's top intelligence chiefs, director of national intelligence dan coats and national security director admiral michael rogers to publicly deny evidence of cooperation between his campaign and russia during the 2016 election, both men refused the request. today coats refused to comments on the reports. >> i don't feel it's fair to characterize conversations with the president. >> reporter: it was just last week that sources disclosed that president trump also asked fbi chief comey to shut down part of the investigation. and now former national security advisor michael flynn announced he will invoke his fifth amendment rights, and top democrat mark warner is promising to push back. >> we don't believe that you can take a blanket immunity on the fifth in terms of documents. take some further action today,
9:33 pm
two sets of options and as chairman burr mentioned yesterday, we're not taking contempt of kong regs off the table either. >> paul manifort just turned over documents to the committee. what do you know about that? >> reporter: 300 pages of documents that include drafts of speeches, calendars and notes all from his time on the campaign. he was campaign manager until august of 2016. the senate intel committee, they asked manafort to provide materials documenting his ties to russia. so all these documents they don't include any materials of manafort's ties to ukraine. >> thanks, a lot of details to discuss. david, today on capitol hill, former head of the cia, john brennan said under oath that he saw evidence that russia trump aides were being courted by operatives.
9:34 pm
he could not rule out, they may have been compromised by the russians and not even known it. your reaction. >> they're going to push back against brennan, they're going to say he's a lackey of president obama, he was an obama appointee, and he was trying to stick it to the president wherever he could today. and i actually put another piece of the puzzle and helped us see the pattern more clearly, i think what's new about this is that a lot of us have assumed that collusion means a meeting between individuals. and what he was arguing is that he was concerned that the russians were manipulating americans unwittingly, and they were trying to make them their
9:35 pm
dupes and put them in a position where they could be blackmailed if they didn't go along with what the russians would want. that's an interesting theory, but one obviously he took very seriously, this is a fellow that spent 25 years in the cia, rode through the ranks of republican administrations as well as democratic administrations. >> it's interesting, one of the things that he said was somebody can be a target of compromise or be compromised and not even realize it. >> he had that startling line and say you can go down the path and not even know it. this is the first time i can remember a senior administration or former administration, if you think of sally yates or james comey or clapper or mike rogers, all the parade of senior obama and trump officials who have testified recently, all of which have had bad news for the trump administration, he's the one that actually raised the word treason. he talk it about the president
9:36 pm
he talked about the president reportedly revealing classified information in that meeting in the oval office, with the two russian officials and he said that there were two pro toe cops in terms of -- according to brennan that the president did not abide buy. and finally when trey gowdy, asked specifically did he have collusion between donald trump specifically and the russians, he said he didn't know, he just handed over the intelligence to the fbi. >> the white house issued a statement, saying there is still no evidence of collusion, was it bad news for the white house? >> i think in many ways we're back to where we started. going into today, if you support
9:37 pm
president trump, you're going to say there's absolutely no evidence, if you don't like president trump, you probably found something today, some silver lining you could grab on to say there is some scandal or some "there" there. but there are some important things to go back to, number one, where is all this outrage we heard from these folks today last year if there was anything out there. >> you mean outrage about possible russian meddling? >> right, and also too, even the point that the director, the former director made today that the russians have been trying to get involved with elections for decades. so i think many in the media have made this sound like this is something specific to president trump. but also this line today from the former director, saying he's into intelligence not evidence. i think as it's a line as a trump supporter, will look to and say, what's this all about? bottom line, we got do get this
9:38 pm
away from the hill and this is where the special counsel could be a benefit to the trump administration, because the hill has just become a circus. >> do you see the difference between evidence and intelligence? i think evidence is something that could lead to legal prosecution, intelligence can just be informational but doesn't actually lead to prosecution. >> i think the role of a cia director somebody in the intelligence community, some one like john brennan, his job is to gather the intelligence and gather the information. obviously the department of justice and a special counsel is somebody who would do the prosecuting, it's different. i don't think we should overanalyze what he's trying to say there. >> that's what we do k. >> sure. but there are times when it's warranted and there are times when it's more important -- but
9:39 pm
there are more important things that happened today and that happened during the hearing. i think brennan was saying he went through the proper chain of command, he raised the alarms is internally, he basically had a working group on the hill and he's somebody that would know what an operative from another country was trying to accomplish. i think we learned a few things from his hearing today, but it frankly raised more questions. >> we do have more information, michael flynn taking the fifth. we'll talk about that ahead. are you done yet?
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that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. we're talking got the testimony at today's house intelligence committee hearing, former cia director john brennan telling lawmakers there was contact between trump aides and russian officials. he said the contacts raised his concern. his testimony came on the heels of new claims that russian -- david stepping back, looking at all these reports together, and again, one can, depending on what side the aisle you're on, you can say there's no "there"
9:44 pm
there, you can talk about trump's firing of comey, saying the pressure is off now that comey is gone, asking comey and two intelligence officials to say there's no collusion between himself and is russians. if all that is true, how big a problem is it for trump and his administration? until there's actual illegality, evidence shown, you can look at it and say there's no "there" there, there's nothing illegal. >> i think it's indisputable that the president wanted this investigation to go away, that he's found it very burdensome, he does actually based on his view that of course that nothing illegal happened and it's interfering with my ability to govern. but even so, all the steps he's taken to maker it go away, add
9:45 pm
up to only obstruction, but anderson, as we all know, i don't think the obstruction issue is going to be settled in the court, it's more likely to be settled in the court of public opinion in the elections of 2018. all the efforts are being brought together with regard to trump, being brought together bipartisan on the democratic side they're waiting with hope in 2018 they can win the house back, and there will be evidence they can bring to a possible impeachment hearing. i think it does matter what's being collected, it's not actually clear what there's obstruction of justice. clearly there's an arguable case for obstruction of justice, the other side will argue no there's not. i do think it will have ultimately how the politics of this thing begin to cut. >> do the politics matter? because with mueller's investigation, mueller is not
9:46 pm
tasked with is it something that's worrisome, it's something that's inappropriate. he's concerned with illegality, and if he doesn't issue a report, is it politically damaging? >> if null mueller doesn't issue a report, doesn't do what comey did at the end of his investigation, even if he doesn't bring charges -- >> comey was hammered for it. >> comey was hammered for it. >> that may be a precedent that mueller does not want to follow. on the other hand you may have a lot of democrats who will cite the ken starr example. say we want a full accounting -- back when we had independent counsel statute, we want a full accounting of what you found, we want you to report that to congress, because you have a lot of democrats who are using the "i" word already, and they're going to want some insight into that fbi investigation whether it comes up with criminal charges or not. i think you will have a lot of democrats who will say, that's what ken starr did, he wrote a report to congress, that they used for a basis for impeaching bill clinton. at the least congress is going to demand some full accounting of the fbi investigation. >> as a democrat, would you accept if mueller says there's no illegality there, my work is
9:47 pm
done. would you accept that? >> i think everybody has to respect it. he is somebody put in a position respected by people from both sides of the island everybody thinks he'll do a thorough job. i am certain he will. i think in the court of public opinion, which is pretty expansive beyond the work of the investigation and mueller, you also have the senate intel work, there was a view two weeks ago when mueller was named, that they would disappear into the dark of night, i think burr and warner showed that's absolutely not the case, and there's a lot that can some out of that. >> do you think they'll move the goal post and say there may be no illegality there, but this is inappropriate. or, whatever. >> right. the democrats won't be happy until president trump is out of office. they will keep pulling the string until there's no sweater left. is one thing where we saw gross hypocrisy, when mueller was named, there was a question of how many democrats will still push for an independent commission,
9:48 pm
something of that nature put together. look, there's a special counsel, mueller's probably the best person probably for both sides let him go and do his job. >> we'll leave it there. everybody, wile talk to congressman jim heins about john brennan's testimony today and more on manchester, we'll be right back. all finished. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way, i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. you want this color over the whole house? if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough,
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that's the breaking news in washington. former cia director john brennan testified today that there were clear contacts between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election. interactions that he found concerning because of "known russian efforts to suborn such individuals." mr. brennan said he did not know if the russians were successful. he was testifying at a house intelligence committee hearing. democratic congressman jim hunt serves on that committee. he joins me now. i wonder what your reaction was to brennan when he said he saw evidence that trump aides were being courted by russian operatives. >> well, i wasn't particularly surprised. and you know, he said that in answer to a question from one of my republican colleagues, and i think my republican colleague was hoping to get the answer that he'd seen no evidence of collusion. and to be very careful about what brennan said, brennan didn't give him quite the answer he wanted. he said, look, i saw some
9:53 pm
contacts that raised some concerns. and as we do because we're not a law enforcement agency, we referred those to the fbi. i think what that tells you, and i was listening closely to the previous panel, there's a lot of possible outcomes of the investigation that the fbi is doing and of course of the investigations that the congress is doing. and one of those outcomes may be -- i mean, it could be that there was criminal behavior. it could be that there wasn't. it could be there was inappropriate but not criminal behavior. but one of those outcomes may be, and this could be featured in a report that we write, not necessarily the fbi but that we write, could be hey, when you've got a transition and you've got a foreign power like russia that will dedicate a lot of resources and a lot of people to trying to make those contacts, to trying to cultivate people, here's how you should react. here's how it works. we could all learn from how the russians seek as john brennan said today to suborn people and processes here in the united states. >> frankly, it's what the cia -- it's what any intelligence service does when they're trying to recruit assets overseas.
9:54 pm
they basically develop relationships. it can be a long recruitment. as brennan said today, the subject maybe doesn't even realize the road they are going down until it's too late, until suddenly they're facing that they've done something which is they're compromised. >> yeah. that's exactly right. and so i take some exception with a member of the previous panel who said this is fundamentally about politics and that you can tell what's going to happen based on the party label associated with the investigators. look, i think mike conaway and adam schiff have been very sober-minded, very fact-based. mark warner and senator burr have not, you know, been political. they've really i think played this down the middle. and i think we're all aware that there's lots of possible outcomes from the crazy hollywood outcome of all sorts of sinister things going on to quite frankly the conclusion that yeah, nobody did anything wrong but we can all learn a lot about how russians and others, by the way, try to do this in a
9:55 pm
transition. and you know, maybe some of the lessons are about protocol associated with contacts with russians and other antagonistic groups during a transition. i wouldn't prejudge what the outcome's going to be but i do suspect that when it's all said and done we will have learned some valuable lessons. >> the white house put out a statement saying the brennan testimony backed up what they've been saying, that there's still, quote, no evidence of any russia trump campaign collusion. is what you heard today in the hearing? >> well, again, i just don't understand how the white house comes at these things. there's an fbi investigation under way, and the white house and the congress have absolutely no idea what is inside that investigation, what information they have. and so when the white house comes out and says there is no evidence, they are very clearly saying something that they can't possibly know. and that act of course damages your credibility. so why this white house persists in damaging its own credibility by making statements that they can't possibly know to be true is a mystery to me. i mean, i would have thought if i were the president i would say hey, guys, build up my
9:56 pm
credibility, don't damage it. >> congressman hymes, good to talk to you. thank you very much. >> thanks, anderson. >> just ahead on "360" the latest in the breaking news out of manchester, england. the terror threat raised to the highest level with concern another attack could be imminent. also raids are being carried out as we learn more about the suicide bomber and of course our focus on the lives he took. the average family's new, but old, home: it stood up to 2 rookies, a one-coat wonder named "grams". and 3 staycations. behr. number one rated interior paint, exterior paint and stain. right now, get incredible savings on behr. only at the home depot.
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we continue following breaking news tonight out of manchester and across the uk where the terror threat level now stands at critical. that means another attack in the wake of last night's bombing at an ariana grande concert could be imminent. that's what that level of warning means. meantime soldiers are out on the streets in key locations. raids are being carried out. intelligence agencies certainly working around the clock. we've learned more about the suicide bomber who took 22 lives, and we're learning more about some of the lives he took. right now i want to go to cnn's clarissa ward who's on the ground in manchester for the very latest. where does the investigation stand? >> reporter: well, it's as you said, anderson. so far we know that police have identified the bomber. we're starting to get a better picture of who he was. 22 years old. born and bred in the uk but of libyan descent. and he was actually a student at the university of salford, which is in a manchester suburb. he was studying business and management. apparently had not been attending his