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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 27, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. hello everyone, thank you very much for joining me, i am fredricka whitfield. the president is heading home to dc and into a cloud of new allegations involving his team's contact with russia. today, the white house responded to explosive new reports involving the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. he's accused of setting a new allegation of setting secret line to the kremlin. our cnn's jim acosta was there.
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there is no press briefings but this was the president speaking to military members and their families. it was kind of like a rally, was it? >> reporter: it was really was. talking directly to his own audience. his audience today was u.s. military personnel here at sicily. the president claimed that he hit a home run on his foreign trip. fredricka, the under occurrence of this entire trip and the one that's waiting for the president when he gets back home and that's the russia investigation. we did not hear from the president in terms of talking to
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reporters. he did not answer questions from reporters in any kind of formal setting except for a couple of occasions at the beginning of this trip. this is unloo i cike what we ha seen, these two officials spoke on the report but on the camera, they were bombarded with questions of the russian investigation. the president's son-in-law and these reports back channelling with the russians during the transition that this was something jared kushner was considering. they wanted to waive -- when asked, he did not want to talk about jared kushner, how did you feel about back channelling of back channel with other
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countries. that's done from time to time. these conversations, these potential conversations that jared kushner was going to happen or have, have happened during the transition. that's when they're not in power and waiting to take power and so they're going to be all sort of questions. obviously, come up in this conversation in the coming days, that procolludes people who are not government officials negotiating with foreign powers. we should point out obviously, federal in vvestigators jared kushner is not a target of the investigation. they just want to talk of contact of their probes. >> the other as poeskt all of thi this. six of the g-7 countries said they would sign on and continue to honor the paris climate agreement. president trump says he's not going to do this.
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we can tell you fredricka when the president sat down with macron this week, he indicated that he feels he's under heavy domestic pressure back home in the united states to pull out the agreement to something that he will be watching. he will be very much going back to the bunker trying to avoid a lot of these questions of the investigation. of course, this climate deal is something he says he's going to decide on later on this week. perhaps, what's different now is he has the pope in his ear and he did say, he's going to consider what the pope said to him. perhaps, that's why he does want to delay and wait a week to see what's going on in the u.s. and pope francis may still be many his ears. >> perhaps some devine interventions, fredricka. >> maybe, we'll see.
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>> jim acosta. thanks so much. appreciate it. now, to that fire storm that does awake the president of the washington. the president's son-in-law setting up a communication line with the kremlin in the december meeting with the russian ambassador to the u.s. national security adviser, hr mcmaster, and gary palm responded to those reports just what jim was referring to. not on camera but you will hear the recorded audio while in italy. >> we are not going to comment on jerrared. we are not going to comment. >> generally speaking, would you be concerned of bang channel communications system with the russian embassy and with the kremlin would that generally concern you not to even address kushner specifically but in
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general termterms? >> generally speaking of back channel communications, it allows you to communicate in a discreet matter. it does not expose you of the content of the conversation or anything. no, we are not concern about it. >> we have a team of reporters covering this story, brian noble and claire sebastian, brian, let me begin with you, explain further of what we know of this back channel with the kremlin. >> at this point, jared kushner did not deny the report. he has yet to respond. cnn has confirmed that jared kushner set up secret lines to discuss discussions of syria. jared kushner discussed the idea with the meeting in december with russian ambassador kislyak.
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this story was initially reported by the washington post which revealed that kislyak told his proposers of this and he told jared kushner this wa was -- according to the post, kislyak was taken aback by the proposal because of the security risk. this of course yet another story involving the russian government and the trump team drekirectly d to jared kushner who's the son-in-law of president trump. at the time of the proposal, kushner was not a member of the government. he did have a preliminary
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security. kushner's attorney have said that he will cooperate with investigations. >> fred. >> you are there in moscow, how is this reporting play out there and has there been a response from the kremlin? >> fred, not from the kremlin but we did hear from the foreign ministry earlier today. the spokeswoman responding to a text message. she called it simply internal political squabbles. we assume that they were given that this was between kislyak. the kremlin did not answer that question when we put it to them
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either. t russia is being used as a tool by trump's opponents to hurt the administration and i think that's why you see here and they're keeping it fair lilo profile on these issues and not wanting to say too much. just enough to defend russia and create a sense that's political chaos in washington. frankly, they are already are and watching that has to be said. part of the statements coming out of trump during part of his visit of his policy is going to develop and as jim acosta was headquart reporting, very little on that trim. >> brian nobles and clare sebastian. thank you. >> ahead, two new arrests in connection with the uk bombing probe.
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. british authorities say two more men are undarrested from t bombing in manchester.
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security officials have lower the threat level from critical to severe. critical it was highest level in memphis. security officials in uk believed that another attack can be imminent. they're calling the public to exercise vigilant. this comes as british police continue to carry out raids here and manchester. they arrested two individuals today with connections with the investigation, that brings to 11, the total number of people that are now in custody. the investigation does have a focus with investigators trying to track down the network that they believe and able the attacker to carry out the plot. all of this is happening behind me. you can see this memoria memorial -- thousands of people came here to pay respects. people are still coming out here even in the rain.
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one of the more emotional scenes that we have seen, some of the family members of the victims who lost their lives in the attack came here today to pay their respects. and certainly in perhaps the most emotional that i have seen here, the family of gorgina, the 18-year-old girl. she tweeted a photo of her smiling next to ariana grande. they released those yellow balloons in the sky as a way of saying good-bye. it is a way for them to honor the 22 lives that were lost here in manchester, fredricka. >> so sad, thank you very much muhammad lela. new security, we'll find out what electronics could be banned from your next flight.
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either today, joe biden,
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delivered the commencement peach at kornell. call to close our nation's gates against the challenges of a rapidly changing world. the immigrant, the minority, the transgender, anyone not like me became a scape goat, just build a wall, keep muslims from coming the united states, they're the reason i cannot compete. that's why i don't have a job. that's why i worry about my safety. imagine, i imagine like me, many of you seen this unfold was incredibly disor disorienting a
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disheartening. this is a temporary state of affairs. the american people will not sustain this attitude for long. i promise you. [ applause ] >> millions of americans are expected to fly out this holiday weekend. starting soon, there maybe an added headache for flyers. a ban that all right affected to some. we take a look at what that can mean for your travel plans. >> reporter: travelers are on the move in expected record volumes and terrorists was as high as it was in september 11th. >> what i have learned of the last 120 days is relent less
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attempt on the apart of terrorists to blow up big airplanes and a lot of people. we are watching a number of very, very sophisticated, advance threat right now. >> travelers flying to the united states from ten airports in eight muslim majority countries are already under a laptop ban, meaning electronics larger than a cell phone may not be allowed. they may be used to detonate explosives. >> this heighten language without any policy changes, really leaves the american public at a disadvantage. that kind of advantage makes the american public do one of two things, freak out or two now. neither it is a good place to be. travelers at 10 u.s. airports may experience new tsa screening measures on larger electronics. the agency is testing screenings those items separately before
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allowing them on board. all this on the heels of a terror attack on concert goers in manchester, new england. a gunman retrieved a 9 millimeter handgun and opened fire at fort lauderdale. secretary kelly is warning congress, lone wolf attacks will continue. >> we'll see a lot more of that kind of attack. >> it is why some are alarmed at president trump's proposed 2018 budget cut. the program dispatches 31 teams of law enforcement and explosive experts to soft targets based on the threat level. the budget cuts would only leave 18 in place. there is no consistency between the language of secretary kelly of the terror threat and what his budget looks like.
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>> all right, that was renee marsh. so much more straight ahead at the top of the hour. i am fredricka whitfield. "vital signs" with doctor sanjay gupta begins right after this. or visit
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