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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  May 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you are in the cnn newsroom, i am monica cabrera in new york. great to have you with us. the latest potentially the most damaging development in the growing investigation of the ti ties with russia of the president's son-in-law. kushner discussed a plan to set up a secret communication channel with the white house to communicate with the kremlin.
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the man of one of moscow's top spy. that secret line was never set up. it is not clear in kushner brought it up or suggested by the ambassador. one other thing, reuters reporting that jared kushner failed to disclose his phone calls between the russian ambassador last year. >> meantime, the fbi is also very interested in a data operation that may have helped donald trump to win the white house. that data operation was supervised by jared kushner. so much to pull from this story. brian nobles is in washington
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and clare is in moscow. >> air force one is in the air, president trump will be back in the united states tonight. what administration officials are saying of these developments involving jared kushner. >> this speaks of the larger message of the white house of these lengthy trips of the president had over seas. the president took few if any questions from reporters. gary comb, the senior economic adviser did take questions from suppo reporters, they were asked by jared kushner and this is how they respond. >> we are not going to comment on jared kushner.
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>> general would you be concerned if someone on the national security council or in this administration were to seek a back channel communication system with the russian baaemba. >> generally speaking of back channel communications, it allows you to communicate in a discreet manner. so, no, we are not concerned about it. >> now, as for jared kushner himself, he has not responded directly to this report about attempting to set up back channel communication with the russian government. he did respond to the reuters, his attorney saying they are not exactly sure of what reuters are speaking about. we are not getting a lot of answers and a lot of these questions are going to be waiting for them as they arrive
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here in washington tonight. >> no doubt about it. i want to stay with me and bring in clare sebastian who is in moscow for us. what is the kremlin saying? >> as of yet, what we got was a text message of the foreign ministry today saying essentially calling that story by the washington post was intern internally political squabbles. she would not be drawn on that. we assume that they were aware of this from an intercept of
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kislyak. she would not comment on that, we have no comment as we say from the kremlin. in recent weeks there are various stories coming out of this from the trump administration. >> they paint them as a sign of political chaos in washington and this was no different. the spokesperson warning to not spread lies. >> thank you to both of you. take a listen to high michael hayden reacting to jared kushner of this secret line to mouscow. >> general hayden. >> well, right now i am goi going -- that's not particularly comforting for me. what manner of ignorance and
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chaos and contempt would you have to have to think that doing this with the russian ambassador was as good or appropriate idea. again, it does not make me feel good about many things. >> lets talk more about all of this with our california democrat who says kushner should be prosecuted for not disclosing all of his contact. thank you so much for joining us, what is your reaction to this latest recording on jared kushner. >> thank you, ana for your question. jared kushner should resign and he should be prosecuted for by lyi lying of his security clearance form. he failed to disclose the meeting with the russian ambassador. that was a significant meeting.
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you would not forget about that meeting on his security clearance form. when he was told to revise the form, he lied again because r t reuters reported there were two additi additional contactcontacts. >> back to what we are hearing in terms of the reports of the washington post of what officials, i should say confirming the cnn that this back channel communication line was indeed discussed, what do you make of the conversation and the content of that conversation? >> i think general mcmaster is misleading the public. the issue is not having a back channel communication with another country. the issue is that jared kushner wanted this done with russian equipment at a russian embassy. the only reason he would want to do that is hide those
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communications from u.s. intelligence and makes you wonder who's side is he on and what is he hiding. >> this communication happens between kislyak and russian ambassador and moscow. >> kislyak reported to moscow that it was jared kushner suggested this line of communication. is it possible or have you considered the fact that it is possible that russia may have been lying about this communication all together and in attempt to mislead u.s. officials if they believe this u.s. officials were listening to their conversations. >> this whole incident again shows that russia is not america's ally. they tried to under mind our elections last year and they're trying to under mind our democracy this year. for a jared kushner to not have disclose this meeting on his security clearance form, that's simply a violation of federal
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law. i have filled out security clearance form and right on the form, it says if you make a false statement, you are liable for punishment. >> we put up a tweet, would you reference that specifically, you talk about false statement by imprisonment, here is what kushner's attorney is telling cnn. a couple of phone calls between april and november. >> we have asked roiteeuters th date so we can look into it. congressman, what if he does not remember those additional contacts? >> the most significant take away from the attorney's statement is they don't deny cnn reporting or washington post reporting about the meeting with the russian ambassador.
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he failed to disclose that from security clearance form. that's a violation of the law. he now fails to disclose these reuter contacts that the roeutes talked about. why we are calling russian ambassadors. why is the administration doing that, if you were to do that, jared kushner would have remembered those. >> michael hayden suggested that the reasons behind some of these, could it be that? do you agree? >> suggesting a back channel communication with russians who are not our allies maybe because jared kushner is naive but to do it to say that we need to use russian equipment at the russian embassy, now he's trying to hide something. >> there is a pure lying under his security forms. those are serious offenses. >> congressman, --
12:11 pm
>> these are breaking stories that just occurred less than 24 hours ago. only a trump administration that you have breaking news that's interrupted by more stories. >> what would advise to your colleagues? >> they continue forward of the investigation. i am pleased there is a special counsel, robert mueller, who's investigating not just trump's russian collusion but anything that rises from it. it does no t matter what happens with the trump/russia collusion investigation. you got separate federal crimes being committed by jared kushner because of his lying on his security form. >> you are accusing him of lying. >> absolutely. when you have a major meeting
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with the russia baambassador talking about secret lining, that is a lie. he intentionally failed to disclose that. that's a federal crime. >> and in your mind, is this a game changer? >> it is but keep in mind the last few weeks have been a game changer. a turning point for america, we watched the president of united states commit obstruction of justice in realtime. he fired director james comey, he went on national tv, he did it because of the russians problprobe on his mind. he did it to release pressure on him on the fbi russia investigati investigation. >> congressman lieu. >> direct stay with us. with this level of intelligence...
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we now know a controversial move by james comey. cnn's dana bash has the detail on what caused comey to act on some information he knew was false during the 2016 presidential campaign. james comey knew a critical piece of the russian investigation relating to the e-mail investigation was fake. it felt that they needed to take action anyway. he was concerned if the information became public, it would under mind the investigation and the justice department itself. this is according to multiple sources talking to my colleagues. these were a major factor in comey deciding to publicly declare that the probe was over last summer without consulting attorney general loretta lynch.
12:18 pm
the fact that comey felt that he had to act based on russian's disinformation is a dark example of how russian interference i m impacted decision making of the highest level of u.s. government 2016 campaign. e-mails between the dnc chair of debbie wasserman shuchultz. comey told lawmakers that he was afraid that the information would drop and under minding the investigation. comey did not tell lawmakers that he doubted the accuracy of the information even in a classified setting. according to sources close to comey, the fbi director felt that the validity of the
12:19 pm
information did not matter. they had no way to discredit it from burning sources and methods. think of the chains of events that all of this helps set off. he took the extraordinary and many people say taking inappropriate steps calling her extremely careless. clinton's aid that her reputation would damaged with voters and would not recover. that would not happen if it were not for the russian interfere e interference. >> we are back with congressman ted lieu, thank you for staying with us after everything we learned and what dana just reported. did comey make the right call in holding that press conference
12:20 pm
ending the investigation without the justice department's approval? >> i disagree what many director comey's actions last year. i cannot second guess his integrity or judgment. he knew that if this fake russia e-mail got out to the public that the trump's campaign and major concerns and media sites were going to promote it and disseminate, that's what they did last year with all sorts of fake stories. there was no way the fbi would be able to respond. i can understand why director comey did the action that he did last year. >> would you have done the same thing? >> i would not, i would stopped the fbi -- i think that's what he should have done. again, it is hard to second guess his judgment because we saw last year of a lot of fake news that the russians put out that were repeated by media sites. >> congressman.
12:21 pm
was the infamous tarmac meeting of bill clinton and loretta lynch. >> i struggled of a number of things going on made me worried that the department of leadership could not complete the investigation without grievance damage of the american conference of the justice system. i am not picking on the attorney general, loretta lynch, her meeting with bill clinton on that airplane was a capper for me. >> in retrospect, what's your take on that? >> there was nothing false about what he just said. because at the beginning, he did reference that there are things that you cannot talk about yet. the meeting probably had some sway in the decision making. clearly, this russian intelligence fake document did have a tremendous way over his
12:22 pm
decision making and it is unfortunate buothat the russian were so successful last year, this year with fake information. >> multiple sources tell cnn until this day that russia is trying to spread that false information as you mentioned. ideas the u.s. through elected officials and american intelligence and law enforcement operatives and still nor attein to cloud the vitamin iinvestiga. right now could there be fake documents flowing around washington and possibly influencing probes. >> absolutely. that's why i am calling -- not just for a special counsel but great happenings. but also because we need now commission to look at exactly what we just said, the russian operations that are happening last year and continuing this year to under mind u.s. democracy and the elections. what do you do about that? >> we first need the non fake
12:23 pm
media to continue promoting real story. we need elected officials not to propagate what they know is fake russia news. we need our intelligence services, the fbi and others to step up their game and really fight back against the russian intelligence operations that have been so successful both last year and now. congressman ted lieu, thank you for your time. >> after the attack in manchester, security is being ramped up. fans can expect tight security and the vice president is expected to attend, we'll take you there, live in the cnn newsroom.
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fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard - calms the angry gut. you are in the cnn newsroom, i am ana cabrera. british air way cancelled from
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london to the biggest airport. the airline blames major it failure. the airline says there is no evidence of terrorist attack. british air ways hope to restore service by tomorrow. delays are expected. an update to the investigation of monday east's r attack of manchester. 13 people who are still in custody right now. >> police say they will be out in force. they have extra arm officers patrolli patrolling. it is the start of the holiest month of the muslim calendar. yellow balloons was released as
12:29 pm
a tribute to the lives loss. roar engines speeding around the tracks will be heard around the world in memorial day weekend. it is the 101st running of the indy 500. there you see there of hundreds of thousands of racing fans will turn out to see. i want to talk about security because a lot o f tensions after the terror attack in manchester this week. anything you can tell us about the measures being taken there? >> of course, here is what we learn -- there will be more than 1,000 law enforcement security personnel on-site this week and they added quick response tactic team and they found a unique way
12:30 pm
to remind fans if they see something or say something. >> now, the recent terror attack in england and recent announcement, mike pence, will be here at the tracks. there is a plan in place to keep safe. more than 300,000 people are expected to be here for the indy 500. this is the largest single day sporting event in the world. >> no doubt. so you know about sports. you know about competition. i understand that your past life in the nfl in comparisons in terms of challenge and what you got to experience there on the track with these racing legends. >> ana, i got to ride with living legend, the only rider won the championship.
12:31 pm
little did i know, i had no idea what it was going to be like. check it out. >> it is going to be a bad hair day. >> yeah, you will feel some deep forces in the car. it will go pretty fast. >> i am already horsed. i did two laps. my stomach was in the back of my throat the entire time. i have not screamed that loud my entire life. my body was feeling it, ana. >> i loved that you admitted about screaming around the tracks. coy wire, thank you for being there. eric jr. is meeting with
12:32 pm
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we are following breaking news, the swirling controversy awaiting president trump when he returns to the u.s. after his first trip over seas. it is centers around jared kushner of the secret commune cocaine commune -- communication line between the kremlin. that's not all. kushner is also facing intense scrutiny for another december meeting, this one with the russi russians who has close ties to vladimir putin. >> this is the man that jared kushner met with in december 2016. a month after his father-in-law, donald trump was elected as
12:37 pm
president. he's the chairman of ve bank. he has ties to russian president, vladimir putin, who appointed him to lead the bank. he trains people to work in russia intelligence and security forces. here is how the white house explains the nature of jared kushner's meeting with the banker. >> jared kushner did a job, he wants to make sure he's clear of the role he plays and who he talks to and that's it. >> that maybe true. it does not square what the bank itself have said about the meeting. in ta statemea statement, the e met with kushner not as a representative of the white house but ahead of the kushner's company. >> it is interesting that the russians seemed to contradict
12:38 pm
what jared kushner said when he said that he was acting between the campaign and foreign government. i am sure that'll be an issue that'll try to clarify. >> what exactly was discussed between kushner and the banker remains a mystery. though jared kushner offered to answer the senate intelligence committee questions about not only this meeting but another meeting he had with russian ambassado ambassado ambassadors kislyak. it was kislyak suggested that kushner meet with the russian banker. >> he did not mention either of these meetings maybe a topic of inquery. there is concerns that the russian bank havs have been und sanctions. when he met with him he was still ceo of the company.
12:39 pm
>> the meeting itself did not violate the u.s. sanctions but investigators would want to know what was said. >> i have a feel that it related to financial issues since it involved a russian bank. to his credit, he's willing to testify on that issue and i hope that the committee really thoroughly look at the reasons and why he's engaged in that conversation. seems that jared kushner who rarely speaks beyond a whisper in the president's ear may soon be called onto do a whole lot of talking. cnn, new york. randy kay. in a few hours from now, president trump will return to the united states as he wraps up his nine days. jared kushner and ivanka trump returned to washington, d.c. earlier this week. our security correspondent kim
12:40 pm
dolzier, of all these kcontacts learned in the last 24 hours, what's your take of jared kushner? >> kushner reportedly had this conversation with general michael flynn in the room with the russian ambassador. they talked about setting up this independent communication channel. the thing is when you get a security clearance, one of the things you do was not only disclose all foreign contacts you have had in recent years but also once you have that clearance, you have a duty to report contacts with foreigners and everyone contacts with journalists and especially contact journalists. he did not know that at that point but general flynn did. one of the things you do with
12:41 pm
counter intelligence is you want these kinds of contacts people have with foreigners and you look for something that maybe evasive. this was specifically designed to be evasive and that sets off morning bells. >> caitlin, jared kushner was still a private citizen at the time. although he was apart of the transition team. he's now an adviser of the president in official capacity at the moment. his lawyer seems to imply that he does not remember these conversations. he had thousands of phone calls during this time. is there anything that could suggest he did something illegal in all of these developments? >> just to put this in contact, this was after we knew that russia had been meddling in 2016 election. the fact that there is a discussion according to these reports that kushner was talking the ambassador and setting up
12:42 pm
these lines of communication, hiding them, reportedly from the obama administration, kind of speaks volume as to where their minds were at the moment especially since we knew about russia and being a former adversary and meddling in the election, that's striking, too. kushner is the closest person to the president. he was a key member of the campaign visually running the campaign at various points behind the scene and a key adviser to the president and was through the transition and his position is unconfirmed position, he did not need to go through that same level of public scrutiny that members of the cabinet and other appointees needed to go through. there is so many questions about this. as we know, he's someone that the committees are interested in talking to. if there is nothing that he wanted to discuss, nothing
12:43 pm
criminal, why go through the trouble of trying to create this very, very channel against the russians. could there be another explanation? >> right, that's what everybody is trying to figure out. what's the reasoning for this. some people said maybe he did not know, trump and many of his family involved in this process are new to governing and politics. there are also questions about you know what they were trying to talk about. he had that meeting undisclosed and he failed to disclose with the banker as he mentioned in the lead up to this. that ran up a lot of questions and particularly since there are also questions about kushner's own business dealings. >> here is what the russia side is saying, russia's foreign ministry denying reports of kushn kushner, calling it mccarthyism. >> and enjoying secretly every
12:44 pm
moment of this chaos that they have manage to unleash. it is the most disturbing fact about it is that if that meeting happens between jared kushner, michael flynn, and the russian ambassador and discussions took place as cnn confirmed, that means this white house felt more suspicious of the deep state inside the u.s. government and we are trusting moscow before they took office. that's disturbing. >> caitlin, i want to give you something just in the cnn newsroom. donald jr. and eric immediamee discuss strategies. is this a sign that they are worried of the midterm elections? >> it could be that. the sons are in charge of the trump's organization now that trump is president.
12:45 pm
so that presents some potential conflicts of interests given they are running the trump organization here. it is not clear to me what this meeting was exactly about and why they are involved in this type of thing. we do know donald trump jr. has been acted on the campaign trail for some candidates cam tpaigni in montana and that special election, congressman elect gianforte. and the fact that they are in charge of trump's organization is something to consider. >> caitlin and kimberley, thank you very much. >> something you may recognize, take a look at this. you see with youtube singer boni bonino. bush posted this picture on instagram saying bono ace real
12:46 pm
deal. he has a huge heart and not to mention, his voice. >> check this out. you can see a smile with prince harry with president obama. the two men discussed the manchester terror attack as well as support for veterans as well as mental health issues. disturbing but more and more racist rants shared widely online. what's behind this? you are live on cnn newsroom.
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. welcome back the sbru sm details of a deadly encounter on a train in portland, organ. wendy's tell police that the a man was calling what they called hate speech. two people are now dead, a third
12:51 pm
injured. 35-year-old germy christian is the man in prison. witnesses say two women, might have been a target of this quote unquote hate speech. the incident unfolded hours before the start of ramadan. following the stabbing the counsel of american relations called on president trump to speak out on an act of violence against muslim. this occurred at the end of the week that saw rants go rival in the grocery store. more and more these events seem to be caught on camera. cnn paula has this report. >> a series of racist rants in public and on camera. a woman in a virginia sprint store hurled a racial slur at a fellow customer.
12:52 pm
in arkansas. >> i said excuse me. >> go back wherefore your for example. >> go back to mexico is what that walmart shopper told america. she fired the n word at a woman looking to interject. >> stop being ignorant. >> then it's what orlando residence hector torres carpeted on his phone at the airport last week. >> shut up, shut up. >> wow unbelievable. mike that is sad. >> torres telling cnn he was speaking spanish to his puerto rico can mother on the phone when the conversation got heated. >> explain to what i did to you one more time. >> talking that stupid spanish around here when everyone else is speaking american. >> these videos remind us that
12:53 pm
race has been can substantiate problem in the united states. >> there's been a spike of a number of racist rants posted on social media experts say. >> as technology becomes more and more rain stream and more and more people are have smart phone devices and video capability it's going to be exploding more and more. >> recording these kinds of cop front tags may also em poir people to expose the racism. >> people perhaps feel more embolden to express politically in correct point of view as a result of president trump's success to be able to use politically in correctness as a tool of being corrected. it's important to think these people held the thoughts of you long before. >> this videos may be ugly. >> learn how to [ bleep ] english. >> it's a larger point about
12:54 pm
race. pull doe, cnn atlanta. a pioneer of american music has died. we got confirmation greg almon died in his home in almond. he and his brother found the also mand band. almond's manager says he has a number of health issues. he was 69 years old. we'll be right back. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. could be preventedrrent with the right steps. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps
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this memorial day week 1,000 extra police officers are patrolling choig on an effort to quail the violence on the south side. this week cnn hero gives kids a safe space. meet jennifer maddox. >> we are in a state of emergency here in the city of choig. the shooting, the killing, 5, 6, 7 years old they're lossing people they love and care about. i'm a law enforcement officer but i'm also a mother and a member of this community. we can't arrest our way out of this. once i saw that there was another side to policing, i thought that i could do more. you're live in the nn
1:00 pm
newsroom, thanks for being with me. i'm monaco cabrera in new york. president trump at the air force one flying back to the united states and a storm at home. reporters confirm jared kushner set up a meeting secret meeting with the kremlin. this story was reported by "the washington post". using russian diplomatics and equipment. sources say the conversation came burg a meeting with kislyak back in the trump tour. that was before the inauguration and also in the meeting michael flynn. cnn just learned members of trump's family are learning about the future and making sure everyone is on the sameag


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