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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 1, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening just a few hours ago the president of the united states kept a campaign promise with no less than global implications with ripple effects perhaps on everything from jobs to american leadership in the world to possibly whether the ocean rise or fall. he announced his intention to make in country one of the just
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three on the entire planet to break with the paris accord on global warming abnicaragua and syria and now the united states. the president said he was strike ago below against a deal he hayes would ham string american industry put the country at a global disadvantage. he said he was elected to represent pittsburgh not paris. pittsburgh's mayor joins us tonight he is taking issue with that decision so are a number of of world leaders. lieding republicans. those reported his daughter and son-in-law. missouri owner that first the details from jim acosta. >> with theering earth hanging in the balance president trump stayed true to political orbit. ending u.s. participation in the paris climate agreement. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> after a fierce debate inside the washingtonment pitted steve bannon who favored pulling out against his daughter ivanka who
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advocated staying in the agreement p the president said he will try to hammer out a new climate deal many something of a consolation prize for ieskt. >> we're getting out. but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that's fair. if we can that's great. and if we can't that's fine. >> the speech was steeped in campaign rhetoric as the president framed his choice as a win for american workers the heartland. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> and a loss for nations mr. trump accused of exploiting the u.s. >> at what point does america get demeaned? at what point do they start laughing at us as a country? we want fair treatment for its citizens. and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. we don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us
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anymore. and they won't be. >> the president's move was instantly cheered by conservatives who feared the president would fail to keep a campaign promise reemted time and again. >> we're going to cancel the paris climate agreement. >> this is the moment we finally determined we would save our plan zbleet former president obama moua helped craft the deal criticized his successor decision. saying in a statement even as the administration joins a small handful of nakss that attacks the film i'm confident state cities and businesses will help protect the one planet we've got. the move is remgted by leading american ceos who had pleaded with the president to stay in the deal. tesla elon musk announced he is stepping down from the president's economic advisory boards. tweeting climate change is real leaving paris is not good for the america or the world. >> jim joins us where were ieskt trump and jared kushner they didn't attend the speech. >> very good question derds we
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were worning that ourselves. we did not see them in the rose garden earlier today. we're told by a white house official they were observe ago jewish holiday at snog this martini and ieskt stayed home with children. jared kushner anderson though did come to the white house although he did not attend the speech. he had a longstanding meeting we're told by a white house official but the white house feshl went on to say he was involved in the process of the announcement. but anderson one startling thing missing from the announcement today was acknowledgement from the president that climate change is happening tp. there was a briefing alberta on the day reporters top official was the white house declined to say to reporters garthed here that the president believes in climate change we still don't have an answer to that. >> jim acosta thanks more global reaction in the phone and wording the president made it plain that what the rest of world thinks is not his concern. so far the reviews are not positive. the president marken took the opportunity to use in english to speak out against the decision.
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using the president's catch phrase. >> we all share the same responsibility. make our planet great again. >> well that's not all he and other world leaders had to say. michelle kucinski has that angle the world's reaction came fast and furious. >> the united states with will withdraw. >> paris lit up city hall green. canada's justin true dough expressing deep disappointment along with brazil. germany, france pan italy in a joint statement saying the paris climate agreement cannot be renegotiated. despite president trump saying it's a possibility. >> it is not a future we want for ourselves. it is not a future we want for our children. >> the president of the european commission pulled no pugmiring reminding the u.s. that withdrawal from the deal is a year's longs. process. >> >> translator: that's not how it works. the americans can't just leave the climate protection
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agreement. mr. trump believes that because he doesn't get close enough though dossiers to understand them. this notion, i am trump i am american america first and i'm going to get out of it that won't happened we tried to explain that to mr. trump in clear german sentences. >> the vatican called the american decision a disaster for the planet. when the pope met with trump he gave him his published thoughts on the environment calling for a revolution on climate change before the earth did he involves into quote an immense pile of fillth. >> from the u.n. secretary general. >> climate change is undeniable. climate action is unstoppable and climate solutions provide opportunities that are unmatchable. >> fom foreign policy experts including ones who served in republican dmrkss feel in decision now could have the greatest diminishing effect on the u.s.'s influence in the
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world. with china, india, europe, more than ready to step in and philamefill that void. the cooperation with china will play a crucial role in regards to new technology. a role china relevant i should today in editorial in the english language tabloid. a reckless withdrawal from the climate deal will waist increasing finite u.s. diplomatic resources annual the u.s. selfishness and err responsibility will be made clear to the world crippling the country as world leadership. michelle kucinski, cnn the state department. >> panel now. . van jones and steve. more. van what's your reaction to this decision by the president? >> it is incredibly disappointing to see an american president essentially throw an american industry under the bus. the clean energy industry in the united states is one of the fastest growing if not the fastest growing part of the
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kmern american economy. wove more people right now working in the solar industry than we have coal miners same with wind absmart batters, what this deal would have done and still has a chance to do is to turn 190 countries into a 19 oh customers for american clean energy firms. and instead of us staying at the table and pushing forward, we now have an american president who does not want for america to be first in clean energy. doesn't want us to be first in innovation doesn't want american workers and -- and there are tens of thousands of them to be at the front lines. it's bizarre to have someone say he wants to make america great again and then lead the rust belt idle they could be building wind turbines solar panels. they could be making smart cars smart batteries all that stuff is part of the world's effort to go clean and the only countries who can lead the world if that walks united states and german we threw it away. >> if the paris agreement is so bad for american jobs as the
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president is saying why do so many american cans exxonmobil bp and chevron support the accord. >> i think they were be good the citizens and putting out the right sound bites. i want to address something in the presentation where you said that -- that this was -- you had you read the obama quote saying this would save the planet i think you said early year on this was the kind of climate deal ha that could stop the rise of the oceans one of the things that hasn't been talked a lot about let's say we went all in on the climate change deal and all of the countries rmts kept all the promises they made but let's assumed that happened according to the mit i study one of the definitive ones year 2100 this reduce global tufrmts by.17 degrees that's not going- that's not. >> the economic argument which is the one van is making. >> right. >> so. >> that's. >> is obviously the the climate it's an arguable point but the
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economic point i think is interesting one what douse to van to hayes it's the fastest grow sector and the future more than coal. >> it's not oil and gas is growing much faster becausive a smal oil and gas rufrls going on in the country. by the way anderson it's interesting all the europeans have been very violent in opposition to what trump did. pu -- but the european countries ten years ago went all in for the kind of green energy that van is august. ment all in are sole ara wind and so on their electricity prices today are double and sometimes three times higher than ours are. they want us to move to in that direction so they don't use competitiveness you've got factories now the first time in years leaving europe coming to the united states because we have lower energy prices. >> van what about that? >> well he is -- he is overstating the case a number of ways. first of all, it is not in fact the case that you have -- he said -- you have two and three times -- that's not true. a couple things happened hold hon a second in the united states we did the shale oil --
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shale gas rufrlgs which crashed our prices here. that is true. but at the same time the price for clean energy has been going down down don you don't actually have the same kind of shale opportunities that you have in europe. i think part of the thing that you see with the republicans who are trying to defend trump on this is that they just want to look away from what's actually happening in our own country. california has the most stringent environmental and carbon constraits in the country and they have the strongest economy it turns out when you have good environmental policy with the new technology you actually drive more economic growth. they ignore all of that. they grab different things -- they grabt different examples they don't explain well from around the world and throw a much bunch of world salad at you but the reality is we have walked away from an opportunity to create a massive number of customers for american energy and that's why even exen and shale sell- when exen shell and bp and van jones agree.
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>> we already have example what of the climate change policies can do with something you would called the clean power plant. >> which never got complemented. >> by the way it's been complimented and we've seen. >> no it didn't. >> you talk about what's happening in the california look what's happening in west virginia, pennsylvania, ohio i visited a lot of coal town des mated by climb change regulations. >> i can't let you lie the obama's clean power plan never got complemented it was put forward because the conservative nixon created the conservative clean air act and epa and the right wing roberts court said that obama had to use that on climate change. so obama moves forward with the plan. and it didn't get implemented because you guys stopped it here is what you got to understand. there is so much nonsense being spoken. the reason that you do not have what you and i both want are people working in the rust belt is because the wind industry which could create a bunch of jobs was stopped by you guys in congress. zboo wait a minute. >> tesla- totally subsidized the
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wind strie the wind industry wouldn't exist today in america by their own admission it if ittant weren't foi giant taxpayer suddenty? you want to have the rm fight let's talk about subsidy we subsidize big oil by having the pentagon police products around the world in let them pollute carbon for free we massively subsidize fossle fuels and have for a hundred years. all countries subsidize energy because energy is so important. >> that's true except it's louisiana order of magnitude higher subsidies per kilowatt of industry that's produced by the way that was the obama's own energy department that said that the subsidies to wintded and solar about five to ten times higher than what the oil and gas industry gets it's not a level playing field. >> let's talk about george w. bush's department of energy which said that we have a saudi arabia of wind energy in the plain states and if we tapped that we could be completely free of he. >> dan if you're right about that why do we need this climate deal you keep say this this is
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this is wonderful knew technology is taking oif. >> why don't voon us why do we need a climate deal to do it. >> because the u.s. said energy is special you have to have rules for the road clear market signals over a long period of time with otherwise you choke off all the capital. nobody is going to invest in a cleaner energy maximum when i the rules are all over the place we had hf to have a global agreement to shend a process mark market year your guyer to zblup many key allies did he announcesing the zipgs many we had the french president saying ma make our planet great again what does it mean internationally. >> it means we've stepped away from gloeshl leadership not only stepped away but gotten shoved off the stage by ourselves. >> isn't that the same as the kyoto protest tolless back in -- dsh it was abrogation of u.s. leadership and it didn't -- the world continued to move forward. >> right but this is -- look
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this is something that everyone has signed on to except for syria and nicaragua. a and nicaragua didn't sign on to it this because it wasn't stringent enough. and this was a moment when the world came together and said, you know what we've got to clean up our act. and people -- countries tend to look to the united states. for leadership in these -- in that kind of a situation. and you cannot lead if you believe that there is a conspiracy around every corner. and what we heard from the president today is that there is a conspiracy in the rest of the world to destroy the american economy. i mean, he -- you know, he talked about massive redistribution of united states wealth to other countries. if that is what he believes nonhow can he lead? and how can we lead? i think you know that sort of begs the question. he sort of said you guys are all out to get us. and therefore we're not going to be a part of this. >> saying they're laughing us we
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former president clinton has tweeted about president trump's decision walking airway from a paris treaty is a mistake climb change is real we oour children more also protecting the future creates jobs. cnn richard quest called to it biggest frrms error since entering the iraq war. united steel workers which represents a western pennsylvania union runs on control calling it an inexcusable below to the u.s. economy obviously not everybody agrees on the panel. april this decision was from the steve miller, steve bannon part
9:20 pm
of the white house, america first national ideology. there was we are led to believe a lot of lob yg from ieskt trump and jared kushner to stay in. this seems more victory in ternls of internal white house policy of steve bannon. >> steve ban be had a victory lap you could see him in the rose garden standing tall and letting people see him as this was his -- informs one of his babies. the president definitely talked about the fact that this is about detroit. this is about young s town. not about the world about us was as steve bannon is taking the victory lap you're hearing from president obama and form vice president al gore who won a noble prize about his comments on climate change. you heard from joe biden. as we're talking about the economics of it all and some people saying donald trump is trying to make coal great again
9:21 pm
at the expense of clean energy, you know, there is another piece that people aren't thinking about. ka treena remember the debate during the bush years about the rising sea levels and droughts and things of that nature. i looked at the world health organizations website today. they were talking about how people are affected globally by climate change. and this is -- this is the piece of the discussion that's missing as well. how tens of thousands of people die annually because of the fact that droughts and floods. because of climate change, because of bad air, heat what have you what's going on. these people are dying because of things like zika that we had a scare with thp things like dinga and kohl ray. there are so many different components to the conversation yes steve bannon talking about this country. he what affects the world affects us.
9:22 pm
the two photos we showed of steve bannon were no from not from today. the president did leave the door open for further negotiations he said in his words to see if we can make a deal that is fair. leaders of germany, france a italy call key u.s. awries shot that count saying it's not negotiableable. the the idea that this is something going to be renegotiated that's no not really really. >> let me address two things. >> it's not a problem i'm saying what the president is saying that's -- is that -- i mean it sounds a little disingenuous saying we're looking into renegotiating. >> i don't think so i'll get to if that ma second i want to say in the beginning. rush limbaugh did something yesterday he addressed the ppt personally on his show. and basically said please, sir don't do this. and i can tell you. >> don't do this don't pull out. >> don't -- in other words he wanted him exactly what he did today what he was saying is don't go back on campaign
9:23 pm
promise because there is millions of people that voted for you depending on this. >> how much was this about appealing to the base. >> i think there is some of that because clearly place like pennsylvania, ohio, west virginia, had a problem their voters did not want this. the second thing, anderson in terms of governmental process to get to your question, i want to read you one sentence here. this is a quote. i think it's hard to take seriously from some members of congress who defy the fact that climate change exists that they should have some opportunity to render judgment about -- about a climate agreement. quote unquote nas josh ernest president obama's press secretary in march of 2015 responding to a question about why this was quote unquote accord when it's a treaty really but they didn't want to submit it they the white house didn't want to submit it to the senate for a vote. and the reason was they hadn't made the political argument to have the senators there to do this. so to get to your point, if president trump does renegotiate this at some point, then the
9:24 pm
answer is submit it to the united states senate and see how. >> but he is not going to renegotiate that's not feasible. >> right be right. >> that's just made up. >> i don't think he should. i don't think he should. but if he does my point is this was a failure of leadership by president obama to make the political argument to get get it passed. >> then i mean does it -- does it upset you -- i'm sure it upsets be the idea that this is appealing to the president's base -- you have a lot of president's adviser, rex tillerson arguing to stay in the accord. even from a national security standpoint you had people arguing this in. >> it's very, very disturbing because here is what you've got. you've got the top leaders, ceos of american corporations, including bp, chevron, shell, say, please do this. you have silicon valley saying please do not pull america out of this.
9:25 pm
you've got the environmental community saying please don't do this. you have world leaders saying please don't. the only people think this is a great idea are a small circle around one-half of the white house and a bunch of people listening to rush limbaugh. but the problem is that those very people who are in pennsylvania who you love, jeff and so do i, and in ray west virginia and in ohio, the best shot they have to go back to work is when we start building wind turbines in americaer part fabricating toll sahr panels electric cars be those are the people we've throne under the bus. >> we got to love it leave appreciate it everybodien oh the panel the president said he was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh 7 mayor of response has a response you'll hear from him next. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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9:30 pm
>> at what point does america get demeaned? at what point do they start laughing at us as a country? we want fair treatment for its citizens. and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. we don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore. and they won't be. they won't be. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh not paris. >> well just before i spoke with the mayor of pittsburgh. the mayor. mayor i wonder what went through your mind when you heard him saying he was elected to represent the citizens of burg not par zblies shock. hillary clinton won the city of pittsburgh with nearly 80% of the vote. and the values we have in this city follow along the lines of
9:31 pm
what the paris agreement stated. we're already following those goals. >> he was probably speaking met forric country but pittsburgh used to be a big coal down in consumption as well as production do you think the president understands coal doesn't play a big role. >> conhave picked a worse city. people wanted to know about pittsburgh's story because it wasn't only just heavy on fossle fuels but also went through a gregs where our unemployment was greater than during the great depression. only because we looked towards the future we started to have an economy that went up. and today we're back on a groebl stage but it's not through our old economy. it's in robertics artificial intelligence, medicine and technology and finance. and if it weren't for that transition pittsburgh would have never been able to get back up. >> what do you say working in the coal industry coal miners
9:32 pm
out of work to believe the president is going to you know help them dig more coal or get back to work. >> i call it false hope. and i know them. i know them personally they live apprehend our city. i have family that lives in west virginia. and what i say to them is look at the example of what pittsburgh was able to do. if there was ever a hope from the paris agreement and an example of a city, i mean anderson, our air was so bad we have to have the streetlights on 24 hours. but we understood we would build out a new economy and it would take time. there is nothing progressive about laying off a coal miner but there was a way to transition and understand. as the world starts to finance renewable energies and those that brown finance banks understand that that is where the financing waters are moving -- then the united states will either be a part of that or we're going to be left behind and watch germany and southeast asia lead the next economic revolution. >> you say your city is going to
9:33 pm
continue the follow the guidelines of paris agreement. how do you do that exactly? >> by executive order of my own. tomorrow morning i'll be issuing an executive order that will say that our government will follow the 2023 guidelines that we put in place. we'll meet all the benchmarks and goals, follow the 2030 goals and benchmarks of reducing carbon footprint. and to be honest with you what i found out when i was in paris it wasn't the federal governments that were doing it anyways. it was always about the cities. in cities across mayor you'll see mayors standing up and saying we got this. >> do you have a message for the president tonight. >> what you did was not only bad for the economy of this country, but also weakened america in this world. >> i appreciate your thyme thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up withdrawing from the paris agreement the president is not only going against nearly every other country on earth he is undoing a
9:34 pm
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well for years donald trump as a citizen tried to undermine president obama through the birther conspiracy theory through criticism on twitter err now as president he is trying to undermine some of president obama's biggest accomplishments, center pieces of accomplishes in the white house. paris accord breaking with nearly every country on earth. the president also set highs sites on obamacare obviously the transpvc partnership that is just the beginning as you see the list goes on there are dozens of obama policies and programs that president trump has reversed affecting gun cell or planned parenthood hunting animals in wild life refuges. . joining in david axelrod aba work for the ov administration. flrm including communications director and state department spoke person. what it like personally david watching some of the work you and president obama worked on
9:39 pm
get taken apart by the administration. >> you know maybe this sounds disingenuous, anderson i'm less concerned about sort of 9 impact on president obama's legacy than i am the impact on the country moving forward. you see something like this today and the impact on the issue of climate. is deeply concerning. but more than that, the issue of american leadership and prestige in the world, and ability to shape events as we've shaped them since world war ii. knows are very much in question because of the decisions which i believe were made almost entirely on a political basis. to appease the president's base and not on the basis of the substantive facts. that's what concerns me. i think that there will be more durability to these accomplishments moving forward. but the one that worries me the most is just america's leadership in the world.
9:40 pm
>> do you think -- do you think president obama sees it in that same -- in that same kind of perspective. >> he is a long-term thinker. i think he understands the steps he took on climate change set things in motion that are hard to turn back. you can see a burgeoning clean energy industry in this country that began with the recovery act back in 2009 and some of the steps the epa took while he was president, steps hard to unwind and will lead to long court battles. and he understands that he encouraged other countries to take steps forward that are going to be hard to turn back. in fact some countries may accelerate efforts as a result of in decision. but i do think he will worry about what i'm worried about. because he worked very hard to establish international coalitions around issues like climate change and america played an independenceable role in that. if america steps back it adds an
9:41 pm
element of uncertainty also zpriefs american businesses of a chance -- a major chance to take advantage of the opportunities that the new economy and the new clean energy economies offers. >> jenn from what you would consider the accomplishes of president obama and the white house then, where does the paris accord fall in terms of significance. >> well, this one stunning i'm sure stunning the president as david said he is somebody it who plays the long game there is lots of opportunities for states and local governments to take action. when i went back to work for him in 2015 one of the first conversations we had anderson was about climate change. and he asked me for to find more opportunities to speak publicly about the issue to make sure people understood the importance of this issue because he was worried about the future he was leaving for his grand children. and that wasn't just because he fundamentally believes he wants to have clean drinking water and
9:42 pm
air. of course that. but he also is concerned about the national security implications, things like famine and the contacts impacts of climate change and what this does to local economies in the united states. >> president trump said we're pulling out of the accord but going back and try to renegotiate something. it made it sound like that might be a very easy thing. this -- in negotiation took a long time for in accord. >> well, look, many of the european leaders issued a statement very quickly after that. and said absolutely not. we are not going back. we are not going to renegotiate. now and you wonder how sincere the president was about that. i honestly think, anderson that this was a -- a big base play. you have an embattled president. he was told by steve bannon some of the people around him that you need this base. they're the people sticking with you through the storms and they're going to walk away from you if you -- on a big one
9:43 pm
that's symbolically important to them like this turn the other way. he over -- he ignored the advise apparently of national security advisers, diplomatic are the advisers with you l economic advises advisers but took the advice of political advisers. >> how is this different from president obama. he reversed emirates president bush's nirkts. faith base initiatives stem cell research all through executive orders. i'm sure people could argue those were politicly motivated as well. >> i think what i heard from president trump today is the difference there is a dishonesty in what he is promising. one this is a nonbinding voluntary agreement. yes only two countries syria and nicaragua didn't participate. but every country sets their own targets essentially what trump is doing taking our away our wheat seat at the he could have changed the targets we could have a debate about policies to implement them.
9:44 pm
but he wanted to deliver on the campaign promise. it's very transparently albricht l political in that way. the second way is the reference to coal jobs. the fact is that coal jobs have been decreasing for years and including exports. and the reason is because natural gas is cheap and accessible. by promising people that this is going to bring back coal jobs or help the coal industry there is a dishonesty to that. i don't think i can look back and say that the decisions we made and the obama administration were done with that level of transparent political action that weren't backed up by facts or believes. >> david axelrod, jenn, thanks. >> thank you anderson. >> thanks. >> just to add fired fbi director james comey testify will week from today we got the date at a senate intelligence committee hearing. first public comments since firing his chance tohill tell his story. we'll have details on that. what russia. president vladimir putin who who may have hacked the u.s. election.
9:45 pm
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. one woke from today june 8th former fbi director james comey will give his testimony since president trump fired him may 9th. he'll testify before the senate intelligence committee in open session. part of the investigation into the russian meddling in the
9:49 pm
election. when he got the axe mr. comey was leading the fbi russia investigation. a lot has happened since then np jess kwa snyder joins me with the latest. what do we expect to hear from director comey when he testifies. >> we know he consulted with roblt mueller about what the parameters of his testimony. we know from a source is that comey plans to talk about interactions with president trump we know of course that president trump asked for a pledge of personal loyalty from comey in january and then there was that february meeting where president trump allegedly asked comey to shut down the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. we expect to hear those details when comey does testify one week from today and thursday. >> will all the testimony be public? >> well it will proceed in two parts. beginning 10:00 a.m. on thursday it's the public portion. moves into a closed session potentially for classified information at 1:00 p.m. >> i understand that vladimir putin weighed in today on the
9:50 pm
idea of russia hacking in the election. >> you know it was quite striking, anderson. putin's words they really marked quit a big shift from the previously blanket hackers to artists who choose their targets depending on how they feel when they wake up in the morning. it was an interesting dialogue. and president putin does continue to deny any state role but it was a departure from the previous stance that russia played no role whatsoever in the hacking during the 2016 election. anderson? >> jessica, thank you. joining us now jeffrey toobin. former director comey does tell his story what he says is his story, and it turns out to be what is reported, that the
9:51 pm
president asked comey to slow or stop the investigation of flynn, does that constitute obstruction of justice in your opinion? i thought he said not being under political pressure. >> well, you have to listen to what he says. certainly, it's a palt. if you look at the whole story, if the facts are that trump encouraged comey to stop the investigation and when he didn't stop the investigation, he fired him, that lays out a plausible matter of obstruction of justice. a lot of the matter is in the details. and fk just raise one factual question, which i think is an important one is along with this testimony, will congress have access to and release comey's contemporaneous notes? because that would certainly give a lot more credibility to what he says. because it wouldn't just be his recollection.
9:52 pm
it would be his contemporaneously written notes. >> jay, i assume you disagree with jeff here. >> the contemporaneous notes the former fbi director reported to a newspaper? that is not going to be significant evidence, number one. number two, the standard -- and jeff knows this. the standard to show obstruction of justice, is a high level. threats of force. the idea that the president made the statement if he even made the statement and james comey didn't bother to walk across the street and say the department of justice that he feels his investigation is being obstructed, what happened here? jeff knows this. if he thought there was an obstruction of justice issue at play by the president of united states, he had an obligation to
9:53 pm
notify the department of justice. he didn't do that. >> jeff, did he have an obligation? >> i don't know where that obligation comes from. he has an investigation he is trying to protect. and what he has said, as i understand it, he was trying to keep trump at a distance so he could allow his investigators to proceed without interference of trump. he was fired. the obligation to go forward, that is basically made up, jay. you made that up -- >> no, it's part of the 18ac. that is part of the criminal code. do you think it's a little ironic that the former fbi director leaked his so called memo, his contemporaneous notes to the press -- >> we don't know that he leaked it. someone leaked it. >> but that doesn't affect whether the notes are accurate or not. the notes are the notes, regardless of who has access to them. >> if they are fbi documents and
9:54 pm
he allowed them to be leaked, you don't think that's a violation of the law? if this is an fbi investigation and he feels there is obstruction of justice -- >> we don't know if he allowed -- there are people -- >> james comey on trial here instead of the person who obstructed justice. >> someone stole the fbi director's notes -- >> no, either they were stolen or he leaked it. the other option is that he at the state talked to other people about it and those may be some of the people who came forward who leaked it. >> yeah, but so what? >> the leaking -- >> it's not a question whether it's okay. you were saying is it legal? i'm just saying it's a third option. >> to turn it into a debate about leaks as opposed to the under lying conduct is really a pretty transparent attempt to change the subject from what this is really about, which is whether the president objected justice.
9:55 pm
and your citations to 18 uac are interesting, and that question is would -- what he did constitute a high crime and misdemeanor, that is something that is up to congress. >> that's not -- this is what this is -- the question is, was -- if the president even made that statement d that constitute obstruction of justice? that's the legal question. did he have criminal intent to do that? and here's the question, anderson and jeff, why if he thought there was an obstruction of justice, and he was threatened, did he not tell the department of justice? if you know of a crime and you don't report that crime, you're liable. >> jeff, what about that? >> that is not -- there is no -- there's no such law that says you have to do that. and the other -- you have to
9:56 pm
look at what comey's situation was. comey was trying to keep his investigation going. i mean f he went to the department of justice the first time he was uncomfortable and just blew the whole thing up, that -- >> that is the not legal standard, jeff, uncomfortable is not the legal standard. >> jay, you are trying to put jim comey on trial instead of the real issue here, which is whether donald trump obstructed justice. >> one week from today. we will keep watching. would love to have you back. much more ahead on the breaking news in washington that is sparking intense reaction around the world. president trump's decision to pull out of the paris accord. what does it mean for our allies? that is ahead. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships
9:57 pm
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breaking news tonight. the repercussions here and around the world from president trump's announcement today that the u.s. is pulling out of the paris accord on climate change. they are significant. from democrats a number of key republicans, ceos, even the mayor of pittsburgh, it was a statement heavy opnationalism, a sense of grievance that the president said was unfair to america and damaging to the u.s. economy. jim acosta joins us from the white house. we can't say we didn't see this coming. this is what the president ran on. this is a campaign promise, but