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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  July 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and we are very happy for you, heinz. >> no doubt about it, we are not worthy. >> mr. ambassador. >> we hope you make some great memories. >> "inside polotics" with john king starts right now. a sexist rant at a news anchor and allegations of a bizarre tabloid threat. >> this is maddening because it's beneath the dignity of the president of the joouns. >> off message on health care, too. plus it back to the world stage including the first face-to-face with vladimir putin. >> russia is our worst adversary in the world today. welcome to "inside
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polotics." i'm john king. a big week ahead for president trump includes his first meeting with with vladimir putin. the white house won't say if if president plans to raise russia's unprecedented russia interference. >> if it continues to interfere and act, russia is going to do this again. >> process for a major overhaul of the health care system also hangs in the balance this week. they're a giant obstacle to compmize. >> you have a clean repeal and then you have a separate spending bill that for there big government republicans who think responding is the answer, put it on a bill the democrats like and then they can work on it. but let's have a repeal bill because that's what we promised. >> but we begin with the
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president's defiance. >> it's a distraction. and it really ultimately starts to undermine the president's ability on the agenda. >> with us to share their reporting and insights julie pace, phil mattingly, and sarah morry. >> unswayed by the crittism of recent days. >> the fake media is trying to silence us, but we will not let them because the people know the truth. the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they're not. >> now, it's hardly news that
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the president is thin-skinned and has been overly sensitive to cable news. all words we've heard before. i'm sorry, mr. president, not from the 3450edia from but from the president's own friends and allies after tweet storms launched by our very different 44th president. more and more of the president's fellow republicans are discussing his concerns about his discipline and his temperament not as anonymous sources but on the record, on camera. >> that's a tweet that's not even becoming a city councilman. >> i'm not going to even defend his tweet. it was ugly. and personally do hold the president of the united states to a higher standard. >> a conservative, but never a trump fan summed up the temperament talk in this way. inpulseativity combined with
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narcissistic injury is a red flag to many for the man with access to the codes. what strikes me the most, the republicans, they've talked privately about this for month, but there was no shortage this week saying this was wrong, mr. president, it's unpresidential, and mr. president, you're undermining your own agenda. there was a shift, and where do we go from here? >> this is trump's agenda. going after the media, trying to tear us down is as much a part of the agenda as the health care bill, trying to tear that down. he thinks he has a clear lane for doing some of the things he wants to do. for rmens if they feel this
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would undermine their ability to sell a bill. so far we haven't seen much beyond the rhetoric from republicans, but we're heading into a pretty intense summer of legislating. and i think we'll have to see if these republicans start backing away from the actual policy decisions. >> so that's a trigger. if policy opportunities or ability to get policies passed, conservative policies they've been talking about for eight years, all of a sudden go out the door, then i think you'll see a bigger shift. when are people going to become concerned and actually start taking action? we haven't seen any action. we've seen a change in tenor with people going on camera to talk about this, but as long as we have infrastructure, and health care sitting out there,
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then we're not going to see that. until he feels like he's losing, until he feels like his ability to do what's gotten him to this point is no longer working for him, there's no sense for him or his top advisers to change. at this point if you don't believe the polls and still feel your agenda is moving forward in some capacity, why change? and that's a key point i'm reminded of, he's not going to change ever. >> and he clearly just has different lines than we do. to that point, friends who sometimes get the president to calm down for a couple of days or back off for a couple of days say in this case he's not listening to them because he thinks he's right. there's a long list of republicans. i showed you three there. i could show you ten. but he says this, my use of
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social media is not presidential, it's modern day presidential. make america great again. >> i don't know why washington think this man is going to change. he's not going to change. let's remember that many of these members of congress watched trump say things that were equally disturbing, equally sexist, equally sexist in 2014, and they showed up. this is not a new person you elected. this is the same person i saw time ask time again on the campaign trail. so it's a little bit of a sham to say we should be surprised he's behaving like this. he's a 70-year-old man. this was what he was like during the campaign. >> just want to listen to kellyanne conway here. she goes on tv and she's right some of the things said about
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the president are pretty harsh. the question is he's the president, why can't he just let it like water on a duck, roll-off, she says no. >> talking about dementia, armed chair sicallgists all over television every day. george, it doesn't help the american people to have the president covered in this light. the toxicity is over the top. >> every right to her opinion, the part that jumped out at me during the july fourth weekend here, it's not patriotic. actually, whether you or disagree i'm not saying we're right all the time, but the right to speak your mind is patriotic. >> i think it's important to say the tweet he actually sent that got the members criticizing him was very sexist, very personal, very mean. the rest of the tweets he sends
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about the media being fake news, so on, the line he had to cross was so far. >> that's a key distinction. he could beat up the media all he wants. that's a political strategy. and sometimes we get too whiny about it. he should say what he wants. and if he wants to point utfactual errors, he can point out errors. it's the sexism he went on with that tweet. you made the point until he thinks he's losing he's not going to back off. does he have good leadership skills, 54% no. is he honest, 67% no. is he levelheaded, 63% of people
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say no. it is hard to sell your agenda beyond 38%, 35% on a given day, when majorities of the country thinks that and worry you're not levelheaded. >> but more to point phil made earlier, you can pull up numbers from the campaign. it's not like during the campaign he was running -- when he looks at this, he says i managed to win without the majority of the popular vote, without the majority of americans feeling i'm honest or trustworthy. and he feels he can overcome the numbers through strength of personality and through twitter. >> and those are the numbers that kellyanne conway is going to be putting in front of the president or they're going to be looking at. they feel like if they can keep unemployment low, the point
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where it is right now, the economy humming, those are the numbers that give them confidence that trump could get re-elected again in four years. they think that is sort of a bigger barometer of where things are headed because hisnens on mursinality have never been outstanding. >> he seems to tweet more enthusiastically about the media, cnn than the health care bill. at times his media is mocking the pres and other institutions -- >> the question is what does he want to achieve in the sense he called some other republican senators down to the white house. some of things he said during the meeting are shocking, how stunningly critical they are. richard hoss tweeted this. they have real foreign impact as they can raise serious doubts
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overseas regarding his judgment and wisdom of relying on the united states. the question is what is his goal. is his bar understanding or is it respect? >> i think it's respect. i think what drives president trump is the insecurity over the election. so he is driven by that. he is constantly trying to convince people he deserves this office, constantly seeking their respect. but the reality i think over a four-year presidency is he will be judged in the end by thechy, by people feel about their health care. so while on a day to day baize he feels his ajnda might be driven more going after the media, trying to gain respect over four years, it will actually be judged on his accomplish lts. >> up next, will a little holiday home cooking help or
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dactually invented hair color? so who better to care for it. color vibrancy haircare from l'oréal. protects color-treated hair and keeps it vibrant for up to 60 days. with an anti-oxidant and uv filter. color vibrancy from l'oréal paris. welcome back. obamacare has divided america essentially from day one. and on this day 163 of the trump presidency and full control of
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republican washington, obamacare remains the law of the land. some republicans were trying to pass their health care bill on friday, but they can't agree on a plan because of disputes. how much to change, how big of a role in spending in washington. here's a look at a wall street journal poll. for those helped by the affordable care act, obamacare, look what you see. the biggest pre-existing conditions. you cannot be kicked off your insurance for pres existing conditions. affordable care, affordable prescriptions. republicans trying to sell their changes, need to sell them to these folks, people who are happy, who've been helped by the affordable care act. but they've been targeting to this group, those hurt by the affordable care act. high deductibles, high premiums, not affordable, expensive prescriptions. these people hurt by obamacare are those that republicans say
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they need to urgently help. here's the political problem. they're home this week. they want to come back with a compromise. americans don't like what they've heard about the senate plan so far. 12% approval, and 16% approval, and 17% approval an an npr/pbs poll. we had a pretty interesting explanation of the road ahead. >> i'm sitting there with a rubex cube trying how to twist the dials to replace this with something better. many people said we elected a republican house, republican senator, we want to see some results. i can't say anything other than are i agree with you. and it's not easy. and we're going to continue to
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wrestle with this and try to get it done. >> and he also saidites not easy making america great again. is it? you spent a lot of time on the hill. does the senator walk around with a rubex cube? >> in his brain. he's right. this is met forpeople have been using for months now. you twist one way and then you twist the opposite way. things weren't in a great place when they left town. they wanted to try to hammer out a final compromise before they left. they didn't get there. now, they're still sending proposals to cbo. but the dynamics haven't changed. we've talked about this a lot over the last couple of weeks. everybody knows where the parameteroffs this debate actually lie. everybody knows not just expansion senators but those who
5:20 am
have concerns in general. everybody knows where conservatives stand on regulations. the question is can they get x into the bill without losing y? and as it stands no one knows yet. if question is this a flawed rubex cube you can't actually finish, and i don't think they have an answer to that. >> the president would argue his approach worked in the house. the speaker was frustrated at the time, but the president would say we've got a bill passed. the president added this to the fix, leader mcconnell is trying to get this done and the president tweeted out after being a lobbied by senator rand paul, if republican senators are unable to pass what they're working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date. that is a hand grenade into a
5:21 am
very sensitive negotiation. but leader mcconnell is not happy, but it doesn't appear the president cares. >> no. and the best irony of all of this is we're on this track. but as soon as president trump got alected, he said we're going to do all this simultaneously. and the hill said okay this is what the president wants to do, this is how we're going to proceed. and this is why they would rather have trump out there trying to tout some searchus of this plan, trying to pull up some approval ratings, saying this is how it's going to make your life better. it is sort of just a hand grenade. they worry he's going to send the conservatives back to their corner and say well, the president doesn't like this legislation anymore, why should we deal with it? >> and you have a president who will sign legislations if
5:22 am
they're on his desk, he has twitter, has these huge crowds orn his platform, but every time he weighs in on health care he does it in ways that aren't quite where the republicans are. when he was in iowa at his last rally, he talked about adding obamacare to this bill. when he sends tweets like that that dig into the strategy, that just reinforces the idea they want him to take a back seat. >> i assume the process will go to the house -- it looks to me if you move the bill to right, you're going to get the mike lee's and rand pauls and so on. i'm a lilt bit more confused now because ben sasse and rand paul, i can't tell what they'd vote for. they voted for things earlier
5:23 am
that now they're saying they're not for. there are times -- i'm getting the sense some of these members are kind of scared of this bill. >> now whatever they do, will become the loll of the land and they'll own health care. the health care debate is dominated the first five months of the trump administration. it's kept other thing ozzen the back burner. listen today the president last night where one of his grievances is he doesn't think he gets enough credit for what he's accomplished. >> they're agenda is not your agenda. you've been saying i will never stop fighting for you. i am delivering on trade, on the economy, on the supreme court, on the second amendment, on our military, for our veterans, and on our borders. >> the question is if you look at traditional grade, obamacare
5:24 am
repeal and replace, that's still a work in progress. we don't know if they're going to get to the finish line. tougher trade deals, we're awaiting announcements on that. there has been progress in the crack down of illegal immigration. tax reform infrastructure, and two other big campaign, legislative promises or tbd, they haven't even started that. but are some of his promises, is some of ignored? >> you have recognize neil gorsuch is huge conservative -- the nominees he put forth on that, it's going to reface the judiciary of the united states. extremely important. republicans on the hill are very happy on that aspects. cutting back regulations, those
5:25 am
are all important ielts. but here's the issue, and this a regular fight i get into with my republican staffer friends on the hill. your big picture items are what they are. you have control of all the levers of government right now. you promise to deliver on those things. you haven't delivered on them yet. until they pass health care, until they work kind of thoroughly forward on tax reform, until they do something on infrastructure, those are the key promises. those haven't been delivered on yet. and while it's early, it's raised concerns within the republican party. that's why you get people right now saying you're not there yet. >> and up next the big week on the world straj for president trump includes this giant question, will he review vladimir putin for russians election uh-uh tacks? but at night, it's the last thing on my mind.
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germany is the host for this week's g-20, the meeting of the world's largest economies. and we know from the president's visit to kwlurp back in may, big
5:30 am
differences. >> the u.s., an important part of the g-20, and this is why we will make every effort to work together and not just cover up differences. >> now, those differentiates and their importance are not to be underestimated, but they're likely to be overshadowed by what the dip plats call a pull aside. at the g-20 president trump is scheduled to have his first face taface conversation with the russian president vladimir putin. the europeans want a tougher tone. here at home the bigger question is how president trump will handle an issue he is loathe to discuss, the cyber attacks during the 2016 election. they can't guarantee the president is prepared to rebuke
5:31 am
or even raise the russian interference. >> it is his duty, president trump's to be skeptical of russia. it's his duty to investigate and defend our country against a cyber offense, because russia is our most dangerous adversary in the world today. and if he refuses to act, it's a basic der likz to the country. and russia is going to do this again. >> those are tough words. why won't the white house say -- can the president really meet vladimir putin and not say stop? >> the president hates talking about this. we had a story this week about how disengaged he is on questions of the russian meddling in the election because he conflates with the campaign. this is not something he wants to talk about.
5:32 am
this is something administration officials have struggled to get him to care about. and there are plenty of people in this white house who don't believe it's a big deal. countries hack other countries, and it's no different than what any other country does. and that's not true. so i think that that is the issue. they just cannot guarantee this is something trump will bring up with putin. and if he doesn't, i mean conservatives on the hill, john mac cane is just going to go apoplectic. i can't imagine what they're reaction is going to be having come back from that meeting. >> this is one of those things as president, you have to go into those meetings thinking about what's in the best interest of the country versus what you feel as your own personal interests. everyone up on the hill have said russians are not republicans. they want to destabilize
5:33 am
american democracy. they will do this again. and it's incumbent on the president of the united states, speaking as a representative of our country, to be able to say that clearly to the russian president. and the idea he couldn't get past his own insecurities is pretty troubling. >> well, let's listen. this is back in may. >> i think that we have to get back to work, but i want to find out -- i want to get to the bottom. if russia hacked, if russia did anything having to do with our election, i want to know about it. >> now in a vacuum, that sounds great. but he says if russia, if russia. this is months and months and months after the unanimous finding of the intelligence community that russia did. is it is months and months of his own national security team. his national security advisor
5:34 am
knows this is a bill deal. just this past week his homeland security advisor said it's going to be a problem for russia and other foreign actors. i get the insecurity oh, people are saying i wouldn't have won, he's president. he's president of the united states. he has the strongest most powerful job in the world, if russia hacked? >> it's baffling. >> it's hard to think of hillary clinton were president or marco rubio -- the second question of this meeting, we talked about the idea that he didn't like the sanctions, he's not that you seeiastic about them, and putin asked about that too, would you consider lifting the sanctions, and the president's inclination is yes. and that's a question is trump open to changing that policy as
5:35 am
well. >> they should finish it up to in the house. they have to send it back. there's a new leader from france that kind of laid the script out how you approach vladimir putin in a public place discussing your views of what happened in a particular election. so that's what any president has to say is going to be compared to that. this is how you confront somebody who did what the intelligence community says the russians did in our election. and if he fallsshirt of that, which our expectations he will, he will be criticized for whatever he wants to do or the agenda he has going forward. >> and to phil's point, it's not just -- they meddle in the french election, they were involved in montenegro, involved
5:36 am
in cutter. and so our allies are looking to say do we still have an ally with america who are going to help us push back with russia. >> to that point, we talked about the putin meeting. but i want to lack back to andrea merkel. >> translator: the times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. i've experienced that in the last few days. we europeans truly have to take our faith into our own hands. >> now, some of emotion there was a reaction of the climate change decision the president made, pulling out the paris climate accords. but you hear this more and more that they can't count -- they don't understand this administration. they get a very different message from the white house, so they're having a hard time trying to sort things out. >> it's such a different story
5:37 am
to hear it playing again. but you have to remember in the white house there are some people that say that's fine. they shouldn't always have to call on the united states. so that's kind of baked into what trump actually hears from some of his advisers every day. and certainly his america first voting base, they take it at its word, america first and let them do their business. >> we don't always have to go back and forth on that. up next the president of the united states is mad that states are now laughing off a white house effort to prove one of his leading conspiracy theories. no. (car alarm beeps) (laughing) (light upbeat music) (laughing) ♪ if i were a rich man ♪ daidle deedle daidle ♪ daidle daidle deedle daidle dumb
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welcome back. the president likes to give visitors a version of this map, showing his remarkable state by state path to the presidency. but he's still mad about this,
5:42 am
losing the popular vote to hillary clinton. and he's determined to prove it only happened because of millions of illegal votes cast by undocumented immigrants. now, there's zero evidence of that, zero. and now more than 20 states have said no to a sweeping white house request of voting records. among those republicans saying it's a waste of money. >> not on my watch are we going to participate of really a commission that's setup to find an answer to a problem that simply doesn't exist. >> there's not enough bourbon in kentucky to make this request seem sensible. >> this is democrats and republicans are mad about this. this was the election integrity commission the president formed. the vice president heads it, the secretary of state who shares the president's belief there are millions of undumed casting
5:43 am
frauj lpt votes in our elections even though 99.9% of states say it doesn't exist, it's not a problem. why, i guess, is my question. they sent out a sweeping request to states, and the states are saying we don't have a problem. >> i think this goes back to what we were saying earlier frsh for trump he still looks at the election and thinks people are questioning whether he legitimately won. and for whatever reason, he's gotten this idea that the popular vote total would have been different if all these people would not have voted illegally. and there's no evidence that would have happened. it doesn't even matter in the end, but for him this has become an obsession. he's managed to bring mike pence and others into the this commission. >> at first i thought they formed the commission because the president made a promise to do it.
5:44 am
and they'd form the commission and it'd go away. or it'd morph. are there 5 million people illegally in this country who voted illegally, no. you think they'd just form it, and let it go away. but the president tweeting yesterday. so here we go again. >> interesting here is i think very distinguished is the problem here. there's no trust on the state level officials with the individuals who are on the top of this commission right nowch and that excludes the vice president, and i think the kansas secretary of state has raised a lot of concerns of what he's done in the past, what he's talked about in the past. the mississippi secretary of state who actually bourboned the bourbon quote by saying my reply would be they can jump in the gulf of mexico, and mississippi statewide be a great place to launch from. democrats feel like if you're
5:45 am
asking for this information, this st. step one into purging voter rules. there is often conflation between people being on voter rolls and people illegally voting. that could also remove people from voter rolls. there's no trust between state officials and federal officials when this comes right now. this initial request because i think people weren't how serious to take this panel, this initial request is like whoa, what are your plans here? and i think people see what they're trying to do, they're going to see responses like this. >> it's a blow back from red and blue states. >> but the request was done in such a sloppy matter. if you look at any of the experts who work on elections, they say first of all, some these people you asked for can't turn information with you. and if they share them with you
5:46 am
for free, they could theoretically be sued and have to share them with everyone for free. why do you care about someone's political party affiliation? the stuff that was included in this request, it's just like a junior varsity ask. and so people look at this, and say these are people who don't know what they're doing, these are people who don't know how to cleanup voter rules. and by the way, an effort like this would cost millions and millions of dollars. so come back to us and show us what you want to do with this, how you want to do it, there are real people we respect, have knowledge to do this. and then you'll get states who are willing to play ball. >> and this problem doesn't exist, there were not 3 to 5 million illegal voters. so you're spending taxpayer dollars chasing what?
5:47 am
>> the problem of chris covack and donald trump looking into voters was not going to be popular with anyone. are you trying it express the vote question on the democratic side? so i think this question would kind of not do anything was kind of my impression. and now i wonder if the commission cannot work at all if you're getting people being this opposed to it early on. >> and the secretary state of mississippi, come on down to mississippi, we've got a gulf that's actually a pretty good launching point. he's correct. could health care repeal come down to ted cruz? minds, nobody does it she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident.
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. let's head one last time
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around the "inside politics" table. julie pace. >> one of the other meetings that the president will be having when he goes abroad next week is with chinese president xi jing ping. and you'll remember they had a summit in april, and they emerged from that fast friends. but last week we saw this flurry of action from inu.s. that really infuriated china including a big arms sale to taiwan. they're not aimed at pressuring china, but certainly this relationship is starting to cool off, so that's another big meeting to watch for when the president heads abroad. >> everybody seems to agree the key here to the health care is ted cruz and essentially what it would do is if an insurer offered an aca regulation compliant plan, they would also be able to offer one that's not compliant at all.
5:53 am
this would give them an opportunity to do. there's two major problems with this. first and foremost, it touches pre-existing conditions. the other issue i think that you hear right now is whether or not it can actually get into the bill at all. this would be the key to unlocking conservative votes. there's no question about it. and more importantly, would insurance markets be stable if you split these two groups off together? but mitch mcconnell's ability, it he can gelt something like this into the final bill, it could play a passage. >> the members back home for town halls, except most members are not having town halls -- and things like that. so you're going to see the liberal group is trying to find your member at the parade or at
5:54 am
the grocery store. so i'll be interested to see where this goes. >> grocery store? sarah. >> well, look, official washington might have been outraged by the trump attacks on the media this week, but donors have made clear on this. they're willing to write an x on the group -- and then at the fund-raiser the crowd went wild when they raised $10 million. >> there's a primary may 16th. polling circulated in the republican establishment in recent days setoff a panic.
5:55 am
strange was appointed back to the seat in february, but a new polling shows a new favorite. court justice chief moore. moore a few years back drew national attention when he advised alg state judges to ignore the supreme court ruling to recognize same sex mashlgs. the majority mitch mcconnell does not want another conservative fire brandishing his conference. that's it for "inside politics." again, thank you for sharing your sunday. hope to see you at noon eastern for the big week ahead. up next "state of the union" with jake tapper. have a good day. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain...
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health care hit. the senate could not get a plan passed before the fourth of july. >> if we don't get it done,ites just going to be something we're not going to like. >> so now the president's proposing repealing obamacare now and replacing it later. and he's working on a new strategy with one of his frequent critics. >> we need repeal. we need replace. trying to do them together hasn't seemed to work. >> centers ben sasse and bernie sanders will both be here live as health care ledge slaz hangs in the balance.


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