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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 18, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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anyway. >> there's -- it's pretty clear that there are not 50 republicans at the moment to vote for a replacement for obamacare. consequently, sometime in the near future, we'll have a vote on repealing obamacare, essentially the same vote that we had in 2015. i would remind everyone that in that proposal, there's a two-year delay. a two-year delay, which would give us the opportunity to work out a complete replacement on a bipartisan basis with our democratic friends. >> so, after we heard from republican leadership there, outside of that luncheon, we heard from the democrats, specifically the senate minority leader chuck schumer responding saying, quote, we democrats have held the door to bipartisanship open to our colleagues for months. it is time for the republicans
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to walk through it. for his part, president trump says republicans should take a hands-off approach. >> let obamacare fail. it will be a lot easier and i think we're probably in that position where we'll just let obamacare fail. we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it. i can tell you the republicanss are are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail and the republicans are going to come to us and say, how do we fix it or how do we come up with a new plan. so, we'll see what happens. >> so we want to lead this hour with dana bash, our chief political correspondent up on capitol hill there and all of your fabulous reporting, my friend. but let me just weave in the fact that as we've been doing television, the white house briefing is underway right now and since we can't take it leave, let me tell you that the deputy spokesperson, sarah huckabee sanders, is apparently placing blame squarely on the democrats' shoulders so there's that. but dana, let's talk about republican strategy here.
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still, listening to the senate majority leader, he says he wants to hold a vote, even though he doesn't have the votes. why? >> reporter: because there is so much frustration, really, exasperation, brooke. i'm just outside the capitol now. i just came down to talk to you after talking to a lot of senators, as have our colleagues in the hallway after this republican lunch which was also attended by the vice president and the white house chief of staff. the frustration is with and among themselves. they, republicans -- the republicans understand that this was, in the words of senator tim scott of south carolina to me, a golden opportunity that they are missing, a golden opportunity to reshape health care policy. not to mention, brooke, a political promise that these senators have made over and over. marco rubio said to me, i promised not once but twice on the campaign trail, running for the united states senate, that i
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would repeal obamacare and that is why they want to have a vote even if -- and it is probably likely to be a vote to get on the bill. it will likely just be a procedural vote, which as you mentioned at the top of this segment, at this point, could fail. given the fact that you already have three republican senators saying, you know, we don't even want to go forward with that. but the frustration is -- there's no doubt, as much as the president wants to lay blame at the feet of democrats, as much as he says that it is not going to be us, it's going to be them, meaning the democrats who will take the blame if we let obamacare fail, that's certainly not the feeling among a lot of the senators here. they understand it is their constituents that he is talking about. it is their constituents who are not going to get health insurance or health care and that they need to figure out a way to deal with it. but the -- you can sense it is palpable, kind of the paralysis of republicans inside those halls of the capitol on how to
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do it. it's actually nothing like i've seen before, particularly with somebody like senator mitch mcconnell, who is known to be ten steps, strategically, and tactically ahead of everybody else. he wasn't this time. >> no, i just -- you can sense that just watching him, looking at his face when he was speaking there at that pool camera. and you know, when we heard from the president saying, you know, republicans won't own it, we'll let obamacare fail and then democrats will come to us, you have had all this great reporting on the president's role in this. and also the criticism against, you know, his level of engagement or lack thereof when it comes to health care. tell me what you have been learni learning. >> reporter: sure. there's a lot of finger pointing as tends to be -- as tends to happen, i should say, when things go wrong. but i think in this case, you know, you saw it kind of unfolding realtime and when i say "it" it is from the white house to the oval office to the capitol. the lack of a structure and a message and a system to push out
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the good things that they thought were in this obamacare replacement bill. there was a big vacuum, and the democrats came in and filled it right away by talking about all the reasons why it was bad for republican constituents, conservative groups, some moderates came out and said all the reasons why they thought it was bad, whether it was medicaid cuts or, again, from the other side of the republican spectrum, ways that it didn't go far enough to repeal obamacare, but not enough -- and i'm told this -- this is admitted to me by senior administration official from kind of those who were supposed to be selling, and part of the problem is business groups who are traditionally with republicans in selling legislation like this, silent. they weren't really courted, i was told. conservative groups, same deal. many of them actually came out against it and they were even, you know, sort of working the conservative grassroots to oppose this as opposed to where they should have been and of course the bully pulpit. it is the president of the
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united states. it is his legacy. he is the one who should be using that bully pulpit to get out and sell this bill and he didn't do it. and so there's a lot of finger pointing. i should say i mentioned marco rubio. i asked him this question just in the hallway a short while ago and his answers was, you know, sometimes the president is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. we asked him to take a step back and let us do our thing. maybe that was a mistake. so there's a lot of second guessing, a lot of 20/20 hindsight and they don't know where they are looking forward. that is the key thing that is making so many people disgruntled, confused, and bewildered. >> it says a lot to me when you, my friend, who has been on capitol hill for a few years, seeing the looks on the faces, you can feel it's so palpable. keep grabbing all this great color, dana. and we'll pop you back on tv. thank you so much. politics aside, though, what happens to the -- to quote the
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president today, if obamacare is truly allowed to fail. alexis is here to walk us through that. listen, we talked to tami luhby of cnn money and she said it's already failing in 38 counties but if the president is saying let it fail, what does that look like, who does it affect the most. >> here's the biggest issue about this concept of plan b right now, which is repeal. the cbo -- >> which by the way, doesn't look good anyway. >> it doesn't look good regardless and the cbo already went out and estimated back in 2015, when this was discussed in the house, what the implications would be, and brooke, the implications are premiums would rise 20% to 25% out of the gate. they would double by 2026. the number of uninsured would be upwards of 32 million. currently, the senate plan was 22 million. the house plan, 23 million. so, automatically, right away, you're going to have rising premiums, you're going to have less who paper in the mandate
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because the mandate will no longer be in existence if they are, in fact, able to repeal it. they will be able to slow down the medicaid expansion. but that's why all these people will come off health care. and if you look at just the 18 million people who will lose their insurance in the first year if they just do this two-year repeal strategy, that's the 18 million that actually joined obamacare over the past seven years since the affordable care act was put into law. so to me, repeal is not an option. and i think if you look at the consequences, you know, i mean, if you look at the consequences across the board, let's go back to the constituency, to the base that put them in office. you know, this is going to have an enormous impact on the elderly, an enormous impact, you know, impact on the business community but dana is absolutely right. the thing i would tell folks is go back to the process that happened during the affordable care act. that took about eight months to go from start to finish.
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>> when obamacare became obamacare. >> when obamacare became obamacare. this was jammed through. this wasn't a bipartisan process. and if you think about it right now, that's what we need to do and dial back. here's the consequence, though. there's a consequence on the budget. there's a consequence on tax reform. so if you want to talk about -- >> on getting this thing through with bipartisan support. >> you know why they're so nervous right now? it's not just we owe this to our constituency, but remember, when the cbo just did the estimate on the senate bill, it was $320 billion accretive to the deficit. well now, what is the deficit implication of not doing health care and what does that mean for the future of tax reform? that means all of these things get delayed, so if you're just looking from an economist's perspective, this is a real danger to the economy and the long-term, we're growing in a slow rate, stock market has been terrific, but now, we've got some real risk here that if we can't get this done, can we get tax reform done, can we get
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credits done, can we get infrastructure done. this pushes everything back. >> as we're coming upon the six-month mark for president trump being in the oval office and looking at what has been accomplished and if this doesn't get done with these three female senators, it sounds like this won't, then what about tax reform, which is a whole other conversation, which i'm sure we'll have at a soon date. alexis glick, thank you so much for all that analysis and the pennies, nickels and dimes. we're getting more been here, this time on the russia fire storm engulfing the white house. cnn is now learning the special counsel robert mueller has given the senate judiciary committee the okay to question both don junior and former campaign manager paul manafort in a public hearing. the top dem on that committee, senator dianne feinstein tells us that robert mueller doesn't have a problem with them testifying. this is coming on the heels of a secret meeting that donald trump jr. had in june of last year
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during the campaign with russian associated where he was promised some dirt on hillary clinton. trump junior released damning e-mails, confirming the meeting at trump tower, and revealing the fact that manafort and president trump's son-in-law turned top aide jared kushner were also in the room. the white house now fears kushner's security clearance could be in jeopardy. plus cnn has identified the eighth man in that meeting. so with me now, jessica schneider, cnn justice correspondent and manu raju. first to you on your reporting and donald trump jr. and manafort potentially testifying in this open hearing, what are you -- what are you learning about that? might that truly happen? >> reporter: it could. senator die nane feinstein told earlier today that bob mueller has given her committee the all-clear to get a testimony, to hear testimony in a public session from both paul manafort,
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the former campaign chairman, and donald trump jr. now, both feinstein and senator chuck grassley, the republican who leads that committee, vice presidented to hear from both manafort and donald trump jr. and grassley's even threatened issuing subpoenas if he does not get cooperation from either of those two men, so that is possible on that front. now, separately, brooke, the senate intelligence committee moving forward with its own investigation, of course, into russia meddling and trying to learn more about that trump tower meeting. earlier today, i had a chance to talk to senator richard burr who gave his most explicit remarks to date about that trump tower meeting in saying that they do want to learn more about that as well. here's what he said. do you also feel like you understand everything that happened in that trump tower meeting at this point. >> no, absolutely not. there's a lot to learn from that and we've reached out to the appropriate people and asked them to provide information for us and to testify possibly publicly, but it's too early in
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that to draw any conclusions, but you know, our job is to put the facts on the table and follow wherever it goes. >> reporter: do you want don junior public? >> i think you've got to ask don junior to come in. whether that's public or whether it's private or how you proceed and at what pace, still, you have to be determined by information that we learn between now and the time we make that request. >> reporter: has he been cooperative, don junior? >> i think everybody in this administration has been cooperative up to this point. yeah. >> reporter: thank you, sir. and brooke, the senate intelligence committee earlier today did hear testimony from president obama's former chief of staff, dennis mcduh that will also hear from susan rice as part of the russia meddling investigation, uncertain when and if donald trump jr. will come forward and when they'll hear from jared kushner. also, they've been seeking his testimony as well. >> so we stand by for that news. what about, jessica, this eighth individual in that meeting, he
12:14 pm
works for a russian oligarch. i know we have video where you can see him with donald trump in vegas back in 2013. who is he and what was his role in the room? >> reporter: yeah, brooke, we do have that exclusive video to us that appears to show this eighth attendee standing just steps away from donald trump in las vegas in 2013. there it is. you can see ike kaveladze. he's in the light-colored suit jacket. directly behind russian pop star emin agalarov who's talking to donald trump on the eve of the miss usa pageant in 2013. our pamela brown has spoken extensively to kaveladze's attorney and we know that kaveladze is the senior vice president of the crocus group, the real estate development firm run by emin agalarov and his father, and his lawyer confirms that kaveladze, yes, he was in fact in the room in that meeting in 2016. of course it also involved the russian attorney, also the russian-american lobbyist, and now special counsel robert mueller's investigators are looking for information from kaveladze about what exactly unfolded inside that meeting.
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the lawyer for kaveladze says that kaveladze is participating fully and that the russian-american attended the meeting in part because he actually thought he would be serving as the translator for the russian attorney, nailt veselnitskaya, but she ended up showing up with her own translator. kaveladze's attorney says he has never had any engagement with the russian government in any capacity. however it is noteworthy that in 2000, kaveladze was linked to a u.s. bank account that came under congressional investigation for possible links to money-laundering scheme, a billion dollar money-laundering scheme, however, kaveladze was never charged with a crime in this. so, brooke, all of this, though, coming out as jared kushner's lawyers are trying to tamp down on any questions that kushner's final security clearance could be in jeopardy because of his attendance at that meeting. a source close to kushner says that jared kushner has already been interviewed twice by the fbi and there haven't been any problems yet. kushner's attorney also issuing this statement, saying
12:16 pm
mr. kushner has tried to be fully transparent and responsive in the background investigations process. we have heard no expression of concern from the fbi, and i think we would know if there were such concerns at this time. of course, the white house today in the press briefing, deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders saying that the president has full confidence in jared kushner, but of course, brooke, this special counsel investigation as well as the congressional investigations, they are ongoing, and it seems really that this cast of characters investigators want to talk to is really only growing at this point. >> on the clearance, as we all know, the rules at the end of the day, it is the president, who happens to be jared kushner's father-in-law as well who can say yea or nay on whether he can be granted that clearance. jessica mentioned some of the nuggets coming out of this white house off camera briefing. we're getting the news. we're going to turn around two of our white house correspondents and talk through the headlines thus far. stay with me. back in a moment. whoooo.
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so we now know that the off-camera white house briefing just wrapped up. a couple of headlines coming out of that including, you know, who's blaming whom over this republican health care bill failure. and also, more on the fate of jared kushner's security clearance. so, we have both sara murray who was in the room there listening in with deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and also with us, our cnn white house reporter kaitlan collins, but sara, first to you there in the room on health care. who are republicans blaming? >> reporter: well, brooke, we heard president trump say pretty clearly earlier today that he's not going to take responsibility for the failure to repeal and replace obamacare, that's not on him so sarah huckabee sanders was asked, whose fault is it?
12:22 pm
she said the democrats. take a listen. >> who's primarily responsible for what appears to be the failure of this health care legislation? >> i would say democrats. they're responsible. >> can you explain to me how. >> sure. >> they're the minority. >> they're responsible for passing obamacare. they're responsible for creating the mess that we're in. they're responsible for being unwilling to work with republicans in any capacity to help fix a system that they know is completely flawed and have publicly said so. i think that it's pretty clear, and i think the responsibility lies on their shoulders. >> so, here's the issue with that. there's a republican in the white house. there are republicans running both houses of congress. and the reality is a lot of people who voted for president trump are the people who are seeing their premiumeds go up. they're the people who are losing insurers in these pivotal health care markets. they voted for this president to fix the problem, not to point his finger at democrats and say, this isn't on me, this is on you. and i'm going to stand by and watch it collapse.
12:23 pm
now, sarah huckabee sanders said that democrats are stubborn, unwilling to come to the table. the president has called them obstructionist,s but the reality is we also had not seen this white house make a concerted effort to reach out to democrats and to say, okay, if we're not going to do full repeal and replace, let's try to make some changes to this bill, to improve it. we have not seen that posture from the white house or certainly from republicans on capitol hill. maybe that's where we get further down the line, but it's the kind of thing that's going to anger plenty of conservatives. but it's certainly a little disingenuous to say that the reason we're in this position, not making progress is democrats when, you know, it's members of trurch's own party who wouldn't get on board with this strategy. >> yeah, no, this is an intra-republican party issue. we just heard from the senate minority leader chuck schumer talking after we heard from mitch mcconnell saying, we want to lauallower lower premiums al.
12:24 pm
do you think the white house can bring democrats to the table? >> reporter: you know, sarah said today in this briefing that the president is open to working with democrats, but democrats have been obstructionists, basically. but that is what everyone expected to happen when your baseline, when your starting point is we are doing repeal and replace. democrats who voted for obamacare, who voted for president obama's signature health care legislation are not going to show up to the table when the plan is to repeal that legislation. going forward, is it possible we could see both sides come to the table on some of these health care fixes? maybe but it doesn't seem like that's the plan in the near future. it's certainly not what these staunch conservatives on capitol hill want to see, and that's part of the reason they voted against or wouldn't vote for what we're currently talking about. it didn't go far enough and repeal as far as they were concerned. >> okay. so that's one piece of the conversation there inside that the briefing room. the other, kaitlan, is the future of any sort of security clearance with the president's top adviser and son-in-law,
12:25 pm
jared kushner. what did sarah huckabee sanders say about that? >> reporter: jared kushner has come under a fair amount of scrutiny over the last couple of days after it was he vealreveal also attended that meeting at trump tower last summer with the russian lawyer who promised to have incriminating information on hillary clinton. so sarah huckabee sanders was asked today about jared kushner's future in the white house, and his security clearance. take a listen to what she said. >> some congressional leaders, particularly democrats, are very concerned about the trust factor when it comes to jared kushner, and his security clearance. and also still remaining in the job. what does the president have to say about his son-in-law right now in the midst of this storm with the fact that more information continues to come out after he gave his initial statements? and they're concerned about the trust factor when he has a critical piece of security clearance that deals with issues of trust.
12:26 pm
is the president considering allowing him to stay on leave? and should he keep his security clearance? >> i don't know of any changes that would be made. the president has confidence in jared, and i'm not aware of any changes at all. >> so, as you see, we've had a lot of democrats and republicans alike call for jared kushner's security clearance to be revoked or reviewed at least because that he say that if he wasn't the president's son-in-law, that would happen to him. >> but but also know that ultimately, it is up to the president president to say whether or not a security clearance can be revoked or granted and i imagine the white house is well aware of calls for it to be revoked for jared kushner. how much of that do you think he cares about? >> reporter: he would receive a serious amount of blowback if he did choose to override the denial of jared kushner's final security clurearance and that's
12:27 pm
what we'll be looking to see if that happens in the future. >> thank you very much in washington. coming up next, we'll talk live with one republican lawmaker who correctly predicted what would happen with this republican health care bill and actually warned his colleagues from the get-go. also ahead, the president raising some eyebrows by putting a hold on the announcement to say that iran is complying with the nuclear deal. hear why next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call
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12:32 pm
congressman saw the failure coming months ago. he is one of the 20 republican lawmakers who rejected the house's attempt to repeal obamacare in may. he warned his colleagues not to support the law, arguing it had no chance to pass the senate. he is congressman lance, a republican from new jersey. congressman, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> we just played the sound of the president. i would love your reaction to the president's statement there, saying we're not going to own it, republicans won't own it, we'll let obamacare fail and then democrats come to us. >> i can understand the president's frustration, and the president wants to improve the system so that hardworking americans can afford the purchase of health care coverage, and too many americans, that's not the case now so i can understand the president's frustration. moving forward, i hope that the democrats will come to the table and i think we can work in a bipartisan capacity and i am committed to doing that, and the president's press secretary
12:33 pm
today indicated that the white house would be willing to work with democrats. but brooke, i think democrats have to come to the table now. >> but congressman, she also put the blame squarely on democrats, when it's been your party for seven years who's been saying, repeal and replace, repeal and replace, and now this sound byte from the president will be used by democrats in 2018, because he hasn't fulfilled his promise. >> i think we have to work on this issue before the election in 2018, and i am confident that there are republicans who want to do that here on capitol hill, and i hope and expect democrats as well, and i want to be part of the solution, because certainly the american people deserve that. >> that's great. on the solutions, and you may be correct in that this will be a bipartisan thing, but even before it became that way, you know, then the thought became, well, how about just repeal only and then replace it later, but as you well know, as you're keeping tally, as am i, that's
12:34 pm
effectively did already. it's only been a couple of hours. why, congressman, why is your party not on the same page? >> i think that health care is a very difficult issue, and that's why we have to work together, and i recognize the senate is not moving forward on what you suggest, and that suggests to me that we have to work together, and i am willing and able to do that, as are many colleagues here on capitol hill, because the exchanges are not in particularly strong shape, as you know. one-third of the counties in this country have only one insurer, and that's not a good way to proceed. we have to proceed together, brooke, here on capitol hill in a bipartisan capacity. >> but saying you're working together and actually working together are two different things. i mean, how much faith do you have in your leadership, both in speaker ryan and in leader mcconnell, as leaders of the republican party? >> i have confidence in our leadership here in the house.
12:35 pm
i don't know senator mcconnell well, but certainly i think that it is important for the american people to get this right, and that will require bipartisan cooperation. something, incidentally, that did not occur in 2009 and 2010. that was a bill that was passed exclusively by the democratic party. i think now, in order to repair the siptuation, we have to work together, and i am confident, brooke, that we can do that. >> who do you, congressman lance, who do you blame? because one white house official is telling us that they are owning some of the blame for not being able to really sell this bill. where do you place the blame? >> i'm not someone who places blame. i try move to the future to make sure that we can work together constructively. >> but don't you have to understand what happened in the past and how it sort of screwed up in order to fix it for the future? >> certainly, and i think both in 2009 and 2010 where the democrats worked exclusively, based upon one party, and what
12:36 pm
has occurred this year, based upon the other party, i think the lesson to be drawn is that we have to work in a bipartisan capacity, and i am confident we can do that. there are several ideas on the table to make sure that we move forward in a capacity that improves the system. it needs improvement, and i hope our democratic colleagues will come to the table, and i am committed to working to that end. >> what about just on a respect level? you know, top republican official, congressman, told cnn, you know, the fact that senators moran and lee came out last night, you know, against this, all the while the president was sitting there eating dinner with republican senators was, to quote this republican, beyond rude, and just shows what our guys think of trump. this is this quote. can you imagine them doing this to another president. would you agree? was that rude? >> i don't choose to comment on what occurs in the united states senate. let me say that i always try to
12:37 pm
be respectful. i'm respectful of the office of the presidency of the united states. and of this president, and i want to move forward working with the white house and with colleagues here on capitol hill in both the house and the senate, because i think the american people deserve that. >> do you think -- i hear you loud and clear, that you respect the highest office in the land, but do you think part of this problem, congressman, is that other republicans, you know, in that building where you're joining me, do not fear or respect the man sitting in the oval office? >> i believe that we respect the president, the office he holds, and i want to work with the white house, with the president, with the department of health and human services. after all, dr. price was formerly a member of the house. with the vice president, whom we know well, because many of us served with the vice president here on capitol hill when he was a member of the house. i think we have to work together because that is in the best interest of the people of this
12:38 pm
country. >> working together in a bipartisan manner, i hear that from you, congressman leonard lance, thank you so much, sir, for your time. good luck. >> thank you, brooke. this last-minute shift, the president raising some eyebrows by putting a hold on this announcement. what cnn is learning and what the final moments of that decision. and we have new developments today in the search for answers in minneapolis where a bride-to-be was shot and killed by police. what the family and police are now saying.
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12:43 pm
chiefs testified before the senate armed services committee this morning where he warns the missiles clearly have the capability to reach the u.s., but there's a but here. he says kim jong un's regime still hasn't demonstrated the capacity to strike with any degree of accuracy. so let me bring in aaron david miller, cnn global affairs analyst. hearing that, it goes further than we've heard any military official speak on capability of how far reaching but on accuracy, not so much. what do you make of that? >> well, i think he's trying to split the difference. i mean, alaska, last time i looked, is part of the united states, and it seems that the north koreans have the capacity to do that. i think it is guidance and control. it's trying to find a way to deal with re-entry, which is, i understand, extremely difficult. the reality, brooke, is that sooner or later, they're going to end up with effective guidance and control and range, and i think that's the real problem.
12:44 pm
and it's a problem from hell for this administration. they can't bomb. it's too risky. they won't negotiate anything other than a rollback or denuclearization and the chinese, you can't contract this out to president xi, so the real question is, when, in essence, do you do. if you do nothing, then the north koreans produce more nukes, and effectively will ultimately find a way to perfect their ballistic missile capacity as well. >> moving off of north korea on to iran, we know that the u.s. has certified the nuclear deal, saying that the iranians are actually complying with that. we're getting word that president trump put yesterday's announcement on hold for just a bit to apparently weigh his options. there are, aaron, some voices within the white house that say iran is not complying, they're not offering any concrete evidence, just saying they're not complying. what do you make of the notion that the president's flirting with not recertifying this deal just based upon that? >> i think there's serious
12:45 pm
gamesmanship going on here. if you leave the back story, the president is signaling, he apparently wanted to decertify. "the new york times" reported that 55 minutes out of the hour of the meeting was the president spent questioning his advisers, mcmaster, mattis, and tillerson, questioning why he shouldn't decertify. so i think there is a good deal of signaling going on here. but in reality, brooke, and this is where the north korean and the iranian connection is important, you have an open nuclear file with the north koreans, and we don't have an answer to that. why, under these circumstances, would you want to play around with this agreement. and let's be clear. this is a repressive, brutal, serial human rights abuser. they've just sentenced a hapless princeton graduate student to ten years. but on the nuclear side, you don't want to create a situation where you now have two nuclear
12:46 pm
rogue states. one has nuclear weapons. the other still don't. so, president signaling fundamental unhappiness on the compare trail but he's the in the second certification, i think the caution is judgment of mm and t prevailed. >> even though he said on the trail with regard to iran, he wanted to kill the deal from day one. if they're complying, they're complying. aaron david miller, thank you so much. coming up next, political playback. is the white house working to keep a member of their own party, senator jeff flake, from getting reelected? we'll talk to someone who's been in touch with the trump administration about someone challenging senator flake for his senate seat. next. [burke] swan drive. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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. this week marks six months into his presidency. president trump and the white house already looking to the 2018 midterms and not only focusing on democrats but members of their own party as well. members of the trump white house have already met with multiple candidates in arizona and hoping to give a prime challenge to
12:51 pm
sitting senator jeff flake. jeff flake has often been critical of trump. kelly ward, incumbent republican, nice to see you. >> hi, brooke. it's great to be here with you. >> we know the white house reached out to you about challenging senator flake. who did you meet with when you were in washington this summer? >> well, you know, as i've mentioned before, these were private meetings and i've told people i would keep them private because i'm not a leaker. i know there are a lot of leakers in washington, d.c. but i am not one of them. so i'll keep it private but i will tell you this, president trump and his administration are certainly not interviewing prospective candidates to try to create a dream team for donald trump. the people of america, and in particular in my case the people of arizona, are doing just that. they know that jeff flake is a sanctuary senator and he's been a very poor performer for almost
12:52 pm
two decades. and they're looking for a competent, qualified, capable person to take the reins to get to washington, d.c. and do the thi things that people of our great country want done. >> i understand he would like the job. can you tell me, what was the substance of the conversation? what promises were made to you by the white house? >> oh, i would say that this wasn't a meeting about promises, it was a meeting about hope for the future. it was a meeting about securing the border, about stopping immigration, about repealing obamacare and putting something forth that has substance that republicans can be proud of and americans can rejoice over having. it was about energy independence. it was about fixing the tax code and growing the economy. >> if he was uppontificating abt
12:53 pm
all of the above, that could have happened in washington, d.c. what more happened with that chat? >> it was just a great conversation about people who want to have the current ountrya better direction, who want to make america great again. >> when you think about president trump's campaign promises, and we've been thinking about them a lot today, whether it's repealing and replacing obamacare, building a wall, none of that has happened. there hasn't been one major legislative accomplishment. yes, the gorsuch nomination was a win, but now concerned are you on staying on that message if the message isn't working? >> i think that, of course, having justice gorsuch is a great accomplishment. but i will tell you that i'm disappointed in the republicans, especially in the senate. you probably saw the morning consult poll that shows that arizona has two of the top three
12:54 pm
worst senators in the country, mccain and flake, and we need new blood in d.c. that can put forth excellent policy so we can move forward with what president trump talked about in the campaign and in the white house. >> if you're disappointed that issues haven't brought about a win in terms of repeal and replace, are you disappointed in the president at all? >> no, i think the president has done a great job. he's stayed on track, he's enkurne encouraged the house and senate to do what needs to be done. >> what is the other thing besides justice gorsuch? >> i think justice gorsuch was a big win. >> other than justice gorsuch, what was the president's big win so far? >> i think justice gorsuch is the biggest win so far, but there are a list of accomplishments you can't believe that donald trump has done. i think his executive travel order is also a win because he
12:55 pm
wants to keep america safe. we've had activist judges who have tried to thwart those efforts that are not only constitutional but fully lawful that the president puts forth because they don't like the president. and that's no way to govern our country. i look forward to getting to washington, d.c. and helping put things straight and make america great again. >> i guess just lastly, as i mention the, senator flake has been in washington for 17 years. this is a republican senator. why do you think that the white house is trying to unseat him so badly? he's not embroiled in any scandal, he sits in the house and the senate. what's wrong with him? >> i don't think the white house is trying to do anything. i think the people of arizona is trying to do something. we'll see some big news over the next few days showing that i am the candidate -- >> was it arizona that called you up to maybe challenge him or was it the white house? >> it's the white house.
12:56 pm
i'm sure that people within the administration and people outside the administration, i see it every single day, would love to have people in washington, d.c. i think they want people who are willing to work on the president's agenda to put america first and make the country great again. senator flake has proven again and again that he's the ultimate never trumper. before trump was the nominee, since he became the nominee and once he became president, senator flake has been against the president's agenda and it's just unacceptable to the people of arizona. that's why we'll have a new republican senator come 2018. >> kelly ward, we'll talk again. good luck. thanks so much for the time. >> thanks, brooke. coming up next, the family of a bride-to-be in minneapolis want answers after she was shot and killed by police officers. why this story is making front page news all around the world.
12:57 pm
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a police shooting of a bride-to-be in minneapolis is making front page headlines in australia where it's being declared an american nightmare. you see there. exactly what happened in the moments before, justine was shot and killed by minneapolis police. it remains an absolute mystery. here's what we know. justine dialed 911 on a saturday night to report a possible suspect behind her home. what happened next police aren't saying and their body cameras were shut off. her fiance is calling for answers. >> we've lost the dearest of people and we're desperate for information. piecing together justine's last moments before the homicide would be a small comfort as we grieve this tragedy. >> an independent investigation
1:00 pm
into the shooting is pexpected o take two to four months to complete, and it still may be several more months before the minneapolis department of public safety reveals exactly what happened. both officers are currently on administrative leave. i'm brooke baldwin. great to be back today. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. trumpcare appears dead and the fingerprints on the murder weapon, a republican. "the lead" starts right now. the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare collapsing. and the blame game beginning. so what is the future of your health insurance now? and then there were eight. a russian real estate executive identified as yet another person in that mysterious meeting with the russian lawyer, the president's son, son-in-law and campaign chairman. there's new information on what so-called dirt from the russian government might have been discussed. plus -- >> outrage.