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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 7, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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why hasn't the way we pay for them? introducing xfinity mobile. you only pay for data and can easily switch between pay per gig and unlimited. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save when you choose by the gig or unlimited. call or go to xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network, designed to save you money. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. thanks for which for watching. the president trump taking aim at his 200th day in office, slamming the fake news, all the while watching and tweeting
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during his working vacation from his new jersey golf club. here's a couple tweets. one was -- the trump base is far bigger and stronger than ever before, de i in phony fake news reporting. the fake news collusion, report stock market, border security, military strength, jobs, supreme court pick, economic enthusiasm, deregulation, and so much more have driven the trump base even closer together, will never change. v mike pence is calling this "new york times" piece disgraceful and offensive. it details how the vice president is positioning himself for a 2020 presidential run if the commander in chief offense opt. we'll have much more, kaitlan collins, actually in new jersey
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following the. there on his 17-day or so vacay. kaitlan, the twitter the this morning. what else did he have to say. >> it might be easier to say what he didn't say. there are no public events on the president's schedule today, and he spent most of the morning on twitter and watching television. we saw him tweet on everything from his accomplishments these 200 days he's been in office. the quote phony poll numbers, even personal attacks on senator richard blumenthal after he was interviewed on cnn. he says the failing "new york times," which has made service wrong prediction about everything, including my biggs election win, apologize, is totally inept.
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we've seen a lot of pushback from mike pence, the white house and kelly anne conway, all on this story. quoting mike pence, the allegations in this aerial of categorically false and represent the latest attempt by the media to divide this administration. it goes on. the american people know i could not be more honored to be working side by side with the president who is working to make america great again. whatever fake news may come our way, our time team will focus all our efforts on the president's agenda and see him elected in 2020. any suggestion otherwise is both laughable and absurd.
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? response to the "new york times" piece, i know you have reporting from your sources saying he's very, very sensitive, even the perception of maybe measuring drapes in the oval office. no vice president effort wants to be seen measuring drapes, too anxious, whatever but vice president pence is especially sensitive on this part, and sort have told me repeatedly that he is very careful about protocol. he goes to great lens. we also heard that the white house knew this story was come. according to a republican official, that president trump actually wasn't upset about this. so why did the vice president
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put on the this big statement. was it bay he still has an audience of one, donald trump, and warranted him to really know that he's not after this job, or it. chris cillizza wrote -- it went bananas, raises a question, why does the answer start with donald trump and ends with trump? >> you heard the report that the president wasn't upset, so why do this? >> because i think jamie also makes the right point. if you're staff for donald trump, so that includes mike pence, there's only one job, one audience. it's donald trump. i think there's a reason that
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mike pence of everyone has not gotten cross-ways. think about it the almost everyone in the orbit. there is a lot list of people who have for one reason or another either survived it or didn't. mike pence hasn't, and jamie nails this, is he has a very, very keen sense of both protocol and donald trump. he knows that donald trump doesn't like any start to burn even close to as bright as donald trump. so pence hitched hi wagon to donald trump. the past to the white house is donald trump blesses his candidacy, whether that's 2020, 2024. that's his only path. the way you do that is to make sure that the big guy knows that you're 1,000% committed to him
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at all times everywhere. it's a mere seven years off. >> oh, my goodness. um, but stelter, you had someone on your show sunday, who was it, i was reading your news letters who made the point of my goodness, to we have to be talking about this? >> i do. because whether the president wants to recognize it or not, there is a chance of a mike pence presidency before 2020. there's a lot that could happen between now and then. pence's aides have to think about this stuff.
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>> we're living in a permanent campaign. this isn't something that trump started, this has been happening for a while, but it's beinging more and more extreme in this age of really divided country. >> go ahead, jamie. >> let's put it in the context of the first 200 days. >> everything has to be an eye towards -- >> doesn't he want president trump top succeed in his wagon is hitched to president trump, is it not? may be, but if these don't go well -- i think, by the way, one of the reasons he put out this statement also was because we had the russia investigation going on. that makes it even more sen
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tiff. what is going to happen with that investigation? whether it's mike pence or any of these other republicans who are raising money and visiting iowa, or new hampshire, if you're an ambitious politics and you have to run for president some day, you're running. >> they see something that is wrong, misis wrong with the president's emotional state. why is me tweeting about a democratic senator, if he 'goods to watch cnn, wine didn't they tweet about poppy harlow's opioid epps democratic or the marines presumed dead, but he's tweeting about "new york times" and blumenthal. >> go ahead, chris. just because you're in d.c. -- >> look at this rain behind me. i'm trying to get through it. >> oh. i know you feel bad for me. the other thing to keep in mind,
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brian touched on this, and it's important, what is the one word if you have to think of donald trump, you can say cash or unpredictable. the idea of why are we talking about 2020, sure, you're right, at the same time, this is someone who has literal le rewritten every rule in presidential politics and getting elected president and how he's acted in this 200 days. so unpredictable is the new predictable. given that, you have to have some cement ambulance semblance. i think it would be hard for any of us if we're being reasonable to be terribly surprised given his path. if you're second in command, why would you not at least keep open the doorway by which you can't step in if you needed to, if the unpredictable happened. >> sure, if, if and if, all plausible.
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>> brian stelter, thank you all so much. coming up here, don't call it a fishing expedition. despite the president's constant cries of a witch-hunt, ron rosenstein says the focus indeed in bounds and specific. what does that mean for the president's so-called red lines on looking at hi finances in this investigation? also fighting back rahm emanuel saying his city will not be blackmailed by the decht of justice? why he is now suing the federal government to keep the agency from withholding millions of dollars he says chicago needs to fight crime. and north korea vows to teach the u.s. a a, quote, severe lesson if the trump administration uses military force to stop the weapons program. more on the escalating war of words, next. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim.
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watching cnn. >> the russian investigation is far from over. deputy attorney general rob rosenstein tells fox news, the probe into whether the president or any of the his campaign associates colluded with russia to suede a 2016 election is not a fishing expedition. >> bock mueller understands, and i understand the specific scope of the investigation, so, no, it's not a fishing expedition. if it's within the scope of what director mueller and i have agreed. if it's something outside that scope, he needs to come to the acting attorney general, at this time me, for permission for expand his investigation. >> shimon perez is with me now, and you had all this great reporting last week. it show the that he made quite
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clear that it's within the scope. >> anyone who knows bob mueller knows he doesn't do things just for the sake of doing it. everyone will know there's a strategic move to all of this, and really in the end, brooke, the power granted to mueller by rob rosenstein says any matters within the scope of the investigation, and really in the end mueller is really the decider of what's in the scope. brooke, as to our reporting, you know, this is all focused on the financial connections of the russians and the people inside the trump world. we've been told that seem to be a more concrete path going forward. whether or not there's any prosecutable offense is still being determined, but investigators to go down this past have had to find pieces of information that are worth scrutinizing. this is some of the real estate properties, connections from the miss universe contest in 2013 and the various meetings we have
11:18 am
been reporting on. investigators are looking at all this to figure out what was the relationship. and also, you know, keep in mind there are all these steps that we've been reporting on for months between the russians that were captured by u.s. intelligence and this is all painted a picture of potential collusion. so naturally for mueller and his team, like any investigation following the money, whether the president agrees with it or in the is an important part of this. >> all fair game within the scope, at least court to rod rosenstein over the weekend. shimon, keep digging. with me is michael zeldin, and the former special assistant at the justice department, so michael, always a pleasure, first and foremost. just your reaction to rosenstein says mueller can look into any crimes in the russian investigation, if he finds evidence of said crime. >> it seems as if mueller and
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rosen stein are on the same page. they gives then a man dade, looking into links and coordinate between trump campaign and matters which rose or might arise out of it. so it's a pretty straight forward man dade. rosen stein has reiterated there's no confusion between him and mueller and as to what that means. so he wanted to make that clear to those who are sort of already putting out political lines about this being a fishing expedition. he's comfortable. mueller is comfortable, and they're acting within it again, when you think listening to that any matters which may arise directly from the investigation, that's pretty wide latitude. how is that determined? >> well, it's determined by mueller, and rosen stein, so mueller says to himself, i want to look into whether or not people are lying on their sf-86. that may be a matter that arises
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out of the it. i want to look into whether or not there was sort of a quid pro quo. i'll lend you money when you need it. when i come and ask for it later on, you will removed sanctions. so we can look into thought sort of things. if he finds something completely unrelated, someone engaged in tax evasion, he would go to rosen stein and say, hey, look there's evidence of a possible tax evasion crime. you want to give it to the criminal division or tax division? or figure it out myself? and then they'll make a decision. the rules are pretty set forward in the code of federal regulations. he also made it clear that anybody for leaks at the white house and congress. listen. >> what we need to look at in every leak or circumstance we get, what is was potential harm, what were the circumstances?
11:21 am
that's more important that is hog a leaker. if they violated the law, we'll prosecute it. >> that's important to note, first of all, a total departure from what we heard from the a.g. on friday. but with regard, michael, to, you know, leaks from the white house and congress, how tough would it be to prosecute some of the more senior officials. >> first you have to define what we are talking about when we say a leak. a leak is really for prosecution standards, a dissemination of classified information in an unauthorized way. if i'm a white house staffer and i say i don't like this policy, and i'm going to tell somebody about it, then i may be a whistle-blower and not a leaker. if i refuse to follow directions and leaks something, i may be a leaker and i may be prosecutable, so you have to sort of slice these things
11:22 am
carefully. i think the ag, not rosen stein, was pretty loose in his use of the word leaker. i think those are classified violation, and i think that's what rosen stein is talking about. whether you can prove it is a veryproposition. then generally run into rabbit hotels and not been very careful. >> michael zeldin, thank you very much. see you next time. >> thank you. suing the justice department over its threat to withhold millions of federal dollars over the chicago's sanctuary status. the mayor's reason for going toe to toe with the feds. plus north korea vows 1,000-fold revenge. what pyongyang says is absolutely off the negotiating table, next.
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the city of chicago fighting back against the department of justice. formally filing a lawsuit today with the federal government. at stake here billions that could be cut from cities unless they assist with all federal immigration enforcement. ryan, what is mayor emanuel's argument against cooperating with the feds here? >> reporter: look, this is a big conversation. we know president trump has been taken swings at crime. we knew before long he would take a swing back. the idea that they would have to report to the federal -- look, the argument is when assist
11:28 am
there's a large immigrant community here. to feel like they could call 911. in fact, listen to the mayor passionately tacking about this this morning. >> the fact is by forcing us or the police department to choose between the values of the city and the philosophy of the a police department of community policing is a false choice and undermines or public safety agenda. we'll be filing a case saying the justice department is wrong both on constitutional legal grounds the federal government cannot coerce a city to change its policy. >> the federal government is already firing back, saying in 2016 more chicagoans were murdered than in new york city and los angeles combined, so it's especially tragic the mayor is less concerned with that
11:29 am
staggering if ig than putting chicago's law enforcement at greater risk. now, what the federal government wants, when someone is brought in, they want i.c.e. agents theant to talk to them. this resistance that's here in the city. you know it won't be over, because people are wondering where the more cities may join chicago's fight against this donald trump plan and doj. we'll have to see what happens. coming up next, a strong pushback after the u.n. imposes tough new sanctions over missile tests. whatty i don't think yang says will result in a severe lesson for the u.s. that's next. also the governor of minnesota calls it an act of
11:30 am
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and see yourself in a new light. ancestrydna. save 30% through august 15th at u.s. military officials have called off the search. the australian navy has just found the aircraft under water early this morning. 23 marines were rescued after the plane crashed saturday. the search for the missing marines is now a recovery miss. >> rex tillerson says a
11:35 am
unanimous united nations vote shows the world is in fact united noir noir vowing to retaliate with 1,000-fold revenge sea the missiles and nuclear weapons are not on the negotiating table. he sanctions are enforced by everything, and we hope again that this ultimately will result in a different pathway and and when the conditions are right we can have a dialogue. you have saying this is a big win, a rarity to have china,
11:36 am
ruva and the united states on the same page, but what did the sanctions mean? >> it was to get after the hard coverage. the money they use to -- investigator nikki haley said this will target about one third of north korean exports. coal, iron ore, even tapping the number of laborers north korea sends to other kinning like china and russia, so again trying to get at that money, looking a banks that do business but very clear they sanctions were not going to have any effect on the missile programs, they would continue to protest and pursue these things. as rex tillerson said, a lot of
11:37 am
this week by enforcement. whether or not they actually enforce the sanctioning will be something to watch. ryan, thank you. let's continue the conversation. aaron david miller is with me now, cnn global affairs analyst and former state department divorce. so aaron, you have nikki haley calling these north korea sanctions a gut punch. we know president trump hopped on the phony with president moon of south korea south korea last month, and the president tweeted just voted 15-0. very big financial impact. ryan made a great point. do you -- what brought china on board. do you think it was all the president's threats against trade? did that actually work? >> i think president xi is playing a clever game. he wants to do just enough -- and it's no doubt this is
11:38 am
clearly an improvement but i think president xi wants to do just enough to prevent the president from interfering with his reagenda, which is to project chinese power to the chinese sea, and the asean as to, and to avoid sanctions and a war. so yeah, i think president xi is willing to do more but they're by no means sufficient my grandmother used to say chicken soup, who knows if it helps, but it doesn't hurt. theres no question this doesn't hurt, but these sanctions are not going to get kim jong-un to stand down.
11:39 am
i suspect hi's going to test again. so amounting to a third, a billion hitting them financially, that won't stop them? >> i don't think so. people in north korea will suffer, but remember, the baseline for what north koreans are capable of suffering and sacrificing has been in trade since the 1950s. the elites won't suffer. kim jong-un and the regime and those necessary to support him in power aren't going to suffer. the north korean economy grew by 8% or 9% last year. it depends on whether or not the china is willing to do everything contained in the sanction sanctions and i doubt --
11:40 am
>> how often, though, downle all on the same page? >> not very. the last time we saw it was response to a year on sanctions and jcpoa, to a large degree it worked. but we should not delude ourselves into believing that china and russia, particularly china, are on the same pain, with respect to north korea, and certainly not on the same page as donald trump. >> city thinking about your grandmother's chicken soup analogy there. thank for you that. we shall see if more is coming our way. coming up next, a mosque bombed in mop. minnesotaachin minneapolis. the governor sag why the attack
11:41 am
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the governor of minnesota declaring that homemade bomb was indeed an act of terrorism. that's mow governor dayton sees this. >> what a terrible dastardly cowardly act this was. it's a crime. if somebody said in a meeting if the roles were reversed it would be called a terrorism act, and that's what it is, it's an act of terrorism. >> as for the fbi, they have stop short of calling this terrorism, though they are working to determine who set off the explosive. fortunately no one was
11:46 am
justified, but this is the latest in a string of incidence across the country. joining mess dean obedala. you would agree with the governor snow. >> absolutely. >> if this was christian churches, everyone would be saying terrorism. >> it would be tiism, a great deal of media coverage, and it should deserve that. what i'm saying for the muslim-american community. the muslim terr was with swastikas and profanity, this mosque and angry phone calls and e-mails, it's not isolated. >> not a red state or blue state issue. >> not at all. >> the acl has has a great interactive map. 45 states have been affected. you know, sometimes if you're in a community, you can look to the
11:47 am
president to help you. in this case the muslim community seems alone. the president demonized us on miss way to the white house. we feel that our president doesn't like us, and we look to the media as our last hope, frankly. we are having this segment, which is important, and thank for you calling this to our attention and having the conversation writing the column. why do you think, though, i mean, at least you have the governor calling it how he sees it. why do you think people aren't having the conversations that you think they should be? >> i think often the media doesn't cover these stories, or maybe you don't see the pattern we do. my facebook feed is filled with young muslims across the country posting about this incident harass moment or hate crimes. 90% increase from january to
11:48 am
june this was year, not all are attacks, but some from sdriismation to attacks. >> we've had five mosques, and the police have called it arson, since january. this is stunning what is going on the goal is to bring these to the attention of the media, thank you for covering this. we're hoping the media can make people aware. there is a silver lining. >> that's what struck me in your piece, knotts that there's a silver lining in any kind of incident like this, but the fact you see men amend women coming together with a common message. >> absolutely. in minnesota yesterday there was an interfaith conversation, jews, muslim, christian leaders standing shoulder to shoulder. we stay with you, and that's so important. there's been an alarming spike in anti-semitic acts during this campaign from january on.
11:49 am
i'm not saying they're ought donald trump supporters doing it, but we're in an environment where they field more comfortable because of donald trump for president. for right or wrong, that's what we're seeing. it would be great if the president could come out passionately denounce this kind of hate, the same way he denineses senator blumenthal like today, calling these people fraud and racists, use it to denounce hayesful bits. that would go a long way. keep raising your voice, and we would follow the investigation. thank you very much. thank you. coming up, it's a crisis grabbing headlines, tearing families apart, and foss are fooing to find extra room. the message from those hit hard by the opioid crisis. poppy harlow joins me on her special report, coming up. i switched to t-mobile, kept my phone-everything on it- -oh, they even paid it off! wow! yeah.
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chris christie speaking out on "state of the union." one of the main recommendation declare opioid addiction and overdose as a national emergency. >> we have a 9/11 scale loss of life every three weeks. if that's not a national health emergency, i don't know what is. this is a problem not just starting on the street corners. where it's starting is in our doctors' offices and hospitals. offices and hospitals. we urge the presidents to take these steps. >> a cnn special report "hooked" is looking at the opioid crisis and how many people you would never expect become addicted. poppy harlow tells a story from ohio. >> it's ravaging every single segment of our society. this is a chemical almost war
11:55 am
fare on us that people don't know how to control. is. >> reporter: the high school cheerleader addicted at 15. the 20-year-old baseball player dead. these fathers now inmates because of their addictions. even the sheriff's former wife, addictioned. this is the real picture of americas's opioid crisis, where drugs don't discrimination. it's infesting neighborhoods across the heartland and from coast to coast. >> how does a 15-year-old cheerleader from ohio start doing heroin. >> it started my freshman year. i was cheerleading, i ended up not going to school as much. i ended up getting kicked off the team. >> i tell my kids, you have three options in my court -- you graduate, you're going to prison or you're going to be dead. >> death, jail or recovery. the only options for the
11:56 am
millions of americans now addicted to opioids, from prescription pain pills like oxycodone to street drugs like heroin and fentanyl. >> i do think there is a feeling across the country thinking that it's so tragic, that that can't happen to me. that's not in my neighborhood, not in my house, not in my family. >> no. it is. >> you're naive if you think that, because it's everywhere. >> these are the families living heroin hell, and watching their dream and their children's dreams slip away. >> poppy, how has this gotten so, so bad? >> it's such a good question, right? it's all over the newspapers. we're covering it all the time.
11:57 am
what's happening is that it's not just heroin anymore. people get hooked off the drugs they're prescribed, then it turns into heroin. now what we learned being on the ground is it's synthetic heroin, fentanyl and carfentanyl. they're literally elephant training we liesers. babies are exposed to this in their parents' home, if their it touches their skin, the babies die instantly. >> you see this young woman featured in the piece, you know, how do you go fro taking some sort of, i don't know what she started with, to heroin? it's hard to wrap your head around. >> she said no matter what neighborhood my family lived in, you know, it was so easy to get. she had a dealer on the
11:58 am
street -- hers started with heroin -- >> no kidding. >> and he said do you want a tester? and she was having a rough time, as a lot of teenager do, and she tried it and she was instantly hooked form there's been some perception -- frankly because i had it. this can't happening to me. it's tragic, but not hang to my family. i have a 13-year-old nephew. these are things that his parents need to talk to him about and are talking about. i think it's hard for america to grasp, this is in your backyard, this is going to be in front of your kids, and you need to talk to them about it early. >> what's being done about it, and also what more are you doing tomorrow? >> we found some hope, and i think on your, hope -- lost all of his children to foster care.
11:59 am
he's now clean after a lot of treatment, and we were there, our cameras were there, as a -- they are reunited and sort of going begin to rebuild that life. unfortunately it's not the story for a lot of kids. there are stories of -- and we wanted to bring that to light as well. >> here's a clip. no clip? >> we'll watch tomorrow, poppy harlow, thank you so much. go to for more information. we continue on, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. here we are on his 200th day in the office.
12:00 pm
he is slamming fake news, while hailing his base is as strong as ever. here are the tweets. look ago rallies in pennsylvania, iowa, ohio, and west virginia. he goes on. the fact is the fake news russian collusion story, record stock market, border security, military strength, jobs, supreme court pick, economic enthusiasm deregulation and so much more. and the president is not the only one out of the white house. here he's calling this -- disgraceful and offensive. it details vice president and how he's positioning himself