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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 25, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i'm jim acosta in more wolf blitzer. whenever you're watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. people in texas bracing for the worst as a potentially deadly storm moves closer to the coast. it's hurricane harvey. winds well in excess of 100 miles per hour. storm surges more than 12 feet coming onshore from the 2k3wugu and more than three feet of flooding and 100 miles inland. and expecting to hear from the
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mayor of corpus christi, texas. his city to bear the brunt of the storm. and the governor's text declared an emergency for 30 counties and spoken with the president about possibly emergency measures from the federal government, and at 1:45 eastern, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders will believe the press talking how the government is preparing for the hurricane in text. we'll bring that to you live. the leading edge of the hurricane is bringing rains and strong winds to parts of the coast including corpus christi. it doesn't look too bad now. obviously, as hours drag on here it's going to get worse. what's it like now and have people there been heeding the call to evacuate? >> reporter: about an hour ago, jim, we saw some heavy rain bands come through here at
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corpus christi, seeing the most significant rain its seen. this hour you mentioned, lightened up a bit. keeping an eye on the water and watching the storm surge. the national hurricane center xpek expects a three to six-foot storm surge. get out if you can, official s stressing that. and assisting those to evacuate towards northern texas. that service that's been run by the city buses is expected to stop any minute now. a couple hours ago we spoke to the local representative here who said, last hour, if you do not get out within this hour you're probably going to have to stick it out with the rest of us here. the good news, these residents have been through storms before. some say they don't think they believe the hype, that weather experts may be wrong this time. the last time the storm was supposed to hit corpus christi
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and hit houston. residents say they'll stick it out, gone to grocery stores waited hours in line to get essential goods saying they're ready for whatever comes next. jim? >> and, tom, let me turn to you, because we need to get the latest on the hurricane, how it's developing. obviously, tom, when you see a map that shows a category 3 hurricane, that's about to collide with the gulf coast, we're talking potentially major damp and a very rough night for people down there. how strong of the winds and when do we expect landfall to happen? >> reporter: in a strong category 2. one mile per hour from category 3. last advisory, the pressure dropped. it takes a while for wind speed to catch up to the pressure drop meaning it's not only healthy, it's strengthening. no doubt in my mind it's going to about strong category 3 and everyone focuses on where that eye is. of course, wind gusts of 130 miles per hour at the time of landfall.
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they'll be 140, 150. the brought scale, a couple things to watch. the last hour, tropical storm force winds on the coast. seeing feeder bands move in. even though we focus on the eye a lot, we're getting tornadoes now starting to pop up on the first feeder bands moving to the north. i wouldn't be surprised if we see a tornado watch issued soon that could include the houston area well to the north. it's the curvature of the coastline of texas that while it curves and the system spins counterclockwise, everything is fitting perfectly. meaning we're already starting to see not just the tornadoes but a slight storm surgeality o at one to two feet. that curvature is like a catcher's mitt. as the storm moves in, seeing more. the wind gusts could snap brinks now. back to you. >> shift to corpus christi,
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texas. the mayor is holding a news conference updating residents on the latest. let's listen in. >> -- city manager to give you some additional comments. the chief of police, the fire chief and emergency management operations manager is here. of course, for questions and answers. so at this time i'd like to call on judge neil to give you an update from the county's perspective and his perspective, he's very well experienced in this, and we're just fortunate to have him in the position he's in, particularly in times like these. judge? >> thank you, mayor. this morning, i just left the fairgrounds. i met with the mayor and the police chief and fire cheief an shut down all operations in the fairgrounds. turned the buses loose. they've done a great job both here in the city and in the western part of the county. we reacted very quickly, and
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very well across the board. our eoc is still open. we have, we're thinking 3:00. get the 4:00 weather report and then we'll see where we go from there. i want to, again, compliment all the mayors in the county. we've had a great cooperativest this time. every mayor has done exactly what they're supposed to do. we've got the lines of communication open. my staff and our eoc has done a great job. yours here in the city is doing a great job. the people in the corpus christi area and county are well informed. i had a call from senator cruz and yesterday from star in cornyn. both pledges assets of the federal government for whatever we need. they have fema on the road. so as things, we figure out exactly where we are, both united states senators expressed -- >> there you hear a press
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conference going on now in corpus christi, texas, as local officials are updating residents what's happening there as hurricane harvey approaches. turning to another weather expert and can't stress this enough. hurricane harvey is massive. look at the view from space. it's enormous. we said, expected to be the strongest storm to hit the u.s. in more than a decade. let that sink in. more than a decade. chief specialist at the hurricane center michael brennan. it's forecasted as a light threatening storm. i remember covering hurricane katrina back in 2005. a lot of people measure hurricanes against katrina. i remember how large it was. you could view it from space. it was perhaps more massive than what we're looking at now, but this is something people really have to take seriously. >> yes. you know, every hurricane has its own unique hazards with it and harvey has three life-threatening hards associated with it. harvey is centered about 100
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miles southeast of corpus christi and 100 mile-an-hour winds. moving onshore within the warning area, late tonight, early tomorrow, bringing strong perhaps major hurricane winds to portions of the middle texas coast. in addition to that, the storm surge hazard, warning, in this dark pink area from north of brownsville to galveston island and the boulevard peninsula. this is life-threatening storm surge. water moving in from the ocean as the hurricane makes landfall, could see 6 to 12 feet of flooding. i'm 6 feet tall. couple my height in areas along the coast from near corpus christi up to victoria and sargent, texas. and finally it will slow down, meandering after landfall oesh t over the middle and upper coast. this tracks out to the middle of next week. because of that slow motion we're looking at potentially
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catastrophic flooding from rain tull. we can see widespread areas, victoria, corpus christi 15shgs to 25 inches of rain. some areas could see 35 inches of rain. the combination of the rainfall and flooding from storm surge are the two most dangerous hazards with this storm. >> so, michael, when you talk about that very big storm surge at the beginning of the storm. what people don't realize with something that large, those portions of the gulf along the beach almost turn into a washing machine. it you're caught in that kind of storm surge, that's a very dangerous, deadly situation. and you're saying on top of that we'll have some almost record-setting or record-setting rainfall amp that? sounds like we're going to just have days and days of misery along that part of the gulf coast? >> yes. that's right. unfortunately, a lot of water for a long period of time because the storm is moving so slowly. the storm surge and high water
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levels along the coast stae y ua while and the rainfall into early next week. that combination makes things very dangerous. in a low-lying area, asked to evacuate, try to do so. having tropical storm conditions in rain bands moving into the middle texas coast. time is very short for people to take action. if you can, been asked to leave by local authorities you still hopefully have time to do so. >> michael, hoping everybody is listening to the warnings and heeding the warnings. appreciate the information. michael brennan, thank you. coming up, texas governor greg abbott speaking soon in austin, texas. sarah huckabee sanders, white house press secretary, briefing reporters there in the briefing room at any moment. we'll bring both of these events to you live. that's just ahead. s'cuse me. mind if i sit here? not if you want your phone to work. let me guess, you can't livestream your lobster roll. and my mobile pay isn't connecting and i just got an unlimited plan. right plan, wrong network. you see verizon has america's largest
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. welcome back. looking at pictures, live pictures from austin, texas.
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at knit moment we'll hear from the governor about preparations under way. can't emphasize this enough. life threatening storm, forecast to bring heavy rain, strong storm surge and winds. not to mention catastrophic floods. some areas starting to feel the effects. ed lavandera in galveston watches heavy rain come in. ed, what are you seeing now? >> reporter: jim, just experienced the strongest first band of hurricane harvey make landfall here in galveston. lasted several minutes. so the winds picked up dramatically and some intense rainfall here. that's kind of a signal of what is to come here. if you look out into the gulf of mexico, you can see how choppy the surf is, and one of those first bands. look back out this way, looking down the coast towards corpus christi where between here and there is where the brunt of this storm is expected to make landfall and where emergency first responders are really
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bracing, and preparing to react. to whatever rescues are needed. a lot of first responders. one of the things they're doing today we're told, repositioning crews and equipment that might be needed in swift water rescues and high water rescues as the rain intensifies in the coming hours and essentially sit over this portion of southeast texas, which is what forecasters expect, and that's what emergency teams are really the most concerned about down here along parts of southeast texas. many of the communities here that will see a dramatic increase in water. some 25 inches of rain expected in places. in in syce lain isolated areas,s three feet. the water will rise quickly and people are urging residents to be mindful and wary of here not just today and throughout the weekend as the floodwaters could cause catastrophic and put people in dangerous and deadly situations.
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so, jim, that's what people here are preparing for. here on galveston you can see, despite the first band, this is the seafront road here. traffic still very heavy throughout the day. i don't really guess a sense many people are evacuating galveston island. we'll be on the eastern edge of this hurricane. i don't get the sense people are really expecting that much wind damage, or seem terribly concerned about the wind damage here. but monitoring the rain situation. people here, still out and about as we're several hours away from this hurricane making landfall south of where we are. >> and, ed, we can show viewers live pictures now of sort of a bird's-eye view what the waves look like coming in. it's pretty incredible stuff. the way this is building. it is an earth cam picture and you can see the waves starting to come in and you can see, ed, some of these cars as you mentioned a few moments ago, moving back and forth. we just hope as we get closer to
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the storm making landfall and more serious effects coming in, ed, you've seen it many times. that we don't have a lot of people doing disaster tourism and out there gawking at this sort of thing. what is your sense of it when you see people moving around? are they taking this seriously? because we haven't seen a big storm like this crash into the gulf coast in some time. >> reporter: right. i think what a lot of people are maybe perhaps taking last-minute precautions making runs to the grocery store and in a sort of thing. i'm surprised to see a little bit, this much traffic here on the roadways. this close to the storm. making landfall. also i drove out towards the western edge of the island. galveston is a very large island. it stretches on for miles and mimes. you can see people in the more residential areas head, you know, secured belongings down on the ground. many of those homes built on stilts so floodwater can flow underneath. seeing some of those people clean up everything around
10:19 am
there. still, a decent amount of traffic and i spoke with emergency management officials and one in a county just south of where we are. they did tell me there are a lot of areas there, smaller communities, not as much -- just a sea wall here that protect as good number of people from about ten foot of storm surge. some of those communities don't necessaryly have that kind of protection, and say for the most part, people are heeding warnings of mandatory evacuations. as i say, we've seen repeatedly over and over in thas situations, there's always a number of people who refuse to heed the warnings and stay behind either at their home or because they want to see. always kind of a mixture of reasons for why people do that, but they do say for the most part, they believe people are taking these warnings seriously. they do see a number of people kind of ignoring those warnings and making the decision to stay behind. we'll see how this plays out here in the hours ahead.
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>> very important warnings there. thank you very much. ed lavandera in tv galveston, texas. we're waiting to hear from the white house as president trump faces what will be his first national disaster. nothing to do with the storm earlier, the president tweeting, he's received a briefing from homeland security officials, fema, chief of staff and has spoken to the governors of texas and louisiana. turning to cnn white house reporter kaitlan collins, live outside the white house. kaitlan, this is going to be a major test for this young administration. for a president who has not had to deal with natural disasters like this, do we know what specific actions the white house is taking at this point to prepare? >> reporter: we know the president is being kept updated, but this absolutely is going to be a big test for them. this is the first time since they took office in january the trump administration has ever had to deal with something like
10:21 am
this and, jim, you know, these things can be presidency defining, as we saw with george w. bush and the way he botched his response to hurricane katrina just 12 summers ago. the president is being warned by this by one republican senator, chuck grassley wrote on twitter saying keep an eye on top of hurricane harvey and don't make the same mistakes president bush made with katrina. and we heard from first lady melania trump looking out for those in the path of hurricane harvey saying, stay safe. thoughts and prayers of an entire country are with you. we know the president is being kept updated by homeland security adviser tom bosser and we'll hear from sarah huckabee sanders within the hour. and president trump criticized president obama for being on vacation in martha's vineyard,
10:22 am
and we know he's headed out later today. >> hope. it itly -- hopefully the president won't be tweeting about fake news. many relying on the news to stay updated on the storm. governor greg abbott of texas, giving a briefing soon. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. you're looking at live radar of hurricane harvey expected to make landfall in 9 to 12 hours. turning to the atlanta weather center for us. tom, how is this looking? not kidding around. could be the strongest storm hitting the gulf coast in years, right? >> absolutely, jim. we're brogue t we're blowing the horn, catastrophic, never seen before, terminology like that. a statement was put out with language we haven't heard since hurricane katrina.
10:32 am
locations uninhabitable for weeks if not months. a double-edged sword. first the landfall. how strong will it be, where, at what time? devastating enough. nine years since the state of texas had a hurricane make landfall. harvey is makes up for lost time. the other edge of the sword is what happens after landfall? that's our concern for days. national hurricane center brings it in, wee hours of the morning, maybe, 3:00, 4:00 or five and brings it inland. extending the model out 120 hours. it loops back into the gulf, where it could easily regenerate, restrengthen, feeding off the warm waters and tosses it up to galveston and the houston area. look at all of the models, likes we have in the last couple of days. one thing is for sure. they all agree on landfall. good. giving an idea where evacuations should take place. gives us confidence this will
10:33 am
occur, but just like yesterday, the models become this birds nest, the terminology i'm using, but even differences in this as opposed to yesterday. the reason it's doing this. we just do not have a dominant steering current to push this system to the west or to the north. we like to get these systems in and get them out, the slower they are, the more rainfall. exactly what this is going to do. the difference with today's is more, do bring it back out, a second landfall with this system. the concern for me, in many locations not just 20 or 30 inches of rain. break it down. houston. houston historically can flood in many locations with 2 1/2, 3 1/2 inches. they're looking at 22 1/2 in a five-day period. one of the computer models, jim, we use a lot. the american model called the gfs model yesterday and this morning brings it in saturday. then loops it back around to san antonio with heavy rainfall.
10:34 am
sunday, monday, brings it back down. tuesday, wednesday. still going. thursday, up towards houston. friday, hanging around and still in the state of texas until saturday. that is catastrophic. now, listen, you can listen without power. obviously. storm surge will move in. live without powary couple days. food, water, medicines, but when water pours into your home and you're watching the water level up the wall, that's when 911 is called. i fear there will be thousands of 911 calls. they could be just overloaded here and really strapped as far as all of the emergency services, jim. >> tom, we have to hope people are paying attention to these warnings here, because what you painted there for us is a very serious, very dire situation. >> it is. >> for the state of texas. thank you. keeping eyes on the texas coast as hurricane harvey comes closer to landfall. winds gusting to 140 miles an hour and a fear it could cause
10:35 am
catastrophic flooding along the coast and miles inland. corpus kri69y, texas, expected to be hit hard. joining us, that city the mayor. mayor mccomb, have you spoken to the governor about all of this and telling residents there, because tom with our cnn meteorology department just painted a very dire picture. are you telling folk there's to get out of the way of this storm? >> well, we're telling them to get out of the way if nair some of the low-lying areas. absolutely. mustang island, north beach, and low-lying areas out in that area also, but, yes. the water is going to be the issue. you combine this much rain and the storm surge. we've never had anything like this. so this is -- i guess this is one time we really hope the weatherman is wrong. but leaning towards them being right and telling residents they
10:36 am
need to evacuate the low-lying areas, get to higher ground, because, you know, the preservation of life is our number one objective. what you have there can be replaced, rebuilt, whatever. we want to make sure everybody is safe and that's our goal. >> and, mayor, we heard a little while ago from ed lavandera in galveston talking about the seawall. what's the infrastructure like in corpus christi? can you handle a storm surge that is up to two feet followed by what could be several feet of, a few feet, at least, of rain? what is that going to do to the beach areas in your community? what is that going to do to streams, flood-prone areas, low-lying areas? people who live in the low-lying areas? i imagine you have an estimate or a sense as to how many people live in those low-lying areas. what does all of that mean, that combination of factors? >> well, if they're living out there on the island, or on the beach, you know, i think
10:37 am
anything probably above -- above 10 to 11, probably have water in their house. actually say on north beach, some of the areas where they're basically at sea level, most of those structures are at least on, on pilings and they're 10, 12 feet off the ground, but that means their cars are going to get -- if they leave their cars out there in the storage rooms underneath, they're going to get full of water and, of course, dhau couple that with the wind pounding on them, we don't know the effect. that's why the folks on the two island, mustang, padre, the north beach, need to evacate and get away from the water issue so they don't have to worry about, you know, personal injuries. >> and, mayor, i covered a few of those very powerful hurricanes in the mid-2000s, like hurricane katrina and so
10:38 am
on. you do have people who refuse to heed the warnings, drive around and play sdadisaster tourists w to gawk and the storm and so forth. what are emergency officials going to get those people out of there so they're not driving around in the middle of this? as you know, mayor, the people will be tempted to do that sort of thing and those are the folks who really get themselves into trouble. >> yes. well, i can't give you specifics, because i'm not the police chief, but i can assure you that the chief takes his responsibility very seriously, and they have a plan, you know, to deal with those kind of situations. because -- and the other issue is that, you get somebody hot-dogging down the road. they've got a big four-wheel drive vehicle, huge tires and decide to drive real fast. throws water higher into folk the than normal is not going to be tolerated if they're caught. but we think most people will behave themselves, and we're not
10:39 am
going to deal with that. i can assure you, the police will be on, on alert and pay attention to that sort of thing. but again, we're basically wanting to make sure that the people themselves get out of these low-lying areas, and -- and that they remain safe. i personally have seen the impacts of what water rising to high levels and coming in big volumes can do, and it can be devastating. so we're trying to make sure people don't have that experience. >> okay. mayor jim mccomb a few moments ago hopes the weatherman is wrong. i suppose we all do. mayor mccomb, thank very much from corpus christi. appreciate it. coming up, texas governor greg abbott speaking soon in austin, texas. live pictures there in austin, texas. also at the white house, where sarah huckabee sanders will brief the media at any moment, and keeping tabs on what
10:40 am
the trump administration is going to be doing to grapple with this hurricane as it comes ashore. bringing you both events live, that's just ahead.
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okay. looking at live pictures from austin, texas, governor greg abbott will brief the media ahead of the storm hitting the gulf coast. we'll continue to track hurricane harvey and want to get to significant news out of washington. tell i telling us that gary cohn was on the brink of resigning after the pret defended white supremacists in charlottesville.
10:45 am
condemning the remarks saying citizens standing up for equality cannot stand up for knee ow kno neo-nazis and the kkk. we can do better. and joining me, krchris cillizz >> how bad is it when the top economic advisers is making statements like that saying president trump, you need to condemn white supremacists more than you're doing right now? >> puts out life that this was a media creation and he, in fact, said everything -- he said the words were perfect. a direct quote from him. so we knew that that wasn't true. obviously, a lot of republican senators, members of congress, governors, speaking out saying this didn't go nearly far enough. he needs to do more.
10:46 am
now someone from within the white house doing so and clearly an ally of this president and also an ally of jared kushner and ivanka trump within the white house. that said, i'm not sure how much credit we should, back patting we should give to gary cohn. this is not the same as resigning. a massive abrogation of his principles he could not stand and thought the president absolutely failed on a moral level, that would seem to suggest that resignation would be in order. the fact we now know, well, he thought about it, drafted a letter. some to say, for gary cohn to make good with the folks who keep saying, why don't you -- >> and it is striking. not one person resigned. from this administration following the president's, ras last week at trump tower. stunning. >> right. not only no one resigned but
10:47 am
actually jewish members of his cabinet such as the treasury secretary steve mnuchin stand by him. we can't overstate how unusual to have a top adviser to the president publicly critiquing. albel albeit, the president needs to do more. and indicates a break between the president and one of his top advisors. and raises a question about how unified they are in that effort and the nature of their dynamic is and how close they are. >> right. you have a perfect illustration how what donald trump says gets in the way of donald trump's agenda. that gary cohn interview with "the financial times" theoretically 100% should be about tax reform. how he's doing it, in the process, much further than people think, et cetera, et cetera. what is the one thing people
10:48 am
know about now? he publicly rebuked the president. the whole thing donald trump seems to say, my words don't matter except when they do. don't pay attention. they do. we will see it coming up in the senate. he is publicly attacked in the last few years, 11 republican senators. 21 of the republican senators. mitch mcconnell is not going to bend over backward to help donald trump. john mccain certainly won't. lindsey graham, bob sas, bob corker, senate foreign relations committee. the things he does have real world impacts even with gary cohn trying desperately to be an ally. >> and hearing from a top congress' aide on capitol hill saying, we haven't seen the white house, the president do anything about tax reform yet. supposed to be a big legislative priority. the month. we understand the president will be in springfield, missouri, next week apparently selling this thing, but you have to wonder up on capitol hill, if
10:49 am
your senator mcconnell, senator corker, some of these senators he's been tangling with in recent weeks, mccain, flake, graham and so on, do you want to help? >> right. and a big, open question how much skin president trump puts in the game of actually selling this. our reporting indicates they actually see an advantage to him down the road to putting the blame for whatever happens with this effort on congress. and if the house loses seats because they aren't able to pass some of his signature agenda items, he'll say, look, they failed. there's a question about how much effort will be put into this and funny, during the campaign we heard a lot how president trump was the great negotiator and dealmaker and haven't seen him use those skills when it comes to the complex aspects. >> and call into the question, chris, how detached a senator can be from his own, or her own, personal feelings about the president and say, for the good of the team, we got to get tax
10:50 am
reform passed? i keep thinking back to john mccain with the thumbs down. on health care. >> and revenge, and john mccain, went about, i like my war heroes not captured. anyone who knows who spends time like we have covering politicians is, this is an intensely personal thing. i urge people, watching -- go up and sit in the senate gallery. you will see and it's true. i have spends an hour and then say i need to crash somewhere. you're like i just spent all of this time say it's like he
10:51 am
doesn't get they go together. every senator who put a statement out will say it doesn't matterme. it's about the issues. to an extent that's true. when you need trust and faith, any hard any gauchuati-- he see willingly understand that. >> and we'll see coming up here to what length it is white house will go to try to mend some of those fences. we didn't really see a lot of that yesterday with her going after him the way he did. thank you very much. we appreciate it. coming up we are waiting on two different briefings on hurricane harvey one from texas governor greg abbot from sarah huckabee sanders. both of those briefings are moments away. we'll take that live coming up next.
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10:54 am
plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. anchts refinery rich stretch of the gulf coast all of which could have an impact on gas prices around the country. allison, how could these prices go and for how long? >> reporter: analysts i have talked to said you can see gas prices go up from 35 cents a gallon to 25 cents a gallon. you can see them going go higher beginning this weekend into next
10:55 am
week. they say you could see if all goes well you could see the higher gas prices turn lower by the end of the week. there are two important caveats. if the storm winds up kind of staulg stalling it could stay offline longer. it could keep gas prices higher longer. also if there is any damage it could also impact prices in a big way, jim. >> okay. thank you. love it or hate it president trump's twitter use is not slowing down any time soon. the president already tweeted several times today but is all of this a good thing or could it backfire or backfire again and again? tonight we'll take a closer look at all of this in a cnn special report. bill joins us live now. she he is a big part of this program. twitter means direct access to his thoughts but also means
10:56 am
foreign leaders have that same access. what have you been finding as you have looked at all of this? >> you cover all of this and some days you can't focus on twient before another arrives. they are digital. they seem disposable. these will be the historical record of our times. i thought it would be helpful if i had them printed and bound. these are all of the tweets going in there. >> okay. we have to go now. sarah huckabee is coming in live now. >> national security adviser up to discuss the new financial sanctions on the dictatorship that the president imposed today. they will take your questions on your topic. after that tom bossert will give an update and take your questions on hurricane harvey. the administration has been closely monitoring the situation. we want to make sure the
10:57 am
american people are fully briefed on this important news of the day. finally after all of the three of them wrap up i'll be back up here to take a few of your questions on other topics, thanks. >> good afternoon everybody. this order demonstrates more clearly than ever that the united states will not allow on illegitimate dictatorship to take hold at the expense of its people. through the president's strong action the united states will target the means which the dictatorship to enrich the corrupt regime insiders and perpetuate this repressive behavior. several million voted
10:58 am
overwhelmingly against the regime's plants to convene an assembly that the people of venezuela never requested. the united states and the regional community stood in solidarity with the venezuelan people and demanded that their voices be heard. he chose to embrace dictatorship over his own people. as a result a dozen venezuela's neighbors gathered in peru and rejected his actions. president trump promised strong action if he moves ahead and ignored his people's will. with today's announcement the president is keeping his promise of strong action and continuing to show strong leadership. this executive order does not need to be permanent. the president has said that a stable and peaceful venezuela is
10:59 am
in the best interest of the entire hemisphere. we'll continue to work with our friends and partners in the international community to support the venezuelan people until their rights and democracy are fully restored. turn it over to describe this executive order in greater detail. >> thank you. >> thank you. have shown to the rule of law, democratic institutions and the venezuelan people. this has been a catastrophe for the country. nicholas by venezuela through economic mismanagement, corruption and the assumption of
11:00 am
death. today's action is focused on restricting the regime's access to american debt and. he may no longer take advantage of the financial system the wholesale looting of the ve venezuelan economy. it is to pay off political and regime supporters and increase pressure on the regime to abonn don its disasterous path. under the executive order u.s. persons are prohibited from engaging in specified dealings involving the government of venezuela and