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tv   New Day  CNN  September 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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nightmare that we can't wake up from. >> it's a long way to go. it's not months but it's years. >> a death toll continues to rise as the president prepares for his trip to the flood zone saturday. >> i've seen a lot of things but that terrified me. >> it's not even real. you see this stuff on tv in this is total devastation. >> you can't fight mother nature. she's giving us one right now but our citizens are resilient. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone welcome to "new day," it is friday, september 1st, 7:00 a.m. here in houston. one week ac oh today hurricane harvey made landfall. the rain has stop but there a helicopters searching for swiefers. we've seen more than 72,000 people have been rescued.
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so far, harvey has led to 47 deaths and that number is expected to rise. neighborhoods like the one i'm standing in, this is called will chester west. it of will of course have to rebuild and dry out. the white house estimates more than 100,000 homes are either damaged or destroyed. the scope is captured in these stunning satellite images. so of course there are concerns about contamination. the and disease in these flood waters. i can tell you just from standing here over the past two hours the mosquitos are out in force. all sorts of insects. of course they thrive in this standing water. that leads to a complicated and dangerous sue. >> 70,000 rescues but millions in the area. all that water is going to be there for weeks and time is going to be the enemy for
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people's patiences. fema announcing they have approved assistance for nearly 100,000 people. but remember, you have millions exposed to harvey. congress now awaits the trump administrations request for the first wave of emergency funding to help the survivors and victims. courses tell cnn the house could take up the vote as early as next week. will they keep politics out of it and get it done? vice president mike pence in texas consoling victims. seeing the devastation first hand. president trump will go to houston tomorrow to meet with victims. the most dire situation however is not in houston, it's in beaumont, texas. 118,000 people live there and now they have no drinking water. the bump and backup pump flooded. long lines for a ration of bottled water. the water out age even forcing
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the city's hospital to evacuate many of its patients. the we have it covered. let's begin a miguel marquez live in bow month. they've been asking for water trucks how did that go. >> reporter: in the next couple of hours the city is going to announce where they will have a water distribution point. and they think they will be able to service everybody for the time being and get them the water they need. they plan to be hand tg out in either large bottles or gallon jugs. two different crisises, the water is out and flood waters still rising. the river hasn't crested yesterday ayet. until it does they won't be able to get the pumps back up and running. affecting polices like the baptist hospital in beaumont where they have decided to
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evacuate. started off with 193 patients. they have done this with military-like precision and they're lucky in the sense they can actually plan for this rather than the rising waters. if that were the case it would be much more chaotic. but you have sort of wave after waeft of drophelicopters coming. the galveston. even some to missouri to go out and get them help and care where they can. officials say it may take four, five, six, perhaps seven days or more to get that water up and running here. so for right now, people are watching that water level of the river, and hoping that they can get that water back up and running very soon. >> absolutely. so let's take a look at just a few more of the pictures in the video of all those folks being evacuated. it's just so dramatic.
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as you said, 193 people were in this hospital. some of them in very bad shape, and so the idea of having to evacuate and get these folks out in a time sensitive way is just really trying. you can see doctors doing it. you can emergency responders. all of the choppers. it's just quite an effort. mary, wow, we've been watching what you had to do. what have these days been like for you? >> well, good morning from southeast texas. all can i say is i've never been more proud to be a member of this organization. this has been amazing. we have staff here. we have food and supplies here. the we're ready to rock and roll. unfortunately the city is not cooperating with the water. as you heard earlier we started out with 193 patients yesterday
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and down to 83. all of critical patients have been moved. families are notified. we used helicopters and ambulances here in town, and we just worked as an effort to get this done. all of the icu patients have been moved. er has been cleaned out and any critical patient has already been moved. dialysis patients are gone. and for those of you that didn't know, we're the only psych hospital within a 300-mile radius and all those patients have been relocated as well. only down to three on that. the for those of you that know much about mental health it is very difficult to get those people placed. our big exciting news is our pediatrics and our babies will be leaving today so our nicu and nursery will be moving out. 11 babies will be leaving this morning together with the neo nay toll gist. >> wow. mary. listen.
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i can tell your patients are in good hands with you there, because you have just the right energy for this task. i mean you are obviously approaching it with open arms and open hart. i did -- i have to tell you moo i heart did go out when i heard about your nicu unit. i had two preemie twin babies. i remember how scary those days are for parents. what's going to happen to those babies? where are they going? >> they're going to university of texas medical branch in g galveston and the interesting thing about that, our doctor trained there. he said i'm bringing my babies home. he stayed up all night waiting for the helicopters and they weren't able to fly. this is southeast texas on the coast. the we have a tendency to get a little bit fog. the sun is coming up today. he's ready to go. >> well, mary, thank you, we wish you and your entire crew
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there the best as you try to help all of these patients. thank you so much. you have such a wonderful attitude. it's really inspiring to talk to you this morning. >> thank you. you let southeast texas know as soon as that water's back, we are back. >> we are on it and we are helping you get the message out. so thanks so much for being here. back here, where aam in houston, rescue crews are about to resume door to door searches in some of the heavily flooded areas here in houston. you see just one example of this behind me. cnn's ed lavender ra is lie on the west side of this city. what's the situation there, ed? >> reporter: hi. there's still two pockets of the city that are still under some flood waters and still very much of concern and dangerous situations. this area near those reservoirs we've talked about on the west side, there's another area on the northeast side of town in the kingwood area of the city that is still has water.
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obviously that is still very much a dangerous situation. but what we have now seen that as the flood waters have started receding it allows the search and rescue operations to fan out through the neighborhood and look for victims. that's why we've seen the death toll here in the last few hours go up. once again standing at 47. more of that work is expected to continue today. what is staggering, the numbers in the sheer scope of just how much damage has been inflipgcte by these flood waters, 136,000 structures across harris county have been damaged by flood waters. that is just a staggering number and really kind of gives you a sense of how much work and how long it will take for the city to repair itself. >> okay. absolutely. thank you very much for that reporting. here's another story we need to tell you about. two men are missing after their
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boat capsized while trying to rescue harvey victims in montgomery county texas. a third person on board was rescued after clinging to a tree for dear life. >> it was monday, around excuse me. it was tuesday. around midnight. when the guys went to houston to rescue lives here. they were all pumped up ready to save lives. when they got to montgomery county, they had went to -- if i'll not mistaken, an apartment complex. that's where they launched boat at. >> they were just doing this on their own. they just decided we have a boat, people need help. we've seen hundreds, thousands of people who have come here with that same good intention
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and they have to figure out where they're going to go and don't know what the conditions are. >> yes ma'am. they decided we need to do the right thing. people needer help. they why just came out here. >> what did you hear about what happened to them? >> well, what i heard was that a current had got the boat, and they slammed up against the bridge, and the boat just flipped over and both -- three men were like completely under water and stuff, and one -- one of the guys had seen a gas can floating. he grabbed onto that, and he swam up and seen a tree and he was clinging on to that. >> that was luis. >> yes. >> your two friends. tell me about them. >> they kept -- the current kept taking them down, i guess by the bridge.
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some people say they went under the bridge. other people keep saying they just kept going with the flow. up to right now, they're still missing. we haven't had any update on that. >> so we have thomas, who's 25, and alonzo, who goes by dj ocho. >>. >> thomas. we used to play soccer together. every sunday go out and play soccer. ocho, man, he's been my friend since as long as i can remember. he's more than a friend. he's like my brother. he's mentor, teacher. life coach. he's my everything. >> what do you think has happened to them? >> i don't want to think the worse. i know they're tough guys, intelligent and they can just -- they got it. they can survive.
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i know they're out there. they're okay. >> you think that they are just among the missing, the people who haven't reconnected somehow with their families. and by the way, this does happen. i mean people don't have their drel phones, lose their cell phones and we have seen examples. just one earlier in the program people, it takes days to be able to find them with missing photos. is that what you're hoping? >> yes, ma'am, i'm hoping they're out there alive. they don't have a way of communicating with us. hopefully they can -- somebody can see them and like just point them to the right direction. i seen this guy. >> but the guy who survived, has he explained what he saw happen to them? >> i haven't talked to him. he has talked to his mom and his dad. he explained a little bit of what he remembers. but, other than that, that's just -- they were just concerned
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about him being okay. >> have you talked to ocho or tom's families? >> yes, ma'am. i talked to thomas's mom. >> how's she doing? >> she's holding up okay. it's her child so she's devastated of course. >> manny, we're praying for you and your friends and families. obviously we will bring any information we get right to you. thanks so much for being here. back to you, chris. the anguish, the unknown about your loved one in the midst of battling for your own swoo survival. hopefully not too much. we're going to take a little quick break here. when we come back, we're going to talk about what congress needs to do. i know it sounds like a no-brainer. help the survivors of harvey. the but what happened the last timed with sandy says nothing is
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joining us now congressman. what is the state of play on the ground. how are the kesk rescues going? >> things are getting better in the corpus christi region. i'm visiting some of the hardest hit areas every day or so, like rockport and every day you see more and more brush piled up. and people are getting a sense of hope as the city is getting cleaned up and electricity is getting restored. most importantly, grocery stores are opening. >> you're going to have water issues in some places. time is going to be an enemy here. the duration of the flooding. the duration of people being displaced. what are your big concerns right now? >> obviously it's going to be getting people back into their
5:20 am
homes once essential services are restored and making those homes habitable again. it's hot and humid in texas and mold is going to be a problem. a wide variety of issue as. we're counting on fema for temporary housing for folks whose homes have become uninhabitable. we're counting on our neighbors to take in their friends and we're all working together. that was what i'm most impressed by. neighbor helping neighbor. >> i hope it's not going to be too big a challenge but with what we saw with sandy, it might be. you're heading back to washington, d.c. the president is going to ask for the first wave of funds. the do you think that congress will come together and do a clean relief bill this time? >> that's my hope. the big objection that a lot of folks including texas members had to the sandy bill was there as a whole lot of other stuff attached to it that wasn't
5:21 am
sandy-related. so hopefully, this will be something that congress will be able to do. the issue becomes, with the addition additional spending associated with this disaster, we get closer and closer to the debt limit. >> congressman, you've heard peter king say i'm not going to do to you in texas what you did to me in new york. right? he's obviously a member of your party. governor christie, went after republicans for playing topolits during sandy. do you have a different perspective on this now after what you've seen happen in your own home state? >> i haven't changed my mind at all. again, objection to sandy was there was a lot of not sandy stuff in that bill. and that's what led texas members, including myself to vote against it. i grew up in south texas. i was a young teen in hurricane seal ya, which just wreaked horrible havoc here.
5:22 am
i understand the need for assistance in recovering from a disaster wherever it is but i do have a problem using a disaster to fund whatever else might -- >> i hear you about that. and i'm not going to come at you in the time of disstress down there, but reading through the crs report on what the money was there, even ted cruz had to back off the idea it was two thirds pork or not related to sandy. it's just not true. it was almost all disaster related to easterly things happened earlier or within a few years of sandy that still needed to be done or different states that were affected by sandy and it does seem some of you guys took a really hard line and if that happens this time, your people are going to suffer. >> i don't think it's going to happen. this is the problem we have in washington. you put these mega bills
5:23 am
together, and you are voting on all sorts of things that you may not want to vote on, because it's all lumped together in one. let's get these bills, every bill in washington where it can be understood not just by the members of congress but by the american public. >> whaeps what happens if it's connected to a debt ceiling bill? would you fight against that and there any chance you would vote against the relief tack pack on for your own state? >> it may have to be attached to a debt ceiling bill because of the amount of devastation here probably will push us much closer to the debt ceiling. i'm not going to like it but i think they can probably throw a debt ceiling in it and i'd vote for it. >> i mean, look, it would be hard for you not to see it differently than sandy, it's just different when it's our yoen state. what would make you not vote for a relief package for texas? >> again, it would be very difficult not to, but you've got to understand we have a huge
5:24 am
debt crisis in this country, and we've got to -- we can't ignore it. i don't see how i could vote against it. i was elected to represent the constituents down here. my district took the brunt of the wind storm type damage. obviously houston has got massive damage from flooding. it's a bad situation down here. >> there is no question, a bad situation. i remember peter king making a very similar argument to other republicans who were holding up the built. i hope you do end have to make the same arguments this time around, congressman. i hope people do the right thing. there are plenty of ways to save money on the budget. it doesn't have to come on the backs of the harvey survivors. >> i agree with that. >> please let us know what needs to get out. use us as a resource. we want to help. >> thank you very much. i'm available and i will let you
5:25 am
know. >> be well, congressman. thank you. okay. thanks so much. joining us now on the phone is the houston major. sylvester turner. mr. mayor good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. >> i understand you have a big head line you want to share with us and our viewers. is there something transitioning today? about all of the rescue efforts? >> well number one, i mean we took some aerial view of the houston on yesterday. most of houston is now dry. with the exception of the two areas in the kingwood area. but things are slightly improving. so that's a plus. the other side is in west houston and they are flooding because of the release of water from the reservoir. so that will continue. probably until the next two to three weeks if not beyond. so, that's a concern. very sensitive to that. with respect to people in our
5:26 am
shelters, in houston, in houston, at its peak, it was probably at about 15,000. in a number starting to go down as people transition either to home or with their relatives or friends. and we're consolidating a few of those shelters. schools in most of our areas, in some cases may start next week but most probably september 11th. the but the biggest problem will be housing. people are in their homes or their away from their homes and their hopes need to be rehabbed or rebuilt. and the other thing is debris removal. of the most of the city is dry. people are now putting that debris out in front of their homes. and it is building up. what i said to the fema and to other, we need everyone needs to operate with a sense of urgency. we need money advanced to us now.
5:27 am
we start the our heavy debris removal a few days ago. we need to ramp up. and we need immediately right now just for debris removal alone anywhere between $75,000 to $100 million just for debris removal. we need an army of fema agents. to be assisting people not just in shelters. people who are in their homes so we can get them financial assistance they need so 0 they can start transitioning. the important thing -- urgency, urgency. >> yeah. and mr. mayor, what about all of the rescue effort? we've been watching for days now all of these dramatic water, boat rescues, aerial rescues, k 9 units, what's happening with the rescue efforts? do you believe there are still people trapped in their homes that need to be rescued? or are you transitioning today
5:28 am
to more of a recovery effort? >> the number of rescues in the city of houston, that number has gone down dramatically. our firefighters and responders have to give them an extreme amount of credit. simply exceptional. they're going, started yesterday going door to door in the city of houston. many of the rescues that you have seen have taken place outside of the city of houston. there's still a tremendous need for rescues in the outside the city. beaumont jefferson county area. but in terms of the city of houston, they're now going door to door to make sure we have not missed anyone. that there's not someone, especially seniors or disabled people. we're going door to door. that will continue in every neighborhood from the inner city to outside of the inner city.
5:29 am
that's door to door. the leelectricity grid for example, we now have less than 35,000 house holds without electricity. most of the stores are starting to open. tr transit system has start the. even the zoo is opening up today. we are providing some immediate assistance to beaumont, which is our sister city right down the street. so in the region, there is a dire need. there's still many rescues in the region. but for -- with regards to the city of houston, we are starting to move into the recovery phase. with the number of rescues dramatically down. >> flr stood. so you're feeling is that the people who were in danger in houston, the city proper, you're feeling is that those who needed to be rescued have been and it's now safe to move into the recovery phase.
5:30 am
i just want to ask you now, mayor, a week out, now that you have seen everything that's happened over the course of this week, is there anything that you wish that you had done differently during the course of this? >> for the city of houston and harris county, this is was a major, major event, just like in bow month. beaumont happened a week after hurricane harvey struck. beaumont received 26 inches of rain, water, in 24 hours. so for the city of houston and harris county, this was a major rainfall event. what the city of houston would have liked to have had, more high water rescue equipment, trucks and boats. those ever the sort of asset that is we need, and we need more of them. ahead of time. but, anticipating the heavy rainfall, we set up two shelters, just before that heavy rain came, and moved many of
5:31 am
those people into those shelters prior to the heavy rainfall coming. so that shelter got up at one point to 2,000 people. as of yesterday, there were less than 400 people in that shelter. the same thing with the -- at its max, there were 10,000 people. now, that number is now under 8,000. we're working with these individuals to transition out. so for the city of houston, the city of houston and harris county, we're not in the direct path of the hurricane. forus, it was a major rainfall. 33,000 house holts without power. the water system in the city of houston never went down. it's final. it is working. the transit system is now working. but we wanted to do, wanted to go from door to door to make sure that we haven't missed anyone. we want to focus on that.
5:32 am
as we move to recovery. and so that's where we are. we're giving special attention to west houston because they flood the not from hurricane harvey, but because of the release from the reservoir. that's why you have a lot of people who are very frus stated, because their homes were dry from the hurricane, topical storm, but the release from the reservoir. with respect to the kingwood area, they are in large part flooded because water was released from -- >> what was the other option? look. that's what they had to do. you had to release the floodgates on some 0 of these dams and reservoirs otherwise it would have been catastrophic. i'm standing in this area of will chester. that's the situation here. people understand that, right? >> yes. people understand that but they
5:33 am
don't necessarily have to like that. no one wants their home flooded. i got that. corps of engineers, according to what they're saying to me they're having to balance the amount of water on the west side of the reservoir ser vus whvers they need to release in order to provide additional capacity unless there's another major rainfall that comes in the next week, two weeks three weeks. they need to build up the capacity. people understand that. >> yeah. >> but that doesn't mean they have to like it. >> understood. so mr. nay yomayor -- given all and everything -- go ahead. >> go ahead. >> given everything that you've learned through this past week, the president, president trump is coming tomorrow. so whether you ask him for more resources? what do you plan to say to him.
5:34 am
>> in fact, even today, the director of fema is coming to me with me today. head of homeland security will be in houston today. and basically what i'm say to go them is that we must operate with a sense of urgency. we have to have the resources in order to assist people from transitioning from a crisis state to a much more stable situation. we need the resources now. of the in fact let me back that up. we need the resources yesterday. it is important that we provide people who are homeowners, whose homes have been damaged. and in the city of houston the number of units is now more than 40 to 50,000 in the city of houston. home enners want to get back into their homes as quickly as possible and we need the federal assistance right now. especially low income individuals. i want to highlight them.
5:35 am
many of them are renters. we need to make sure we give them the assistance that they need in order to stabilize their lives and get them back on their feet. housing is going to be critically important. people can't stay in shelters forever if they don't have places to go. we have to provide housing accommodations and they need to get that information and that assistance like right now. because you can only keep people in shelters for so long. now they're asking, mayor, what is the next step. debris removal. that is a critical component. people are putting their debris out right now and it is going to be massive. every community in the city of houston quite frankly in the whole region. when the sun is out, things dry out, people returning to the homes, they're putting all of that debris out. you can't leave it out there. that will create a public health hazard. the we don't need a
5:36 am
reimbursement after having done it. we need the assistance up front. it needs to be advanced and massive. the we need an army of representatives. . on the ground assisting people in registering and walking them through the system. and we need that yesterday. >> mayor, have you made that to president trump directly? have i spoken to the president. >> i have not. i have spoken to secretary carson. i have spoken to secretary perry and i thank them for calling. senator cruz, and he's been in houston at the shelters. and has made direct on tact with fema on myby ha behalf. of i've talked to a number of representatives. today i'm going to talk to someone over fema and head of homeland security. i have not personally talked to the president. what i would say to everyone, i no he there's a debt.
5:37 am
and know there are other things but for -- i'm not just speaking for the city of the houston. the city of houston is advancing resources to beaumont. even as we face our own set of issues. what i will say to everyone is that this should be priority number one for our country. and we have to provide -- politics aside, provide the necessary resources now. in order for people to rebuild their lives. should not keep them in a traumatized state. any longer than we need to be. they need housing, assistance, debris removal. these are all of the things that local governments need in order to move forward. our -- i did mention that the court of houston is starting to get back in business. the and hopefully they'll be fully operational in probably another week. but we need all of this assistance because what's happening in the texas gulf coast area doesn't just impact
5:38 am
the texas gulf coast. the it impacts the entire country, that's what people have to understand. the it may be geographically in our area but the rem fication and impact affects the entire country. if it doesn't have a global impact as well. >> well, we will see if congress agrees with you and how much they want to open up the purse strings and how much federal relief they will bring to the city of houston and beyond. mayor thank you. >> could i just say one thing? >> yeah. quickly. >> i would say to people that put yourselves in our shoes. it may not be you today, but the way these storms are coming, it's certainly going to be you tomorrow. ask the question how would you want to be treated if it happened to you. >> mr. mayor, thank you very much for joining us on "new day." >> thank you. up next, we're going to
5:39 am
follow one woman as she returns home after harvey has passed. but it was not the damage that made her break down in tears. you have to see her story next. oh, you brought butch.
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gloria always went big. so we helped her plan a memorial service that no one would soon forget. ♪ this one's for you, gloria. ♪ only a dignity memorial professional can celebrate a life like no other. find out how at the labor department just released the august jobs report, and a strong summer of hiring has slowed down. the economy had the about 156,000 jobs in august. a decent number by historical standards but down from the previous month. jobless rate rose slightly to 4.4% but that's still near a 16-year low. wages grew about 2.5%, roughly
5:44 am
where they're hovered the last two years. that's the big problem. important note. today's report does not include any possible job losses due to hurricane harvey. the survey was compiled before the storm. we're probably going to see the impact next month ant beyond. what does this report mean for president trump's promise of 25 million jobs? well the u.s. has created about 1.2 million jobs during his first seven months. it's a strong number but not quite enough to reach the sustained goal in 10 years. >> okay. chris. thank you for all of that. so we've just heard from the mayor of houston about what he says he needs from the federal government. joining us again is cnn contributor generousle honore. thank you so much for standing by with us. we just talked to mayor of houston. he is making -- he says we need
5:45 am
more help. army of fema responders down here and need a lot of federal dollars. that's basically i think dovetails with your assessment. >> absolutely. the scale of this -- for a week now, we've been communicating with you on air that i thought the response scale needed to be bigger. when you get through the search and rescue phase, the hard work getting into helping people get in and out of their homes, which means take personal interface. you can come on line and apply, you can get a check in the mail, but the party don't start for you in recovery until somebody come to your house, and the mayor has put his finger on it. obviously they've had floods before. sometimes that can take weeks for a person to come and do the procedure inspection. he's setting the priority to work and that's what needs to happen. the this is going to be bigger than what fema has probably had done in the past anywhere.
5:46 am
so, they're going to have to up the game. at the same time look to the east because there's another hurricane coming. >> but it's your assessment they have not sort of pulled out all the stop the yet. who would be responsible for that? is it the governor who needs to call in more of the cav valley? >> they are are working on a bottom up. you asked us, and we will deliver. and that's been the mode of operation so far. my personal pp that she needed to lean further forward and push stuff as opposed to -- because the local people are busy saving lives. at the time you saving lives you're getting ready for the next phase of the operation and the federal government has to be good enough. that's why we established these commands after 9/11. >> so you think the white house should have been telling the locals what they need and coming in and offering it up?
5:47 am
>> that would be the opinion i would have, that because the local guys trying to save lives. what he needs next week needs to be pushed to him. >> got it. >> that's real logistics. >> well the president is coming tomorrow so we will see what he has to offer and what he can offer from the federal government. general, thank you very much. so we've watched a lot of dramatic rescues here this week. ant it's not just people who are being saved. it's thousands of pets as well. the coast guard says it has rescued more than 1,000 of them over just the last week. cnn's rosa flores tagged along with a woman who went home for the first time since her house flooded and you're about to see what made her break down in tears. rosa is life for us in houston with more. of the tell us this story. >>reporter: this is the home of willy marie burden. she says the water started rising very quickly at about 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. you can see the water level both here on this wall and also on this garage door.
5:48 am
now, while people rushed to safety, in many cases, their pets were left behind. that was the case for her pet lassy. she inherited this dog from her father. we were here when she returned to her home and also when she e reunited with lassy. >> i feel like crying but then i i'm joyful because i could have been in the water and it could have got me so i'm just grateful. i'm just getting back to see what's left. water is a powerful thing. toppled over the sofa. and then the luseat. it just move the all of this stuff. >> when you see it -- >> the sink came up. >> refrigerator. >> and the refrigerator is over. lord, lord. >> whoa.
5:49 am
let's see what this is. i put this up here. the thank you, lord. these are pictures from a long time ago. and they -- this thing kept that dry. didn't get wet. that's good. hi, lassy. hi. i know that storm scared you. but i'm glad you made it. hmm. it's okay. >> i know. this too shall pass. it will. i know that it will. today is my 66th birthday. what i'm going to do after we go through some of this is i just
5:50 am
want to eat seafood. if i can get some seafood, i'm be happy. and if i get a martini, i'll be happy. but if not, i'm just glad to be here. >> now as we take another live look, you can see she has started moving a lot of the wet and soaked items out of her house just like a lot of her neighbors are. you can see that this neighbor over here has couches and other things. now, chris, about that seafood and martini. miss willy was a little too tired yesterday to go have that martini and that seafood. but, from her family, we're hearing that she might be able to celebrate her birthday today and cheers with that little martini. we'll keep you posted. >> do so, rosa, get involved. make that happen because the simple pleasures can make such a difference in these hard times. we wish her all the best. thank you for bringing us that story. the just a little bit of the slice of the experience that's
5:51 am
being lived out down there in so many different ways. up next, we have a big name doing some really good stuff for those affected by harvey. so, your new prescription does havoh, like what?ffects. ♪ you're gonna have dizziness, ♪ nausea, and sweaty eyelids. ♪ and in certain cases chronic flatulence. ♪ no. ♪ sooooo gassy girl. ♪ so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. next! ♪ next!
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lord, lord, do we need the good stuff in big supply, and we're going to get it today. the texans defensive end star jj watt is a man on a mission. he's raising serious money for those hit hard by harvey. the they're going to need it. watt plays for the houston texans started it on sunday. the goal was $200,000 for his adopted home town. in less than a week. listen to the numbers $13.6 million, there is 133,000 people have contributed to the effort. watt told anderson cooper last night that he's in it together with the people of houston. >> i want houston to know that
5:56 am
i'm with them in the long hall, not just here for the initial fundraiser. my first phase is this weekend, we have semitrucks rolling in from out of town. we have been nine that are coming into town, all filled with stocks, supplies, water, food, clothing. give that out this weekend. that's the first step. >> amazing. amazing that he's saying this is just the first step. and it is just one more beautiful reminder of something that has come out of the horror, which is confirmation that people will step up and that we're all in it together. >> chris, listen, in our days here in houston, we've met so many generous and kind hearted people who don't have the means of watt. the people just taking care of neighbors, people are houston are going tosh fine ultimately, but they have many, many days and weeks ahead of some heart break and tears and rebuilding. as we've seen her.
5:57 am
cnn's coverage of harvey's destruction will continue on "newsroom" with john berman after this quick break. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites.
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