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tv   Declassified  CNN  September 9, 2017 8:30pm-9:30pm PDT

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protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. hello, and welcome to our viewers all around the world. i'm michael holmes coming to you live in orlando, florida. issa suarez is in miami. i have got to tell you here in orlando the wind is picking up a lint. it's very dry. it's not even raining. 24 hours from now the storm is meant to be having a big impact here. tell us about miami. >> yeah, it's so deceptive, isn't it? this weather. we started to see it spitting somewhat. it's only just now starting to feel the rain. but the wind just felt the wind picking up substantially and also howling. we can already hear that sound from the wind. let's fiend out how the storm is moving. we know it has shifted somewhat
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northwest. tom saida is quote keeping a very close eye on hurricane irma. tom, what is the very latest? >> we have been able to kind of take a step back and look at the latest advisory. it happened -- all of us got to watch it together when the graphics came up. it's about what i expected. there was a western shift in that track. let's break it down. this is critical for a lot of folks here. a couple of miles here and there means everything. first of all with the infrared imagery what you want to see or not is the brighter colors, higher colder cloud tops. when you start to see more of a symmetrical look after it was interacting with the land in cuba we are starting to see strength. still at 120 miles per hour. now that the eye wall is going through an eye wall replacement cycle it's going to likely increase in strength somewhat. now it is a category 3. the national hurricane center now wants to keep it as a 3.
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here in the cnn world weather center we are not so sure on that because not only do you not have just 90 miles in the straits from cuba to florida, you have got really now a distance that should take this now on a farther track up toward sarasota. this is going to be a lotlike last year when hurricane matthew hugged the coast on the east coast. it came through freeport in the bahamas. there was a wobble during one of these eye replacement cycles and it stayed off the coast. when it is a on the coast it's catastrophic damage. because it stayed off last year matthew was moderate. it did a lot of damage at a 1 a. jacksonville saw flooding they will see that again with this one. and we had historic flooding in the carolinas that killed about 24. not only is it west northwest. it's northwest.
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it still has a component to move more to the west. when we break this down and look at the new track this is what we are thinking. instead of the 90 miles as mentioned the system is going to travel about 280. so it moves from the center, moves probably close to naples and somewhere in between fort nirs and tampa we are looking at land fall because it's hard to predict the landfall because it only takes one wobble at the coast to change the lands fall. we are looking at it traveling away from the coast 15 or 20 minds. it is the worst news for tampa. it puts you in the eye band of the strongest winds. and we are going to be looking at a return flow. that's the concern. consensus is around sarasota, florida. possible landfall. braidington, manti county. anna marie islands going to be
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smacked. and at the top of the hour i noticed a shift from atlanta which may keep them out of some of the strongest winds but they are still in the worst god rant. after that the storm loses some strength. then when it moves up towards tennessee the model is like harvey, there is nothing steering it. that makes us think it's going on the hanging around and dropping copious amounts of rain but we think it's going to be dried up by then and it won't have the water source. we have got to get back and look at this path. this means every of the. it's critical now for the entire west coast and everyone who lives in the front right quadrant. everyone in this northwest quadrant, which is the center of the entire state. still looking at florida and light having 3.4 losing power.
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fema is saying 5 million. that is going to be the greatest power outage in history. we storing that power will be the greatest restoration of power ever taking place in the u.s. the eye is interesting. we are still seeing some wobbling. notice the bright yellow banding outside the eye. when that forms and circulates better, when it gets away from the coastline it will tighten up and we should see an increase. even if it stays at a category 3 that's still a major hurricane. when it gets close to to a 4, you are not going to notice an incredible difference. tornado watch in place. this will be extended northware. it is a mess. again, we are not sure of landsfall. naples could get hit, fort myers, between there and the tampa area. here is sarasota. if this system moves up this
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area this is a big concern because the track is now 20 miles shifted, 15 or 20 miles to tampa bay. wish the news was better. we are going to continue to watch. these things change, we will continue to monitor that but it's been a westerly movement the last couple of days which has been shocking since everybody went from the east to the west coast. >> absolutely. it is important of course regardle of where you are, on either side do not be come placement. tom, thank you for giving us the details of hurricane irma. michael, back to you. issa, thank so much. let's talk more about. the track. i'm joined from miami by ed rap port, the acting director of the national hurricane center. it is a great to have you on and your expertise. i want, if you can, you heard tom saida there, you know what the track is. what is your big concern about this latest model and where we think it is headed? >> the forecast we are talking
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about is the one that comes out of the national hurricane center rather than any particular models. there are dozens of models but the forecasters here put together the best forecast they can. the shift makes some difference particularly for where the strongest winds are. the surge is going to happen no matter you have a wobble to the left or to the right. in the west coast it's not going to be ahead of the storm. the winds blowing this way and that's pushing the water from the land to the sea. it's after the storm passes to the north that there will be a storm surge. that's when you get the storm surge is after the center passes on the equities with. here's where we could expect the ten to 15 foot surge and as much as five to eight feet in the tampa area. >> i'm told the closest comparison that might be made here is hurricane charlie back in 2004. which have we learned from that
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that could apply here in terms of impact? >> not much at all. this is not at all like hurricane charlie. charlie was a very small storm. irma is moderate to large in size. what that means is a larger storm surge, a deeper storm surge, even for the same a. wind. we get storm surge over much of the area that we pointed out just a minute ago. i have got examples of what storm surge looks like and the kind of damage that can occur. in this case the surge will be up the entire west coast of florida and the florida keys. whereas there was a small and limited storm surge for charlie. >> that's interesting. we talked to the mayor of both naples and tampa, who are extremely concerned, understandably, about storm surge. with the eye staying to the west of those cities, that makes it worse, right? just tell people about how that works. >> let's look. this is a graphic that shows
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where we have storm surge warnings. much of florida as well as the southeastern part of the country. the storm surge again is built by the winds moving on-shore, pushing the water ashore. once the center pass as particular area that's when we will get the strong storm surge on-shore because the winds are pushing it that way. we are expecting it even if the center moves inland from tampa or out to the west of tampa once it gets to the north there will be this on-shore flow building the surge through tampa bay. >> a real worry, isn't it. ed rapoport thanks so much. appreciate having you on and your expertise. all right. we will take a short break. when we come back, florida officials say millions of people in irma's way could be without electricity for days and possibly weeks. we'll she you why they are expecting a long recovery after this storm hits. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, everyone. u.s. officials are warning how dangerous this storm will be when it hits florida in the next few hours. in key west, hurricane irma already shaking the palm trees there as intense winds whipped through more than 6 1/2 million people have been ordered to evacuate the southern part of the state. think about that. 6 1/2 million people in a state of 20 million. authorities are also expecting even more power outages lasting several days, possibly even weeks. so far, about 190,000 customers have lost electricity. that number went up from 160,000 just in the last hour or so and it could swell into millions of people when the storm really makes its impact. miguel marquez joins us now live from punta gorda on florida's west coast. tell us my friend, what is it like there at the moment?
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i know it's been getting worse. >> yeah, we are just starting to get the very first of the rain and the wind of irma. and it's still hundreds of miles away. it's been raining fairly steadily. i mean it is interesting. you would think it was just sort of a pleasant summer rain except for the fact that in the next 24 hours we are going to get deluged with whipped and rain. punta gorda very, very sensitive the hurricanes. charlie came through here 13 years ago and nearly leveled the town. i heard the meteorologist you were speaking to earlier saying charlie was a relatively small storm. it did major, major damage in this town. and the path that irma is on is not unlike that of charlie. it's just out to the west of punta gorda, which means that puppeta gorda and this county of charlotte will be on the dirty side of the eye wall where the storm surge is expected to bed about. they are expecting here ten, perhaps 15 feet of storm surge.
8:48 pm
basically a giant wave coming off the ocean that rapidly goes on land and then washes out. charlotte county is a relatively low county. 60% of it is in the evacuation area right now. they only have three shelters. it's so low they only have three shelters they are able to put in here. they are all packed to the gills tonight. they have no more room at the shelters in charlotte county. they have five they have established in the county north of here so if people need to get to shelter there are shelters open in sarasota county just north of here. for the most part, it seems that people have heard those warnings and are taking shelter or staying in their homes. the town here, a complete ghost town. michael? >> miguel marquez in punta godda thanks so much. we will check in with you later. appreciate that. we will take a short break. when we come back, hurricane irma hasn't struck florida yet officially but charities are already sending relief and
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welcome back. coming to you live from miami. you're watching cnn's continuing coverage of hurricane irma. you're seeing miami, how quickly the weather changes, the rains is starting to fall down on us. the wind is also picking up. this of course as we have heard in the last 50 minutes from our meteorologist saying that hurricane irma is now a category 3. he believes that perhaps that might change preps once again. shifting north-northwest. this is going to be huge. do not leave your shelter. stay safe. wait for authorities to give you the green light before you return to your homes. let's get more now on how some of these gnos on the ground are preparing for hurricane irma.
8:54 pm
i'm joined by craig cooper from american red cross. thank you for joining us. >> good evening. >> give us a sense of the preparations that you have had under way for hurricane irma, a very good evening to you. >> thank you. fortunately we have had a fair amount of notice. unlike harvey was a tremendous surprise and required to us very, very quickly. the red cross has been working for well over a week putting supplies and people into place in safe places so we could deploy them into the disaster zones after the storm has passed. there are already over 1,000 red cross volunteers and disaster responders spread out across florida. we have shelters on the east coast and the west coast. as the storm track pushed to the west, more shelters and
8:55 pm
evacuation evacuation centers on the west coast. this is a statewide number, 48,000 people were at 249 shelters here in florida last night. >> and i know looking at your website that you have a safe and well site talk us through how that works, craig. >> obviously in the aftermath of a storm when communications are down, very often cell service is gone, electricity is gone. families want to know that their loved ones are okay in the disaster zones. the red cross website which is very simple. it's safe and if you go to that website, you as a concerned person outside the disaster zone, you can log in and log your information, saying you're looking for so and so. you can register your information there and saying i'm
8:56 pm
safe and well. this is where i am. it's a very robust site. we're very proud of the service that it provides. fema recommends it as well. it's a very good site. >> craig cooper, appreciate you taking the time with us. do keep in touch with us and see how you're doing. as craig was saying, you know, there's so much for everyone to bear in mind, not just the wind, not just the storm surge, also now hurricane national weather service, 36 million people now under hurricane watch. so, very important to keep all these elements in your mind. before you make those decisions of where you're going to shelter. much more on our continuing coverage right here from miami. i'm isa soares. >> and i'm michael holmes. live in orlando.
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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and indeed all around the world. i'm michael holmes coming to you live from orlando, florida. >> and i'm isa soares coming to you live from miami, where the clock has just struck midnight. thank you very much for joining us and hurricane-force wind gusts are now striking the florida keys as hurricane irma moves north toward the state. the storm, a category 3 at the moment, but it's expected to
9:01 pm
regain strength as it crosses open water which is very warm water between cuba and florida. that warm water will feed a storm like this, its path has shifted slightly west, that puts florida's gulf coast on high alert. many people from naples up to tampa and r now seeking shelter from the storm surge that's expected to follow and could be disastrous especially for a city like tampa and fleets of utility trucks have been mobilized to deal with power outages that affect almost 200,000 customers. let's get to karen mcginnis, tell us about where irma is now, i know its latest track is extremely worrying to tampa, naples and places like that, along that west coast. >> it is. for a variety of reasons. we have talked about that upper right quadrant that's so
9:02 pm
crucial. that is an area that's going to pull in on the open waters and an area that's very dynamic. they could see the potential of tornadoes. in fact, numerous reports of funnel clouds, tornadoes have been reported and as i mentioned it's very dynamic. as we start to see some of these bands move in across south florida they've been gusty now, about 200,000 people without power with the system now. it has just pulled away from the coast of cuba. but let's go ahead and show you some other information and it becomes quite compelling. this has been one fickle hurricane without a doubt. week or so ago we were talking about maybe landful right around miami. then those computer models will were dividing it between the east and west coasts. you go further to the north on
9:03 pm
the west side, punta gorda, wind gusts around 32. what can we expect? there was a shift from our last update from the hurricane center. we were looking at something that perhaps would affect the everglades. right along the coast. but now, there are indications that this is going to pull away from the coast a little bit more. you can see kind of this in the cone, so maybe 15 miles offshore for a while that is until it starts to jut out here, around the sarasota area. inundating these coastal areas with perhaps 10, 15 feet of water. which is hard to wrap your mind around. but they're in the worst possible position. if it looks like irma is kind of hugging the coast they're going to be on the side that is as i mentioned the most dynamic. as it makes its way toward the bend area in florida, perhaps
9:04 pm
being downgraded, maybe to a category 1, but until then we're a very strong category 3. the water temperatures across this region are approaching 90 degrees. that's the kind of energy that hurricanes like this feed off of. you may remember as it was interacting with the turks and caicosened the bahamas, we saw it gradually lose a little bit of its energy. but, no, not now. now we're pulling out toward the gulf. in this purple-shaded area to the ever glades, the potential for storm surge. 10 to 15 feet. first of all, they tweeted out, broward county sheriff department said that now the wind is gusting over 45 miles per hour they're pulling their deputies off the roads. because it affects how they're going to be able to do their job. also, from the fema administrator, he spoke with cnn's renee marsh, he said there
9:05 pm
could be 3 million people without power as the storm affects this region. asked a little bit more could it possibly be more than that and he said yes, it would be hard to speculate there could be as many as 5 million people without power. now imagine that. when we were talking about why you probably need to leave, category 5 hurricane, maybe category 4, is going to make land fall. category 3, not a lot of gas to talk about. maybe there would be damage to the place you're seeking some security, your home, perhaps you're near the coast, you have the storm surge to worry about. you could see the potential for 10, 12 inches of rainfall, maybe some isolated heavier amounts. maybe you're in the quadrant where there's tornadic activity. tornado watch out for ft. lauderdale, miami, into the florida keys, over through the
9:06 pm
everglades. so the impacts are tremendous. you don't have to have a category 5 hurricane for this to really deeply impact your life. there could be 5 million to 6 million people without power. could be a couple of days, a couple of weeks, either way, the inf infrastructure that has to be repaired from all of this is going toubstantial. take a look at this. a band moving across ft. myers. in that dynamic area i was telling you about. some of these cells right here have the potential to produce some tornadoes. we're looking at perhaps hurricane-force winds. all along that western edge of florida. from marco island to naples, to cape coral. we'll be here, we've got life
9:07 pm
updates from the weather center every half-hour. back to you, isa. thank you very much, doesn't matter which way you slice it, east or west coast, it's a huge, huge hurricane and we need to treat it with respect, karen. let's get more derek van dam is at miami beach. derek, as we just hearing, you have so many elements to think about not only the storm surge but also the power of these wind winds. >> all right, i think we have lost isa there for the moment. we'll get her back. derek, can you hear me? finish that thought. what do you make of what isa was saying? >> reporter: -- >> derek, can you hear me,
9:08 pm
michael holmes. >> michael, i can hear you now. we're in miami beach and we got to talk about the threats that we're facing right now. it's unbelievable. tornado watch, flash flood watch, storm surge warning and a mandatory curfew. in this area alone. this is the real deal. you look around, on our horizon, just the half-hour, flashes of blue lights. i just saw one right now, transformers being blown, obvious electrical problems taking place in the miami beach area. our power has been flickering on and off already. the threats here are real. we have seen the westward shift of the track. that doesn't mean that miami-dade and the broward is in the clear. the storm still has several, several hours to go before it really ramps up to its most
9:09 pm
intense point. we had the opportunity to talk to the miami beach mayor earlier today. phil levine and he was talking about how the fire and police personnel here are on high alert and they're still responding to calls and service quests but the moment there's another blue light flashing, the winds sustained 45 miles per hour he'll start pulling off emergency personnel off the road. for anyone who stayed put today, they're on their own tonight. imagine just how dangerous that could be. we're very close to the shoreline. about one block over. we do expect 3 to 5 feet of coastal storm surge and inundation right along the miami-dade coastal areas, specifically in miami beach. lots of threats and concerns here. the fire department has four
9:10 pm
stations based in miami beach specifically but they evacuated three. they left one in place because they believe it's going to be above the flood plane. that shows you the limited personnel that's going to be on hand today. as the eye wall of iermy approaches southern florida. michael. >> all right, derek, thanks very much. derek van dam there on duty for us. he commanded the military response to hurricane katrina in 2005, great to have you and your expertise here. you handled a lot of logistics when it came to hurricane irma. >> one thing the prepositioning is happening. fema leans forward, we establish logistic bases.
9:11 pm
we have storage centers. but the hard part will be search and rescue. the harder part will be sustaining communities. sometimes entire cities, with the grid being down. an some people studying logistics because this will be hard. the resupply people, keep them fed, when you're start to evacuating people, a grid that's underwater and no electricity. >> the aftermath is almost as important as the planning ahead in many ways because of what could be left when the storm hs gone through. >> we're in the first quarter. we're going to lose. second quarter, we're going to do search and rescue. the next quarter we start to recovery. take people out of shelter. where do you take them? when there's no water or electricity and their home is surrounded by water you have to evacuate them.
9:12 pm
in that scenario it could play out in this particular storm the way et's going particularly toward tampa with the hillsborough and tampa bay will take at lot of water in and it could flush part of downtown tampa which has a hospital right there on the water. the other thing up the florida coast there is a major power plant that provides power for that entire area up around that part of north of tampa, st. pete area. the grid goes down, by itself, without a storm is day sdisaste. and the fleet in norfolk had to go out to sea left the families back, they had to evacuate. the air force base, much of that has been -- >> planes have been flowing
9:13 pm
north and aircraft. because that's susceptible to flooding. >> it's been a major logistics operations to move stuff, people and families separately. >> we have been talking a lot during the program about storm surge and that water and tampa is a big city and, you know, millions of people could be affected by this storm surge does that worry you more than the wind in many ways? >> it does. because the wind will do it its damage. but the surge will come in and basically paralyze because it takes the grid out. if you have to replace distribution poles and sub poles through -- it can take weeks. you heard earlier, fema director talking about the enormity of that task. i was in louisiana today on highway 20, trucks headed to
9:14 pm
florida. coming into the region. they're mobilizing but this is going to be major logistics operation and that will be the biggest test of our chain in command. working civilian and military working together is to pull that logistics together because the storm is cutting their our logistics. our biggest warehouse is in atlanta for fema. >> very quickly, general, you got a lot of people who stayed in place, what would be your advice to them? >> if you're along the coast write your name on your arm. in the meantime use that red cross safe and well program. when the communications start to degrade, text don't try to call because you won't be able to get through. >> general russell honore, thank
9:15 pm
you so much. we'll take a short break here on program. when we come back, some caribbean islands finally seeing all of irma destruction. some of the devastating damage when we come back. plus, million of children at risk from hurricane irma. what's being done to try to help. ♪ we are not here to observe, to sit idly by, or watch from the stands. we are here...for one reason. to leave...a mark. lexus high performance. with 5.0-liter v8s and sport direct-shift transmissions. experience a shift in the natural order. experience amazing.
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welcome back, everyone, i'm michael holmes coming to you live from orlando in florida. >> and i'm isa soares coming to you live from miami. you're watching cnn's continuing coverage of hurricane irma. and we're getting a better idea now of the devastation after hurricane irma roared through the caribbean islands. it tore off roofs, knocked down trees. one tourist town near the coast had waves of water rolling through it. many people were especially
9:20 pm
vulnerable because they live in one-storied homes not always well built and here's a sky view of the storm's damage in or the toll ya. entire neighborhoods, cars destroyed. after the monster storm ripped the island apart. an inside story of how children are impacted by a disaster like irma. the senior director for u.s. emergencies for save the children organization, thanks very much for being with us. the specific challenges that come dealing with children in a situation like that? >> sure, thank you. save children knows that children are always the most vulnerable, many of them can't get them out of harm's way, they're dependent on the adults around them to keep them safe.
9:21 pm
children tonight in florida who are in the evacuation centers who are some of whom families didn't evacuate tonight, is going to be a very, very long scary night for them. >> what's being done, what organizations like yours, are mobilizing, what do you do? >> save the children has a team that i will lead to go in immediately after the hurricane to work in the evacuation shelters to provide protection programs. to find supplies and materials to keep children safe and then we'll work with the community's longer term to help rebuild schools, child care programs, libraries, after-school programs things families count on. critically important to help kids back to normal after a devastating event like this hurricane. >> and you know, it's interesting, everyone knows that
9:22 pm
routine is important for kids. particularly little ones. i imagine with something like a hurricane and depending what the family situation was in terms of having to get out or what they go through, i imagine there's trauma aspects to this as well. >> absolutely. so, i'm leading right now our hurricane harvey response in houston so we're working in very large shelters for this hurricane doing the same programs. we're here in the early, early hours right after the storm to support children's needs and to help reduce some of the fear and trauma that they're going through. so, again, we set up safe play areas for children in the megashelters. exactly what we're going to be doing in florida, also, in the coming hours and days. so that children have protection around them. and that children can have a sense of normalcy in the middle of all the craziness of a large
9:23 pm
evacuation shelter. we set up a safe haven for children. >> tell us about that. when you talk about safe haven and protection for children, what are the specific risks you're talking about? >> sure. so sometimes in an evacuation shelters when you have 3,000 or 4,000 people inside of them sometimes there are very dangerous people who also there, we know this from years of experience working in the shelters. sometimes, these shelters that they're using are not designed to house families. they're not really designed to house people they're just providing protections from the violence of the storm that's going on around them. so, when you put that many people inside one of these buildings there can be very high-risk dark corners or unguarded bathrooms sometimes.
9:24 pm
or just very difficult situations. when we first arrived in houston after hurricane harvey, two weeks ago, we walked into the shelter and there were no supplies to support infants and toddlers. no pop-up cribs. no special hygiene materials. one-week baby there being washed in the sinks that hundreds of people inside the shelter were using. that's a health risk for that baby. save the children supplies pop-up cribs so toddlers don't wander off as the parents are sleeping right there and end up getting harmed by a stranger. >> thank you so much. with save the children. appreciate the work you're doing. i'll have more from the orlando in a few minutes. for now let's go back to isa soares in miami.
9:25 pm
isa. >> reporter: thank very much, michael. we have heard in the last two hours or so there's a new path, a shift somewhat from hurricane irma going slightly northwest by 15 miles or so, that's how much it's shifted. it's going slowly, moving slowly but now we have a rough idea of where the idea of the storm will be hit. tampa area, also in the city of naples and that's where we find our ed lav der ya. >> we were talking the last hour, you said the majority of people have been heeding those warnings and they have left before we saw that shift in the hurricane. >> right, we have been here since early this morning in naples. and collier county in the southwestern most part of this state. we have seen essentially empty
9:26 pm
streets, many closed -- many a handful of businesses that remain open throughout the day today. couple of gas stations and one or two restaurants kind of catering to those stubborn few who decided they were going to stick around here and wait out the storm. so, it was quite a sign. we also about 30 miles south from where we were on a barrier island, marco island, very popular tourist destination. we caught up with the police chief there just as he was making his final rounds of the everybodying before going into the bunker where the emergency management officials would be monitoring the storm, he told me that for the most part he believed that most people had left that island as well. the concern here is, isas the 10 to 15-foot storm surge expected to come with hurricane irma as
9:27 pm
it approaches this part of southwest florida. not exactly clear yet if the eye of the storm will pass over naples. at the very least we'll be on that edge of the storm, generally the most intense area of a hurricane. so, this area, regardless of where the eye essentially makes landfall, essentially bracing for the worst of this storm, but the good news from emergency management officials they believe many people listen to those warnings early, got out of town and now they don't know exactly how many people have stayed behind. they believe that they're in much better shape given those evacuation orders and how people followed that along and now they're just waiting for the storm make its arrival. >> yes, and as we heard from governor rick scott, florida, he basically said, ed, that this
9:28 pm
was their last chance to make a good decision. ed there for us in naples. we'll touch base with you next hour or so. also, we heard in the governor, 385 shelters across the path of hurricane irma. so, and he's really calling on people to seek those shelters. do not be brave, do not be a hero. go toe those shelters. seek higher ground. that's the most important thing to be doing as we wait for hurricane irma. our continuing coverage continues after a very short break. we just got to take it one game at a time. next question. odell! can you repeat everything you just said? my livestream won't load. (blows whistle) technical foul! wrong sport. wrong network. see, you need unlimited on verizon. it's america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network. it won't let you down in places like this. even in the strike zone!
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