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tv   Smerconish  CNN  September 16, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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us, our economy is 1,000 times the size of north korea's, that's an asymmetry that we have to exploit. let me point out that i don't think sanctions are the answer here, they're a part of it. but we have to make it clear this time that this is it. we're not going to keep it going. north korea watched -- [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >> congressman, unfortunately due to breaking news, it cut our conversation short. but congressman trent franks of arizona, we appreciate the time, sir. thank you. boris sanchez here in new york, we're turning it over to michael smerkonish, next. i'm michael smerkonish in philadelphia, we welcome viewers in the states and around the world. the president reaches across the aisle to get things done for the second time in a week and angers
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some of his loudest supporters. on the debt ceiling now on daca, what's next for donald, chuck and nancy? and are the conservative pundits right to say that he jeopardizes his base? i'll ask republican congressman steve king and charlie dent. and the white house also taking a stand about an espn host who called the president a white supremacist, famed pitcher curt schilling sees a double standard and he is here. plus, sure, everybody is excited about the latest iphones. but are smartphones leading the next generation into an unprecedented mental health crisis? and 16 years after the horrors of 9/11, a heartwarming story of how the children of two of the attack victims found each other and a way to heal. but first, he did it again -- for the second time in two weeks, the president has reached across the aisle. he cut a deal with democrats, kept the government open, raised
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the debt ceiling and paid for storm victims, in that case hurricane harvey. as a result of his dealings with chuck and nancy. senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi. they were among the dinner guests at the white house on friday. and announced they had reached an agreement with potus, to protect daca children. the president was quick to say that any deal would include quote massive border security. but that the wall will come later. the idea of a republican president and democratic congressional leaders working together has alarmed some. namely those in the pundit class. breitbart gave a president who is himself known for assigning nicknames his own moniker, amnesty don. ann coulter tweeted, at this point who doesn't want trump impeached?
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laura ingraham, dems border security pledge is meaningless. and lou dobbs chimed in. huge loss for make america great again. to be sure there was grumbling on the left as well. hispanic congressional leaders want a stand-alone vote on daca not being tied to border security but here's hoping the president listens to none of these critics and continues his new tack. for a far too long we have ceded the political debate to the loudest voices, namely media personality who is are after listeners and viewers and mouse-clicks, they know that discord drives passion. so they amplify our differences and rely on rhetoric. senator john mccain gets it you remember his recent speech to senate colleagues just before he dramatically cast a thumbs-down
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vote over repeal and replace obamacare? the 80-year-old had just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. speaking to colleagues with a scar above his left eye, he lamented the passing of days when the senate was the world's greatest deliberative body. he said things had become more and more tribal. more partisan. he embraced compromise and took aim at the provocateurs. >> stop listening to the loud mouths on the radio and television and the internet. to hell with them. [ applause ] they don't want anything done for the public good. our incapacity is their livelihood. >> mccain knows that the keyboard commandos reached the most reliable voters, those who have great power in closed primary elections. sadly politicians pay too much attention to them. hopefully the president cares more than to just auction his
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power to the political party that will pay him the most with compensation in the form of a tote board of legislative victory, without regard to merit. that's not good. if he only cares about passing something, anything. but if he works earnestly with both sides, and pulls them closer to the center? we'll all benefit. here's my question, does the president really risk alienating his base by working with democrats? i spoke earlier with one of the president's earliest supporters and a vocal critic of his reach across the aisle. iowa congressman steve king. congressman, i see a president for the second time in a week has reached across the aisle to try to get something done. and i like it. why am i wrong? >> michael, i think you're right on principle, a president should speak with democrats and republicans, especially the leadership. but on this case the president made a campaign promise that he was going to end daca.
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and he more or less served that up to congress and as i would describe it, he threw a cat into the kennel and said congress, you it fight over daca. now it looks like he's got a side conversation going on with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. and the implication was that there would be a legalization, an amnesty served up in exchange for something. they said it won't be a wall. and so now we have a scramble going on in congress. i wasn't looking forward to another great big immigration fight. i think america is tired of them. we had those under george w. bush, we had those under barack obama. people delivered a referendum that said we want border security, we want a wall, we want domestic enforcement and we want the end to daca, the end to constitutional amnesty that barack obama created. i want the preds to follow through on his campaign promises and get on with the other tasks of government. >> do you have buyer's remorse for your early and strong support of president trump?
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>> well you know i have to say no. and i say that, because all along it was a mission to get a platform, the planks of the platform first hammered out in iowa under the caucus process. and through new hampshire, south carolina and beyond. and that platform is now in the oval office. presidents have a right to change their mind. i don't know that the president has, i think he wants all the ep forcement he can get. if i had anything to do over again, i don't know if i would do it differently. i think i made the right decisions at the time i made them and i'm asking the president now to recall the commitments that he's made, keep them, so that he can keep his base. and i'm afraid if there's any one thing that would cause the trump base to leave them. that was for him to grant amnesty in any kind of a deal when it was such a strong campaign promise to end the daka program. >> i asked you about buyer's remorse, because of one of your
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tweets in particular, where you said at real donald trump. if the a.p. is correct, the trump base is blown up, destroyed, and disillusioned beyond repair. when i saw that art,i thought is congressman king talking about himself. that you will be disillusioned beyond repair? >> i can understand why that might read that way. i said if this is true and if it's upholds itself for proves out to be true over the long term. here's my job -- none of us should be attached to a person or personality, as a priority over policy. and all this plarnks in the platfo platform. i support the entire trump agenda. the agenda that was sworn in january 20th of this year. and even if we part company in a great big way on immigration, i still want to move the rest of his agenda. >> i want to play for you 30 seconds of sound from rush
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limbaugh's program on thursday. because it speaks to the concern that you have, that he will lose his base, roll that tape. >> i'm not going to give up on trump even if he starts to move to the left. to get something done with tax reform. >> i truthfully think he will drain the swamp and he's showing people that the swamp has nothing to do with party affiliation. >> i think that he's always three steps ahead of paloschi, the democrats and the republicans. and so i think this was a power play that he did. >> every trump person that i've talked to, every one from any walk of life, has said pretty much the same thing. if trump has to work with democrats to get some of what he wants done -- so be it. >> is russia limbaugh incorrect, congressman king, when he says the base is fine with it, if this is what it takes to get things done. >> i do think that russia is incorrect when he says that and he'll be correct on a lot of
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things. on this i would say that people like mark lee vin and others out there, that have made strong statements, sean hannity and others, this base is not something he necessarily has his finger on. i'm in and out of iowa, the base for trump grew there, started there. i hosted the first event when he ran for president, we have our finger on the pulse out here. i have people that are calling me, texting me, emailing me for months now, saying please support the president. unconditionally. but the thing that brought them into this campaign and the strong committed support to president trump, which i've applauded for a long time and still want to get behind him and stand behind him. for ate jend that he committed to. they came in because of immigration. they knew that america was eventually destroyed if we don't secure the border. cut down the illegal immigration, eliminate it if possible and restore the respect for the rule of law. if that's not going to be part of the trump agenda, the base is not going to stay with him. it's the only thing i can think
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of that would cause the loyal supporters to leave him. i'm hoping the president understands that. i do think rush is wrong on this one. i know he raised my name the other day in one of his stories, too. >> will you leave him if this is the way it goes? >> no. i'm going to stick with president trump. for all the rest of his agenda. and i'm going to do everything i can it help him keep his campaign promises. that's my commitment. and by the way, it would be petulant to walk away from president because you disagree with him on a single issue. there's a whole lot of things we need to accomplish. even if we don't get everything we want, including the president, we need to follow through on all the things we can get that we believe are right for our country. >> congressman king, thank you so much. >> thank you, i appreciate it, michael. the president's efforts at bipartisanship comes just after three moderate republicans have announced they will not seek re-election to the house, including my next guest.
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charlie dent has been the co-chair of the informal caucus of 50 moderate republicans known as the tuesday group. hey, congressman, react to what you just heard from steve king. i find it interesting that he says it would be petulant to leave the president on one issue. he wouldn't do it. and yet he fears that the president's base would do it. does the president jeopardize his base if he provides protection for daka? >> i don't know about that. michael, i got to tell you, there's strong support in congress for the agreement that was reached last week on the debt ceiling, and there's also strong bipartisan support for an agreement on daka and enhanced border security. you know, the debt ceiling agreement that we reached last week passed overwhelmingly and they're a minority of people who are beating their guns, saying this is a terrible thing. it was actually the right thing to do. the president shut be given krez
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credit for that the truth is there were not the votes to extend the debt ceiling for three months, 16 months or 18 months, everybody knew that if the point is if you're not able to vote for the debt ceiling increase, you become irrelevant. we have to reach across the i'll and get the democrats to help us. that's what happened. same thing on daca. the american people support us, protecting these children who came here with no fault of their own. there will be a small fringe of people who will be yelling and screaming about this every step of the way. even though we have the votes, republicans want to take care of this issue. apparently the president does, too. and i applaud him for wanting to do this and tie it to enhanced border security. >> are you leaving at the wrong time? compromise is suddenly in the air. that's a good thing. >> well, it has been the past two weeks. i hope we see more of it. no, my reasons for leaving, i've been thinking about this for
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some time. i've run for office 13 times. i'm 13-0. i i've thought it and obviously there's been frustration this year. i won't kid you about that. that's true this has been frustration. and i'm concerned it pyatt be very difficult to get some things done. but if we're to get anything done, there has to be negotiation, dialogue. compromise. on this issue of daca, infrastructure, and probably on tax reform. so everybody should start getting used to it. that's how our system is constructed, that's how it's always worked. >> three decades, charlie dent has been in public service, when you announced you wouldn't seek re-election. something you said that popped out at me. i've worked to instill stability, certainty and predictability in washington, i've fought to keep the basic functions of government like keeping the lights on and preventing default. regrettably that's not been easy given the disruptive outside
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influences that profit from increased polarization and ideological rigidity that tleeds din function, disorder and chaos. aren't you and i talking about the same people? those that i named in my opening monologue who said they don't want democrats and republicans working together. they want dysfunction. as mccain said, they're incapacity, our incapacity is their livelihood. >> yes. you and senator mccain are spot-on. these groups are out there fighting for market share. they're not going to pat us on the back in congress if we reach an agreement on these children or the debt ceiling. they're going to rip it apart. in order to get ratings they have to drive discord and dissent. so that's their business model. their business model isn't getting 50% plus one. a coalition to pass a bill. their job is to maintain whatever percentage of the market they need. i don't know what that is and they're all fighting over that market share. people have to understand they're profiting off of this
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their business is not governing, their business is making money. and that's okay. we as elected officials have to understand that. and act accordingly. >> people need to stop conflating news and entertainment. which is what this has morphed into. congressman, we wish you good things, i know you'll come back. good to see you. >> thanks, mike, go lehigh. what are your thoughts? tweet me,@smerkonish or go to my facebook page. smerkonish, wait, trump is not reaching across the d's, his plan is to blame them for ending daca when they won't support his trump wall. americana, the blame game i'm sure will insue. i want the roughly 700,000 who are here through no wrongdoing of their own to be protected. because i think they deserve it and however that gets done, i don't care to watch how the sausage is made. i just want to make sure that we get that resolution. one more quickly if i may.
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michael, you said parties exist to win. donald trump elected to do the people's business, maybe he is hashtag #hopeful. ste stephanie, i've been highly critical of him. i said here on cnn, maybe we've elected a compromiser in chief. now for the first time in nine months, that's where he appears to be. i just want it to continue. up ahead, the white house thinks that espn should fire an ank who tweeted that the president is a white supremacist. i'll talk to two people with special insight. former world series star pitcher curt schilling, himself fired by espn over something he posted on social media. and pam oliver, herself an anchor for fox sports.
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first order at it's not often a white house calls for a sports network to fire one of its anchors, but that's what happened this week. the president tweeted on friday, quote espn is paying a really big price for its politics and bad programming. people are dumping it in record numbers. apologize for untruth! he was referring to a twitter rant earlier in the week by one of the network's anchors, jemele hill, who called him a white supremacist. hill's tweets read donald trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. trump is the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime. his rise is a direct result of
3:22 pm
white supremacy, period. he is unqualified and unfit to be president. he's not a leader. and if he were not white, he never would have been elected. when press secretary sarah sanders was asked about it, here's what she said. >> that's one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make. and certainly something that i think is fireable offense by espn. >> hill later released a statement regretting her personal beliefs and that tainted espn. and espn issued a follow-up statement saying she has quote a right to her personal opinions, but not to share them on a public platform that in any way implies she was speaking on behalf of espn. of course, hill was hired for her outspokenness. but about sports. from a legal standpoint, there's no first-amendment issue here, espn sports is not a governmental entity and an employee's behavior does impact the employer. espn is in a classic bind of political correctness.
3:23 pm
what's the right path? joining me someone who has himself been fired from espn, he also pitched 20 years in major league baseball. was a six-time all-star, best remembered perhaps for the 2004 al series against the yankees. when he pitched with his right sock 0 bloody from a recent surgery. here's the 2016 facebook post he got fired over on the issue of transgender rest rooms. it included the line, i don't care what they are, who they sleep with, men's room was designed for the penis, women's not so much. now you need laws telling us differently? poo th pathetic. curt schilling joins us from the road. hey, kurt, you believe that you were fired unjustly, for speaking your mind. i'm curious, do you therefore support jemele hill on the grounds that she was unjustly fired for speaking her mind? >> two things. first off, i wasn't fired for
3:24 pm
speaking my mind. i was fired for being a conservative. my opinions comparing islamist extremists to nazis, there's facts to back that up. and my comments about the transgender bathroom law was citing the fact that a logical fact that menus the men's room and women use the women's room and we don't need the government to tell us either. jemele hill, i haven't heard anything differently. you said she was fired. i was under the impression that nothing had happened to jemele. the station saying her views are her own. the frustrating part. the first amendment has not been abridged or violated here. the private companies can come and go and do as they please. the problem for me, since ultimately support what i think to be racist liberal agenda platforms, while denying they do. which is kind of frustrating.
3:25 pm
>> i misspoke. if i said that she was fired. of course she has not been fired. and what i meant to ask was, do you support her right to speak her mind, given that you believe you were canned unjustly for speaking yours? >> yes. absolutely. >> i would think on some ground you would be one of her greatest advocates. >> absolutely. she shouldn't be fired. i would have fired her. i would have never hired her. she has no place in any platform that represents sports. i think she's openly racist. i think she has been openly racist. i don't need to tell you guys that. you guys with have been at the forefront of the conversation with cnn since trump has been elected. >> what's meant by that last assertion? >> well i mean you guys, cnn, i'm not saying you, michael i haven't heard anything from you, but cnn at the vanguard of everything from the fake russian
3:26 pm
dossier, to calling trump a white supremacist. time after time. anchor after anchor, with no validation new york city support for the comments. the guy is pronounced kkk and david duke, white supremacy, since about 27 years ago on the oprah winfrey show. but this is the same station that said -- female news anchors with their hands up. with the hands up, don't shoot. even though that was proven to be a complete fabrication and a lie. i never heard anyone at cnn retract that. i never heard cnn retract that. and officer darren wilson's life was ruined for doing his job. >> i'd love on a different day to litigate each one of the points that you just made here. because there's a response for each one of them. but instead what i'll do is i'll respond to you saying you were fired for being a conservative. i wasn't even going to drill down on it. but put back on the screen that facebook post that curt
3:27 pm
schilling distributed, where you cherry-picked an abe rant and used it to besmirch an entire class of individuals, that's why you got fired. if you want to have that conversation, i'll have it. >> i didn't besmirch an entire group of people. >> of course you did. really, do you think the image that's on the screen is typical of the transgendered among us? seriously? >> no, i never said it i never said it was. that wasn't my picture. >> by implication, you did. come on, cheap shot. >> right. i get that. i understand that how you guys work and i get it you guys are about getting ratings, so you need to be bombastic and you need to make assumptions for the viewers, because you guys have operated on the premise that we're too stupid to think for ourself. the fact of the matter is my comment was around the fact i don't need my government to tell me where to pee.
3:28 pm
>> let me tell you something, i deal in evidentiary thinking. i don't like the "you guys" and "your network" if you have a beef -- hold on a second. you know what? you were pompous when you were philly and you're pompous today. because you come on my program and you make a number of wild assertions. and you make a number of wild assertions, none with specificity relative to me and my program. now give me the final word out of decency. go ahead. >> i haven't heard you say anything. i was referring to the people you work for. you work for a company that's openly lied time and time again about event after event after event from reporting a buzzfeed report that was completely fabricated and you're part of the reason, and i say "your" being cnn. you're part of the reason we're here. you're part of the reason that trump won.
3:29 pm
>> you know the funny thing? i've got to say this one of the mantras of conservatives is this notion of personal responsibility. and yet, when it's your own conduct at issue, it's a dodge. it's like to point in every other direction. why don't we have a conversation about your behavior that caused you to get fired from espn. instead of you turning around and wanting to talk about the dossier, the buzzfeed produced? i thought we were having a conversation about espn having canned you. >> right, they should have canned me. that's -- my first amendment rights weren't abridged. i got fired for saying things that my bosses disagreed with. that's how it works, i'm all right with that. i got fired for reasons of my own doing. i don't have a problem admitting that. >> okay. i'm happy to hear you say that you were fired for your own conduct. i'm for consistency. in case you're curious, i'm for consistency. if in fact they are going to
3:30 pm
say -- you're political, you're a distraction, that's not our business, we're sports, you're out of here -- i'm going to tell you something that may come as news to you, i want them to hold that same standard for everybody. you, her, and whoever is next. >> you have to, can you agree with me that that's not even remotely close to what they do. they have made it very, and again, it's their right, michael, they're a privately owned company. they can do whatever they choose to do. disney and espn have decided that they will support the jones and hills of the world though are every bit as racist and intolerant as they say everybody else is. that's their prerogative. >> curt schilling, i appreciate you being here. now for a different perspective, fox sports senior correspondent and nfl sideline reporter pam oliver. aren't you glad you came out to play today, pam? >> oh, my gosh. what is happening here? i think maybe curt schilling was
3:31 pm
fired because maybe they didn't like him. it's mind-boggling the conversation you just had. the thing that bothers me -- >> does he have a point. let me clear my head and say does he have a point that there's a double standard in that he's gone, and she's still there? >> i think you have to look at these cases individually. obviously with curt schilling, he's kind of way out there on planet mars. he's kind of insulting in his assertions here. as far as the transgender matter goes, and i feel that with jemele, her comments were basically just her personal opinion. she did not you know, spout this stuff on the air. she did it via twitter. and to call her a racist, because she's made certain comments, is, is ridiculous. i think what we're looking at with curt schilling, i don't know if the conversation was supposed to go this way.
3:32 pm
but what he has to say is disturbing and it's no wonder that he doesn't have a job with espn. >> but you know, for each of us, i think we recognize that through our social media, we are so identified with our respective employers and in your case, fox sports. and in my case, i've been drilled by cnn, i've been warned, hey, if you do something on your social media account, you're out of here. isn't it will same with her? >> well obviously they have reached a different agreement. or she would have been let go. i think that they -- looked at the information. i think they sort of, i don't know, bowed to public pressure or came out with a statement that was kind of just wishy-washy. and made it seem like they took her to task. but if you know jemele, she is a strong, opinionated, and well-versed on the topics that she discusses.
3:33 pm
so she's not the type of person who is just going to go away. but i understand that you know, it wasn't dinner party conversations, but you know, how far out you know, were those comments that she made? president trump tweeted about mika brzezinski, a very rude kind of text. but at the same time, or tweet, it just seems like to me, you know, you get your feelings hurt. when someone calls you a name. but when you turn around and exhibit some very poor behavior, then it's okay. it's just all so childish at this point. and it makes absolutely no sense that we are talking about this two or three days later. when there's so many important matters to discuss. it is, it's confusing to me. and it's just the vitriol that we just heard from curt schilling that these people
3:34 pm
automatically have to be racist because they differ in an opinion that you may have. just speaks to the individual. you took him to task and rightfully so. >> thanks for being here, hoping that the eagles cover against the chiefs. one tweet i've got time for, let me see it. what do we have? smerkonish, nice job handling that pompous ass curt schilling. you know what? i kind of regret that i said he was pompous when he was in philly. he was but i shouldn't have said it. up ahead, tech fans went wild when apple unveiled its latest models this week. but have smartphones destroyed a generation? teens are driving less, dating less, having less sex. is that good or bad? we'll discuss. having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis is not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going.
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the internet went bananas this week when apple unveiled its newest models of the iphone, the 8 and 10. are smart phones contributing to mental health problems with an entire generation of americans? the i--gen, those born between 1995 and 2012 has never known a world without smartphones. my next guest says the devices they hold in their hands have both steppeded their childhoods and isolated them from true human interaction. the result? teens are not hanging out as much with friends, in no rush to drive, dating less, having less sex and getting less sleep. dr. gene twangy is the author of this new book, "i-gen, why today's kids are growing up completely unprepared for adulthood." dr. twangy is a professor of psychology at san diego state university. for 25 years you have been studying generational differences and you're looking at the data. and all of a sudden in the year
3:40 pm
2012, a number of things take your breath away. what? >> that's exactly right. so there's these big national data sets of teens, and right around that time. 2011 or 2012, more of them started to say that they felt sad and hopeless, and useless, that they couldn't do anything right. these are classic symptoms of depression. more started to say that they felt left out and lonely, other big data sets, of national screening study, mental illness finds 50% increase, in clinical level depression among teens between 2011 and 2015. the suicide rate starts to gulp. there's all of these very concerning symptoms. of mental health issues. among teens. >> i'm going to put up a number of graphs that come from your book. because the data is overwhelming. first, not hanging out with friends. take a look at what happens in
3:41 pm
2007, when the iphone is released. or how about less dating? same effect come 2007. more likely to feel lonely. again, iso on the time period and how it escalates after the iphone's release. less likely to get enough sleep. another data set in the book. you say, dr. twangy, that we're on the brink of the worst mental health crisis in decades. explain. >> yeah. so i think especially given this substantial increase in depression and the suicide rate, this is what teens are telling us. teens are telling us that they're suffering. that they're struggling. we've really need to listen to that. and also try to find out why. so in looking at this, i wondered what the cause could be, as you can see in these graphs. it's these changes start to show
3:42 pm
up around 2007 and they really get going around 2012. that's the year when the percentage of americans with a smartphone crossed 50%. that's a time when the economy was getting better. so it's seems awfully coincidental that these happened at the same time. >> listen, people will watch this they'll wonder what can we do about it. and i'm not being patronizing when i say you can read the book. or you can go to the "atlantic" and look for the encapsulated version, and do what we've done under our roof. which is to have our kids read it and prompt a conversation. it's really a great read, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. still to come, the story of a couple of kids who both lost parents on 9/11, and found an amazing path to happiness.
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and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. important to remember that good things can be borne of tragedy. especially at a time when so many are dealing with so much adversity, storms in the south. wildfires in the west. a nationwide opioid epidemic. last week brought the 16th anniversary of september 11th. that sad day led to a wedding this past weekend that was, as the bride told me, destined by fate. let me explain. on september 11th, 2001, victor sarasini, age 51, was the captain of united flight 175, the airplane what hijackers directed into the south tower of the world trade center. inside that building on the 84th floor, patrick mcguire, age 40, was working at euro brokers incorporated. his plan to evacuate had been
3:48 pm
interrupted by the announcement that the situation was under control. each man left behind a wife and children. the sarasinis seen here had two. the mcguires had four. last weekend, in austin, texas. victor sarasini's daughter, brelle, marriy eied patrick's mcguire's son. the meeting of brielle and shawn was hardly a coincidence, each was only ten years old when they lost their fathers, they met two years later at camp better days, a camp established to provide support for the children who lost a parent on 9/11. it was founded by amy callahan, who lost her fiancé that day. they were just kids hanging out together, playing pool and basketball. as brielle said in their vows, they grew up together, shaping each other, learning from each other and grounding one another. shawn is now a cpa, and brielle
3:49 pm
works for the yankees' yes network in promotion. when last week was offered to them as a wedding day, they seized it. said it was time. called it hashtag #takebackseptember. it was the second wetting this summer for the sarasini's, brielle's sister was married in june. ellen, their mother said she felt a great void not having victor there to walk the girls down the aisle. brielle said they had a moment of silence in the ceremony to recognize their father's presence in their relationship and in their lives. and she also wanted to mark a spot for her dad. so she placed his captain hat on a seat in the front row. in her wedding vow to shawn she said, the biggest take-away from 9/11 for me was that you might be able to break down steel and structure, but you can never destroy love. we wish these two children of 9/11 victims many years of health and happiness. and we'll be right back.
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if you ever miss any of the program, you can catch us on cnn go, onlong island through your connected devices and apps. here's what you're thinking this week. during recent power outage when electrical devices shut down, i talk today my wife for three hours. she seems like a nice person. bill, i'm sure he is. our kids are being raised with such connect it, but yet, have never been further apart.
3:55 pm
what's next? >> now racist curt schilling is running his mouth off on smerconish. i want consistency. here's the irony relative to schilling. i want consistency. if you're going to assess political statements and make hiring and firing decisions based on them, then i want there to be consistency. that's what i'm for and he probably agree with that. but i'm not going to sit here for some add homonym attack that was unwarranted and without merit by any guest. i regret i called him pompous because that's not the way i roll, but that was not right. one more. smerconish, when i want insight, i'll listen to smerconish, not espn, that's for sports. >> right and you can find here on cnn and cnn international and during the week on sirius xm potus. see you next week. we should take it one game
3:56 pm
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it is 7:00 p.m. on the east coast, you're live in the cnn news room. we thank you so much for joining us. we start tonight with police in a major u.s. city bracing themselves for violence on their streets. after an officer's acquitted in the death of an african-american man a. over and over again in the country, this time, in st. louis. not far from ferguson, missouri, where we saw this kind of indiana dent and violence about three years ago. in st. louis, a judge found officer stockily and his wife