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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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north korea fires another missile over japan as the u.s. raises the stakes. >> there is a military option. >> how will president trump respond to this latest
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provocation? ambassador to the united nations nikki halle is here. and change of heart? >> we're talking about taking care of people. >> after dining with democrats, president trump seems to backtrack on daca and its conservative base is not happy. plus, from russia with facebook ads? >> we saw the tip of the iceberg. >> how does this change the election into russian meddling? we'll ask the top democrats on the senate judiciary committee ahead. hello, i'm dana bash if for jake tapper and the state of our union is posting the world. all eyes will be on president trump this week as he makes his first appearance before the united nations general assembly in new york t. debut will be closely watched as the president takes his "america first"
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message before dignitaries from 193 nations. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki halle offered a preview of the president's speech at the white house on friday. ♪. >> several months, it's strong in the end. >> the speech comes as the u.s. searches for ways to reign in north korea after over a month of escalating threats and provocations. overnight, president trump spoke with his south korean counterpart and agreed to stronger sanctions on north korea. the president tweeted this morning, i spoke with president moon of south korea last night, asked him how rocketman is doing, long gas lines forming in north korea. too bad! the two will meet again at the u.n. gathering this week. joining us now is the u.n. ambassador to the united nations nikki halle.
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ambassador halle, thank you so much for joining me this morning. i want to start by looking forward to tuesday. president trump is going to speak to world leaders, his first ever u.n. general assembly meeting. during his campaign, he had some harsh criticism for the u.n., listen to what he told us last year. >> the utter weakness and incompetence of the united nations. the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom. it's not a friend even to the united states of america where as you know it has its home and it's surely is not a friend to israel. >> will the president stick by his "america first" message when he appears before the u.n. this coming week? >> well, i think you have to look at the fact what he said at the time was accurate. i think we saw united nations where the united states was giving over 25% of theunding and being utterly disrespected, the united nations was bashing
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israel every chance they get. a nation that talked a lot, didn't have a lot of action. now we can say it is a new day at the u.n., what are you now seeing is the israel bashing has become more balanced. you've got a united nations that action oriented. we passed two in the last month and you have the united nations that is totally moving towards reform. you have a secretary general whose come out with a massive reform package. we said we needed to get value for our dollar, what we are finding is the international community is there in support of reform. so it is a new day at the unieu. i think the changes at the united nations have been heard. i think we will see him respond to that come on tuesday. >> let's talk about north korea. the u.n. as you well know voted 15-0 on monday to impose a new set of sanctions on north korea. you said this will cut deep. but the president is not so sure. listen to what he said this
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week. >> we think it's just another very small step, not a big deal, i don't know if it has any impact, but certainly it was nice to get a 15-0 vote. but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. >> so ambassador halle, what is the administration's decisions, are the north korea sanctions that will cut deep or not a big deal? >> well, i think the facts are the facts. you look at the first sanctions bill the largest ever we had done to north korea was a billion dollar, it was one that was a punch in the gut to north korea. this one which we passed in a week was $1.3 billion. >> that didn't count the reduction of 30% of the ail was made up of 55%, reducing their diesel, oil and gas that they used to move the missiles the trucks that go and move all of the equipment, so you take that with the elimination of joint
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ventures, the laborers, which we consider modern day slavery all taken away. you look at all of those things that total 90% of north korea's trade is being cut off. so we have economically strangled north korea at this point and they have said as much, i think what the president is saying, look, we have done all this and we can do a whole lot more. >> just to be cleared, what you just described, you don't agree that's not a big deal? >> oh, i think everybody in the international community see was the deal is. also we know it's enforcement. north korea is starting to feel the pinch. it's the reason you see them reacting the way they are. this is not only a kick to north korea. it was also a hit with china, they do 90% of trade, that's been reduced to, a lot of countries are feeling this. the most important thing 15-0 united, strong, north korea has pretty much within dut cut off from the world.
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>> the president last month said north korea would face fire and fury if it continues to threaten the united states and itallys, since the president said that, north korea threatened guam, fired two missiles over japan and tested a hydrogen bomb. so with the president's "fire and fury remark" an empty threat? >> it was not an empty threat. what we were doing is being responsible. where north korea was being irresponsible and reckless we were using every diplomatic possibility we could do. we have pretty much exhausted everything weco do. now, i said yesterday i perfectly happy to send this over to secretary mattis. he had plenty of military options the fired and fury, we wanted to be responsible and go through all diplomat ig means to get their attention first, if that doesn't work, general mattis will take care of it. >> by saying general mattis will take care of it, you are talking
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about the pentagon and a military option. is that what fire and furfury m. >> if the united states has to defend itself or defend its allies in anyway, north korea will be destroyed. we all know that and none of us want that. none of us want war, but we also have to look at the fact that you are dealing with someone who is willing reckless, irresponsible and is continuing to give threats, not only to the united states but to all of their allies, so something is going to have to be done. we are trying every other possibility that we have, but there is a whole lot of military options on the table. >> ambassador haley, stick, more about the president's tweets and whether they make her job harder. , we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a swing set standoff.
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people who were in the sights of scotland yard, must be proactive. as you saw british prime minister teresa may scolded the president for his response saying it is never helpful for anybody to speculate about an ongoing investigation. we know that british intelligence is reluctant to share information lately with the u.s. because of president trump's conduct. do tweets like this make it harder for people like you to work with allies around the world on important issues? >> well, i think you have to understand that the president can communicate in any form that he wishes. and if he uses twitter, i think what you saw was a reaction to the fact that this is terrible and we cannot let terrorist attacks become a part of our normal day. and when you see the number of these, it makes the president more and more assured that he has to do everything he can to keep americans safe and so he was concerned for the uk, he's concerned for the terrorist attacks that keep happening all over europe, and he wanted to make sure that he had their back
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and that he was showing strength. so i think as they move forward, certainly, we're always going to be their allies, we're always going to have their backs. we have to be very careful. we cannot allow terrorist attacks to be a part of our every day life. >> do you wish the president was more careful in suggesting information about the investigation that is ongoing? obviously the british prime minister wished he were, he was. >> look the president would fought want to do any harm to the investigation, let's be clear. so if he goes out and gets emotional and passionate about the fact that he's upset what happened in the uk, of course, that's what he put out there. but there was no ill intent with that. i think it was the fact that he was very concerned and very disturbed these terrorist attacks keep happening in great britain. >> ambassador haley, i want to ask you about immigration, president trump recently recinded daca, the program that covers documented children in the u.s., senior senator lindsay
6:15 am
graham from your state of south carolina the d.r.e.a.m. act, it would offer these young people a path to citizenship. do you believe that d.r.e.a.m.ers should not only get the right to stay in the u.s. but an actual path to citizenship? >> first of all, we have to remember that we all feel for d.r.e.a.m.ers. we all feel for those that came here or were brought here without their willingness or their understanding that this was going to happen. so we all have a heavy heart for. that but i also think we have to remember that the united states is a country of laws and we have to always follow those laws. i think what you are seeing is the president is trying to work with congress on what is a very difficult situation. there is no easy answer when it comes to things like this. and i think the fact that they're having the back and forth, the fact that they're talking about it is important. i think at the end there will be a resolution that they come together on this as they go forward. >>ed by a haley, before i let you go, i want to ask you about a report on that my
6:16 am
colleague elise labbot did about you, in that she reported you were under consideration to become president trump's secretary of state after the election. you said no because felt at the time as governor of south carolina you didn't have enough foreign policy experience. would you give the same answer today if asked to be secretary of state? >> well, i'm not going to be asked, because rex tillerson is not going anywhere. you know at the time that i went to trump tower, they were asking many eto'o come there to talk about secretary of state. and i just knew at that time he could find someone better. so i took myself out of the running. i will tell you now that secretary tillerson continues to work hard. he's not going anywhere and i continue to work well with him. so we're going to keep doing it that way. >> if he does go anywhere, would you want the job? >> he's not going anywhere, so i won't think about it. >>ed by a haley, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> okay. thanks, dana. facebook hands over russian-linked ads that ran
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. welcome back to "state of the union" i'm dana bash. president trump moved closer to an agreement with democrats to protect young undocumented immigrants from deportation. in a move that outraged his conservative base, the president said the border wall would quote come later. it's the second time the president sided with democrats this month. joining us now is for diane feinstein as democrat of california and ranking member of the senate judiciary committee.
6:22 am
thank you for coming in. i want to ask about that dinner that the president had an on immigration. you landed in a lot hot water with some on the left of your party recently by saying president trump could be a good president and he can learn and change. do you feel vindicated this week? >> i expressed a hope. >> and do you feel vindicated this week that he sat down with pelosi and schumer? >> i would say this is a start. because big bills have to be bipartisan. i've learned that over 24 years and people have to work together and we had two party system. the president becomes a point of reconciliation between the two and that's been the history of leaders going up, sitting down with the president, working something out. so this to me was a bit of regular order that might be able to produce something and we have in california at least a third of all of the
6:23 am
population out there. i know a number of their stories and they're heart rending and they are so good. they are amazing young people, because they were young enough when they came here for the most part to be able to really grasp hold of the dream of america. if you work hard, if you get yourself educated, can you do well. >> let me turn to russia, special counsel mueller is now in possession of russian-linked ads that ran on facebook during the campaign. do you have any indication as to whether jared kushner's data operation during the trump campaign had any role in selecting facebook targets for the russians? >> no, not at this time. >> no indication? or -- >> we have just hired two investigators to work the democratic side of the judiciary investigation, which largely deals with obstruction of
6:24 am
justice and the russia-trump connection, if there is one, and if it rises to the level of collusion. and so this will take a sustained effort and i think everybody should be very cautious in what they say. because none of us want to be false in what we say. so it means you have to wait until the evidence comes in. >> these are new democratic investigators, are you working in a bipartisan way? >> we work in a bipartisan way in terms of the interviews. the team, the staff just interviewed donald trump jr., it was a five-hour interview. republicans went first for an hour and then democratic staff questioned and then i just received the transcript. we'll look at the transcript. i think it's senator grassley's intent and certainly my intent
6:25 am
to have him before the committee in the open and be able to ask some questions under oath. >> do you you have any idea when e when that's going to happen, that public testimony? >> it will be this fall, i know that for sure. things keep changing. not by design but by just the press of other business on the committee and i think people have to anticipate. i know because as i walk through the halls, there is a rush of press, you know, question after question, it will take a long time. this could take a year, a year-and-a-half, if not more. so i think people have to be patient. the chairman and i work well together. if we have a difference, we work it out between us. i think the democratic side is very constructive in how they work at this and we will be able to solve some, answer some questions. let me put it that way. >> one quick final question on russia before we move on.
6:26 am
your committee the senate judiciary committee is having trouble getting if touch with president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort. when will you and chairman grassley decide send him a subpoena? >> we will likely do that. if he refuses to come before the committee and one of the things that we want to do before is some investigative work and we now have the people aboard that can do that. >> let's turn to north korea. the trump administration's position as you well know is no diplomatic talks before north korea agrees to end its nuclear program s. that the right approach? >> i don't believe it is. i've spent a lot of time on spell jens, looking at north korea. i've read most if not all of the intelligence and real intelligence. i think that north korea is not
6:27 am
going to give up its program with nothing on the table. i think that what could happen is we could have reliable verification of a freeze of both the nuclear program and the missile arsenal and that we could conceivably talk china into supporting that kind of a freeze because it would carry with it no regime change and no war and my -- i have never been in greater, in a state of greater concern about this nation and korea, because there is a certain recklessness on the other side. they now have very powerful weapons. they've done six nuclear tests. they have big missiles and they have missiles that can carry -- >> are you concerned about korea and you read a lot of the intelligence. how concerned are you about the united states? and the safety of the united states? >> well, i am concerned about
6:28 am
the safety of the united states. our missile defense isn't perfect. it certainly leaves more to be desired and it has to really be worked on to be improved. and we know that they can hit anywhere within the united states now. and they've done this in a relatively short time and this particular leader over his father has moved much more quickly and it's been effective. the science apparently has been good because they have been able put together tests that are successful. >> i want to ask you about something that happened this past week. a conservative group, several conservative groups are accusing you of being anti-catholic, because you were questioning one of the president's judicial nominees and you talked about the fact that dogma and law are two different things but that dogma lives loudly when you. can you explain what happened?
6:29 am
>> well, first of all, let me say this, i'm a product of catholic education from the call of the sacred heart. i sat in doctrine classes for four years, five days a week. i think catholicism is a great religi religion. i have great respect for it. i have known many of the archbishops that have been in my community. we've had dinner together. we've spoken together over many, many decades, i've tried to be helpful to the church whenever i could. have been said that, this is sa woman that has no real trial or court experience. and, therefore, there is no record. she's a professor, which is fine, but all we have to look at are her writings. and in her writings, she makes some statements, which are questionable. which deserve questions, for example, aed this is pretty much
6:30 am
a near quote. it may well be that a check judge cannot be independent, that this is not a direct quote, because i don't have it in front of me, but it was something to necessitate us to, i thought appropriately ask about it. >> senator feinstein, you have a lot on your plate. are you up for another six years? >> well, we'll see, won't we? >> you are up for re-election in 2018? >> i'm well aware of that. thank you very much. >> you are not going to declare here? >> i am not going to declare on cnn. >> we can try. >> yes, can you try. >> thank you for your morning. >> bye. >> republicans are furious. democrats making deals with the president and washington is turned on its head. we're going to break it down next.
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you are looking at allowing people to stay here, we're working with everybody republican. >> i want to first start talking about what the president was discussing, striking at least the beginnings of a deal on the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers with the democratic leaders. i want to you guys to see what steve king, conservative republican house member from iowa said. he said the trump base is blowing up. he said if a.p. is correct, i guess he was reading an a.p. story at the time. so senator, let me start with you, are you on the first plane to iowa? >> no, i'm not on the first
6:36 am
plane to iowa. those days are over, but i think he does realize that this is a big blow to a lot of folks that supported president trump. and it shows that he backs down from a pretty central promise in this campaign about the issue of immigration and so i think it just reflects the frustration that the president has in trying to get something done, the fact that he was able to get something done with chuck and nancy on the debt limit now he's going back and say, well, if republicans aren't going to get things done, he's a transactional person. that's why it's vitally important for republicans to get something done on health care, to get something done on taxes, few don't start getting things done and deliver to president trump, he's going to go some place else. >> david, i'm sure you seen and heard from your republican friends, many say, we're sorry, we don't care what the sessions
6:37 am
were of these d.r.e.a.m.ers coming, it's amnesty. >> so a couple things, right, this president was sent here to disrupt walk. he is an action bias. the president wants to get things done. he wants to accomplish things. i don't think talking about d.r.e.a.m.ers and helping them stay here is necessarily amnesty. look, the only thing tougher than health care is immigration to get done in this town. anne and i worked on this in the past, any type of immigration reform is very, very difficult to get done. i think this president said to the congress, we want to keep these folks, he'd like to keep them here, you get it done. he is willing to get it done with whatever he can. >> you had positive words. >> i'm glad you are sitting down so you don't top him over there say them again. >> frankly listen i think, first of all, seeing steve king have a meltdown is just a source of pressure. poor little ling i thing, he almost sounds like one of those
6:38 am
proverbial snowflakes they're talking about. look. donald trump is the author of "the art of the deal." so i think what he is showing is the willingness to go out of the box and try to make a deal. he tried working only with republicans on health care, it was a failure . if we want to be truthful the republican party in congress right now is broken probably there is more ideological distance between the moderate tuesday group and the freedom caucus than there is between main stream democrats and moderate republicans. so if he can get something done -- and he has done a lot this week. i think donald trump has a unique opportunity here. he has got more political capital with his base and more ability to maneuver than any other republican president would. if it had been george w. bush or anybody else meeting with trump and nancy, there would be an explosion over it. he can do it. he has a loyal base. >> you were democratic chief
6:39 am
executive. do you think this is a good move? >> you heard dianne feinstein say earlier, you need compromise, you need big people at the table to do big legislation. i was amazed donald trump had passionate words for these d.r.e.a.m.ers, that was encouraging, but on the republican side, this notion of amnesty or preventing amnesty is deeply concerning. there is this raised bill which the republicans have introduced which wharton, your great i think alma mater has said will cost 4.6 million jobs, that's number one, sending these d.r.e.a.m.ers away, which is ridiculous, i what was brought here at-years-old from canada. i have pledged allegiance to this country. i can't imagine leaving here them being september back. it's good for our nation, not just for them. this is the secret sauce that makes america great is we draw
6:40 am
people from all corners of the world. anna, when you were brought here as a young person, you were here under the reagan amnesty program. >> i was brought here at-year-olds, my family was freak communityism. i can tell you i had nothing to do with the decision. i'm sure my warnts would do it again they wanted to bring me to freedom. when i look at the d.r.e.a.m.ers kids, there go by the grace of god. there go you. they want american, they love this country. they are a class by themselves, they have a lot of support from republicans. >> are we a nation of laws here? are we not a nation of laws? i understand all of the sympathy. >> so make a law that allows them to stay. >> there is a sympathetic case to be made here. we have to be a nation of laws. so we take -- >> so make that law, rick that allows them to stay. >> it's an attempt to say we need to adjust our legal
6:41 am
immigration system to focus more on benefits our country not have someone related to someone a fourth cousin end up in the united states. >> do republicans like this, republicans like jeff flake, like paul ryan who want to get a fix for these kids. so if it means working with democrats to be able get something that passes muster and gets the vote. let's do it. >> that's what the d.r.e.a.m. act is all about. the d.r.e.a.m. act for these kids would take 13 years before they'd be eligible to apply for citizenship. my question to those who don't agree with that is how long would anybody have to wait if they are one of these 700 thousand, would they never be allowed to vote in this country? >> that's why comprehensive immigration reform is so difficult in this town. conceptually everybody wants the same thing. getting it worked out with the left, with the labor unions, i
6:42 am
disagree there is this great schism from the republican party to the right to the left. look at the organized labor, there is a grand canyon of a space. >> you don't think there is a big spot between the freedom caucus? >> it's my turn here. i think immigration reform on d.r.e.a.m.ers, everybody wants to see nice folks taken care of. listen, we need secure borders, we need a rule of law and how do you get there? chain immigration, problem for a lot of folks. how do you get there is the problem. and unlike us sitting around this table, there are 535 folks that have to agree, 536 the president. it's a tough thing to, do it's not going to get done tomorrow, in six months. >> no question. everyone stand by, we have a lot to get done, top democrats taking sides in a major debate that could split the democratic party in two plus many of the biggest deals in washington are made over
6:43 am
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does your sleep aid leave you groggy? switch to drug-free midnite®. its specially formulated to work with the body's sleep mechanism to promote natural sleep. try midnite® tonight. i want to say thank you, bern fi, for all that you have done. >> i will be standing with bernie. >> i am proud to co-sponsor it. >> this is a defining moment of the character of our country. >> i'm all in on this thank you, bernie. >> we are back with our panel, governor granholm signing up for bernie sanders plan. is this the litmus test if you think of running for 2020? >> i do think a litmus test if you will will be democrats that stand up for healthcare for all.
6:48 am
so whether it's this particular bill or some variation on it where public option is allowed, et cetera, will be a piece of it. because i think democrats pretty much uniformly believe in the richest country in the world, we ought to be giving people access to health care or giving them, making sure they can get healed. so if every other country can do it, why can't we? i think that's what this is a stake in the ground, a flag in the grounds saying that. is that going to be giving democrats a problem, say pennsylvania? >> i love the nominees running in 2020, i love logic. so keep it coming. keep it going i. i'm for it. >> you don't like the idea of buying into medicare? >> i like giving everybody a house, a car for free. i like everything. >> buying into medicare? >> but somebody's got to pay for it. >> sure. >> here's the story. the democrats have now admitted obamacare is a failure. >> no, the democrats would love to fix obamacare.
6:49 am
>> you just said we should have a health care system. you said that eight years ago, that you had a health care system under obamacare that was going to provide health care for everybody. it hasn't. it's failed. democrats are sawing it's failed, it doesn't work anymore. why would bernie sanders an everybody up there saying we need a whole new system if it hasn't failed. look, now the democrats have come on board with us, it's a failure, here's your choice. >> we're not saying that. the democrats have not come on board with you. >> single payer health care system, which is what bernie sanders is talking about or we can have a system that says, let's get this money out to the states, closer to the people, which is what the grand cassidy bill does which is getting very close to being a reality. >> senator, you have been >> senator, you've been working hard on this. are you going to get 50 votes from republicans? >> i think we are closing in. i can tell you that in the last few days the white house and the president himself is engaged in this. >> is your governor supportive. is the governor of pennsylvania
6:50 am
supportive? >> the democratic governor of pennsylvania is not. >> but there are a lot of other republicans who aren't supportive either. >> i wouldn't be surprised -- you're looking at bill nelson, the state of florida gets about $3 billion under obamacare because four states -- massachusetts, california, new york and maryland -- that comprise 20% of the population of the country get 40% of the money under obamacare. so you have states like florida that get $3 billion less, by the way, half of what massachusetts gets and under -- ask bill nelson whether he'll take $15 billion which is what the state of florida is going to get. >> look, here's the baht tottom. we have a system that needs to get fixed. it's not going to happen unilaterally by either party. the republicans tried and failed. this is a democrat attempt, the republicans are going to stand in unison against it. the good thing is we are still talking about fixing health care because i think it's important we don't let it go. it has problems, it needs to be fixed, we need to solve what is a national crisis so once we get
6:51 am
past the political posturing of my bill, your bill, this bill, congress needs to get together. i know it's a shocking concept but maybe have bipartisan compromise -- >> even with trying to do a bipartisan compromise and patti murray is not negotiating in good faith. it's shutting down right now. there is no attempt on the other side. >> that doesn't mean you give up on bipartisan comp please. you cannot give up on health care for millions. >> let the governor in, go ahead. >> there is a reason why aarp hates this bill. it's because it cuts $290 billion out of health care from what is currently slated from current law. >> why? do you know why it does? >> so you're admitting that it does. >> let me tell you why. because we get rid of the individual and employer mandate and those taxes go away. america hates the individual mandate. they hate the employer mandate. >> that means 31 million people will be without health care. >> we don't want to force people to buy insurance.
6:52 am
>> let's see what the congressional budget office says when it scores because according to the --. and that's this week. >> what i'm looking at here, $299 billion worth of cuts including $17 billion out of florida, $8 billion out of pennsylvania. >> we will see what happens when we get the information this week. before we go, i have to show you this retweet by the president the morning. he was very active on twitter this morning. if you see there, there's no sound. it's an image of the president golfing, a golf ball hitting hillary clinton and knocking her down from the back. david urban. i know how senator santorum feelings about his tweets. is this appropriate? >> the president speaks directly to the folks. i won't judge what's appropriate and inappropriate. retweets do not equal endorsement. >> why is he so obsessed with hillary clinton still? >> i don't think he's obsessed with hillary clinton. >> oh, come on! he cannot let her go. >> this is the part that drives me crazy. when decent people, decent
6:53 am
republicans who i know would judge democrats differently give and normalize what donald trump is doing. we cannot normalize this kind of behavior from the president of the united states. he is still abexample. if your six-year-old son did this he would be punished and so this 71-year-old should not be accepted. he is being a jerk and he's not being a precedent. >> that's an interesting way to leave this morning's conversation. more in the green room. up next, he designed the menu, the venue, and the seating. president trump's supper club is the place where deals are made. some insight on the room where it happens. hint, it's all about chinese food and chocolate pie. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them.
6:54 am
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welcome back to state of the union. i'm dana bash. political foes or dinner dates? this week the white house had the hottest table in town and wednesday evening president trump dined with the top two democrats, or chuck and nancy, as he likes to call them. it was the second meal of the week he shared with democrats and it seems presidential deal making all comes down to dinner. >> we want mr. trump to try this. >> for president trump, the art of the political deal begins with breaking bread. >> i remember when republicans and democrats would fight like hell, then have lunch together, have dinner together, go back, fight like hell and get a lot of things done. >> reporter: from chinese food and chocolate pie with top democrats at the white house -- >> really the atmospherics of the dinner were very friendly. >> reporter: to a fancy treat
6:59 am
from french president emmanuel macron in the city of lights. >> dinner tonight at the eiffel tower. that will be something special. >> reporter: the trump approach is that a good meal served a la mode can be the best way to a politician's heart. >> everybody says you get a scoop of ice cream. well, there was a perfectly shaped egg and it was ice cream and the president only got one, he didn't get two. >> reporter: of course, not everybody wants to be wined and dined by the president. >> he called me at my desk at lunchtime and asked was i free for dinner. i said whatever works for you, sir, then i had to call my wife and break a date with her. >> reporter: as commander in chief, even the nicest deals can go awry. >> we were having dessert and we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake i've ever seen. so what happens is i said we've just launched 59 missiles. this is during dessert. >> reporter: white house guests can expect to be wooed with
7:00 am
calligraphy and fine wine. >> would you like fries with that? >> reporter: but when it's just him, the billionaire's tastes are different. >> the big macs are great. the quarter pounder with chiez. it's great stuff. thank you for spending your sunday morning with us, i'm dana bash in washington. fareed zakaria "gps" starts right now. this is gps, the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and arnold around the world, i'm fareed zakaria. today on the show, i've interviewed my fair share of world leaders but the one whose brain i would most like to pick right now is kim jong-un. since i probably will never have a chance, i will tell you how i think he would answer all the questions swirling about about his true intentions. also russian war games, german


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