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tv   New Day  CNN  September 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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rediscover the importance of international engagement. one of the things we're doing this week is looking at that group of countries across the northern part of subsahara and africa, weak government, extremism rife. unless we're supporting them now they're going to be a source of future terrorism, waves of migration that are going to destabilize our societies further. my view is we need a completely different, much more radical, much more far-sighted approach to dealing with this. >> if people want to learn more, go to the institute for global change. thank you so much. >> it's a pleasure. we're following a lot of news this morning so let's get right to it. >> very important week for the president. the world will be listening. >> if the united states has to defend itself in any way, north korea will be destroyed. >> this is probably one of the most serious security crises we've faced. president trump calling north korea's leader rocket man,
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as he prepares to address world leaders for the first time. >> he's a destructor. he enjoys engaging on social media. >> they do represent a grave threat. >> even as people try to recover from irma, there is more hurricane trouble on the way. >> tracking two hurricanes in the atlantic. >> the storm is expected to strengthen as it gains more steam. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, it's monday september 18th, 8:00 in the east. chris is off. john berman joins me. all eyes on president trump at the united nations as he prepares to address world leaders for the first time on that stage. much of the focus will be on how the president explains his america first agenda and his past skepticism of the u.n. >> north korea's nuclear threat looming large over the annual gathering. officials warn pyongyang that time is running out for a
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peaceful solution. u.s. bombers and fighter jets again today conducting drills over the korean principle. whi -- peninsula. let's begin with the meetings at the united nations. michelle kosinski is there. >> reporter: foreign delegations have been talking about this speech even days before it happens. they want to know is this going to be president trump on his best behavior. is he going to stick with a script or not so much. they want to see what is his tone in addressing them, is he going to be supportive of the u.n. without criticism, and how is he going to articulate u.s. foreign policy beyond what they've already heard in the tweets, in the america first, and in multiple mixed messages. president trump now home in new york but about to face the u.n., a body he has sharply and repeatedly slammed. >> the united nations is not a
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friend of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom. >> reporter: where now he will also seek more cooperation to face the world's biggest problems. the president set the stage with a sunday tweet storm, referring to north korean leader kim jong-un as rocket man, and retweeting a video edited to show him knocking over former rival hillary clinton with a golf ball. members of his administration out in front of cameras with more tough talk on the north korean nuclear threat. >> we don't have a lot of time left. if our diplomatic efforts fail though, our military option will be the only one left. >> was the president's fire and fury remark an empty threat? >> it was not an empty threat. i'm perfectly happy giving it to general mattis because he has plenty of options. >> reporter: at the same time, the u.s. has been calling on china and russia to do more.
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unprecedented u.n. sanctions against north korea, a step the president and the national security adviser have since downplayed to the chagrin of the state department. >> are the sanctions a big deal or not a big deal because i heard two -- >> i think the sanctions -- i'm not going to go against the president but i think the sanctions are significant. >> reporter: allies have been confused at times over what this administration values more, collaboration or going it alone. trump's america first doctrine reflected in the three themes the president is expected to touch on in his speech tuesday. >> first is to protect the american people. the second is to promote american prosperity. and the third is really to help promote accountability and sovereignty. >> reporter: the u.s. footprint at the u.n. this year much smaller than it's been in the past. meetings over all fewer, leaving allies skeptical of how much the u.s. will be engaged on key agenda items like democracy promotion, refugees and the environment.
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and how a nationalistic leader of the free world will embrace this global entity. >> i think he slaps the right people, hugs the right people and comes out with the u.s. being very strong in the end. >> reporter: among the big questions raised here by some of those mixed messages are, is the u.s. truly out of the paris climate deal or not. is the u.s. leaving the iran nuclear deal. looking ahead to the president's schedule today on his first day, he will chair a session on reforming the u.n., something he's pushed forward to try to make it more efficient. he'll be meeting with leaders of israel, france, and tonight latin america. >> michelle, thank you for that preview. let's bring in our political panel, editor at large at "time" magazine and president of ur arab ra group, ian bremer and cnn political analyst david gregory. david, is there any way to tell
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what to expect from president trump? >> a few minutes ago tony blair was saying there's confusion and anxiety and i think that's the principle aim here is to try to clear some of that up. this is now president trump on the world stage, a major international institution, one he's been critical of. it is not unusual to have a new president to be looked at by the international community, and this president even more. he's also been unpredictable. we've seen that in domestic affairs in the past couple of weeks how he's worked with democrats. now there's some signaling that maybe he will find a way back into the paris climate accord. and there's a looming crises over north korea where we're going to see the president privately and publicly ramp up pressure on north korea but also put pressure on, namely, china to play a bigger role to diffuse this growing nuclear threat from north korea. so i think this is really going to be about tone. it's going to be about style as
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people are still trying to take trump's measure to gauge what we've seen so far versus where he may be heading. >> tone and style and the statement that he made on twitter about kim jong-un, calling him rocket man. i spoke with president moon, asked him how rocket man is doing. you like rocket man? >> sure. they used to call his dad rocket monster. let's face it, the north koreans are vastly better at propaganda than we are and they say they're going to destroy us and they're going to sink japan and leave nothing but ashes. i think he can handle a tweet that's going to only put kim jong-un more in the news. to get back to david's point, what's interesting about president trump at the united nations, when trump gets insecure, he goes to his base.
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on the international stage, he has no base. even american allies privately look at trump and say who the hell is this guy, we don't trust him, we don't know about our relationship anymore. he'll be fine on the big stage because the speech is written for him. in all these off camera moments, the one-on-ones with all these heads of state, the delegates are going to be talking to each other, it's going to leak. we've gotten some of the most salacious headlines because their staffs look at trump and say who the hell is this bozo. this week you're going to get a lot of that because they don't like him, they don't trust him and off camera they say a lot of really snarky things. >> these meet and greets have been described as like speed dating on steroids, but if these conversations tend fto be more
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provocative or less scripted, that will be interesting to listen to. >> right, and the other side of that is there is an opportunity to impress with a more strategic approach to north korea. i do maintain, despite tweets about rocket man and some of the other things we've seen from the president, if you look at what he's actually done, what his national security team has actually done, it is to treat this seriously. it is to move forward both in the united nations and dealing one-on-one with china to try to ramp up pressure there. this is not someone who's loosely talking about going to war. they've talked about options on the table, but they're clearly positioning themselves to try to get into some kind of conversation with the north, some kind of dialogue, while really putting pressure on china which after all has to be the most concerned, not only about the potential for war but also what would flow from that which would be more u.s. influence if that part of the world, particularly in a potentially unified korea.
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these are things that china both fears and has some control over. >> ian, is there a coherent north korea policy right now? >> i think that the actual implementation of policy is pretty coherent. let's keep in mind that the north koreans after the americans made it pretty rough and credible that you come towards guam, we're really going to hit you back, kim jong-un backed off pretty quickly. >> define that policy. that means that we set some sort of red line which is guam i guess, and they take notice. is that how it's working? >> a couple things. one, it means that we are going to consistently talk the military angle, that if this really falls apart, we're running out of time, this isn't going to last through the next administration, you can't kick the can anymore, so either you get enough sanctions, enough pressure on north korea that we actually see them change their behavior, or there is a possibility that there's going to be a military attack. now, i don't think that we would engage militarily but the credible questioning of the chinese and north koreans, the strategy is we'll bring them to the table and at least on the
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security council we've now seen 15 zero votes which means not just our allies but the russians and the chinese upping the ante and doing things that we've not seen under obama, under clinton, under bush in terms of squeezing the north koreans. now, let's see if they execute on that and see how the north koreans respond. nikki haley deserves credit in pushing the chinese, cajoling, engaging and berating to get them around the table and moving. kim jong-un deserves more credit in that that's the reason this is all coming together but i think you have to say she's doing a pretty incredible job. >> if you remember, even short-term history going back to the clinton administration, there was a negotiation with kim's father that ultimately fell apart around a nuclear freeze. i remember president bush talking about how iran would never go nuclear on his watch, but they kept buying time on that and ultimately the obama administration has done the
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same, buying another 14 years that these deals keep getting recertified. >> ian, i want to ask you about a couple other things. the paris climate deal, there was talk this weekend the administration might be willing to renegotiate or stay in it. they say, no, no, no change in our policy. do you think there's any possibility for a change in the policy? >> not at this point, no. i think they already took the political hits. we already know that there are, i think, nine states that have said that they're going to continue to commit to paris climate goals. over 300 cities have said it and a whole bunch of corporations. i don't think that around the world governments are really concerned that the united states being out means that this whole thing is going to fall apart but trump gets to say this is one of the things that i had promised during the campaign and i'm going through on my commitment. i think there are people within his administration that are deeply unhappy about that, some are leaking to the press. i'd be stunned if they did a flip on this. >> david, curious about your thoughts on paris as well as iran nuclear deal. sounds like the administration
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is rethinking some of the things that president trump has threatened on that too. >> well, again, how many crises do they want to take on at once. they don't want to unleash iran to just resume its program. at least the existing accord buys america and its allys more time to keep iran in check. you heard david sanger saying the last hour, you can keep bashing iran over this, just don't get all the way to the point of decertifying. my question about the policy and about the president's approach to the u.n. is one that i think is part of his domestic policy as well. the president has a base, as ian said. he plays to that base when he feels insecure or under attack. but when he's attacked it reminds him how much he dislikes being disliked and how legitimate he wants to be and appear on the world stage. i think the opportunity to win, however the president defines
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that, and to be seen as a legitimate world leader is something that i think really appeals to him and we've seen him start to make some compromises to position himself that way. that's why i'm kind of eager to see how he approaches the u.n. and how much that will change from his campaign rhetoric. >> national security is the one place that trump seems to know that he doesn't know things. remember when he said nato, we've got to get rid of it and then later he said i was a real estate guy, i didn't know about nato. he would never admit that on tax, on health care. and ultimately that gives us a little more feeling of security that he's not going off the rails on some of these issues. >> gentlemen, thank you. other big news, hurricane maria, yes, new name, rapidly intensifying, taking aim at puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. that's not the only hurricane we're watching closely.
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cnn meteorologist chad myers has our new forecast. >> still much bigger, bigger than we talked about at 5:00 in the morning. 110 miles per hour, alisyn, and the storm is moving towards martinique. later on it gets bigger. 140 mile per hour storm heading towards the u.s. v.i. and even into puerto rico by really wednesday morning. it's time to wrap up your preparations now, puerto rico. we will still see outer eye bands into the areas of the u.s. v.i. and b.b.i. that got hit so very hard. you have half your life in the middle of the front yard and things blow around again, and then all of a sudden about 125 miles over the turks and kcaico. here are the two models, u.s. versus european model. neither are making an approach to the u.s.
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jose making approach only with waves, big waves, could be 15 feet on parts of the east coast. >> chad myers, appreciate it. an investigation is under way after a georgia tech student was shot and killed by campus police in atlanta over the weekend. we want to warn you, the video of this shooting is very troubling. authorities say the incident shows scout schultz being repeatedly warned by the officers to drop the knife. now, a knife -- you can't really see it in this video but a cnn affiliate shot images of a metallic object at the scene. schultz can be heard saying, shoot me, on the video and was eventually shot after walking towards officers. a family attorney insists this was not what is known as suicide by cop. well, the primetime emmy awards got political last night, surprise. one celebrity after another taking jabs at president trump, and sean spicer making a big splash. host of "reliable sources" brian
5:17 am
seltzer joins us. was this emmys more political than ever before? >> i think in the trump age everything in hollywood is more political than it was before and that was definitely true at the emmys. it was really the trump white house's credibility crises on display with sean spicer surprising the audience, making jokes about one of his most infamous moments where he was misleading the public after the inauguration when he talked about the crowd size. take a look at this video. what was spicer doing here? was he auditioning for a tv job? take a look. >> unfortunately at this point we have no way of knowing how big our audience is. is there anyone who could say how big the audience is? sean, do you know? [ cheers and applause ]
5:18 am
>> this will be the largest audience to witness an emmys, period, both in person and around the world. >> wow, that really sooths my fragile ego. i can understand why you would want one of these guys around. melissa mccarthy, everybody, give it up. >> having melissa in the crowd was crucial of course, having her react to the real-life sean spicer. right now spicer is looking for work, getting public speaking gigs, consulting jobs. he's been looking for a tv commentator deal. cnn said we're not interested in hiring spicer. that was a little bit of a smack at his credibility problems when he was press secretary. he hasn't found a tv commentator jobs but he's having fun with his personality from the white house. >> look brian, in this age of shamelessness, is it just a matter of time before he gets a tv gig? i find it hard to believe that
5:19 am
sean spicer is not going to land a good job, but in addition to that, obviously the spicer moment was just that, just a moment. so how else were we seeing politics come to play last night in the awards show? >> i think people who were voting on what shows, what winners were going to take home emmys were thinking about politi politics, whether it's the hand made's tail, the breakout show on hulu with a lot of political themes or john oliver winning for the second year in a row or alec baldwin winning for his impersonation of trump on "snl." we saw liberal hollywood reacting to the trump age in a variety of categories. as for spicer, a lot of people are saying colbert should not be rewarding him with attention like this. this was colbert's idea. he thought it would be funny and worth it and of course it's the talk of everybody's social media feeds this morning. >> all right, brian, thank you very much for all that.
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president trump ratcheting up the rhetoric against north korean leader kim jong-un over the weekend. the president mocked him with a statement on twitter. he said i spoke with president moon of south korea last night, asked him how rocket man is
5:24 am
doing. long gas lines forming in north korea. too bad. joining me now is republican congressman trent franks. he serves in the house armed services and judiciary committees. thank you for being with us. do you believe that the president's policy towards north korea has been effective? >> well, on one front i definitely do, john. there's probably no more significant deterrent in the minds of the north korean government than a conviction that if they threaten to truly put a missile on the united states or territories that they will suffer irreparably as a result. i think that the president has made that message loud and clear, and actually i think there's no more important single factor in this equation. >> but, since the fire and fury comments that the president made, since threatening about guam, north korea has shot at least two missiles over japan, something not done in decades,
5:25 am
tested perhaps its most powerful nuclear device ever. so if that's deterrence, what does nondeterrence look like? >> this is kind of a brinksm brinksmanship situation. they made a deal with bill clinton on the nuclear front but they did not have to dismantle their nuclear capability. the same with barack obama, tremendous compensation but no dismantlement. then they watched the iran nuclear deal. in that case there was incredible compensation given. so north korea is hoping to somehow bluff their way into greater compensation. the danger is that this thing could get out of hand. >> where's the bluff? they tested what could have been a high jydrogen bomb. >> i'm suggesting to you that i
5:26 am
think right now they don't want to fight the united states, but that capability exists and i'm suggesting to you that there are two components to any threat and that is intent and capability. the north koreans just threatened the united states with the potential emp attack given their now increased yield with the potential of a hydrogen bomb or thermapmal nuclear capability. it's irrelevant if it was increased gamma ray capability and that means that their emp threat is credible. they may have a capability. if you put that threat and that capability together it spells something we need to pay attention to. our imperative objective must be to dismantle the north korean capability. we have to do that, and i think that this president may be the one to do it. it's unfortunate that we find ourselves in this situation as we do right now. it represents a failed policy of the past. >> again, i hope we get a chance
5:27 am
to talk in the future about how the current policy has deterred or not but i want to shift gears to different issues on the table right now. we learned over the weekend that facebook has turned over to the special counsel's office, robert mueller, some information about ads, who bought them, perhaps connected to russian meddling in the election. you've called on robert mueller to step down, resign as special counsel. what do you make of this news about the facebook involvement? >> well, i mean, generally i make that the left media will do anything they can to focus on russia regardless. if you think right now that somehow that this issue is more significant than the one we just spoke of, then i think there's a terrible misunderstanding there. >> i did not -- i asked about north korea first. i'm asking about robert mueller and facebook. so address that, please. >> i did call for robert mueller to step down and i would renew that call this morning. there is no question in my mind that mr. mueller is in
5:28 am
contradiction of the law in that he has a conflict of interest. no doubt in my mind about that. even if it's just an appearance of a conflict, the law says he must step aside. so i'm convinced that the left couldn't find russia on a map until somehow they thought it could be used as a wedge against donald trump. >> are you suggesting that robert mueller is part of -- the special counsellor, the fbi, is part of the left. all i was asking about facebook, the idea that facebook has turned over information under subpoena about ads and who bought them. >> i think that's fine. i think we should get to the bottom of that completely. but when we do, we're going to see, in my judgment, based on everything that's happened thus far is a continued overblown, overfocus on something that doesn't have substance. i'm concerned about that because we do have some real issues in front of us right now and i would suggest to you that north korea may be one of them that could escalate and threaten your
5:29 am
children and mine. >> again, we are focusing heavily on north korea right now. congress may take up health kerrigan thcar care again this week. there are rumblings that it might get a vote on the senate floor. the freedom caucus has suggested that grand cassidy which would turn money over to the united states in terms of a block grant is not something he's said. if a version of grant cassidy ever came back to the house, what's your take on it? >> i think that rand paul's comments as far as the specifics are correct in that it is not a repeal nor replacement. but what should be made clear is under the reconciliation process in the byrd rule, it is illegal to repeal and replace obamacare. i can't imagine how that isn't
5:30 am
more clear in the media in this discussion. the senate rules simply will not allow the repeal or replacement of obamacare. on that front rand paul is right. on the other front, almost anything is better than the trajectory that we're on with obamacare, and the graham cassidy legislation is a step in a much better direction and only time will tell what form it takes. but i would suggest that some of us in the house might be able to support that if we can get it out of the senate. the house almost always gets their work done. the senate rules almost always prevent them from getting their work done. >> sounds like if it's graham cassidy or nothing, you would support graham cassidy. >> if it's graham cassidy or obamacare, yes. >> appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you, john, very much. john, another issue we've been covering very closely. there's growing concern among some democrats about the bipartisan agreement to protect
5:31 am
d.r.e.a.m.ers. these democrats say they're skeptical about the president keeping his word on this. one of them joins us to explain why next. enamel is the strong, white, outer layer of your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime
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the deadline for so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers to be departed unless congress acts. our next guest is one of the most outspoken immigration advocates in congress. he has used very strong language to express his anger at the administration over their treatment of d.r.e.a.m.ers. joining us is democratic congressman luis gutierrez. great to see you. >> thank you. >> september 5 the president announced that d.r.e.a.m.ers would have to go unless congress figures out some sort of protection for them. you were so angry on that day that you lashed out at the chief of staff, john kelly. let me read what you saidkelly, of the homeland security, lied straight to the faces of the congressional hispanic caucus about preventing the mass
5:36 am
deportation of d.r.e.a.m.ers. general kelly is a hypocrite and a disgrace to the uniform he used to wear. he has no honor and should be drummed out of the white house along with the white supremacists and those enables the president's actions by "just following orders." do you regret speaking that strongly and criticizing john kelly? >> let me just say this. i could have been more careful with the use of my words, and there are times that you need to re-evaluate. having said that, i saw him as head of homeland security deport grandmothers who had been for 15 years reporting dutifully to homeland security with their american citizen grandchildren. heartless actions and increasing deportations against people who presented no threat. he said to me not further than this distance, i'm the one that's stopping the d.r.e.a.m.ers from getting deported when he was head of homeland security. i care about them. i'm defending them and
5:37 am
protecting them. so yes, you can always be more careful and i will probably be talking more about that in the future. you can choose your words more carefully, but having said that, it really hurt. it was really painful. i think that we need to set a standard for everybody to move forward. >> but instead of blaming president trump you blamed john kelly because he had spoken directly to you? why lash out at john kelly and why bring his military service into it since he's so celebrated for that? >> let me say this. i didn't look in terms of his military. i looked at him in terms of a politician, somebody who had gone to work for donald trump. i thought hundreds of d.r.e.a.m.ers are serving in the armed forces of the united states, sacrificing their lives in defense of this nation, thousands of members of the transgender community, and where
5:38 am
was he? he wasn't speaking about those men and women, and families that have come under attack. so i thought of 800,000 young people. i meet with them every day. it is a painful situation to watch what they go through. again, can you use words more careful carefully? certainly you can. >> john kelly responded to you after you said that about him. he then put out this statement. this was about a week later. as far as the congressman and other irresponsible members of congress are concerned, they have the luxury of saying what they want as they do nothing and have almost no responsibility. they can call people liars but it would be inappropriate for me to say the same thing back to them. as my blessed mother used to say, empty barrels make the most noise. obviously he was directing that at you. but we've advanced since then. since all of this between you and john kelly, then president trump had the meeting with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi where it sounded like they hatched a
5:39 am
deal to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers. do you think that's going to happen? >> here's what i think. i think that donald trump took an action against 800,000 of our youngest, most vulnerable people, and the american public should understand about the 800. they've been through a security background check, not once, but they have to do it every two years. many of them have done it three times, submitted their fingerprints, have absolutely no criminal background, and they're going to school, paying taxes. 91% of them are working. so i have school teachers. i have doctors, i have engineers and people of all facets. most importantly, i have people who are moms too of children and they're wives and husbands, and they shouldn't be used as political forgter by donald tru. you heard him saying, well, i'm going to do something real special. real special? you have six months. if you read very clearly the
5:40 am
statement by the white house on this, they said you've got six months to get ready to leave the only country most of them know. >> but is this going to happen? is congress and whatever nancy pelosi and schumer have done, are they going to save these folks? >> great question. here's what i think. as you watched and i watched, they passed a budget. they have a continuing resolution. they lifted the debt ceiling, and we did the hurricane relief. 90 republicans walked away. that means today they're operirg majority is 152. they are not pass a budget, they cannot increase the debt ceiling. they can't do anything moving forward. as we all know, that budget and debt ceiling vote was 90 days. that means some time before christmas we're going to have tto go back. i am not going to go back and i'm encouraging republicans and i will suggest to you a majority of members of the house in the
5:41 am
democratic caucus clearly whether not vote for a cr, will not vote to increase the debt ceiling, unless something happens which is 800,000 visas. >> unless you protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers you're not going to vote -- >> they're not majority. it's their budget. they run the snenate, the white house. you want a budget, do a budget. you don't want to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers, do your own budget. part of the democrats' responsibility is to be an opposition and to take when they attack our lgbt community, whether they attack women and productive rights and in this case vulnerable d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> congressman, thank you for coming in to share your thoughts. john? dozens arrested overnight in st. louis as protestors react to the acquittal of a police officer in the shooting death of
5:42 am
a black suspect. we'll have the details next.
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five things to know for your new day. president trump makes his debut at the united nations. the president will lay out his foreign policy in a speech today. major focus this week, north korea's nuclear threat. nikki haley saying they will be destroyed if this behavior continues. hurricane maria taking aim at puerto rico and the virgin islands. it's forecast to be a hurricane 4 hurricane. in st. louis demonstrators reacting to the aquestionedal of a former white police officer in the shooting death of a black suspect. at least 80 arrests were made when peaceful protests turned violent. no escaping politics at last night's primetime emmy awards. host stephen colbert spent a good portion of his monologue
5:47 am
poking fun at president trump and sean spicer stealing the show with a surprise cameo. >> those are the five things to know. now here's what to watch. >> you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. this is your new homname, new he and inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. >> i'll take my chances. >> back to one of our top stories. facebook now turning over its russia-linked ads to special counsel robert mueller and his investigation. is this a turning point in the russia probe? n you and life's beautiful moments. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances
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facebook says it has handed over russia-linked ads to special counsel robert mueller. joining us now to talk about where the investigation is is former federal prosecutor renato ariati. thank you very much for being here. tell us why this facebook development is so big. >> so, up until now what we saw was mueller taking a look at fairly narrow areas. so he was looking at, for example, whether paul manafort and michael flynn had lied on disclosure forms. we knew that he had some sort of tax investigation because he had engaged in the irs criminal investigations unit. we knew he was looking at obstruction which is actually a fairly contained thing, whether or not comey was fired for improper reasons. and now for the first time bob mueller is investigating
5:52 am
individuals from russia. he's investigating whether foreigners made contributions illegally in the u.s. election. for the first time ever we could see an indictment that has russian people and americans in the same charging document, the same indictment. to me that's pretty shocking, pretty big news. >> and the fact that apparently a search warrant was involved is also something of significance, you believe? >> for sure. what that means is the fact that a search warrant was involved means that bob mueller had to goo gather evidence, put it in an indictment and present it to a federal judge. you literally had a third party, a federal judge, who decided there was good reason to believe that a crime was committed and evidence of that crime existed on facebook. it's not that bob mueller has decided to take a look at it. it says that he's got evidence, he's closing in on foreign individuals who tried to
5:53 am
undermine our elections and has enough evidence to get a search warrant. >> when you say we can see foreign names and american names on the same charging document, you mean that people from facebook could be charged with a crime for taking money for these ads? >> i don't know -- let me explain that. i don't know who in the united states, if anyone, was involved in helping the russians. maybe they did it all on their own. but if you know about criminal activity and you help to make it succeed, you're guilty of aiding and abetting that crime. so given that bob mueller already has evidence of a crime that occurred on and through the facebook servers involving foreign nationals, it is not inconceivable that americans could get caught up in that, and really this is the first charge or the first -- i would say the first thing that he's looking at in this investigation that suggests that we could see that sort of charge. >> because collusion, as you well know, is not a legal term,
5:54 am
right? collusion is a word we've been using for some months right now, but if there were americans somehow involved with the russians who you say may be breaking the law here, that connection would put them in legal jeopardy. one of the things that people have been asking, facebook -- russia used facebook to place these ads, how did they determine the analytics, how did they determine where to run the a ads, how to target them? was that information provided by any american? >> you should join mueller's team. i think those are very good questions and questions that people on mueller's team are going to be asking. we've heard this term collusion thrown about. it doesn't mean anything legally. but what i just talked about, aiding and abetting, that does. same with conspiracy. conspiracy is when you agree to commit a crime. you don't have to know about every aspect of the crime. you don't have to know everyone involved, but if somebody here in the united states agreed to be part of this in some way, they are criminally libel.
5:55 am
so the time will tell what mueller finds, but as you point out, there's a lot of digital evidence that mueller could look at, like for example, the targeting information in terms of how to target these ads. he might be able to match that up with communications and show that americans were helping russians target those ads. obviously i don't know, i'm not part of mueller's team, but for the first time we could see a path to that happening. >> thank you very much for giving us your legal expertise here. >> thank you. we're going to do the good stuff next. >> let's do it. >> let's do it.
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it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums time now for the good stuff. meet florida deputy james brolik. ♪ beyond the sea somewhere waiting for me ♪ >> i love that. he is dancing and singing "beyond the sea" with a lovely lady named pat. this is a shelter set up at a senior center in florida during hurricane irma. during the storm, the deputy spotted pat looking sad. she was apparently afraid of what irma would do to her home, friends, her pets, so he decide
6:00 am
today get her mind off things. from that smile you can see on pat's face right there, it certainly worked. >> that's beautiful. he's obviously going way above and beyond the call, but he seems to be enjoying it. >> she was a good dancer. i would enjoy that. >> like the running commentary that she was providing while he was singing to the crowd. that was fantastic. john, thanks so much for being here. >> great to be here. time now for cnn newsroom for poppy harlow. hello. >> that made me morning so much that i will forgive berman from switching sets for the morning. we miss you, john. have a great day and we'll see you guys tomorrow. let's get started. top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern. good morning, i'm poppy harlow in new york. president trump is about to kick off a week unlike any he has faced before at a place that he rarely fails to criticize. in just minutes he will set out from trump tower for his first ever meeting at


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