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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 18, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hi there. i'm brooke bolduan. you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me. we will get to a hurricane hitting a regional ready devastateded by the last one and a chilling new forecast. everywhere from the caribbean to the northeast coast of the united states could be impacted. three named storms right now turning in the atlantic, but the focus is on hurricane maria now
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a powerful category 3 hurricane. maria is following very close to the same destructive path of our most recent one, hurricane irma and it is gaining strength quickly. meteorologist allison chinchar is in the cnn weather center for us. you just got an update especially on those winds. what's the story? >> the two big obvious things that came out of the newest advisory is we're seeing an increase of winds. we are now up to 125 miles per hour. a 5-mile-per-hour difference. that may not seem like a lot, but it is especially when you look at the other thing that changed. we now have an eye, albeit tiny, but it is there. the storm is strengthening and it's going through an intensifying process so 5-mile-per-hour increase may not seem like that much, but it shows us the trend that will likely keep going up from here and we expect it to, we actually anticipate getting up to category 4 strength within the next 24 hours and it will likely maintain that for all of the way up to the turks and caicos.
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the thing of it is it's going to cross over many of the same islands that irma already impacted including puerto rico who may end up taking a direct landfall with this storm. the models are in very good agreement up to that point in puerto rico, they both say that puerto rico is going to take a direct hit. it's after that where the models really start to split. the blue, which is the european model has it veering back out over the open atlantic. the american model, the red dot actually has it continuing northwest and hitting back toward the u.s. why the discrepancy? what is the difference between the two? it all comes back to this high pressure. it's this high pressure that's been steering maria up to this point and will likely continue to do so. the european model assumes that the high is going to stay in place. if it does, it will allow the storm to wrap back around and head out into the atlantic. however, the american model thinks that the high is going to shift a little bit farther to
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the west, pushing maria toward the eastern coast of the u.s. again, we're still talking seven to ten days out. so at this point we need to know where that high is going to end up in that same timeframe. we talked about the comparison with irma. the yellow line is irma. the red line is maria. you can see maria starting off a little bit farther south and ending up a little bit farther north, but again, brooke. they're so close and this is why so many of the same islands will be impacted by maria that were just hit by irma. >> just want to make it go far, far away if at all possible, but we can't. you're tracking it and we can watch it on allison, thank you very much for now. let's move on and talk about the president of the united states and we'll get to his big debut at the united nations in just a moment, but first this just in. a top democrat california senator dianne feinstein is now lashing out at president trump and chastising him for
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re-tweeting a video that depicted violence against his former rival hillary clinton. this is the video. you can see it for yourself. this video shows him hitting a golf ball which a couple of edits later eventually hits hillary clinton in her back knocking her down. this is what senator feinstein's statement reads as follows. the president's sunday morning tweet of an attack on hillary clinton is appalling and disgusting. he continues to obsessively lash out at her, at his rallies, with his words and now through social media in a manner that is utterly unbecoming of the president of the united states. every one of us should be offended by the vindictive and candidly dangerous messages that the president sends that demean not only secretary clinton, but all women. grow up and do your job. jamie engle is with me, cnn special correspondent, and cnn politics reporter and
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editor-at-large. i've been waiting, you know, for a woman to come up and speak up and to say, jamie, grow up and do your job. those are strong word, do you think? >> right. absolutely. and here's the other thing, there are a lot of republicans who may not be saying that with their name attached to it, but trust me, they've been saying it for months now. i think we should point out that is a fake video that we saw there, but this is -- no one is happy about this. this is, you know, the other point i just want to make is general kelly has done a lot to the try to -- >> the chief of staff. >> the chief of staff, to bring discipline and we'll get to this. president trump did not tweet during the emmys last night, at least not yet, but he can stop some of this. >> chris, again, it's coming from the president. we've had multiple conversations
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about the way the words in which the president has chosen to speak about women in the past. >> yeah. >> and this is also the president just before the super bowl of geopolitics, you know, giving his big speech. today being number one for, you know, the u.n. general assembly and tomorrow being the big speech and the world is watching and the world is watching his twitter feed. >> we talked about this, too, brooke. that his twitter feed is the best reflection of what he cares about and what is on his mind. we've seen his twitter feed break with his administration on a number of policies and i think you should always trust the twitter feed because the twitter feed is him as opposed to the filter being presented by the white house. i thought the words in dianne feinstein's quote, statement that were the most interesting unbecoming of the office. donald trump has for some reason
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con flight conflated the idea of becoming presidential against political correctness and what he terms is the liberal media elites. if you act like they think you should act you are being presidential that's all bunk anyway and don't pay attention to that, but there are ways that we need to act as humans to one another. there are also ways that as a president of the united states you need to act whether it's in your twitter feed or in person and he seems willfully, and i say willfully ignorant of that fact and he's flouting it because he hates convention. he hates being told what he is being told to do. it's problematic and not just for this president, but more broadly speaking and there is a reason we expect the presidents to represent the best of us, our better angels, to take the high road. they're supposed to lead in that respect not tweet edited videos of him hitting hillary clinton in the back with a golf ball.
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just think about that for a second. take it out of context. imagine barack obama tweeting a video of him -- he played golf frequently. >> or president bush. >> i mean, it would be -- it would be -- we would be going bananas. now this has createded a controversy, but compared to what it would be with anyone else there is a difficulty normalizing this kind of behavior. >> there are ways to speak about and to treat women and then there are ways we do not. i'm just going to leave that point hanging. let's move on to sean spicer, shall we? jamie mentioned the president didn't tweet during the emmys last night. we saw the reaction shots from celebrities sitting in the audience. roll it in case you haven't seen it, sean spicer making a cameo. >> unfortunately, at this point we have no way of knowing how big our audience is. is there anyone who could say
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how big the audience is? sean, do you know? >> this will be the largest audience to witness an emmys, period, both in person and around the world. >> wow! that really soothes my fragile ego. i can understand why he'd want one of these guys around. melissa mccarthy, everybody! give it up! >> jamie, funny or not so much? >> i already know because i read what chris wrote on that he and i disagree on this. i thought it was funny. i think that a lot of people thought it was funny. that said, it has blown up on
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social media. there is a lot of outrage there, outrage is the coin of the realm on twitter. this has gone a little bit crazy and a lot of white house correspondents are offended because he stood there and lied to them. >> she wants an apology. >> on the other hand, this was very self-depricating. he owned up to it. that was saying, you know what? i wasn't telling the truth. >> isn't it fresh, the wounds are a little fresh? >> chris, if you're sitting in that white house press pool and you're sitting in that room each and every day and you're asking a tough question of this man and i don't know how many days he's been out of the job and he rolls out on the emmys stage and ha, ha, ha, and i can make a joke about crowd size? >> i'm going to interrupt you there, brooke. two things, jamie is exactly right about twitter and outrage.
11:11 am
i see it in my feed every day and it's often manufactured outrage and i hate occupying the humorless scold role, but i -- here's the point that i would make. this is someone whose salary is paid for by taxpayers in sean spicer. this is someone who, yes, all press secretaries of the white house are loyal to their boss, the president, but are also trying their best to represent the what the administration is doing for the american people who is also a boss of theirs. i just, for me, for him to go out and like the joke is ha, ha,sey? i was lying all that time. i don't know. i just -- again, i'm not -- i'm not trying to be humorless in this. i get that being self-depricating works, but i'm just not sure that hollywood which spent the whole rest of the time bashing president trump should celebrate sean spicer and even self-depricating that the joke is on him way.
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>> i don't know if they reacted. you saw the reaction, but maybe in the end they, too, didn't think it was funny and there he was rolling out his podium on the stage. we'll let everyone else be the judge and we'll see where he goes from here. always a pleasure. thank you both very much. coming up, the president making his debut as we mentioned here in new york. the united nations this week, callings on the u.n. to get its house in order and making a plug even for his own building across the street. we'll show you what happened there, and this new paranoia inside the white house. why officials are worried their colleagues might be wearing microphones in the west wing for the special council bob mueller. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke bolduan. t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke bolduan. to another nickname for another enemy, the president calling the dictator in charge of a nuclear armed north korea, quote, the rocket man. president trump dropped the insult on twitter as he makes his debut at the united nations today under the spotlight of the world stage just 24 hours before he makes his big speech tomorrow morning. he met with world leaders including israel's benjamin netanyahu just a short time ago. it was then that he made the announcement that there can be peace between the israelis and palestinians after also taking aim at the u.n. himself. or itself, rather, president trump telling the roundtable to get its house in order. >> in recent years the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement while the
11:18 am
united nations on a regular budget has increased by 140% and its staff has more than doubled since 2000, we are not seeing the results in line with this investment. >> let's go to our senior dplomatic correspondent over there at the u.n., michelle kosinski. this is a president what ran on the platform, america first, what are you hearing about the message and the tone he'll present tomorrow on the global stage? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, what you heard just there was a little bit of the tone of i know better than you, i can solve these problems and that tone doesn't always sit well even with u.s. allies, but on that issue of trying to reform and streamline the u.n., he does have a lot of people with him on that, more than 120 countries signed on to that, but here you have a nationalistic leader of the free world and somebody who has repeatedly and harshly criticized the u.n. in the past saying it's not a
11:19 am
friend of freedom and democracy. now here he is giving his debut appearance before that very body and asking other countries to work together and follow his lead to help solve the world's problems. how do you fit that all into the speech? that's why so many people are is very interested to see how this will go. other leaders are also looking to see what his tone will be. how he addresses them, how does he express support for the u.n.? how does he articulate u.s. foreign approximately see and how does he put that all together in a way that they're going to see as presidential and an acceptable message? his national security adviser h.r. mcmaster said there will be three tleems promoting peace, but framing it in a way of protecting americans, also promoting american prosperity and upholding sovereignty and kind of say everybody needs to
11:20 am
take care of their own, but we all need to work together when it serves a mutual interest, brooke. >> the big speech tomorrow morning. the world will be watching as i said a moment ago 10:30 a.m. eastern time. michelle, thank you. let's discuss. matthew rosenberg is joining me, cnn national security analyst and national security correspondent for "the new york times" and higar shomali. welcome to both of you. let let's begin with more from the president and this is when he started out this morning with a little bit of a plug of his building. >> i saw great potential across the street and it was for the reason that the united nations was here that this turned out to be such a successful project. >> so turning to you first, you know, some people are making a bit of a deal about this that
11:21 am
one of his first messages was on real estate and his building across the street. >> it's silly and it's not surprising, really. i think president trump has taken every opportunity he can to make a plug for his own business opportunities and deals and he's just that guy and he keeps doing that and he is not learning to how one conveys as a president, but i think more importantly, i think his comments about the u.n. not reaching its potential. >> what did you think of that? >> what's surprising. he's sitting right next to the u.n. secretary-general. so if i were his communications director i would have been more diplomatic, but at the same time i don't disagree with him and you know what? i don't think that the previous presidents disagree with him and previous permanent representatives of both parties. he just has a way of delivering that comes off a bit too harsh sometimes. >> this warning, matthew, big picture and he's before the u.n.
11:22 am
general assembly for four days and it's like speed dating from hell. all of these heads of state, meetings, bilaterals, dinners, handshakes and you get it and it takes a sort of discipline and stamina, but then you also have the president of the united states for the very first time addressing the world and the world's leaders first impression and many of whom haven't met him until this week and how do you thread that needle as president trump? >> i mean, i think at this point everybody's got an impression of president trump. if there is a world leader out there who doesn't they probably haven't been watching tv or reading the news. you know, it's a tough one for trump. look, he is who he is at this point. the real estate jokes and that comes with him and the international diplomacy are so formal as they are, and his willingness to be frank on some subjects and maybe endearing is
11:23 am
the wrong word, but look at the speech about the u.n. about the need to reform and that not uncommon with the staff. >> you know, it's going to depend on whether he can keep it together. if he starts going out about his crowd size victory or freelancing other pet topics. if he starts making up facts and meetings, it will alienate people and will make it tough with what north korea wants. you have this president who is coming in that's preached about america does what it wants world and the u.n. is the biggest symbol of the multilateral world, countries constrained by rules and working together. it's a tough one. it's a tough one if you will be direct about what you've say and i think we've seen that with president trump and he says one tring thing on twitter and something entirely different to
11:24 am
an audience and a different audience. >> chris was just on and we were talking about the re-tweet, it seems like the trump twitter seems like his true self. you mentioned north korea. amid serious, serious tensions we've been covering the back and forth. you see president trump over the weekend referring to kim jong-un as rocket man. appropriate? >> not appropriate, but not surprising, again for the way the vitriol he uses over twitter for sure, and i agree. i think that's his real self coming out, but i also think sometimes especially on twitter he pushes and it comes off as macho and when actually there are a number of steps that are still there and available in the u.s. tool box to increase pressure north korea further. there are still u.s. unilateral sanctions that haven't been imposed yet so even when secretary of state tillerson yesterday made note that there is the military option is left. there's still a lot there left
11:25 am
so there's no need to amp it up on twitter. >> we remember the campaign trail. he likes his nicknames. >> yes. >> throw rocket man in there. on a much more serious note, the u.s. will pay the price for killing a nuclear deal. will this kind of threat just rile up president trump? >> i'm sure it approximatewill. i can't hear you very well, president trump is not a man to shy away from rhetorical -- and i hope it doesn't lead to a crisis where someone says president trump takes it to the next level or out of nowhere decides to go after somebody on twitter and go after another country on twitter and say incredibly aggressive saber rattling statements and you know, these things do have real
11:26 am
world consequences. >> yeah. all right. matthew, thank you. hagar, nice to meet you. ahead here on cnn, a couple of president trump's lawyers pulling no punches while having lunch and a loud conversation about the russia investigation in washington, d.c., oh, and by the way, nearby a new york times reporter. >> a white former police officer is acquitted in the shooting death of a black man. the situation there turning violent overnight with dozens of arrests. some now left wondering what could tonight look like? we'll be right back. i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin
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paranoia growing inside the trump white house as this investigation over russian meddling takes a huge turn. "the new york times" today reporting that officials are worried that colleagues might be wearing microphones while at work for special counsel robert mueller, wireses on top of tha. two of the president's lawyers were talking openly at a restaurant in washington, d.c. a new york times reporter took this photo of white house ty cobb griping about this for many other ears to hear. so let's start with cnn legal commentator and former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli and asha rangapa who is a former fbi special agent. good to see both of you. before we get into this meat and potatoes of this piece can we just talk about how we know
11:32 am
washington, anywhere we are talking about something so entirely important and secretive that the last place you need to be speaking about this is at a well-known steakhouse in d.c. at an outdoor table, ken cuccinelli, you laugh, but i'm right? this is lawyering 101. this isn't even lawyering 101. this is lawyering 1 1/2. we are told this in law school as budding lawyers and they're true. there are so many of them. this is amazing, look, guys, get a tab at pizza hut and eat in. this is amazing. this is amazing! >> next to the new york times washington d.c. headquarters. i mean, is this, asha, is this the best legal team the president can find? >> this seems like a mickey mouse legal team to me. as ken said this is lawyering 101 and there are many ethical
11:33 am
and legal issues with these two attorneys having a conversation like this. we need to remember, brooke, that they actually represent two different clients. john dowd represents the president in his personal capacity and ty cobb is white house counsel so they have different responsibilities to those clients to be discussing this in the open where they can be overheard, really opens up a lot of issues including waiving potential privileges and based on what was reported it's now given mueller a new potential avenue of investigation. there may be a document in don mcgan's safe that he is now going to have questionses abo a and may want to see. >> ken cuccinelli, would you waive executive privilege? >> well, that's a broad question, and you can't just say on all things or nothing you take them one point at a time and don mcgan's obvious concern
11:34 am
is if i waive it here or i waived it there and that's his role. he's white house counsel. i appreciate the fact that in the new york times article the comment these two lawyers made as it reflected on don mcgan showed a cautious white house counsel who is concerned about the precedence as they relate to the presidency. of course, the president is donald trump, but he's doing his institutional job well, that being don mcgann at least from what's reflected in this conversation that was publicly had and now publicly reported. so that's a tough question to just answer all at once. you would never waive it as a blanket matter for all things if you're don mcgann or if you're president trump because remember, it's important to remember this and former attorney general will tell you this, lawyers advise. clients decide. so the lawyers can think course a is the best course and advise
11:35 am
their client to take that course, but if he chooses not to take that advice, that is his prerogative and it may come with its own consequences and we may see that up to this point. it is important for non-lawyers to remember that point. >> i should also mention that after this thing happened and ken vogel snapped this photo that they did go to the white house about all of this, and he privately, rupted on in cobb according to people and they sharply reprimanded mr. cob for his indiscretion. there was potential paranoia inside the west wing. fears that co-workers are miked up to surreptitiously record conversations for the special counsel. what do you even make of those fears and even the possibility of that? >> well, i think that the paranoia is almost a natural
11:36 am
consequence of a wide-ranging federal investigation of this, and people apparently don't know who is talking to mueller and maybe they've been privy to conversations that they now know are somewhat sketchy and they might be questioned,a well. so everyone, i think, wondering what they might be exposed to, and i think rightly so and it's becoming more like king henry viii's court rather than an administration. it seems like there's a lot intrigue ask cloak and dagger, but they're all at this point going to have to look out for themselves because they may also be in the target. >> here is another piece of this new york times article and mr. cobb was heard talking about a white house lawyer he deemed a mcgann spy and mr. mcgann had a couple of documents locked in his safe that he seemed to suggest he wanted access to. we have no clue what those
11:37 am
documents might be, why would you put documents in a safe? what might this signal to you? >> honestly, i get as soon as i read that, i saw this will look good in a news story, but i fully expect things to be locked down in the white house, and it doesn't mean everything and it sure beats a server in the bathroom, right? >> what would he be so worried about? he comes from a school of thought that says let's hand over as many documents as possible. >> sure. presumably, you would use a safe for original, for starters of whatever the document at issue is, but he's the white house counsel. there are a lot of originals that are going to pass through that office and i don't -- i'm not at all surprised by that. i get why it looks salacious, but one of the problems with this very public conversation between lawyers is later on when there are discovery disputes this occur in the various cases that might arise, this
11:38 am
conversation can point it back to and the lawyer on the other side will say, well, look, judge, they say they had this in the safe. how do we know this isn't the document that was in the safe. it gives canon fodder to the other side in this matter through the course of all these investigations. it's one of the practical problems with the public nature of their discussion. >> in some cases very public nature of discussions. ken cuccinelli and asha, thank you both so very much on that "new york times" report. ken vogel, this reporter who snapped the photo was listening next hour. ahead, a fourth day of demonstrations under way in st. louis after a former police officer is cleared of murder charges in the shooting death of a black man. the city is on edge as it prepares for what could happen there tonight.
11:39 am
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protests in st. louis
11:43 am
happening now for the fourth day in a row. anger and unrest triggered by acquittal of of a police officer charged with first-degree murder. more than 80 people were arrested during a third night of demonstrations. police say officers were assaulted, windows were kicked in and trash cans up ended. dan simon is there for us right now in st. louis where it looks very, very quiet. what's the story there, dan? >> reporter: hey, brooke, let's explain what's been happening the last few days. during the daylight hours you have these organized protests, everything is calm and peaceful and then at night everything just turns into chaos. that has been the trend over the last three days and there's no reason to think anything different might happen tonight. let me explain where we are. we are in downtown st. louis. behind me is the marriott hotel and look at that, all of these windows were smash side up last night. this is the marriott convention center just across the street. these windows were also smashed
11:44 am
in, and i've got to tell you, i was in a section of town called the del mar loop on saturday night. more than 20 businesses had their storefronts damaged. it was quite a scene to see. i want to listen now to a couple of those store owners. >> i personally see the value of protesting and i've been there myself and feel that it's the cause is necessary and people need to get out there and let their voices be heard, but the kind of violent and senseless acts like this really are bothersome and sad. i don't think it hinders the cause rather than furthers the cause. >> when you saw all of these businesses hit, what did you think? >> all night that i thought i'm going to be up all night. >> reporter: yeah. if you're in the glass repair business in st. louis, you're going to be pretty busy. brooke, let me sort of explain the scenario. once this peaceful protest ends
11:45 am
during the day, you have some people sort of refusing to go home. a band of protesters that i've seen is in the dozens of people, these are people wearing the masks and trying to hide their identities and then they get into a face-off with police and they're throwing things at officers and throwing water bottles and throwing rocks and they're taunting the police and then they sart running as soon as the police close in and that's when this vandalism occurs. we'll see what happens tonight. we know that the national guard is on standby in case things really get out of control. brooke? >> dan, thank you. you'll be watching tonight, i'm sure, watching st. louis. ahead here, three storms brewing in the atlantic and one of them is expected to turn into a category 4 hurricane littihita regional ready devastated by irma. the new track is ahead and diversity reigns at the emmys as women and people of color taking home some of the biggest prizes on television's biggest night. the history-making moments next.
11:46 am
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>> let's talk about the emmys last night. diversity took center stage there. men and women of color, women, specifically, one of the night's biggest winters. "atlanta" executive producer and star donald glover, outstanding directing for a comedy series and master of none star lena waith became the first black woman to win an emmy for comedy writing. >> for everybody out there that showed us so much love for this
11:51 am
episode, thank you for embracing a little indian boy from south carolina and a year black girl from the south side of chicago and we appreciate it more than you could ever know. thank you academy, for this. >> she's the host of entertainment tonight and cnn contributor, it is so nice to see you. it was such an exciting night. it was such an exciting night to watch, and i always go to twitter to see how people are reacting and let's just take the emmys and note got oscars, diversity. >> absolutely. television has always been a little more progressive than the films just in general and we're definitely seeing that in the accolades that played out. you were talking about two of the big winners of the night, donald glover. you talked about he was the first african-american to win for directing in a comedy series, the first african-american actor to win in a comedy in 30 years and lena waith, her speech was one of the
11:52 am
best of the night. the first african-american woman to win for comedy writing and there was so much, so many firsts last night and in 2017 it's interesting to even think about this, and riz ahmed who won for "the night of," the second asian to ever win an emmy. the first asian man, that blows my mind. the first asian to ever win was panjari for "the good wife" and you have sterling k. brown who won for best actor in a drama last night for "this is us" and he's masterful in that and he's the first african-american to win in 19 years and the last was andre brower in 1998. think about this, "the handmaid's tale," the female -led drama. >> hulu, the first streaming series to ever win best drama and half of the women on the show are writers. most of the episodes were
11:53 am
directed by women of that show and also "big little lies" which was a huge winner of a female-led comedy and the director for "big little lies" did win which was the second woman to ever win for director and lots of barriers being broken there during the amies last night. it was a good night all around. >> on -- under the ladies who were winning julia louis-dreyfus who must have, a huge shelf at home for all of her emmys and this was her fifth consecutive win for "veep". >> we have a great final season that we're about to start filming. a lot of surprises that our fabulous writers have cooked up. we did have a huge storyline about an impeachment, but we abandoned that because we were worried that someone else might get to it first. >> that was a big laugh line. >> yeah, it was. it was definitely last night and
11:54 am
her sixth consecutive emmy for winning "veep." she's got eight overall and now tied for the lead with cloris lee leachman and she's ready to get cloris next season and she won for "the new adventures of old christine" and one for "seinfeld," the fact that she got one emmy for "seinfeld". >> crazy. >> right? >> six in a row with "veep," it's my favorite show on television. "veep" is ending and they announced next season will be their last season. last night, i couldn't believe it and i was talking to the cast of "veep," why would you end now at such a ripe environment for a show? >> politics. >> we want to go out on top. that's what they want to do. julia said it was a tough decision for her, but they'll end the show and she's the producer on it, too, but they're going to end. >> good for her and the winners. michelle, good to see you. >> always, my friend. just in to us here on cnn,
11:55 am
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people. people say that is really cool, what is that? it takes the motion of cross-country skiing and takes it to something you can do on a board with wheels. kind of like a long skateboard. you're carrying a single spike and you're using that to thrust yourself ahead. a lot of strength is required, but it doesn't impact. >> you feel the wind blowing through and it's fun and it's free. when i was a kid i used to skateboard and i felt comfortable. i'm 53 years old and i started piling up shoulder injuries from jujitsu and i needed something that wasn't high impact like heavy bags and spikeboarding didn didn't aggravate my back. it was that hard and over a period of months you build up the idea of getting up at the end of the day and going out in the sun. i look forward to it. it allows me to keep my body in shape so i can hopefully play with my grandchildren some day. . >> lady panel prin