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tv   New Day  CNN  September 27, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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it forces you to channel your inner hemmingway. >> i agree with you, but if the president is involved in that group that could get interesting on the korean peninsula. >> i don't know if he's in the test group. >> a shock to the republican establishment, roy moore's victory and the alabama senate runoff could open the door for more trouble for mitch mcconn l mcconnell. "new day" has you covered right now. the president took a chance. >> right wing roy moore winning in alabama. >> donald trump was unable to pull his candidate. >> i crossed the line. >> don't think because he supported my opponent that i do not support him. >> this is an establish many versus grassroots battle. >> a plus. on texas and florida and puerto rico. >> don't stop the
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self-congratulations which we haven't heard yet. >> first responders on the ground now. >> if you don't take this crisis seriously. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alyson camerota. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day". it is wednesday, september 27th. 6th here in new york. here is our starting line. president trump suffers his first election defeat. former chief justice roy moore decisively winning. beating his rival luther strange backed but the president and mcmcconnell. it could spell trouble in the midterm elections. also, president trump defending his response to the hurricane in puerto rico and brushing off claims that he was distracted by his feud with the nfl. the president now says that he will travel to the hard-hit island negatives week. after another staying defeat on obamacare, president trump is
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hoping to deliver on awe different campaign promise, tax reform. the president traveling to indiana to lay out his tax plan. we will ask lawmakers if the plan is truly reform of the tax system or just a tax cut. the irs now sharing information with special counsel bob mueller about key trump campaign officials as he investigates possible tax and financial crimes. this as we learn mueller's team could start interviewing white house staff this week. we have all the news covered. live in montgomery, alabama. what a big hit down there. >> it really was. moore won with a resounding 9.2% of the vote, a significant blow for the president who took a real gamble backing luther strange. the president might have seen
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this coming at a campaign rally a few days for luther strange. he almost forecast this saying it might have been a mistake to back strange. it would be a total embarrassment if strange loss. dealing with a very new world this morning. >> let's go again and make america great. thank you. my god bless you. >> former chief justice roy moore claiming victory in the state's gop primary, using trump's slogan to rally supporters despite the fact that he didn't get the president's endorsement. >> why do you think the president supported your opponent and do you harbor resentme resentment? >> i have no resentment. i can support him. >> president trump quickly throwing his support behind moore and congratulating him on
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the phone and dehe let'sing three of his past tweets. the establishment favorite luther swing. vice president mike pence following suit telling moore we are for you after campaigning for strange less than 24 hours earlier. president trump had openly wondered whether he had chosen the wrong candidate while campaigning for strange last week. >> i might have made a mistake. if luther doesn't win, i will say we picked up 25 points in a short period of time. they're going to say, donald trump, the president of the united states, was unable to pull his candidate across the line. it is a terrible, terrible moment for trump. this is total embarrassment. >> reporter: moore's victory a blow to establishment republicans. mcmcconnell had funneled millions of dollars to tv ads targeting moore, fearing he will be a headache on the hill and taint fellow republicans with his extremely conservative
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views. as chief justice, moore was twice removed, including being suspended for going against the supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage. just last week he was accused of racially insensitive remarks, saying we have blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting. now steve bannon touting moore's win as the start of a revolution. >> you're going to see in state after state after state people that follow the model of judge moore. >> reporter: bannon also wanted to make clear he did not come to alabama to oppose his former boss at a rally for judge roy moore the other night. he said we did not come to defy honor trump but to praise and honor him. trump is expected to come back to campaign for roy moore against doug jones. it will be very tough for a democrat to win in this election
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scheduled for december 12th. >> alex, thank you very much for all that background. let's bring in this panel to discuss this. we have gregory and cnn politics reporter and editor at large. david gregg gregory what does m for mcmcconnell and trump and beyond? >> reporter: sometimes when you lead a wave the way donald trump did, a new pop limp in politics and ride that into the white house, it doesn't mean you can control the current after that. and i think that's what donald trump is experiencing now. trump himself campaigned against the establishment as president, campaigning against fellow republicans, cutting a deal on the budget, a short-term deal, criticizing republicans for failing to get health care done. i also think it's one of the reasons why with this result
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coming that donald trump -- i changed my views on this a little bit the -- rather cynically waded into the culture wars again. that is his bread and butter, trying to allow himself shoulder to shoulder with the roy moores of the country. there will be more of it with steve bannon out there s is toking it up. >> roy moore makes donald trump look like a puppy when it comes to, dream views. this man is the real deal in terms of his buy-in of far-reaching extreme eideologii. i have interviewed him. things there would make donald trump blush. he didn't -- but does he mean in
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our elected bank of senators if he makes it all the way through? >> reporter: chris, it will create most likely headaches fort establishment republican party both heading into the midterms and just looking beyond to the extent that many of those leaders like paul ryan are interested an approach of bringing women, hispanics, racial minorities in and taking less extreme positions on gay rights or patriotism or any of these things. but for president trump it's a slightly different calculation. how does he play now in republican primary races going forward and does he draw closer back to steve bannon? do these overtures on health care, does he have a rethinking of his more recent instincts on that? does this snap him back? tennessee is another state to
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wat watch. we see with bob corker that he is not going to run again. >> why did donald trump support luther strange? roy moore is the outsider, the heir to donald trump's wave? why support the establishment guy? >> reporter: it's very strange. >> mm-hmm. >> i'll show myself out. if you go through the profile of these two candidates, much more in line with donald trump's views, donald trump's view, donald trump's tone is roy moore. and it's not even close. why did he do it? mercurial. at the time he did it he was trying to do nice, do mcmcconnell a favor, do republican senators a favor
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saying, look, i'm going to fight with you guys not against you guys. you saw it in his speech in alabama last friday night. he clearly had second thoughts of this. the deleting of the tweets. the internet remembers, of course. but the hedging. if roy moore wins, i will be down here campaigning for him. i think he didn't necessarily know what he was geting into this. once he did, he did, to his credit, go down and try to help luther strange. this is another vote for donald trump's agenda. yes, it's a short-term loss. he was with the guy who didn't win. i guarantee you he will blame this externally or internally on mitch mcconnell. it's a long term gain. >> he hasn't shown any ability to control the population in
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congress that roy moore is going to be. >> mcconnell hasn't. >> neither has donald trump. those people who are far out there, you know, even the steve kings in the world on the house side, he has shown in ability to control them even though he is spoeft a populist outsider. >> "the voice". >> but he hasn't. roy moore is a different animal. do we have it? >> he yyes. >> this is a man who twice got removed as head of their supreme court down there. once because he refused to follow constitutional law when it comes to presentation of the ten commandments. this is a secular society. and he did it again because he refused to accept the supremacy clause. he was head jurist. here's a little bit of an interview. >> you are cling to go a definition that you believe is divine.
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you said it in your letter to the governor. but you know that divine -- >> you're incorrect. >> i'm reading it. >> you're incorrect. >> i'm reading it right here. >> you're incorrect. >> how so? >> do you want to hear my answer? >> yes. >> it's about sexual preference. >> so you think gay marriage is wrong? just say it. >> the united states supreme court does not have the authority or the federal courts do not have the federal authority to interpret a word. >> as a jurist he had to recognize the supremacy clause. he refused to do it. it created a huge battle. where he is on birtherism, on obama being a muslim today, i don't think we have anybody like him in congress, do we? >> he is certainly going to be
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out there if there's anybody close. i vice president gone down all of his views. this can be difficult to control. it's another sign of how difficult it will be for mitch mcconnell, for establishment republicans, for the caucus generally. and if you're president trump, it goes back to something we have been talking about the past few days. where trump is a by stander president. he may take the reigns on cultue wars. republicans can't agree on health care. we have seen that. maybe there is a compromise to be had with democrats down the road. there is an ultimate test on tax reform. real problems. because health care is tough. taxes should be right with their zone. that's the problem. you have more of these challenges coming and a caucus that can't agree.
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>> thank you all for the analysis on this. we appreciate it. >> big test for the he president. and that point about starting a wave of on pop limp and now not being able to control it. this will be releasing that movement. after tweeting more than two dozen times about the national anthem and players, the president made this an issue relevant right now even though there is the reality on your screen. puerto rico is something we would have thought would have demanded full attention. the president is denying he was distracted. he said he's all in to help puerto rico. he said he's going to go there. we will discuss the change and what we hope it means next. are you done yet?
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but "yes" is here. the new app will go live monday? yeah. with hewlett-packard enterprise, we're transforming the way we work. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. after several days of relentless tweeting about the nfl, president trump is defending his administration's response to the hurricane-ravaged island of puerto rico. take a listen. >> you wasn't preoccupied with the nfl. i was ashamed of what was taking place. to me that was a very important moment. i don't think you can disrespect our country, flag, our national anthem. to me the nfl situation is a very important situation. i have heard that before about was i preoccupied. not at all. not at all. i have plenty of final on my hands. all i do is work. to be honest, that is an important function of working.
3:18 am
it's called respect for our country. >> look, no question he was spending more time tweeting with the nfl than he was about puerto rico. he hasn't said anything about puerto rico since the storm touched down. it had been almost a week. but we have seen a change. after the latest criticism, the tone has changed. let's bring back gregory and chris solizz a&e ra skand erol . he got hit hard for not being out there more about puerto rico. now he says there is a change. he's going there. how do you see it? >> look, there is a time stamped record of what he did. for him to say i was paying attention to both, we know the time in which the tweets went out and all the subsequent fervor that followed. it is not what he did at any
3:19 am
given time of the day or that he was thinking about it. yes, we know he got the briefings he would get full updates on what's going on. the question is did he mobilize resources of the federal government. half of all americans don't understand that pure to rherto are american people. i think one thing that has change sd there a changed is that celebrities were tweeting. geraldo rivero has been front and center. sonia sotomayor couldn't reach members of her own family. it comes this up to a much higher level. >> j. lo, a-rod, marc anthony,
3:20 am
even was talking about it. the president, albeit belatedly, is going there. does that show he is responsive to criticism ? >> well, there is no question. this is an area like we discussed yesterday when he was giving good marks. you know, any politician has to understand that your response to a natural disaster is your bread and butter as a politician. it is is your core function, government's core function is to protect its people. i remember back to hurricane katrina. there were a lot of factors in that. one of the reasons president bush was criticized so heavily, he was a governor in texas. he knew how to do this. he understand this was a core function. and things got in the way. but it led to criticism. here too the president allowed
3:21 am
himself to be distracted, wanted to be distracted. wasn't paying attention enough for a number of different reasons. not to folk the power of the presidency on the plight of puerto ricans which continues now and that doesn't make it better. he has the ability to marshal attention. and a difficult road back because of where they are located. >> interesting die nam you can. you have puerto ricans and others coming up and arguing about it. these are americans. you don't have to be latino to care about it. the lack of focus to this point. is this just a political issue or a practical one? do we see any proof that either the preliminary moves or current moves, fema is and all the related agencies was in any way hampered or not as good as it could have been because the president wasn't owning it?
3:22 am
>> i think it's difficult because we're on still relatively close to it happening. it's not make this go here, make this go here. but saying this matters. i will take my giant spotlight and shine it down. the there. say he never mentioned anything about the nfl or the speech for luther strange or over the weekend. what are we talking about? it is puerto rico. these people don't have water. they don't have elect. in spining the light on something that is not puerto rico, even if he did put all the pieces in motion as he claims to ensure aid was getting down
3:23 am
there and the work of reconstruction was beginning, you can still do more than that as president. it is a very unique job in that way. you are able to shine a light and say let's pay attention to this. let's give the celebrities giving money down there. let's see what he can do down there. he spent the last five days until yesterday afternoon talking about the nfl. >> but now he is talking about puerto rico, errol and doing it in typical trumpian fashion. let's hear the president talk about the challenges and why puerto rico is much harder than the other hurricane-ravaged blaze. >> we have gotten a pluses on texas and florida. and we will also on puerto rico. the difference is this is an island in the middle of the ocean. it's a very big ocean. we're doing a really good job. >> it is a very big ocean. >> it's a pretty big ocean.
3:24 am
the optics are going to look terrible. the substance is going to be terrible. people are dying. half a million don't have clean water. people in hospitals who need oxygen, dialysis. the president not just tweeting about the nfl. he's at a political rally playing politics. fund raiser at la sur in new york city. this is not going to look well as you unfold the disaster unfolding down there. there is something called the jones act which makes all the prices of consumer goods and fuel hard tore get and higher costs in puerto rico. the administration has specifically said they will not suspend the jones act right now in this moment of great need. it shows there is not a real urge seu and f
3:25 am
urgency and focus. >> that is a good point. why not change the rules to make things less expensive for the people in puerto rico? an interesting point. >> thank you very much, panel. good talking to you. >> so people seeing the relief that president trump is tout anything puerto rico. that's the question. what is the reality on the ground? we have teams there. we will show it to you. we will show you the need with live reports from san juan next. and we're taking the pulse of the people. how do trump's voters feel about his response to hurricane maria? that's coming up. kevin, meet your father. kevin
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one week ago today hurricane
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maria destroyed puerto rico. they took two cat 5 hurricanes in short order. you have 3.5 million americans on that island. and the desperation is growing by the day. we are not in the phase of getting better yet. dozens arrested for looting water, food, fuel, sanitation. all absent or in very short supply. bill weir has been all over the island to capture the reality. he joins us now from san juan. i hope you're holding up well with the team. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're doing amazing compared to the other folks, chris. imagine the population of iowa. imagine if they didn't have clean drinking water or had to wait 12 hours for a couple gallons of gas. maria is stripped bare, has reduced this place to scrounge
3:31 am
for the barest, most primal things, water, fuel, and any signs of hope. >> beside the highway, this is the most dependable utility these days. a pipe tapped into a mountain spring is now the watering hole for a community of over 30,000. >> it's a natural spring? stphreut is natural spring. this is cleaner than the water you get from the department of water resources. >> well, that's good. we've got that. how is everything else? do you have enough food? >> awful. people have a shortage of food. the national guard is not working up to the way it should be. that you are all standing there doing nothing. >> no electricity. no water for the city. it is is going to take six, seven months for anything to
3:32 am
happen here. >> while safe from coastal storm surges, maria brought hellish mudslides, cutting off families for days and forcing desperate decision making. do you burn precious fuel searching for supplies or stay put and pray for help? lydia has two cars with no gas, two grandkids to keep alive on a ration of crackers with no way to reach that highway pipe, they drink rain water. no water, no food, she tells me. it's nobody's fault. it's the weather. you have to go on. my heart breaks for you. what's worse, my family doesn't know how we're doing, she says. we don't have cell phone connection. on a scale of being 1 to 10, 10 herbal desperate, how are you? >> an eight. eight and getting better, the young mayor tells me.
3:33 am
if the gasoline arrives, it will fix our problems because people are starting to get desperate. gas is more precious than water. national guard vehicles can't move. worthless ambulances sit idle. one volunteer doctor because the rest of the staff has no way to get to work. >> are people starting to turn on each other? >> yes, he says. there's been situations where people are stressed out, crying. folks with dialysis, bed-ridden patients, patients who need ventilators, patients with cancer. >> i need gasoline and diesel. >> i will tell the world. >> the fuel shortage is even more relevant in is san juan. >> they opened this particular service station at 6:00 in the morning. they have run out of gas by 3:00 p.m. so some people at the end of
3:34 am
this line may not get the fuel they need. the folks here are telling me that a local ring of gangsters, drug dealers, commandeered a gas station just so their guys could get the fuel. how would you say is the level of desperation? >> the highest level. not just here in the metropolitan area, but the center of the island. it is very, very bad. everybody is suffering. let's see how they can work it out and begin again. >> you are putting a brave smile on. >> i look always for that. of course. >> and some day, after the most primal needs are met, parents to figure out how to send their kids back to school. and at the academy, this is what awaits. there is so much to rebuild and so many now considering leaving this island for good.
3:35 am
>> what message would you have for folks back on the mainland? >> keep calm. that's all i can say, keep calm. i told my family if we don't see anything getting better, i'm going to have to leave the island. i have been here already 20 years. i'm going to have to leave the island. i don't have any other choice. >> i heard that from more than a few weeks thinking about moving away from here for good. of course getting off this island is a whole other matter. there is a real disconnect between the leaders in washington and the governor of puerto rico. here's pictures now of people in katrina fashion desperately painting s.o.s. and the roofs and streets, calls for help. they have no sense of fema's presence. and i should say there are plenty of fema personnel here. some doing assessments, some
3:36 am
doing search and rescue. i had people come up is and ask, are you fema? there is such a logistical nightmare to move fuel that it will be weeks, if not months, before people can assess and start reviewing the american response to this storm. alyson? >> you make such a great point. we heard yesterday 10,000 fema officials. it is a fraction of the 3.5 people, every one of them who needs help in puerto rico. the numbers are staggering. the shot you showed where we see jennifer rivera i believe looking at her school there. the emotional toll of seeing everything that you loved and knew washed away. >> imagine that. and imagine not being able to sleep because it's sweltering hot. the mosquitos are going to come back soon. there is fear of dengue fever
3:37 am
and zeke. abuell a's grand mothers, worried about grandpa's medicine. it is the most material need. >> the biggest enemy is high. airports are backlogged. time will start being an enemy as well. bill, thank you. keep the information coming. the pressure is working. the president is speaking differently about puerto rico today than he was even over the weekend. so strong. give our best to the group. up next, a cnn exclusive for you. the irs now sharing information with special counsel robert mueller about key trump campaign officials. will they turn over the president's tax returns? all that next. -culture trivia, but it gets pretty intense. -ahh. -the new guy. -whoa, he looks -- -he looks exactly like me. -no. -separated at birth much?
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cnn has an exclusive report that the irs is now sharing information with special counsel robert mueller about former
3:42 am
campaign chairman paul manafort and former national security adviser michael flynn. and this is just one of several new headlines relating to the russia probe. what does it mean that the u.s. is turning documents over to bob mueller. >> one simple and one subtle. if you look at tax records going back years, did someone have business deals with eastern europe, russia who might have had ties to last year. people at the periphery and the center of the trump campaign, if you want to walk into the room to talk to them and you want to ensure that they cooperate, i want a hammer. and that hammer in this case is going to be something like you didn't declare income from certain sources the past few years. you want a plea gargan? you want to talk. talk about what you know on the
3:43 am
campaign trail? >> you're using this as future leverage. >> yeah. >> but it is also a necessity. if you're going to look at manafort and what he did with different operatives, you need his tax records. or with flynn, you need tax records. that is not an eyebrow raiser. it is a phishing, me division. he will go broad until he finds something somewhere. that will be the pushback from the would you say. what is your instinct? >> four and a half years of watching this every day, two, three times a day. never saw the man phish. he's a former marine. he's decorated. he's not interested in spending three years looking for blue dresses which is what we did for president clinton. this isn't phishing. this is a simple question. if somebody is involved in political corruption, did they take bad money?
3:44 am
how can you not know? >> it is what is in al capone's vault. so many roads, alyson, lead back to that question. we don't know if it will include that. trump has been reticent to release any of that. we have seen bits and pieces of it. the president not to release his tax returns in modern times. he has been so resistant to do it. this is the only way they would be obtained. i do not think even when this long audit is over donald trump will voluntarily release his taxes. if we are going to see any piece of that every make the public,
3:45 am
aside from bits and pieces come out from the 80s, one year, a few pages, this investigation will almost certainly be the vehicle for that. now, i don't know if it goes up that high. manafort, flynn. we know mueller is looking into things like the firing of jim comey, the meeting the following day with sergey lavrov. we don't know if it deals with trump's financial interests yet. so therefore it is hard to know the answer to that. >> as we focus on where mueller travels, it doesn't really tell us where he lands. the critical question when talking about manafort is really we know what russia did. we know what russia was trying to. was there someone or people guiding those efforts helping those efforts from within the campaign. >> or who know. >> they didn't have to help.
3:46 am
if people said i have friends. we're doing this with facebook. who should we target, how should we do it, just knowing might start us spreading the stake here. it is the biggest discovery we have had to date. we always knew people were using facebook for that. that is the stronghold of fake news. to have facebook and the big operators turn and want to help the government, that is a big change. we have seen it discreetly, but not on this level. they have been reluctant. >> it is a huge deal for a couple of reasons. we're seeing the specifics of what the russians did. the government had some of this. the american public is now seeing there is fire behind the smoke. russians were involved in placing these ads. the facebook piece and the piece about getting irs information for one specific reason. i can collect your phone records, get your e-mail, get a bunch of data in the 21st
3:47 am
century. asking questions like we were just talk about, who knew the russians were involved? was that a conversation at a restaurant over a table? if you can bring the irs records to hammer down on somebody to talk about what they knew, critically important. >> hold on, david. in terms of the ads, we know what they were doing is ginning up interest and fear around the second amendment going away and gun rights and the fear of undocumented immigrants. >> yeah. >> that's what the facebook ads were targeted to targeted people. senator mark warner calls it the million dollar question, how did they know that? >> that's what i was just going to raise, which is the sophistication of even the a little bit. obviously we have not seen the broad breadth of the ads. there is a level of
3:48 am
sophistication as it relates to american politics worth drilling down on. is it possible that the russians obtained that information by watching informative shows like "new day". sure, that is possible. >> but not who to send them to. >> this is the targeting of -- this is micro targeting using social media, which is something that is not even that old in terms of campaigns in this country, much less a foreign power using it to target voters. very sophisticated in terms of political tools and expertise. where did they get it? >> guys, we're out of time. thank you for the information on this, including the cnn exclusive. a ratcheting of rhetoric between the u.s. and north korea. the president says he is prepared for military action if, be and the emphasis on if, if north korea attacks the united
3:49 am
states, then he is ready. now north korea is saying we think you declared war so we're going to shoot down some of your planes. god forbid. where do we go from here?
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
all right. to be very clear, president trump has been warning north korea of devastating military action against them if they provoke the situation too much. and that becomes a very interesting concept to define. u.s. intel says north korea may be boosting their military readiness. joining us is former director of national intelligence james clapper. it's good to have you with us. can you help us understand the state of play between what's being postured by the united states and why. >> well -- thanks for having me, chris. what concerns me is this rhetorical gun battle that's going on right now. and what we say which we claim, for example, is not a
3:53 am
declaration of war. well, it is not important what we think. it is what the north koreans perceive. one thing throughout all of this i think we should remember is the president of the united states does have a cadre of superb advisers around him. secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, national security adviser mcmaster and chief of staff kelly. what kim jong-un doesn't have is a set of advisers that are moderate. he has psych tpapbts around him. they have these generals where their notebooks and they are dutifully taking notes. what concerns me here is nobody will know what will set off kim jong-un's fuse. and the things we utter i think sometimes the president comes
3:54 am
out with i wonder how much thought is given to that. don't consider the impact. another fact that was brought home to me when i visited there in 2014, in addition to being the head of state of north korea, kim jong-un is also a deity. in fact, you know, forecast tphoerbg's a family-owned country. so his father kim jong-il and kim il-sung, the founder of the dprk, the whole family line is considered deity. to the extent there is any religious in north korea, it's them. so when we're casting these nets of condemnation on the head of state, well, he's also a deity. the north korean regime uses that for domestic consumption. >> that is an interesting
3:55 am
context. so if you think that calling him names is dangerous, then what is the next step for the u.s.? >> well, if it were me, i would try to cool it on some of these heated rhetoric. i really like what mattis did about half a dozen muss ill tests ago when he said we know north korea launched a missile and we have no further comment. that would drive the north koreans crazy. this plays to their craving for attention for face. kim jong-un has to be eating this up when the president of the united states is engaging directly with him in the manner in which he's doing it. of course they use this for, again, for domestic consumption in north korea. and the other point i would make in terms of the threats about our readiness to conduct hostile
3:56 am
military action, they are thinking what about the military fendens, the families of our military people and the civilians that were there and the state department, department of defense, not to mentioned thousands of americans who live in the republic of korea, not to mention the tens of thousands of dual citizens. so if we're serious about initial tphaeting hostile milit action, i certainly hope there is thought given to the fate of these people. >> appreciate the insight as always, sir. >> thank you, chris. >> thank you for being here. roy moore beats luther strange last night. what is the fallout for president trump as well as mcmcconnell and the gop establishment? we get into all that. vin, meet . kevin kevin kevin
3:57 am
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you're going to see state after state people who follow the model of judge moore. >> lindsey graham said if moore wins we're all in trouble. you bet they are. >> it is hard to comprehend. >> it is absolutely ridiculous had people are suffering and dying to talk about something that is irrelevant. >> i wasn't preoccupied with the nfl. >> the president committed full resources to help the governor rebuild puerto rico. >> he doesn't grasp the severity of the crisis. this is catastrophic. >> this is "new day" with chris como and alyson camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". up first, voters in alabama rebuking president trump. the state's controversial chief justice roy moore winning
4:00 am
convincingly, pattying luther strange who had the backing of the president and mitch mcconnell. it was by a big margin, by the way. it could be a sign of trouble for the gop establishment. >> meanwhile, president trump defending his response to puerto rico and saying his feud with the nfl did not distract him. the president surprising some staff members by announcing plans to visit puerto rico next week. we have it all covered for you. alex is live in montgomery, alabama with the big news there. alex? >> reporter: good morning, alyson. that's right. all the votes have now been tallied. judge moore with a resounding victory, winning with 54.6 of the vote. that is a significant blow for the president who had thrown his weight behind moore's opponent, luther strange. it is almost as if the president saw this c


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