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tv   New Day  CNN  September 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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option. i am not sure president trump has to credentials or that ability with foreign leaders. >> listen, we shot this on monday and they were calling on the president to do more, and he came out yesterday and said he would be going to puerto rico now. you hear, some of them -- the three men are regretting their vote and are having rez kwrao reservations. >> just look at it. bannon just beat his butt in alabama, and the party running away from him on health care, and mueller asking for taxes, and he was off in puerto rico, and it's only wednesday. the president has a lot on his plate and a lot of it is negative and you are seeing it in the brace. >> we are following a lot of news, so let's get right to it.
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the president took a chance. >> i am sure i will be criticized for coming to campaign for me. >> roy moore defeating the trump-backed candidate in alabama. >> they are going to say donald trump was onabunable to pull hi across the line. >> please think because he supported pwhao supported my opponent i don't support him. >> 10,000 federal responders on the ground right now. >> if you don't take this crisis seriously, this is going to be your katrina. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. it's wednesday, september 27th, 8:00 in the east. the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico is getting worse.
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one week after hurricane maria devastated the island the desperation are tkpwreing becau -- growing because water and fuel and food are all scarce. >> the president says he's now going to visit next week, but help cannot come soon enough. let's begin our coverage with cnn's bill weir. he's live in san juan. you are hearing a lot out of washington, d.c. the reality on the ground, a different picture. even if there are 10,000 federal first responders down here, and there are dire people of the most basic essentials to survive. a two-hour trip up into the mountains yesterday, and when we first got here our jaws would
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drop and we would say, look at that, look at that, and it's everywhere now, you become numb to it and it's the new normal here. this is a sample of how people are managing to get by hour-by-hour. beside a highway this is the most dependable utility in puerto rico these days, a pipe tapped into a mountain spring is the watering hole for a community of over 30,000. >> it's a natural spring? >> you can drink it straight. this is cleaner than the water you get from the department of water resources. >> reporter: that's good. how is everything else in life? you got enough food -- >> awful. awful. there's people that have a shortage of food. the national guard is all just standing there doing nothing. no electricity. no water for the city. it's going to take maybe six or
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seven months for anything to happen here. >> reporter: maria brought hellish mudslides. do you burn precious fuel looking for supplies or stay put and wait for help. lydia has two grandkids to keep alive on a rash of crackers. they drink rain water. no water, no food, she tells me. it's nobody's fault. it's the weather. you have to go on. all the anxiety, i can tell and my heart breaks for you. what worries me the most, my family doesn't know how we are doing, we have no cell phone connection. >> eight and getting better, the
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young mayor tells me, if the gasoline arrives it will fix our problems because people are starting to get desperate. national guard vehicles can't move. worthless ambulances sit idle. the hospital has one day's worth of generator fuel left and one volunteer doctor because the rest of the staff have no way to get to work. >> reporter: people starting to turn on each other? yes, he says. there are situations where people are stressed out, crying. folks with dialysis, and folks with cancer and bed-ridden patients with ventilators. >> i need gasoline and diesel. >> reporter: i will tell the world. the fuel shortage is more evidence in san juan, where lines are miles long. they opened this particular service station at 6:00 in the morning and run out of gas by
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3:00 p.m., so some of the people at evened of the line may not get the fuel they need. the folks here are telling me that a local ring of gangsters calmen deared a gas so they could all fill up. >> in the center of the island, it's very, very bad. they are suffering. everybody is suffering. let's see how we can work it out and begin again. >> reporter: you are putting a brave smile on? >> i always do that. of course. >> reporter: some day after the most primal needs are met, parents have to figure out how to send their kids back to school, and this is what awaits. there's so much to rebuild and so many now considering leaving
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this island for good. >> what message would you have for folks back at the mainland. >> just keep calm. like i said, i told my family, if we don't see anything getting better, i am going to have to leave the island. i have been here 20 years but i will have to leave the island because i don't have any other choice. >> reporter: leaving the island in the near future is a huge challenge. as you can imagine. we are seeing cries for help painted on roofs and intersections shot by helicopters from above. my facebook feed is filled with hundreds of people in the states hoping to contact their relatives but communication is still down. a satellite phone in the mayor's hands will consume half of his day as people try to connect and give proof of life back to the states. they are worried about pending
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disasters. when mosquitos start to breed after the storm they are worried about zika and fever. spray-painted slow tpwugans, pu rico will rise. these are strong people. hearty people who are used to a difficult life down here. today, chris, alisyn, i will try to get to one of the most popular tourists destination, and that's where the water that glows when you go out there, some of the ritziest hotels, and we'll bring you that tonight. e thank you for the striking images for us. we will try to get real information for all the people suffering and their families. joining us now is the director of fema. daniel, thank you for being here. let's just go through the numbers. if you could give us all of the
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updates we need this morning. we understand you have 10,000 federal responders on the ground, and sounds like a big number, and of course that's a fraction of the 3.5 million people in puerto rico. do you need more federal responders there? >> first, that's correct. we do have 10,000 federal responders on the ground right now supporting the response operation. we have thousands more, whether they be those sitting behind me or throws throughout all of the federal agencies including the department of defense back here in washington supporting those on the ground. right now our priorities are getting additional personnel there, providing kau mocommodit and we have more on the way. we are also well aware of the fuel needs on the ground. we believe that there's sufficient fuel on the island right now. the challenge we are having, quite frankly, is distributing it. getting it out in all those in
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need. let me speak on that in just one moment. first on the gasoline. over the last 24 hours we are delivering fuel to over 200 gas stations. so gasoline to those 200 gas stations. two, diesel fuel to those critical facilities in need of that to run their generators, and that would include principally hospitals. so those issues are certainly on our radar and have been our top priority over the last 24 hours. >> what about what bill weir just reported that part of the problem is that, you know, hoodlums, gang stirsters are clg the fuel for themselves ppz. >> yeah, there's security deployed there. we are working closely with the law enforcement officers, and they are there and on the ground, and now we want to build that force, and we can do that a number of ways. we can get a number of more
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federal officers, and we are doing that. here's the biggest challenge on leveraging the local assets. because the hurricane was so devastating it has had a impact on the local governments there and they are not able to provide the services they normally would. it's requiring a substantial federal support mission. our sustainment mission is a top priority making sure we can continue this operation and continue to support those local responders who frankly are not able to do this job. they have been directly impacted and that will require a sustained operation to continue to provide these critical commodities and other services. >> let's talk about the food and the water, and the medicine that we keep hearing that people need there. some people are really within hours or days of running out of all of those things. so are the airports open for
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those kinds of supplies. are the ports able to deliver those kinds of supplies today? >> sure. the biggest challenge with this disaster operation, which is different than responding to a u.s. state here in the continental of the u.s. is the 1,500 miles of ocean that separate me from the islands as i sit here right now. the only options we have are the flights and ships. the flights have been hampered by a damaged traffic control system on puerto rico. what we are doing right now is, one, prioritizing all of the mission essential flights. two, we are opening additional airports for those humanitarian relief operations. roosevelt road is open and operating and that's provides an additional airport to get the supplies in. and we are talking hundreds of
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thousands of meals that might be able to get on a flight, but millions of meals via ship, but we need the ports open, and we are working at a higher capacity to offload all of the relief supplies that are there or on their way there and making sure we can district them to the local populations. >> and how much of this stuff was prepositioned as we knew puerto rico was going to be hit by the monster storm, maria. was it possible to begin getting things into place? >> it was. just like we would normally do here in the continental of the u.s., we positioned those outside of the impact area. we had them on ships and loaded on planes ready to go as soon as the tropical storm-force winds died down, and they were there. there were brave volunteers who sheltered in place because they refused to leave the island in the wake of the hurricane because they wanted to be there the moment it was safe to respond. >> one last question.
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the flights out. so many people desperate to get out and they have been waiting there for days. do you know how many flights leave that a day? >> we have gre15-heavy lift aircrafts on their way, and we are thinking about how to get people off the island out, and that could be the return flights those dropping off, and we want to load those up with people that wish to get out. two, cruise ships, for example, can help us evacuate us who wish to leave the island. >> it's all hands on deck, so to speak. daniel, thank you very much for all of the information this morning. >> thank you. another big story is the political sweeping victory to justice roy moore in the senate
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runoff. donald trump deleting his recent tweets supporting luther strange who was backing against moore. and we go live in montgomery, alabama, with more. what is it like down there? >> reporter: good morning, chris. that's right. president trump took a gamble on this race and lost. he pitted himself against his own base, and many went for the outsider candidate in judge roy moore. in his victory speech last night judge moore said he did not resent the president and is a big supporter of the president and he told me he thinks the president is doing a good job and as long as its constitutional i will be on his team. here's more of what he had to say. >> there's so much overlap between his supporters and your supporters, and why do you think they ignored his endorsement of
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strange and went for you? >> i have been in politics for many years as a judge and i have a strong support base. they were not running against trump or vice president pence, and they were outrunning against my opponent. they knew the contest. >> reporter: i want to remind viewers of the judge's background. he's a deeply controversial figure here in alabama and in washington. he's a former chief justice of the alabama supreme court but was twice removed from the court, the first time for removing to remove a memorial he had installed at the court, and then went against the ruling on gay marriage. this is a man that suggested 9/11 and school shootings have happened because americans have turned away from god. as a result there are a lot of republicans on capitol hill that don't want to see him up there and don't want to see the
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republican party tainted, if you will, associated with what they view as extreme views, to the point where mitch mcconnell spent millions of dollars on this race supporting moore's opponent, luther strange. now mcconnell and others may have to contend with moore, and he is running against a democrat named doug jones and that election slated for december 12th. >> thank you for all of that news out of alabama. look, roy moore has said lots of inflammatory things, and he has written them. let's bring in editor at large to talk about this development overnight. chris, in case people don't know who roy moore is -- >> sure. >> i hope we have it, and maybe we can read the op ed he wrote. this is when the first muslim member of congress was being sworn in, roy moore wrote an op
5:18 am
ed in had he said this, in 1943 we would never have allowed somebody in the 1950s -- he did not want congressman ellison to use the koran. >> yeah, one, he has said that there's sharia law governing communities in illinois. he didn't know what daca was when asked about it on the campaign trail. go back a little bit. the reason roy moore is the figure he is in alabama, the reason he had this strong conservative base of support that propelled him to victory despite mcconnell and trump being for luther strange, two fights, he has been a supreme
5:19 am
court justice twice, and he was removed twice. he fought against removing the ten commandments, and the second is when he refused to sanction gay marriage after the supreme court legalized it across the country. this is somebody who -- he gets compared to donald trump a lot. this is somebody who was fighting these fights when donald trump candidly was still a democrat. he has said a lot of controversial things. he made comments to homosexually to chris. i was watching the show when ron johnson from wisconsin was on. here's the issue with ron johnson saying i don't agree with anybody 100% of the time. that's fine. nobody agrees with somebody 100% of the time. but roy moore continues to speculate even after president donald trump, one of the original birthers said okay, president obama was born in
5:20 am
america, and roy moore agrees to push that, and that is one side is fact based, president obama was born in the united states, and the other is not fact based. a little bit of a squishy answer there from ron johnson, and there will be lots of them because roy moore is going to say a lot of things that are going to make his colleagues uncomfortable that that >> there's truth, what you ignore, you empower. ron johnson is saying they are all a bunch of cats. we will see how he feels if he gets into it where he needs roy moore and roy moore stands up and decides he's more important than the constitution again, which he did as a supreme court justice of the supreme court, and that says the culture in alabama. last time i checked, it's wednesday, okay? bannon gave trump a beatdown in alabama, and he can say whatever he wants about how he's not out
5:21 am
to hurt the president, and health care got away from the president again, and the moderates in that party not putting together, and that's why he tried to help luther strange win their their favor, and the nfl player situation seems to have created a broader divide in this country, and he was not talking about puerto rico and is called out about it and now he's trying to double down, and now mueller is looking at his taxes. it's wednesday, and that has all happened this week. that is some plate of negative villles. >> mcconnell has to deal with moore as a problem. yeah, one of the things that i think is fascinating about trump, and i think we have to keep on this, and he said this yesterday and he does it all the time, he said yesterday, talking
5:22 am
about puerto rico, everybody is saying we are doing a very good job. i am paraphrasing, and he definitely said that roughly. he creates his own reality. he makes it. he says it and he wills it into being with a number of his supporters. i think if you asked some trump supporters, they would say, it's fine, moore is going to be a trump supporters, and people are attacking him on puerto rico and that's ridiculous, and he's right about the nfl. the facts of the week are bad for trump. donald trump's opinion of the week is sort of irrelevant. >> the voter group, it was the first time they are giving a voice to what you are saying. >> on monday they were not happy with the response to hurricane maria. then he saw it and changed and it happened in real time and he heard them.
5:23 am
>> do not underestimate his ability, even though the facts suggest he spent five days talking about the nfl rather than the hurricane, do not underestimate his ability to reshape history in the eyes of his supporters and blame this on a media conspiracy. he's done it before. he will do it before. >> he's deleting his tweets about luther strange. >> doesn't work. >> chris cillizza, thank you. can the president work with democrats to make deals on taxes and infrastructure? we will speak to a member of the house that met with a member of the senate yesterday. what did they talk about? that's next.
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the republican establishment taking a hit. voters in alabama delivering a sweeping victory to moore in a gop senate primary runoff. democrats have a chance to pick up a senate seat there. joining us is democratic congressman terry sole of alabama. this was a big deal and you knew it was coming. roy moore had a big lead, and all the money from mcconnell helped to close the gap. the people down there love them some roy moore. we have seen it time and time again. what do you think your chance is as a party to beat them? >> i think last night was a wake-up call for alabamaens.
5:27 am
he prosecuted the last of the klansman that killed the four little girls, and contrast that with moore, a former chief judge who was twice removed from being chief judge of the alabama supreme court because of his refusal to follow state and federal law. and i think it's important for alabamaens to take a look at who we are sending to congress. i think his election is an indication of the fact that folks are doubling down and feeling emboldened by this president president's blatant disregard for all things racist, to be unest. in alabama we have a opportunity to see the contrast between the democratic candidate between
5:28 am
jones and moore. my hope is we will see the virtue in having somebody like doug jones. >> are you saying the president stokes racist tendencies, or are you saying he believes in the racist narratives? >> i think the former. he is stoking racist ideology across the nation, and it's a direct statement as to the nature of the environment that he is creating as a president. >> puerto rico, on your radar, even as a representative from alabama because congress is going to have to act, and frankly there should have been paper on the president's desk already about this, and there hasn't been. the jones act came after world war ii and it was about russian boats and it put into place where only american made and crew and staffed ships could go
5:29 am
to puerto rico, and it raised the prices of goods, and they need the cheapest goods available and the most supply that they can get. will that happen and why hasn't it happen? >> so much needs to happen in order to really take care of the american citizens in puerto rico. it's a shame the president has not gone down there at all and instead he's focused on the nfl, the nba, and everything but puerto rico. >> you don't need him to go down there to waive the jones act. you don't need him to go down there to put together spending for them. >> you are absolutely right. i think it's important we do all we can to get them the goods and services the people of puerto rico need. and let's not forget what is going on in the virgin islands as well. it's important to put aside partisan pickering and what was
5:30 am
intended to be a pro american provision such as the jones act -- >> so you are in favor of waiving it for now? >> i am. at least temporarily in order to get -- if that's what it takes to get the goods and the products and the help that the folks in puerto rico need. >> it would help by definition, because it would help on pricing. let me ask you something else, in terms of weighs and means in the tax situation, and what did you hear about the president in terms of working with you and is this really tax reform and about changing our fiscal structure, or is it about tax cuts and for whom? >> yes, yesterday a group went to the white house to speak with the president. i have always been a believer to go to the table otherwise you will be on the menu. i did attend that meeting. we heard a lot of talk. it was very long on promises and very short on details.
5:31 am
i know that as democrats our democratic caucus of weighs and means are really looking at whether or not it will be revenue neutral and deficit neutral and we want to make sure it's about the middle class and not a tax cut for the wealthy. what we heard from the president was long on talk and short on details, and what my fear is we will not end up with comprehensive tax reform which will require bipartisan support, but rather a tax cut for the wealthy. the president went on and on about why it was important to have bipartisanship and he said it was not going to be about the wealthy, and promised it would not be a tax cut for the wealthy. we have to hold him to that. >> that will be an interesting deal for him, because his party isn't going to like that and it's going to be an interesting compromise and take a lot of
5:32 am
people to put people before party. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. former director of the cia and the nsa, general michael hayden will weigh in on the president's feud with the nfl. why he says put me down with kaepernick. that's next. . kind never had to. we choose real ingredients like almonds, peanuts and a drizzle of dark chocolate. give kind a try. ♪ if yand constipation,ling and you're overwhelmed by everything you've tried-- all those laxatives, daily probiotics, endless fiber-- it could be wearing on you. tell your doctor what you've tried, and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass.
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continuing his argument with the nfl, and joining us is general michael hayden. if you wonder why we have the former cia director weighing in on this topic, the yellow tie betrays his affinity. this is an issue near and dear to your heart. give us your own history with this. >> i grew up in pittsburgh. in fact, they tore down my boy hood home to build river stadium, and it was for the steelers and i worked for the steelers when i was in high school, and dan rooney was my coach in the catholic grade school football of pittsburgh, and i have been in the super bowl owners box for the last two steelers win so i have connective tissue. >> the team came into the
5:36 am
controversial, and villanueva said he was not looking to make a big statement. what is your take first on what is going on here with the president, what he's doing and why? >> with regard to the president, jake -- chris, rather, he's creating an artificial crisis. he is trying to create tension by dividing the american population on an issue playing to his base, i suppose, but he's doing it for raw unadulterated political advantage. the week before last there were about half a dozen nfl players who did something other than stand at attention during the national anthem. this wasn't a national crisis until president trump decided to demonize, single out that group and amp it up as something far more important than any of us should believe it to be.
5:37 am
>> is it fair to say at first you were not necessarily a fan with colin kaepernick, but because of all this you would lock arms and take a knee. >> let me be clear, all right. i go to football, and i mention in my article i would drive up the turnpike as a cia director, because when i got to that seat at heinz field the only thing that mattered for three hours went on between those white lines, and it was tremendously relaxing for me. when kaepernick was doing his thing, he was imposing on a moment of celebration and a moment of unity for the american people. i was no big fan. so put me down as suggesting i wish that didn't have to happen. but the president changed the calculation. he demonized those young men, as i said, and then began to impose on their rights to free speech,
5:38 am
and then wrapped himself in the flag and said all this was about the flag and the anthem and patriotism and the armed forces rather than fundamentally what it was about, which was political advantage for donald trump. >> if you did a poll most people would say you should stand for the anthem, and forget about the whole rich thing, and the problem with that argument is these guys are rich and they should not complain. look where they come from. they are making money now but certainly so many of them have more than just a toe hold in the realities of the poverty around the country. but his new move, the president saying the league should pass a rule that you stand at attention. this is an employer, and this is a state agency and they should make that rule. what do you think? >> i think it would be hard and i would be shocked if roger
5:39 am
goodell would entertain such a rule or try to enforce such a rule. this is not a normal employee/employer relationship. the organizations that comprise the national football league, and i know this because that's how the steelers work, and this is a family, and it can't be them and us and office and players and expect to survive in the national football league. teammates, teamwork, unity means just about everything. to come back to the earlier question, what the steelers tried to do, and it's not totally popular in pittsburgh, but what the steelers tried to do was not allow them to be forced to make a choice in what they viewed to be, correctly, i think, a false dilemma. there was nothing they could do if they went out for the anthem that would have been unifying and satisfying for the team and the fans, so they simply decided to back away and not go out there and be forced with what
5:40 am
the president wanted them to do, be forced to make that choice. i think everybody did the right thing. the team hung back. the coaches went out to represent the team, the institution and the organization. and then the starting left tackle, an army ranger, came out modestly from the runway and put his right hand over his heart and a lot of teammates said they were supportive of that. i can't rule out the possibility here that everybody did just the right thing. >> general michael hayden, sports analyst and man of many hats. >> the yellow tie is the steelers' color. >> i kind of put two and two together. >> thank you very much, general. always a pleasure. a rocket attack in kabul hours after the defense secretary made a surprise visit there. tough timing. details and a live report, next.
5:41 am
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we are following breaking news right now out of afghanistan. rockets fired at the airport after mattis arrived there. barbara starr has more. what you have learned? >> approximately 40 rounds hit at the kabul international airport earlier today. this was after defense secretary james mattis has left the airport. he was not there at the time. he is on a trip in afghanistan talking to the president there and the nato secretary general about u.s. troops, the security situation in afghanistan. about 40 rounds hitting the south side of the airport, that is mainly where civilian traffic comes in. afghan forces moved in quickly in the aftermath looking for the perpetrators. one of the constant security issues at this airport for
5:45 am
civilian and military traffic there is it's near neighborhoods and hillsides and that makes perfect launch points for attacks, and the taliban claiming they were attacking mattis even though he was long gone and he's continuing with the situation there. this event today shows the taliban, they may be trying for a show of force on their own, and they may not be successful, but they can still move plenty of firepower in and around the capital. chris? >> they definitely have high ground positioning around that airport. i remember it very well. second only to baghdad. barbara, you remember how you have to do the helix to get down there because they were worried about firing from the ground, and now that problem continues.
5:46 am
thank you. >> sure. the green bay packers are planning a display of unity in tomorrow's game against the bears. what does that mean? right, wrong, good, bad, the president has raised the stakes of this situation now. we are seeing an entire kind of re-imagining of what to do and why to do it by teams and players? >> a lot of thought going in. the teams are figuring out how they want to address this, chris. last sunday in cincinnati a few green bay players sat on the bench during the national anthem and a majority stood and linked arms, and aaron rodgers said they will do that in front of their own fans to promote equality and they want the fans to join in. >> we are going to continue to show love and unity and this week we are going to ask the fans to join in as well.
5:47 am
come together and show people that we can be connected and we can grow together. >> the packers players got together and wrote a statement which they released last night saying they represent all individuals with the back grounds that desire equality, tall runs and justice. that's the reason they want to display solidarity tomorrow. >> thank you for that reporting. now to a desperate appeal. an iranian american family trying to get their loved ones released from a prison in tehran. will president trump intervene? a family member joins us next. ♪ ♪
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a family of american otto warmbier is speaking out about their son's suffering. now another american family is speaking out about another
5:52 am
dangerous detention. the family of two americans held in iran are begging for their release. a businessman was trying to promote closer ties between u.s. and iran was detained in 2015 and convicted of espionage. his father, 81-year-old, went to try to fee his judge and iran imprisoned him, too. now joining us is his other son. your dad is 81 years old and was just rushed to the hospital last week. what is his condition today? >> the conditions are extremely worrisome. my father has been unjustly jailed for the past 18 months.
5:53 am
his health condition was not well to begin with. he had triple bypass surgery. since then the deterioration has been extremely rapid. he has been hospitalized on three different occasions, and last week he had to undergo a heart surgery to get a pace maker installed. we are extremely concerned for his well-being and i urge that he be released immediately. >> understood. what about your brother? what do you know about his condition? >> his conditions are deplorable as well. he spent most of his time for the past two years in solitary confinement. he has been mistreated and abused. for a lot of the time he had no bed to sleep on. he's in an utter state of despair and we are desperate, we are desperate as a family to get the release of my father and my brother before we face a
5:54 am
horrific tr horrific tragedy. >> what are you calling on president trump and the u.s. government to do? >> i am calling on president trump to spare no efforts in getting my family released. he -- this administration has been highly engaged -- and i am grateful for it, but given the rapid deterioration of my father's well-being and as well as my brother's, i would urge the president to double his efforts, to release -- to seek the release of my family. >> yes, i know you have a real sense of urgency because of the medical and all of the emotional challenges your family is enduring right now. has the trump administration given you any hope that progress is being made? >> if i don't have hope, obviously, there's no option not to have hope. yes, i have been getting hope.
5:55 am
i have been getting assurances, and i have had a number of high-level meetings at the white house with various officials, however, every day, as i am sure everybody appreciates as a desperate son and brother, as the situation of my father's health worsens, every day that goes by is a day too late as far as my family is concerned. i would really appeal to everyone to seek the release of my family before we face an irreversible situation. >> what do you want our viewers and americans to know about your family and your situation? >> well, they have been unjustly detained for the past two years on unsubstantiated charges. the united nations body as well as the secretary general have found the detentions unlawful and have called for the release. the u.s. administration and president trump has been
5:56 am
engaged, but this is a situation that if it's not resolved rapidly will be facing a horrible situation that will not help either country. i am horrified. i am horrified as a son and a brother on the nightmare that we are facing. honestly i had no idea a heart could break so many times over and over and over again. but we need to get action. we need expeditiously to resolve this situation, and this really is a humanitarian issue and a desperate one. >> yes, we hear your desperation, and we hear your plea. please keep us posted when you get any news about what is happening with your family. thank you very much for being on "new day." >> thank you. thank you. cnn "newsroom" with john berman will pick up after this very quick break. we will see you tomorrow. then we are told it's braver to go it alone.
5:57 am
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good morning, everyone. john berman here. the headline in breitbart this morning, establishment gop brought to its knees. you know how much the president hates kneeling. president trump faces one of the biggest defeats


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