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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 4, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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responds. parents and spouses used their own bodies as shields to protect their loved ones. americans dashed into a hail of bullets to rescue total strangers. joining us today are many of the heros who were here during that horrible moment, that horrible night. including las vegas metropolitan police officers tyler peterson and tana girl lay, and civilianer ron stocker. officer peterson was on the second day of the job when the shooting began. i just visited him in the hospital. within minutes he joined a group of officers rushing between flying bullets to clear the fair ground and save lives. officer gurly off duty, as soon
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as the shooting began she threw on a police vest and started helping. and evehe started helping every person he can. as he recounts we used plastic barriers as gurneys to carry the injured to transportation. i used splints out of anything i could find to stop the horrible bleeding. among the wounded was the mother of aaron's girlfriend. she's still in the hospital and we are all pulling for her. for every hero we helped, every hero saved so many lives. and believe me, a grateful
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nation thanks you. the example of those whose final act was to sacrifice themselves for those they loved should inspire all of us to show more love every day for the people who grace our lives. in the months ahead, we will all have to wrestle with the horror of what has unfolded this week. but we will struggle through it together. we will endure the pain together. and we will overcome together as americans. may god bless and watch over those who protect us. may god bring healing to the families of the wounded, injured, and the fallen. and may god bless our great country, america. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, governor. thank you very much.
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thank you very much. good afternoon and welcome "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you are watching president trump wrap up visit in las vegas and public officials in nevada and las vegas. saying words cannot describe the bravery and the valor that the world witnessed 0on that horribe night, talking about the first responders and heroism. earlier today he was meeting with survivors and others from the deadliest mass shooting in american history. called the gunman in the attack, he called him a sick, demeant td man. cnn correspondent is covering president trump visit for us. and yesterday the president in puerto rico spent a great deal of time praising the relief efforts kind of taking a different tact together in las vegas. >> reporter: yeah, less talk about the work of the administration. but still heaping praise on
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others. this time in the first responders who came out in the tragedy. heaping praise on the doctors who went to work on more than 500 wounded. and more than anything what the white house has called the civilian heroes of this in incident, those that ran into gunfire to help fellow man. this was the last stop by president trump going to las vegas. he started off by going to the hospital where 500 people were being treated, surrounded by doctors who have been engaging in those surgeries that have been taking place around the clock. he says it makes you proud to be an american when you see the job that they have done. he then moved on to the police headquarters first meeting with the first responders from ems, from the fire department, from the police, even the dispatchers who were involved in that night before moving on to give those very scripted comments, which you'll probably get high praise
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for. that was a very presidential moment. in the same way after the attack on sunday night were exactly what you want a president to hear. this president for the second time in two days, and really the fourth time in a number of weeks, has had to act as the consoler in chief in the wake of hurricanes harvey, irma, maria, and then the biggest massacre in american history. now, he has also touched on the investigation itself. he asked the sheriff if there was any up date on the motive, that is a big question right now, what drove stephen paddock to carry out this horrific massacre. they said they are following a number of leads. president repeated a description of paddock calling him, again, a sick demented man, but adding that the wires are screwed up. now, the president taking a breakaway from washington today but obviously could not escape the politics of washington.
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as he was leaving the hospital he was asked about that report that secretary of state rex tillerson over the course of the summer during a meeting of the po pentagon had called him a moron. he denied that today praising his intelligence. the president said he had total faith in tillerson and said it was make news made up by nbc. which they had reported. we should note when asked directly whether he had made that insult, tillerson did not directly deny it. jake? >> right. of course state department spokesperson did. spoke today with the ceo medical center matt who accompanied president trump as he visited with survivors of the attack. and he described the president as being something of a states man, taking a lot of time, hearing a lot of laughter,
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president cheering up them at the hospital. another part of the story is the investigation, the motive of the shooter remains a mystery, but the gunman girlfriend spoke to fbi just a few moments ago. i went to go to las vegas. do they believe the gunman's girlfriend could have an answer on potential mystery of motive. >> reporter: the authorities are not just relying on marry lou dunley. they are going through the computer and all the electronics that establish the footprints. but it is certainly her that may give us the personal insight. she new him best and in the philippines and flew back last night. you can expect this is a long interview and she does have an attorney at her side. meanwhile, as to what happened on that terrible night, the information still coming up this time by a body cameras from
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police. >> get down. go that way. >> reporter: police bodycam footage takes us inside sunday night when deadly fire broke out in las vegas. officers seen ducking for cover and directing others. new images from inside his suite shows the shooter's body laying among 23 large weapons police say were inside. cnn has learned paddock legally purchased at least 33 weapons in just the last year. shopping at least nine locations in five different states. the owner of this shop in las vegas says without modification, the shotgun and rifle he sold to paddock this spring were not capable of this shooting. but investigators say more had been accessoriesed for rapid
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fire. all this when the authorities question the woman who he knew best, girlfriend, marilou dunley. she arrived last night from philippines. she was seen here in previous trip to the country. her sisters say they knew nothing about her plans. but no recent trip was no accident. >> he sent her away so that he can plan what he's planning without interruptions. in that sense, i thank him for sparing my sister's life. >> she wouldn't let that happen. she would differently stop something whatever what he was planning. >> reporter: in the two weeks prior to his check in to the mandalay bay, say his girlfriend arrived in philippines. this is law enforcement sources confirm that the shooter had once wired $100,000 to the island nation. >> i cannot let a monster like
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that over shadow the people that he took. >> reporter: for those who survived paddock attack, the images are for every seared into memory. >> i kept feeling the shots all around me. >> reporter: for so many desperate for answer, hope lies with a woman who may have more clues behind the massacre. it is expected she will issue some kind some kind of later today. one of the things they caution is while people look for a motive, while they may look for dha this gun mass twisted he may have, could be the only cause was something in his own mind. in other words, something in his head drove him to this, not some massive grand cause. >> thank you so much. i'm joined by my panel to
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discuss former fbi counter intelligence phil mud. phil, i'll start with you. fbi director andrew mccabe says the bureau doesn't have any thumb prints that would have a motive. are you surprised they don't have any idea why this was carried out? >> no. and i'm not sure that's how i would characterize it. it's not ha question whether they have an idea of what happened here. it's a question whether they have a level of certainty. you can almost think of this as phases of the investigation. the first phase is fog, questions about the gunman, were there accomplice, how many guns. we are now in phase two where getting a volume of information hard to take. all the texting, conversation, friends and family conversation, to piece together his life. whether you have credit card information previous advice toits the strip.
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what happened on the cameras inside the hotel. a massing automatic that nfrn information to put together a time line will take a few days. i'm going to wager that the girlfriend has some answers to those questions. the question i have is whether she's going to speak about them and whether she's truthful when she does speak. she's got to know something. >> art mccabe also said the fbi has hundreds of people working on this case. what angles would you anticipate investigators are pursuing? >> well, right now we know that a year ago in october of 2016, he started purchasing these 33 rifles that he had. so obviously they are going back and trying to make a time line back to that time frame what he was doing over that period of time. this shows a very high level of planning on his part. not only on the purchase of weapons, but the modifications that he did to those weapons, the training that he had to go through, his selection of this particular location that's right over here to my right. but also the fact that he picked
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the location, it's approximately a quarter of a mile from the center of that venue, i think knowing full well that when he first started firing the shots the shooters distance to the target, and if the individuals that are being shot at cannot figure out where the rounds are coming from, initial and natural indication is sheer panic. so we have over 500 injuries. a lot of those injuries are due to people scattering. and i mean we've heard the unreal heroic stories of all these people trying to help each other. but initially there was just sheer panic on the part of these individuals. >> phil, a lot of americans out there probably, ones not gun owners who are surprised that the killer bought 33 weapons in roughly the last year and that that wouldn't raise any sort of red flag anywhere in some sort of system. >> well, what red flag is it supposed to raise? i hear the questions. let's raise a couple of facts.
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number one, does this strindivil have a criminal record? two, is it legal to require those overtime? yes. 33 million americans, every time i hear the comments you are making i see people that are not in the vet tive business looking at one specific case saying why didn't you know. and my question would be don't look at the case. look at 330 million people in this case to find those 330 million by two characteristics. no criminal record. and somebody in the united states who wants to buy three dozen or more weapons. that's common in this country. and i don't know how you find somebody like that. >> art, the girlfriend we discussed on the show. we know she made several flights in and out of the fill feens ph before the attack. we also know about the $100,000 that was wired to the philippines. this seems somewhat unusual, no?
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>> it seems very unusual. i mean, apparently they had been together for six years. i mean, my first question to her would be what was the nature of your relationship in the past couple of weeks. seems like she was flying in and out of the country. the $100,000 that was transferred to her or her family seems to be a good-bye, this is it. but she's going to hold a lot of key answers. we've been saying it from day one. she was the one closest to him in the last few weeks. she's going to have some very interesting information about psychological mindset at that particular time. >> and phil, dunley sisters they insist she knew nothing about the attack or planning. what kind of questioning do you think that she's in for? the sheriff yesterday said she was a person of interest, which doesn't mean that she's under any kind of suspension, juiciony need to talk to her. >> she lived with the guy for years, during a period of time when he was acquiring those
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weapons, altering, thinking about a target. knows his financial habits and travel habits. i don't care what the sisters said, jake. i want to look initially for anomaly because i don't trust her. i want to find out all the information we have on things like phone records, when she called and emailed and texted. what other people who are disinterested, that is people like neighbors say about the nature of her relationship. and when i speak to her, i want to see if she says something different than we know from other sources. for example, if she says she had sporadic communication from him and nowe know she didn't. i don't trust her or the sisters. >> thank you both. appreciate it. how are republicans reacting to president trump appearing to hint that he might be willing to discuss gun laws at some point? that's next. but first of course we do not want to forget any of the 58 innocent people massacred.
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they were there to enjoy company and have fun. instead they were shot down in the worst massacre in modern day history.
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so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. now back with the politics le lead. the las vegas massacre is reigniting the gun ownership. instead of saying no, even president trump gave the issue three second of light yesterday. >> we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by. >> today senator feinstein introduced legislation after market accessories which allows
1:22 pm
you to make guns into more rapid fire. for instance, what's called bump fire stock. the outfitter on 12 of his guns according to the atf. let's go to phil on capitol hill. phil, many republicans are saying not time for any debate over further restrictions on gun ownership. are they pushing back on feinstein bill to ban certain c accessories? >> look, talking to republican senators and house members, many avid hunters, kind of defenders of the second amendment, who, a, didn't know much about bump fire stocks. and b are not keenly aware of why they are necessary. they are keenly aware of the 1986 ban on automatic weapons and the fact that the existing automatic weapons have been cost prohibitive. so this can replicate one is unnotifying to some republicans. now not saying they want to pursue feinstein legislation or
1:23 pm
even that they'll be supportive of it. but they are including senator john corner saying the hearing should be in something to consider. as you know, based on how republicans have acted mostly on legislation on gun officials, that there is a door open at all is interesting and significant development. >> senator feinstein relating that could have been particularly tragic particularly for her own family. >> yeah, this one did take personally. listen to what she had to say earlier. >> she was going to go with neighbors. and they for one reason or another both families decided they wouldn't. they were going to stay at that hotel. that's how close it came to me. and i just thank god. it's one of those misses in life. >> and it's always interesting up here, you remember the members are actually people. and while senator feinstein
1:24 pm
didn't need a push to start looking for legislative action related to shooting, when there are personal elements they resonate with other colleagues, and certainly something she will push forward. >> of course gun violence too common when it comes to some members of congress. so thank you very much. did the trump campaign collude with the russians? that's still an open question. the latest on their investigation next. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short,
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welcome back to "the lead" sticking with politics lead rare press conference of the senate intelligence committee offering all of us a glimpse into the status of their investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. the duo today said that the
1:29 pm
possible collusion is still an open question. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown joins me now. they say they have interviewed more than 100 witnesses and thus far they cannot rule out collusion. >> that's right. jake. nearly ten months into their investigation, both leaders say they are still looking into possible collusion. and investigation that the senators say has expanded in scope. and while they made clear they still have work to do, they also said trump campaign officials have been cooperative. >> the committee continues to look into all evidence to see if there was any hint of collusion. >> do you have any evidence to see? >> i thought i was pretty clear. that the issue of collusion is still open. that we continue to investigate both intelligence and witnesses.
1:30 pm
and that we are not in a position where we will come to any type of temporary finding on that until we've completed the process. >> reporter: today while the republican and democratic leaders of the senate intelligence committee say they continue to investigate possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign, one part of their investigation has hit a snag. the agent is refusing to talk to them. >> as it relates to the dossier, unfortunately the committee has hit a wall. the committee cannot provide the credibility of the dossier without knowing who paid for it, who are the sub source. >> but one investigation where social media to target american voters and using russian linked
1:31 pm
ads on facebook and fake twitter accounts. >> you can't say that's to help the right side of the ideological chart and not the left. or vice seve-versa. >> they were in discriminate. >> they were able to target specific geographical areas. according to four sources direct knowledge, a number of those ads targeted wisconsin and michigan, two states democrats hadn't lost since the 1980s. donald trump narrowly won both states. >> there is no way that donald trump can break the blue wall, right? we didn't break it. we shattered that sucker. we shattered it. zbll cnn has learned. >> cnn has learned the russians have targeted with ads in second
1:32 pm
amendment and race. and in total lots of money were paid with the ads and facebook estimates seen more than 10 million people. what oceanograp what vinvestigators want to kno now is. >> that would be pertinent to russia's influence in the elections. >> warning officials preparing for elections next month as the russians are ab tively looking for new ways to effect elections. >> russian service is determined, clever, and i recommend that every campaign and every election official take this very seriously as we move into this november's election. >> and the senators announced they have invited social media company toss openly testify on november 1st. so far facebook has agreed according to a source familiar with that matter. jake? >> pamela brown, thanks so much.
1:33 pm
joining me now is congressman jackie sphere of california. she serves on the house intelligence committee. thanks for joining uls. the chair of the senate intelligence committee said members of the trump campaign have been cooperative with the investigation. house intelligence committee you are on conducting its own parallel investigation. is that a fair characterization as far as the who us? >> yes, i do think it's a fair chaerks th characterization they have come forward. but so far you would be correct in saying that. >> we know now these russian linked facebook ads targeted a dozen states, including michigan and wisconsin which president trump won narrowly. these ads have been turned over to congress. do you know of any evidence right now that anyone in the united states, whether they were associated with the trump campaign or not, helped these russian operatives with information about where to
1:34 pm
target these ads or voters to target? >> we don't have any specific evidence. but these were sophisticated persons who were doing the targeting. and i think it's very important for us to realize that the russians were doing this for the long haul. this was not just for the 2016 election. they are building a universe of people they can go back to over and over again to try and influence. >> facebook estimates that these ads were seen by 10 million people in aggregate. new the chair and vice chair of the senate intelligence committee they were intended to chaos and could have affected the clinton and trump campaign. does that suggest to you or do you believe that russia was not necessarily trying to boost candidate trump? >> i don't know that we can say that definitively one way or the other. i think that the russians historically have wanted to so division, want to dismember
1:35 pm
democratic regimes, want to cast question and doubt on the efficacy of democratic institutions. so certainly there is that element. but i can't underscore enough how important it is for us to stay focused what they are doing long-term. they are building a network of people that they'll go back to whoever and over again to try and influence in the years to come. >> you mean actual voters in the countries they are trying to influence, whether it's belgium or germany or the united states? >> correct. >> the department of homeland security is standing by its conclusion, california, was one of 21 states who were targeted by russian actors. they under scored no vote tallies were affected but they were trying to check for voter registrations and ts like. i want you to take a listen to the chairman of the senate
1:36 pm
intelligence committee richard burr speaking today. >> the russian intelligence service is determined, clever, and i recommend that every campaign and every election official take this very seriously as we move into this november's election and as we move into preparation for the 2018 election. >> again, there is no evidence that russian interference affected the vote tallies at all. but how concerned are you about the integrity of the vote in california and across the country going forward? >> i'm deeply concerned about vote tallies in every state. and obviously in california. we didn't find out that california was hacked into until very recently. and i would say that we cannot be confident in saying that these machines were not hacked into. i'm going to bring to congress a number of experts who were part of this las vegas def con
1:37 pm
hackathon in which they were able to hack into a machine in 90 minutes and were able to hack in all ten machines that they brought to this conference before the conference was over. and asking the question whether or not the vote tallies could have been tampered with, i was told by one of the hackers will is no way the intelligence community can say they were or were not hacked because there is no way of knowing. >> you are saying that you are not confident that the vote tallies were not hacked but you don't necessarily have any evidence that they were. am i hearing you correctly? >> what i'm saying is that according to the experts, these machines are set up in a way that you couldn't tell whether they were hacked or weren't hacked. so for the intelligence community to say that there were no votes that were changed would be difficult to make that kind of an assertion. according to these hackers. we are going to learn much moreover the next few weeks when we bring them to the capitol to
1:38 pm
present to us. >> i want to talk to you briefly about the massacre in las vegas. because first of all you were a victim of gun violence in south america a long time ago, so this is a personal issue to in a lot of ways. but also you refused to attend the moment of silence on capitol hill monday for the victims. explain why. >> well, i haven't attended a moment of silence for a number of years. because i think it's so hypocritical. that's all we do. we have a moment of silence. then we are silent. there is no action. i spoke for five minutes on the floor about the horrendous events in las vegas. and all the horrendous events that have happened before, whether it was columbine, sandy hook, i mean, it just goes on and on. we never do anything about it. so these moments of silence are really only for the headlines. and i'm tired of the hypocrisy. >> okay, congressman of
1:39 pm
california, thank you for your time. president trump says he has total confidence in his secretary of state rex tillerson after he quote called him a moron. is the secretary of state in the president's good graces after that comment? that story next. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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looking at air force one right now president trump and his team leaving las vegas after visiting with first responders and survivors and heroes from sunday night's massacre in the background from the airport. you can see the mandalay bay hotel. president trump moving on to other news, saying today, that he has total confidence in his secretary of state after he gave an unusual statement today. he called a press conference to insist he had not and does not plan to resign. >> there has never been a consideration in my mind to leave. i serve at the appointment of the president and i'm here for as long as the president feels i
1:44 pm
could be useful to achieving his objectives. >> those remarks after nbc news this morning broke the story that tillerson over the summer threatened to leave the administration. nbc and cnn have also reported that secretary tillerson apparently called the president a quote moron during a summer meeting at the pentagon. cnn kaitlin collins reports that the source tells her that president trump knew that tillerson called him a moron. when asked about whether he ever called president trump a moron today, tillerson said this. >> i'll address the main head line of the story you called the president a moron, if not? >> i'm going to deal with petty stuff. this is what i don't understand about washington. again, i'm not from this place, but the places i come from we don't deal with that kind of pet any nonsense. >> let's bring in my panel to discuss all of this. i'll start with jake sullivan former obama firms at the state
1:45 pm
department. what's your reaction to this story? >> first of all the spectacle today was striking with rex tillerson feeling the need to come out basically saying he likes the job, gets along with the president and plans on sticking around. i can't think of a secretary in state memory doing something like that. but under scores that whatever you think of rex tillerson the man something has gone wrong in his tenure of statement he's come on as the chief diplomate yet seen it as his job to hollow out diplomatic power. he's supposed to be the face and voice of american diplomacy, yet aside from things like today he's been largely invisible and silent. and allowed donald trump to under cut him and walk all over here. so it's behaaffling and troubli but that is leaving the united
1:46 pm
states in a weekaker position. >> jscott jennings? >> i thought he needed to clear the air and doing it in coordinated fashion. because on the heels of the statement the president tweeted a statement and today the white house has been highlights of press tillerson showing that the white house and secretary of state's office are in full coordination on getting this right today. they had to. because having the president and secretary of state on different messages or sending messages tension between them reduces our leverage when dealing with other countries. so i'm glad they cleared the house because we need them both working together to get these serious issues right around the world. too much serious stuff going on for these two guys to be at odds with each other publicly. >> and let's play president trump's response today. >> it was totally fake news. made up by nbc. they made it up. thank you you all.
1:47 pm
i have total confidence in him. >> marry kathryn, for getting more on gate, if i may call it that, there is obvious tension between president trump and secretary of state tillerson. president trump most recently seemed to undermine tillerson when tillerson was in china, it had just come out that u.s. was directly negotiating with north korea and the president sent out a tweet basically saying don't waste your time, rex. there is an obvious tension here. >> yeah, you can put a side the details of the actual flaname calling or the conflict and say this is a pattern for the administration where this is unusual and problematic workplace for many of the people working under president trump, particularly the alpha type that rex tillerson is, that's going to cause some conflict because donald trump is also that guy. and so he does undermine him at times. and this is a rule of this administration that you'll have to do this dance. and everything is a fight and every fight is public sochlt
1:48 pm
wh. so when the fight is public you have to come out and make amends in public. i think scott was right that was somewhat coordinated. but he's in good graces until he's not again. and the irony, on the issue of something like north korea, that is area most solid argument to say, look, what has not been working for four administrations we can't keep doing that, so we are making changes. you can make that hargment to the american people credibly but not if you are under mining it from the top. >> scott, can you explain, i understand the idea of good cop, bad cop. i understand the idea of the mad man theory, that, you know, the idea that tillerson can go and say to whoever, the iranians or north koreans, you have to deal that deal with me. but comes to tillerson dealing
1:49 pm
with north korean, trying to provide an off ramp, i don't understand what the strategy might be. >> i think part of the issue for president trump is he needs the north koreans, and chinese and russians to believe that we have a serious military option on the table. i think something trump is suffering from is the fact that his top strategist steve bannon on the way out of the white house said no kred blg military option. they have the internet in those places and can read those statements and may be thinking that the u.s. isn't serious. so i think the president has to communicate we are pursuing a military option if we have to. >> jake, i want you to take a listen to comments by republican senator and foreign relations committee bob corker, republican of tennessee. he had more criticism for the trump administration today when asked about tillerson. take a listen. >> secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, and chief of
1:50 pm
staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. i think he's in a very trying situation, trying to solve many of the world's problems a lot of times without the support and help i'd like to see him have. >> it may be that we are getting a corker uncorked as it were because he's not running for re-election. he might be more free to say what's actually on his mind. but that's a pretty harsh statement, jake. >> well, it's a startling rebuke from the republican chairman from the senate relations committee. when he's saying is absent having some adults in the room around president trump, we would end up in chaos. and, you know, when you are the secretary of state or secretary of defense, you rely on some degree of predictability and resolve from the oval office in order to be able to effectively carry out your policies. and if you are traveling overseas as secretary tillerson was in beijing, and the
1:51 pm
president acts like that mad man, i don't think it enhances your ability to get the job done, it detracts from it. and that's the kind of thing that the cabinet officials around trump on the national security team are having to contend with oj a daily basis. >> it reminded me of when scaramucci short lived that they thought it was their job to protect the country from president trump. >> yeah, i mean, you hear this here and there. and, look, i think it is problematic to have him sometimes be so unpredictable and so under mining. and then there is the part, too, where people didn't vote for predictability even though i have an issue with it. like people knew what they were getting into here, as people who went into the administration. but in practice in these big issues, it's a real problem. >> scott, the president got some criticism for remarks in puerto rico where repeatedly praising
1:52 pm
his administration for storm relief. here's what he quoted this morning. a great day in puerto rico, while most of the news is fake, most shows great warmth and friendship. you saw him in las vegas, largely he did seem to fulfill the roll of commander in chief. >> he absolutely did. i thought he did a great job in las vegas today. not much for the president to do in this mourning t fbi do what they do, doctors do what they do. but the president has one job and that's to remind us we are all in this country together. we can grieve together for these victims, even though we have our political differences, he hit the note. it reminded me after the scalise shooting. so today the president proved that he has it inside of had him to meet the moment. >> thanks so much one and all.
1:53 pm
appreciate it. be sure to stay tuned for cnn today for live home tal with congressman high pressure and cnn chris cue mow with moderate with live audience that starts this evening at 9:00 p.m. eastern. turning to our national lead president trump to puerto rico was full of praise for handling of the relief efforts. but the island remains a quite a disaster effort in the wake of hurricane maria. joining me now is leyla santiago in puerto rico. how are puerto ricoians, how are they react to go the president's visit? >> reporter: right. there is there is a lot to cover. let's start there. as we speak to people on the streets, a lot of people took offense to some of the things he said. we heard from the mayor yesterday who took offense to him bringing up puerto rico has
1:54 pm
sort of made the budget whack in the u.s. and as we talk to people about that moment at the church in which he wasn't just handing out hurricane relief aid, he was actually sort of tossing it into the crowd. and that has been quite the talker today, not just on social media, but also out on the streets. many feeling that was disrespectful. that it perhaps showed that this wasn't being taken as serious as many people here think. because there are lives here on the line, according to the mayor. and especially given that the death toll has now come up. so, you know, for many people in puerto rico, to see the president tossing paper towels into a group of people who may have really, really been desperate for that, it didn't go over well. because the fact of the matter is that the relief is not getting to all parts of the island at this point.
1:55 pm
so while there is more fema aid showing up in those distribution centers, it's still not getting to the most vulnerable. and that moment right there didn't sit well with a lot of people on this island, jake. >> and leyla, why are the relief efforts not getting to every where they need to get on the island? >> reporter: i'm sorry, can you repeat that one more time? >> why are these supplies not getting where they need to all over the island? they are getting to san juan, but why not getting elsewhere on the island? >> reporter: well, you know, as we track them, within the last 48 hours, they are here, they go into the hands from fema to national guard, and then national guard to the municipality, and then to the people. when you go to the mainland u.s. that's not how it works. it goes fema to the people. so many will tell you this is matter of bureaucracy, that's why it's not getting to everyone on the island right now. >> all right, leyla santiago in puerto rico. thank you very much.
1:56 pm
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