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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> yes. >> if only the two wives and k share a pizza and exchange notes on a man they both said i do. jennie moe, cnn. new york. >> thanks for joining us, anderson's next. good evening we begin tonight with breaking news in the las vegas shooting that authorize -- a new time line including a substantially revised account the moments before the mass killing begin. cnn's kim is in vegas and joins us now. explain the new time line what the sheriff now says happened. >> reporter: anderson, just as you said this is a significant shift. up until now, our information was that the gunman of the 32nd floor of the mandalay hotel was firing on this crowd, a crowd of
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22,000 concert goers. then he turned his gunfire to the security guard. shoot at the crowd first, then turns to security guard. the information we're getting together from the sheriff is that the security guard, jesus campos was shot first. here's what the sheriff said. >> he was injured prior to the mass volume of shoot lg. what we have learned is that mr. campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world. >> and this is a significant time shift, because according to what the sheriff says today, anderson, it is a 6-minute time shift. the security guard was shot first, six minutes later, security camera then see the first gunshots fire from the 32nd floor of the hotel room on to the crowd. not surprised for the security
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guard, security guard shot first. >> it also raises question, the questions says the security guard innovative hotel security and was able to stop, i think a maintenance worker from being on the floor as well. if he alerted hotel security i'd assume hotel security would have called police, so i assume police would have been awe ware that shots were fired on the 32nd floor much sooner than perhaps they were if the hotel did call the police. and it also raises a question of what then diverted the gunman, what stopped the gunman from shooting after 10 or 11 minutes outside. and why did he continue his rampage, was it that police by then had arrived? do we know? >> reporter: there are a lot of questions. all of these that you have, anderson we can't answer or at least the investigators appears
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to not have the answers for us. one that we specifically have is this drilling. the drilling is key. the sheriff talked about how the secure guard responded to an alarm on the floor, then we heard some drilling. that made him turn his attention to this particular hotel room and he appeared to surprise the gunman. he was mid way through this drilling, according to what sheriff said about the gunman and then started firing on the security guard. so yes, anderson a lot of questions about what happened in those six minutes and then in the very minutes following the mass shooting in this crowd. >> we also learned the shooter checked into the hotel days earlier than previously thought. >> you're talking about a shift of three days. this is curious as well. what the sheriff told reporters and publicly was that the shooter checked in on the 28th. today it's now appearing to be
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the 25th. investigators don't know what happened between the 25th and the 28th because the sheriff said it does not appear that the gunman was in the hotel room. so what happened to those three days? where was he? another question they can't answer right now. >> i also understand you obtained a deception from 2013 from when the shooter was suing another casino. >> reporter: this is a civil lawsuit that doesn't pertain to this particular investigation. but the fbi we are told, now has this deception that was exclusively obtained by cnn. we're hearing this from two different sources. they're trying to build a profile, you heard the frustration in the they are ever's voice. they're trying to set into the mind of this gunman. >> before the gunman unleashed his assault on a video crowd, he
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called himself a poker player of the world. these are the killers own words as he testified in 2013 in his lawsuit in las vegas where he slipped in the walk way. he says he moved from las vegas from casino to casino, at one point stays up wards of three weeks out of the month. -- that's ranked from 100 to 1,350 each time i push the button. he says on a given night he'll bet $3 million. when a attorney replied that's a lot of money. no it's not. he called video poker a game of discipline. he explains to his attorney why he stays sober while gamble. at the stakes i play up to have all your whits about you. the gunman's home in mesquite,
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nevada suggests an upper middle class to a retired life. he paid a retainer fee to a doctor. hiss the doctor prescribed him value volume. the las vegas review journal reported that dr. winkler prescribed him valium in young of this year. information unconfirmed. despite all the claims about his high rolling ways he testified on the day he fell in the cosmopolitan he wore his typical clothing saying, i always wear black clothing that are nylon. on his feet black flip-flops. life was better before the economic melt down he replied. what happened to the economy in 2007 he said, it tanked. las vegas went into the gutter
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with a lot of other things. they quit giving away free byes, it just wouldn't worth coming out here as often. >> in the deposition i understand the diller was cd about his mentally health. what did he say? >> reporter: he did talk and was asked a handful of times about his mental illness if any existed. did he have any history of it. was there any family history of mental illness were any addictions. he always said, no anderson. we should point out the doctor we mentioned this las vegas area doctor. we reached out to him and he did not respond to any of our kwss to speak to us. >> at 9:59 the security guard now authorities say were shot by the gunman. 10:05 the first shots were shot on the crowd.
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authorities breached through at 11:20. joining us now is former fbi profiling mary oh tool. phil muddy, and james galiano. james, i think i was on the air with you probably on wednesday from las vegas when there was a press conference from wednesday night and they gave this timeline saying it seemed to indicate it was the arrival by the security guard. then law enforcement that changes this from a shooting by this gunman out into the crowd to having it be focused on the security guard and law enforcement. that now seems to not be the case. there's a lot of questions this raises about did law enforcement know shots had been fired on this floor at the security guard, because the security guard apparently radioed into hotel security, let them know what happened. was police aware of that before shooting into the crowd began? and also what was it that made
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the shooter stop shooting out the window? >> anderson, in investigations, this is subject of the perpetrator, the bad guys always present the variables. from the law enforcement end we have to get it right and provide the constant. i'm not critical of the las vegas police department or sheriff's department because of the the chaos, and war and things that happen during these types of incidents. i know it's hard to get things perfectly right right away. this is why i think -- i'm going to be a little critical here, this is why i suggest there should have been a lit more caution as far as what was shared. yes, the public has a right to know. yes, we want to put things out that will help police solve the crime or figure out a motivate, but sometimes putting out too much information or getting things wrong like the time line, again, no duplicie police on tht of the police, i don't think
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they tried to get it wrong. that is a huge change in the time line. we know now the security guard was fired upon six minutes before paddock fired into the crowd. that changed everything. what was it that stopped him to stop firing. we all believed he was disturbed by the skaurt guard and now we know that's not the case. >> phil, i remember you're saying in early days after this you're always sceptical of the initial reports by law enforcement describing what happened for several days because just of the confusion. what do you make of this change in time line? d >> this doesn't mean a lot to me, anderson. i'm less critical than james. we're talking about seconds. i think the time line still holds true from a general perspective, that is, this individual decided he wanted to shot on the crowd. he saw one person come down the
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corridor, shot this person. assuming this revised time line is correct, i'm not sure that's true. then he had an air gap to return to the windows and shoot. i don't think this is tremendously specific. the bottom line the media here want answers within 24, 48, 72 hours. the sheriff tried to provide those time lines and he was 360 seconds off. that doesn't mean a lot arison, not a big deal. >> mary ellen what do you make of the fact that we don't have a clear motivate for this attack? >> yes, what that suggest to me was that the trigger was internal. it was something he had been thinking about for a long time. it wasn't because someone did something to him or insulted him. the plan came imnated from him and it was controlled by him, it wasn't the result of somebody aggravating him. that may be the reason we're finding it so very difficult to
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find that external trigger. we do have criminal behavior that is not triggered by some external problem or incident. it happens all the time. this was certainly the biggest most sensational crime we've seen in so long. i do think it was something he had been thinking about for many years. >> phil, the sheriff saying they've uncovered more than 200 times the shooter was traveling through las vegas was never seen with anyone else, does seem to stand in contrast with what sheriff said last week. he didn't think this could be carried out by one person alone. maybe it doesn't stand in contrast but it's interesting that they haven't, according to law enforcement hasn't been seen with someone else. >> your first response has to be before we assume that nobody else is involved, we have to look at every avenue. that's sort of the default.
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this is a curios case. stage one chaos. a day or two in this sort of fog of war, what happened here. stage two, acquisition of data. interviews with friend and people, the girlfriend. and you're going to assume in that acquisition of data and those interviews you're going to find a motivate. politics, sex, money. now we're in stage three and we're realizing maybe the motivate was some internal defelony that this individual might have reacted to after decades of absorbing whatever that internal demon was. that's difficult to figure out and i think that's where we might be going now anderson. >> jaime, the shooter had some protective gear in the room. law enforcement hasn't gone into details of what it was. it'll be interesting to see if it's a vest what kind is it. is it the kind a street officer would wear that's only good for
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handguns, or plates in it to protect against rifle fire? my interest is that in whether there was for some sort of close up involvement with law enforcement or whether he thought he was vulnerable to a longer shot? >> sure anderson. just to help your viewers out, there's a number of different levels for kef narrow vests, there's a three, 384 and the differentiation between them is the fabric that it's put together. it slows down the time the bullet strikes to vest before it can get to human tissue. if there had been ceramic plates or steel plates that's possible. i'm struck by the news earlier, late yesterday, earlier today about the computation he was doing on trajectory. so we know he was doi-- to make
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sure they rain fire down on a crowd. this was planned with military-style. i'm not worried about the police on their part they were deal being a killer who went to great lengths to kill as many people as possible. i'm concerned with police to make sure we get the information right. the senators who said the president's words and actions could lead to world war 3. and why the white house the s attacking him for all things tweeting. the congressman says we got it all wrong about the neo-nazi in charlottesville. it's a left-wing plot. ahead. looking for clear answers for your retirement plan?
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tonight the president and the criticism of him by a powerful senator. it's important to note the nature of what is happening right now between the president and republican senator bob corker. a man not given to exaggeration or loose talk. a man now saying president trump, the commander and chief
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the most powerful military on earth could be putting the country quote on a path to world war iii. in a 25 minute phone call with the paper senator corker says the president is treat lg his office quote like a reality show. i know for a fact every single day at the white house it's a situation of trying to contain him. he also tells the times, quote, he concerns me and would have to concern anyone who care about our nation. corker says a vast majority agree with his assessment. >> the president has not yet -- has not yet been able to felon strait the stability nor some of
5:21 pm
the competence he needs to felon strait in order to be successful. >> stunned by that and comments by the senator suggesting the only top members were the only thing preventing chaos. the president seemed to simmer for a while then took to senator. quote, minority bob corker bebed me to endorse him for tennessee. i said no and he dropped out. he also wanted to be secretary of state i said no thanks. he's responsible for the iran deal. hence i'd fully expect corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda. didn't have the guts to run. senator corker responded with this, quote, it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center. someone missed their shift this morning. he lamented the president tweets thing that are not true.
5:22 pm
telling the thymes, you foe he does it everyone know he does it but he discuss. in this morning appearing our fox and friend, white house adviser kellyanne conway had this to say when corker's tweet was called demeaning. >> we all worked with senator corker over the years and thank you him for his service but i find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible. it as to the insulting the mainstream media and the president's detracking, am almost a year after the elections they still can't accept the results. >> she finds like senator bob corker's quote incredibly irresponsible. we'll just let that sink in for a moment. bob corker's tweets are
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incredibly irresponsible and she's concerned that world leaders see it. let me just remind you, she works for the president of the united states who tweets in the predawn hours and all throughout the day seemingly of what ever pops into his mind whether they're true or not. with a straight face she's saying corker is the irresponsible one. does she hold the president to the same standards. no she doesn't nor do many people in the president's orbit. >> donald trump says the media is a way for him to check to people. >> he has this following over 45 plus million people follow in social media. >> it's an effective way of communication. i'm not unproud of it. >> i like the fact that president trump likes to go tweet and get liz views out and talk to people. >> test able very quickly over and over again to set the agenda. >> it's a great way for him to
5:24 pm
take his results to people. >> when he tweet he gets results. >> it's what i call the dplokization of information meaning you don't have to wait for the evening news to tell you what happened that day. >> why wouldn't i use it? >> so it's a good thing for a president to attack his own members and leaders when he's angry at them on twitter. it's a good thing that the president tweets -- at the very moment that his secretary of state trying to prevent a war with north korea. it's a good thing for him to call the country of that crow on twitter market man. all that is good according to kellyanne conway and others but wen it's not her boss doing it, it's incredit bring irresponsible. this is another profile encouraged. we're learning the president is not through with corker.
5:25 pm
"new york times" released audio. >> tillerson and last weekend. as long as theirs people like that around him they're able to talk him down when he gets wound up, calm him down and continue to work with him before a decision is made. i think we'll be fine. i don't -- i do worry that the -- sometimes i feel like he's on a reality show of some kind talking about the foreign policy issues. >> yeah. >> and, you know he doesn't realize that, you know, that we could be heading towards world war iii. >> joining us now is jonathan marion, the "time" reporter and
5:26 pm
jerry. under the heads of this ain't over where might this go from here? this is not your average washington feud? >> no it's not. i was really struck by talking to the senator yesterday basically saying, america will be okay and the world will be okay as long as there's adult supervision in the warehouse, mentioning chief of staff, john kelly, and mathis sent. him saying we're going to be okay provisionally as long as the adults are there. putting that aside from the moment, looking ahead, i think they had immediate implications here resolve around the issue of tax cuts. this is the big ticket item, anderson, the folks down here want to get done. that is the priority right now. what the president has done if talking to sources today is he's
5:27 pm
imperilled this prospect. if you think about how tight the majority is in the senate, it's only two seats i they can only afford to lose two senators and attack a major bill. if you attack bob corker like the president did and you have the two senator who opposed the obamacare appeal, you now basically got four free agents whole not be holding to this president rkt who are basically immune to this president's persuasion that could stall trouble for a big tax cut bill. >> and gloria, when people say corker didn't speak out on this until he was released with the election. does there give residence? >> well it gives residence to his supporters but not people inside the senate which john is
5:28 pm
talking about. people inside the senate who are going to have to deal with this president, who privately, and identify spoken to a couple today, agree with bob corker but they're afraid to say it publicly because they're going to have to deal with the president again in the future. i don't think this necessarily means that senator corker is going to vote against donald trump in any kind of a knee jerk way, because he has been in the past kind of a supporter of trump's in some ways. it does mean that he's going to continue to speak out more and make a lot of his colleagues pretty uncomfortable as he does it. >> also, jonathan, the idea nearly every senate republican agrees with them. i don't know if that's terrifying. >> it's revealing is what it is. i was so struck by that part of the conversation too.
5:29 pm
what he said was, now if you print that, jonathan and you go and ask them, some of them will say, no, no, no that's not true. but basically the majority of our caucus would say that but they actually are with me. that is next week when the senate's back in session to ask all 52 republican senators, really folks, do you not agree with senator corker or are you saying that for public consumption. all of us who work in washington have that conversation privately with them and they roll their eyes at president trump but not publicly. >> they're not going to say it. >> right. those who have to face the voters again are facing a primary electorate either 2018 or 2020 where most of the conservator are still with this president. they have to fwaurd what they say publicly. >> the board the message is the president's loyalty only go so far. >> right. the president is loyal to himself and to his voters.
5:30 pm
that is exactly what his former senior adviser steve bannon now is trying to do on the outside. he's going to run candidates against 15 incumbents that are republicans. what he wants are trump supporters not the established republicans in the senate who don't like the president. bob corker just told us that and we already flew that and he said it out loud. >> guys thank so much. next what drives the president to carry a grudge so far for so long even if it hurts him. then there are moments it becomes clear, ♪ together always was, and always will be, a better way. ♪
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president seemingly cannot resist slapping someone down on twitter even if that someone can hold that political fate in his hands. the president can't seem to let a slide go even when it concerns storm victims. he's known donald trump for decades. also with me maggy habermann who knows the president better than most reports. maggy, the president does seem to have this habit, particularly on weekends of getting on the twitter machine and going for it. >> yeah it's usually times when he's isolated by himself in the residence for what ever reason. when there are fewer people around and fewer act tifrts. in this case it's not clear what set him off but most people in the west thing thought it was an
5:35 pm
implication of watching the news when there was some reference to corker and tillerson. there was a "washington post" comment about the budge. it could be anything. i think john kelly has come up with some but it's as we've seen when he controls the inputs and information flow, you can't control everything. >> one of the things that corker said to the "times" is that there isn't a strategy with trump that he's going to do the play, madman, straight guy, the it's not the good cop bad cop. do you think there's a strategy that he needs to distract from things that are working out by tweeting about the nfl or what ever it is or do you think it's purely impulsive of what's happening in his head? >> the latter.
5:36 pm
i think it's a very clear knew roe chemical things that's going on. so when he is calm and relaxed like all of us, i know you were out meditating this weekend, when he's in that state he's not going to be as reactive or impulsive. as soon as he starts to feel attacked or threat, then he moves from the prefrontal cortex and he reacts. what happens in that fight or flight state is your capacity to think logically shuts down. so, he's no longer thinking he's just responding as if he were under attack. literally his life were under attack. >> which does back up what corker has been saying, these other people around. corker's confidence in mattis and kelly, mcmaster sort of, for lack of a better term, adults. >> what was remarkable about
5:37 pm
corker was not that people were saying this, we've heard people saying this inside and outside of congress for months now. you had a sitting senator, prominent member of donald trump's party saying it out loud and on the record. he laid there everything that you heard privately for a long time. it is true that there is a sense of -- in washington, people sort of protecting the republic from the president. i think some trump advisers take issue with that. there's clear it's not some to your point, there's been a great debate on the strategy. there's not a master plan he's surviving certain increments of time. >> how did he deal with those impulses before twitter? getting on the phone? >> absolutely. he got on the phone, ranted and raved. got off the phone, ranted and
5:38 pm
raved more. but i think there's a bigger issue. i think the issue raised by corker's last comment is we're in an imminent world war iii is not to be trifled with. he's sitting there with the capacity to press that nuclear code -- >> he didn't say imminent i think he said leading. >> i'm going to say imminent. as the circle closes on trump, as he feels under more threat, the need to react, the likelihood he's in that reactive fight or flight state rises. his ability to act totally i rationally is higher than it's ever been. that's why we need to understand, this book of the 2017 psychiatrist a dangerous case is critical because it gives you a sense of what's going on inside the brain of this guy.
5:39 pm
>> what's interesting too about twitter for all of kelly conway and all of the folks say it's great a great -- a great way to cut through the clutter and get a direct message out. it is a time in president history where we have a minute-to-minute look of what's in the president's head. usually presidents are in a bubble, for better or worse protected. there's impulses are protected. the nixon cases come out and you hear theravings. >> there are a lot of good arguments about why this or any president should not be expressing themselves on twitter this way unfettered. but for those in this business for the general public i will argue there is a real service to this, down sides in terms of
5:40 pm
other people not being able to read him. what corker said is true in terms of what he believe and what his colleagues believer. there's a dang tore what corker said too. a lot of this comes down to how the rest of the world is trying to figure out donald trump. people have invested a lot in the idea there must be some grand plan here, because without that there's a lot of chaos theory scares people. you get to see where he is at any given moment. >> another thing, corker said i don't know why the president treats out thing not true. you know he does it, everyone does it but he does. it's one thing for him to have done it as a businessman, to just say things, make up stuff. but it's at a different level you'd think as president. >> i just think that when he's in that aroused state, when he is feeling under threat, he makes to distinction between true and not true.
5:41 pm
in that moment he believes it's true. you take what he said about corker and it's almost exactly the reverse is true. in that moment he's saying to himself, this guy, he wouldn't listen to me, he didn't get it. so he absolutely believed it in that moment. and it didn't matter because he must mobilize all resources necessary to fight off the enemy in that moment. so that's what's scary is that he experiences the world as a global threat to him. meanwhile, he's holding us, and i really believe this, he is holding america hostage right now. hostage to his own impus sift. we know if it goes this way or that way, the consequences could be literally millions of deaths. >> all right guys appreciate it. up next, another white supremacist really in charlottesville this weekend.
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charlottesville, virginia. [chanting] >> once again, you will not replace us. last time it was jews will not replace us. this is smaller than the one in august in the death of 32-year-old amy heyier. there was something else that caught our eye when it posted this last friday. it's claimed the august protest the one that killed miss hawaiiihie yer was a left wing plot. here he is two term arizona congressman, paul gosar. here's what was said to respondent l.a. reed. >> let's look at the person that started the rally. wait a minute be careful on
5:46 pm
where you start taking these people to. look at the background. george so rose is one of the people who back these individuals. who is he? i think he's from hungry. i think he's jewish and turned in he's own people to the nazis. >> do you think george sorrells backed the nazis that walked in charlottesville? >> it'll be interesting to find out. >> this man, keeping them honest, does he have proof, no. otherwise it's a false flag. he's spreading a theory that's been swiftly debunked by many. we asked him to come on tonight we were denied. we told him it's open invitation, no reply. the rally was organized by jason kesly who said he voted for obama. he also said he became
5:47 pm
disencliented to the obama administration. as for billionaire investor george sorrells who does back liberal caution a founder for his foundation released news quote, georsort rose survived t war in hungry. he did not cooperate with the nazis and confiscate anyone's property. joining me is kelly reed. she was at the original rally in charlottesville who did such amazing reporting there. does it make any -- when this congress plan says this to you, you were at the original rally, does it make any sense to you what he's saying? >> oh no of course not. some of the people involved in that rally have track records going back five or ten years.
5:48 pm
the nonprofits are available online you can look at whether or not he has funding them. they actually believe what they say. i presented that to them, i said i've talked to these people, he just smerked at me. >> the idea the way the congressman is saying, oh we're learning this or finding this out as if it's sort of the full weight of his office or the u.s. congress when in fact it seems like he's getting stuff from alex jones. >> that seems to be where the news is coming from. alex jones claim to have sources all throughout the government. george sort rose did not fund these people what he's saying g is not true. >> just to be clear, the interview with him wasn't about charlottesville right? >> no. >> he just brought this up? >> yeah. we were interviewing him about a constituents suing him for blocking her on facebook. we asked him why block these people. he tried to draw a line of a
5:49 pm
presentation between steve scalise and hatred on facebook. he kept bringing up antifa. finally was like antifa's on the news because of a white sprem mist really, that's when he launched into this. >> have you seen anyone speaking out against his public? >> no. >> to your knowledge no one has saying this is ash sorted on offensive. >> no that i've seen. another congressman has accused the protesters there being civil war reenactivists who were tricked by someone. that's all i've seen. >> great to have you on. when we come back a dust off between melania trump and ivan ya. this is a bizarre turn of efforts. to retirement. at fidelity, you get a retirement score in just 60 seconds. and we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. it's your retirement. know where you stand.
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it's an argument that would seem right at home on the "real housewives of washington." president trump's first and third wives are in a spat. after ivana called herself the first lady in an interview today. the actual first lady melania trump felt moved to put out a statement of her own and just a reminder, this all actually happened. randi kaye breaks it down. >> melania. >> reporter: the shot across the bow came from ivana trump on "good morning america" this morning. >> i have the direct number to white house but i no really want to call him there because melania is there and don't want
5:53 pm
to cause any controversy, because i'm basically first trump wife. i'm first lady. >> reporter: as you might imagine, ivana calling herself the first lady didn't sit so well with the real first lady. in a tersely worded statement, first lady melania trump fired back through her spokesperson. "mrs. trump has made the white house for barron and the president. she loves living in washington, d.c., and is honored by her role as first lady of the united states. she plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books." the statement went on to say, "there is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex. this is unfortunately only attention seeking and self-serving noise." that statement certainly a different tone than we heard from melania trump back in 2005. >> you know his exes? >> yes.
5:54 pm
>> get along with them? >> i don't see them much. we don't see them -- >> they were at the wedding. >> ivana trump and donald trump met more than four decades ago and were married eight months later. she is the mother of the president's three eldest children, donald jr., ivanka, and eric. the two divorced after the future president began an affair with marla maples who would later become his second wife. over the weekend, ivana told cbs she doesn't speak to marla maples but that she gets along with melania trump, explaining her reasoning this way. >> ivana's nobody and iva snrna first lady. >> reporter: a title ivana took for herself 24 hours later during another network sbri interview. ivana's shot at first lady ended when her marriage to donald trump ended. as she put it, she did have a chance at an ambassadorship.
5:55 pm
>> offered to be american ambassador to czech republic. donald told me, ivana, if you want it, i give it to you. i like my freedom. why would i say bye-bye to miami in the winter, bye-bye to san tropez in summer? i have the perfect life. >> reporter: the perfect life far from the east wing of the white house. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> so to really understand what is going on here, i had to call in reinforcements. my friend, andy cohen, executive producer of the "real housewives" franchise and host of the "real housewives" reunion. here's part of that conversation. >> i was watching this play out today and just thought, you know what, i would like to be, you know, i'm here on cnn, open invitation to the first lady, to the honorary first lady ivana trump. i'd like to get marla maybples there. i think she maybe has unresolved
5:56 pm
issues. i feel it would be good to have ivanka trump as well. set up two couches, get this going, put me in the game, i can do this. >> we're going have more of my conversation with andy at the 9:00 hour including tips from andy's "housewives" playbook. up next the escalating fight between the president and sitting republican senator, powerful sitting republican senator who says the president is putting the country at risk of world war iii. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin.
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according to feng shui, the bed should on it.orth east. you're trying everything to get pregnant. new one-a-day couples pack gives you both nutritional support you may need. for her to prepare for a healthy baby and for him to support healthy sperm. be in it together. president wages open warfare on a powerful republican senator. the senator says he could be putting the country on the path to world war iii, the president launching tweet after cutting tweet and the white house official says he's not through with bob corker, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, better known as a republican vote he needs on tax reform, immigration, health care, you name it. senator corker said what he said to "the new york times," all but called the president unfit for office comparing the white house in a tweet yesterday to an adult daycare. the fact that he's speaking out says a lot about where we are these days, president's inability to let go also says a lot. cnn's sara murray joins us with the lat