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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  October 10, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> welcome to inside politics. president trump having lunch with his secretary of state. the breaking of bread comes a week after report it wassed he called the boss a moron. >> he has excellent people, secretary tillerson. incredibly intelligent individuals. i find greater comfort when he is briefed on the challenges. >> don't look for a peace making lunch any time soon. the senator called the white
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house an adult daycare center. again on twitter, the democrats are loving it. >> in the halls of the senate, the conversations about the president to judgment take place all the time. they have been for months now. bob corker is giving a voice to the things many are thinking and saying on the republican side. >> plus the first lady, melania trump focusing on opioid addiction and in a feud of her own with the president's first wife. >> do you ever look at his position and melania being the first lady and think that's where i should be? >> not at all. >> we will let you know off the top. in a couple of minutes, little marco and lying ted and now it's little bob. slapping that nickname on twitter. all the proof you need to know,
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their feud is not about to disappear. the failing "new york times" set him up by recording his conversation. it was made to sound like a fool. that's what i'm dealing with. the president getting help if you consider that. ted cruz. >> mcconnell and corker in the entire clip established on capitol hill and they have to go. if we need any mere proof about what you think they heard, if bob corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign immediately. >> here's the president in the oval office moments ago. >> the people of this country want tax cuts. they want lower taxes. we are the highest taxed nation in the world. we have them coming back now.
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you see the announcement of companies building in michigan and going to various states. they are picking additional locations. but just last week five plants announced they would build in this country. we are the highest taxed nation in the world. people want massive tax cuts. i am giving the largest tax cuts in the history of this country. in addition there will be reform. it's politically positive. the people of the country want it. we are also bringing back $3 trillion from offshore. that's money that has been after years that wants to come back into the country and the tax situation didn't allow it to happen. that's going to come back as part of the deal. it could be more than that. people want to see tax cuts and want to see major reductions in the taxes and want to see tax reform. that's what we are doing. we will be adjusting over the next few weeks to make it even
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stronger, but i will tell you it's become very, very popular. i will be signing something probably this week which is going to go a long way to take care of people that have been so badly hurt on health care. they will be able to buy and cross state lines. they will get great competitive health care and it will cost the united states nothing. take care of a big percentage of the people we are talking about. with congress the way it is, i decided to take it upon myself so we will be announcing that soon as far as the signing is concerned. it largely worked out very simple in one way, but intricate in another. it will be great, great health care for many, many people. a big percentage of the number of people that we were talking about for failed obamacare. we will have to do something with obamacare because it's failing. henry kissinger doesn't want to
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pay 116% increase and that's what's happening and it's getting worse by the minute. we will have to do something with obamacare and that will work out. very importantly a big percentage of people will be able to get health care and will be able to go across state lines and will be able to buy from many, many competitors. meaning the insurance companies. it will not cost our country anything. they will have great, great health insurance again. >> did you want to comment on the iq comment. >> i don't believe in under cutting people. >> president of the united states and saying i don't under cut anybody. about his secretary of state at the white house now. out for lunch with the president. james mattis on top of what we just heard. share the reporting and their
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insigh insights. of the "new york times," the weekly stand. interesting to see henry kissinger and the history of that. the president is in this fight with bob corker and in this fight with his own secretary of state. he is try there not to focus on what the republican party would like to talk about every day. tax cuts and whatever you are go going to do administratively until they make another attempt next year on repeal and replace. it's an interesting day in the life, shall we say for the president. >> it is interesting and for the reports we are getting, he is asked whether he has confidence in rex tillerson and the president said yes. obviously they had a little bit of a fraught relationship, but it gives an indication that the white house realizes they need to get some of this stuff done. if they keep having these side shows where the president is fighting with members of his cabinet and kicking secretaries out and having to replace them,
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it stymies all of the legislative efforts in congress. that's snag sources a has been personal for us with the president. >> you are right. many people want him to stay on message. this is the last of having any legislative agenda and republicans are desperate to have this. the more he engages in the outside fights. the more he under cuts that possibility. he can go out and talk in the oval office as much as he wants about how popular a tax cut would be, but it will take a lot of behind the scenes work. brokering rather than insulting them on twitter. >> unless they pass their budget which they agree, a lot of questions. you know if you get a nickname on twitter, you have his attention.
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>> we can talk about this personal drama. it is great. you have a republican senator who said i'm retiring and unleashes in public and said a lot of things. a lot of republicans say privately about the president and does it impact the tax reform debate or is it a war of words between the two men? >> it won't affect it. bob corker was a tenuous vote on tax reform in the first place and said repeatedly he would not vote for any legislation that adds a penny to the deficit. he is one of the diminishing deficit votes in the senate these days. you have the freer actors in the senate and you have john mccain and you saw his major influence in the health care debate and susan collins, a moderate who may announce she is running for governor. lisa murcowski and rand paul has been this factor in these
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fights. you just see how you have more and more when you can only lose two votes. every vote matters. in the sense that there is a war within the republican party. when you have steve bannon going on hannity and saying we will primary 51 of the 52. we'll go after 51 of the 52. how does the president expect to get their votes when his former right hand man and the president could say stop. if he wanted to stop, he could say i need you to back town. does that help them? >> i don't think it does. that's not steve bannon's goal. he would be focused on the people who stopped the last ditch health care vote from going through. john mccain and rand paul and susan collins. he wants to go after everybody. he has part of it is ideological and a lot of it is temperamental and blow things up and people
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who are like minded. >> if you read the interview, he said he will have an iq test for the secretary of state. he boasts with a dose of hyperbole that any student of fdr or barack obama could under cut, i had just about the most legislation passed who ever served. over bills passed. i'm not talking about executive bills only, i'm talking about bills. they are important actually. in terms of major legislation, that is delusional at best. what were the three trump promises. replace obamacare. not happening. a giant infrastructure plan. not happening. tax reform which we agree is on a high wire and will be very difficult. in the middle of this, if you have bannon further blowing it
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up and he said he is doing it for the president? >> this is part of the push and bull here. now that he is president he recognizes and the people around him in the white house recognize that you have to get something done. outside of the white house to shake things up and disrupt things and up end the system. insult people on twitter. if the establishment doesn't like it, then i don't care. the two things are slashing. now we are at a point when his party really needs to see action in order to be able to feel secure in their own reelection prospects in the coming year. what you are seeing is a real conflict of which of those things will win out right now. it needs to be the establishment
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president getting things done and indulging the starting of fights and hurling insults and be the victor in a feud. >> winning a twitter war seems more important than tax debate. >> the environmental protection agency rolling back a key achievement of the obama administration. the wildfires that killed at least 11 people. a live update on that when we come back. if you can train oxford to sit... sit you can train yourself to cook with less oil. introducing new pam spray pump made with extra virgin olive oil. now you can pump instead of pour, plus get the superior non-stick you love. new pam spray pump.
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...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go... ...and people who can't wait for you to get there. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands... step on up and talk to your doctor today. >> welcome back. back to politics in a moment. dealing with a new emergency that seemed to come out of nowhere. 11 people now have been killed in wildfires ranging in areas north of san francisco including prominent parts of wine country. dry conditions helped the flame spread at break neck speed. one subdivision in sonoma county what it look said like before and after.
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this at the cinderella winery in napa that has been destroyed as well. >> they are watching firefighters get a handle on it. he's in santa rosa. what's the latest? >> dry conditions and wind drove these fires. the sonoma county sheriff is looking for another 100 people overnight. they had disturbing calls from loved ones looking for relatives and loved ones saying i don't know where they are, but it may be due to the confusion of how fast people evacuated. tens of thousands of people with only a couple of minutes to go to get out of their houses. i want to show you area here. and now it's a smoking rebel. if you look through the trees, this is a neighborhood in the same situation. the fire just skipped across roads and freeways and obliterated entire
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neighborhoods. two hospitals have been evacuated and it's not just northern california. 17 fires popped up across california in a 24-hour period. one of them south of los angeles humans of miles from where we are in anaheim. that is disney country. 6,000 acres are going up there. several homes have been destroyed. several thousand more. you can come back to a live picture here. i want to show you what the sun looks like trying to peek out through the heavy smoke here in sonoma county, california. just very, very heavy smoke here. a lot of it noxious. the one good thing if we can say anything good is the wind is starting to cooperate with firefighters. the humidity is starting to come up and the temperature is dropping. today if this continues they will hopefully be able it get out in front of that fire and start fighting it rather than just washing it go by. they haven't been able to do
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much firefighting in the last 24 hours or so. >> on the ground in northern california. stay safe as well. heroic work by the first responders. appreciate that. earlier in the conversation, we had the president of the oval office and including bob corker's criticism that the president threw his child daycare center behavior is leading the country towards a world war 3. are we ready for that? >> we were on the wrong path before. all you have to do is take a look. if you look over the past 25 years through numerous administrations, we were on a path to a big problem. a problem like this world has never seen. we are on the right path right now. >> interesting in the sense that he smirks a little bit. in the past we have seen the president escalate the feud.
9:20 am
he doesn't respond to senator corker or say he is wrong and does not say what he said on twitter. he just said no and makes his case that his administration is doing better than the obama administration. i find that telling in the sense that the staff talked to the president. the media is coming in and you know what they are going to ask. he made the decision not to escalate in that setting. not what he is doing online. >> what he said is reflective of what he put out. saying essentially we have come so far and we are in a better position towards isolated north korea and our security is protected and he stepped up and almost made the case that we were on the path to world war 3 before. anyone who watched his actions and certainly not just his twitter talks of senator corker, but of kim jong un in north korea. it doesn't feel that way and there is a sense which he didn't
9:21 am
address there among republicans and national security establishment. all of these actions and the rhetoric is pushing us closer to a position and a confrontation that was not on the table before he was president. >> that was an interesting criticism. he said look, there is no good cop bad cop. it's not like rex tillerson is doing this behind the scene and the president is firing off on twitter and this is going to lead to a new place. this is a reckless move that will lead to a very unfortunate out come. i think the white house has been trying to play it both ways. they have been trying to play it off like the president can tweet whatever he want and you have people playing this ambassador role and reaching out behind the scenes. once you have seen the way the president treats his diplomats and it's hard to respect those people and take them seriously and believe they are speaking on behalf of the administration or on behalf of the president. >> it's because there is so much
9:22 am
daily drama that we follow the insults and sometimes i think we need to step back and say wait a minute, this is a chairman and essentially saying the president of the united states is afternoon emotional child. i was raised that you don't say those things, but he said i need to say these things. he's an emotional child and thank god there are adults around him. somebody must have missed their shift. when you hear from time to time some other senators say things close to this that you hear more privately, you get cabinet members saying we take the president off the guardrails and things like that. we get caught up in the daily drama. it is stunning. >> in fact corker is known as a man who chooses words carefully. he is very thoughtful with what he said. those comments he made were deliberate. we can talk about kind of the
9:23 am
impact on tax reform and the relationship between president trump and congestiressional republicans and they lot of them are looking at comments and they take him seriously as the foreign relations committee. the concern from lawmakers are growing because of what he told them. >> no rush about the senators up to senator corker on the record. privately they don't tell you things. you don't see other people saying i agree with senator corker. they know there is a chain saw at the white house with a twitter account. >> i think he needs to be accountable for the recklessness was also apparent. you have people like marco rubio saying he can't be trusted. bob corker said there is still a chance to stop donald trump. everyone chill out and let's listen to the people and talk about crazy things about stopping the convention. earlier in march when there was a realistic shot. bob corker made a massive misjudgment and if he thinks the recklessness is putting him in the path of world war 3.
9:24 am
>> consistency. we don't find a lot of that. >> it's not just worrying what the president is going to tweet about. he is unburdened and doesn't have to worry about a reelection fight. every other senator that is up is going to have to worry about a challenge and account for what they have accomplished. they haven't accomplish a lot since trump has been elected. to have a fight like this filling out in public and have the president like that, other members of congress are saying this is not going to get us closer to tax reform and answering to the constituents. >> one thing that gets lost, they are not passing legislation. a lot of the people may not understand how much they have done. the epa scott pruitt is rolling back the power plants about emissions. 130 rule changes or proposed rule changes in the works.
9:25 am
41 in the environmental sector and 23 in labor and finance. consumer safety and government reform and education. if you are waiting for obamacare to be repealed, not going to happen. the infrastructure is not going to happen. tax reform, strap in and see what happens. there are a number of things if you are pro business and less regulation conservative, for all the chaos, you have something to cheer. >> that shows the danger of the whole governing strategy by president obama. what can be done can be undone. you can run into legal challenges in the courts. that's what happened with the epa rule and it got stopped backing the obama administration. he undoes it. the power of the lasting power of legislative accomplishments. the continuation filibuster to the executive branch. >> i can't get anything done
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president trump's america first agenda has given voice to millions. president trump's foreign policy goes and that puts americans and america first. he's smart, he demands results wherever he goes. parsec tear of state rex tillerson on a day it was reported he called the president a moron. he was at the white house this hour for lunch with the president. here's what the president told forbes about this relationship. i think it's fake news, but if he did that, i guess we will have to compare iq tests.
9:31 am
i can tell you who is going to win. the president defends his tweets with the nuclear missile standoff. he was wasting his time the president said. i'm not undermining. i think i am strengthening authority. he repeated this in the oval office that he showed earlier. he doesn't think he is under cutting when he issued a number of public statements saying stop. what you are doing is not going to work. i didn't under cut anybody. i don't believe in under cutting people. if you are in the middle of something important and i go on twitter and say you are a dope and this is not going to work. >> part of the deal and if you covered the white house, the president was mad. he saw secretary tillerson came
9:32 am
over and had a meeting at the white house. secretary tillerson gave the president is my boss statement at the state department. we have that. >> i don't know if we call it that. there was a decision made and a process that was instigated by general kelly and assisted by general mattis to sort of diffuse the current crisis and a decision made by rex tillerson to say that now is not the time to leave. i am not going to resign. i am going to try to make the best of this. i have a role and maybe it's the role that bob corker described keeping him from chaos or off the guardrails. he decided it was worthwhile to try to stay and make the best of
9:33 am
this. you are right, you have to wonder what's going on in a lunch like this and how it can be a functional relationship even if it's distant or one where the secretary of state said already, whatever i hoped my role would be. i will stay and do what i think i can do with this president. how is there a trust or a functional dynamic where you can handle some of the big national security challenges that they have in front of them. >> to the irony of henry kissinger, if you are secretary of state when you are sitting down with leaders of russia and beijing or anywhere of the world especially the relationships, when rex tillerson speaks, when you are the president of russia or china, he is speaking for the president of the us. >> i don't know how you could be. they had a steep learning curve for the job to begin with. tillerson came in a secretary of state with no real experience in government. he is used to being a ceo and
9:34 am
calling the shots and everyone in the room shutting up to listen to every word and faking the final decision. president trump is in the same role. not used to government and making decisions. if someone is not going along with how he wants to do, get out of the way. that's not how governing works and not how international diplomacy works. the learning curve for both of these two men on top of the fact that they have a contentious relationship, how can you expect this to be a long-term relationship? maybe everyone hangs on for a while. i don't think anyone is expecting this to have longevity to it. >> if it's a hanging on, you have a big iran decision. the president will pull back from the iran nuclear agreement and we will see what happens there. he has an asian trip coming up. not just north korea, but the trade and china's actions and other regional issues with japan and south korea. how can you have a just hanging
9:35 am
on in one of the most important relationships in the united states government? >> and also pulling back another dysfunctional relationship going back with congressional republicans when we were talking about the iran nuclear deal, congress will have a major role to play. congress will be reimposing sanctions and kill the deal as it is. you reimpose sanctions and they determine what the sanction would look like or do nothing. you need cooperation from bob corker and congressional republicans on this very major national security policy issue and they don't have that relationship right now. >> a functional relationship instead of dysfunction. about the president's decision on iran and how steve bannon influenced him before he left the white house. how the president reaches out to tom cotton from time to time.
9:36 am
listen to tom cotton talking about secretary tillerson doesn't get along with the president and the grown ups need to make a choice. >> when you are a cabinet member or a senior adviser in the white house and the president is right, you should help him achieve his objectives and run with his thinking. when you think he is wrong, you have a duty to present to him the best facts and thinking to help him see it in a different light. maybe you can, but if he doesn't and he said no, i top the do it my way, your job is to move out and execute. if you are not strong enough, you have to resign. >> how publicly this plays out. of course you had battles, i covered them and they didn't look like this every day. >> i think senator cotton's point is generally correct. you give the president the best argument you can.
9:37 am
if you can't, you have to follow-through or resign. the president is not guided by ideology. emotions and instincts. he changes his mind multiple times to decertify the iran deal or not. people walked out of meetings thinking one thing is going to thap and it changed. that is a real problem. >> we dmeakt decision today. this from the formerative. >> huh to convince him it was his idea or ignore it and hope he forgot about it. people talking about the president of the united states. the president's current wife is in a fight with his first wife.
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welcome back. the first lady, melania trump is in west virginia visiting a drug treatment center that focuses on babies experiencing drug withdrawal and addicted mothers. >> it's a very passion of mine to have children and educate them. thank you for all that you do. you are doing an incredible job and i hope we give a voice to more places like this and open them more around the country to have more families and mothers and children. >> the second time she traveled without the president for an
9:43 am
official white house event and it comes after a public rebuke of her husband's first wife. this is melania trump. >> i don't want to call him that because melania is there and i don't want to cause anything. i'm basically the first trump wife. the first lady. >> laughing there at first lady. the first lady thought this. she plans to use her title and roll to help children, not sell books. there is no substance this to this statement from an ex. this is unfortunately only attention seeking and self serving noise. ouch. that's a pretty blunt go away from melania trump or don't dare. if you look at ivana trump, she is trying to sell a book. people go on television and say provocative things to sell
9:44 am
books. the i'm first lady that was clearly a joke did not sit well with the current first lady or the staff. >> it didn't sit well and it's not clear who those people were. it's ironic because they use the phrase attention seeking and they got the attention she was seeking. they elicited a statement that was not an easy thing to do i discovered in months of covering the white house. they don't say much, certainly not something about melania trump's personal life or her son's personal life. the fact that they decided to put out a statement is a deeper grievance. it's not clear what that is, but the first mrs. trump touched a nerve. the first lady has been extremely private since she came to the white house. to see such a barbed statement out of the east wing, it does
9:45 am
puzzle you. people would have seen the ivana clip and looked at it and laughed it off and this just elevates it to a new level when you see the actual first lady, melania trump responding. >> use her title and to help children and not sell books. >> she has carried her with more poise and dignity than a lot of people including the president. it's weird that she would stoop this low. you had the vice plt walk out of a game and the secretary of state calling the president a moron and the president challenging the secretary of state to an iq test. >> when you put it like that, it's so fitting. >> what's stunning is they allowed for the statement to be put out. in any other white house,
9:46 am
particularly in a crisis mode with the other things happening, you say you know what, we don't just put out a statement. she doesn't appreciate that or something. to put out a paper statement and the day before the first lady is trying to do something that attracts attention to a cause that she cares about seems -- >> we know number one, general kelly was supposed to take control over the statements. she knew about this. they pick the new communications director and well aware of the interactions between ivana trump, the mother of eric and don and ivanka. this is how much she is joking. this is taped before and ivana saying i'm first lady, joking and laughing in the "good morning america." similar question on fox. >> do you ever look at his position and melania being the first lady and think that's wri
9:47 am
should where i should be? >> not at all. i'm glad melania is there and i'm here. >> a different answer there. >> i'm with you on the statement. selling books is selling books that happens quite a bit. >> we are wondering what prompted the must have hit a nerve in the white house. >> an untold story. coming up, are democrats catching can't establishment fever and could it affect dianne feinstein?
9:48 am
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these make cleaning between myi love gum brand for healthy gums. soft picks, proxabrush cleaners, flossers. gum brand. welcome back. anti-establishment fever hardly a phenomenon. another suggestion that it's time for nancy pelosi and her leadership to go. now drawing liberal heat for announcing she wants another term.
9:52 am
dianne feinstein is the oldest democrat serving in the chamber, but she is not willing to be more aggressive challenging the president. the senator was booed for suggesting the president might improve. >> look, this man is going to be president most likely for the rest of this term. i just hope he has the ability to learn. and to change. and if he does, he can be a good president. that's my hope. >> now you have progressives in california saying let's primary dianne feinstein. is it real or just talk or is it ideological? she is too centrist or is it generational and there are a bunch of young people sitting around and in california you have nancy pelosi and jerry brown and dianne feinstein not next generation. are no one stepped up yet and a lot of the democratic
9:53 am
establishment did lineup quickly behind senator feinstein. kamala harris within a few endorsements. gavin newsom and we have the congressman who was a freshman who said i don't want to run for senate, but there should be a primary challenge on the left. a very liberal democrat from the bay area most well-known for the opposition to the war in iraq and afghanistan. there is that clamoring there. it's a lot of the reasons you just mentioned. it is generational. it's a different time for politics. she has a lot of policy issues. senator feinstein did not support single payer that has been growing as a litmus test on the left. she has been criticized that town halls were not supporting the issues. it is a lot of factors that does seem to be in a strong position to get reelected, but you wonder
9:54 am
how much that is going to grow. >> the same conversation as earlier. if you have the internal divide and civil war within a party, democrats have a chance to take back the senate. it's only 52-48. do you want to be fighting in a place like that that costs a lot if you run elections in california. they are trying to protect democrats in red states and maybe knock off a couple of republicans. you can't say don't do that. >> we talk about polarization and focus on the party and forget how much the democrats are pushing to the left. i thought the most remarkable thing is protesters say don't focus on dreamers, we need amnesty for everyone. as the tea party, some democrats are using the opportunity. that's strange because dianne
9:55 am
feinstein sponsored down the line liberal and a big supporter of this. it's remarkable to see what's happening on the left. >> it's also a response to president trump in ways. what we heard dianne feinstein say was like a standard response that you might say in response to any president acting what people think would be out of bounds. he has time to grow into the position. this is the way senators have talked about the presidents in the past, but this is not a typical president. many say you need to respond to him in a way that is not typical. she is of a generation and a time in the senate when that was the way things were handled and many believe that time has passed because of president trump. >> you cover the 2ru678 white house and it seems like a reality tv show. the president is having lunch with the secretary of state and
9:56 am
a lot of talk of attention at the with white house and a man who gets floated around as a potential replacement. john bolton who serves as embassador and seen going into the west wing. while this other meeting is taking place. next up, trump white house edition. quick break.
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>> i'm wolf blitzer. from wherever you are watching, thanks for joining us. president trump challenging the sex te secretary of state to an iq test and they are dining together. he is not finished with a very public feud mocking his height and accusing him of sounding like a fool. firefighters are stopping


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