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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me. we begin with the chief of staff making a rare public appearance before the white house press core. he said he is not leaving the white house, he is not firing anyone, and it is not his job to
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control the president, and he said the president's tweets do not make his job more difficult. >> i would just offer to you always i read it all of the time, i read it pretty consistently, i'm not quitting today. i don't believe, and i just talked to the president, i don't think i'm being fired today, and i'm not so frustrated in this job that i'm thinking of leaving. i would tell you this is the hardest job i ever had. this is, in my view, the most important job i ever had. i would offer that it is not the best job i ever had. the best job i ever had as i said many times is when i was an enlisted marine sergeant and infantry man. that was the best job i ever had. unless things change, i'm not quitting, i'm not getting fired, and i don't think they'll fire
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anyone tomorrow. >> received by some laughter in the room. just before he left the press briefing room, he also made notes on north korea saying americans should be concerned about the threat of nuclear war, and that the country, you know, he is hoping diplomacy will work. >> probably the biggest concern, and it's not an immediate concern, if this continues in north korea, if eventually other countri countries become nuclear powers, we already have some out there, there is a real impetus for a lot of countries to develop or buy nuclear weapons. >> with me now, douglas brinkly, michael dantonio. so gentlemen, wonderful to see you, douglas first to you, the
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fact that we were briefed by someone that we rarely hear from. jabbing at the media, but i stand by what i said, he was a breath of fair -- fresh air. >> he has been very shrewd to stay out of the media moments of the last few weeks. coming out today was refreshing. we didn't know he had a sense of humor. he is now showing he has influence on homeland security. his handpicked former chief of staff is now potentially going to be running homeland security and also happened to be a cyber expert. so i think kelly did the trump administration proud today by acting as professionally as he
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did. >> how do you think -- we were all noting, those of us sitting here as we were listening to kirstjen speak and mr. trump stay on teleprompter, and he was in a good mood, how do you think the president thought general kelly did? >> i think he had to have viewed his performance very positively as douglas said, this was kind of a victory for competition in the white house. i think the appointment that the president made was also a victory for competitikp compete. maybe today the country will pull for them to succeed. there has been, for too long, a sense that the president is resentble about those that didn't vote for him, those in the press that didn't give him the reviews he prefers, but we
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all want this white house to succeed. the world wants the president to succeed, and for him to get his feet under him. and if someone like general kelly can support him in that endeavor, the president should look very favorably upon that. and today i think he got the best support he has gotten in many weeks. >> today does feel different, that is what the white house is trying to put out there i think to michael's point saying victory for competition and listening to dana bash earlier, doug how much of this between the president twice today, both times, duck a teleprompt ter, we got to see him doing a really nice job. how much of this today is trying to take all of the chaos, everything swirling around the white house, and orchestrate it into a more positive and competition picture. >> just a news cycle ago people
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were talking about the 25th amendment. >> that was like five minutes ago. >> yeah. >> now that that is -- general kelly show there'd is a coheren coherencey going on. he is happy with the way things are going. he made a joke about reading donald trump's tweeting but not taking them all that seriously. he doesn't get flustered like the media might portray. i thought it was a great way to stop some hemorrhaging and get a new platform. it's amazing to me we have not had a homeland secretary head, we had these disasters and we have not had someone in place. so when you get someone as competent, it is a good day. >> general kelly in the briefing was asked about some of the
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feuds that the president has been embroiled in, most notably senator corker, calling the white house an adult day care center. asked about that and the chief of staff was candid with reporters and michael said listen, a lot of times he has the right to defend himself, and secondly often times i'm the guy picking up the phone and calling x congressman or woman on capitol hill to say hey, how can i help here. you wrote the book on president trump, you're familiar with how he does business, what do you make of that response that general kelly is the messenger trying to improve the message? >> i think he is a very good messenger, especially in this environment. the president has not adapted all that well to dealing with congress where he has 535 people
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with their own constituencies, backgrounds, and expertise. in the president's life experience he dealt with people who worked for him. that have no independent power in is a big challenge for him. i think it was note abble thano one on the republican side of the senate today up to contest what he said. usually there is push back, but they don't all feel the way that he feels. that had no have gotten through to the white house. maybe they have gone out too far on a limb here. maybe the president has gone too far. he turned in a different direction today. if he can maintain it we'll find out. the news cycles are exhausting. there is plenty that may happen between now and this evening
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that will change our minds. >> great point. michael, thank you. >> douglas, always nice to have you on as well. continuing on, new information here, breaking news we have details about the russian linked effort to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. one meddling effort that bridged facebook, twitter, youtube, t tumblr and pokemon go. really? >> yes, this was so much bigger. this account called don't shoot us, posing as part of the black lives matter movement used all of these platforms to create an eco system where these messages highlighting police brutality,
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trying to galvanize african-american outrage over police brutality would be reinforced across a network of platforms. and with some influence. we look and see videos that were viewed more than 350,000 times. a facebook page that had more than 250,000 likes. all of them linked to each other through an account registered to an address that turned out to be a shopping mall in illinois. that tumblr page promoted a pokemon go competition where if you went to sites of violence, and remaining the pokemon the names of the victims, you could be eligible to win a amazon gift card. the russians were trying to
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exploit those to create this network and reinforce that these were legitimate accounts being run by americans and they were being run out of the internet agency, that shadowy troll farm. >> when you heard all of this, you don't have the answer to the question. how do they know who to target, where to target, what the issues would be. did they have any kind of american help? >> that is the -- that is the big question. it is a question that robert miller is looking at. the question that congressional investigators are looking at. which was there any help or overlap. that question was put to sheryl sandberg this morning. she refused to answer the question of what facebook knew. but the strategy and the so fist case -- sophistication for how to press americans buttons and what
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issues were already devivisivdi they understood that well. when you start to think about the ways they encourage people to go out and be active in the real world, through things like pokemon go, organizing protestsing with contacting organizations about rallies they wanted to organize. >> it is mind boggling, thank you so much, keep digging. everyone go to to read more of what you've got. coming up next, an american woman and her family just rescued after being held captive by the taliban for five years. we're learning that her husband didn't want to get on the lane. details for what that means with the u.s. relationship with
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pakistan and joined live by a woman who has had family members die in puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria. her reaction today that the federal government can't stay there forever. endless shrimp is here with flavors you'll love. like new savory grilled mediterranean shrimp, topped with a blend of green onions, tomatoes, and herbs. and your favorites, like garlic shrimp scampi. now's the only time to try as much as you want, however you want 'em. so hurry in today.
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welcome back, you're watching cnn. president trump's feelings on puerto rico is changing again. he is threatening essentially to cut off aide saying that the fema and first responders are can't stay forever. people are still struggling just to find fresh water and food and they have no electricity. the president's tweets also
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curious because fema remains involved in relief efforts for disasters that happened years ago including super storm sandy and hurricane katrina. so jamie harper is back with us today, celebrity makeup artist, jamie it is so nice to see you again. always i understand that there are some tough updates from you. we talked a couple weeks ago. your family's homes were destroyed in puerto rico, they didn't have food or water, and now one of your uncles has passed away in a hospital i understand, i'm so sorry for your loss. >> thank you, brook, for having me. >> yes, one of my uncles passed away because of lack of resources. they can't save people without energy, water, or food. it keeps getting a little bit frustrating, but we want to keep hopeful that the situation will
12:19 pm
get better and help will arrive on time. >> you wanted us to share this picture, let's put the picture up of supplies your mother received. not from fema, you said this was from the red cross. tell me what we're looking at and has she gotten anything from fema? do they have food, power, and water? >> as of five days ago, she has still not received anything. she received that from the mexican red cross. so i'm extremely thankful they stepped in, some of the areas where help was not arriving on time, and we try to look at the news and see where is the help. there are some areas that are getting some help, but it seems like the center part, northwest of the island, is still
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suffering greatly. >> so when you sat the president's tweets this morning, and essentially saying, and the chief of staff saying it is accurate, but that fema and military literally can't be there forever, but again bringing up issues of accountability and financial crisis of puerto rico, how did that sit with you? >> i always like to stay away from politics. it just -- i find it hard to believe that it is really the president's words right there. that my family, my friends and loved ones, american citizens, a lot of people that are in puerto rico, they have fought for this great nation of america. did we hear from that from texas, from the response of texas or florida.
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it is kind of -- i still, i'm speechless because i want our president to step in and to help our people in need. our american citizens waiting for help. today i saw a video of a lady that was crying for help because there is no help, she has not received water and food. three weeks is just, three weeks is ridiculous. she asked fema for help to cover her house because it keeps flooding, and she has elderly parents and a disabled kid. and she was told to go online to do a request form. most of the people there don't have cell phone service, internet, food, and water. what do you say. there are people that are dies
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and where is the help? >> i'm so sorry for the loss of your uncle, we're going to stay in contact with you and share a spotlight on what it looks like there. jamie harper, thank you for your time again. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> moments ago, the white house and the state department sharing details of a hostage rescue involving this american woman and her family held by the taliban for five years, but the story doesn't end there. why the husband is refusing to get on this plane to bring him home. tallahass that's coming up. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them.
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we are learning new details about a family released from the military. the taliban released this video of the couple and their three children that were born under the terror group's watch. coleman's husband is refusing to get on the c 130 in fear of being arrested in his home country of canada. he was married to a woman whose brother was at guantanamo bay. where do we go from here? the state department attempted to answer that question.
12:28 pm
>> you repeated several times coming home. where are they now and where are they going to the u.s. or canada. >> i can't confirm any of that for you. i know they asked for privacy at this time and some of that will be up to the family to be able to explain where they decide to go and when they decide to go there. >> when you say coming home it doesn't mean -- >> i just mean out of captivity. they were in a very dire situation. you had all seen the videos of the family, and they were in distress. when i say coming home, it doesn't mean here necessarily. >> with me now sean turner, cnn national security analyst. and former white house director for afghanistan and pakistan. thank you for being with me. sean to you first, it's impossible to put ourselves in their shoes and having been, who knows what it was like for the last five years, to think the
12:29 pm
husband is not jumping on the first plane out of there is befuddling to people sitting here watching, what do you make of that. >> absolutely. and to your opponent, it is very fortunate this family has been freed, they have the small children. as you pointed out, they have been going through this for quite some time. as far as joshua boyle not getting on the airplane, there is a lot of questions to be answered here. i talked to officials in the community they were aware that he was questioned at some point in the past, it's unclear right now exactly what the canadian officials were questioning him about. there is no clear indication that there are charges pending against him. there is no clear indication what he thinks he would be sought for. at this point they don't have to come back to the united states and canada. it will be a channel for them to figure out exactly what he is concerned about and i think the
12:30 pm
canadian officials will have to be a little more forth coming as to whether or not there are charges pending. >> you know this part of the world extraordinarily well. the relation with them and the u.s., but first this is what the president said earlier, praising the government for helping this rescue. >> i want to thank the pakistani government and pakistan. they work very hard on this. i believe they're starting to respect the united states again. i think a lot of countries, right now, a lot of countries are starting to respect the united states of america once again. >> do you think that is a fair word, respecting the u.s. more? general kelly did not go that for, he said there has been a change in cooperation with afghanistan and the u.s., what do you make of those words and what is pakistan's motivation in
12:31 pm
helping them get released. >> i think it is a dramatic shift in how they have been talking about afghanistan just a few days ago or weeks ago. we heard them putting a lot of pressure on the pakistanis and needing to be true partners and with just one action he has changed his tune. i think it is a great opportunity to distinguish himself from obama. and the timing could not have been more perfect, they just had a senior level officials, and it looks like they came here trying to improve the relationship with thenitis and they went home and offered this as an incentive for the united states to be more positive towards the united states. this is not anything new. they have often done things that the united states has wanted
12:32 pm
them to do, if they are tactical, but they don't require a shift in pakistan's strategic calculus. there is no loss for them. >> what about, the fact is, sean, she was pregnant with baby number one when she gets kidnapped by the taliban network, and later has these other two children in captivity. i'm left wondering what do you know about this terror group and how they were treated. they were allowed to be together for some if not all of their time, what do you know? >> this is the a network that is affiliated with isis. they held beau bergdahl for
12:33 pm
awhile. it raises questions about what their day today life was like. they had a couple children in captivity. you also have a description of joshua boyle who refers to living in a basement and i think reporting that they referred to their existence as cofca-esque. this network can be brutal but they're also smart. they look at perceptions and make decisions based on perceptions. i think that as was pointed out. thank you both very much on that. we'll follow that closely and see what happens with the family. in the meantime, president trump claims the record highs in the stock market are basically reducing the national debt.
12:34 pm
the only problem is that is totally wrong. two economists join me live to two economists join me live to weigh in.
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welcome back, i'm brook baldwin. president trump likes to point to the stock market increases as him helping the national debt. the country, we took it over at $20 trillion. in the last eight years they borrowed more than they did in the whole history of our country. yet we picked up 5.2 trillion just in the stock market, possibly the whole thing in terms of value. you could say in one sense we're really increasing values and maybe in one sense we're
12:39 pm
reducing debt. >> i have steven moore here with me. he served as an economic advisor. also alexis goldstein is joining us. the gains reducing the debt, it is false, can you explain that to everyone watching. >> unless he is suggesting he wants to take the money and use it to pay down the debt, that would be interesting, but i'm pretty sure that is not what he is suggesting. these are two different buckets of money. and it is coming at a time when they are trying to push tax cuts. he is braking about the stock market and using it for an
12:40 pm
execute -- >> you're one of the smartest numbers guys i know, why is the president saying this? >> first of all, let's remember that every american is invested in the stock market even if they don't know they are. we have trillions and trillions of pension funds that are on the pensions of tens of millions of workers investing in the stock market, when it goes up everyone benefits. now the question about what impact does the increase in valuation of the stocks have first it is a guy began tiigant, but remember, brook that when stocks go up, people have to pay tax on those gains. if the company pays out those
12:41 pm
gains in dividends, there is also a 24% tax on the dividends. the federal government does better when the stock market goes up. >> but the fact that he has on more than one occasion connecting the two, it is wrong. november, look welco no, look, i think it is a direct correlation between the stock market and what happens to the debt. the debt is reduced overtime if we have a growing stock market and put more people to work. i think that was sort of the point that donald trump was making. the size of the asset base, the ability to finance and pay down that debt is greatly enhanced and we're in better financial position. >> that doesn't make sense when it comes to the policies the president is pursuing. he is trying to cut taxes and
12:42 pm
reduce the revenue. he just had an interview about puerto rico and the devastation there. we should be increasing revenues, increasing taxes on wel wealthy corporations. and he is talking about all of the record profits they're making. and i want to fight with steven a little about pensions. it would be great if they were in favor of pensions, labor, and workers they're making things harder for workers and to have pensions, and when companies have record profits they buy back their stock. they don't raise wages. they buy back stock, wells fargo, it has been in the news. it is certainly not lowering the deficit.
12:43 pm
>> remember when they buy back the stocks, what happens to the values of the shares of the stock for the marijuana people. that's what they're trying to do, increase the value of the voces. 57% of americans have less than $1,000 in americans. 50% are invested in the stock market, you're talking about half of americans that don't have a dog in that fight. >> you and i agree on that. that is one of the points of the tax cut. we want to create more jobs in america. we want to bring factories and businesses that left the united states, that have companies like burger king, other major manufacturers, we want to bring those companies back to america, make the tax code more competitive, and it does help the working class americans. >> but we have done this before. in 2004, you're talking about
12:44 pm
repatriation. there was a congressional research service report that shows what happened after that happened in 2004 is tens of thousands of jobs were cut and 90 cents on every dollar brought back went to shareholders, welty inve -- wealthy investors, some don't even live in the united states. it makes shareholders wealthy. >> i'm listening to both of you. i know the debates are fine, the false claims not so much, and i'm going to leave it there, steven and alexis, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, new york police launch a criminal investigation into harvey weinstein as he goes to rehab. we're going to talk about sex addition here. we'll be joined live by a sex addiction expert to discuss where it goes from here. for your heart...
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the developing case against harvey weinstein and the new york police department is now looking into the accusers allegations with planned to identify the women for the new yorker article that broke the story. douglas weiss is with me. it is great to have both of you on and douglas, you first. this is a man accused of
12:50 pm
horrendous things, including three cases of rape. we're reporting that he is going to a rehab or counselling. one would presume it is >> it doesn't cover it all. >> this is assault. >> it may be, sex addiction might have influenced his behavior, most sex addicts don't rape, hurt, violate women way in the way that this man has been accused of doing. most sex addicts are online, cheating, by themselves. here at the counselling center, we have people fly over and get successful help. and i've been doing that for over 30 years working with sex addicts, most do not commit crimes like this. so there are people -- >> what sort of rehab would he need, douglas? >> well, he's going to need -- first he's going to need a lawyer. but as far as dealing with his inner personal stuff, he's going to need to be in a rehab that deals with -- i don't know him,
12:51 pm
he might have multiple addictions, alcohol, drugs, sex might be one of the addictions. he'd be in support groups, deal with whatever issues are causing the pain because someone has to be in some kind of pain to create this kind of pain in other people's lives. this is someone who might see someone as an object and needs to become human again. to see women as people and as precious. i mean, the courage it took for this women is huge, and these are brave women. >> yeah. i'm going to come back, i have more for you. to you, the new york police department is launching investigations into these claims. they're looking at old files trying to see if there were any complaints that maybe they missed. what does that signal to you? >> in new york there's no statute of limitations for rape. a woman accused of weinstein of forcing him to have oral copulation. that may give rise to aggravated sexual assault. there is no statute of
12:52 pm
limitations. now that so many women are coming forward, that can help her -- help the prosecution if they wanted to bring charges, bolster what she's saying. the accounts she's having because weinstein seems to soccer a pattern of behavior, seen with all of these women again coming forward, that's going to help corroborate one or two of these cases that may actually go forward, but in new york, i mean, it's a free for all, they don't have statute of limitations. they should go in and investigate. >> which is huge. douglas, back to you, if he is going to this rehab and let's say harvey weinstein finds himself in front of a therapist and he starts talking and telling stories and -- i don't to want say -- >> you want to if he has a sex addiction, i wrote a book and we talk the types. biological history. pornography, self-behavior, psychological profile and parenting, abandonment, abuse, neglect. you've got to go through if he was sexually abused himself,
12:53 pm
some offenders abuse, some don't. you need to find out -- >> here's what i'm thinking about. pardon the interruption. i'm thinking about the women within what if he admits to crimes, can the therapist report them? >> if he gives them specific information as to who and when and something that's reportable. absolutely. the sthairps required to, if it involves a minor, now if it -- >> minor. >> it would depend on the state. now see, it would depend on the state or country he's in, and reporting laws that are in that state or country. so we don't know where he's going yet, right? >> we don't. >> depending on what the statutes are in that state would determine what the psychologists or social workers would have to report. >> what do you think? >> you know, just in general, the statute of limitations, time limits, that kind of thing definitely affects a lot of the claims that can come forward. we saw with bill cosby, how many women came out against bill
12:54 pm
cosby and one only actually went to criminal court. and so it's just going to take a lot of corroboration, cooperation from women, i'm just glad they're coming out. i'm glad they're speaking out, i'm dplad we're having this conversation, i want to emphasize that the court of public opinion also affects a potential jury pool. so if this individual does get charged with a crime and we have a jury trial, the conversation and trying to put blame essentially on the women for not coming out or why are they now speaking out, this is not something we need to be focussed on. we need to stop worry about what they didn't do and what harry weinstein did. >> amen. >> i think you're having two conversations. >> yeah, no, you hit the nail on the head, douglas, thank you as well. we're going to move on. coming up next, the white house chief of staff speaking quite candidly to reporters this afternoon saying almost kind of jokingly, kind of not, but he's not leaving the white house. and also saying it's not his job
12:55 pm
to control the president. stay with me. is this a phone?
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1:00 pm
i'm brooke baldwin, thank you so very much for being with me. we're going to washington, the lead with jake tapper starts right now. thanks brooke. chief of staff kelly describing a president trump that you might not be familiar with. the lead starts right now. it was a rare moment the white house chief of staff candid in front of the cameras, what he said about the charge that he was hired to control his boss. after five years as terror hostages an american woman and husband and three kids they had in captivity are finally safe, but what really happened during the critical mission that gave them back their freedom? plus, tax payer tap. cnn obtained documents that show you are paying top dollar for the president's trips to mar-a-lago and he might be making quite