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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 14, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> thanks so much for being with me today this saturday. see you tomorrow. our coverage continues with ana cabrera. it's 3:00 in the afternoon here in new york. noon in santa rosa, california. i'm ana cabrera. an anenormous part of californi looks like this today. it's not just huge forests going up this flames. there's a terrible human toll. at least 36 people are dead. many, many others are missing. there whereabouts unknown and the worst news, firefighters say they're not even close to getting this disaster under control. this is santa rosa, california where entire neighborhoods are gone from the map. in the past few days nearly 3,000 homes have burned to the ground. a new fire that erupted yesterday forced officials to
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order thousands of people to leave their homes or risk their lives if they stay. watch these courageous sheriff's deputies going door to door as they try to get people to safety. >> where you at? >> right here. come on. screw your shoe. come on. >> she's disabled. let me get her feet. your husband's right behind you. >> sheriff we're doing a carry out. >> ready? >> hold up. hold up. >> the biggest fire is in napa and solona county. the heart of california's wine country. that's where 50,000 acres have burned so far. 17 separate fires are burning. 36 people are dead. more than 200 unaccounted for. 220,000 acres are destroyed. california emergency officials expanded the red flag warning to impact about 20 million people. that's the highest alert issue meaning conditions are dry and
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windy that the slightest spark could trigger a major fire. let's get out to sonoma county right now. are people following the ordser? >> reporter: they are. we're in that area. they extend some of the orders to the city of sonoma. i want to show you what's happening. this feels a bit like the fire's last stand. the red flag warning is going for another four or five hours. the planes, helicopters, ground troops or firefighters and bulldozers all working this area very hard. several different fires have come together here just down this way where you're looking right now. that's towards santa rosa. you can see the helicopters there.
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they have been very, very intimate with the fire. they have been moving into a small area where there's water and very quickly dumping it right on the fire within a half mile or where they are picking up water. just an incredible effort by firefighters here. thousands have poured into this area. they expect at 5:00 p.m. specific -- pacific time. that will be the last of it or the worst of it. the winds have already started to come down just a bit. they think they may be getting a hold of this. i've never seen as mump air trachk traffic on a fire like this. dc-10 tankers have here as well as helicopters and thousands of firefighters. never seen anything like it. they are working hard to make sure this fire doesn't move into new thabdneighborhoods. >> what are you hearing about the size and the direction of fires and how many people are in
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very real danger right now. >>burning out in wild lands. they've had the evacuations here. they think with the number of resources that they have on it that they can keep it in that area as long as the winds cooperate which they seem to be doing. it won't go any further. they are not taking any chances. clearly thousands of firefighters and planes and helicopters and bulldozers and everything on this piece of the fire right now. >> glad to see you staying far away, staying safe. thanks if that update. weather conditions make the difference in the world of firefighters trying to control these deadly wildfires. the wind and high temps are still working against them and meteorologists alison is in the severe weather center tracking the latest. >> the firefighters were able to make such advancements in the
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contain m going from ment going 40% on friday. the concern is that may be reduced quickly due to the strong winds that began overnight last night. some of those wind gusts upwards of 60 miles an hour. the good news is the winds are expected to die back down as we go through the evening hours and especially overnight tonight. air quality is still expected to be unhealthy. not just in san francisco but farther north into the wine country region. one thing that's going to be a concern for firefighters is the fact that temperatures are also going to increase especially by monday. some of these locations are looking at 10 to 15 degrees above average. that will hinder the firefighters in being able to fight fires as well.
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we had so much rain in the winter and spring. this is a map of april 2017 showing the rain they got. it fills the lakes, reservoirs. it's great for agriculture and greats new vegetation but the vegetation dries out in the summer months and thus becomes fuel for a lot of those fires that we have right now. what that means is you have more of that new vegetation help fueling the fires now than you would have had in the past few years when we had severe drought. >> terrible situation. thank you. scott is on the phone with us opinion. you are at the base camp area where fire crews are being dispatched and firefighters are
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returning after their shifts. what can you tell us about the conditions and the dhchallenges? >> we had another fire break out early this morning around 4:00 called the long fire. it's about a hundred acres. they have stopped the spread. that's in the middle of the night. that's how quick and easy these fires are starting. the nuns fire, we're working on right now. we had some evacuations at 3:30 this morning just north of the fire where it came across the line and displaced several people. down below on the same fire, the nuns fire on the southwest side, we had about 300 plus acres. that was this morning. i haven't gotten any recent updates of that. it skirted around the community of sonoma. this is 3:00, 3:30 in the morning. it was probably like 40 degrees
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this morning. these new fires are sparking at that time. the stories we're hearing are absolutely terrifying. they are heartbreaking about people burning alive, trying to escape, driving off roads because the smoke is so thick. dozens of people have lost their lives in these many fires that are across southern california. >> this is the fire that went to the community of mariposa. due to the speed of this fire they went into the rescue mode and safety mode of personnel out
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front. they are extremely heroic. this is the area where a lot of lives were lost. 17 in the state. >> so sorry to hear. it really is a sight to see and realize it's hard for them to see what they are doing as they try to make these rescues. across the state more than 5,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. do you have any crew members that have lost their homes? >> yes. a friend of mine works with me
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on the public section, his home was destroyed. he has a 9-year-old daughter. >> i'm sorry to hear. thank you for taking the time. best of luck to you and your fire crews and god speed. thanks again. there are dozens of gut wrenching stories emerging from the fire zone. 14-year-old ky is among the youngest victims. he died in his driveway while trying to evacuate with his parents and sister. macy jenkins spoke with his aunt. >> i wish i had hugged him a lot more times. >> reporter: a family of four spent the last two years living in their dream home in redwood valley. a dream consumed by fire early monday morning. >> we had no thought in our minds that they would be hurt by this fire. we thought they were just coming down the mountain. >> reporter: they got call at 1:00 a.m. from their daughter sarah saying fire was nearby and
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they were about to evacuate. >> they thought they had plenty of time to get down and we were waiting to hear from them. >> reporter: sarah's sister mindy said the family never got a second call. >> then it took some time to piece together what happened up there. >> reporter: four hours after she called her family, a neighbor found the mother of two and her 17-year-old daughter in the driveway incoherent and barely conscious. >> she and my sister have burns on 60% of their beside. >> reporter: paul ran towards the house to get them water. >> about 30 feet down the driveway. >> reporter: that's where he found 14-year-old ky lifeless on the ground. >> when i got the call about ky, i couldn't stand. i fell to my knees and i just said, oh, no. >> reporter: mindy found out later sarah and her husband john were driving away with the kids when both of their cars caught on fire. they jumped out, scattered and lost sight of one another. john is still sedated in a san
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francisco hospital and in an attempt to save her life, cressa lost both of her legs in surgery. mindy said she is not ready to tell her big sister that her baby boy didn't survive. >> i can't imagine waking up to worst news than my sister is going to wake up to. >> reporter: she's blown away by the support from her community so far but notes the fight for survival is far from over. >> i have my life and i have my family. all i can do right now is use all of this strength and all the, everything i've been through up until this moment to be here for my family. >> what a story. mindy will be joining us in our next hour to talk more about her family, her nephew who has lost and the road ahead for all of them. still ahead, waiting his fate. disgraced mogul harvey weinstein's future is being decided as we speak.
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will the academy of motion pictures strip him of his membership or take away his oscar. gloria allred, the attorney representing several of his accusers joins me live, next. w, i wanted him to eat healthy. so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives.
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the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress during the final days of our fall sale. ends sunday. visit for a store near you right now harvey weinstein's future is being decided. the academy is deciding whether he's remain a member of that group. some are asking whether the academy will go a step further and take back his oscar. we'll bring you the outcome of their vote just as soon as we have it. in the meantime i want to talk more about this with wiomen's right attorney gloria alred. i want to start with some of the legal information we're getting. e understand that there we understand there's a london investigation. new york police are
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investigating allegations. do you think we could still see criminal charges? >> i think that's very possible although i don't know whether it's probable. it's going to be important for law enforcement to investigate whether or not they believe there's sufficient evidence to conclude that crimes were committed in their jurisdiction. in new york, in london. while i will not identify any accusers that i represent that, in fact, i have been contacted by persons who allege they were victims of mr. weinstein in london and in new york. we'll have to see where that goes. the district attorney in new york and any prosecutors in london would have to be sure that there was sufficient evidence before they file a case or if they decide to file a case
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against sump a high profile figure. >> how many of these accusers have contacted you? >> numerous. i have not stopped to count. i was on the phone yesterday, thursday. i have calls scheduled for later today, for all day tomorrow with numerous persons contacting me from all over the world. not just in the united states. we want to screen everyone very carefully. really think about if there's way we can help them. i think it's important there be justice for victims or persons who can prove they were victims because this is not just about mr. weinstein. this is about allegations of sexual harassment that if proven, we would be able to show there was real harm to persons who allege they were victims, financially, socially, emotionally. these are somebody's daughters, mothers, sister.
12:20 pm
this is wrong and we're going to look carefully at what evidence exists. >> we do want to point out that weinstein does say that some of these accusations, those who have named names, who have publicly come forward and he says it was consensual. i know you have said prior to the number of accusers who you may be speaking with now that the statue of limitations had expired in a lot of those cases. what would be the legal goal for you? >> that's very important. statute of limitations is the time period set by law during which claim or lawsuit must be brought or the person alleging she has been harmed is forever barred from ever proceeding with a lawsuit. it can be filed but the defendant can have it dismissed.
12:21 pm
it's different in every state. it's different in other countries. we're exploring that very carefully because we want to see whether they have legal claims they can assert and advise them accordingly. in addition, ana, i have sent a letter to the board of directors of the weinstein company and they acknowledged to me that they received the letter yesterday in new york. i have requested a meeting as soon as possible with the board of directors of the weinstein company because they have indicated in a prior statement that they also want to make sure that there is justice for persons who are allegedly are victims of mr. weinstein and we want to assure that there is justice for them and that's why we want to meet with them as soon as possible and we will have some creative options to suggest to them so that we can work together for justice for these alleged victims. >> what does justice look like
12:22 pm
if the statute of limitations has expired and there isn't a legal path forward? >> well, again, we like to be creative lawyers. after 42 years i think we're going to have some ideas and we can think outside the box as well as inside the box. we want to propose our suggestions face-to-face with mr. weinstein, bob weinstein and the other members of the board in new york or in los angeles as soon as we can do that and wooewe'd like to share what we have in mind and after we share it with them, have a conversation about how we can protect and assist and vindicate and compensate these persons who are accusing mr. weinstein. then we'll see about whether we can share our ideas with the public. time is of the essence. >> we know there's some power in being able to speak out. i know there's only one other
12:23 pm
accuser who has contacted you. one of the accusers who has felt comfortable speaking publicly. we would love to share their stories because it's important to shed light on this broader issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment. i hope we can keep in touch. >> thank you slr much. we appreciate it. >> we're having some new information. new details on the hotel and how the shooters specifically targeted law enforcement. stay with us. you're live in the cnn news room. d is good and clean and real, it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be. pabut with odor free blue-emu continuous pain relief spray,
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the timeline for the worst mass shooting in american history has changed again. we now have a clearer picture of what happened when a gunman opened fire on concert goers at the harvest festival in las vegas. very little time passed after the gunman shot a security guard and fired into the unsuspecting crowd killing 58 innocent people and injurying some 500 others. bryaned bryan todd joins us. >> reporter: the latest timeline has police on the same page with the mandalay bay hotel. there's new information on how the gunman specifically targeted
12:29 pm
law enforcement officers. the sheriff delivering the news as he appeared before reporters looking drained. the las vegas sheriff revised his story on how the lass vegas massacre went down. >> word incompetent has been brought forward. i'm absolutely offended with that characterization. this is a very dynamic event. very big event. thousands of people involved. humans involved in documentation. >> reporter: police believe hotel security guard happened upon stephen paddock around the same time he began shooting at the crowd on october 1st. not six minutes before it began as the slheriff said on monday.
12:30 pm
>> he received his wounds in close prom similximity to 2205. campos tried to enter the floor from the stairwell next to the shooter's room only to find it has been dbarricades. >> he screwed shut the door with metal and screws. >> he knew we would be coming out the door to gain entry into his door. he tried to barricade it as best he could. >> reporter: police say campos was forced to take another route to the 32nd floor and once in the hallway the shooter opened fire. new information from the sheriff on his tactics. he says at one point the killer turned his guns away from concert goers when he saw police arriving. >> it's readily apparent to me that he adjusted his fire and directed it toward the police vehicles. >> reporter: with tears welling in his eyes.
12:31 pm
>> excuse me. i'm emotional. >> reporter: the sheriff said his officers rushed to the scene and were trying to save lives. he visited some of those officers this week. >> sustained four separate gunshot wounds. the reason i bring this one up, he asked me if he could go back to work today. >> reporter: tonight the biggest mystery surrounding the worst mass shooting in modern american history continues to swirl. >> to me the biggest mystery is the motive. it's very odd we don't know why. when we look at not just mass shooting but anything we know what the motive is fairly quickly. the mystery to me is that here we are almost two weeks out and we have no idea why this guy did this. i think he didn't want us to know the motive. otherwise we would have found it out by now. >> reporter: investigators are still doggedly trying to piece all of that together. the sheriff saying they are trying to establish a timeline of stephen paddock's life and
12:32 pm
everyone he was ever associated with. >> thank you. president trump taking big steps to dismantle some of the biggest accomplishments of president own. is it personal? we'll talk about it in the cnn newsroom. believe the health of our water sources is essential to the health of our communities. which is why we're helping to replenish the mighty rio grande as well as over 30 watersheds across the country. we're also leading water projects in more than 100 communities. and for every drop we use... we're working to give one back. because our products rely on the same thing as we all do... clean water. and we care about it like our business depends on it.
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book now at that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. president trump has been steadily chipping away at obama's legacy. this week he pretty much picked up a sledge hammer. the president dealt a possibly deadly blow to obamacare announcing he would no longer pay subsidies to insurers. it's helped low income americans be able to afford insurance. less than 24 hours ago the president announced he was decertiying the iran nuclear deal. these are the two latest
12:37 pm
policies he's taken aim at but they are not the only ones. he's gone after the paris climate agreement, dpp, daca, transgender military and the keystone xl pipeline. tim, when you look at that list, do you get the sense that trump's agenda is to dismantle obama's legacy. >> it seems very personal, doesn't it? >> it does. >> here is a difference between a negative vision and a positive vision. roj ronald reagan came in with a positive vision. it was a set of regulations. donald trump promised a revolution. it's totally disruptivdisruptiv. >> they liked he was a disrup r disrupter. >> this is where the discussion
12:38 pm
may go and should go. we should stop talking about the obama legacy and talk about what the policy objectives were of the two main policies you just mentioned. health care. is the trump approach going to guarantee coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. is it going to guarantee for people under the age of 27 and ensure we don't have 25 uninsured americans. is it going to ensure that iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon? on both sides of the aisle, republicans and democrats agree that iran should be prevented from getting nuclear weapons. what the president ought to do rather than focusing on obama is tell us why this particular approach, moving outside a multilateral frame work is a better way of deterring iran pap that's ha he should be doing. it's too late for him to say this is better than obama. obama's gone.
12:39 pm
obama is not the president of the united states anymore. donald trump is. please explain to us how your approaches will deliver those two promises. >> is there any parallel in history where we have seen somebody do something similar and it's worked out pretty well? >> where they have been totally negative? >> taken away what their predecessor did an implemented new approaches? >> implementing new approaches can work. again i go back to ronald reagan. there's a sense of time mr. trump wishes to be ronald reagan. ronald reagan put forward a revolution and when he got to washington he realized that some of the things he thought about washington were wrong. he undertook some course corrections. ronald reagan increased taxes over 20 times. he called them revenue enhancemen enhancements. he changed his policy toward the soviets. he did it well.
12:40 pm
he explained how he was doing it. he didn't always say he was changing his mind but he engaged in course corrections when he felt it necessary. that's the difference between a leader and someone who comes in just wanting to dismantle what was there without putting anything in place to replace it. congress has to ask the president, forget about obama. tell us how this approach will ensure that iran doesn't get nuclear weapons. tell us how that approach ensures our intelligence service has the access to the nuclear -- >> because of the way our democracy is set up, the ball is in congress's court where they don't have to ask the questions. they can come up with the answers with the solution. i wish we had more time. next time when we come back. thank you so much. >> one of the world's most salmon fisheries is facing a
12:41 pm
toxic threat and it's because of action taken by the head of the environmental protection agency right after he met with a mining executive. an exclusive cnn investigation.
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12:45 pm
the list of controversial moves by trump's epa administrator is growing. clie mamate change is no part oe plan. there's no mention of carbon change, carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions in the plan. epa administrator moved this week to rescind the clean power
12:46 pm
plant and we have new exclusive reporting about a proposal to remove clean water protections in alaska. a move made after pruitt met with a mining company executive. we have details on how it happened. >> reporter: the meeting at epa headquarters was brief and to the point. by the time it ended a mining company hoping to dig for gold and copper got just what it wanted. on monday, may 1st, the ceo of pebble limited partnership asked epa administrator scott pruitt to withdraw environmental restrictions on alaska's bay. they were put there by the obama add min stratsministration to s company from building a massive mine. he quickly agreed. a little more than an hour after he met with the mining ceo, epa staffers were shocked to receive this e-mail obtained exclusively
12:47 pm
by cnn that says we have been directed to withdraw restrictions. the proposed protection of that area was being removed. pruitt opened the door for what the epa feared could become one of the largest open pit mines in the world in an extremely sense tifr wat water shed in wild alaska. he made the decision without a briefing from any of epa's scientists or experts. >> absolutely. i met with mr. pruitt. >> reporter: for pebble limited partnership ceo it was a huge win and it comes with new apologies. >> do you think it was not wrong that mr. pruitt did not look at what the work had been done? >> not a science decision. it's a process decision. >> the optics on this look -- >> the optics on this are right. they don't look bad. >> this looks like a head of a gold mine went to a new
12:48 pm
administrator and got him to reverse what an entire department worked on for years. >> put your glasses back on. you're not seeing the right optics. >> reporter: the obama epa protection detailed in hundreds of pamges is called a clean watr act designation. so rare it's only happened like this one other time in the epa's history. it was put on bristol bay to stop pebble mine before the owners applied for a permit. the mining company sued the epa saying it wasn't treated fairly. the same morning pruitt met with mining company he agreed to settle that lawsuit as well. to understand the significance of the decision that day, you must first understand why the protection was placed on bristol bay in first place. it's home to one of the world's largest and most pristine salmon fisheries roughly half the world's wild sock eye salmon
12:49 pm
come from here. this water shed is among the last places on earth like this and intact ecosystem supporting 50 million wild salmon. part of life or indigenous cultures that stretch back 4,000 years. in 2011, pebble partnership's owner northern dynasty minerals file add mine building assessment with the u.s. securities and exchange commission. the mine would create a footprint bigger than the island of manhattan and thenearly as d as the grand canyon. alarm bells went off and local tribes and fisheries asked the epa to study the impacts a mine that big could have. after a three year study the it has the potential to destroy 94 miles and streams and
12:50 pm
additional 4900 acres above bristol bay. all these losses will be irreplaceable. the fishing industry here employs 14,000 people. no one knows how many jobs would be loss if the fish vanished. >> it is a bad place geologically to put this kind of thing protecting it works and patching it afterwards does not work. >> one of the scientists whose work was used in the study was thomas quinn. a professor at the university of washington, he has studied the area for 30 years. >> this is the jewel in the crown of america's fishery resources and salmon. if you don't think this is worth saving, what is? if you don't think there is danger in this, you have not looked at it carefully. >> according to several epa insiders, a briefing book is being prepared for scott pruitt. the scientist never got the
12:51 pm
chance to brief the administrator. unannounced to many at the epa and lobbyists have been lobbying to over turn their work, lobbying trump's epa transition team before scott pruitt was sworn in. >> it sounds like he had a friend at the add straigministr. >> without looking at the science and he says yes, we'll remove this. >> the premise of your question offends me. >> because? >> because i don't have a friend at epa. what i got is somebody that's following the damn law for the first time. that's not a friend. the issue was not a scientific issue. the issue was a due process issue. >> jean mccarthy disputes that and the clean water protection was based on science, decades of scientific research and years of
12:52 pm
study and public comment of the epa process. like many is stunned at all could be so easily undone of a bidding of a minding company. >> this was not about epa taking an extraordinary proactive step in its own. it was about using the tool to provide certainties to those alaskan natives and all the people rely on those resources for their jobs and economy and we would be protective of the ecological resource. >> by our reporting took one election and one-half hour meeting to over turn everything you did. >> well, well, i spent a lot more time on it than that. it was -- it is a very decision and one that deserves really thoughtful discussion between the career and political staff. >> scott pruitt declined cnn's
12:53 pm
request for an interview. >> the meeting with the mining company was an opportunity for administrator pruitt to let the pebble limited partnership known that they are being granted a fair opportunity to build the mine. scott pruitt did not prejudge the outcome of the process nor making any assurances of the final statement. epa reviews are based on the whole records, all the science and a natural proposal from the company. >> he made the decision after a half hour meeting of the guy who wants to mine gold. what am i missing? >> what you are missing is if they are right then we won't get a permit. >> pebble last week posted this document on its website tauting
12:54 pm
a new path forward, saying the mine will be much smaller and less impact and its policy is to work in a safe and environmentally manner. >> you know mining is a dirty business no matter how you get around it. >> i don't buy that for a second. >> are you telling me you will be able to paut clean mine opute that'll have no effect? >> absolutely. >> i find that a horrifying aspect. take the place in the world that you know best and you value most, the most beautiful and productive and special place you can conceive. the most devastating thing that you can do to that place, you will be horrified as i am. >> this story created outrage both in congress and alaska itself. several members of congress and the u.s. senate are demanding answers for the epa, wanting to know how this decision was made
12:55 pm
and up in alaska, they are wrapping up two days of public hearings and protests. as of right now, it seems like this decision will stand and this mine once thought too environmentally dangerous to propose being built is going to get a chance for a permit and potentially be developed. ana? >> drew griffin, thank you for the report. more than a dozen wild fires burning out of control in california. the weather today less than forgiving. the latest to santa rosa, next. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd,
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football. the passion for the national past times still runs deep. this week of cnn heroes, we share the love of the game. meet, rockwell. >> when you have a child who's dealing with a life-threatening illness, their treatment protocol maybe two or three years and their tanks start to go dry. >> you are a big ou fan? >> i am. >> it provides the opportunity for our family getting out as a family and being there together. days like this, they really motivate the kids to continue their fight. > > >> to see more of blake's story go to you are in the n


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