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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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former white house chief strategist steve bannon is talking tonight. moore has the full support of bannon and the white house and the president of the united states. murray joins us. standing behind moore today saying the president's position had not changed. explain that. >> it went from more what have a tepid backing of moore to this week a full blown endorsement. the position hasn't changed, but the president's willingness to go out and throw his support behind moore. here is what press secretary sanders had to say today. >> the president feels that he would rather have a person that
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supports his agenda versus somebody who opposing his agenda every step of the way. and until the rest of that process plays out, you have a choice between two individuals and the president's chosen to support moore. >> sarah, several weeks ago it was reported part of the reason the president was reluctant to speak out on this is because he was worried the conversation would move to his past accusers. is the president not worried object that anymore? >> i certainly think the administration that has seen that the conversation has turned to the president's own accusers who. we've seen the access hollywood from 2005 being talked about again, billy bush the other party in that tape tribe to rehab his image and discussing it. the president has been discussing this tape privately with white house aides. it's clear this story has come back to light. it's interesting when you talk to senior officials within this white house you hear comparisons, them saying, for instance, anyone who preys on children, that's a terrible
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thing. if these allegations are true, that's a terrible thing. they keep coming back to the bottom line which, as they say, we have no way of knowing if these things are true. as you remember, anderson, president trump when he was facing these allegations for more than a dozen women himself as a candidate flatly denied them the entire campaign. >> thanks very much. gary tubman is at the rally in alabama. he joins us now. bannon's been on stage for 20 minutes. he was going to bring fire and furry tonight. >> it is fire and fury inside the bar in southern baefl. he started off by saying there's nothing like spending a rainy with deplorables. that was the sweetest thing he said. he lit into people. democrats not surprised, the news media who he calls the opposition party. not surprising. then he's gone after people he calls establishment republicans, mitch mcconnell, jeff flake, arizona u.s. senator.
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but he reserved his most harsh treatment for mitt romney who ran for president of the united states eight years ago. mitt romney yesterday tweeted roy moore and the u.s. senate would be a stain on the gop and the nation. here's what bannon said about mitt romney. >> talk about another confusion, mitt romney. it was willlard mitt romney's, his tweet, whatever it was, that the only reason i'm going there a minute is you started it. all the insults you made about the president, all that backwards, everything's fine. you've got to jump in here. what he said yesterday, honor
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and integrity. honor that judge moore lacks honor and integrity. that's why you can't support him, couldn't support him. >> i did say mitt romney ran eight years for president. it was in 2012, which was five years ago. he did run for president. you heard what he said about romney. it was harsh and continues to go right now obviously people come here to see roy moore running for the u.s. senate in alabama. many people wanted to tell us they wanted to see bannon and they wanted to hear him talk like this. i will tell you another person, people are talking about, donald trump, the president of the united states who has made his endorsement explicit for moore yesterday. donald trump will be coming down here, but in a wink and a nod he will be in pensacola, florida. supporters want people to come to florida to the donald
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trump -- >> roy moore is taking the stage. you saw at the campaign rally. lots to talk about. phillip bump, maria cardonas, scott jennings and brian fallon. you would urge the president not tone dors roy moore and that he doesn't have a place in the u.s. senate. now that the president has endorsed him, what do you make of that? >> a couple things going on here. one, this was not the president's first candidate. the president supported luther strange in the primary, but now roy moore is the general election candidate. >> he was embarrassed, i think, reporting that he was embarrassed by backing the wrong candidate. >> i think he got bad advice on that and strange was not a good candidate. what the president's taking a look now, revelations coming forward with al franken and bob menendez, continued legal problems that have put a cloud over it. there's no reason the republicans should go and
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unilaterally disarm and take one of their seats off the table when it's a majority. infrastructure and all the different things. i'm, again, not a fan of roy moore, don't think he has a place in the senate, but i certainly can see the argument for saying why should we go ahead and fight with one hand tied behind our back. there's a bigger thing going on here, democrats are going to find a way to blow this election. they're falling into the same trap they did in 2016, attack, attack, and not define their candidate at all. no national prominent democrats have gone to campaign for doug jones. no one on this panel could tell you anything about jones' message and what he's for. they're falling for the same mistake as last year. >> it's smart that no democrats are going to alabama, because it is alabama. the fact that all of the polls have shown dog jones ahead i think tells you the trouble roy moore is in. i'm not saying doug jones will win, but there is a possibility. >> the latest poll was within
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the margin of error, as we saw in the presidential race, there may be a lot of people voting for moore. >> absolutely. but another thing could happen, which is, i think, something that we could expect. given that roy moore has these accusations of alleged child mo lotstation, you have the women's vote which is very much up in the air. we don't know how many republican women are going to go up to the booth and say, there is no way i can pull this lever for roy moore. we don't know. that's a big unknown. i think what is underscored here with donald trump now saying that he's all for roy moore, all of the republicans that before were turning their backs on him and now are saying, okay, well, it's up to the people of alabama, your seeing a fleet flip-flop of the principles and values of a lot of these republicans who at the beginning were against having a senate candidate representing the republican party who was accused of child molestation. so i think what you're seeing is that a lot of people are looking
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at the republican party, and many republicans have even said this, that they are shamed about that flip-flop on the moral values. it seems like the moral values and principles are out the window, party before principles. i commend romney, i commend flake. they're in the right place. >> this is the same sort of tribalism we see on all sides. john conyers as an iconic figure and not addressing the very serious allegations against him. >> yeah, in the absence of moral leadership on these issues people revert to their tribes. that's what's happening in large measure. although i would point out, i think the race in alabama is very close. this is a race that republicans ought to win by 20 or 25 points. it's going to be decided by a couple of points one way or the other which goes to show you the effects, the political effects of a candidacy like roy moore's. he might survive in alabama but you wouldn't survive it in a purple or blue leaning state. what i'm worrying about for the president on roy moore is, number one, there's no empirical
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evidence moore will be a solid supporter of the trump agenda. he opposed the obamacare repeal plan the president preferred in september. he is back and created by the liberal trial bar in alabama and has been for years. i guarantee you the liberal trial bar does not support what the trump agenda is. i think roy moore is a party of one and my prediction is he's going to come back to be a burr under the saddle of the trump agenda at some point. he might be with the president most of the time. there will come a day that roy moore will be a problem. i have been against this moore proposition from the beginning. it's going to ultimately haunt the president. i understand why he did it. i understand why the rnc did what they did. i ultimately think it's a brand anvil on the republican party. >> the thing that was striking to me, if you listen to the steve bannon speech, you'd think roy moore is running against mitch mcconnell, not the democrat in alabama. not donald trump aligned with roy moore, he can't surprise me
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anymore and it doesn't surprise me the rnc is lining up with donald trump. they are the political arm of the president. mitch mcconnell said on sunday it's up to the people of alabama. this is not a one-off issue, mitch mcconnell is in all-out war with steve bannon for the future heart and soul of the republican party. if steve bannon wins, he's going to be emboldened, enter races against other republican incumbents. if i was mitch mcconnell, i wouldn't be backtracking at all. i'd be drawing a line in the sand and put this idea that steve bannon is a goliath in the republican party. >> we've heard the media spin cycle about this. mitch mcconnell did not backtrack at all. there's going to be an election in alabama. they tried everything they could do get the governor of lem alabama to move this election. today mcconnell vuz very clear, said what he said from the
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beginning, i suspect if roy moore gets to washington there's going to be an investigation in the senate ethics committee. if there a silver lining, these women are never going to get a court hearing in alabama, but they might get to tell their story under oath to the senate ethics committee. >> do you really think that's going to happen? >> yes, i do. >> everybody's saying once we gets to washington, that's it. republicans won't do anything about it. >> mitch mcconnell said -- i suspect he's going to have a problem with the ethics committee. they're investigating al franken already. >> cory gardner, and i'll say, if he wins, i'll go ahead and unseat him. clear message this guy does not belong in the senate. >> he has said he doesn't belong in the senate. >> follow that through with a commitment to action. if he wins he will support not only putting it before the ethics committee, but not seating him. >> the clearest way to expel someone is go to the ethics
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committee and get a clear finding of what's come out in this election which is, of course, very troubling. >> we'll take a quick break. continue this discussion ahead. also ahead, more charges could be coming against campaign figures indicted in the mueller investigation. the latest when we continue. you can do it. we can do this. at fidelity, our online planning tools are clear and straightforward so you can plan for retirement while saving for the things you want to do today. -whoo! aleve direct therapy. the only remote controlled tens device that's drug free, wire free for deep penetrating lower back pain relief. and now get aleve direct therapy. available at walmart.
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sarah destroy.dent. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. you can tell that on television. >> we've been talking about the president's support for roy moore speaking there in alabama tonight despite accusations against him. he will face off against doug jones in a battle for senate seat one week from today. he's campaigning in fair hope, alabama, as you saw steve bannon was there with him. in his speech bannon took aim at establishment republicans. before the break we were talking about senator mitch mcconnell. here's what bannon said about the senate. >> mitch mcconnell from day one, and this is what you've got to
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understand with flake and romney and mcconnell and the whole crowd, this is the scam. they don't mind giving up a seat to a democrat. you know why? they don't mind being the my minority party. they can make as much money on the way down as they made on the way up. right? they would just -- as long as they can control the apparatus, donald trump won in wisconsin and brought ron johnson across the finish line, he won in pennsylvania and brought toomey across the finish line, won in missouri, won in north carolina and brought burr across the line. mitch, you owe your job to donald trump. >> back with the panel. the president by finally endorsing roy moore, it seems like giving coverage to the rnc to reverse themselves and other republicans. >> again, the point was made
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earlier, this isn't a huge surprise, president trump, the leader of the republican party, the republican party lining up behind him. the fascinating thing about this is that steve bannon's vision for the republican party is essentially a completely splintered and fractured republican party. he wants to have a republican party that's different than the party as it is right now. it's sort of in the abstract baffling this the rnc is coming down and taking steve bannon's side essentially. when we look at a poll that came out to do, half of republicans and half of democrats view the other party, their policies as a threat to the nation, that's the motivating factor. it's less about the party, the republican party and the leader mitch mcconnell as it is about the ideas the republicans stand for. that's what bannon and trump have tapped into and what moore has tapped into as well. >> a point made earlier, this won't go away if moore does win, very possible there will be this
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eth ethics investigation. >> there may be. my issue with this is that right now the one check that is failing to perform its function is congress. and, you know, we need people in there who at least have a minimum ethics bar. this is someone who's been removed from the alabama court twice for ethics violations. he's expressed an interest in being on the judiciary committee which as we know is overseeing some of the most sensitive and important investigations that are going on. it feels like, okay, he's just one person. but there's a boiling frog syndrome that can happen where once you cross this line it becomes easier to cross, you know, the next one. well, if, say, trump fires mueller, which a lot of republicans have said, that's going to be the line. well, is it? you know, you've already let in a child molester into your chambers. so what's -- where does the line
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stop? and i think it can infect the entire body. we need that branch right now. >> jeff flake, right after, i guess hours after he was sitting next to the president say white house write $100 check and instagram it out to the doug jones campaign, saying country over party. does that help roy moore more than anything else. $100 is not going to help doug jones. that whole thing, does it just hurt? >> first of all, can we talk about what a wimp? write a $2,700 check. if you're writing a check, $100 for someone for a politician like flake. one of the things, going back to a point phil was touching on a moment ago, the republican party that helped to elect president trump and that president trump has now created is a lot different from the republican party that jeff flake came to washington with in 2000. for some folks in washington,
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whether it be flake or mccorker, more mcconnell who came in 1984, the party has changed a lot since they've been in washington. they're just now realizing it. when we talk about issues like trade, talk about certain things that president trump -- this coalition the president was able to put together, it's a different party. that's why they seem so out of sorts. >> very quick point. i'm not sure they're just realizing it. during the tea party they were like there's a grass roots movement. we can stay on top of it. >> this the different. the coalition trump was able to put together with union voters, coalitions -- >> this is much different than the tea party. >> it's an anti-washington anger, yes, but now it's not just purely on ideological terms, but it's also anti-establishment. >> have us versus them talk inside the republican party, mr. bannon says that mitch mcconnell owes his job to donald trump.
6:19 pm
let's see what donald trumpios mitch mcconnell, 12 circuit judges by the time this year is over with, one supreme court justice, rollback of the regulatory state and oh, by the way, the tax reform plan that mcconnell and trump have been working together for months and month and months. the congressional republicans and the president are going to end the year unified and having accomplished quite a lot when that seemed not probable a few weeks ago. >> here's the danger for the republican party. yes, trump won in november 2016. he didn't win by a lot. the coalition that he put together isn't sustainable. the guy is at 35% approval rating which is a record low. for the republican party and frankly for the democratic party too to grow you have to be able to expand your base. he has been completely unable to expand his base. and by -- by supporting somebody like roy moore in a political environment where you need more women, where you need more minorities, where you need more immigrants who are becoming
6:20 pm
citizens, the republican party is absolutely not poised to be able to attract more -- >> isn't that same argument being made during -- i seem to remember that argument during the campaign a lot. his base is too small. he hasn't grown it enough, not enough diversity in there. he won. >> he did. he's the president now. the argument has a certain added urgentsy to it now. you've seen it in special elections across the country where democrats have won, states that trump won by triple digits. flipping the seats. saw it in virginia during the gubernatorial, just to disagree with jason, when jeff flake does something like that. what doug jones is going to need in alabama is a lot of republican voters to cross over and vote for the democrat. when national republicans like jeff flake say it's okay to do that, it sends a signal to rank and file republicans that you can vote democrat in this one
6:21 pm
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yes, indeed. amazing speed, coverage and control. all with an xfi gateway. find your awesome, and change the way you wifi. press secretary sanders is dodging questions about when president trump knew michael flynn lied to the fbi about contacts with russian officials. the president's side of that, in a tweet, when he allegedly asked the fbi director to stop investigating flynn. the white house attributes that tweet to president trump's personal lawyer. sanders referred reporters back to that lawyer's tweet and she didn't answer the timeline questions posed by reporters. he lied, and that was the reason for his firing. rick gates said in court federal prosecutors have told
6:26 pm
him more charges could be coming against his client. back now with the panel. legally speaking, how is that that there are more charges coming, to pressure them? >> in complex criminal cases, that can happen. it's called superseding an indictment. they don't call it amending, that's effectively what it's doing, new evidence or new charges, or new defendants. in this case it sounds like they told him there's going to be new charges. and yes, my -- my gut would tell me that this is to say this is going to keep going. and it could get worse. and we have more on you. he was a deputy aide. >> to manafort. >> to manafort. >> and clearly was very close, very involved according to the charges so far. >> and manafort, we know, has many of these connections to russia and russian intelligence and all of that is detailed in
6:27 pm
the indictment. this is, again, the strategy in these criminal investigations. you get people to flip, to get to the people that you want. and if what he -- right now he wants manafort to talk and manafort is not talking. he's actually continuing to spy while he's under house arrest. he ghost wrote an op-ed on behalf of -- for ukraine newspaper. you know, this could be, once again, more pressure for mueller to use against him. >> jason, do you still believe -- because the white house is, you know, kind of arguing that -- or asserting the investigation is going to be wrapping up soon. do you believe that? >> i don't know if soon. maybe there could be some interesting definition to soon. >> okay. >> but one of the things we've really kind of missed over the last few days here is the fact this announcement last week with general flynn had nothing to do with the campaign. and so for months and months all of the speculation and this talk that there was some coordination
6:28 pm
between the campaign and a foreign entity, we haven't seen anything about that. paul manafort and rick gates, they have their own problems. general flynn obviously lied to the fbi. that's a pretty obvious no, no. can't go and do that. still haven't seen anything that says that president trump did anything wrong or anything connected to the campaign. the election deniers like to get back and say the russians somehow swung the election. not true at all. again, going back to the point about soon, it doesn't look like it in and out. >> i mean, jason, don't get too excited thinking the extent of what you read on friday pertaining to michael flynn covers it. what we learned, what flynn may be guilty of, he's cooperating to such an extent that bob mueller is letting him plead guilty to a single thousand and one count. covering everything from violations to potential payments
6:29 pm
he didn't report, tax evasion, from my vantage point his exposure far exceeded manafort's. he got off with a slap on the wrist. the clear sign to draw from that is that he's cooperating and may well be shedding light on activities that happened during the campaign. >> or it could be just to cover his rear end or help out his son. >> the fact that it's a potential superseding indictment today, i think back to a couple weeks ago when we heard of manafort and his deputy's initial indictments being brought, people said it doesn't have anything to do with the campaign and now we're learning there's additional charges coming. you can't judge from any one news development that happens, that that represents the entirety of what mueller has under his sleeve. >> we've heard the refrain kointly it isn't tied to the campaign. we've seen the last week, another example of someone from russia reaching out through rick
6:30 pm
dear born, someone from russia sat next to don jr. there has been shown interactions between russian individuals and the campaign which have consistently, you know, the most significant of which being the trump tower meeting, consistently being brushed away as this doesn't necessarily prove collusion. >> it does with a foreign entity. >> when don jr. responds to an e-mail and says if it's what you say, i like it, the first e-mail he got, part of russia's effort to swik the election to you. i'm not a prosecutor, not prosecuting him for that. but there's a lot of smoke coming out of that gun. >> to follow that up, the clus thing, right, it has been proven that there has been collusion. the issue is, is this type of collusion illegal? we don't know yet. we don't know. we haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet. i think what is so dangerous about the flynn thing for donald trump is that -- and again this hasn't been proven yet. when did donald trump know that
6:31 pm
flynn lied to the fbi? his tweet was very telling. and this is why i think the white house is so scared and why they had trump's lawyer try to cover it up for him. because i don't know that there is a single person in this country that believes that flynn would have acted alone or that anybody in the transition would have acted alone in having the conversations with russians and that trump didn't know about it. i don't think there's anybody that believes that. whether that can be proven we'll see. >> you said collusion has been proven. that's false. >> meddling is different. i believe the russians tried to meddle in the election. i've thought that for a long time. that's different than collusion. regarding the tweet this weekend, dowd says he wrote it. we have sources that say he wrote it. i will say this, i'm nervous for the president. i want the president to succeed. i'm nervous he's not getting the best legal advice from dowd, if what he put in that tweet
6:32 pm
publicly is the advice he's getting privately, i'm nervous about that line of advice the president is getting. he needs great advice. >> the lawyer says pled guilty. >> he said he dictated it into the phone into the white house social media director. the president needs the best advice he can get. quick break, more with the panel. international concern after pickup calls arab leaders to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. three days of rage next.
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breaking news, a short time ago u.s. officials confirmed president trump will announce tomorrow the u.s. will recognize jerusalem as the capital in israel and will begin the process of moving the embassy there. palestinian factions, three, quote, days of rage and the u.s. state department is warning of violence due to the announcement. michelle kosinski is there. >> we know he's going to sign the waiver again. for the time being the u.s. embassy is going to stay in tel-aviv. this time around the president is going to declare the u.s. recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel, is going to direct the state department to move the embassy to jerusalem. but it's going to take a lot of time. there's no time frame on it. and it is bound to take at least several years. so how do you account for palestinian claims? well, the white house is saying the president is going to
6:37 pm
emphasize a commitment to the peace process, commitment to a two-state solution and that this move doesn't, by any means, settle the boundaries of jerusalem. they see this, as they framed it for reporters tonight, as simply stating the truth. they called it a historical and modern truth that jerusalem is the capital of israel. but what they wouldn't answer is, how does this advance or help in any way the peace process? they would only say, basically, well, it doesn't hurt it, anderson. >> what are you learning about why he's making this decision now? >> well, like i said, the white house is framing this as this isn't -- doesn't really change anything, just stating the truth. i mean, jerusalem functions as the capital of easy israel. just internationally it's not recognized as such. sources say this is the president wanting to keep his campaign promise, which he stated forcefully multiple times during the campaign and he wants
6:38 pm
to appeal to his base, he's very worried right now about losing parts of his base. >> other countries have weighed in about the decision? >> yeah, we've heard this throughout the day. aside from israel which supports this plan, the reaction from u.s. allies in the region and beyond range from confusion, like why even do this now, to condemnation. i think it was remarkable, even from saudi arabia, which was quiet for a while and has been working so closely with the president and son-in-law jared kushner on trying to solve middle east peace and other issues, they came out with condemnation, describing this plan right now using words as obstructing, complicating, and provoking, anderson. >> michelle kosinski, thanks very much. pack with the panel. how does this help the peace process if you believe in a two-state solution? there was the senior administration official not
6:39 pm
named essentially, as long as the embassy has been in tel-aviv, there hasn't been peace. maybe it's not a stumbling block anyway. the best case that's offered. from my political standpoint this is very true to donald trump. donald trump came to washington, had a sense that the things he'd been arguing for, the positions he was taking were the right thing to do regardless of what the establishment in washington said. this is almost as clear cut a case as you're going to see of the establishment saying, hey, maybe we should not do this thing because it will inflame tensions. donald trump going ahead and doing it anyway. >> plenty of republicans have run and said oh, this is what i believe and then let it -- >> not only republicans run on this. this has been the last four democrat national committee platform documents, '16 '8 '4, barack obama, they've said jerusalem is the capital of israel. jacobs is reporting he's going to sign a six-month waiver,
6:40 pm
exactly consistent with what prosecute presidents have done for the last two decades. people are trying to spin this today. but what the president's doing -- trying to be portrayed as counter to what everyone else wants. this is exactly what everyone has always done on both parties. >> i agree with scott on this point. it's actually u.s. law to consider jerusalem the capital of israel since 1995. it has been the law. what happens is every six months the sitting president of the united states signs a waiver that stops the proesz is of moving the embassy from tel-aviv to jerusalem. according to cnn's report, the president is going to sign the same waiver. they told the president the six months is coming up. you're going to have to sign this waiver again. he probably said, dammit, i hate -- no one will know the difference. >> i think the big question in six months from now whether he will then sign the waiver again.
6:41 pm
i agree it is vintage donald trump to do this, something he promised his base. we've seen how unpopular he is. he's afraid of losing his base. he needs to prove that he has some accomplishments under his belt after a year they've done nothing legislatively thus far. >> they've done a ton of stuff, judges, regulatory, come on. >> he has a 35% approval rating. this announcement to brian's point was more political grand standing. he did sign the waiver, the big question is going to be in six months from now is he going to listen to his foreign policy advisers that are going to say this is going to ratchet up tensions, this is going to cause -- and wreak more havoc. >> no, it's not. >> this is going to make your son-in-law's job of acquiring peace in the middle east a lot harder. will he listen? >> you can't go and move the embassy overnight. it takes a while to go and do it, the security protocols. >> there's a consulate in jerusalem. call it an embassy. >> you're saying it's not going
6:42 pm
to happen for several years? >> well, it will take hundreds of millions of dollars. >> what we're seeing is the president is going to give a speech tomorrow, israel is seeing who of the u.s. politicians are going to be allies. lip service, scott referenced one of the votes, 90-0 last year, the same people running for the hills and saying our withdrawal from tpp and from the paris accord, all these things are going to make and make the sky start falling. trump's making good on his promise, and good for him. >> the government issued a warning to people in jerusalem. >> quick break, more ahead. you can do it. we can do this. at fidelity, our online planning tools are clear and straightforward so you can plan for retirement while saving for the things you want to do today. -whoo!
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we that's why at xfinityic. we've been working hard to simplify your experiences with us. now with instant text and email updates you'll always be up to date. you can easily add premium channels so you don't miss your favorite show. and with just a single word, find all the answers you're looking for. because getting what you need should be simple, fast, and easy. download the xfinity my account app or go online today. breaking news from the white house. senior administration officials say president trump will announce tomorrow the u.s. will recogni recognize ge louis lem as the capital of israel. this comes after intense concern
6:47 pm
from arab leaders who -- 86 countries, including the u.s. have embassies in tel-aviv. so have embassies in jerusalem. back with the panel. if this doesn't mean much other than appealing to a base is it worth the violence it might stoke up in the region? >> that's the argument that -- i mean a lot of the foreign policy experts are saying is that it looks like it's not going to help the peace process and there was a warning, you mentioned this earlier, phillip, they're telling americans, giving warning of americans in israel this is happening. we saw there's going to be the days of rage. this, i think, from the analysis of a lot of national security experts will put the peace process in jeopardy. and i just don't know to what end other than fulfilling a campaign promise, other than fulfilling something that he believes will shore up his base, which i guess he thinks he desperately needs.
6:48 pm
>> it impairs the united states' ability to act is the intermediary. that is the project donald trump's own son-in-law is supposed to be in charge of. i hope -- what i hope is the case is that this is just another one of those instances where trump gets out ahead of his skis, tweets something irrationally or announces something, and then the sort of career civil servants that operate within the government actually prevail. so you saw this -- you saw this, anderson, remember, the president tweeted sort of rationally that he was going to ban all transgender individuals from serving open in the military. the general said that's not a great deal. the threat is still real for those in the military, but the policy change has not happened. on daca, the president said the same thing. six-month onramp and hopefully at the end of the year or shortly in the new year we'll see a deal that protects the daca children. i hope that's what happens here
6:49 pm
where the president says something that seems to keep a campaign promise but then the state department career civil servants carry out long-standing u.s. policy. >> this is the consequence of having a state department gutted, basically. you have this head of state, our president, who engages in what i call donkey kong diplomacy. then there's fallout. you need -- you do need people to pick up the pieces from that because he is not one for subtleties. i don't think fully appreciates that it's not just -- i'm going to do this and then, you know, for everybody will forget and think i did my campaign promise. it has actual repercussions on the ground. >> we're recognizing the capital that israel recognizes their capital. i don't know why this is such a revolutionary thing. >> it's a geopolitical issue. it has ripple effects. >> their capital is jerusalem, where all their elected
6:50 pm
officials are, center of government is. we're recognizing what they want as their capital. we don't know in the peace process how long that's going to take. i think kind of waiting around for, you know, until israel and the palestinians come to some magical agreement, that's probably not coming up in the >> you think this was a decision taken with very careful consultation. >> we're not going to get some, you know, comby yeah, every single country in the world to agree to this. jerusalem is israel's capitol. i like it. >> there's a lot of talk of campaign promises. he's keeping the promise of every presidential candidate for the last 20 years. >> thank, everyone. up next, today marks one month since the texas shooting.
6:51 pm
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each day justin at work... walk. and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move. one month ago today more than two dozen people were killed when a gunman opened fire
6:55 pm
at the first baptist church in sutherland springs, tex. among those killed the pastor's 14-year-old daughter annabelle. for the pastor and his wife sheri amid their grief, their faith remains incredibly strong. i spoke with them in their first in-depth tv interview. they both were out of town the day of the attack. here's more of our conversation. do you -- this may be a dumb question, but do you wish you were there? >> yes. >> you do? >> i do. >> can you say why? >> so she wouldn't have been alone. and i have my moments. i know i need to be here for the rest of my kids, but when i'm at my worst i wish i was there so i wouldn't have to be sad.
6:56 pm
>> you wouldn't have been to be going through this now? >> there are times that i wonder if i had been there because normally i do conseal carry -- and that's another thing. all the men that conseal carry, that we had active shooter plans, for whatever reason none of us was there, which is so rare. even if i had passed, i feel as though some -- even if i was down, could i hit him in the legs or anything so he wouldn't keep going. maybe i could have stopped the devastation that happened. people would have died, people would have got hurt, but maybe i could have made it half of what it was. it goes through my mind. i can't change the past. i've just got to move forward from now. >> it's hard not to think about -- i mentioned my brother.
6:57 pm
my mom was -- my mom to this day out of the blue will turn to me and say if i'd been able to -- if i'd been able to hit him over the head or something or stopped him, it would have made it difference. and it's still 30 years later and that thought is still stuck in her mind. >> i don't think we ever step away from the what ifs because we want to change. i'm sure ufamiliyou're familiar the 23rd psalms. you stop and harken those kind of thoughts, the ifs and what ifs, it's like stopping in the
6:58 pm
valley of the shadow of death. >> do you still think through? >> i still have my moments. in fact i was laying in bed and thinking i'm so thoughtful i let -- we had a great breakfast together and we sat there before school watching the hunting show in the living room like she wasn't supposed to. that went through my mind last night. the last night i was with her, there was no why didn't you clean your room or why'd you get this grade. the last moments she and i had together was great. before school, friday morning. my last words was you'd see me monday. we'll go out to eat dinner monday night. now, that was great, but laying in bed last night it hurt.
6:59 pm
i won't ever take her to dinner. so i have my hope. i have my moments. >> sunday service is now held in a tent next to the church. the church stands as it temporary memorial to the victims. i'm glad that we're talking now because i think in the immediate aftermath of something like this we were talking about people all around the country pay attention and then the cameras leave and people move onto other stories and people go on with their lives. but for you and for everybody whose lives have actually been forever changed, i mean it's going back to when you -- i mean you have to figure what the new normal is. >> yeah, i think everything's still too early to see what the new normal is. i'm ready to see what it's going to be. i'm excited to see what god's going to do.
7:00 pm
the neat thing about sutherland springs, there's not much there. but it's an a hill. and i think the new normal is god's going to build us a church there, and the people there, and we're going to be. >> "cnn tonight" tonight starts now. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. a dark cloud of the russia investigation looming over the white house. the president's overall approval rating at just 35%. so it is no coincidence that he is doubling down and playing to his base tonight. because that's all he's got. that includes standing by republican senate candidate roy moore, a man who has been accused of child moles station. a man the president exclistally endorsed on monday despite multip multiple accusations against