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tv   New Day  CNN  December 6, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PST

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they don't mind giving up a seat to a democrat. you're not going to be able to walk away now, mitch. >> he had a change of heart. i would hope he would withdrawal. >> should go to jail and not the united states senate. >> the president recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel, a decision that could rock the middle aoft. >> you are not going to restart a peace process when you make a move like this. >> he will ultimately make what he feels is the best decision for the united states. >> donald trump jr. preparing to face the house intelligence he committee today. >> we want to know more about the june meeting. >> how could vice president pens have remained in the dark. >> i want answers. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alyson camerota. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and
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around the world. it is is wednesday, december 6th. 6:00 in new york. the full throated endorsement of the accused child molester is having some having to choose between the candidate and their own principles. bannon once again blasting the republican establishment and slamming mitt romney but name, accusing romney of hiding behind his religion to avoid serve anything vietnam. world leaders are condemning president trump's announcement today that the u.s. will recognize jerusalem as the israel's capital, making good on a campaign move to move the embassy there. it could jeopardize any hope of peace in the middle east. no one has an embassy in
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jerusalem, and we will explain why. >> and donald trump jr. facing questions from the house intelligence committee behind closed doors on their russian meddling investigation. this comes amid new questions how much vice president pens really knew about mike flynn's dealings with the russians. we have it all covered. let's begin with caitlyn collins live in fair hope, alabama with our top story. caitlyn? >> reporter: well, good morning, chris. steve bannon has certainly been one of roy moore's longest and most ardent supporters. with six days to go in this hotly contested race, he was to give him a boost. but he spent most of his speech last night attacking what he calls the republican establishment. a spring of attacks on gop leaders. he saved his harshest criticism for mitt romney and senator jeff flake. to put this in perspective,
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chris, he yesterday mitt romney said voting moore would be a stain on the campaign. >> you're a total embarrassment. you avoid issed is service, brother. okay, mitt, here's how it is, brother. college deferments, we can debate that. you hid behind your religion. judge roy moore has more honor and integrity in his pinky family than your entire family has in its whole dna. >> reporter: as for roy moore, he did not specific on the specific allegations against him, ones that threatened to derail his campaign the last few weeks here, the same allegations that the white house was asked yesterday after the president fully endorsed roy moore. when a reporter asked the press
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secretary sarah sanders if the white house thinks it would be worse if a democrat would be elected over someone who was accused of sexual assaulting a child. >> if the president feels that he would rather have a person that supports his agenda versus somebody who opposes his agenda every step of the way. and until the rest of that process plays out you have a choice between two individuals, and the president has chose tone support moore. >> reporter: the president's support led to the rnc restoring funding for the moore campaign in the last few days which, alisyn and chris, is a welcomed boost for the roy moore campaign here in alabama. >> caitlyn, thank you very much for bringing us all of that. we have cnn political analyst and correspondent for the "new york times" maggie haberman. how did it work? >> sure. look, it worked as awe close
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poll. the president is not speaking to a ton of people. steve bannon still relay las messages to the president. the president has a paralytic fear of losing his base. we have seen under times of stress, he goes back to that every time. he sat back and watched. a lot of people in the white house would rather he didn't make this move. when he woke up and began his tweet storm on monday where he decided to wholeheartedly endorse roy moore, almost no one knew this was going to happen. people in the staff on the west wing read it on twitter like everybody else. he doesn't have a political operation in the white house as several people described to us that he trusts. there are very few people whose word matters to them. even though he does the thing where he asks everyone the same question 100 times. there are only a couple voices he's listening to. as off.
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>> he has a paralytic fear and it is paralysis by analysis. after the luther strange thing. the cell from sanders, which is an echo effect. it is not like she's creating her own message. she wants someone who supports his agenda. that agenda will be seen exclusive of women's empowerment. because that's what roy moore represents for those who won't vote for him within that party. >> suggesting that you would rather have the vote for your plan when you are faced -- this is not just allegations about harassment, this is specific to sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old, a minor. >> assault. >> the claims against roy moore, which he has denied, are much worse than a lot of what we have heard just on a different level
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in terms of the national conversation about harassment and misconduct. they are not particularly concerned with that. the president wants to tax this tax plan, the tax cut. that is a misnomer. it is not a tax cut. they would not be the first white house to do that. but the president feels like, to your point earlier, he endorsed luther stri luther strange. he felt he got burned. he didn't do what he wanted him to do. and it ended up singing him. >> he's going to make up for that regret now, dig in and go for the candidate he believes will win. >> and we have seen through this year, he believes he is more
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precise than the advice he gets from other people. if roy moore wins, that will be another point he will point to. >> they were getting so much questions from the press and why. >> you have a choice between two individuals. the president has chosen to support more. >> even if that person who would have supported him. >> the allegations are concerning. if true, he should step aside. we don't have a way to validate that. that is something for the people of alabama to decide and we maintain that. ultimately it will come down to the people of alabama to make that decision. >> how can that vote in the senate be that important that you would take a gamble on somebody who has been accused of molesting kids. >> i think that's something -- as i've said, that is something for the people of alabama to decide. we find the allegations very troubling. this is up to the people of
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alabama to make that decision. i'm not a voter in alabama and can't make that decision. >> why endorse him? you're influencing the decision by endorsing him. secondly, are you saying no matter who runs as a member of the gop it's okay as long as you are in lock step with the president the way he wants. >> once again, i'm not going to get into every person that could or couldn't run down the line. >> this one. >> it took a few rounds. but if you want somebody who follows your agenda, that's fine. but if you're troubled by the accusations, don't endorse the man outright and do what you say you want to do. the escape clause is let the voters decide in alabama. don't endorse it and leave it to them. that's not what the president has done. >> i thought that question was very good and precise. everything else is the same thing over and over again. >> it's a criticism. >> and a criticism she is able
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to dodge. you cannot say let the states decide as the president tells you what you should do. they are basically saying, and that held sarah sanders to this point. she's not setting policy. she is saying what she is told to say from higher up. basically they made the point that essentially there is no bottom here. there is no hard principle that you will stick to. as we know with trump, that is basically his philosophy. >> we have to, again, play the steve bannon sound from last night, him in alabama. naked hypocrisy is -- let's listen on to this. >> you ran for commander in chief. you had five sons. not one day of service in afghanistan and iraq. we have 7,000 dead and 52,000 casualties. and where were the romneys during those wars? >> where were the trumps during those wars? >> well, one trump had bone
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spurs. >> donald trump. >> and five deferments. so he can go after mitt romney and his sons. have the trump sons signed up for military service? >> that is what we saw repeatedly through the last year, is donald trump ignoring changes made against him, legitimate charges made against him. no puppet, you're the puppet when she accused him of being a puppet of russia last year. it is jarring and remarkable to see bannon on the stage like this, like a principal in his own right. you don't normally see a chief strategist like this. that looked like a rally for himself. but he is suggesting mitt romney was hiding behind his religion. i'm not sure how well that is going to go over with a lot of people, especially in utah where he is a possible senate
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candidate. the white house is trying with a lot of effort at least behind the scenes to get orrin hatch to stay in. >> orrin hatch is not going to do anything he doesn't want to do. if this is an ugly display of us versus them but not the most stark one. >> no. >> you should watch poppy harlow's interview with the roy moore supporter. that is the most stark example going in in that roy moore campaign. we're going to transition. in just hours, donald trump jr. will be on the hot seat, not about whether he served, but members from the house intelligence committee. what vice president pens knew about michael flynn's contacts about russia that that meeting that don jr. was so anxious to have. jeff zeleny is live at the white house with more. >> reporter: in a few hours's time, the house intelligence committee will be the place where lawmakers for the first
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time can ask donald trump jr.'s, the president's oldest son, questions about the russia investigation. particularly back in june 2016 at the trump tower. those questions this morning are raising new questions if he will face part of the mueller investigation in the weeks to come. new questions about how or whether vice president pence could have remained in the dark over michael flynn's talks with the russian ambassador. it is causing anxiety within the president's inner circle, that he will eventually be called for an interview with special counsel. court documents unsealed last week show several trump advisers talked about his calls with sergey kislyak over u.s. sanctions even as pence's aides still insist the vice president
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was unaware. how could they have known and pence did not is a mystery hanging over the trump administration. on december 20th, pence holds a national security meeting at the transition offices in washington. the day president on obama approved new sanctions against russia for meddling in the 2016 election, president-elect trump said this. >> what do you think generally about sanctions? >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. >> flynn calls k.t. mcfarland at mar-a-lago with other transition officials to discuss russian sanctions. flynn calls kislyak. 16 days later, january 14th, pence calls flynn to personally ask about his calls with kislyak. pence goes on television. >> i talked to general flynn yesterday, and the conversations
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that took place at that time were not in any way related to new u.s. sanctions against russia or the, pulgz of diplomatdiploma expulsion of diplomats. >> reporter: five days later, trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. pence is sworn in as vice president. on february 9th, a "washington post" story reveals flynn did, in fact, discuss sanction witness stand kiss lamb. on february 14th, trump fires flynn. three days after that, the president offered his reasoning for flynn's dismissal. >> he didn't tell the vice president of the united states the facts. and then he didn't remember. and that just wasn't acceptable to me. >> reporter: so the question here looking back at all of that is how the vice president could
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have been left out of the loop of all of those conversations. we talked to seven officials who worked for him at the time in the transition and who still work for him. they told us all he did not know any of the details about that conversation. chris, it does raise questions how the vice president could have been essentially one of the only senior officials here at the white house who didn't know about that. now, that is something that we may learn more about in the coming days. the vice president's office on said they are not preparing for any testimony with special counsel's office but of course they would cooperate in any of this as it goes forward. for today at least it's donald trump jr. on capitol hill. >> a little bit of a bad or worse proposition, right? it's bad if he didn't know anything. these were key transition meetings. it is is even worse if he did and covered it up. coming up on "new day", we'll get reaction right from the heart of trumpdom. kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, will come on and
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stakeholders. but ultimately he will make what he feels is the best decision for the united states. >> that's the white house defending president trump's decision to announce later today that the united states recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital. world leaders are condemning this plan and warning of potential violence. even russia is worried about it. maggie haberman is joined by john avlon. a law came to move in in 1995. it has been passed by waiver on each successive president out of national security. now a shift. what's the inside thinking? >> look, it is actually not that different from what you would think from looking at it. this is a president who does not have a ton of signature accomplishments after an
3:21 am
incredibly difficult first year. this is something he feels he can point to. there is also something of a -- i don't want to say self delewding but keeping of their own different set of wisdom about the mideast peace process is and what could impact it in this white house. they have convinced themselves this would be good for that. there is almost nobody who actually agrees with that. people on the israel says is if there is violence that shows the or side is not serious about peace. but that is not saying this won't actually help peace. what has been striking about how they dealt with this the last few days, they were all over the place on what they were doing, what the messaging was. i don't think they have articulated a coherent set of points as to what they think this could do as to what the president calls the ultimate
3:22 am
deal. what we are seeing is a lot of concerned response worldwide about the potential violence in response. >> john? >> very diplomatic. this isn't about making a deal. this is about fulfilling a campaign promise. republicans when they run the primary always back this policy. when republicans and democrats get in office, they sign a six-month waiver. why? it makes jerusalem even more of a tinder box than it already is. all of this jared kushner mideast peace is under cut by this move. a lot of fox on the far right on israeli politics are celebrating this. they will see trump as a strong figure, finally doing the right thing after a lot of talk. in terms of the big picture, that just got much more distance if it was ever remotely close. >> this is being done in a moment of incredible turmoil politically. you see what is happening in saudi arabia. it is not exactly clear how this will help calm things down
3:23 am
regionally. >> here are the numbers of countries with embassies in tel aviv, 86. here they are in jerusalem, 0. that tells you globally how people are feeling about this. >> now, a lot of countries have consulates in jerusalem. the difference is an embassy is the big deal. it recognizes the sovereignty of whatever place it is. if you put your embassy in jerusalem, you are recognizing the sovereignty move by israel. that's why it matters. there is also a reason that it is zero on the other side. you have three days of rage being called for. european partners are concerned. who we haven't heard from, an interesting dynamic to deal with, christians. christians have been exiting because of pressure. i wonder if any of the base here of this new type of christianity in the united states will play to that and their ownership. >> evangelicals have found
3:24 am
common cause with israel. >> so they have just given it -- >> yeah. jerusalem is a holy international city, multiple faiths finding it central. it is also a very troubled city. fpb before the great line of wake of independence. if this follows through, it becomes a major security concern. a major statement about support of israel. u.s. and israel obviously historically close allies. netanyahu getting what he's been hoping for with this move. but this undercuts anything resembling mid east peace. >> where does this leave rex tillerson? when donald trump makes these decisions unilaterally. >> it leaves him where he is now, which is he is secretary of state who has had not just a president who say i call the
3:25 am
final shots and my word is the only one that matters but jared kushner is telling people how much his own word matters. there are too many voices speaking on a variety of issues in this administration. to have so many different voices speaking on diplomacy and foreign policy is very problematic. >> as we know, tillerson is meeting with the turkish foreign minister. >> that's not good for diplomacy. >> so jared kushner is going to be in the spotlight. but the man in the hot seat today is donald trump jr. he will answer more questions on the political side, not on the mueller side. it is done in a closed door meeting, a little bit of deference for him. >> he will be questioned about primarily his meeting with this russian lawyer who came to him in 2016 with, according to an e-mail that was sent to him by an intermediary, with dirt on hillary clinton. the lawyer has offered different
3:26 am
versions of her own story. yet another version showed up i think on nbc last night suggesting that she told people that donald trump jr. had asked her about illegal donations to the clinton foundation. we will see whether his testimony comports with that. i think what you're going to see -- it's interesting. the plea deals in the mueller probe have involved lying to investigators. i think you can assume when it comes to people speaking before congress, lying to congress is still a crime. i think you can anticipate that will be one of the things they look for is consistency. >> how do you see it? >> we have a clear pattern with the trump crew. they were stonewalling any russia connections. now we have a preponderance of evidence. we have kopt dictions in testimony. but it really is stunning the amount of conversations that have been documented. don jr. seems to the middle of many of this. this wasn't about magnitsky.
3:27 am
this is the second testimony in front of congress. it sets up a case of double jeopardy. he has to be consistent. but the facts have changed since he gave testimony. >> it is a double standard. the idea of, well, so obstruction of justice, whatever it is, is it a crime? it doesn't matter to these political standards. he has to be careful of a lower standard. >> lots of lawmakers coming on to talk about that. john, thank you very much. what does it mean for middle east peace? [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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israel in a couple of hours. despite warnings of unrest. ian lee is live with more. what's it like there? >> reporter: calm right now, chris. but u.s. diplomatic missions here and around the middle east are bracing for any ramifications of that announcement. we know israel has also beefed up security arched the area. they are warning u.s. citizens to avoid any large crowds and the city. they have urged the united states not to take this step. the uk, france, turkey, as well as jordan, saudi arabia, and egypt. jordan and the palestinians have called for an emergency session of the arab league to discuss this move. even pope francis has come out and urged the united states to stick with the status quo. so why is jerusalem so
3:33 am
contentious? well, in 1967, israel occupied the eastern part of the city. and according to the international community, the status of jerusalem would be determined through negotiations and peace process between the israelis and the palestinians. the palestinians see this as a unilateral move by the united states and israel to declare jerusalem the capital of israel without any peace negotiations. and that's why there has been a call for three days of rage. these walls we hind me contain the holiest sites in jude aism, christianity and islam. they can spark contention and disco discord. >> it's great to have you on the ground reporting for us. thanks for that. joining us now for the palestinian perspective is executive committee member of the palestinian liberation organization. thank you very much for being
3:34 am
with us. tell us what this means to you if the u.s. embassy moves to jerusalem. >> thank you, alisyn. actually it means the peace process and peace in the region is in one blow president trump has destroyed not only the chances of peace but the stability and security of the region as a whole. he has undermined his closest allies in the arab world, has also taken a position that is absolutely illegal and in violation of international law. he has disqualified the u.s. sadly from any and all peacemaking. and at the same time he has given all extremists and nuts all over the world who are ready to commit acts of violence a perfect excuse because he has provoked religious feelings to
3:35 am
the point where we don't know how far the ramifications will go. >> well, let's -- >> this is the epitome of irresponsibility, frankly. >> palestinians are calling for three days of rage. what does that look like? >> well, this is not our calling. this is the popular movement. these are grass roots movement. we as leadership are talking about taking more legal measures, more political measures. we know that we have been excluded in a sense from any peacemaking attempt because israel and the u.s. have unilaterally decided the aspect of the talks are irrelevant. so there is no longer a peace process and no longer for any need for the u.s. to pretend to play a role in peacemaking.
3:36 am
we will hold israel to account for its war crimes according to the statute. we will join further international organizations. we will also reconsider our relations with israel and with the u.s. and there will be of course further ramifications when it comes to the region as a whole. >> yes. >> we are calling on the rest of the international community to recognize palestine with its capital as skwrjerusalem. >> you are doing an excellent job of spelling out all the ramifications. back to the possible three days of rage starting today. i know you are saying it is not palestinian leaders. but this is a widely shared memo that's going around. i will just reads some of it. national and islamic factions are calling on the palestinian people at home and abroad to confront and reject the american administration's attempt to transfer its embassy from tel
3:37 am
aviv to jerusalem. the days of wednesday, thursday, friday are declared to be days of rage throughout the country. is this encouraging violence? >> that's right, alisyn. yeah. you can focus on one aspect. >> listen, just a question about whether or not it encourages violence. >> let me tell you, i'm not debating with you. i'm telling you that president trump is not only encouraging violence, he is provoking violence. he is also provoking a religious war. he is provoking sectarianism. we are the voices of reason. we have tried to maintain a negotiated settlement. we have tried to legitimate peaceful resolutions to the con contract. if they want to go out and protest, it is their right to protest. we're not talking about violence or attacking anybody.
3:38 am
>> but they are not called three days of protests. they're call three days of rage. >> yeah. well, people are angry. they are enraged. and rightfully so. president trump is behaving in an irresponsible and provocative matter and leading to tremendous in stability and violence. as i told you, anybody who wants to commit an act of violence will find this as an excuse. because the most sacred feelings and places are being undermined by this position. and the destruction of chances of peace. it is not easy to see everything you have worked for being destroyed by one statement by one man. this is incredible. it is is unconscionable. no president ever did that. and to do that now? >> here's what, as best i understand it, is the
3:39 am
president's rationalale. jerusalem has long been the seat of the government and keeping it in tel aviv has not advanced the peace process so why not try something different? >> no. because i mean, they have decided that the palestinian city is the capital. jerusalem is palestinian. nobody on earth recognizes that. and now trump is going to be the only person who does. this isn't going to change the legal status of jerusalem, by the way. this will only undermine the security throughout the world and will discough the u.s. from playing any role in peacemaking. this is serious and irresponsible, as i said. it has not advanced the chances of peace. american collusion with israel, the total cover and support the u.s. gave to the israeli
3:40 am
occupation, all the funding, all the legal and the political cover and support, the blind bias of congress where they legislate on foreign relations in ways that are constitutional and they get away with it, all of these things have undermined the chances of peace. the u.s. is playing the role of peace maker we would be having peace. 78% of historical palestine whereby westerners would become the capital of israel once east jerusalem is the capital of the palestinian state. but to take sides on an illegal and lawless measure, this is unacceptable at all. >> thank you very much for joining us with the plo perspective. nice to have you. ahead on "new day" we will get perspective from jerusalem's mayor. brush fires are raging out
3:41 am
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a series of unpredictable, fast-moving wildfires are just raging out of control in southern california. the fires are so intense that large plumes of smoke can be seen from space. we're showing you a big overhead right now. tens of thousands forced to evacuate. hundreds of homes are feared lost. we're just weeks from christmas. cnn stephanie elam liveer in the worst of it in ventura, california. life and death is one level of it. even those who are going to be spared, what a tough weeks and months going forward for them. >> reporter: no doubt about it, chris. even if you did get out with your life, still to think about if your house is gone under these circumstances. i flew back from the san francisco bay area to l.a. yesterday. for most of the part of southern california you couldn't see the
3:46 am
ground because there was so much smoke coverage. take a look behind me. this reminds me of tornados. it will hit one side of the street and the other side will be fine. that's what it is like here. we see holiday decorations on on homes. but the house burned down, the garage burning around this one home. the fire is still out of control. 150 buildings destroyed, burning over 50,000 acres. get this. at one point this fire was burning as fast as an acre a second. that is why they were saying for people they have to get out. tens of thousands of people being told they need to evacuate. some under voluntary evacuation as well. two fires in san bernardino county. and los angeles county as well. all of these fires being sparked because of the strong santa ana winds that come in the afternoon. right now it's calmer, but we are expecting it to get a little
3:47 am
more dicey as we go into later on today. alisyn. >> stephanie, be careful. that video is just incredible. thank you very much. so no letup in the firefight as to the strong santa ana winds are expected to get worse. cnn meteorologist chad myers has the forecast. what are you seeing, chad? alisyn, hopefully not worse from this. this is what they saw from chilao to l.a. over 70 miles per hour. this weather brought to you by purina. your pet, our passion. that is smoke. that is not a cloud for ventura. that is the smoke from the fires itself. extreme fire danger again today. right now we're good. not much wind in stephanie's live shot. look at 5:00, 6:00 tonight, back to 45 to 50 miles per hour. by 2:00 a.m., we are already 50 to 60 miles per hour. so here's how it happens. you get a high pressure over the
3:48 am
mountains. typically we talk about low pressure making wind. it's a high pressure this time. this is the problem. the high pressure takes the air and blows it out like a blow dryer. then it runs down the mountain. when it runs down the mountain, it heats up and gets faster. so here we are from ventura to santa barbara. it will be again tonight 50 to 60 miles per hour. the flames are out of control, chris. >> i've been there, watched them get whipped up. it is like a turbo-charged system. and the flames literally leap into the sky. they go across roads. that's how you get the randomness of destruction there literally one burst at a time. chad, thank you very much. keep us apprised of the situation. all right. so russia was banned from the winter olympics over what is called systemic doping. but the ioc did leave the door open for some individual russian athletes to compete. what's going on here? we have answers next. they are.
3:49 am
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all right. this is big news. an historic. the most many wide-ranging punishment we have ever seen handed down by the international olympic committee. russia's olympic team will be banned from the winter games in south korea after systemic manipulation of anti-doping rules. however, russian athletes who can prove they are clean will be invited to compete but under the olympic flag. let's discuss all the implications with christine brennan. you and i can talk for hours about what it is to be clean and how that's often just a measurement of time.
3:53 am
how big of a story is this? >> i think it is unprecedented. basically the embarrassment of the russians, if the russian does make their way back in and they will, and win a gold medal they will be in a white jacket, olympic athlete from russia, and the olympic hymn, and the olympic flag not the russian flag. it is embarrassing to all the officials who cheated and gave us the worst state sponsored doping that we have seen. it will be dramatic and have a big impact. >> is it fair? >> is absolutely. this is basically a lifetime achievement award for the russians. come on. this cheating -- people might be sitting at home and say what about marion jones, lance
3:54 am
armstrong. we gave the world those two people. they were defying their olympic committee by cheating. when the russians were cheating they were in compliance with with their government and their system of cheating.
3:55 am
he happens to have a good couple of basketball players in the family. he just dragged his one son out of ucla, a stkraft rouse move for the kid. that's a shame. it could impact his future. the guy talks. we listen. he's loud. it's a perfect statement for the 21st century for sports and our culture. >> he insists the president is
3:56 am
wearing a pair of big baller sneakers, kicking back and singing a song about lavar ball. >> i like the verbiage of lavar ball. >> that makes one of us. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. hi, coy. >> this bleacher report presented by the new 2018 ford f 150. at the "sports illustrated" sports person of the year show, beyonce presented colin kaepernick an award named after one of his idols. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm so proud and humbled to present the muhammad ali legacy award to colin kaepernick. [ applause ]. >> i accept this award knowing that the legacy of muhammad ali is that of a champion of the people and one known as the peoples champ. i accept this award not for myself but on behalf of the
3:57 am
people. because if it were not my love for the people i would not have protested. and it was not for the support from the people, i would not object this stage today. with or without the nfl's platform, i will continue to work for the people. because my platform is the people. >> chris, the award is given to athletes who use their platform to promote change. >> coy, thank you very much. appreciate it, my brother. if i don't get to talk to you, merry christmas and you and your father. the white house going all in on khaoufd child molester roy moore. will it make a tkeufrpbls in the midterm elections to come in 2018 and maybe beyond? let's discuss next. that says your truck can only haul gravel. introducing the new 2018 ford f-150. with best-in-class towing... best-in-class payload... and best-in-class torque... the f-150 lineup has the capability to get big things to big places- bigtime.
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we don't want to have a liberal democrat in alabama, believe me. >> roy moore has never served our state with honor. >> they want to destroy judge roy moore. you know why? they want to take your voice away. >> president trump declaring jerusalem capital of


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