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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 1, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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a happy new year to you. i am brianna keilar in for brooke baldwin and the first press tweets of 2018 are the one-two punch for pakistan and an adversary iran. here's what president trump said about pakistan, quote, the united states has foolishly given pakistan more than $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years and they've given us nothing, but lies and deceit thinking of our leaders as fools. they give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan with little help. no more. within the hour, president trump then tweeted about iran saying, quote, iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal made for them by the obama administration, the great iranian people have been repressed for many years. he goes on to say they are hungry for food and freedom along with human rids aghts and wealth of iran is being looted and eyebrow raising for many. he said time for change in all
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caps. so the president is referring to anti-government protests in iran that have left 12 people dead this weekend and as he slams these nations on this new year's day, north korea's dictator is also seizing the moment. kim jong-un told his people that the mainland u.s. is within his range and, quote, the nuclear button is always on the desk of my office. joining me now to talk about this is cnn white house correspondent abby philip. you are with the president in florida where he's just about to leave for washington. you, the president you're watching his tweets and he has these foreign affairs issues on his mind, but what's on his agenda today as he returns to washington? >> hi, brianna. when the president gets back to d.c. it will all about domestic policy, about the economy and about the agenda that he's hoping to dive right into in the new year with congressional republicans. he's going to sit down at camp david with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader
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mitch mcconnell to hash out the plan for the coming months and on the agenda is infrastructure which he's been talking about and perhaps welfare reform. when he was at his new year's eve party at mar-a-lago last night he was talking to his supporters and guests at his club, a little bit about what they can expect in the new year, and he said touting some of this economic growth, he said more is coming in 2018. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we're going to have a great 2018. it's going to be something very very special. it's all kicking in and for the country, we're taking a big, beautiful ship. i'd like to do it faster. >> the president seems pretty optimistic about the new year ahead and also on his agenda, brianna, he's going to have his first presidential, physical toward the beginning of the month this january. the white house says they're
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going to release the results of that when that occurs. >> all right. that would be very interesting. abby philip in west palm beach. thank you very much for that report. i do want to take a deep dive with cnn political commentators, and hillary is a democratic strategist for georgia. >> i wonder, hillary, there are some things that the president as he's talking about bipartisanship and he wants democrats to join him on infrastructure. what could he do that would actually put them in a tough spot and force them to work with him in an election year? >> i think democrats want to work on infrastructure. i don't think it would be a tough spot at all. i think they've been talking about it for a long time. they've actually wanted to use some of this money that was spent on tax reform for lowering rates on infrastructure. the administration was against that, so if the president came to democrats with a real
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infrastructure proposal that's good for working men and women across the country, it's good for labor unions and it's good for the crumbling roads and bridges. i think the democrats would embrace it. if they're looking at polls that show it is possible there could be a democratic wave in the midterm elections in 2018, isn't there also an incentive for them to not go along with something that isn't extremely palatable to them? >> the fight for infrastructure has been republicans against it the and they've been spending through the tax code and not through the actual federal budget, so, but i think democrats have plenty to run on in 2018. we have hundreds of thousands of americans in puerto rico without power. we are about to lose millions of people off of, you know, health insurance roles. fewer jobs were actually created in 2017 than were created in each of the five years prior to president trump coming in. democrats have a lot to run on
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already, if there are a couple of things that they can do proactively, i think that they would work with the president. >> i don't know. all we've seen from chuck schumer is the party of no and the personified negative politics. when i think of the resistance, i think unemployment at the lowest time and the lowest level in maybe 20 years, 5 trillion new dollars added to the economy because of the stock market growth. opportunities because of less regulation of businesses, lower energy costs, interest rates have stayed low. illegal border crossings are down and i don't know what the resistance will do for itself, and i think the democrats would be better to get onboard for the president and say let's work with infrastructure and let's do something on daca and let's deal with the budget because the budget will be right in the president's face on the 19th of january and it will have to be dealt with. >> with the president striking the tone, the very strident tone
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that he so often does, the divisive tone, jack, and with maybe a lag in wage growth that would actually make a lot of americans feel i'm doing better, you know? just that sort of sense that if they do a temperature check on themselves even economically they would feel like they are doing a lot better. i mean, aren't those areas that could still give democrats a lot of incentive to not go along. >> he already attacked democrats two days ago for out of the blue. so this isn't a guy who seems to be desperate to work it out. >> i think that's some of the give and take of washington. >> there's spontaneous --? there's a lot of punching back and forth, but let me say this, you have 350 seats that are pretty well democrat and republican regardless of what happens, and you have 60 competitive seats and then you have 21 toss-up seats and of those 21 toss-up seats, 17 are republican and you go back to the competitive seats and we'll
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have to spend money and they lean republican and we'll have to spend money to keep them which makes the vulnerable seats even more vulnerable. where the democrats have the best wind at their back is plain and simple. the party that rules the white house is on a disadvantage even in uneven years. >> i agree with jack's map here. this will be a very instructive spring because these republicans and these vulnerable seats are going to make a decision not based on what people on cable tv say and not based on, you know, anybody else, but what they're hearing, you know, in main street in terms was whether they want to be with the president or not with the president. if we start to see these republicans like we've seen for instance these republicans in northern virginia, running away from the president. if we start to see republicans in vulnerable districts running away from the president starting this spring, that will be very telling and that will change the legislative agenda. >> if we do see that but so far
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we haven't seen that and ed gillespie from virginia was in a tough spot because it's a purple state in a good year for us right now, but aside from that, everybody from alabama and other races and georgia, for example, and the other congressional races, they all clung to president trump and said -- >> those are safer areases. >> they are -- i'm talking about -- >> aren't they looking at a virginia as opposed to the -- >> and the northeast. what i'm saying is -- >> you have 24 house districts where hillary clinton beat donald trump and they're now held by republicans. all you need is those districts and two more. the math does favor democrat is. >> i do want to switch gears and talk about the russian investigation. there is a report that george papadopoulos, the campaign adviser, had told an australian diplomat in may 2016 before the
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election in the spring/summer before the elections that the russian his dirt on hillary clinton. this was according to this report after a night of heavy drinking and the australians pass it along to their american counterparts after you start seeing the dnc wikileaks e-mails coming out in july of 2016. this, we have found out, jack, is something that may have been the spark to this russian inquiry. that really undercuts what president trump has been trying to hammer home which is that it's all entirely based on this dossier. >> well, this is what i would say, that the russian investigation did not start with mueller. it's been going on for a year and a half. we knew the russians were trying to hack the election during the election, but there has been no proof and no evidence of collusion whatsoever, but the democrats, the critics of trump are always, the shoe is about to fall. we're about to get him. we're this close. we've been hearing that for months and months. what about the desire of donald trump jr. and paul manafort and
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jared kushner to get dirt from russians? >> let me say this, having been in a number of campaigns, people come to you all of the time and say i've got something on your opponent and sometimes you do listen to them. so setting up a meeting like that is not nefarious at all. a pas apparently, was there no information exchanged like that. >> but from the russians -- >> not the president at the time, but when donald trump had been warned about possible interference. >> with everything that was going on and the excessive partisanship in this investigation and not to mention the tainted mueller team, we would know about it if there was something there and there isn't any substance whatsoever. papadopoulos, really was a coffee boy. i was very active in the campaign and never heard of him whatsoever. >> we've seen over and over again how he had a bigger role than people were admitting and there are two issues here. the first issue is whether or not there is so-called collusion with the trump campaign.
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whether the trump campaign worked with the government to undermine the election. the other issue is that the russian government used many outlets as we know to try and undermine the election regardless of whether the trump campaign actually worked for it. i, you know, as a democrat, i would feel good as a start if we just had our president try and push back on russia for actually trying to interfere in the election and that is the issue that i think we can't we're conflating them so much because we're appalled that the president is unwilling to listen to the intelligence agencies to hold russia accountable for trying to undermine the u.s. demeanor democrat see, and if he did that, some of this other stuff might not look as nefarious as it does, but now all we have is sort of the systematic and we just heard jack do it again, systematic trying to undermine mueller's investigation and mueller's --
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>> people have done that job. >> and that is just -- >> it was out of the investigation. >> they did when it was found out how partisan he was. why was he there to begin with? what about julie reed? what about andy mccabe? why doesn't he tell us what this insurance policy was? what about carl's and andrew weizman who told sally yates, great job. >> this is not going to work. >> these are all -- >> this is a systematic republican attempt to undermine, you know, an independent law enforcement investigation. >> you guys stand for it. you know you want it. you would be outraged and you should be outraged. >> the level of hypocrisy about outrage is -- >> let me say this. i would feel better if i would hear that dianne feinstein or mike warner say i'm not a trump fan, however i am concerned about russia hacking into our election and i want to look at this in a non-partisan level about some of the charges, but you know --
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>> they've said that a hundred times. a hundred times! >> the whole prism is get trump. >> the entire first six months of the intelligence committee investigation is the russian undermining of the election. it was not an investigation of donald -- >> it was -- >> sorry, it was not an investigation into donald trump until he fired james comey. >> i'll make a new year's prediction. i'll make a new year's prediction. >> he's brought it on himself. >> what was he going to find? >> flynn lied and that's probably where it's going to go, stuff like that. >> we'll see if your prediction is correct if nothing is found. we don't know at this point. it was just getting so good, but we have to leave it there. the clock is ticking. jack kingston. >> go dogs in the pasadena bowl. >> we'll let you have the plug. thanks for that. iranian government is responding directly to president trump after he tweeted support for protesters in iran and also tragedy in costa rica.
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new details on a new year's eve plane crash that killed 12 people including ten americans. dangerously cold temperatures gripping much of the east coast and how long this deep freeze is going to last. remember our special night?
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iran's capital today as demonstrators rally against the iranian government. so far 12 people have been killed during the protests which first broke out in more remote cities last week, but now we are seeing more action in tehran, even as iran's president says the protests are, quote, nothing. joining me now on the phone from inside tehran is ramin of "the los angeles times." he's been there for three days of these protests. ramin, tell us about this protester who shot at police with the hunting gun. you watched it on state tv, is that right? >> yes. the state tv and other media says that in a provincial town in the center of iran, a man who was called as a person who
11:19 am
collected disturbances shot at the police and killed one police and three other wounded. >> now as we're seeing more action in iran moving from some of the more remote areas, when you have iran's president saying that essentially that iran has dealt with protests like these before, that these are nothing. do you believe that that is accurate? >> i think no. at the same time i can say the number of protesters comparing to the previous, ten or more years ago, the number of protesters are much, much less, but they seem that the protesters are more than before and they're more agile and the age is between 19 to 28 or 29 so
11:20 am
the number is less, but the determination is higher than before. >> very interesting. tell us about the situation in tehran, tell us about the government response to these. as you said, fewer protesters, but more determined ones. >> yeah. i said, in the past three years we see the number is increasing so that they outnumber the protesters, but at the same time the protesters are very agile and they take their protest to the side streets like palestinian streets where the palestine embassy is located and then they try to set the trash bin ablaze and then shout death to dictator or something like that and then run in the dark
11:21 am
where they can escape from the followers who are anti-police with anti-riot gear and they cannot run as fast as the young, agile protesters. so this is cat and mouse chase in the side streets and in the vicinity of tehran university, and at the same time the old powers of tehran university, every single is covered by anti-riot police and the potential protesters walk around and they smile at the police and wait for the iota chance to shout an escape. so they seem to both sides are waiting for opportunity to outsmart the other one. >> all right, ramin mostaghim with the los angeles times giving us an idea of the scene
11:22 am
on the ground in tehran. thank you for that. we have seen a response with the series of tweets from president trump like this one. big protests in iran. the people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being squandered on terrorism and it looks like they will not take it any longer. the usa is watching closely for human rights violations. i do want to bring in cnn global affairs analyst for new initiatives at the woodrow wilson international, and aaron miller is here to talk about this. these tweets, they're not, one, some of them are encouraging to the protesters. that's not good for the protesters, right? >> well, in the sense that the president wants to not encourage violence, but encourage people to go into the streets at the same time and we're incapable of protesting them. you remember 1991 president george h.w. bush encouraged shia to revolt and saddam slaughtered
11:23 am
them and we were not in a position, frankly, to come to their rescue. so that's point number one. number two, we don't want american fingerprints each though the regime is clearly spreading that to be all over this. we want something that's indigenous and homegrown and that's apparently happening and not on the level of the june 2009 protests. >> is it premature when the president tweets time for change? is it premature for him to be doing that considering he's clearly putting a finger on the scale and we don't really know the protesters who is leading them. it doesn't seem to be particularly centralized or organized even though they seem to be motivated as we just heard ramin report? >> i think that's right. we have the tendency to put ourselves in the middle of the story and worse, to sort of turn it into an obama versus trump in which the former president didn't do enough. therefore, i am now president and i am going to make it unmistakably clear where i can. it's fine to support human
11:24 am
rights and we should be doing that and we should talk about the importance of individuals and the human beings having the right to protest, but once you begin to incite, once you go beyond that particularly in the face of the uncertainties in what we don't know about this, and i think it becomes contradictive. one more point, we don't have the kind of leverage we may think we do in order to direct and shape what is happening in the streets of iran. >> we heard a former obama administration spokesperson last hour who was saying there was warranted criticism for president obama for being too tepid and also saying trump is going overboard. where is the sweet spot? >> i think the balance is one, bipartisanship. do we have a unified republican and democratic response on this? second is what can we do? many we should remove the travel ban with respect to iran. maybe we should ensure on. >> can you imagine the president
11:25 am
removing the travel ban to iran? >> it would be to his credit to send an unmistakable message that america's door is open in the face of what's happening in iran or to work on and with social media companies to ensure that social media, instagram, twitter and the telegram and the app telegram remain open. 48 million iranians now have cell phones. in 2009 only a million do. >> how would he be able to do that? to send a message and to open a door when he's made such a point of trying to close it in a move that has certainly garnered some support from his base. >> yeah, right. we're all waiting for the proverbial pivot. it is now 2018. >> are you still waiting? >> i'm waiting. >> i have the interest of the republican having worked and voted for republicans and democrats. >> but realistically, is it going to happen? >> it ain't happening. >> i want to ask you, finally the iran deal of which the president is not a fan.
11:26 am
there is another deadline mid-january that he would have to re-certify the iran deal although he obviously could not. he could put sanctions back on iran. what are the consequences if he doesn't recertify? >> right now we need to keep the focus on the supreme leader, on the forces of repression and intolerance in iran and the last thing we want to do is abrogate this accord right now which will have the focus and attention on us rather than where it belongs on the repressive forces of the regime, but the president faces tough decisions beginning january 11th. i suspect that at some point this agreement, particularly with what's happening on the streets now and the prospects of repression, its days, i think, are numbered. >> david, we appreciate your insights and happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> a colorado sheriff's deputy
11:27 am
killed and several others killed after a gunman ambushes officers. why police were at his home in the first place next.
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authorities in colorado are still sorting out the motive behind sunday's deadly shooting of sheriff's deputies just outside of denver. one deputy was shot dead and four others were injured by gun fire while they responded to a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex. two civilians were also hurt. the slain deputy was 29-year-old zachari parrish and he'd only been on the job seven months and he leaves behind a wife and two children. the suspect was eventually shot and killed by s.w.a.t. team members. local law enforcement say matthew riehl fired off more than 100 rounds and he'd had previous encounters with authorities and did not have a criminal record. scott mclean is following this story from denver. you learned that the suspect had a military background and was accused of suspicious behavior by his alma mater. can you tell us more about that? >> sure, brianna. so we are learning that he was matthew riehl, the suspect in
11:32 am
this case was an army reservist who enlisted in 2003. he was also part of the wyoming national guard between 2006 and 2012. in 2009 he was deployed to iraq where he served on security missions and he was honorably discharged in 2012. he held the rank of an e4 specialist. he was also a lawyer who practiced law in the state of wyoming. he graduated the university of wyoming law school in 2010. he was admitted to the bar in 2011. he was actually on the dean's list while he was at that school, but for whatever reason he removed himself from the bar association in 2016 according to the wyoming state bar. things turned bizarre after that. in november of this year according to the university of wyoming there were some social media posts that the school was aware of that they call outrageous, vulgar and alarming, and those posts actually prompted the school to put out two letters to faculty and
11:33 am
students warning them that riehl was suspicious. they put out a photo of him and it was a photo of his car and said if anyone sees him on campus they should report it immediately. we are also learning, brianna that matthew riehl took a tactical rifle class this past summer in colorado springs which is not far from denver. according to the owner of that training facility he said that riehl seemed proud of his military career, that he provided his own weapon and his demeanor did not seem alarming. police will tell you they knew about him. they'd had interactions with him, but he didn't have a criminal record, brianna. >> but significant this he was on their radar. scott mclean, thank you so much for that report. coming up, people in california can ring in the new year on a high note after laws with rec yakzreational pot use headed into 2018.
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new year, new milestone and a laundry list of new state laws baffling, bizarre and precedent-setting among them, custody battles over pets and in illinois pets will be treated
11:38 am
more like kids than property and divorce. in tennessee barbers can now legally make house calls and while north carolina's driver handbook will now give instructions on how to deal with police during a traffic stop. california employers can no longer ask about your prior salary and potential employees can, but probably shouldn't show up to their job interviews high. as of today, weed is legal there and the drug is now being sold legally for recreational use about california. medical marijuana is legal, and now adults over the age of 21 can buy up to an ounce of weed without a doctor's letter. joining us now from san jose, california, miguel marquez, that made me crack up there. the idea that yes, you know, people still need to use discretion on how they exercise their new rights. how is this day one of the rollout looking, miguel? >> reporter: well, look, it's interesting. there's only a handful of cases
11:39 am
across the entire state. not a single one in san francisco or los angeles, the biggest cities in the state where you can buy a recreational weed yet because the regulations just haven't been put in place, but we are at one in san jose. this is buddy's and the reason we're here, this is the guy who got the very first license for medicinal and adult use, license 000001, and it is made at the behest of the bureau of cannabis control. that's not fictitious. that is the actual state department in california that controls all the cannabis trade here. so how much can you actually buy? it depends on whether you are shopping for yourself and recreationally or medically. if you're shopping for recreational stuff you can buy this much. this is an ounce of weed. this is -- this one in particular is called homemade cherry pie. one of those little buds in there would set you back about,
11:40 am
i don't know, $35, $40 or so. marijuana going from $130 to $140 to over $250 for a half ounce. if you were shopping medically and had your card you could buy this much. this is what a half pound of marijuana looks like, but again, if you are shopping for recreational purposes, you can only have an ounce on you otherwise it's going to raise questions. i want to speak to matt lucero whose company it is. how busy is it? >> is it beyond expectation. we were looking at a 30% bump, and looking at the crowd, it will be more like 50%, 60%. >> reporter: you've been planning for this for some time. how much more marijuana did you bring in to service the needs over the next couple of days? >> quarter million was what we purchased on site. >> you grow your own and plus you brought more marijuana yourself. >> we heard others go
11:41 am
recreational and we heard they've run out and that's not going to happen at buddy's. >> reporter: as this takes root and grows that you will see the types of businesses change the products. what will happen here, big picture? >> we're getting more legitimate which means that the vendors that we work with, the guys who make constant trades and edibles are getting way more professional so you can see the products we offer today, everything is lab tested and doe dosed out so you know what you're getting when you consume it. >> thank you very much. also what makes california different is we've seen legal marijuana in other places. it's about a billion dollar industry right now. california will turn this into a $7 billion or $8 billion if you fold in the black market it's $20 to $30 billion. it is going to be massive. brianna? >> wow. we're getting a sense from your report, miguel marquez, thank you so much for us from san jose. another first, as of today transgender recruits can start enlisting in the military, this
11:42 am
is despite president trump's efforts to ban them and cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us now to talk about this. the court decision so far and the issue have been temporary, but they've also been opposed to what the trump administration has tried to do. could there be eventually a reversal though? >> there might be. i think this is a final chapter just yet because what everyone is waiting for is to see if the justice department comes back in the next several months and again tries to instate through the court system and gets the courts to rule in favor of a ban which so far they've wanot real done. first, those transgendered individuals who are currently serving the country in the military and not clear when and if and even how they could ever be removed from military service. the issue right now is late last week the justice department said it would not continue to pursue a court case that would ban
11:43 am
people from being recruited into the military. brand-new recruits who are transgendered persons. so now those people can for now try to join the military and there are qualifications that every american has to meet to join the military. they will have to meet all of those qualifications. in the meantime, the pentagon works on plans, policies, regulations, if you will, and they are to have a plan in place roughly by the end of march. recommendations to the president about how to proceed and with whether that ban that he wanted last year can even legally happen given all of the court rulings and will the justice department come back and try one more time to institute a ban, brianna? >> you said that applicants would have to meet the qualifications. i'd spoken with one reporter, barbara, who said, you know, there are certain parts of treatment and certain parts of the process whether it's hormone
11:44 am
therapy or other things that could create some sort of obstacle that might disqualify some individuals. have you heard that? >> well, so there are two things on the table here. the basic physical, mental health standards that every person would have to meet to join the military. things would be no different for them. for those people going through transition or treatment of or may be in the middle of surgical procedures, they would have to be evaluated. basically, they're going to have to be able to serve and be in some sort of stable medical condition, if you will, so all of this will be part of what will be evaluated for those people trying to join at this time, but it all is a bit of a longer term picture. this is why they are looking at having a policy in place some time in the coming weeks, they hope by the end of march, that will really spell all of this out and make it very clear to everyone what the standards are.
11:45 am
>> all right, barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you very much for that report. >> coming up, a frigid start to the new year, temperatures well below freezing are gripping the country to the gulf coast to the canadian border and even parts of niagara falls are frozen solid, if you can believe that. how long will this deep freeze last?
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11:49 am
the new year is getting off to a frigid start in 2018. in new york last night hundreds of thousands of people were not deterred. they packed times square. they braved those 9 degree temperatures and gusty winds to watch the ball drop bringing us into 2018. the icy temperature made it the second coldest new year's eve ball drop on record and with much of the midwest and the northeast already besieged by freezing temperatures, ice and snow, that was under way. so now the bitter cold is spreading down to the south. record lows are predicted for much of the country, and i want to bring in cnn meteorologist tom sader with more on this deep freeze. tom, i am upset as i look at my forecast on my phone just how long this is going to persist. >> right. i hate to tell you, brianna, we're looking at temperatures by the end of the week even into the weekend, new york city a high of 8 degrees. that's colder than it was for the revelers at 9 degrees.
11:50 am
coldest new year's eve in new york city and the record was in 1917 and the cold air in place is really dangerous. we've seen an increased number of patients for frost bite. the winds don't have to blow very hard when you're looking at dangerous windchill values. earlier this morning, 180 million americans were under a windchill advisory. these are the current windchill numbers. duluth, minus 22 and that's better than the minus 15 the other day. the cold air in place is reaching all of the way down to the deep south where we're looking at a number of low temperature records, maybe 24, 25 tonight, 8 in st. louis and 18 in new york city and that will seem balmy compared to what's coming because we have another blast on the way, but record low temperatures in louisiana, southern mississippi, alabama, we'll probably be talking about the orange juice prices are going up, but the next blast and again, i'm sorry to say this, moves across the great lakes in toward the northeast for the rest of the week and through the weekend. lake erie is starting to freeze
11:51 am
over. 30% right now by the end of the week, 60%. that will put the brakes on that lake-effect snow machine, but erie, pennsylvania, ending the month of december with 121 inches and that's 20 inches above the entire seasonal average. 19 in since natty and this is for tomorrow, tuesday. new york, 25. look at wednesday, detroit, 15. these are high temperatures. 35, nashville. new york, 30. the numbers are going in the wrong direction. new york, thursday, 26. 14 and as mentioned and we'll get down to 8 degrees. the bad news is that we're starting to see real problems for firefighters, brianna, car batteries. the roofs are collapsing because of the weight of the heavy snow in parts of the great lakes. it can't end soon enough, but it will be with us for some time and getting a break in the midwest in the next couple of days. >> so tell us about the bright side that 2018 is starting off with? what is this, a wolf moon? >> it's not just a full moon to start the new year. this is a super moon which means it coincides this full moon with
11:52 am
being its closest proximity to earth and with the snow pack on the ground and these frigid temperatures it will seem like almost daylight for some states in the ohio valley. the moon's going to seem 16% brighter, 7% larger. so we're starting the year with not only a full moon, but it's a super moon, and then by the end of the month we'll have another full moon and that's called the blue moon and for some in the u.s. it will be a lunar eclipse by the end of the month. not a bad way to start off the first month of the year. >> that is very cool. >> even with the frigid cold. >> that is pretty neat. thank you for explaining those things to us that we have to look forward to this month. thank you so much, tom sader, and if you're into a different kind of wolf moon, you know, this is a t-shirt that we have it's featuring our own wolf moon blitzer and it's actually available online. yeah. i know i'm getting one. we'll be right back.
11:53 am
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a plane crash in costa rica has claimed the lives of ten americans. this was a small, private airplane that went down in northwest costa rica on sunday
11:57 am
afternoon. the accident happened just minutes after takeoff and costa rican authorities are investigating at this point what went wrong. the state department is pledging to provide assistance to those who have been affected. five of the victims are members of one new york family. the couple and their three children all died in the crash. cnn's jean casares is joining us now. tell us what you know about this. >> reporter: this is really horrific and the costa rica civil aviation has confirmed not only that the ten passengers were all american, but it appears as though that two families just went down upon impact in this very fiery crash, as you can see. the time line yesterday according to officials, they took off at 12:10 and they were at the punta islita airport bound for san jose, the capital of costa rica. by 10:20, that the plane had crashed. so we don't know how long it was up in the air. that obviously, will be an
11:58 am
important factor in this investigation, but as you had said, one of the families we have a little information on it's the steinberg family out of westchester, new york, bruce and irene steinberg, their three sons. you see them there. they were all onboard that plane and their rabbi tells cnn that they were extremely devoted to their temple and the community doing an immense amount of charity work. as far as the plane itself it was a single-engine cessna plane, cessna 208b grand caravan, nature air was the airline and it was a utility plane, we're understanding, that it could carry passengers and it could also carry cargo. it's been around for quite a while, the plane itself. we are hearing that the investigation will begin today, that autopsies are planned for the victims, but as you can see in this fiery crash, when fires are involved and autopsies can be extremely important, but the
11:59 am
question remains why did it go down? interestingly enough, brianna, an earlier flight yesterday on this plane had to be diverted to another airport because of extremely high winds and so it was late to get into the airport that then took off the passengers bound for san jose. is it relevant or not in this crash? we don't know at this point. >> all right. jean casares, it is heartbreaking when you see the beautiful family, and two families that were lost in the crash in costa rica. thank you. it's the top of the hour. i'm brianna keilar in for brooke baldwin. thank you very much for joining me and a very happy new year to you. in less than an hour president trump is expected to fly to washington after celebrating the start of 2018 at his florida estate and about seven hours into the new year, the president launched into his first tweet, slamming pakistan. he said, quote, the united
12:00 pm
states has foolishly given pakistan more than $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years, and they've given us nothing, but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. they give safe haven to the terrorists that we hunt in afghanistan with little help. no more. within the hour, president trump sent another tweet, this time about iran. he said, quote, iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal made with them by the obama administration. the great iranian people have been repressed if are many years. they are hungry for food and for freedom along with human rights. the wealth of iran is being looted. time for change all in capital letters. the president is referring to anti-government protests in iran that left 12 people dead this weekend and as he slams these nations on new year's day, north korea's leader is seizing the moment. kim jong-un told his people that the mainland u.s. is within his range and, quote, the nuclear