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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 3, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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anyone. >> jason of the "washington post," thanks very much for coming in, always good to speak with you. >> it's a pleasure. >> that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." in the meantime the news conditions continues, and there is lots of it right now, the news continues here on cnn. this is cnn breaking news. wolf, thank you so much. hi everyone i'm brooke baldwin. good to be back. we have a lot to talk about today beginning with the stunning news from one of their own. steve bannon is prompting the president to say, and i'm quoting here, lost his mind. much more on that in a second. but first to the bombshell that comes from this book, fire and fury inside the white house pend by michael wolf releases next week. so the guardian and new york magazine just published excerpts
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and from all the shockers, shall we say, you have the steve bannon saying the infamous meeting as treasonous. you will recall they all sat together in this room just to get this dirt on hillary clinton from this russian lawyer. this is what steve bannon says according to the guardian, quote, the three senior guys inside felt it was good idea to meet them with no lawyers. didn't have any lawyers. goes on. even if you thought that was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad, bleep, and i happen to think it's all of that, you should have called the fbi immediately. so let's start there. i have with me here in new york cnn national politics reporter mj lee. also with us cnn senior media
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consultant on the new york piece. bull first, mj so you, where is all of this coming from from steve bannon? >> these are such explosive comments and especially personal because they are being directed at trump's family members, including his son and his son-in-law. you pointed out what bannon said in this book about this now famous june 2016 meeting calling it unpatriotic. but the book has more than that. some harsh analysis about the mueller investigation that is ongoing. a lot of colorful quotes. i want to highlight a couple of them. one directed at trump's son again, donald trump junior, they said they are going to crack don junior like an egg on national television. another quote, predicting how the mule tear investigation will get to trump. he says this is all about money laundering, mule tear chose senior prosecutor andrew wise man first and he is a money laundering guy, their path to
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expletive trump, goes through right through jared kushner, as plain as a hair on your face. then a third quote, this is another slam at jared kushner, bannon says it goes through deutsch bank and all the expletive, greecey, they aasy, going to say play me or trade me. bannon has said exclusive things before but this is something. >> you say there is the there there seems to me coming so close to trump. >> he's an insider saying what the outsiders have been thinking all along. >> and keep in mind this is exactly the red line that donald trump has said before that he does not want mueller to cross. remember, he said anything that involves his own finances or family's finances he would consider that a violation of the investigation. you can imagine a little steve bannon whispering this is a red line you didn't want to cross.
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>> right. there is that today. then there is this. i sat and read the 25 pages, it's extraordinarily this is also from michael wolf whose book is coming out next week and the whole beginning of it starts with, listen, paraphrasing, the whole trump campaign, never thought he was going to win, he never thought, most famous win who didn't win the presidency and look what that could get him. talks a lot about the early days. and we knew there was reportedly a lot of dysfunction and chaos. this confirms it. >> i think the title for this book could be it was even worse than we thought. meaning in the early days of the trump white house transition and early days folks moved in january and february, in fighting and chaos and dis function, it was even more severe than we knew at the time. there were certainly leaks at the time and some of it was visible and obvious, a lot of turnover early on at the white house. but wolf has new details damming details just how disorganized it was. >> give me an example. >> there is a scene several
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weeks into the administration where one of the deputies kate eye walsh says what are the top pry priorities goals in this administration. >> and that's a good idea. >> we should have a conversation about that. there is a lot of criticism to hire jared kushner and other family members like ivanka trump that's going to be a sub plot. >> how did he get this access? >> that's a good question. book supposed to be coming out next week. white house bracing for it for months. twofl, he and i have had our fights, i'm not going to vouch 100% for accuracy. but he has a lot of on the record quotes with steve bannon using quotes like treasonous. sarah huckabee sanders has already said it's tabloid fiction trashy. but we know he was sitting on the couch in the west wing, hanging out, observing, and has 200 interviews with staffers. so the excerpts we are talking about it's just the beginning. this is going to be a tough few
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days for the white house "a" the rest of the book comes out. >> that explains the tweets from yesterday. >> may explain the tweets. >> i want to move on to the white house. thank you so much. to the president's response who says steve bannon has lost his mind. let's go to senior correspondent jim acosta standing by. what exactly has the president said? >> well, pretty extraordinarily stuff. and as he just mentioned to you, brooke, white house has put out a statement in addition to the president in the last several minutes this is from sarah huckabee sanders press secretary saying that this book from michael wolf is filled with false and misleading accounts from individuals who have no access or influence with the white house. that is in addition to a pretty skating statement from president trump aimed at steve bannon saying that his ex-chief strategist, you'll remember this was before president trump took the oath of office, sworn in as 45th president of the united states, he tapped as his first two top officials at this white
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house, ryan as chief of stat and steve bannon chief straight gist. he is now saying steve bannon has lost his mind. and the white house is going after steve bannon and saying all sorts of things. the president is saying all sorts of things. but keep in mind what steve bannon is saying here really does not being called not credible or not factually accurate at this point. what they are saying is steve bannon has lost his mind. but he's offering his opinion. catching everybody's attention today is that steve bannon is saying this meeting back in trump tower in june of 2016 that involved, remember, not just don junior, but paul manafort and the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, was, quote, treasonous. that is not being called inaccurate at this point. it is simply the president of the united states saying steve bannon has lost his mind. i think this is probably the beginning of this. and we should point out just before this briefing gets
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started 3:00 this afternoon white house officials were making it clear they wanted us to get the statements out to you at this hour, brooke, because they are very aware of the fact that this could be very damaging to this president just three days into the new year. brooke. >> welcome to 2018. thank you, sir. >> you bet. and just a reminder, steve bannon he was someone who joined the trump campaign late in august of 2016 just a couple of months after that trump tower meeting but he was with him through the convention and through that win and into the white house. let's go to a steve bannon expert. cnn political analyst joshua green wrote the book, devil's bargain." so, josh, green, i have to get your response to this whole "lost his mind" referring to bannon from the president of the united states. have you heard anything from him about that? >> i don't have any idea.
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i imagine he weshs he could take some of those quotes back. >> do you? >> but this is something that's been building up for months. when my book came out, trump tweeted angry, didn't put out a statement, but clearly bothers him the idea that steve bannon is getting credit for his electoral victory or for being an influential strategist. and i think the other things in excerpts we see in wolf's book, it apparently portrays trump as stupid. and that is something that drives trump absolutely crasszy which is why you see the white house so quick to put out these very personal critical statements about bannon and then follow them up with other statements from white house officials. criticizing the book and trying to tamp down the controversy. >> the president saying, now that he is on his own, steve is learning that winning isn't as easy as i make it look. i know. on the guardian reporting, josh, on the bannon quotes,
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specifically about the trump tower meeting, treasonous, someone should have called the fbi, you know, how does that not completely undermine all the president's denials and the portrayal that this was all some sort of democratic hoax? >> well, i think it does largely undermine them. one thing to keep in mind is that bannon is really enemies with jared kushner who is in that meeting, has a very dim view of paul manafort, and this is important. bannon wasn't a part of the trump campaign in june of 2016 when this meeting happened. so all along he's felt free to criticize the participants in that meeting because it wasn't something that was going to blow back on him. now, as far as his judgment and calling this treason and on the record interview with michael wolf, maybe not such a good idea. but this is consistent with what people in the white house and around bannon have been saying for months and months and months. >> so, all right, but you point out he did join the campaign and
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he did very much appear pro trump, let's take this all the way through the finish line and win this thing. so then riddle me this, why this new york magazine piece michael wolf quotes bannon talking about the campaign calling it the broke, i can't say this word on cnn, broke [ bleep ] campaign. >> bannon is a very self aware guy, maybe more so during the campaign than once he got into the white house. but he recognized that, look, by no means was this a traditional political campaign. it wasn't staffed with ordinary professionals. they had trouble getting things right. but he also understood trump was asset to the campaign and could set the debate in the general election which he more or less did. usually you don't find campaign officials or white house officials willing to be quite so blunt and profane about what they really believe. but i think that's one reason why reporters, including michael
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wolf, including me, are so willing and eager to get up and talk to bannon because he really has no compunction about saying what really happened in the vivid language that we are unaccustomed to hearing from senior political officials. >> on the vivid language, just another point from the michael wolf piece talking about michael flynn who would then be late go, national security adviser, roger ailes had this conversation with bannon two weeks before this and said bolton mustache is a problem, trump doesn't think he looks the part. you know he's acquired taste. he got in trouble because he got in a hotel and chased a woman. if i told trump that, bannon said that, he might have the job. so to your point about, you know, obviously the man has a mouth on him, but he tells it how it is. do you think that's part of the reason why the president appreciated him as much as he did for that period of time?
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>> i think that's exactly right. that's a point i make in my book. the president and bannon, although the president would be loathe to admit this, really have a lot in common. very cutting, profane sense of humor, both basically the same generation, both wall street deal makers, they have a lot in common hand rapport during the campaign. tobl a falling out. in trump's statement today, makes it unclear whether there is going to be any kind of relationship going forward. but it's that kind of analysis, that kind of cutting humor that i think initially brought bannon into trump's good graces. this and the fact he had a real sense of politics and seemed to understand what it was about trump that connected with voters. now, however, trump is president, he doesn't need steve bannon anymore, so as you can see from that statement he's more than willing to torch him. >> no love lost. joshua green, thank you so much. we'll stay on this breaking
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news. new president says steve bannon has lost his mind. all of this with the white house briefing straight ahead. we'll take that live. and is president trump tempting fate over taunting north korea over the size of their button. picking up the phone and talking directly with their neighbors to the south, south korea. we have details on that exchange next. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
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we are back with the breaking news here. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. continuing this conversation on these colorful quotes from steve bannon. let's call it that. these revelations that have triggered forceful response from the president of the united states who now says his former top aide has lost his mind. with me is rick santorum. good to see you. hap happy new year. and rick nelson. nice to have you. welcome. >> thanks. so, let's see here, rick wilson, to you first.
11:19 am
just getting your advisreaction this. thoughts? >> brooke,this proves my theory of everything trump touches will die. he eventually will turn on everything. he and steve bannon is perfectly matched pair both of whom are driven by their own ambitions and egos. and bannon had a constituency of one after he left the white house. only way nationalist populus movement was going to take off if he had donald trump as avatar as the leader of that movement. now steve bannon is going to have no audience. shrink dramatically. >> i hear you. senator santorum to you here, the president also said in the statement, now that he is on his
11:20 am
own, steve bannon, steve is learning that winning isn't as easy as i make it look. steve had very little to do with our historic victory was delivered by the forgotten m enand women of this country but had everything to do with the loss of senate seat in alabama held for more than 30 years by republicans. steve doesn't represent my base. only in it for himself. so that's another piece of this. but let me juxtaposes that when he made the announcement has ban stop chief of staff in 2016 president said this, steve and reince are highly qualified leaders worked well together on campaign and led to historic victory. noup i'll have them both with me in the white house as we work to make america great again. i'm confused. which one is it? does he like the man or does he think he's lost his mind? >> i think he liked the man hand doesn't li and doesn't like him anymore. when you turn on the president he turns on you. >> but you get to rewrite the history the same man as he was ten months ago? >> yeah.
11:21 am
again, i think a lot of it has to do with just the president when you punch the president, the president punches back and he's punching back and you can cast aside anything he said in the past as probably appropriate for that moment and this is appropriate for when someone attacks him. in the end, i mean, this shows me two things. number one is that the situation at the white house was as bad as everybody thought it was. maybe worse. when the president during the tran stic transition when he took office. and number two, when you work for this president, loyalty is the most important thing. and if you turn on the president, he will turn back on you. so those are just two things to keep in mind if you'll end up going to work for donald trump. >> even though you may be right, if you go against the president, in the end maybe ultimately you are out. the fact that steve bannon is quoted in the guardian piece
11:22 am
treasonous. senator, staying with you, a lot of americans have thought bubble all along that was a bad idea to do that. but for a trump loyalist, you don't get closer to trump world for that finite period of time than steve bannon. that carries weight. do you not agree? >> yeah, first off steve is a national security guy. this is his background. background is in this area. so obviously he has a lot more sensitivity to us than your normal political operative. i'm not surprised that steve reacted that way. i'm surprised that he used that quote to someone who was going to report it, to me that was not good judgment on his part. i think it's one thing to say those things and say them privately, another thing to actually have that released out in the press. but bottom line is, i think it was disconcerting. but again that doesn't change any of the real dynamics whaf this investigation. the investigation is going to shoal what it's going to shoal.
11:23 am
>> doesn't change the investigation but shows someone close in the trump world should have called the fbi. >> that brings up an important point. tan that point is this, steve bannon while he was in the white house as senior counsel to the president was part of the push back on the russia story. steve bannon knows these things in great detail. i'm sure he sat in meetings where they talked about how they were going to spin michael flynn departure and do their communications efforts against the mueller investigation. and the comey firing and other things that are all very consequential in the course of this investigation. and now that steve bannon is a loose cannon, you can see why the white house is absolute panic today. they were pushing this story out to so many reporters that it even got to my in box, let's put it that way. these people are desperate to push back on these people and now blow up bannon credibility. i don't think it helps their case in the slightest. >> do you think this explains the twitter storm from
11:24 am
yesterday, rick wilson? >> i think it may be a factor in that. i think they had advance notice on these things. i think it explains the fact they are start to go attack the grand jury. this is a white house in crisis. this did not help, steve bannon parting gift was additional set of risk factors. >> senator santorum, also the details in the new york piece, the whole piece starts with how team trump figured they'd lose the presidential election. folks in the campaign agreed he shouldn't be the president and trump reportedly told his aides i be, quote the most famous man in the world. and then the night he won you had melania trump in tears, not
11:25 am
of joy. do you agree that. >> first, i don't know if that's true or not true. but there was a general consensus among the campaign they were not going to win. i think if you look at all the polling data it didn't look good. but the fact is they continue to run it as if. >> surprise. >> so they followed through and had a strategy, followed through it t and it proved to be successful. i'm not going to ---look, i don't know if my wife would have tears of joy if i won the presidency. she would be happy if i won. but at the same time awesome responsibility and one that it's really difficult on the family. so i don't think you could take any of those things at face value, emotional difficult time and that was renetted in the story. >> what about jared kushner and ivanka trump, we know they accepted that.
11:26 am
they struck this deal, so if someone in the future an opportunity arose, that she would be the one to run for president, she's thinking, you know, first female president, it would be ivanka trump. what does that say to you? first daughter, obviously successful businessman in her own right wou would be thinking that right? >> i think this is the fantasy that the trumps all enjoy. they forget we don't do titles of nobility in this country. and the idea that you are going to have a sort of trump empire that stretches over time like the bushes or the kennedy's or roosevelts i think is riisable in every way. and i think that ivanka trump is much more likely to be driving a volvo out to be visiting her husband in the correctional facility. >> ouch. that's taking it a little too far? >> too soon?
11:27 am
>> look, i think the idea there is somebody out there rumoring that she had ideas, look, there is so much that goes on with so many staff people that say so many things during the campaign particularly if you feel your campaign is losing, trying to find some justification why you did what you did. so, a lot of this stuff is to me just people talking outside of real authority. and i wouldn't hold too much to it. >> we'll let the american public and robert mueller and others be the judge on all of this that's coming out. rick santorum and rick wilson, gentlemen, thank you so much. coming up next, this is not ha game. vice president joe biden weighing in slamming president trump for taunting north korea over nuclear weapons program. that's coming up next. won't re of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car
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11:32 am
jong-un. an absolutely stunning scenario given the stakes, nuclear war. the school yard taunt happening at the same time the trump administration was basking in incredible step towards diplomacy. reports of possible dialogue between the north and south confirmed hours after the tweet. north korea picking up the phone not once, but twice, to reopen a hotline to south korea. but was it undermined by trump's taunt? it's hard to say. but oh, to have been a fly at the wall at the president's lunch today with secretary of state rex tillerson and mattis. here with me to talk about that. i always laugh when i read your title, book that looks at the u.s. government's doomsday plans in a nuclear world. so nice to see you. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you. >> let's get past the bs and
11:33 am
playground chatter and what actually happens. heaven forbid, walk us through the actions of a nuclear war. >> sure. so we often forget that all of the things that we sort of think of as the majestic toys of the presidency, marin one, air force one, arm mored motor kads are really tools to ensure that the president of the united states can launch nuclear weapons wherever he is anywhere on the surface of the planet in a moment's notice. that wherever he is, that military aid carrying that nuclear football is just a few steps behind him. when he's on the golf course, that football is in one of the golf carts following him. you know, if he gets on an elevator, that nuclear football get on that elevator with him. and that football, the black briefcase contains everything that he needs to launch a nuclear war. contrary to his tweet, there really isn't any such thing as a nuclear button. >> yeah, spoiler alert.
11:34 am
>> he has a big red button on his desk. >> let's show the publicity. because pete sousa that used to be the photographer for president obama, shows the button red button in the office. so please continue. >> what it does is summons the white house steward with a coca cola. so what the president would do in launching a nuclear record is he wou weapon is turn to the aide and it's basically a telephone, and a series of binders with preprinted nuclear options in it. one military aide who used to be responsible for it as compared it to the denny's menu of nuclear war. >> what dois that supposed to mean? >> pictures and what kind of war you want to order. and this was by president carter to boil down what would be a
11:35 am
complicated armageddon scenario, under pressure, knowing that the president wouldn't have time to think a lot, and instead point to a couple of different pictures that he would want to order nuclear war. >> no kidding. and this whole my button is bigger than yours, how does this rhetoric compared to president's past? >> brooke, it is, i think probably the most reckless statement we have ever seen a president of the united states make about nuclear weapons. to say that it is out of historic character is an understatements. preside presidents throughout history going back to harry truman first president to confront this power, normally go out of their way to not be reckless in their words about nuclear weapons. this is the ultimate authority that presidents have. there is no second voice in the system. presidents just order the launch
11:36 am
of nuclear weapons and they take that -- in the past -- very seriously and very soberly. >> as they should. >> as they should. and every president that we have seen speak publicly about nuclear weapons in the past talks about this with utmost respect. and i think it is almost impossible from a historic perspective to capture just how out of character the president's tweet was last night. >> should be held to the utmost respect. you are right. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> nice to see you. coming up next we'll talk to two experts how north korea is likely to respond to the president's taunts. also ahead the white house getting ready to respond to this explosive new book featuring steve bannon who is now turning on the man he helped elect as president. that white house briefing coming up in just moments. stay with me.
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let's bring in two more voices here on the president's tweets taunting north korea. with me now is former national security counsel director for china and korea and former
11:41 am
member of the six party talks of north korea under president trump. and also a former senior adviser to the state department and visiting professor at georgetown. so ladies thank you so much for being with me. and laura, let me begin with you. we heard from the former vice president joe biden today with skating words on president trump's tweet telling cnn it's really quote poor judgment. listen for yourself. >> the only war that's worst than one that's intended is one that's unintended. this is not a game. this is not about can i puff my chest out bigger than your chest. it's just not -- it's not presidential. >> not presidential. not a game. i mean, at what point do these taunts trigger a war that no one wants? >> yeah, you know, i think that
11:42 am
vice president biden is absolutely right, to make the point about the potential for an unintentional war. many of us have been warning for quite some time as trump has used these very undefined, very chest beating kind of words and rhetoric, that this raises the chance of miscalculation. that kim jong-un could misread something that the president says. when you are talking about things like nuclear war, these are normally words that are chosen very carefully. and i think the risk of miscalculation is very, very high. and secondly vice president biden is absolutely right. this is deadly serious. hundreds of thousands of americans and north koreans would dion the peninsula. this is a very, very serious matter. >> i was just in seoul, different areas, different military camps over in south korea a couple of months ago. for you and just talking to not just south koreans and americans
11:43 am
living over there and u.s. military, my takeaway is that they are not as worried about kim jong-un, that they believe that's all about regime survival. they are more worried about the unpredictability of our president. and i'm wondering if you think president trump realizes he is causing all this apprehension for americans over there? >> well, i'm not so certain that president trump necessarily cares. look, i think this factor of unpredictability, frankly, is overstated. we have now been -- >> on which part, forgive me, of kim jong-un or trump? >> no, actually kim jong-un is the single most predictable leader in northeast asia. i'm talking about president trump. we've now been with president trump for a year. this is not the first time he's made these outrageous rhetorical statements on twitter and other forms. the point here is that the risk of unpredictably starting a war,
11:44 am
the korean war essentially was never finished. and now almost 65 years ago since then these two allies have worked so closely together, and in fact both sides in far more crisis situations have restrained from these unpredictable moves. so i think that really what the focus should really be on is whether or not inter korean relations will start to improve as a result of kim jong-un's new years message. >> speaking of that, we now know that south korea and north korea communicated right after the president's tweet storm. there had been this open channel. hadn't been in touch for a couple of years. laura, how significant is that? and is part of the reason perhaps this upcoming olympics in south korea? >> you know, brooke, i think it remains to be seen how significant it is. they are trying to drive a wedge between u.s. and south korea. as you noted apprehension in south korea is high about the
11:45 am
tensions but not because of the actions of the north per se. south korean have been living with that reality for decades. but because of the concern about whether or not president trump and the new south korean president moon is on the same page. whether u.s. has same commitments and whether the u.s. could be marching south korea towards a war that no one on the pen peninsula wants. with these talks, father with risk, i worry that president trump's tweets actually risks playing further into kim jong-un hands by playing into that goal of driving a wedge between the u.s. and south korea. >> final thought from you, professor. >> well, yes, i certainly agree with that to some extent. but i think it's more about just driving a wedge. i think north korea has clearly been on a path where it is separating its nuclear weapons development. and it is separating that from improved inter korean relations. and i this i that will actually
11:46 am
be the biggest challenge facing the united states in the future. >> thank you ladies both so very much. we are moments away from the white house briefing a mid this epic fallout between president trump and former chief straight gist steve bannon. both sides tossing verbal grenades. steve bannon calling it treasonous. the president calling him he has lost his mind. the white house briefing is accelerate ahead.
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>> i want to share something really special with you today. first to go back, throughout 2016 presidential election i listened at debates, rallies, i heard their voices and felt compelled to do something more. thousands and thousands of women spoke with confidence and conviction. they were women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity all political persuasions, and yes, so many of them were hoping to be history to be made, a first female president. but when that didn't happy asked myself where will all these women go. i had a hunch something significant was about to happen. as women were speaking out and showing up in record numbers. from the stage at the women's march in washington d.c. last january, where i witnessed the collective strength of those who travelled far and wide, it was
11:51 am
overwhelming and personally it was chris cal clear the next chapter of my career would focus on women. cheryl crow, tracy reese, pat ben tar, they have all shattered glass creeilings. these are trail blazing women who shared with me success and failure not afraid to talk politics, frustration and hope. and perhaps most importantly these are women who don't want to be at the party alone. this is how a va put it to me. in the end, these are leaders who want to help other women realize their dreams. 2017 was also the year of me too. fairness and consequence. in some cases are beginning to land because people, like you, are speaking up. in order for this movement to continue, for quality to exist, we must never forget that great changes of history have always come through persistence and
11:52 am
belief. and for my part, i created american women. >> they voted. >> donald trump he's elected the 45th president of the united states. >> this is truly historic event. >> they marched. >> more than a 1 million people participated in women's marches. >> and what you see is giant grassroots out pouring. >> this is democracy like i have never seen. >> they broke their silence. >> bill o'reilly fired today from fox news sexual harassment allegations. >> sexual harassment allegations against harvey weinstein. >> amid allegations against roy moore. >> five women accused him. >> matt lauer fired from nbc news.
11:53 am
>> me too. two simple words that have become a rallying cry of sorts. >> so many people coming forward and speaking out. >> because when we stay silent all we do is fuel the game. >> what did you say you believe in the first amendment and boobs? >> boo >>. >> this is the american movement. >> we are reclaiming our time. >> a lot of women are energized. >> young women are realizing what they took for granted may not be so granted anymore. >> there have been so many times that i've been heavily criticized because i'm a woman and a black woman. >> betty white. >> back in those days, women didn't get hired. >> stit right here. >> sit on my lack. >> look, this guy is torturing me telling me if i don't do this highly never get a deal. i'll never work.
11:54 am
>> we are not labeling men based off of numbers out of their pants, why are we labeling women. >> how do young black girls grow up and think i can and i'll? >> they see me. >> please join us. go to women. your voice matters. i would love to hear from you. send me a video, instagram or twitter the at brooke at cnn tell me your story and we'll show it here. we'll be rolling out clips of these women for the next eight weeks. don't forget the hashtag american woman, and creating the ser he's has had a profound effect on me, and i hope in some way it inspires you too. next, the white house briefing, as former allies president trump and steve bannon
11:55 am
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here we go. hour two watching cnn breaking news. you are watching brooke baldwin. in second the white house briefing for the trump white house. president has just declared
11:59 am
former chief strategies steve bannon has in the president's words lost his mind. that caustic comment stt response to new book, fire and fury inside the white house, that releases next week. but it's already living up to its name causing quite the firestorm here in the last hour. excerpts out today reveal bannon's stunning smack down of his fellow trump campaign workers, according to a piece in the guardian, steve bannon calls that trump tower meeting back in june of 2016 with a russian lawyer, treasonous and unpa unpatriotic. he calls jared kushner greasy. quote, what has he gotten himself into with the russians? mostly says bannon he went to russia and thought he was going
12:00 pm
to meet putin but putin couldn't give a bleep about him so he kept trying. let's go to white house correspondent jim acosta. ahead of the briefing. many questions to be sent to sarah sanders. what's the response to the president to all of this? >> reporter: well, brooke, i think this book, fire and fury has lit trump world on fire. that is what we are seeing today this war of words between the president and chief strategies steve bannon is nothing short of stunning and perhaps capable of what was over shadowing a tweet twrt president less than 24 hours talking about the size of the nuclear button. but just in the last couple of hours president has put out a statement with respect to what steve bannon had to say in that book, fire and fury, and so has the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders saying that former